William Godwin's Diary

Notes on Bonaparte

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29  May  1814


18  April  1815

Godwin, William Notes on Bonaparte (1815)

This entry corresponds to MS. Abinger c. 19, fols. 55-6. Draft of a letter to a newspaper editor, 18 April 1815, concerning Napoleon. 2 leaves. Godwin quotes a declaration by the Allies which had been carried in an unidentified newspaper from the previous day. The first phrase of Godwin's quotation matches an article in the previous days's Morning Chronicle , only to diverge from it (although it is possible that Godwin is paraphrasing). The letter argues that it is unjust for the Allies at Vienna to grant France liberty as long as they do not choose to restore Napoleon, claiming that 'an infinite majority of the French people are eager to adhere to him'. The letter appears not to have been published at the time and was later included in Kegan Paul, vol. 2.