William Godwin's Diary

Richard III

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Godwin, William Richard III (1824)

This corresponds to MS. Abinger c. 86, fols. 7-16, Opening section of a work on King Richard III and the Princes in the Tower. Paper watermarked 1822. 10 leaves (paginated (1)-20). Godwin proposes a more balanced account of Richard III, commenting on the polarised historiography on the subject and trying to evaluate the truth of More and Bacon's accounts, paying particular attention to the fate of the princes in the Tower. The unpublished manuscript does not read as part of a children's history or as a prospectus for publishers of a larger work and may simply be an individual piece of private research, motivated by historical curiosity. It is ends mid-sentence, while narrating the beginning of the pretender Perkin Warbeck's attempts to lay claim to the throne during Henry VII's reign, and the diary confirms that it was not continued beyond page 20.