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Spectacle of Uncommon Illusions by Henry

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17  April  1824

Henry Spectacle of Uncommon Illusions (1824) 'ADELPHI THEATRE, STRAND. M. HENRY has the honour to announce, that he will repeat THIS EVENING his astonishing and magnificent SPECTACLE of UNCOMMON ILLUSIONS, wonderful Metamorphoses, &c., interspersed with interesting illustrations in Experimental Chymistry, Phantasmagoria, &c. Parts I and II. M. Henry will exhibit his new and Astonishing Illusions, amazing Combinations, Transformations, &c. Part III. Noel and interesting Experiments on Gas. In the course of the evening, M. Henry will attempt several melodies, popular airs, &c., on the Musical Glasses. The evening's entertainments will conclude with M. Henry's celebrated Optical Illusions' ( The Times , 17 April 1824).