William Godwin's Diary

Price, Richard

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This person is mentioned in the diary a total of 14 times, and was a venue (V) 0 times.

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3  March  1789 14  April  1789 25  September  1789 4  November  1789 8  December  1789 22  December  1789


15  March  1790 1  June  1790 14  July  1790 4  November  1790 4  November  1790


11  January  1791 19  April  1791 1  May  1791

  • Name: Price, Richard
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: 23  February  1723
  • Death Date: 19  April  1791
  • Occupation: philosopher
  • Occupation: demographer
  • Occupation: reformer

Godwin records his death.

The attribution of the early Price entries to Richard Price is reasonably certain. But Price dies in 1791 and there are a further twenty three entries ranging from 1796 to 1825. These have not currently been coded.

Later entries may be references to the another Richard Price recorded in the DNB (literary scholar, 1790-1833) but this has not been confirmed.
Of the unidentified Prices, all after 1791, there are two instances of 'Ralph Price', 19 of 'Price' and two of 'R Price'. Most are after 1811 and refer to calls, and are not helpful in identifying him. The R Price entires that are potentially useful are:
27 December 1814 'Clerk from Ralph Price calls'
10 April 1815 'Message from R Price'
4 November 1820 'Write to R Price'
Also, in Abinger from 9 May 1827 there is a letter from to Price (no forename/initial) about Kean's Othello, protesting at the casting of Mr Wallack as Iago and asking Price to switch the part to someone else - but it does not seem to have been written to someone with whom Godwin was intimate. The Morning Chronicle shows that Kean and Wallack were in the Drury Lane production of Othello (Morning Chronicle, 15 June 1827) and the implication therefore is that Price was the manager of Drury Lane - the letter contains references to 'your theatre' and to Price as 'director over a considerable part of our public amusements'. However, he has still not been identified, the letter is not mentioned in the diary and he is anyway not certain to be the same person as the post-1791 mentions of Price listed above.

  • MS. Abinger c. 20, fol. 5: 9 May 1827.
  • Morning Chronicle, 15 June 1827.
  • DNB

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Name Number of Meetings
Lindsey, Theophilus 5
Hollis, Thomas Brand 5
Hollis, Timothy 4
Kippis, Andrew 4
Towers, Joseph 4
Shore, Samuel 3
Rees, Abraham 3
Belsham, Thomas 3
Geddes, Dr Alexander 2
Sharp, Richard (Conversation Sharp) 2
Disney, John 2
Planta, Joseph 2
Priestley, Joseph 2
Horne Tooke, John 2
Perry, James (Pirie) 1
Watson, Richard 1
Cooper, Thomas (Abthorpe) 1
Paradise, John 1
O'Bryen, Dennis (O'Brien) 1
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley 1
Stanhope, Charles (third earl of Harrington) 1
Rogers, Samuel 1
Lister, Dr William 1
Morgan, William 1
Morgan, George Cadogan 1
Hollis, John 1
Thorkelin, Grímur Jónsson 1