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18  December  1812

Godwin, William Advertisements (1812)

This seems very likely to refer to the composition of an advertisment published in the Morning Chronicle a week later: 'JUVENILE LIBRARY, No. 41, SKINNER-STREET. PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS, AND THE NEW YEAR. M.J. GODWIN begs leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry and Public in general, that she continues her large assortment of Books for the purposes of Education, and the amusement of Young Persons, at all prices, and in the various Ancient and Modern Languages. Her Library will be found particularly worthy of the attention of the Conductors of Seminaries of Education, as well as of Parents, and Tutors and Governesses in Families in general, whose future orders she solicits, and whose past favours she is desirous to acknowledge. The Publications issued from the Juvenile Library in Skinner-street, have long been noticed for their exemplary moral tendency, and not less for a pure English style of composition, and the clear and prepossessing manner in which information is conveyed by them. The most vigilant attention has been exercised on these points; and all persons interested in them, may rest assured that this establishment will never forfeit the high recommendations it has received'. The advert includes a list of some of the new editions published by the Juvenile Library ( Morning Chronicle , 25 December 1812).