William Godwin's Diary

Notes on Horne Tooke

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19  October  1824

Godwin, William Notes on Horne Tooke (1824)

This corresponds to MS. Abinger c. 37, fols. 8-22, Contemporary politics: William Godwin, miscelleaneous items, including notes on his suitability to be an M.P. written c. 1796, notes for ‘Verax, Part II’ dated 8 Dec. 1816, and notes on Edmund Burke, John Horne Tooke and Charles James Fox. 20 leaves. On one sheet of paper Godwin has simply written, across the middle of the page, 'I could write excellent characters of Edmund Burke and John Horne Tooke'. He had been reading a life of Burke in the days before 18 October, when he entered 'Notes on Burke' in his diary, followed the next day by 'Notes on Horne Tooke'. The notes on Tooke claim that 'H Tooke was certainly no friend to generous, swelling sentiments of liberty .... He was an avowed advocate for the slave- trade. His scheme of parliamentary reform was, that the rich man should have liberty to buy as many votes as he pleased, for a certain sum to be added to the public revenue. He was hostile to the abolition of trial for libel .... His ideas of right and wrong were very crude .... he had considerable asperity of character, and loved to think that a time would come when public delinquents would expiate their offences.'