William Godwin's Diary

People Listing

NameBirth DateDeath DateGenderNumber of MentionsOccupation
27  February  173222  August  1804Male1 Statesman and Cardinal;
17611818Male4 (2V)
15  May  176612  February  1838Unknown2 Radical, surgeon;
Abdülhamid I, Sultan 20  March  17256  April  1789Male1 Ottoman Sultan;
Abercromby, James (Baron Dunfermline)7  November  177617  April  1858Male1 speaker of the House of Commons;
Abernethy, John 3  April  176428  April  1831Male1 Surgeon and Lecturer;
Abington, Frances (née Barton)17374  March  1815Female1 actress;
Adair, Robert 24  May  17633  October  1855Male19 politician; diplomatist;
Adam, William 2  August  175117  February  1839Male2 politician; advocate;
Adams, Daniel UnknownUnknownMale2 secretary to the Society for Constitutional Information; law clerk;
Adams, President John 19  October  17354  July  1826Male1 second President of the United States;
Adams, Dr Joseph Not Before:1755 -
Not After: 1757
20  June  1818Male43 (10V) (2N) physician;
Addington, UnknownUnknownMale16 (1V)
Agar, James UnknownUnknownMale22 (2V) lawyer;
Aickin, James 173717  March  1803Male13 (4V) (1N) actor;
Aikin, Arthur 19  May  177315  April  1854Male5 natural scientist; author;
Aikin, Charles Rochemont 177520  March  1847Male3 surgeon;
Aikin, John 15  January  17477  December  1822Male10 physician; writer;
Aikin, Lucy 6  November  178121  January  1864Female3 historian;
Alcock, Thomas 178421  August  1833Male12 (1V) (1N) surgeon;
Alderson, Amelia (Opie)12  November  17692  December  1853Female119 (47V) (12N) novelist; poet;
Alderson, Dr James Unknown20  October  1825Male32 (13V) (2N) physician;
Aldis, Charles 16  March  177628  March  1863Male162 (68V) (14N) surgeon;
Aldis, Dr Charles James Berridge 18081872Male2 doctor; public health reformer;
Aldis, Lady Mary Frances (née Berridge)Unknown30  September  1822Female40 (24V) (2N)
Alexander, Unknown10  August  1821Male1
Emperor Alexander I (Aleksandr I Pavlovich)23  December  17771  December  1825Male1 Emperor of Russia;
Allen, John 3  February  177110  April  1843Male8 (3V) political and historical writer;
Allen, Lancelot Baugh 17751845Male13 (1V) (1N) teacher; magistrate;
Allen, Robert 177225  September  1805Male41 (2N) surgeon; journalist;
Allen, William 29  August  177030  December  1843Male3 (1V) philanthropist; scientist;
Allinhgam, John (Till)177528  February  1812Male2 playwright;
Almon, John 17  December  173712  December  1805Male1 bookseller and political journalist;
Alsager, Thomas Massa 27  September  177915  November  1846Male26 (15V) (1N) journalist;
Princess Amelia 7  August  17832  November  1810Female1
Amyot, Thomas 7  January  177528  September  1850Male9 (2V) (1N) lawyer; antiquary;
Angelo, Henry Charles William 17561835Male6 fencing master;
Arden, Lord Richard Pepper (Baron Alvanley)20  May  174419  March  1804Male2 judge;
Arnot, Captain H R UnknownUnknownMale4 (1V) (2N) soldier;
Arnot, John UnknownUnknownMale106 (10V) (11N)
Astley, Jacob 17561817Male1 (1V) MP for Norfolk 1797-1806; 1807-1817;
Atherstone, Edwin 17  April  178829  January  1872Male12 writer; poet;
Augusta, Princess Charlotte 7  January  17966  November  1817Female1 Princess of Wales;
Austin, Sarah (née Taylor)1  April  17938  August  1867Female12 (2N) translator; writer;
Axtell, Elizabeth Amy UnknownUnknownFemale4 (1N) Millener;
Ayrton, William 24  February  17778  May  1858Male95 (20V) (8N) impresario; writer;
Babbage, Charles 26  December  179118  October  1871Male9 (3V) mathematician; computer pioneer;
Baber, Henry August  177528  March  1869Male2 librarian;
Badams, John UnknownSeptember  1833Male6 (2V) (1N)
Baddeley, Robert 20  April  173320  November  1794Male1 actor;
Baillie, Matthew 27  October  176123  September  1823Male1 anatomist and physician;
Ballachey, G B UnknownUnknownMale58 (47V) (3N) money-lender;
Ballantyne, James 15  January  177217  January  1833Male4 (1V) printer; newspaper editor;
Ballantyne, John 13  May  177416  June  1821Male10 (1V) publisher and literary agent;
Bampfylde, Sir Charles Warwick 23  January  175319  April  1823Male2 fifth baronet; politician;
Bankes, Henry 19  December  175717  December  1834Male6 (2V) politician; parliamentary diarist;
Banks, John Cleaver UnknownUnknownMale12 (2V) (1N) reverend; antiquarian;
Banks, Sir Joseph 14  February  174319  June  1820Male8 (6V) naturalist; patron of science;
Banks, Thomas 22  December  17352  February  1805Male37 (3V) (2N) sculptor;
Bannister, John 12  May  17607  November  1836Male29 (3V) (2N) actor;
Barbauld, Anna Letitia (née Aikin)20  June  17439  March  1825Female31 (15V) (1N) poet; essayist;
Barbauld, Rochemont 17491808Male43 (17V) (4N) dissenter;
Barham, Richard Harris 6  December  178817  June  1845Male62 writer; Church of England clergyman;
Barlow, Joel 24  March  175424  December  1812Male14 (4V) poet; diplomatist;
Barnard, UnknownUnknownMale10 (6V)
Barnard, UnknownUnknownMale14 (6V) (3N)
Barnard, John UnknownUnknownMale3 (1V)
Barnard, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale4 (2V)
Barnard, William UnknownUnknownMale2
Barry, Major Henry 17492  November  1822Male78 (15V) (6N) soldier;
Barry, James 11  October  174122  February  1806Male110 (36V) (3N) painter; printmaker; author;
Barwell, Catherine (née Coffin)17691847Female1
Bastard, John Pollexfen 117561816Unknown1 MP;
Bathiani, Count 8  December  180325  April  1883Male1
Batty, Robert Not Before:1762 -
Not After: 1763
16  November  1849Male101 (31V) (5N) obstetric physician;
Baxter Family, UnknownUnknownUnknown141 (7V) (8N)
Beaufoy, Henry Hanbury 17501795Male5 politician;
Beccaria, J UnknownUnknownFemale4 (2V) (1N)
Beddoes, Thomas 13  April  176023  December  1808Male2 (1V) chemist; physician;
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell 30  June  180326  January  1849Male9 (2V) poet;
Beloe, William 18  February  175811  April  1817Male1 writer; translator;
Belsham, Thomas 15  April  175011  November  1829Male22 (3V) Unitarian minister;
Belsham, William 175227  November  1827Male1 political writer; historian;
Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy 17759  January  1827Female4 historian; novelist;
Bensley, Thomas 175911  September  1835Male7 (3V) printer;
Bentham, Jeremy 4  February  17486  June  1832Male7 (1V) philosopher; jurist; reformer;
Bentinck, William Henry Cavendish (third duke of Portland)14  April  173830  October  1809Male2 prime minister;
Bentley, Richard 24  October  179410  September  1871Male24 (11V) (4N) printer; publisher;
Berry, UnknownUnknownMale21 (3N)
Bertha, Unknown17  November  1828Unknown1
Bethune, Dr UnknownUnknownMale2
Betty, William Henry West 3  September  179124  August  1874Male1 actor;
Bevan, Joseph 17981830Male87 (1V) (1N) historian; politician;
Bicheno, James Unknown1831Male1 Baptist Minister and Schoolmaster;
Biddulph, Robert Myddleton 17611814Male2 politician;
Billington, Elizabeth (née Weichsel)27  December  176525  August  1818Female3 (1V) (1N) singer;
Bindley, James 5  January  173911  September  1818Male8 (4V) book collector;
Birkbeck, George 10  January  17761  December  1841Male13 (6V) physician; educationist;
Bishop, Eliza (Wollstonecraft)1763Female6 (3V) governess; teacher;
Blackwood, William 20  November  177616  September  1834Male4 publisher;
Blaetterman, G UnknownUnknownMale4 (1V) Professor of Ancient and Modern Literature;
Blake, Arthur UnknownUnknownMale10 (1V)
Blake, W.S. 17461817Male1 engraver;
Blake, William 28  November  175712  August  1827Male2 engraver; poet; artist;
Blanchard, Edward (Samuel)15  May  180314  February  1845Male18 (3N) Author and Journalist;
Blaquiere, Edward 17791832Male0 author and supporter of Greek independence;
Blatspeil, UnknownUnknownMale7 (5V) (1N)
Bligh, Admiral William 9  September  17547  December  1817Male1 naval officer; colonial governor;
Bloomfield, Robert 3  December  176619  August  1823Male2 (1V) (1N) poet;
Boaden, Caroline UnknownUnknownFemale9 writer;
Boaden, James 23  May  176216  February  1839Male73 (8V) (3N) biographer; playwright;
Boaden, John Not Before:1792 -
Not After: 1793
4  April  1839Male1 artist;
Boddington, John UnknownUnknownMale9
Boddington, Samuel 19  June  176619  April  1843Male11 West Indies Merchant and Irish Politician;
Boinville, Alfred UnknownUnknownMale19
Boinville, Cornelia (Turner)UnknownUnknownFemale37 (13V) (4N)
Boinville, Harriet UnknownUnknownFemale73 (18V) (5N)
Bonaparte, Emperor Napoleon (Napoleon I)15  August  17695  May  1821Male9 emperor of France;
Bonney, John Augustus Unknown30  December  1813Male15 (2V)
Bonnier d'Alco, Ange-Élisabeth-Louis-Antoine Not Before:1749 -
Not After: 1750
28  April  1799Male1 French diplomat;
Bonnycastle, Professor Charles 22  November  179631  October  1840Male4 (2V) university lecturer;
Bonnycastle, John Not Before:1760 -
Not After: 1761
15  May  1821Male149 (5V) (1N) mathematician;
Booth, David 9  February  17665  December  1846Male676 (262V) (36N) writer; lexicographer;
Booth, Isabel (née Baxter)UnknownUnknownFemale51 (23V)
Booth, Junius Brutus 1  May  179630  November  1852Male9 actor;
Bosville, William 21  July  174516  December  1813Male70 (15V) (8N) society host; reformer;
Boswell, Sir Alexander (first baronet)9  October  177527  March  1822Male14 (2V) (2N) poet; politician;
Botwright, UnknownUnknownMale289 (27V) (18N)
Bourgeois, Peter Francis 17561811Male12
Bourne, William Sturges 7  November  17691  February  1845Male3 politician; poor law reformer;
Bowring, Sir John 17  October  179223  November  1872Male21 (2V) (1N) politician; diplomatist; writer;
Braham, UnknownUnknownMale0
Breillat, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale1
Brent, Miss Charlotte UnknownUnknownFemale4
Brockedon, William 13  October  17871802Male14 (1V) painter, writer, and inventor;
Brooke, Unknown23  January  1789Female1
Brougham, Henry Peter 19  September  17787  May  1868Male29 (8V) (2N) lord chancellor;
Broughton, James UnknownUnknownMale20 (3V) (3N) scholar and critic;
Brown, Dr Thomas 9  January  17782  April  1820Male1 philosopher; poet;
Brown, William Cullen UnknownUnknownMale37 (4N) surgeon;
Brunton, John 10  November  174118  December  1822Male4 actor; theatre manager;
Buchan, Dr Alexander Peter 17645  December  1824Male22 (4V) (5N) physician;
Buchan, Dr William 172925  February  1805Male1 physician; author;
Bulwer, (William) Henry Lytton Earle (Baron Dalling and Bulwer)13  February  180123  May  1872Male5 (1V) diplomatist;
Burdett, Sir Francis (fifth baronet)25  January  177023  January  1844Male74 (11V) (3N) politician;
Burdett, William Jones Not Before:1771 -
Not After: 1773
2  October  1840Male4
Burgoyne, John 4  February  17234  August  1792Male1 army officer; politician; playwright;
Burke, Edmund Not Before:1729 -
Not After: 1730
9  July  1797Male11 politician; author;
Burnett, George Not Before:1774 -
Not After: 1775
24  February  1811Male24 (2V) (2N) writer;
Burnett, Lord James (Lord Monboddo)1714Not Before:25  May  1799 -
Not After: 26  May  1799
Male1 judge; philosopher;
Burney, Dr Charles 4  December  175728  December  1817Male16 (2V) schoolmaster; book collector;
Burney, Charles Parr 17851864Male18 (4V) schoolmaster;
Burney, Captain James 13  June  175017  November  1821Male19 (1V) (1N) naval officer; writer;
Burney, Martin Charles 17881852Male74 (4V) (5N)
Burr, Aaron (junior)6  February  175614  September  1836Male91 (5V) (5N) soldier; senator; vice-president; political adventurer;
Bury, Lady Charlotte Susan Maria (née Campbell)28  January  177531  March  1861Female18 (3V) (1N) novelist; diarist;
Busby, Thomas 26  December  174528  May  1838Male6 composer; author;
Butler, Countess Jane Isabella (Lanesborough)17371828Female2 (1N)
Butterfield, W UnknownUnknownMale2 (2V) lawyer;
Byron, Lord George Gordon (sixth baron Byron)22  January  178819  April  1824Male6 poet;
Cadell, Robert 16  December  178820  January  1849Male10 (2V) bookseller; publisher;
Cadell, Thomas (Thomas Cadell the elder)12  November  174227  December  1802Male1 (1V) bookseller;
Cadell, Thomas (Thomas Cadell the younger)1773November  1836Male2 (1N) bookseller;
Calonne, Vicomte Charles Alexander 17341802Male3 (2V) French statesman;
Campbell, Thomas 27  July  177715  June  1844Male61 (10V) (6N) poet;
Campbell, Dr Thomas 4  May  173320  June  1795Male2 clergyman; traveller;
Canning, George 11  April  17708  August  1827Male13 (2V) (1N) prime minister; parodist;
Cannon, George UnknownUnknownMale1 publisher;
Capodistrias, Joannis 17761831Male1 diplomat;
Carey, Captain Charles John (Cary ninth Viscount Falkland)17681809Male6 captain in the Navy;
Carey, Henry Thomas (eighth Viscount Falkland)27  February  176628  May  1796Male6
Carlisle, Sir Anthony 15  February  17682  November  1840Male298 (120V) (53N) surgeon; anatomist;
Carlisle, Nicholas February  177127  August  1847Male1 antiquary;
Carlyle, John Aitken (Jack)7  July  180115  September  1879Male1 (1V) physician; writer;
Carlyle, Thomas 4  December  17955  February  1881Male1 (1V) author; biographer; historian;
Queen Caroline (Princess Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel)17  May  17687  August  1821Female6 queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; consort of George IV;
Carron de La Carrière, Abbe Guy-Toussaint-Julien 17601821Male1 (1V) priest; author;
Carter, Mrs Unknown19  February  1806Female3
Cartwright, John Unknown20  February  1811Male5 painter;
Cartwright, Major John 17  September  174023  September  1824Male4 political reformer;
Cashman, John Unknown12  March  1817Male1
Catalani, Angelica 17801849Female3 (1V) opera singer;
Empress Catherine II (Catherine the Great)2  May  172917  November  1796Male1 Empress of Russia;
Caunter, Reverend John Hobart 179214  November  1851Male64 (12V) (1N) writer;
Cavendish, Georgiana (Duchess of Devonshire, née Spencer)7  June  175730  March  1806Female3 political hostess;
Chalmers, Alexander 29  March  175910  December  1834Male33 biographer; literary editor;
Chalmers, George 174231  May  1825Male1 antiquary; political writer;
Chamberlaine, UnknownUnknownMale35 (4V) (2N)
Chandler, John Westbrooke 17631807Male106 (36V) (10N) portrait painter; landscape painter;
Queen Charlotte (Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz)19  May  174417  November  1818Female2 queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; queen of Hanover; consort of George III;
Chatfield, Edward 180022  January  1839Male8 (3V) painter;
Chauvelin, Chevalier de Bernard-Francois 29  November  17669  April  1832Male3 (1V) assistant to Talleyrand, then ambassador to the court of St James;
Christall, Elizabeth (Cristall)17451801Female1 Teacher;
Christian VII 29  January  174913  March  1808Male1 King of Denmark and Norway and Duke of Schleswig and Holstein ;
Christie, James 17732  February  1831Male1 (1V) auctioneer;
Christie, Rebecca (Thomson)UnknownUnknownFemale17 (10V) (3N)
Christie, Thomas October  1761October  1796Male4 political writer;
Clairmont, Charles 17951850Male335 (9V) bookseller; writer;
Clairmont, Clara Mary Jane (Claire)27  April  179819  March  1879Female136
Clementi, Muzio 23  January  175210  March  1832Male17 (2V) (2N) composer; pianist; music teacher;
Clennel, UnknownUnknownUnknown36 (3V) (1N)
Cline, Henry 17502  January  1827Male13 (5V) (1N) surgeon;
Cobbett, William 9  March  176318  June  1835Male8 (7V) political writer; farmer;
Coke, first earl of Leicester (1837) Thomas William 1754--05-06UnknownMale4 politician and agriculturalist;
Colburn, Henry Not Before:1784 -
Not After: 1785
16  August  1855Male150 (71V) (31N) publisher;
Colburn, Zerah 1  September  1804UnknownMale1 (1V) child prodigy; mathematician;
Cole, UnknownUnknownMale30
Coleridge, Derwent 14  September  180028  March  1883Male2 writer; educationist;
Coleridge, Hartley (David)19  September  17966  January  1849Male1 writer;
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor 21  October  177225  July  1834Male187 (43V) (12N) poet; critic; philosopher;
Collier, Jane (Payne)17681833Female26 (9V) (1N)
Collier, John Dyer 17621825Male28 (8V) (1N) journalist;
Collier, John Payne 11  January  178917  September  1883Male24 (2V) (1N) literary editor; forger;
Combe, Dr Charles 23  September  174318  March  1817Male3 physician; numismatist;
Combe, Harvey Christian 17524  July  1818Male1 (1V) (1N) brewer;
Combe, William (Combes)25  March  174222  June  1823Male69 (8V) (7N) writer; literary imitator;
Condé, Pierre Not Before:1767 -
Not After: 1768
1840Male19 (7V) (5N) printmaker; miniature painter;
Constable, Archibald 24  February  177421  July  1827Male200 (40V) (27N) publisher;
Constable, David 17954  January  1867Male12 (1V) (1N) book collector; lawyer;
Constable, John 11  June  17761  April  1837Male5 (2V) landscape painter; draughtsman;
Constancio, Dr UnknownUnknownMale1 ambassador;
Cooke, George Frederick 17  April  175626  September  1812Male3 actor;
Cooke, T P UnknownUnknownMale54 (14V) (9N) Godwin's pupil;
Cooper, Elizabeth Priscilla Unknown20  February  1803Female53 (2V)
Cooper, Grace Mary Rae Unknown21  March  1810Female211 (23V) (4N)
Cooper, J Unknown23  July  1796Male4 (1V) (1N)
Cooper, James Fenimore 15  September  178914  September  1851Male4 (2V) writer;
Cooper, Joanna (Johnstone Upton)Unknown9  January  1808Female7 (3V)
Cooper, Thomas (Abthorpe)16  December  177521  April  1849Male221 (21V) (8N) actor;
Corbould, Henry 11  August  17879  December  1844Male16 (3V) draughtsman; book illustrator;
Corbould, Richard 18  April  175726  July  1831Male1
Cossley Hall, Mary Unknown1844Female5
Cotton, UnknownUnknownFemale11 (1V)
Coulson, Walter 9  April  179521  November  1860Male13 (4V) (1N) newspaper editor; barrister;
Courtenay, John (Courtney)22  August  173824  March  1816Male19 politician; pamphleteer;
Coutts, Thomas 7  September  173524  February  1822Male1 banker;
Cowley, Hannah (née Parkhouse)14  March  174311  March  1809Female2 playwright; poet;
Cowper, William 14  November  173125  April  1800Male1 poet; letter-writer;
Cozens, John Male1 grocer;
Craven, Lord William 17701825Male5 (1V)
Creed, UnknownUnknownMale30 (17V)
Cristall, Anne December  17699  February  1848Female4 Poet ;
Cristall, Joshua 22  April  176818  October  1847Male5
Crosdill, John Not Before:1751 -
Not After: 1755
1825Male15 (1V) cellist;
Cruikshank, George 27  September  17921  February  1878Male2 graphic artist;
Cruikshank, Isaac 5  October  1764April  1811Male2 (1V) caricaturist; painter;
Cruikshank, William 174527  June  1800Male1 anatomist;
Cumberland, Richard 19  February  17327  May  1811Male10 (3V) (2N) playwright; novelist;
Cunningham, Allan (Hidallan)7  December  178429  October  1842Male13 songwriter; poet;
Curioni, UnknownUnknownMale4 teacher of Italian;
Curran, Amelia 17751847Female164 (11V) (7N) painter;
Curran, John Philpot 24  July  175014  October  1817Male489 (153V) (40N) politician; lawyer;
Curran, William Henry 17891858Male166 (2V) (20N) writer;
Curtis, UnknownUnknownMale121 (65V) (6N)
Cuxson, S UnknownUnknownMale75 (25V) (8N)
Czartoryski, Prince Adam Jerzy 14  January  177015  July  1861Male2 Soldier and diplomat;
D'Israeli, Isaac 11  May  176619  January  1848Male10 (3V) (1N) writer;
D'Orsay, Count Gédéon Gaspard Alfred de Grimaud (Alfred Guillame Gabriel)18011852Male6 artist; dandy;
Dallas, UnknownUnknownMale7
Dallas, Elizabeth UnknownFemale1
Dallas, Sir George 16  April  175814  January  1833Male0 Political Writer;
Dallaway, James 20  February  17636  June  1834Male2 (1V) antiquarian;
Dalrymple, William 17725  December  1847Male6 surgeon;
Damiani, F UnknownUnknownMale15 (1V) (1N)
Daniel, George (P P)16  September  178930  March  1864Male4 writer; book collector;
Daniel, William UnknownUnknownMale11 (2V) painter;
Danvers, Richard Augustus Butler Unknown25  April  1820Male29
Darwin, Erasmus 12  December  173118  April  1802Male2 (1V) physician; natural philosopher;
Davis, UnknownUnknownMale127 (74V) (6N)
Davison, Thomas 176628  December  1830Male309 (197V) (51N) printer;
Davy, Sir Humphry 17  December  177829  May  1829Male46 (10V) (4N) chemist; inventor; baronet;
Dawe, Caroline (marr. Prendergast)UnknownUnknownFemale2
Dawe, George 6  February  178115  October  1829Male252 (48V) (21N) history painter; portrait painter;
Dawe, Mary Margaret (Wright)17851871Female58 (3V) (2N) painter;
Dawe, Philip 17451809Male1 painter; mezzotint engraver;
De Boinville, Chastel UnknownUnknownMale21 (4V) soldier;
De Quincey, Thomas 15  August  17858  December  1859Male1 essayist;
Dealtry, Peregrine (Perry)Not Before:1761 -
Not After: 1762
15  September  1814Male25 (7V) (4N)
Debrett, John Unknown15  November  1822Male36 (34V) publisher; bookseller;
Dermody, Thomas 15  January  177515  July  1802Male1 poet;
Desenfans, Noel Joseph 17448  July  1807Male1 (1V) art dealer;
Despard, Colonel Edward Marcus 6  March  175121  February  1803Male12 (2V) army officer; revolutionary;
Dibbin, Henry Unknown6  January  1824Male102 (6V) (5N) inn-keeper;
Dibdin, UnknownUnknownMale3
Dignum, Charles 176529  March  1827Male15 (1V) (1N) singer;
Dinmore, Richard UnknownNot After:1829Male1 writer; tax collector;
Disney, John 28  September  174626  December  1816Male38 Unitarian minister;
Dormer, Charles 17251804Male2 (1V) Eighth Baron Dormer;
Douce, Francis 13  July  175730  March  1834Male10 (5V) antiquary; collector;
Douglas, Solto (Mary Diana Dods)UnknownUnknownFemale0 writer;
Drennan, William 23  May  17545  February  1820Male4 (3V) (1N) physician; poet; political reformer;
Dubois, Edward 4  January  177410  January  1850Male6 writer;
Dumouriez , Charles François 25  January  173914  March  1823Male1 French general;
Duncombe, Thomas Slingsby 179613  November  1861Male1 politician;
Dundas, Henry (first Viscount Melville)28  April  174227  May  1811Male6 politician;
Dupré, UnknownUnknownMale1
Dyer, George 15  March  17552  March  1841Male88 (12V) (9N) author; advocate of political reform;
Dyson, Abraham 17758  April  1818Male8
Dyson, George 24  March  177317  May  1822Male439 (19V) (5N) merchant;
Eardley, Lord UnknownUnknownMale1
Eaton, Daniel Isaac 175222  August  1814Male7 (3V) (1N) reformer; publisher;
Edgeworth, Maria 1  January  176822  May  1849Female8 (1V) (1N) novelist; educationist;
Edgeworth, Richard Lovell 31  May  174413  June  1817Male19 (1V) (1N) educational writer; engineer;
Edward 2  November  176723  January  1820Male1 duke of Kent and Strathearn ;
Egan, Pierce 17723  August  1849Male1 writer;
Egerton, Francis 1  January  180018  February  1857Male1 politician;
Egerton, Jasper UnknownUnknownMale16 (5V)
Elliot, W Unknown26  October  1818Male1
Ellis, Sir Henry 29  November  177715  January  1869Male34 (16V) (3N) librarian;
Elliston, Robert William 7  April  17748  July  1831Male11 (1V) (1N) actor; theatre manager;
Elwes, Sarah Unknown26  December  1817Female312 (143V) (28N)
Enfield, Dr William 29  March  17413  November  1797Male4 Unitarian minister;
Erskine, David Steuart (eleventh earl of Buchan)1  June  174219  April  1829Male5 (1V) (1N) antiquary; political reformer;
Erskine, Henry 1  November  17468  October  1817Male1 lawyer; politician;
Erskine, Thomas (first Baron Erskine)10  January  175017  November  1823Male10 (3V) (2N) lawyer; lord chancellor;
Erskine, William (Lord Kinneder)August  176814  August  1822Male1 judge;
Este, Reverend Charles May  17521828Male73 (1V) (1N) minister; writer;
Eyre, Sir James 17346  July  1799Male3 judge;
Fairley, John UnknownUnknownMale122 (1V) (3N) umbrella manufacturer;
Faraday, Michael 22  September  179125  August  1867Male1 natural philosopher; scientific advisor;
Fawcett, Charlotte (née French)Unknown18  June  1824Female19 (14V)
Fawcett, John 29  August  17691837Male3 actor; playwright;
Fawcett, Joseph 175824  January  1804Male138 (28V) (6N) Presbyterian minister; poet;
Fell, John 22  August  17356  September  1797Male9 Independent minister; classical tutor;
Fell, Ralph 1777-011814-02-26Male395 (134V) (22N) writer;
Fell, Sarah UnknownUnknownFemale109 (31V) (4N)
Fenwick, Eliza Anne Not Before:1788 -
Not After: 1790
24  March  1828Female49 (3V) (1N) teacher;
Fenwick, Elizabeth (Eliza née Jaco, pseudonym Reverend David Blair)1  February  1766December  1840Female395 (130V) (7N) writer;
Fenwick, John 14  December  1823Male622 (174V) (32N) reformer;
Fenwick, Orlando 3  May  1798November  1816Male19
Fenwick, Thomas James 17691850Unknown5 (1V)
Ferdinand, Charles (Duke de Berry)24  January  177814  February  1820Male1 duke de Berry;
King Ferdinand VII 14  October  178429  September  1833Male2 King of Spain;
Fergusson, Robert Cutlar 176816  November  1838Male29 (2V) (1N)
Fermor, Earl Thomas William (Pomfret)22  November  177029  June  1833Male1 Soldier, Privy Councillor;
Fillingham, William UnknownUnknownMale39 (8V) (3N) book collector;
Finnerty, Peter 176611  May  1822Male10 (1V) (1N) reformer; journalist; printer;
Firth, William UnknownUnknownMale0
FitzRoy, Augustus Henry 28  September  173514  March  1811Male2 prime minister;
Fitzmaurice, Marquess of Lansdowne Henry Petty- 2  July  178031  January  1863Male2 politician;
Fitzpatrick, Richard 24  January  174825  April  1813Male3 army officer; politician; poet;
Fitzwilliam, William Wentworth 30  May  17488  February  1833Male1 politician; landowner;
Fiévée, Joseph 9  April  17679  May  1839Male6 (1V) writer; public official; spy;
Flather, John UnknownUnknownMale80 (3V) (6N)
Flaxman, John 6  July  17557  December  1826Male12 (6V) (2N) sculptor; decorative designer; illustrator;
Flower, Benjamin 175517  February  1829Male2 political writer;
Foggo, James/George UnknownUnknownMale10 painter;
Foote, Maria (Maria Stanhope, countess of Harrington)27  July  179727  December  1867Female1 actress;
Forbes, Earl George 14  June  17609  June  1837Male9 army officer;
Fordyce, Dr George 18  November  173625  May  1802Male17 (5V) (3N) physician;
Fordyce, James 5  June  17201  October  1796Male2 Church of Scotland minister; moralist;
Forsyth, UnknownUnknownFemale22 millener;
Fortnum, Sophia (née King)Not Before:1781 -
Not After: 1782
Not Before:1805Female9 (3N) writer;
Foulkes, John 1821Male162 (102V) (27N) lawyer;
Fox, Charles James 24  January  174913  September  1806Male18 (2V) politician;
Fox, Henry [later Vassall] Richard (Baron Holland)21  November  177322  October  1840Male23 (4V) (2N) politician; man of letters;
Francis, Sir Philip 22  October  174023  December  1818Male5 politician; political writer;
François, Louis-Joseph Xavier 22  October  17814  June  1789Male1 Dauphin of France;
Fraser, UnknownUnknownMale15 (3V)
Duchess Frederica Charlotte Ulrica Catherina (Princess Frederica of Prussia)17676  August  1820Female1 Duchess of York;
Prince Frederick (duke of York and Albany)16  August  17635  January  1827Male3 army officer; bishop of Osnabrück;
Frederick, Prince Henry 26  October  174518  September  1790Male1 Prince, duke of Cumberland and Strathearn;
King Frederick William II (Friedrich Wilhelm II)25  September  174416  November  1797Male1 King of Prussia;
Frend, William 22  November  175721  February  1841Male31 (3V) (1N) religious writer; actuary;
Fromont, Charlotte Maria October  177820  September  11866Female2
Frost, John October  175025  July  1842Male9 (2V) reformer;
Fullarton, William 12  January  175413  February  1808Male0 MP, soldier and colonial governor;
Fuseli, Henry (Johann Heinrich Füssli)6  February  174116  April  1825Male215 (29V) (2N) artist; writer;
Galloway, Alexander 177620  November  1847Male9 (4V) radical and engineer;
Gamba, Count Pietro UnknownUnknownMale2 writer;
Gardiner, Marguerite (née Power, Countess of Blessington)1  September  17894  June  1849Female10 (8V) author;
Garrick, Eva Maria (née Veigel)29  February  172416  October  1822Female1 dancer;
Gaskell, Daniel (Gaskel)UnknownUnknownMale55 (22V) (4N) politician;
Gaskell, Mary (Gaskel)UnknownUnknownFemale49 (13V)
Gawler, Charles Henry Bellenden (Ker)17  February  17872  November  1871Male4 law reformer;
Gawler, Henry UnknownUnknownMale8
Gawler, Captain John Bellenden (Ker)1764June  1842Male29 (2V) (1N) botanist; soldier;
Geddes, Dr Alexander 4  September  173726  February  1802Male17 Roman Catholic priest; biblical scholar;
Genlis, Comtesse de Genlis Stéphanie Félicité (née du Crest de St Aubin)25  January  174631  December  1830Female1 writer; educator;
Gent, Sophia UnknownUnknownFemale38 (8V) (1N) painter;
Gent, Thomas Unknown7  November  1832Male50 (15V) (2N)
King George III 24  May  173829  January  1820Male5 king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; king of Hanover;
King George IV 12  August  176226  June  1830Male4 king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; king of Hanover;
Gerrald, Joseph 9  February  176316  March  1796Male58 (32V) political reformer;
Gifford, William April  175631  December  1826Male3 satirist; editor;
Gillet, Thomas Unknown1850Male18 (7V) (1N) writer; printer;
Gillies, John 18  January  174715  February  1836Male20 (1V) ancient historian; classical scholar;
Gilpin, William 4  June  17245  April  1804Male1 writer on art; headmaster;
Gisborne, John UnknownNot Before:1835 -
Not After: 1836
Male23 (9V)
Glenie, James October  175023  November  1817Male3 soldier; mathematician;
Godwin, (Mrs Philip Hull Godwin)Unknown26  May  1834Female3
Godwin, Ann Not Before:1721 -
Not After: 1722
13  August  1809Female18
Godwin, Emily (née Mary Louisa Eldred)UnknownUnknownMale67 (4V) (2N)
Godwin, Hannah Unknown27  December  1817Female296 (108V) (5N) dressmaker;
Godwin, Harriet 5  March  1834Female21 (2V) (1N)
Godwin, Hull (Philip)13  March  1765Male59 (1V) farmer;
Godwin, J C UnknownUnknownMale4
Godwin, J J UnknownUnknownMale67 (10V) (3N)
Godwin, Jno Unknown30  January  1804Male29 pocketbook maker; jeweller;
Godwin, John 15  December  1805Male161 (35V) (8N)
Godwin, Joseph 10  June  1825Male602 (290V) (58N)
Godwin, Mary UnknownUnknownFemale2
Godwin, Mary (Jex)UnknownUnknownFemale12 (2V)
Godwin, Mary Jane (Clairmont née de Vial)176817  June  1841Female1570 (51V) translator; bookseller;
Godwin, Nathaniel 19  February  17681846-02-01Male429 (21V) (27N) navy; journeyman;
Godwin, P UnknownUnknownFemale19 (1N)
Godwin, W UnknownUnknownMale43 (5V) (1N)
Godwin, William 18024  June  1802Male1
Godwin, William 28  March  18038  September  1832Male892 (22V) (19N) writer;
Godwin, William 3  March  17567  April  1836Unknown0
Goldsmith, Lewis Not Before:1763 -
Not After: 1764
6  January  1846Male16 (2V) journalist; political writer;
Goodbehere, Alderman Samuel Unknown18  November  1818Male15 (10V) member of the Corporation of London for the Ward of Cheap;
Goring, Charles UnknownUnknownMale0
Gower, Dr UnknownUnknownMale1 physician;
Graham, William Not Before:1792 -
Not After: 1793
28  November  1827Male1 journalist;
Grattan, Hon Mrs UnknownUnknownFemale6 (1V)
Grattan, Henry UnknownUnknownMale1 biographer; MP;
Grattan, Henry 17464  June  1820Male56 (15V) (15N) politician;
Grattan, Thomas Colley 17914  July  1864Male2 journalist; novelist;
Greatheed, Bertie 19  October  175916  January  1826Male8 (1V) poet; playwright;
Gregory, George 17541808Male10 clergyman and writer;
Grenville, William Wyndham (Baron Grenville)24  October  175912  January  1834Male3 prime minister;
Grey, Charles 13  March  176417  July  1845Male31 (1V) prime minister;
Gurney, Bartlett UnknownUnknownMale4 (1V) banker;
Gurney, Hudson 19  January  17759  November  1864Male7 (3V) (2N) antiquary; banker;
Gurney, Sir John 14  February  17681  March  1845Male11 (1V) lawyer;
Gurney, Joseph 10  November  174928  October  1809Male5 (1V) legal and parliamentary stenographer;
Gutch, John Matthew 177630  April  1861Male12 (7V) journalist; author;
Gwyllym Lloyd, Wardle 176230  November  1833Male2 soldier; politician;
Hall, Agnes UnknownUnknownFemale2
Hamilton, UnknownUnknownFemale52
Hamilton, Archibald 17199  March  1793Male23 (9V) printer; publisher;
Hamilton, Hugh Douglas 173910  February  1808Male6 (4V) (1N) portrait and subject painter;
Hamilton, Samuel UnknownUnknownMale36 (1V) (1N) printer;
Hammond, Elton (Hamond)178631  December  1819Male136 (13V) (8N)
Hanger, George (Baron Coleraine)13  October  175131  March  1824Male9 army officer; writer;
Hansard, Ann UnknownUnknownFemale3 Millener;
Harbord, William (Assheton, Baron Suffield)17661821Male1
Hardinge, George 22  June  174326  April  1816Male0 Judge, MP, writer;
Hardy, Thomas 3  March  175211  October  1832Male27 (6V) (1N) reformer; founder of the London Corresponding Society;
Hare, James 174717  March  1804Male1 politician; social celebrity;
Harley, Jane Elizabeth (Lady Oxford, née Scott)17741824Female4 (1V)
Harlow, George Henry (Harlowe)10  June  17874  February  1819Male11 (3V) painter, and Godwin's portraitist;
Harris, Thomas Unknown1  October  1820Male15 (2V) (2N) theatre manager;
Harvey, Thomas 17471819Male6 (1V) (1N) master weaver; amateur artist; art collector;
Harwood, Colonel William 4  September  17572  April  1824Male67 (11V) (3N)
Hastings, Francis Rawdon (first marquess of Hastings and second earl of Moira)7  December  175428  November  1826Male3 (2V) army officer; politician;
Hastings, Warren 6  December  173222  August  1818Male4 politician; governor-general of Bengal;
Haydon, Benjamin Robert 26  January  178622  June  1846Male5 history painter; diarist;
Hayley, Mary (neé Welford)178111848Female1 (1V)
Hayley, William 9  November  174512  November  1820Male4 (1V) poet; biographer;
Hays, Mary 4  May  175920  February  1843Female112 (73V) (5N) writer;
Hayward, Abraham 22  November  18012  February  1884Male9 (1V) (1N) essayist; translator;
Hayward, Richard UnknownUnknownMale415 (272V) (18N) lawyer;
Hazlitt, John Not Before:1767 -
Not After: 1768
UnknownMale17 (2V) painter;
Hazlitt, Sarah (née Stoddart)17741840Female36 (2V)
Hazlitt, William 10  April  177818  September  1830Male418 (38V) (18N) writer; painter;
Heaphy, Thomas 29  December  177523  October  1835Male12 watercolour painter;
Heath, James 19  April  175715  November  1834Male3 engraver; etcher;
Henderson, Sir John 175212  December  1817Male1 Politician;
Henry, Thomas 17341816Male2 apothecary;
Hepburn, John UnknownUnknownMale22 (2V) (1N)
Hewlett, Reverend John 176213  April  1844Male29 (4V) biblical scholar; minister;
Heywood, Samuel 8  October  175311  September  1828Male10 judge; writer;
Hibbert, Julian 180124  January  1834Male1 writer; reformer;
Higgins, Godfrey 17739  August  1833Male4 historian of religion;
Hill, UnknownUnknownMale21 (7V)
Hill, (Thomas)176020  December  1840Unknown160 (33V) (11N)
Hill, Matthew Davenport 6  August  17927  June  1872Male7 (3V) (1N) penal reformer;
Hills, Sarah (Hays)UnknownUnknownFemale2
Hilton, William 3  June  178630  December  1839Male10 (1N) painter;
Hitchener, Elizabeth UnknownUnknownFemale9 (1V) teacher;
Hoare, Prince 175522  December  1834Male81 (20V) (17N) playwright; artist;
Hodgets, UnknownUnknownMale125 (79V) (28N)
Hodgkins, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale12 (2V) (1N) manager;
Hofland, Thomas Christopher 25  December  17773  January  1843Male8 landscape painter;
Hogan, UnknownUnknownMale210 (15V) (11N)
Hogg, Thomas Jefferson 24  May  179227  August  1862Male16 (2V) (1N) biographer of Percy Bysshe Shelley; lawyer;
Hoghton, Sir Harry 27  October  17289  March  1795Male3 Politician, MP for Preston;
Holcroft, Ann (Harwood)UnknownUnknownFemale25 (1V) (1N)
Holcroft, Diana (née Robinson)Unknown31  October  1790Female1
Holcroft, Fanny Margaretta 17851844Female67 (5V) writer;
Holcroft, Harwood 1  September  1804UnknownMale70
Holcroft, Henry 3  March  1806UnknownMale7
Holcroft, Jno UnknownUnknownMale1
Holcroft, Louisa 24  June  1801UnknownFemale25 (2V) (1N)
Holcroft, Louisa (née Mercier)UnknownUnknownFemale369 (141V) (13N)
Holcroft, Sophia (Cole)Unknown8  January  1850Female15
Holcroft, Thomas Unknown1797Male2 (2V) shoemaker;
Holcroft, Thomas 9  January  1803UnknownMale155 (1V) (4N)
Holcroft, Thomas 10  December  174523  March  1809Male1435 (727V) (32N) writer;
Holcroft, Villiers 29  December  1799UnknownMale8
Holcroft, William 177316  November  1789Male2
Hollis, John 174326  November  1824Male248 (81V) (15N)
Hollis, Thomas Brand 17199  September  1804Male107 (59V) (6N) reformer;
Hollis, Timothy 14  December  1790Male72 (69V) reformer;
Holroyd, John Baker (earl of Sheffield)21  December  174130  May  1821Male3 politician;
Home, John 21  September  17225  September  1808Male1 Church of Scotland minister; playwright;
Hone, William 3  June  17806  November  1842Male38 (13V) (3N) political writer; publisher;
Hookham, E UnknownUnknownMale2 (1V) bookseller;
Hookham, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale21 (7V) (1N) bookseller; publisher;
Hope, Thomas 30  August  17692  February  1831Male2 (1V) art collector; connoisseur;
Hoppner, John 25  April  175823  January  1810Male7 (6V) (3N) portrait painter;
Hopwood, UnknownUnknownUnknown103 (6V) (2N)
Horne Tooke, John 25  June  173618  March  1812Male122 (74V) (3N) writer; philologist;
Horsley, Samuel 15  September  17334  October  1806Male3 bishop of St. Asaph;
Houghton, Reverend Pendlebury 17581824Male5 Presbyterian minister;
Ht, T UnknownUnknownMale151 (1V) (4N)
Hudson, James UnknownUnknownMale0 Assistant Secretary to the Royal Society;
Hudson, John Corrie 17961879Male231 (39V) (5N)
Hume, Alexia Unknown29  July  1828Female84 (55V)
Hume, Joseph 22  January  177720  February  1855Male1 politician;
Hume, Joseph 17677  August  1844Male540 (343V) (19N) civil servant; writer;
Hunt, Henry (Orator)6  November  177313  February  1835Male2 reformer;
Hunt, John 17757  September  1848Male8 (4V) (1N) printer; publisher;
Hunt, Leigh James Henry 19  October  178428  August  1859Male40 (7V) poet; journalist; literary critic;
Hunter, Captain UnknownUnknownMale13
Hunter, John 13  February  172816  October  1793Male2 surgeon; anatomist;
Hunter, Joseph 6  February  17839  May  1861Male2 antiquary; record scholar;
Hunter, Rowland UnknownUnknownMale16 (8V) bookseller;
Hunter, William 26  November  17743  December  1849Male1 politician; lawyer;
Hurry, Ives UnknownUnknownMale2
Hurst, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale17 (6V) printer; bookseller;
Huskisson, William 11  March  177015  September  1830Male3 politician;
Hutton, Charles 14  August  173727  January  1823Male4 mathematician;
Iliff, Edward Henry UnknownUnknownMale8
Imlay, Fanny (Godwin)14  May  17949  October  1816Female185
Imlay, Gilbert 9  February  175420  November  1828Male0 land speculator; author;
Inchbald, Elizabeth 15  October  17531  August  1821Female221 (175V) (11N) actress; playwright; novelist;
Incledon, Charles 176311  February  1826Male3 singer;
Ingenhousz, Jan 8  December  17307  September  1799Male3 physician and natural scientist;
Irving, Washington 3  April  178328  November  1859Male39 (10V) (10N) writer;
Jacob, Joseph Unknown21  April  1832Male21 (17V) (3N)
Jardine, Major Alexander Unknown8  April  1799Male99 (13V) (3N) army officer; author;
Jardine, Juana UnknownUnknownFemale12 (8V) (1N)
Jefferson, President Thomas 13  April  17434  July  1826Male1 President of the United States;
Jeffrey, Francis 23  October  177326  January  1850Male4 (1V) editor of Edinburgh Review; writer; judge;
Jenkinson, Charles (earl of Liverpool)26  April  172917  December  1808Male1 politician;
Jennings, Mrs (Jennyns)UnknownUnknownFemale115 (74V)
Jennings, James 1  December  17728  October  1833Male2 writer;
Jennings, Joseph Clayton (Jennyns)UnknownUnknownMale145 (82V) (8N)
Jerdan, William 16  April  178211  July  1869Male14 (1V) journalist; antiquary;
Jerningham, 173717  November  1812Male9 poet; playwright;
Jerrold, Douglas William 3  January  18038  June  1857Male18 playwright and journalist;
Johnson, Joseph UnknownUnknownMale23 (7V)
Johnson, Joseph 15  November  173820  December  1809Male413 (324V) (23N) bookseller;
Johnston, Henry Erskine (Hendry)3  August  17758  February  1845Male2 actor;
Jones, Dr John 176610  January  1827Male11 (4V) (3N) Unitarian minister; classical scholar;
Jones, John Gale 16  October  17694  March  1838Male7 reformer; surgeon; apothecary;
Jones, Louisa August  1773UnknownFemale91 (5V) (3N) housekeeper; foster mother;
Jones, Margaret September  1772UnknownFemale135 (11V) (6N)
Joseph, Samuel Not Before:1790 -
Not After: 1791
1  July  1850Male43 (20V) (10N) sculptor;
Emperor Joseph II (Joseph Benedikt August Johannes Anton Michael Adam)13  March  174120  February  1790Male0 Holy Roman Emperor;
Joyce, Jeremiah 24  February  176321  June  1816Male75 (29V) (3N) Unitarian minister; writer;
Kean, Charles John 18  January  181122  January  1868Male2 actor; theatre manager;
Kean, Edmund 4  November  178715  May  1833Male30 (4V) (3N) actor;
Keane, Edward UnknownUnknownMale23 (11V) (3N) solicitor;
Kearsley, George UnknownUnknownMale2 (1V) bookseller;
Kearsley, Thomas 1773Not Before:1800 -
Not After: 1802
Male62 (32V) (1N) artist;
Keats, John Not Before:29  October  1795 -
Not After: 31  October  1795
23  February  1821Male4 poet;
Keir, Peter 17607  December  1832Male94 (29V) (16N) engineer;
Kell, Christopher UnknownUnknownMale1 solicitor;
Kemble, Charles 25  November  177512  November  1854Male31 actor; theatre manager; playwright;
Kemble, John Philip 1  February  175726  February  1823Male53 (15V) (6N) actor; theatre manager;
Kemble, Maria Theresa 17771838Female2 actress and playwright;
Kemble, Maria Theresa (née De Camp)17  January  17773  September  1838Female10 actress;
Kemble, Priscilla (Brereton née Hopkins)17  December  175813  May  1845Female2 actress;
Kemble, Stephen George 3  April  17585  June  1822Male2 actor; theatre manager;
Kenney, James 178025  July  1849Male388 (95V) (22N) playwright;
Kentish, John 26  June  17686  March  1853Male9 (3V) (2N) Unitarian minister;
Kenyon, John December  17843  December  1856Male3 poet; patron of the arts;
Kenyon, Lloyd (first Baron Kenyon)5  October  17324  April  1802Male3 judge;
Keppel, fourth earl of Albemarle William Charles 17721849Unknown2
King, John 178812  July  1847Male3 history and portrait painter;
King, John (Jacob Rey)17531824Male159 (114V) (6N) moneylender; reformer;
King, Margaret (Countess Mountcashell, Mrs Mason, Moore)177329  January  1835Female41 (10V) (2N)
Kinghorn, Joseph 17  January  17661  September  1832Male1 Particular Baptist minister;
Kingsman, Dorothea 17741800Female1
Kingsman, Emily 17791840Female2
Kingsman, Henry Long 1775UnknownMale1
Kinnaird, Lord George Unknown11  October  1805Male0 seventh Lord Kinnaird of Inchture;
Kippis, Andrew 28  March  17258  October  1795Male34 (3V) Presbyterian minister; biographer;
Knapp, Leonora UnknownUnknownFemale96 (22V) (3N) landlady;
Knight, C UnknownUnknownMale2 (2V) Publisher and Bookseller;
Knight, Richard Payne 11  February  175123  April  1824Male1 Art collector and writer;
Knight, Robert UnknownUnknownMale13 (2V) (1N) MP ;
Knight, Thomas Unknown1820Male18 (5V) (2N) actor;
Knowles, James 17592  June  1840Male4 schoolmaster; lexiographer;
Knowles, James Sheridan 12  May  178430  November  1862Male7 (1V) (1N) playwright;
Knowles, John 24  March  178121  July  1841Male196 (97V) (5N) naval surveyor; biographer;
Knox, Vicesimus 8  December  17526  September  1821Male2 headmaster; writer;
Kyd, Stewart Unknown26  January  1811Male8 reformer; legal writer;
Lackington, George 30  December  177731  March  1844Male28 (12V) bookseller; publisher;
Lafayette, Marquis de (Gilbert du Motier)6  September  175720  May  1834Male2
Lamb, Lady Caroline (née Ponsonby)13  November  178526  January  1828Female49 (21V) (8N) novelist;
Lamb, Charles 10  February  177527  December  1834Male967 (421V) (85N) essayist;
Lamb, Mary Anne 3  December  176420  May  1847Female636 (253V) (15N) children's writer;
Lamb, Peniston (first Viscount Melbourne)17451828Male2 politician;
Lamb, William (second Viscount Melbourne)15  March  177924  November  1848Male28 (7V) (3N) prime minister; politician;
Lambe, Dr Lacon William 179720  June  1871Male5 physician;
Lambe, Mary 1796UnknownFemale4
Lambe, Dr William 26  February  176511  June  1847Male3 (1V) physician;
Lambert, John UnknownUnknownMale75 (35V) (1N)
Lancaster, Joseph 25  November  177823  October  1838Male8 (5V) (1N) educationsist;
Landseer, UnknownUnknownUnknown11
Landseer, Charles Not Before:12  August  1799 -
Not After: 12  August  1800
22  July  1879Male22 painter;
Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry 7  March  18021  October  1873Male9 (1V) animal painter;
Landseer, John George Not Before:1763 -
Not After: 1769
29  February  1852Male17 engraver; antiquary;
Langridge, William Balcombe 17571845Male4 (2V) solicitor;
Langridge, William Balcombe UnknownUnknownMale0 attorney;
Lardner, Dionysius 3  April  179329  April  1859Male19 (6V) (1N) public lecturer; writer on science ;
Lathrop, Murray UnknownUnknownMale0
Law, Edward (first Baron Ellenborough)16  November  175013  December  1818Male1 judge;
Lawrence, UnknownUnknownUnknown19 (5V) (2N)
Lawrence, James Henry (Chevalier)17731840Male19 (1V) (2N) writer;
Lawrence, Sir Thomas 17  April  17697  January  1830Male98 (37V) (16N) portrait painter; draughtsman;
Lawrence, Sir William (baronet)16  July  17835  July  1867Male5 (2V) surgeon;
LeClercq, Théodore 17771851Male5 writer;
Lea, Francis/Thomas UnknownUnknownMale9 Carpet manufacturers;
Lee, Anna UnknownUnknownFemale2 (1V)
Lee, Harriet Not Before:1757 -
Not After: 1758
1851Female18 (12V) school mistress; novelist; playwright;
Lee, Richard ('Citizen')17741798Male6 printer; publisher;
Lee, Sophia Priscilla 17501824Female2 (1V) novelist; playwright;
Lemaitre, Paul Thomas (Le Maitre)1776UnknownUnknown11 (1V)
Lens, John 2  January  17566  August  1825Male3 serjeant-at-law;
Emperor Leopold II 5  May  17471  March  1792Male2 Holy Roman Emperor; Grand Duke of Tuscany;
Leroux, Jacob Unknown26  April  1799Male7 (1V)
Leslie, Charles Robert 19  October  17945  May  1859Male5 (1V) literary genre painter; writer;
Leslie, Sir John 17  April  17663  November  1832Male30 (3V) (1N) mathmetician; writer;
Lewis, Male50 (15V) (2N)
Lewis, Matthew Gregory (Monk)9  July  177516  May  1818Male1 novelist; playwright;
Lindsay, Dr James Not Before:1744 -
Not After: 1745
14  February  1821Male13 (1V) (1N) dissenting minister;
Lindsey, Theophilus 20  June  17233  November  1808Male25 (1V) Unitarian minister; theologian;
Linnell, John 17921882Male4 (1N) landscape and portrait painter;
Lister, Daniel Not Before:1741 -
Not After: 1742
14  February  1828Male4 (3V) (1N)
Lister, Dr William 17573  February  1830Male115 (48V) (16N) doctor;
Littlewood, Charlotte UnknownUnknownFemale1 millener;
Lloyd, Charles 12  February  177516  January  1839Male21 (9V) (8N) poet; novelist;
Lloyd, Robert Not Before:1775 -
Not After: 1779
26  October  1811Male5 (1N) bookseller;
Lobrot, Marie Ann 1782UnknownFemale7 (1N) teacher;
Lockhart, UnknownUnknownMale17 (1V)
Lockhart, John Gibson 12  June  179425  November  1854Male8 (1V) writer; literary editor;
Lofft, Capel 14  November  175126  May  1824Male35 (2V) (2N) editor; writer;
Lofft, Capell 9  March  18061  October  1873Male1 classical scholar; poet; writer;
Lofft, Sarah (neé Watson)UnknownUnknownMale6 (1V) writer;
Longdill, Pynson Wilmot Unknown1  May  1823Male114 (81V) (6N) lawyer;
Longman, Thomas Norton 17711842Male61 (36V) (4N) publisher;
Losh, James 10  June  176323  September  1833Male12 (5V) barrister;
Louis Philippe 6  October  177326  August  1850Male2 King of the French 1830-1848;
King Louis XV1 23  August  175421  January  1793Male8 (1V) king of France;
King Louis XVIII (Louis le Désiré Louis-Stanislas-Xavier comte de Provence)7  November  175516  September  1824Male2 king of France;
Louisa, Brunton (Louisa Craven, countess of Craven)Not Before:1782 -
Not After: 1785
27  August  1860Female3 actress;
Lowe, Unknown9  March  1801Male1
Lubé, Denis George UnknownUnknownMale88 (2V) (7N) lawyer; writer;
Lytton, Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer (first Baron Lytton)25  May  180318  January  1873Male34 (12V) (4N) writer; politician;
MacDonald, UnknownUnknownMale16
MacDonnell, D. E. Unknown1808Male6 newspaper editor;
MacDonnell, D.E. UnknownUnknownMale0 lawyer; journalist;
Macdonald, Sir Archibald (baronet)13  July  174718  May  1826Male1 judge; politician;
Maceroni, Francis (Count Maceroni)17881846Male3 (3V) soldier; mechanical inventor;
Macgowan, John UnknownUnknownMale101 (44V) (4N) printer;
Mackenzie, Henry 26  July  174514  January  1831Male2 writer; lawyer;
Mackintosh, Lady Catherine Allen Unknown1830Female10 (5V) (2N)
Mackintosh, Sir James (of Kyllachy)24  October  176530  May  1832Male225 (108V) (25N) political writer; politician;
Macklin, Charles UnknownUnknownMale1
Macleod, Norman 4  March  175416  August  1801Male4 army officer>; politician;
Macmillan, B UnknownUnknownMale234 (79V) (25N) printer;
Macpherson, James 27  October  173617  February  1796Male2 writer;
Macready, William Charles 3  March  179327  April  1873Male12 (2V) (2N) actor; theatre manager;
Macrone, John 18099  September  1837Male14 (7V) (3N) publisher;
Maitland, James (eighth earl of Lauderdale)26  January  175915  September  1839Male42 (22V) (6N) politician; political economist;
Malkin, Benjamin Heath 23  March  176926  May  1842Male5 schoolmaster; antiquary;
Malthus, Rev Thomas Robert 13  February  176629  December  1834Male26 (2V) (2N) political economist; clergyman;
Manning, Male7
Manning, James 17811866Male15 (2V) barrister; serjeant-at-law;
Manning, James UnknownUnknownMale1 (1N) Unitarian minister;
Manning, R UnknownUnknownMale4 (1V) (1N) stock-broker;
Manning, Thomas 8  November  17722  May  1840Male50 (10V) traveller; writer on China;
March, John Not Before:1753 -
Not After: 1754
1804Male8 (1V) bookseller;
Queen Marie Antoinette (Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne de Habsbourg-Lorraine)2  November  175516  October  1793Female1 queen consort of France and Navarre; archduchess of Austria;
Marsh, Charles 17741835Male15 (1V) barrister; politician;
Marshall, James Unknown22  October  1832Male1977 (107V) (51N) writer;
Martin, John 19  July  178917  February  1854Male64 (39V) (3N) artist;
Martineau, Harriet 12  June  180227  June  1876Female4 (1V) writer; journalist;
Martineau, Philip Meadows 17521829Male0 surgeon;
Maseres, Francis 15  December  173119  May  1824Male1 colonial administrator; author;
Masters, M. K. UnknownUnknownMale24 (1N) apothecary;
Mathews, Charles 28  June  177628  June  1835Male24 (5V) (2N) actor;
Mathews, Charles James 26  December  180324  June  1878Male2 actor; playwright;
Maturin, Charles Robert 25  September  178030  October  1824Male1 writer; Church of England clergyman;
Maurice, Thomas 25  September  175430  March  1824Male0 oriental scholar; librarian;
Mavor, Dr William Fordyce 1  August  175819  December  1837Male6 (1V) educationalist ; writer ;
Maxwell, William 17681833Male16 (1V)
Mendoza, Not Before:5  July  1764 -
Not After: 5  July  1765
3  September  1836Male1 boxer; actor; publican;
Mercier, UnknownUnknownMale7 (3V) (1N) portrait painter;
Mercier, Charles UnknownUnknownMale8
Mercier, Charles André 17411823Male42 (5V) (1N) engraver, art dealer, newspaper editor;
Mercier, Louis 6  June  174025  April  1814Male2
Mergez, Georges Nicholas 4  January  177225  November  1846Male10 General;
Merry, Robert April  175524  December  1798Male58 (3V) (1N) poet;
Meyler, Anthony UnknownUnknownMale21 (1V) lecturer; scientist, ;
Miles, John 17841856Male72 (27V) (5N)
Mill, James 6  April  177323  June  1836Male3 (2V) (1N) writer; political philosopher;
Mill, John Stuart 20  May  18067  May  1873Male2 writer; philosopher; economist; advocate of women's rights;
Millan, Sarah F UnknownUnknownFemale0 millener;
Miller, UnknownUnknownMale111 (36V) (1N)
Mills, Alfred 17767  December  1833Male27 (7V) draughtsman;
Mitford, William 10  February  174410  February  1827Male1 historian of ancient Greece;
Mocatta, UnknownUnknownMale1 Banking Family;
Montagu, Basil 24  April  177027  November  1851Male258 (85V) (23N) author; legal reformer;
Moore, C[harles]? UnknownUnknownMale53 (12V) (3N) barrister;
Moore, Sir Graham 176425  November  1843Male16 naval officer;
Moore, James (Carrick-Moore)21  December  17621  June  1860Male34 (7V) (4N) surgeon; biographer;
Moore, John 7  December  172921  February  1802Male69 (20V) (6N) physician; writer;
Moore, Sir John (Jack)13  November  176116  January  1809Male1 army officer;
Moore, Matthew (Mathew)UnknownUnknownMale24
Moore, Thomas 28  May  177925  February  1852Male17 (2V) (1N) poet;
More, Hannah 2  February  17457  September  1833Female1 writer; philanthropist;
Morgan, George Cadogan 175417  November  1798Male6 (2V) dissenting minister; scientist;
Morgan, John 17411807Male0 stationer; rag-merchant;
Morgan, John Unknown1819Male17 (2V) lawyer;
Morgan, John Minter 17821854Male13 (5V) educationist; socialist;
Morgan, Mary UnknownUnknownFemale10 (4V) (1N)
Morgan, Lady Sydney (née Owenson)178313  April  1859Female5 (1V) (1N) novelist;
Morgan, Reverend Dr Thomas 175221  July  1821Male6 (5V) librarian; minister;
Morgan, Sir Thomas Charles 178028  August  1843Male2 philosopher; writer;
Morgan, William 26  May  17504  May  1833Male19 (10V) (1N) actuary; writer;
Morton, Edw UnknownUnknownMale13
Morton, John Maddison 3  January  181119  December  1891Male14 playwright;
Morton, Thomas 16  January  176428  March  1838Male72 (3V) (1N) playwright;
Mountcashell, Margaret 177329  January  1835Female0 writer;
Mozley, Henry 17731845Male0 Bookseller, printer, publisher;
Muir, Thomas 24  August  176526  January  1799Male5 (2V) reformer;
Mullet, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale17
Mulready, William 1  April  17867  July  1863Male250 (23V) (14N) artist;
Munnings, Leonard Unknown11  May  1793Male8 (5V)
Murphy, Arthur 27  December  172718  June  1805Male5 playwright; actor;
Murray, John Samuel 27  November  177827  June  1843Male54 (21V) (5N) publisher;
Murray, William (first earl of Mansfield)2  March  170520  March  1793Male2 judge; politician;
Mylne, James 3  September  175721  September  1839Male4 (2N) philosopher; political reformer;
Nair, UnknownUnknownMale0
Napier, Macvey 11  April  177611  February  1847Male4 (1V) academic; writer; journal editor;
Napier, Lady Sarah (née Lennox Bunbury)14  February  174526  August  1826Female1 noblewoman;
Nash, Andrew and George UnknownUnknownMale9 (2V) (1N) glass manufactureres; money brokers;
Nash, John September  175213  May  1835Male16 (7V) (2N) architect;
Newton, Cornelia (née Boinville)Unknown2  September  1816Female22 (5V)
Newton, Gilbert Stuart 20  October  17945  August  1935Male6 (2V) Artist;
Newton, John Frank 17701827Male111 (23V) (10N) vegetarian;
Newton, Reverend Samuel 173212  October  1810Male6 (1V) (1N) Dissenting Minister;
Nichols, John 2  February  174526  November  1826Male20 (5V) printer; writer;
Nicholson, William 25  December  178116  August  1844Male3 portrait painter; etcher;
Nicholson, William December  175321  May  1815Male516 (351V) (33N) chemist; inventor;
Noble, Reverend Mark 175426  May  1827Male5 biographer; antiquary;
Noel, Francois Joseph Michel 12  January  175629  January  1841Male4 (2V) writer and diplomat;
Nollekens, Joseph 11  August  173723  April  1823Male4 sculptor;
Norgate, Thomas Starling 20  August  17727  July  1859Male4 writer;
Norman, Frederick UnknownUnknownMale7 (2V)
North, Dudley (Long)174821  February  1829Male8 (5V) (1N) politician;
North, Frederick (second earl of Guilford, Lord North)13  April  17325  August  1792Male1 prime minister;
North, George Augustus (third earl of Guilford)11  September  175720  April  1802Male1 politician;
Northcote, James 22  October  174613  July  1831Male504 (321V) (53N) artist; author;
Northcote, Mary Not Before:1749 -
Not After: 1750
25  May  1836Female39 (37V) (6N)
Northmore, Thomas November  176629  May  1851Male47 (22V) (9N) geologist; writer;
Notcutt, William Russell 17741800Male3 scientist; tutor;
Novello, Vincent 6  September  17819  August  1861Male4 music publisher;
O'Bryen, Dennis (O'Brien)175513  August  1832Male57 (2V) playwright; political pamphleteer;
O'Connor, Arthur (Conner Condorcet-O'Connor)4  July  176325  April  1852Male16 (3V) (1N) Irish nationalist; poltical theorist;
O'Keeffe, Adelaide 5  November  17764  September  1855Female3 (2V) poet; novelist;
O'Keeffe, John 24  June  17474  February  1833Male5 (3V) (1N) playwright;
Ogilvie, James (Ogilvy)176018  September  1820Male154 (17V) (14N) scholar;
Ollier, Charles 4  May  17885  June  1859Male102 (67V) (13N) publisher; writer; editor;
Opie, John May  17619  April  1807Male114 (54V) (9N) portrait and history painter;
Orme, Cosmo 178012  August  1859Male46 (30V) publisher;
Otton, Unknown2  November  1828Male37 (6V)
Owen, Robert 14  May  177117  November  1858Male121 (2V) (6N) socialist; philanthropist;
Owen, Robert Dale 7  November  180124  June  1877Male3 social reformer;
Paine, Thomas 29  January  17378  June  1809Male18 (1V) author; revolutionary;
Paley, William July  174325  May  1805Male1 theologian; moralist;
Palmer, Thomas Fyshe July  17472  June  1802Male2 (1V) Unitarian minister; reformer;
Panizzi, Sir Anthony (Antonio Genesio Maria)16  September  17978  April  1879Male8 (2V) (1N) Italian emigre; reformer; teacher; librarian;
Paradise, John April  174312  December  1795Male15 (6V) linguist;
Parkinson, James 173025  February  1813Male4 (1V) land agent; museaum proprietor;
Parr, Catherine Jane 13  June  178222  November  1805Female6
Parr, Samuel 15  January  17476  March  1825Male52 (13V) (2N) schoolmaster;
Parr, Sarah Anne (Wynne)31  December  177218  July  1810Female16 (2V)
Parry, UnknownUnknownMale50 (4V) (1N)
Parry, Dr Caleb Hillier 21  October  17559  March  1822Male13 (2V) physician;
Parry, Charles Henry 3  July  177921  January  1860Male12 (2V) physician;
Parry, John UnknownUnknownMale3 (1V) newspaper proprietor;
Parsons, William 29  February  17363  February  1795Male2 actor;
Patrickson, Patrick Unknown10  August  1814Male95 (1V)
Paull, James 177015  April  1808Male9 (2V) (1N)
Payne, John Howard 9  June  179110  April  1852Male74 (12V) (4N) actor; playwright;
Payne, John and Sarah UnknownUnknownMale8 (2V)
Peacock, Thomas Love 18  October  178523  January  1866Male50 (20V) (2N) satirical novelist; poet;
Peel, Sir Robert (second baronet)5  February  17882  July  1850Male6 politician; prime minister;
Pelham, Thomas (second earl of Chichester)28  April  17564  July  1826Male1 politician;
Peltier, Jean-Gabriel October  176025  March  1825Male0 journalist; political exile;
Perceval, Spencer 1  November  176211  May  1812Male3 prime minister;
Percy, Thomas 13  April  172930  September  1811Male1 writer; Church of Ireland bishop of Dromore;
Perry, Anne (née Hull)17731815Female25 (16V) (2N)
Perry, James (Pirie)30  October  17565  December  1821Male240 (90V) (15N) journalist;
Perry, Sampson 17474  July  1823Male1 reformer; newspaper proprietor;
Perry, William UnknownUnknownMale2
Petion, Jerome 2  January  175618  June  1794Male4 (1V)
Petrovich, Emperor Pavel (Paul I)1  October  175423  March  1801Male1 Emperor of Russia;
Petty, John Henry (marquess of Lansdowne)Not Before:1764 -
Not After: 1764
14  November  1809Male1 politician;
Petty, William (Fitzmaurice, second earl of Shelburne and first marquess of Lansdowne)2  May  17377  May  1805Male3 (1V) politician; prime minister;
Phillips, UnknownUnknownMale24 (1V)
Phillips, Charles 17861  February  1859Male17 (3V) (4N) Poet; Lawyer;
Phillips, Dorothy (pseudonym Dorothy Jordan)22  November  17615  July  1816Female2 actress;
Phillips, Sir Richard (Philip Richards)17672  April  1840Male396 (211V) (42N) publisher; author;
Picken, Andrew 178823  November  1833Male29 (13V) (4N) novelist;
Picken, Andrew 181524  June  1845Male16 (11V) draughtman; litographer;
Picken, Janet (née Coxon)17921871Female24 (15V)
Pickersgill, Henry William 3  December  178221  April  1875Male42 (31V) (1N) portrait painter;
Pigott, Arthur 19  October  17496  September  1819Male0 Lawyer; Politician;
Pigott, Charles Unknown24  June  1794Male2 reformer; satirist;
Pilcher, UnknownUnknownUnknown324 (14V) (10N)
Pinkerton, Ann (Nancy) UnknownUnknownFemale18 (6V)
Pinkerton, John (pseudonym Robert Heron pseudonym H. Bennet)17  February  175810  March  1826Male27 (11V) (2N) historian; poet;
Piozzi, Hester Lynch (Thrale née Salusbury)16  January  174126  March  1809Female2 writer;
Pitchford, John UnknownUnknownMale15 (3V) (1N) writer; businessman;
Pitt, William (Pitt the Younger)28  May  175923  January  1806Male6 politician; prime minister;
Pius VI (Count Giovanni Angelo Braschi)27  December  171729  August  1799Male2 Pope;
Pope Pius VII (Count Barnaba Niccolò Maria Luigi Chiaramonti)14  August  174020  August  1823Male1 Pope;
Place, Elizabeth (née Chadd)Not Before:1774 -
Not After: 1775
19  October  1827Female1 (1V)
Place, Francis 3  November  17711  January  1854Male339 (244V) (11N) reformer; chronicler;
Planta, Joseph 21  February  17443  December  1827Male44 (6V) (4N) librarian;
Playfair, John 10  March  174820  July  1819Male5 (1V) (1N) mathematician; geologist;
Plowden, Anna Maria (Countess Dundonald)Unknown1822Female13 (3V) (1N)
Plowden, Dorothea (née Philipps)Unknown1827Female11 (4V)
Plowden, Francis Peter 28  June  17494  January  1829Male25 (5V) (1N) lawyer; historian;
Plumptre, Annabella (Bell)176918  December  1838Female27 (5V) (4N) writer;
Plumptre, Anne February  176020  October  1818Female14 (2V) (1N) writer; translator;
Plunket, UnknownUnknownMale22 (3V)
Polidori, Gaetano 17641853Male9 (4V) (3N) physician; writer;
Pollock, Sir Frederick (Jonathan, first baronet)Not Before:22  September  1783 -
Not After: 23  September  1783
23  August  1870Male1 judge;
Ponsonby, George 5  March  17558  July  1817Male4 (1V) lord chancellor of Ireland;
Poole, Edward Richard UnknownUnknownMale14 (5V) (6N)
Poole, John 17854  February  1872Male140 (43V) (14N) Playwright;
Poole, Thomas 14  November  17668  September  1837Male10 (1V) tanner;
Pope, Jane 20  January  174430  July  1818Female1 actress;
Porson, Richard 25  December  175925  September  1808Male90 (37V) (22N) classical scholar;
Porteus, Beilby 8  May  173114  May  1809Male0 bishop of London;
Potts, Ann M UnknownUnknownFemale2 Millener;
Pouncy, UnknownMale78 (63V) (3N)
Powell, James UnknownUnknownMale23 (7V)
Powell, William UnknownUnknownMale4 actor; prompter;
Pratt, Charles (first Earl Camden)March  171418  April  1794Male1 lawyer; politician;
Pratt, Samuel Jackson (pseudonym Courtney Melmoth)25  December  17494  October  1814Male21 (3V) writer; actor;
Prentis, Edward August  1797December  1854Male39 (4V) painter;
Prentis, Stephen July  180012  June  1862Male10 (1N) poet;
Price, Richard 23  February  172319  April  1791Male14 philosopher; demographer; reformer;
Priestley, Joseph 13  March  17336  February  1804Male20 (3V) (2N) theologian; natural philosopher;
Pye, Henry James 17  February  174511  August  1813Female2 politician; poet;
Quick, John 17484  April  1831Male2 actor;
Quin, Edward 17944  May  1828Male1 cartographer;
Quin, Edward Turnly 17627  July  1823Male14 (2V) journalist;
Quin, Dr Frederic Hervey Foster 12  February  179924  November  1878Male1 homeopathic physician;
Rackstrow, UnknownUnknownUnknown3 bookseller;
Radcliffe, Ann (née Ward)9  July  17647  February  1823Female4 (1V) novelist;
Radcliffe, William 17631830Male10 (7V) (5N) journalist;
Raeburn, Sir Henry 4  March  17568  July  1823Male2 (1V) portrait painter;
Raikes, Thomas 17361811Male1 merchant; governor of the Bank of England;
Raine, Jonathan 17631831Male4 lawyer; politician;
Raine, Matthew 20  May  176017  September  1811Male43 (26V) (2N) headmaster;
Randolph, John 6  July  174928  July  1813Male0 bishop of London;
Ravizzotti, C (Ravizotti)UnknownUnknownFemale3 Teacher;
Rawdon, Elizabeth (née Hastings, suo jure Baroness Botreaux, suo jure Baroness Hungerford, suo jure Baroness Moleyns, suo jure Baroness Hastings, and countess of Moira)17311808Female4 (3V) (1N)
Reed, Isaac 1  January  17425  January  1807Male2 (1V) literary editor; book collector;
Rees, Abraham 17439  June  1825Male15 Presbyterian minister; encyclopaedist;
Rees, Owen 17705  September  1837Male67 (52V) (2N) bookseller; publisher;
Reeve, Susan (née Taylor)17881853Female1
Reeves, John 20  November  17527  August  1829Male1 barrister; writer;
Reid, William Hamilton 17841827Male13 (1V) poet; controversialist;
Restif, Nicolas (Edme)23  October  17343  February  1806Male0 author;
Reveley, Henry Willey 17891875Male0
Reveley, Maria (Gisborne née James)1770April  1836Female315 (183V) (13N)
Reveley, Willey Unknown6  July  1799Male197 (153V) (9N) architect; illustrator;
Reynolds, Elizabeth (née Mansel)1848Female226 (182V) (3N) actress;
Reynolds, Frederic Mansel Not Before:1800 -
Not After: 1801
7  June  1850Male116 (23V) (26N) writer; journal editor;
Reynolds, Frederick 1  November  176416  April  1841Male296 (204V) (43N) playwright;
Reynolds, Sir Joshua 16  July  172323  February  1792Male7 portrait and history painter; art theorist;
Reynolds, Richard UnknownUnknownMale9
Reynolds, Richard 1805UnknownMale24 (1V) (3N)
Reynolds, Samuel William 4  July  177313  August  1835Male1 painter; print-maker;
Richter, George UnknownUnknownMale6
Richter, Henry James 8  March  17728  April  1857Male53 artist; philosopher;
Richter, John 22  July  17691830Male38 (1V) (1N) reformer; businessman;
Rickman, John 22  August  177111  August  1840Male79 (25V) (3N) statistician; civil servant;
Rickman, Thomas Clio 27  July  176115  February  1834Male13 (5V) (3N) bookseller; reformer;
Ridgeway, James Unknown1838Male8 (2V) reformer; publisher;
Rigby, Edward 27  December  174727  October  1821Male13 (3V) (3N) physician; writer;
Riqueti, Comte de Mirabeau Honoré Gabriel 9  March  17492  April  1791Male1 writer; orator; statesman;
Ritson, Joseph 2  October  175223  September  1803Male231 (102V) (10N) antiquary;
Roberjot, Charles Unknown28  April  1799Male1
Robertson, Joseph Clinton (pseudonym Sholto Percy)178822  September  1852Male17 (1V) (1N) journal editor; writer;
Robinson, UnknownUnknownUnknown80 (48V) (4N)
Robinson, Anthony July  176221  January  1827Male29 (5V) (1N) sugar refiner; writer;
Robinson, George December  17366  June  1801Male254 (161V) (11N) bookseller;
Robinson, Henry Crabb 13  May  17755  February  1867Male284 (36V) (21N) diarist; journalist;
Robinson, Mary (née Darby, Perdita, Polly Derby)Not Before:27  November  1756 -
Not After: 27  November  1758
26  December  1800Female97 (79V) (19N) author; actress;
Robinson, Mary Elizabeth 18  October  17741818Female6 writer;
Robinson, Pollingrove UnknownUnknownMale2 (1V) writer;
Robinson family, UnknownUnknownUnknown49 (10V)
Rodd, Horatio Unknown1858Male21 (15V)
Rodd, Thomas (Thomas Rodd the elder)17  February  176327  November  1822Male283 (261V) (6N) bookseller;
Rodd, Thomas (Thomas Rodd the younger)17961849Male101 (94V) (8N)
Rogers, Henry UnknownUnknownMale52 (30V) (4N) banker;
Rogers, Samuel 30  July  176318  December  1855Male86 (20V) (8N) poet; banker;
Romilly, Sir Samuel 1  March  17572  November  1818Male6 lawyer; politician;
Romney, George 15  December  173415  November  1802Male2 painter;
Roscoe, William 8  March  175327  June  1831Male2 historian; patron of the arts;
Rosser, UnknownUnknownMale3 (1V) chemist?;
Rosser, Henry (Blanche)Not Before:1799 -
Not After: 1800
10  July  1822Male182 (1V) (3N)
Rossetti, Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe 28  February  178324  April  1854Male5 (1V) poet;
Rothwell, Richard (Ireland)20  November  18003  September  1863Male12 (4V) (1N) genre and portrait painter;
Rous, George UnknownUnknownMale2 reformer;
Rowan, Archibald Hamilton 1  May  17511  November  1834Male143 (77V) (7N) Irish nationalist; landowner;
Rowan, Sarah Jane (née Dawson)17641834Female101 (65V)
Roy, Rammohun Not Before:1772 -
Not After: 1774
27  September  1833Male6 (1V) (1N) religious writer; political philosopher; ambassador;
Russell, Duke of Bedford Francis 23  July  17652  March  1802Male0 agriculturist; politician;
Russell, Francis (fifth duke of Bedford)23  July  17652  March  1802Male2 agriculturist; politician;
Russell, John (sixth duke of Bedford)30  September  176620  October  1839Male18 (13V) landowner;
Russell, John (Lord John Russell, first Earl Russell)18  August  179228  May  1878Male1 politician; prime minister;
Rutherford, William UnknownUnknownMale1
Rutt, John Towill 4  April  17603  March  1841Male24 (2N) politician; writer;
Sadler, Michael Thomas 3  January  178029  July  1835Male0 social reformer; political economist;
Salomon, Johann Peter 174525  November  1815Male4 violinist; impressario;
Sass, John Henry 29  April  178721  June  1844Male10 (5V) artist; art teacher;
Savile, Christopher 173823  April  1819Male1 politician;
Say, Jean Baptiste 5  January  176715  November  1832Male4 (2N) economist;
Scarlett, James (first Baron Abinger)13  December  17697  April  1844Male5 (1V) judge;
Scott, Alexander UnknownUnknownMale15 (5V)
Scott, John 24  October  17849  March  1821Male1 journalist;
Scott, John (first earl of Eldon)4  June  175113  January  1838Male1 politician; judge; lord chancellor;
Scott, Jonathan 8  March  175311  February  1829Male1 Orientalist;
Scott, Thomas Hobbes 17  April  17831  January  1860Male23
Scott, Walter 15  August  177121  September  1832Male15 (2V) (1N) poet; novelist;
Scott, William UnknownUnknownMale14 (2V) (2N)
Screven, Dr UnknownUnknownMale3
Scudamore, Sir Charles 17794  August  1849Male12 physician;
Sempill, Lord Hugh 17581830Male2
Seward, Anna (the Swan of Lichfield)12  December  174225  March  1809Female1 poet; correspondent;
Sharp, UnknownUnknownUnknown15 (4V)
Sharp, Granville 10  November  17356  June  1813Male1 author; slavery abolitionist;
Sharp, Richard (Conversation Sharp)175930  March  1835Male66 (19V) (9N) politician; wit;
Sharp, William 29  January  174925  July  1824Male22 (5V) engraver;
Sharpe, Lancelot UnknownUnknownMale1 (1V)
Shaw, George 10  December  175122  July  1813Male3 natural historian;
Shee, Sir Martin Archer 20  December  176919  August  1850Male14 (1V) portrait painter; writer;
Shelley, Charles 30  November  181422  September  1826Male1
Shelley, Harriet (née Westbrook)17959  November  1816Female32 (10V) (1N)
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft (née Godwin)30  August  17971  February  1851Female1306 (235V) (19N) writer;
Shelley, Percy Bysshe 4  August  17928  July  1822Male458 (44V) (7N) poet;
Shelley, Sir Percy Florence 12  November  18191889Male106
Shelley, Sir Timothy (baronet)17531844Male3
Shelley, William 24  January  18167  June  1819Male4
Shepherd, Lady Mary (née Primrose)31  December  17777  January  1847Female12 (2V) philosopher;
Sheridan, Charles 14  January  17961843Male8
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Not Before:September  1751 -
Not After: October  1751
7  July  1816Male43 (14V) (8N) playwright; politician;
Sherwin, (Count Dip)UnknownUnknownMale7 singer;
Shiel, Richard Lalor 17  August  179123  May  1851Male0 playwright; politician;
Shield, William Not Before:1748 -
Not After: 1749
25  January  1829Male45 (11V) (4N) composer;
Shore, Samuel 17371828Male10 Dissenter;
Siddons, Harriet (neé Murray)17832  November  1844Male3 (3V) (1N) actress;
Siddons, Henry 23  October  177412  April  1815Male7 (3V) (2N) actor; playwright; theatre manager;
Siddons, Sarah (née Kemble)5  July  17558  June  1831Female9 (2V) (1N) actress;
Sidney, Lady Sophia August  179610  April  1837Female10 (2V) (2N) courtier;
Silvester, Sir John (first baronet)7  September  174530  March  1822Male1 barrister; judge;
Simpkin, William UnknownUnknownMale20 (16V) (1N) publisher;
Sims, John UnknownUnknownMale3 chemist; druggist;
Sinclair, Charles UnknownUnknownMale26
Skeffington, Sir Lumley St George 23  March  177110  November  1850Male61 (3V) (5N) fop; playwright;
Skeys, Hugh UnknownUnknownMale12 (2V) (1N)
Smart, UnknownUnknownMale76 (4V) (1N)
Smirke, UnknownUnknownMale76 (36V) (12N)
Smith, UnknownUnknownMale150 (9V) (7N)
Smith, Arthur UnknownUnknownMale64 (4N)
Smith, Carew UnknownUnknownMale1 barrister;
Smith, Charlotte (née Turner)4  May  174928  October  1806Female99 (64V) (9N) poet; novelist;
Smith, Charlotte Mary 10  April  17691842Female18 (2N) amaneunsis;
Smith, George Male152 (1V)
Smith, Horatio (Horace)31  December  177912  July  1849Male31 (1V) (2N) writer; humorist;
Smith, James UnknownUnknownMale51 (3V) (4N)
Smith, John 26  July  174922  March  1831Male2 (1V) artist;
Smith, John Raphael May  17512  March  1808Male2 (1V) printmaker; print publisher;
Smith, John Thomas 23  June  17666  March  1833Male3 (2V) printmaker; draughtsman;
Smith, Peter UnknownUnknownMale15 (2V) (1N)
Smith, Robert (first Baron Carrington)22  January  17523  October  1838Male1 banker; politician;
Smith, Dr Southwood (Thomas)21  December  178810  December  1861Male9 (2V) (1N) Unitarian minister; physician;
Smith, William 22  September  175631  May  1835Male26 (2V) (1N) politician;
Smith Stanley, Elizabeth (Countess of Derby, née Farren [Farran])Not Before:6  June  1759 -
Not After: 16  June  1762
23  April  1829Female1 countess; actress;
Smyth, Sir Robert (fifth baronet)10  January  174412  April  1802Male4 patron of the arts; reformer;
Sothren, Mrs (née Godwin)Unknown22  December  1796Female4 (2V)
Southey, Henry Herbert 17  January  178413  June  1865Male1 physician;
Southey, Robert 12  August  177421  March  1843Male21 (4V) (2N) poet; reviewer;
Spanky, UnknownUnknownMale0
Spencer, Lord R 17471831Male1
Stael von Holstein, Baroness Germaine ( Anne-Louise, née Necker, Germaine de Stael)22  April  176614  July  1817Female7 (4V) (1N) writer; intellectual;
Stanhope, Charles (third earl of Harrington)3  August  175315  September  1829Male4 politician; inventor;
Stanhope, Leicester Fitzgerald Charles (fifth earl of Harrington)2  September  17847  September  1862Male39 (13V) (4N) army officer;
Stanhope, Lincoln (Edwin Robert)17811840Male22
Stanley, Earl of Derby Edward 12  September  175221  October  1834Male6 sportsman; patron of horse-racing; occasional politician;
Staunton, Sir George 10  April  173714  January  1801Male1 (1V) first baronet; physician; diplomatist;
Steel, Jeremiah UnknownUnknownMale4 (2V) Baker;
Steevens, George 10  May  173622  January  1800Male2 literary editor; scholar;
Stepney, Lady Catherine (née Pollok Manners)23  December  177814  April  1845Female21 (9V) novelist;
Stewart, Charles UnknownUnknownMale35 (2V) (4N)
Stewart, Dugald 22  November  175311  June  1828Male8 (1V) philosopher;
Stewart, John (Walking Stewart)19  February  174720  February  1822Male76 (8V) (1N) philosopher; traveller;
Stewart, Robert (Viscount Castlereagh second marquess of Londonderry)18  June  176912  August  1822Male3 politician;
Stock, John Edmunds 17741835Male1 Biographer;
Stoddart, John 6  February  177316  February  1856Male133 (20V) (3N) writer; lawyer;
Stone, John UnknownUnknownMale19
Stone, John Hurford 17631818Male4 printer; reformer;
Stone, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale3 (1V)
Stone, William UnknownUnknownMale5
Stothard, Thomas 17  August  175527  April  1834Male3 (2V) painter; book illustrator;
Street, T. G. UnknownUnknownMale3
Stuart, Daniel 16  November  176625  August  1846Male12 (7V) (2N) newspaper proprietor; journalist;
Stuart, Gilbert 9  November  174313  August  1786Male0 historian;
Stuart, John 25  May  171310  March  1792Male1 prime minister;
Sturmy, Herbert UnknownUnknownMale41 (35V)
Surr, Thomas Skinner October  177015  February  1847Male65 (13V) (2N) novelist;
Sykes, John Unknown27  March  1824Male9 (5V) (3N) dissenting minister;
Symonds, Henry Delahoy Unknown1816Male25 (6V) (2N) publisher;
Symons, Benjamin Parsons 28  January  178512  April  1878Male1 warden of Wadham;
Tabart, Benjamin UnknownUnknownMale13 (4V) (2N) editor;
Talfourd, Sir Thomas Noon (Talford)26  May  179513  March  1854Male70 (5V) (2N) writer; judge; politician;
Tarleton, Sir Banastre (baronet)21  August  175423  January  1833Male32 (2V) army officer; politician;
Tassart, Philippe (Joseph)17321803Male0 artist;
Tatham, Meaburn UnknownUnknownMale3
Tatham, Colonel William 175222  February  1819Male2 engineer; soldier;
Taylor, (Taylor Lanc)UnknownUnknownMale6
Taylor, 'Opera' UnknownUnknownMale1 singer;
Taylor, Arthur 1790UnknownMale39 (6V) (1N) printer; writer;
Taylor, Edward 178412  March  1863Male25 (2V) music lecturer; writer;
Taylor, Jeremiah UnknownUnknownMale12 (1V) oculist;
Taylor, John 22  August  17795  April  1863Male8 (1V) mining manager; entrepreneur;
Taylor, John February  173921  November  1838Male1 portrait painter;
Taylor, John 30  July  175023  July  1826Male140 (119V) (2N) hymn writer;
Taylor, John 9  August  17574  May  1832Male301 (84V) (4N) writer; journal editor;
Taylor, Philip 17861  July  1870Male8 (1N) civil engineer;
Taylor, Richard 18  May  17811  December  1858Male531 (297V) (44N) printer; naturalist;
Taylor, Susannah (née Cook)29  March  17554  June  1823Female47 (7V) (4N) writer;
Taylor, Thomas 15  May  17581  November  1835Male5 (1V) (1N) philosopher; translator;
Taylor, William 7  November  17655  March  1836Male17 (4V) (3N) reviewer; translator;
Teasdale, Richard UnknownUnknownMale16 (2V) solicitor;
Thelwall, John 27  July  176417  February  1834Male115 (28V) (3N) political reformer; lecturer;
Theobald, UnknownUnknownMale27 (22V) bill brokers;
Thistlewood, Arthur Not Before:November  1774 -
Not After: December  1774
1  May  1820Male2 revolutionary;
Thorkelin, Grímur Jónsson 17521829Male8 Icelandic scholar;
Thornton, Robert 176821  January  1837Male6 (3V) (1N) physician; writer on botany;
Thornton, General William 17796  April  1840Male3 army officer;
Thurlow, Edward (first Baron Thurlow)9  December  173112  September  1806Male4 politician; judge; lord chancellor;
Thurlow, Edward Hovell (second Baron Thurlow)10  June  17814  June  1829Male1 poet;
Ticknor, George 1  August  17911871Male6 (1N) historian; academician specialising in languages and literature; hispanist;
Tieck, Ludwig 31  May  177328  April  1853Male3 writer; translator; editor; poet; critic;
Tierney, George 20  March  176125  January  1830Male28 (1V) politician;
Tipper, Samuel UnknownUnknownMale21 (9V) (4N) Publisher ;
Tippoo, Sultan Fateh Ali (Tipu the Tiger of Mysore)20  November  17594  May  1799Male1 Sultan of Mysore; scholar; soldier; poet;
Tobin, Captain George 13  December  176810  April  1838Male2 naval officer; artist;
Tobin, James Webbe 19  October  176714  October  1814Male145 (25V) (11N) slavery abolitionist;
Tobin, John 26  January  17707  December  1804Male25 (15V) (1N) playwright;
Tooke, William 171925  September  1802Male16 (1V)
Tooke, William 22  November  177723  September  1863Male26 (10V) (3N) lawyer; promoter of arts and literature;
Topham, Edward June  175126  April  1820Male3 journalist; playwright;
Topping, UnknownUnknownUnknown49 (27V)
Topping, Mrs UnknownUnknownFemale79 (28V) (1N)
Topping, E UnknownUnknownUnknown33 (1V) (1N)
Towers, Joseph 31  March  1737Not Before:18  May  1799 -
Not After: 20  May  1799
Male34 (1V) biographer; Presbyterian minister;
Towers, Joseph Lomas 18  April  17704  October  1831Male9 (5V) Unitarian preacherLibrarian and book colector;
Townsend, Francis Unknown25  March  1819Male24 (15V) journalist;
Trelawny, Edward John (Trelwayney)13  November  179213  August  1881Male22 (1V) (3N) writer; adventurer;
Tresham, Henry 175029  June  1814Male1 history painter and art dealer;
Trollope, Arthur William 30  September  176824  May  1827Male2 (2V)
Trotter, John Bernard 26  December  177529  September  1818Male14 (3V) (2N) author;
Tuffin, UnknownUnknownMale9 (4V) (2N) reformer;
Tufton, Ninth earl of Thanet Sackville 30  June  176925  January  1825Male1
Turner, UnknownUnknownMale1 actor;
Turner, Joseph Mallord William 23  April  177519  December  1851Male4 painter;
Turner, Sharon 24  September  176813  February  1847Male6 (2V) (1N) historian of the middle ages;
Turner, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale1088 (63V) (49N)
Tuthill, Sir George Leman 16  February  17727  April  1835Male108 (19V) (13N) physician;
Tweddell, John 1  June  176925  July  1799Male8 classical; archaeological scholar;
Twiss, Francis Not Before:March  1759 -
Not After: April  1759
1821Male53 (26V) (9N) concordance compiler;
Twiss, Richard 26  April  17475  March  1821Male6 (1V) travel writer;
Underwood, Thomas Richard 24  February  177211  July  1835Male26 (2V) (2N) watercolour painter; geologist;
Upham, Edward 17761834Male8 bookseller; orientalist;
Upton, Captain UnknownUnknownMale2
Uwins, David 178022  September  1837Male103 (19V) (5N) physician;
Uwins, Thomas 24  February  178226  August  1857Male23 (3V) (1N) painter;
V, P UnknownUnknownUnknown7
Valentia, Lady Ann (nee Courtenay)UnknownUnknownMale1 (1V)
Valpy, Abraham John 178719  November  1854Male6 (4V) classical scholar; printer;
Van Effin, UnknownUnknownMale1 Dutch minister ;
Vane, Charles William (Stewart, third marquess of Londonderry)18  May  17786  March  1854Male1 army officer; diplomatist;
Vardon, Thomas 179912  April  1867Male10 (1V) (2N) librarian; clerk to the House of Commons;
Vaughan, UnknownUnknownMale21 (3V) (2N)
Vaughan, Mrs UnknownUnknownFemale5
Vaughan, Felix 17661799Male7 (1V) lawyer;
Vaughan, W. H. UnknownUnknownMale5 (4V) (2N)
Vaughan, William 22  September  17525  May  1852Male2 promoter of the London docks;
Vorontsov, Count Semyon Romanovich (Woronzoff)26  June  17449  July  1832Male1 (1V) ambassador; soldier;
Wake, UnknownUnknownMale73 (19V) (9N)
Wakefield, Gilbert 22  February  17569  September  1801Male5 classical and biblical scholar; religious controversialist;
Waldron, Francis Godolphin November  1743March  1818Male27 (21V) (2N) actor; playwright;
Walker, Adam Not Before:1730 -
Not After: 1731
11  February  1821Male1 itinerant lecturer; writer;
Walker, Alexander UnknownUnknownMale51 (2V) (3N)
Walker, Thomas 3  April  17492  February  1817Male5 (1V) cotton merchant; reformer;
Wallace, Unknown22  June  1839Male91 (18V) (13N)
Walpole, Horatio (Horace, fourth earl of Orford)24  September  17172  March  1797Male1 author; politician; patron of the arts;
Walsh, M UnknownUnknownUnknown6
Ward, John William (earl of Dudley)9  August  17816  March  1833Male11 (1N) politician;
Ward, William 17501823Male0 third Viscount Dudley and Ward;
Waring, John Scott 24  October  17475  May  1819Male1 agent of Warren Hastings;
Warner, John 17361800Male13 writer; Anglican minister;
Washington, George 11  February  173214  December  1799Male1 president of the United States; revolutionary army officer;
Watson, Richard August  17374  July  1816Male6 bishop of Llandaff;
Webb, Unknown100 (53V) (27N)
Webb, Nathaniel UnknownUnknownMale3 probably military;
Webb, Willis 1770 1847-06-13Male23 (5V) (4N)
Weber, Henry William 22  September  178325  March  1818Male1 literary scholar; secretary;
Wedderburn, Alexander (Lord Loughborough)13  February  17332  January  1805Male2 politician and lord lhancellor;
Wedderburn, Alexander (Lord Rosslyn)17332  January  1805Male1 Judge; Lord Chancellor;
Wedgwood, Josiah 12  July  17303  January  1795Male1 master potter;
Wedgwood, Josiah (jr.)UnknownUnknownMale56 (2V)
Wedgwood, Thomas 14  May  177110  July  1805Male83 (12V) (4N) chemist;
Weld, UnknownUnknownMale22
Wellesley, Arthur (Wesley, first duke of Wellington)1  May  176914  September  1852Male12 army officer; prime minister;
Wesley, John (Westley)17  June  17032  March  1791Male1 Church of England clergyman; founder of Methodism;
West, Mrs (Miss Lucy Dallas)UnknownUnknownFemale1
West, Benjamin 10  October  173811  March  1820Male3 history painter;
West, Raphael Lamar 17661850Male3 history painter;
West, Thomas UnknownUnknownMale14 (2V) (2N)
Westall, Richard 2  January  17654  December  1836Male6 (4V) (1N) painter; illustrator;
Westmacott, Richard 179919  April  1872Male2 sculptor;
Wharton, John UnknownUnknownMale0 politician;
Whitaker, John 27  April  173530  October  1808Male1 historian;
Whitbread, Samuel 18  January  17646  July  1815Male7 politician;
White, UnknownUnknownUnknown224 (30V) (14N)
White, Anthony 16  December  17819  March  1849Male24 (15V) (8N) surgeon;
White, Edward UnknownUnknownMale34 (11V) (5N)
White, Major/Colonel/General/Sir Henry UnknownUnknownMale50 (1V) (4N)
White, James UnknownUnknownMale27
White, James 17  April  177513  March  1820Male61 (22V) (1N) author; advertising agent;
White, James Unknown23  January  1835Male33 (29V) (1N)
White, Dr/Prof Joseph 17461814Male3 (1V) (1N) orientalist, theologian, scholar;
White, Luke 17401824Male14 publisher; bookseller;
Whittaker, George Byrom 6  February  179313  December  1847Male49 (31V) (6N) publisher; bookseller;
Whittaker, William Budd UnknownUnknownMale3 (3V) publisher;
Wilberforce, William 24  August  175929  July  1833Male2 politician; philanthropist; slavery abolitionist;
Wilbraham, William (Bootle, Baron Skelmersdale)UnknownUnknownMale0
Wilcocke, Dr Unknown22  January  1804Male3
Wilcocke, Mrs Unknown27  February  1805Female1
Wilcocke, Samuel Hull UnknownUnknownMale4 (1N) author;
Wildman, John UnknownUnknownMale7
Wilkes, John 17  October  172526  December  1797Male1 politician;
Wilkie, Sir David 18  November  17851  June  1841Male34 (10V) (1N) painter of genre, historical subjects and portraits;
Prince William Henry (duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh)14  November  174325  August  1805Male1
King William I Frederick (Willem Frederik Prins van Oranje-Nassau)24  August  177224  December  1843Male0 King of the Netherlands; Prince of Orange; Grand Duke of Luxembourg;
King William IV 21  August  176520  June  1837Male1 king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; king of Hanover;
Williams, David 173829  June  1816Male2 political and religious theorist; founder of the Literary Fund;
Williams, Edward (Iolo Morganwg)10  March  174718  December  1826Male2 Welsh-language poet; literary forger;
Williams, Helen Maria 17  June  176115  December  1827Female36 (29V) (1N) writer;
Williams, Jane (Mrs Hogg)17981884Female88 (3V) (1N)
Williams, John (Murphy)Not Before:1783 -
Not After: 1784
26  December  1811Male1 suspected murderer;
Williams, John Henry Unknown12  May  1829Male3 (2V) Church of England clergyman; peace advocate;
Williamson, Unknown1811Male1 proprietor of King's Arms public house;
Willis, Nathaniel Parker 20  January  180620  January  1867Male5
Wilson, UnknownUnknownMale145 (25V) (7N)
Wilson, Effingham 28  September  17859  June  1868Male5 (2V) (1N) bookseller; publisher;
Windham, William 3  May  17504  June  1810Male1 politician;
Winterbotham, William 15  December  176331  March  1829Male2 (1V) Baptist minister; political prisoner;
Wodhull, Michael 15  August  174010  November  1816Male2 book collector; poet;
Wolcot, Dr John (pseudonym Peter Pindar)May  173814  January  1819Male158 (53V) (17N) poet; satirist;
Wolfe, Arthur (first Viscount Kilwarden)19  January  173923  July  1803Male1 judge;
Wollstonecraft, Charles 17701817Male3 soldier; farmer; businessman; army officer;
Wollstonecraft, Edward (Bland)175712  August  1807Male8 (1N) lawyer;
Wollstonecraft, Everina 17651841Female101 (5V) (7N) schoolmistress; governess;
Wollstonecraft, James 176818  September  1805Male131 (4V) (12N) naval officer;
Wollstonecraft, Lydia UnknownUnknownFemale3
Wollstonecraft, Mary (Godwin)27  April  175910  September  1797Female280 (51V) (6N) author; advocate of women's rights;
Wood, UnknownUnknownMale51 (6V) (6N)
Wood, Mrs Somerville Unknown15  December  1867Female43 (22V) (2N)
Woodcock, UnknownUnknownMale10
Woodfall, George July  176722  December  1844Male10 (2V) printer;
Woodfall, Henry Sampson 21  June  173912  December  1805Male3 printer; newspaper editor;
Woodforde, Samuel 29  March  176327  July  1817Male7 painter;
Woodhouse, Ollyet 17691822Male2
Woodhouse, Robert Male12 (3V) (1N) draper;
Woodhouse, Robert 28  April  177323  December  1827Male3 mathematician;
Wordsworth, Dorothy 25  December  177125  January  1855Female1 writer;
Wordsworth, Mary (née Hutchinson)177017  January  1859Female1 (1V)
Wordsworth, Richard 17681816Male88 (72V) (11N) lawyer;
Wordsworth, William 7  April  177023  April  1850Male51 (12V) (6N) poet;
Wray, Sir Cecil 3  September  173410  January  1805Male1 thirteenth baronet; politician;
Wright, Frances 6  September  179513  December  1852Female4 (1V) social reformer;
Wroughton, Richard (Rotten)17487  February  1822Male85 (38V) (12N) actor; theatre manager;
Yaniewicz, Eliza (née Breeze)UnknownUnknownFemale19 (2V) (2N)
Yaniewicz, Felix (Feliks Janiewicz)176221  May  1848Male9 (2V) musician; composer; music warehouse owner;
Young, Arthur 11  September  174112  April  1820Male1 agricultural reformer; writer;
Zenobio, Count Alvise 17621  January  1816Male5 nobleman;
d'Ohsson, Chevalier Ignatius (Mouradgea)17401807Male1 diplomat; writer;
de Ocheda, Tommaso 17571831Male1 (1V) librarian;
de Roufigney, Francis UnknownUnknownMale6 (5V) schoolteacher;
de Talleyrand-Périgord, Archambeau 17621838Male1
von Herder, Johann Gottfried 25  August  174418  December  1803Male1 philosopher; theologian; writer;
von Kotzebue, August Friedrich Ferdinand 3  May  176123  March  1819Male1 German dramatist;
von Muhlenfels, Ludwig 1793UnknownMale3 (1V)
von Weber, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst 18  November  17865  June  1826Male1 composer; conductor;