William Godwin's Diary

Editorial team and acknowledgements

The digitizing and editorial work on the project was funded by a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Grant (2007-2010), with additional funding from the John Fell Fund at the University of Oxford and from Pepperdine University, California. The British Academy generously funded an international conference in Oxford on the project in July 2010. The project team are grateful to the Bodleian Library for supporting the scanning of the images.

The project has been directed by David O’Shaughnessy and Mark Philp in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, and by Victoria Myers in Pepperdine University, California. The website was designed and implemented by the project’s technical support officer, James Cummings at the Oxford University Computing Services at the University of Oxford.

The project’s two research students were Kathryn Barush (Wadham College, Oxford) and James Grande (Linacre College, Oxford).

In addition, supplementary research work has been undertaken in Oxford by David Fallon (St Anne’s College, Oxford), Hannah Simpson (St Hilda’s College, Oxford), Hannah Philp (Cheney School, Oxford), Ruth Turvey (University College London), and in California by Laura Kalinkewicz, Brent Russo and Vinnie Oliveri (Pepperdine University). The project is also deeply grateful to Edward Pope for his extensive contributions to the website drawing on his work on the Abinger Collection, the National Archive, and a wide range of archival and genealogical resources.

Richard Ovenden, Bruce Barker-Benfield, and Wilma Minty of the Bodleian Library, and Pat Boreham, Genevieve Garrido, Kate Candy and Esther Byrom at the Department of Politics, Jim Richardson at the Manor Road Building, have worked closely with the team throughout the course of the project. Alfred Andrew Fote also provided technical support in California. Pamela Clemit, who has been working in parallel on an edition of Godwin’s letters to be published by Oxford University Press, generously shared her time and expertise. Beth Lau played a critical role in initiating and directing the transcription of the diary before this project began. The staff at UCLA’s Special Collections Library, Law Library, and the Young Research Library, and those at the Henry E. Huntington Library in California, provided invaluable support.

Members of the project’s Advisory Board and participants at its conference (Oxford, July 2010) have also contributed widely to the editorial work of the project. We would especially like to thank:

Robert Anderson, Judith Barbour, John Barrell, Gail Bederman, Stephen Burley, Lionel Burman, Julie A. Carlson, Linda Clark, Nora Crook, Catherine Delafield, Martin Fitzpatrick, Amy Garnai, Kevin Gilmartin, Katherine Gleadle, Robert Godwin, Christopher Goulding, Isobel Grundy, John Halstead, Gary Handwerk, Maurice Hindle, Neil Hitchen, Joanna Innes, John Issitt, Elizabeth Kraft, Robert Maniquis, Jon Mee, Tilottama Rajan, Glynis Ridley, Sharon Ruston, Michael Scrivener, Tom Snjiders, William St Clair, and Tim Whelan.