William Godwin's Diary

Meetings -- Do with X

Diary DateDiary Entry
20  May  1788Vauxhal with Holcroft
1  July  1788Go with Barry to see the Cerberus groupe by Locatelli
15  September  1788Ride & dine with Holcroft. Mrs do
13  September  1790Go to Richmond with Holcroft
21  October  1790See the pictures at the Adelphi with Holcroft
5  September  1791Hampton Court with Dyson
18  August  1792stage to Rumford, Geo. Shelley
25  November  1792Go with Jardine in Dallas's carriage
29  January  1793Play, Every one has his Faulte, with Robinson, Murphy, Davis & Chalmers
25  February  1793Go to the Comedy of Anna, with Inchbalde
21  March  1793 escort
25  June  1793 Walk to Wimbledon with Dyson, talk of sense
19  August  1793Walk with Dyson, talk of optimism & providence
20  October  1793 home w. Thelwal
5  February  1794Play, Love's Frailties, w. mes Inchbald, Reveley & Jennings
9  March  1794 walk to Wimbledon, w. Porson
13  May  1794Exhibition, w. Dyson
31  May  1794Vauxhal w. Dyson & White.
8  June  1794walk w. M
25  June  1794chaise w. him to Bazeley junr 3 miles
6  July  1794mail w. Morphew, talk of revolutions
20  July  1794walk w. Blake
21  July  1794Walk w. Dyson to Lee Bridge
3  May  1795walk w. Kennedy
13  May  1795walk to Walthamstow w. Dyson; talk of matter & God
27  May  1795Walk to Hampstead, w. A A;
24  June  1795Ride to Warwick, w. Howes & miss Parr; see the castle & the church
28  June  1795 Walk w. S P
29  June  1795Warwick, w. Lambe, Kendal, Parr, Toms & Dwarrice
26  July  1795walk to Wimbledon, w. Dyson
8  October  1795Play, w. Thelwal; Road to Ruine
20  October  1795Play, Dependent, w. Inchbald & Marlow
23  November  1795House of Commons, w. Cary, adv. Mackintosh, Macdonnel, O' Brien, C Moore, Boaden & Armstrong
10  December  1795House of Commons, w. Dyson; adv. Manng
27  February  1796theatre, Plain Dealer, w. mrs R. & C
26  May  1796Bryan's Galley, w Hte
29  May  1796walk w. them to Hedge Grove
31  May  1796chaise w. mrs Chambers
6  June  1796Hustings w. A A; Cline, Knowles, Robinson, &c
1  July  1796Mail, w. Merry & R B & miss Franklin
5  July  1796Norwich, w. Merry
13  July  1796drive w. Copland to Caston
16  July  1796Ride to Reepham, w. Hull
20  July  1796Gardens, w. A & Pocklingtone
22  July  1796Water Party at B Gurney's, Wraxham, w. Harwood, Bazeleys, Cabble, Blogg & Ansel
23  July  1796 mail w. Gedge, printer at Bury
23  August  1796Walk w. Fenwick; meet C Moore, Foulkes & Twiss
25  August  1796Hope's Pictures, w. Ht & Stoddarte
2  October  1796walk avec
26  October  1796Carlisle's Lecture, w. Hte
31  October  1796Carlisle's Lecture, w. Montague
6  December  1796theatre, w. Inchbald; Force of Ridiculee
6  February  1797Bedlam, w. Johnson & Wt
28  March  1797Townley's Collection, w. Carlisle, Lewis, Buchan, Bedfords, Featon & Lunettes
14  May  1797chaise to Edgware; w. Wt
7  June  1797ride to Chesterton, w. Montagu
10  June  1797ride to Newcastle & Burslem, w. Montagu
14  June  1797walk w. Bage
15  June  1797walk to Kennelworth, w. Montagu
31  July  1797Sadler's Wells; Askins, & Sadak & Kalasrade, w. Wt, &c
11  August  1797Theatre, w. Wt; Heir at Law
15  August  1797theatre; Italian Monk, w. Wt
29  August  1797walk to Booth's, w. Wt
16  October  1797Walk to Southgates, w. Fenwick
28  January  1798Walk w. Dyson
21  February  1798walk w. M
4  March  1798Bath Coach, w. Bullock, D'Esterre & W W
5  March  1798Pump-Room; col. Barry, Anstey & Warner
10  March  1798Pump-Room; miss Wedgwood
12  March  1798Bristol, w. Jones's
14  March  1798Bath Coach, w. Bell, Thompson & [faux?] G Moore.
14  March  1798Jones's & Laney to Chippenham
16  March  1798Walk w. Chandler
10  April  1798Hornsey, w. Chandler
11  April  1798Walk w. Wedgwood (adv. Leslie); talk of self-love
2  May  1798Walk, w. Fawcet, to Highgate, Caen Wood, &c
4  May  1798Walk, w. Dyson, to Highgate & Hornsey
5  May  1798Wych Street, w. M & S Lister
10  May  1798Sadler's Wells, Wilkinson, &c, w. Jones
11  May  1798Shakespear Gallery, w. Chandlere
17  May  1798Graves's Exhibition, w. Chandlere
27  May  1798stage w J Robinson
5  June  1798Bath coach, w. Florence, Quimper, Pensylvania & un clerc; tea Devizes
7  June  1798Drive to Bristol & King's Weston, w. Jones's
10  June  1798Coach, w. Tho. Wilkes & Leipsic; adv. New Inn & Boswel Court
23  June  1798theatre, w. Jones; Inquisitor; adv. Stodarte
28  June  1798Water, w. H & A
29  June  1798Walk w. H; call on C Smith
6  July  1798Theatre, w. Fell; Battle of Hexham & Throw Physice
7  July  1798w. Lees; Elfrida & le Deserteur
10  July  1798theatre, w. Chandler; Children in the Woode
11  July  1798Theatre, w. Lees; Lionel & Clarissa & village Lawyere
14  July  1798w. H & A
21  July  1798theatre, Cambro-Britons, w. doe
29  July  1798w. Molets, &c
30  July  1798Theatre; Iron Chest & Mogul Tale, w. Lawrencee
3  September  1798theatre, 1/2 Hamlet w. L Je
21  September  1798 theatre, w. L & M J; Cure for the Heart Ache, & Miser; adv. Fenwick & Bonneye
4  October  1798theatre, w. L J & Dibbin, 3/5 Hamlet, & Apprentice e
1  November  1798theatre, w. Fanny & L J; Children in the Woode
14  November  1798theatre, Captive of Spilburg, w. Jones's; adv. Tarleton, Dip, Philips, C Kemble & De Campe
23  November  1798theatre, w. Fell; Jew & Doctore
27  November  1798Theatre, w. M J, 3/10 Young Quaker, & Bluebearde
2  April  1799theatre, Old Clothesman & Tobacconist, w. M & Fell
12  April  1799Sadler's Wells, Harlequin Hercules, w. Fell
16  April  1799Orlean's Italian Pictures, w. Chandler
26  April  1799Astley's, w. Fell; American Heroine, Fille mal Gardée & Golden Dream
10  May  1799Astley's, w. Fanny, M, L J & Dibbin
18  May  1799Ride with mrs Elwes, Highgate, Hornsey & Hampstead
3  June  1799 theatre, Pizarro, w. Elwes : sup
4  June  1799Panorama & Androides, w. Fell
7  June  1799Ranelagh, w. Fell; adv. Lawrence, ( Franco , Bicknel & Matthews )
7  June  1799Walk w. S Elwes
26  June  1799Vauxhal, w. Fell; adv. Dignum
1  July  1799Sadler's Wells, w. L J, Lucas & Fanny
18  July  1799Astley's, w. him, Spirit of Ravia
13  August  1799Martin's Exhibition, w. Nicholsons
24  August  1799walk w. S Elwes
25  September  1799Astley's, w. Fell; Atkins & Demon's Tribunal; adv. mr Hays
2  October  1799Commissioner's Room, w. Goldsmith
5  October  1799Sans Souci, Tom Wilkins, w. Fell
18  October  1799theatre, Dramatist, w. M (adv. Reynolds.)
15  November  1799theatre, 1/5 Castle Spectre, & Children in the Wood, w. M & Fanny
25  November  1799theatre, w. S Elwes; Management & Turnpike Gate
26  November  1799 Post, w. S E; dine at Salt Hill; sleep
1  December  1799walk, w. Burdet, to Perry'sn, Merton (talk of Xty)
2  December  1799horseback to London, w. Burdet
2  December  1799Talk, w. Burdet & Tooke, of existence
5  December  1799Twickenham, w. M & Fanny; Cave of Pope
19  January  1800Lanesborough's, w. Milton, Laval, Granard, Gardiners, Tyson, mrs Pilkington, Wolcot, Danvers, Davis's, Philips, Campbels, Pinkds, Boisgelin, //Gore, & la Chaussée
10  February  1800theatre, w. S Elwes, Plough & Raymond & Agnes; adv. Willis's, Walker & M
15  February  1800Opera, w. Fell, Semiramide, & Hylas & Temize (adv. Rogers, Consit, Siddons, Arabin jr & Davis jr.)
30  March  1800West End, w. Coleridge
8  April  1800West's fire, w. F
18  April  1800Udney's Pictures, w. Fell
1  May  1800theatre, w. Ml & F & Cha W; adv. Reynolds's
2  May  1800Write to Ht, w. Opie
10  May  1800theatre w. them, Indiscretion; adv. Lawrence & Alexander
15  May  1800Coach, w. sir Cha. Marsh & lady's maid
16  May  1800theatre, w. M, Liberal Opinions
6  June  1800Putney, & Packhorse Turnham Green, w. M Robinson, M E R & F
14  June  1800Sadler's Wells, w. M, M R, M E R, F & Cha. Willis
16  June  1800theatre (Ht) 1/3 Inkle, & 'Tis All a Farce
29  June  1800Holyhead coach, w. Coddington, ---- & (from Barnet) Newcome
1  July  1800Wherry, w. Palmer, Corkian, 7 Vernons, Carew Smith, C George & un Anglois; 7 night to 11 morning
1  July  1800Coach w. Palmer (Wrexham), Grange & Corkian
11  July  1800Exhibition, E B & W Place
17  July  1800Walk w. Bennet (St Patricks & Kilmainham)
28  July  1800Devil's Glen, w. la. Mountcashel, mrs Moore & 2 Enfants
12  August  1800Packet, 4 morning, w. Gen. Lake, Dean Bourke, Limeric merchant, Garret & S Marshal
13  August  1800Holyhead, 4 morning: mail-coach, w. S. Marshal, Longford's negre & parson, v. Virgo
16  August  1800Post-coach, w. Kyan, Bates & Cumbers
18  August  1800Mail-coach, w. Williams & mrs Hatchard
20  August  1800ride w. T W.
31  August  1800Wimbledon stage, w. Beverley, &c
15  September  1800Astley's, w. M & F, 1/2 price, Gretna & the Pirate
23  September  1800theatre, w. him, Richd III, act 3; adv. mrs Plunket & Boaden
28  September  1800 Wimbledon coach, w. Curran & Creaser
6  December  1800theatre, w. M & F, Paul & Virginia
13  December  1800theatre, w. M, Antonio
30  December  1800Exeter mail, w. M
2  January  1801theatre, Shylock & Harlequin's Tour, w. M, L & F
23  March  1801 theatre, Deaf & Dumb, w. M & F
20  May  1801Chalk Farm, w. mrs Clairmont, &c
28  May  1801Sadler's Wells, w. M, F, M & CC; Alonzo, Cobler, Richer & Alchymist
9  June  1801 walk to Hampstead, w. Clairts
6  July  1801Astley's, w. Clts, M, L, F & M
16  July  1801walk w. Lamb to Hornsey
5  August  1801Water, w. Cts& M, F & M
15  August  1801 Ad Urbem, w. Reynolds
18  August  1801Walk to Caen Wood, w. Ct
2  October  1801theatre, w. Ct, Suspicious Husband; adv. Fenwick
7  October  1801chaise w. Philips's
9  October  1801ride to Oxford, w. Mavor's, &c
10  October  1801Blenheim Park ride, w. M & Ps
11  October  1801Blenheim Pleasure Groundse walk, w. Ms, Ps & Rackstrows
12  October  1801Chaise w. Philips's
20  October  1801theatre, w. him & Ct, Artaxerxes
24  October  1801theatre, w. him & M
29  October  1801theatre, Folly as It Flies, w. Ct
2  November  1801theatre, w. Smith, 7/10 Tempest
7  November  1801theatre, w. Fell & Smith, Folly as It Flies
20  November  1801 theatre, w. Smith, Hamlet, acts 1, 2, 3
23  November  1801Walk to Leadenhall w. Ct
18  December  1801Walk to Shoreditch, &c, w. Ct
21  December  1801Shoreditch Church, &c, w. Ct & M
29  December  1801Phantasmagoria, w. Ct
1  January  1802Walk to Lombard Street, w. Ct; meet King
12  January  1802theatre, w. Cts, L, F & M, Folly as It Flies, & Harlequin's Almanack
20  January  1802theatre, w Ct, H G, miss Forsyth & Fenwicks: Fenwicks sup; Chains of the Heart
26  January  1802theatre, Venice Preserved, w. Ct & Coleridge; adv. (Mackintosh,) Sharpe, B Allen & Elmsly
12  February  1802theatre, w. J W & M J, Fair Penitent; adv. Tuffen, R Sharpe & Boddington
2  March  1802theatre, w. M J, Lover's Resolutions
10  March  1802theatre, w. M, Messiah, 1 act
22  March  1802theatre, Mock Doctor, w. Hoare
31  March  1802Oratorio, w. him & M J
7  April  1802Oratorio, w. M J, Smith, M & S Fell, D L, Mara
22  April  1802theatre, Fashionable Friends, w. M J; adv. Philips's & Surrs
29  April  1802Proclamation of Peace, &, w. M J & children, illuminations
1  May  1802theatre, West Indian, & Virgin Unmasked, w. Smith
4  May  1802Exhibition w. M J
19  May  1802theatre, w. M J, Winter's Tale; adv. Plowdens.
26  June  1802Westminster Abbey, &c, w. M J. (meet Burdet.)
8  July  1802Hustings, C G, w. M J; adv. Fell
31  July  1802theatre, w. M J & M Lamb; adv. R K Porter & J G Jones; Voice of Nature
28  August  1802Astley's, w. M J, F, M, C & J, Victims of Tyranny, &c
9  September  1802Sadler's Wells, w. F, M, M J, C & J; Zoa & Wizard's Wake{.}
14  September  1802Chaise, w. M J
15  September  1802drive towards High Clere
15  September  1802see Donington Castle
20  September  1802theatre, w. Boaden, 1/5 Romeo; adv. Morton & J Taylor
12  October  1802theatre, 1/6 Cabinet, w. Ht
18  October  1802theatre, w. M J & F, Ric. III; adv. Hts
26  October  1802Wimbledon, w. Curran
28  October  1802Theatre, Brothers & Midas, w. M J & C; adv. Fells & Lambs
30  October  1802theatre, w. M, Delays & Blunders; adv. Morris, E Inchbald & mrs Kemble
10  November  1802go, w. him, to ye Antiq. Society
13  November  1802Theatre, w. M J & Fells, Delays & Blunders, & Tale of Mystery; adv. Reynolds's, B Allen & mrs Mackintosh
3  December  1802Theatre, 3/10 Castle Spectre, & Sultan, w. M J; adv. Bazeley
10  December  1802theatre, w. M J & M, Every Man in his Humour, & the Pannel
23  December  1802theatre, w. M J, M & M, Children in the Wood, & Child of Nature
13  January  1803Record Office, w. Townsend
23  January  1803Tower, w. Townsend
29  January  1803theatre, w. M J & M; Hear Both Sides; adv. Opies & Nicholsons
14  February  1803theatre, w. him, Hamlet, acts 2 & 3
17  February  1803theatre, w. them & children, Family Quarrels & Tale of Mystery
24  February  1803E P Cooper's funeral, w. 2 Kingstons, M & Wilcocke junr
27  February  1803return, w. Wilson & Hague
7  March  1803theatre, Hamlet, w. M J; adv. W L White, Ht & Dyne
25  April  1803Ventriloquist, Fitzjames, w. Smith; adv. E Christie
26  April  1803Chelsea, w. Cooper
27  April  1803St Paul's, w. M J, F, M, C & J
30  April  1803Hill, Cooper & M à la campagne
9  May  1803Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Batty
14  May  1803Pidcock's, w. M J, F, M, C & J
10  June  1803theatre, w. M J, L Knapp & Fells; Othello; adv. mrs Hodges
11  June  1803Wet Docks & Beasts ith Tower, w. Smith & C C
24  June  1803Theatre, w. M J, Wonder, Lee Lewes's Benefit
6  July  1803Greenwich, w. M J, F, M, C & J, Ms, Jas Wt & Smith
24  July  1803Tower, w. J G
8  August  1803Tower, w. M J & F
12  August  1803Vauxhall, w. M J; adv. Battys & Dignum
24  August  1803theatre, w. M J & M A M, Maid of Bristol, & Love Laughs; adv. Fillinghm
31  August  1803theatre, w. M J, Mountaineers, & Nicodemus; adv. Fillingham
4  September  1803Coach, w. Dulau; &c
24  September  1803Tour w. M J.
30  September  1803Ride to Thorpe, w. Taylor
4  October  1803Ride to Weybourne, w. Hull G
15  October  1803Turk's Head
15  October  1803theatre, w. Curran, 1/2 Pizarro
31  October  1803Theatre, w. M J, Pizarro; adv. R Palgrave
8  November  1803theatre, w. Smith & M J, John Bull & Raising the Wind
12  November  1803theatre, w. do & M J, Three per Cents; adv. Wilson, Nicholsons & Boaden
19  November  1803Theatre, Hearts of Oak, w. M J; adv. Sherwin
26  November  1803Theatre, w. M J, Isabella
5  December  1803theatre, w. M J & E F, 3/10 Shore & Caravan; adv. Morton & Fk
13  December  1803Westminster Play, w. Lamb, Eunuchus
15  December  1803Theatre, w. M J, C, J, miss Mellor & M, Shylock, & Caravan; adv. J Taylor
3  January  1804theatre, Cinderella, w. M; adv. col. Porter
20  January  1804Theatre, w. M J, Othello; adv. Fillingham (& L Harrington)
23  January  1804theatre, w. M J, E M, M & children; Way to Keep Him, & Cinderella
1  February  1804Westminster Hall, w. Warner; adv. Morris & Agar
16  February  1804theatre, w. M J & Smith, Grecian Daughter & Village Lawyer
22  February  1804Truchsess Gallery, w. Loffts & M J
23  February  1804Coach, Golden Cross, C C, w. Jo G
28  February  1804Coach, w. rev. Hudson, Tomlins & Day
13  March  1804theatre, w. M, Counterfeit; adv. P Hoare
15  March  1804theatre, w. Smith, M J, E M & F; adv. C Moore, Fillingham, A Opie & E Fks
2  April  1804theatre, w. M J; M & Coopers; Will for Deed, & Orson
7  April  1804Theatre, Sailor's Daughter, w. Coopers, M J, L K & M
15  April  1804Walk, w. Lamb, to Little Chelsea
30  April  1804Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Opie, Shee, Heath, Dawe, E Smith, Boaden, Batty, Fillingham, Kennan & Fk
18  May  1804Mass for D'Enghien, w. M J
31  May  1804Truchsessian Gallery, w. M J
24  June  1804Kensington, w. M J; adv. Rowans
8  August  1804Walk w. M
18  August  1804Water, w. Jas Wt, Everina, Volsey, M J & children{,} Wells & servants; touch at Northlake; dine opposite Kew; tea off Barnes
26  August  1804Water to Putney, w. M J
4  September  1804theatre, w. do; adv. Reynolds
23  September  1804chaise w. Curran
4  October  1804Theatre, w. M J, 2/5 Pizarro, & Wedding Day
18  October  1804Theatre, w. M J & miss Wells; Ranger, & Tale of Mystery
20  October  1804theatre, w. M J, the Dash; adv. Morton, O Brien, Phillipses & R Hunter
24  October  1804theatre, w. do & Volsey; Blind Bargain
1  November  1804theatre, w. M J, Foundling; adv. Fillingham
10  November  1804Theatre, w. M J, Wells, & children; B B, & R & A
20  November  1804theatre, w. M J, Lover's Vows, & Matrimony; adv. Fk
1  December  1804theatre, Barbarossa, w. 4 Rowans, mrs Carles, mrs Wake, L Ht, & M J
5  December  1804theatre, w. M J & Jas Wt (Jas Wt dines), 3/10 School for Scandal; adv. Knight & Reynolds
10  December  1804Walk, w. Jo G, to Primrose Street
12  December  1804No. 12, Primrose Street, w. Jo G, C & workmen; adv. Gower
27  December  1804theatre, Tottenham Street, w. M J, 1/2 Rivals & Hermit; adv. Turner & mrs Hodges
29  December  1804theatre, w. M J, Land we Live in; adv. Hts & Harwoods
28  January  1805theatre, w. do, Douglas
8  February  1805theatre, do, School of Reform, & H Quicksilver
12  February  1805 theatre, w. mrs Rowan, &c., & Macneil, Lady of the Rock; adv. Hill, Boaden & Nicholsons
26  February  1805theatre, Marry or Not; w. Rowans & M J; adv. Boaden
7  March  1805 theatre, w. M J, E Fks, M Lamb & Hazlit, 2/5 Marry or Not, & Out of Place
23  March  1805theatre, 3/5 Hamlet, w. M J
29  April  1805Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Opie, Perry, Boaden, Morton, (Shee) Manning, Dawes, Annis, Hazlit, Christal & Hayward
18  June  1805theatre, w. Hoare, Review
24  June  1805Primrose Street, No. 20, w. Hooley & Jo G
15  July  1805Kentish Town, w. them; adv. Dawe senr & V Ht
19  July  1805walk w. Turner
23  July  1805Sadler’s Wells, w. miss Smith, Luzena, Hooley, M J & children, Talking Bird, & An Bratach
4  September  1805 chaise to Dalling, A G, H G & family (5), & N G
6  September  1805horseback w. Hull to Horsford; dine
10  September  1805Walk, w. Norman, to Finborgh
11  September  1805coach w. King, Waterhouse, & capitaine
20  October  1805chaise, w. Perrys
24  October  1805Chaise to Merton, w. M J & 3 children
14  November  1805Theatre, w. M J & T T; adv. mrs Beresford, Heath (& Blake); Delinquent
10  December  1805 theatre, w. M J, School for Friends; adv. Hill & Fillingham
20  December  1805 theatre, School for Friends & Sleeping Beauty, w. M J, Archd Rowan & 4
22  December  1805funeral of John Godwin, w. Jo., wife & 3 children, H G, N G, Barker & Bailey, Aldersgate church
2  January  1806theatre, w. M J from Nicholson’s, Macbeth
9  January  1806St Paul’s, Nelson’s funerale, w. H Rowan; adv. Dawe (Boddington & Gurney)
11  January  1806Theatre, w. M J, Romantic Lover (adv. Defrezes) & Morton
22  January  1806Theatre, w. M J, Travellers; adv. Fillingham, Du Bois, Rees, Heath & General
1  March  1806Theatre, Merope, w. C C
9  March  1806chaise w. T T
29  March  1806theatre, w. M J, A Green, T T & F; Warwick, & Deserter; adv. Fillingham
23  April  1806theatre, Henry VIII, w. M J & 4 Rowans
5  May  1806Melville’s Trial, w. M J; adv. Manning
5  May  1806Exhibition, w. do; adv. Perry, J Taylor, Annis (Wilkie) & Mulready
9  May  1806Marshalsea, w. Nicholson & Springsguth
9  May  1806Exhibition, w. M J & 4; adv. Flaxman
10  May  1806Caen Wood, w. T T
15  May  1806Serjeant’s Inn, w. Few & Springsguth
19  May  1806German theatre, w. T T
31  May  1806Walk w. M J & F to Belle Sauvage
16  June  1806Town, w. mrs Perry, mrs Anderson & M J
13  September  1806Boat to Richmond, w. W C Brown, T Turner, E Fks, M J, E Colnet, F, C & J
28  September  1806Walk w. Curran
3  November  1806Theatre, w. T T, Coriolanus; adv. Tegart, J Taylor (& Skeffington)
14  November  1806Westminster-Hall, w. Nicholson, Hayward, Wilkinson & Fletcher; adv. Erskine
20  November  1806theatre, w. M J, M, mrs Topping & T T; Vindictive Man
24  November  1806theatre, w. T T; 1/2 School for Friends, & Tekeli.e
27  November  1806Westminster Hall, w. Nicholson & Hayward
2  December  1806theatre, Adrian & Orilla, & We Fly by Night, w. M J & 5
10  December  1806theatre, w. M J, F & Hawthorn; adv. Batty, Philips & Surr; Travellers & Mr H--
6  January  1807theatre, w. M J, Douglas
27  January  1807Symond’s Inn, w. Springsguth
28  January  1807theatre, w. M J, F & 2 S Beresfords, Assignatn
31  January  1807Symond’s Inn, w. Springsguth
3  February  1807Westminster Hall (w. Hayward)
9  February  1807theatre, w. do, False Alarms & Emily
19  February  1807theatre, w. M J & Topping, Curfew
2  March  1807theatre, w. do, M J & E C & 4, Curfew & Weathercock
28  March  1807Skinner Street, w. M J
15  April  1807Westminster Hall, w. Hayward
25  April  1807theatre, w. M J, Iron Chest
25  April  1807Westminster-Hall, w. Hayward
2  May  1807theatre, w. M J, Adelgitha
7  May  1807S Sw. M J
8  May  1807S S w. M J
9  May  1807S S w. M J; adv. T T
11  May  1807S S w. M J
12  May  1807S S w. T T
13  May  1807S S w. T T M J
14  May  1807S S; adv. M J & T T
15  May  1807S S w. M J
16  May  1807S S w. M J
17  May  1807S S w. T T
7  June  1807S S w. M J
11  June  1807S S w. T T, H. absente
14  June  1807chaise w. mrs Reid
14  June  1807Coach to Wimbledon, w. Le Maitre
15  June  1807S S w. M J & 4; dine; H. absents himselfe
26  June  1807consultation at Parke’s; adv. Wood & M
5  July  1807S S w. T T
7  July  1807Accompany T T, to Withers, Butterworth, Rickman, Oliver, Setcole & Clark
8  August  1807Mansion-house, Hatton Garden, Bow Street, & Hobler, w. T T
9  August  1807S S, w. M & T T
10  August  1807Bow Street, w. T T, see Miller
11  August  1807Bow Street, w. Corbet & T T, warrante
11  August  1807Bow-Street, w.T T, M, H, Jo H & Humphrys; adv. Clifford
27  August  1807Siboya, w. T T
28  August  1807Wait for Hodgkins, w. M & T T
28  August  1807Lambeth, w. M J & T T
3  September  1807boat, w. M J, T T, E C, C, J & W
4  September  1807Barth. Fair
5  September  1807Barth. Fair, w. T T
8  September  1807Greenwich, w. E Fks, T T, M J, E C, & 5 children
17  September  1807theatre, w. M J, Country Girl
30  September  1807Cataloguee, w. M J
3  October  1807Catalogue, w. M J
4  October  1807Chaise, w. Currans, to Dulwich
5  October  1807Cataloguee, w. M J
6  October  1807theatre, w. M J; Percy
7  October  1807Cataloguee, w. M J
16  October  1807Cataloguee, w. T T, fin
27  October  1807theatre, w. do, T T & M J, Time’s a Tell-Tale
5  November  1807theatre, w. T T, Narbonne
7  November  1807theatre, w. M J, Tim
21  November  1807theatre, w. M J, 3/10 Hoyden, & Ella Rosenberg
17  December  1807 theatre, w. T T, F, C & M
5  February  1808Coleridge’s Lecture, R Ie, w. M J; adv. Hewlet
11  February  1808theatre, Kais, w. M J
23  February  1808Theatre, w. M J, Tom Thumb; adv. Cromptons
1  March  1808theatre, w. M J, Chances, & Out of Tune
10  March  1808Theatre, w. M J, Man of the World
17  March  1808theatre, w. M J, Three Weeks after Marriage
31  March  1808Theatre, World, w. M J
1  May  1808 Walk w. T T
2  May  1808Stage for Swaffham, 3 o’clock, w. Mayes, &c
6  May  1808Watton, w. P H G
9  May  1808Escort C Finch to Bury, w. S L
10  May  1808Bury, w. C & A L
10  May  1808Troston Heath, w. S L
11  May  1808Euston, w. S L
12  May  1808Bury, w. C L
14  May  1808Tower, w. M J, T T, C C & 5; beasts & armoury
20  May  1808Christie’s, w. M J (sir Thos More, &c)
21  May  1808theatre, w. M J & T T, 2/5 Inconstant, & Garrat
31  May  1808Exhibition, w. M J & C
4  June  1808 Walk w. T T (Berkeley)
23  July  1808Opera, Semiramide, & Constance, w. M J, F & E C (adv. Sheffields, Planta & K Courtenay)
3  August  1808Billingsgate, w. M J & J (for Margate) & W.
8  August  1808Greenwich stage, w. Knowles
30  August  1808Westminster Abbey, w by water, w. M J, F, C, M, W, E & C Colnet & C Hooley
4  September  1808Royal Ménagerie, Quist, w. M J, Bonnycastle, &c
13  September  1808W Abbey, w. F, C & M. .
10  October  1808theatre, w. do, Three & Deuce, act 1; adv. Finnerty (& La. Barrymore)
11  October  1808Walsh Porter’s Pictures, w. M J, 3 Hazlits & Colburn
25  October  1808theatre, w. T T, M J & M, Mourning Bride
10  November  1808theatre, w. M J & T T
20  November  1808Somerset House, w. M J, M L, T T, E C & 5
22  November  1808theatres, 1/2 Exile (1/3 Duenna; adv. Jerningham), & Cervantes, w. M J, miss Hooley, & 4
2  December  1808Theatre, w. M J, Venoni
21  December  1808Astley’s, Newcastle Street, w. M J, E C, C H & 5
5  January  1809Theatre, Man & Wife, w. M J & E C; adv. Wilkie & Jas Flather
18  January  1809Theatre, Macbeth, w. MJ
6  February  1809theatre, Cato; w. M J & 4
23  February  1809theatre, w. M J; Circassian Bride
26  February  1809Drury Lane, w. M J
15  April  1809theatre, w. M J, 4/5 Henry 8
21  April  1809Theatre, w. M J, Grieving’s a Folly; adv. Hume
5  May  1809theatre, w. M J & F, Venice Preserved
17  May  1809theatre, w. M J. Mountaineers, & Blue Devils; adv. Graves & Wilkie
6  July  1809Ely Chapel, Legh Richmond, w. Hume
20  August  1809Ride, w. John Baker
22  August  1809Coach, w. Blanch, Maria & Lucy
28  August  1809Walk w. T T
6  September  1809fair, Scowton, w. M, J, C & W
4  October  1809walk, w. T T, to Purser’s Cross
25  October  1809illuminations, w. M J & children
30  October  1809theatre, Grecian Daughter, acts 1, 2, 3, w. T T, L Ht, F Ht & M J
20  November  1809theatre, w. M J, F, C, M, J & T T; Romeo & Don Juan
15  December  1809theatre, w. M J, Wheel of Fortune
19  December  1809theatre, w. M J & T T, Sudden Arrivals
1  January  1810Pavillion, w. M J, H & M Hopwood, F, C, M, J & W; adv. T T & Flather
5  February  1810theatre, w. M J & T T; City Madam
20  February  1810Theatre, 1/2 Free Knights, & Budget of Blunders, w. M Lamb, T T, M J & 4
18  March  1810Walk w. T T (talk of morals)
21  March  1810Requests, v. Darton, w. T T
25  March  1810Funeral, G M C, w. S & G Wilcocke; adv. Jo & N G, & 4 children
29  March  1810theatre, How to Teaze, w. M J
7  April  1810walk to Piccadilly, w T T; adv. Newtons
8  April  1810wlk to Piccadilly, w. M J
20  April  1810walk, w. T T, to Dulwich College, Allen & Smith, librarian; dine; returning, call on Waldron, Camberwel
24  April  1810theatre, w. do, Macbeth; adv. Boaden
24  April  1810Bedford, midshipman, w. do
28  April  1810theatre, w. M J & J, Gamester, & Who Wins
30  April  1810Exhibition, w. Curran; adv. Perrys; Boaden , Liston , Dawes , H Richter , Flather & T T
5  May  1810theatre, w. C C, Henry 8, & Waterman
4  June  1810Exhibition, w. M J & H Boinville
1  July  1810Coach, w. H Boinville, Whitaker, &c, bookkeeper
2  July  1810Walk to Cumberland Lodge & Old Windsor, w. Newtons
5  July  1810Coach, w. H B, F V, &c
18  July  1810Chancery Lane, w. Orme, Letterman, Lackington, Harris & J Rivington
11  August  1810theatre, w. M J & T T, Doubtful Son, & Bombastes
13  September  1810Walk w. T T
2  October  1810Vauxhall, w. M J, M & W
5  October  1810theatre, w. M J, Fontainebleau
27  October  1810theatre, K. John, & Tom Thumb, w. M J, F, M, J & C
11  December  1810theatre, w. M J, Isabella & X Y Z; adv. T T, Rontgen , & 2 Boinvilles
21  December  1810Astley’s, w. do & six
2  January  1811theatre, Lost & Found, w. M J; adv. Humes, Newton, mrs M, M & C
23  January  1811Giraffe, w. W
26  January  1811theatre, w. M J, Cato; adv. Swartout & J Taylor
7  February  1811Panorama, Cadiz, w. M J
1  May  1811Walk w. Clairmont
2  May  1811Jeffery, & British Institution, w. M J & T T
16  June  1811Tower, w. C C.
13  July  1811theatre, w. M J, Trip to Scarborough; adv. T T & Earle
29  August  1811Coach, w. mrs Colman & daughter, Salsette & (Lewis) Elephantae
31  August  1811coach to Portsmouth, w. mrs Capt Parker & old lady
1  September  1811walk, w. S., to mr Simeon & cap. Hut
2  September  1811Packet, w. Arnold, Rothery, &c
3  September  1811coach to Winchester, w. 13 & 25
5  September  1811Gig to Guildford, w. farmer
5  September  1811Coach, w. Holt, et deux femmes
6  September  1811chaise, w. vieille
6  September  1811Coach to Epsom, 2 i’th’morning to five, w. Chas & mother, Irish
9  September  1811Theatre, w. M J, Blue Stocking; adv. H & C Boinville, T T & Flathers, & Buchan, & Lambs
24  October  1811theatre, w. do
2  November  1811Guildhal, w. C C
3  November  1811go, w. M J, F, J, W & T T, to Miller’s Wharf, to escort C C for Edinburgh
18  November  1811Coleridge’s Lecture, w. F & J; adv. Lambs, L Ht, Dawes, Adamses, Burneys, Colliers, H Robinson, Hill & Orme
21  November  1811Coleridge’s Lecture, w. M J, F & J; adv. Lbs, L Ht, Dawes, Colliers, Adams, capt. Burney, H R, Hill, Reeve & R Taylor
25  November  1811Colere’s Lecture, w. F & J; adv. Lambs, Dawes, Colliers, H R, Hill, Hazlit, M Burney & Dyer
28  November  1811Coleridge, w. F & J; adv. Lbs, Dawes, Colliers & H R
2  December  1811Lecture, w. A C, Lovet, Burr, M J, F & J; A C & Lovet sup
5  December  1811Lecture, w. H H, F & J; adv. Miller A S, Boaden, &c
7  December  1811theatre, Pizarro, w. M J & W
9  December  1811Coleridge’s Lecture, w. H H, F & J
12  December  1811Lecture, w. H H, F, J & W; adv. O Brien, mrs Flaxman, &c
14  December  1811theatre, w. M J, Coriolanus
16  December  1811Lecture, w. H H, F & J; adv. R Sharp, O’Brien, &c
19  December  1811Lecture, w. H H; adv. miss Benjer, O’Brien, &c
20  December  1811Theatre, w. M J, F, M, J & W, Winter’s Tale; adv. Colliers
30  December  1811Lecture, w. F, M & J; adv. Mocatta & E F, O, &c
2  January  1812Lecture, w. F, M & J; adv. O’Brien, &c. meet Hazlit
9  January  1812Lecture, w. F,M, J & W
13  January  1812Lecture, w.H H, F, M, J & W
20  January  1812Lecture, w. H H, F, M & J; adv. O’Brien, (Moira, Byron, Rogers) Waller &c
27  January  1812Lecture, w. M J, H H, F, M & J
31  January  1812theatre, Virgin of the Sun, w. M J, Poole, mrs Dickons & miss Briggs
3  March  1812 theatre, w. M J, Julius Caesar
31  March  1812Theatre, w. M J, M, J, W, & R & W Collier; Maid of Mill, & White Cat
2  May  1812theatre, w. him, Grecian Daughter
4  May  1812Exhibition; adv. Perry, J Taylor, Dawe, Hayward, 2 Colliers & A Boinvillee
12  May  1812theatre, w. M J & F, M & J; adv. Knowles: Venice Preserved, & Secret Mine
11  September  1812walk to the Castle
14  September  1812w. him, Cathedral & Redcliffe
15  September  1812walk, w. him, to St Vincent’s
20  September  1812Coach, w. East-Indian & wife, capt. Burke, major Hatherley, Lyndon cripple, &c
5  October  1812return w. him
6  October  1812walk w. Shelley; dine
24  October  1812walk, with Shelley (Tilson)
18  December  1812theatre, Renegade, & Love, Law & Physic, w. M J & 5
21  December  1812Wardmote, St Andrewse, w. W G
14  January  1813Lecture, Abernethy, w. Parkman
23  January  1813theatre, w. M J, F, M, J, W, & Curran & Hogan—Remorse; adv. Hamonds, H Robinson, Lambs & M Burney
24  February  1813Theatre, w. M J, F, M, & C Br, Love for //Love, & Nell
19  April  1813theatre, w. Curran; 4/5 Douglas; adv. Knowles & mrs Fuseli
22  April  1813Surry-Institution; Gray, Chandler, & Oldmixon & Kennet
17  May  1813Reynolds, Exhibition; w. M J, F, M & C Baxter; adv. Wilkie
22  May  1813return, w. a pressed sailor, 5 years absent.
7  June  1813Wallingford coach, w. Mrs Barnard o’ th’ Wexford, & Wallingford farmer
10  June  1813Lackington’s, w. M J
24  June  1813Angerstein’s, fr., w. A & W Curran, & Quin junr
24  June  1813Reynolds’s, w. A C
28  June  1813theatre, w. Lamb
7  July  1813Angerstein’s, w. W & A Curran
4  September  1813Barge to South-End, w. tradesman & three maid-servants
5  September  1813Walk to Prittlewel, w. W, & to farm-yards, w. M J
6  September  1813Coach, outside, w. Forster & family
11  October  1813theatre, w. M J; Merchant of Venice
20  December  1813Coach for Maldon, w. Bridges jr, W K, &c
19  February  1814Theatre, Kean in Richard; w. M J
20  April  1814theatre, Debtor & Creditor; adv. Lambs, Hazlits, M Burney, F Ht, mrs Ayrton, & Currans; w. M J
9  May  1814Exhibition, w. A C
20  May  1814Shelley calls; walk
1  July  1814London Assurance, w. Shelley
3  July  1814Walk, w. Shelley, & C C
6  July  1814walk w. Shelley, Spa Fields, & Hookham’s
7  July  1814walk, w. Shelley, to Bond Street
8  July  1814Talk with Mary: letter
11  July  1814Drapers’ Hall Gardens, w. Shelley
16  July  1814coach, w. P B S
18  July  1814walk w. Shelley
22  July  1814Talk with Jane
24  July  1814walk, w. M J, St Jas Park
31  July  1814St James’s, w. C C
1  August  1814St James’s Park, w. C C
3  September  1814Greenwich, w. W & C C
4  September  1814Stock, w. C C
18  September  1814Stock, w. M J & C C
15  October  1814Christ Rejectede, w. M J
7  November  1814Westminster-Hall, w. E Hookham
10  November  1814theatre, w. M J & F, Macbeth; adv. Hewlet, L Knapp, A Pe & Hayward
17  November  1814Vision of St Jerome, w. M J & Fe
23  November  1814talk w. C C on P B S
4  December  1814talk, w. C C, of V H, &c.
14  December  1814Walsh & Nisbet, sale
28  December  1814Theatre, Venice Preserved; w. M J, F & W.
12  January  1815walk w. him to the city
13  April  1815Theatre, w. M J; Richard II
10  May  1815Exhibition, w. M J; adv. F
6  June  1815British Institution (Rubens & Rembrandt), w. M J & F
15  July  1815Packet for South End (Lapwing), w. 3 Seacoles, 2 miss Bullocks, & capt. Nash (or Knight)
16  July  1815Boat for Leigh, w. M J, &c: walk back, talk of Lovewell
20  July  1815Packet, w. five Hamps, Christopher & uncle, &c
23  July  1815T T walks & sups
29  July  1815Packet for South End (Friendship, Constable), w. French militaire
31  July  1815Packet, w. noseless Irlandois, &c
11  August  1815theatre, w. Curran, Living in London
2  September  1815Theatre, w. M J; 1/2 Duenna, & Magpie; adv. Place
18  September  1815theatre, C G, Magpie, w. Curran
8  November  1815theatre, w. Kenney & M J; Country Girl
12  January  1816theatre, w. W G, New Way to pay Old Debts
2  March  1816walk, w. him, to Binfield
23  March  1816go, w. M J, to Maria Smith’s
9  April  1816walk, w. Nicol, on the Walls (Clifford’s Tower & Jail)
13  April  1816walk, w. Leslie, Calton Hill & Holyrood House
15  April  1816Holyrood House & Hume, w. Mathews
16  April  1816chaise, to Kinneal, w. Constable & Dr Miller
24  April  1816theatre, w. Ys, Duncan, Gordon, &c; sup
25  April  1816chaise, w. Constable & Ballantine
26  April  1816Melrose, w. Scott; adv. Buchann
30  April  1816chaise w. Jackson & Kershaw
13  May  1816Exhibition, w. M J, F & W
14  May  1816Grub Street, Dr Collyer, &c, w. F
30  May  1816British Gallery, w. M J & F
7  June  1816Jerusalem, w. M J
5  August  1816chaise, w. do
6  August  1816walk, w. Mc, to Lillies
11  August  1816Walk, w. W
10  October  1816Bristol Coach, Lad Lane, w. 4 Stockings
12  October  1816Coach, w. Lackington, Hughes & Horsforth
23  November  1816theatre, Iron Chest, w. do & M J
30  November  1816theatre, w. do, Iron Chest
18  January  1817theatre, w. M J & W, Humorous Lieutenant
29  January  1817theatre, w. M J, M & W, Jealous Wife
5  February  1817theatre, w. Kenney; Ravens
5  February  1817Green Room, D L, w Kenny; Kean, Rae, Lamb, Linley, De Camp, & mrs Alsop
11  February  1817theatre, w. them, Shylock; adv. M Lamb
20  March  1817Miss Collins dines, & theatre, w. M J & Clarkes
27  March  1817theatre, w. do, Curfew
2  April  1817Coach for Marlow, w. naval officer & mother
3  April  1817Medmenham Abbey, by water, w. Peacock, P B S, M & J
4  April  1817Bisham Wood, w. P B S; adv. Peacock; talk of novels, & perfectibility
5  April  1817Hurley, by water, w. P B S & Peacock
6  April  1817Maidenhead, by water, w. P B S, &M & Peacock
8  April  1817Buchanan’s, w. do
11  April  1817theatre, w. Kenney & W, Iron Chest (Booth); adv. Shiell & Wallace
3  May  1817theatre, Apostate, w. Collins, C Colnet, M J & W; adv. O Brien & Wallace
5  May  1817Exhibition, w. M J, W, C C & D C; adv. Hill, Perry, Phillips, Liston, Ritchie, Imray & Miller
15  May  1817theatre (orchestra), w. Shiel; Cato; adv. Harlowe
24  May  1817walk, w. Ogilvie & Shelley
27  May  1817theatre, w. M W S, Barbarossa
26  June  1817theatre (Talma, &c), w. Ogilvie & Ogden; adv. Payne, Wallace, O’Brien & Crowley
28  June  1817Lecture, w. Curran & Dixon; adv. J Taylor, Owen, Payne, Ogden, Bolland, &W G & Verplank
12  July  1817 Ogilvie’s , w. W G; adv. Payne, S Hazlit, Hyams, & 3 Taylors
12  July  1817with him, Waterloo Bridge
14  July  1817theatre, w. W G, Othello
26  July  1817 Ogilvie’s , w. M J & W; adv. Payne & Rosser
30  July  1817theatre, w. M J & W; Teasing Made Easy
2  August  1817 Ogilvie’s , w. M J, W & D C; adv. Payne & S Hazlit
7  September  1817walk w. Rosser
2  October  1817walk w. Shelley
15  October  1817Brompton, meet Burton, Phillips, Lyne, Tegart, J B & W Curran, mrs R C, & Taylors
19  October  1817Gig w. Shelley: bait at Colnebrooke: walk to Horton: Marlow, dine
20  October  1817Gig w. Mary; attendant Shelley & Peacock; through Wycombe, to Hampden
21  October  1817Walk to Bisham, w. Shelley & Peacock
21  October  1817talk w. Jane
22  October  1817Stage, w. Shelley, to London
4  November  1817Curran’s Funeral, w. 2 Taylors, 2 Currans, Tegart, Moore, Thomson, Phillips, Lyne, Croley & Finnerty; (adv. Fitzgerald & Ryan:)
2  January  1818Rodd’s, w. W
3  January  1818Funeral of S E, w. Oak, Lepard & Egerton; adv. Leserve
20  January  1818Marlow, w. W
22  January  1818S Street, w. W
30  January  1818Coleridge’s Lecture, w. M J & W; adv. Morgan & H Robinson
15  February  1818Paradise Regd, B. I & II, w. G Fletcher
16  February  1818Paradise Regd, B. III, w. G Fletcher
3  March  1818Hazlit’s Lecture, w. M J; adv. Aldises & Hill
23  March  1818Hazlit’s Lecture, w. M J & W; adv. Aldises, Powis, O’Brien, Alsager, C Kemble, M Burney, Montagus & Reid
27  March  1818Hazlit, w. M J; adv. Hill, miss Bentley, Rowcroft, Rosser, &c
30  March  1818Hazlit, w. M J; adv. A Curran, Baron, O’Brien, Hill, Reid & Montagus
3  April  1818Hazlit, w. M J; adv. Lambs, Aldises, M Burney, Reid, O’Brien, Hone, Hill, miss Bentley & Rosser
10  April  1818Hazlit, w. M J; adv. J Taylor, Botwright, O’Brien, Hill, Hone & Montagus
13  April  1818Hazlit, w. M J; adv. T Moore, Rees, Reed, Hill, Botwright & Aldises
2  May  1818Mathews at Home, w. M J
25  May  1818British Gallery, Cartoons, &c, w. M J; adv. Mulready
17  June  1818rubber, Lamb’s, w. Manning
24  June  1818Polito’s, w. M J, W & Marc
26  June  1818Hoxton, w. W
29  June  1818Ancient Armour, w. W
8  July  1818Greenwich, w. M J, W & Marc, Mulready & E Collins; invités Lubé & Rosser
14  August  1818Dulwich, w. M J
17  August  1818Hendon, w. M J
29  August  1818Steamboat for Southend; w. M J, Thi. Rose & Susan (Fore Cabin)
31  August  1818Steamboat for London; w. Snow, Robley & Fildes, 78 persons
12  September  1818Steamboat for Southend, w. Tegart, Payne junr, un Italien & dame de Dash
14  September  1818Steamboat, for London, w. Snow, Payne, &c, 50 persons
3  November  1818Hazlits Lecture, w. M J; adv. Lambs, Aldis & Ogilvie
5  November  1818theatre; Adelgitha, w. M J & Bevan
6  November  1818Ogilvie’s Lecture, w. M J & W C; adv. Bevan
10  November  1818Hazlit’s Lecture, w. M J, Debus & Bevan; adv. L Hunts, Lambs & Aldis
14  December  1818Coleridge (Crown & Anchor), w. Bevan; adv. O’Brien
17  December  1818theatre, w. M J, S & P P, Bevan & W; Word for the Ladies; adv. Lamb, S Hazlit , Talfourd & Humes
22  December  1818Hazlit’s Lecture, w. M J, W & S P; adv. Oxtis, Bevan , Ogilvie & Talfourd
26  December  1818Rodd’s, w. Bevan
31  December  1818Coleridge, Ric. II, w, M J, S P & W; adv. Talfourd & Ogilvie (B Montagu)
4  March  1819Coleridge, w. do & M J
25  March  1819Southwark Bridge, w. M J & W
10  April  1819Smart’s Readings, Lear, w. M J; adv. O’Brien
15  April  1819Matthews at Home, w. W
14  May  1819walk w. Rosser
8  June  1819British Gallery, w. M J, & Harlow’s
27  July  1819Greenwich, w. Mulready, E Collins, M J, W & M V
4  August  1819Kensington, w. M J, mrs Hamilton & E Collins
21  August  1819 Steamboat to Southend, w. M J, R & A Taylor, Hall Packer & Leece
23  August  1819Steamboat to London, w. M, R & A Taylor, & Leece
6  September  1819Steamboat to London, w. C Heath & wife, & W
13  September  1819Walk w. Rosser
18  September  1819Mathematical Society, w. Booth & R Baxter; Curtshen
5  November  1819Hazlit, Lecture, w. M J, W & C B; adv. C Philips & Hill
24  December  1819Hazlit, Lecture, w. Bt & W; adv. Hazlit, mrs J Ht, & Talfourd
7  June  1820Waterloo, East Indiaman, w. 4 Pilchers, M J, W & C Valette; officers, Shea & Burnet
6  September  1820Upnor Castle, w. Pilcher’s, & M J
7  September  1820Coach from Rochester, w. M J, afternoon
20  September  1820Sadlers Wells, Robbers, w. M J, C V & W; adv. Surrs & E P
8  April  1821walk w. him & W
9  May  1821Westminster Hall, w. Homersham
17  May  1821Belshazzar, Lausanne, & Apollonicum, w. M J, S P, W & Hudson
7  June  1821coach w. 82
17  July  1821Britannia, w. Irish surgeon, &c
18  July  1821Hadleigh Castle & Leigh, w. Pilchers & miss Smith
14  August  1821See Procession, w. G Miller
5  September  1821Greenwich, w. Mulready & M J
26  October  1821theatre, w. M J & W, Matchbreaking, & Macheath
11  November  1821Walk w. T T
23  March  1822 Lyceum, Youthful Days of Mathews, w. M J
5  April  1822Hatfield, w. miss Richardson; La. Caroline indisposede; talk of predestination
13  April  1822Rosser, walk
5  May  1822Walk, w. W, to Westminster-Abbey
1  June  1822St Clement’s, w. Macmillan & M J
24  July  1822Sadler’s Wells, w. P P; Tom & Jerry
7  October  1822Funeral, Lady Aldis, w. Skeffington, Barber, Uwins, Woodham, Barney & Powys
8  April  1823 Olympic, Alexandre; w. M J
12  May  1823theatre, Vision of Sun, w. M J, W & H M
28  July  1823Theatre, w. M J, Kenneys, H M & W
29  August  1823Tower, w. M W S
29  August  1823theatre, Frankenstein, w. M W S, mrs Williams & W; adv. in R Phillips
8  October  1823Excise, w. M W S
30  October  1823theatre, w. M J & M W S; 1/5 Virginius
7  November  1823At Murray’s, w. Hayward, Ayrton, & Newman’s clerk
11  November  1823Diorama, w. M J & M W S
4  December  1823theatre, w. M W S, M J & H P; Winter’s Tale, 2 acts
12  December  1823theatres, 1/5 Vespers—& Deaf as a Post, w. M J, M W S & H M
8  January  1824Pompeii, w. M W Se
26  January  1824theatre, w. M J & M W S
7  February  1824Opera, w. M W S, Zelmira
23  February  1824theatre, w. M J & M W S, Hamlet; adv. A Newton
1  March  1824Write to Colburn, w. M
8  March  1824theatre, w. M W S & M J, Merry Wives; adv. A Newton
17  April  1824Adelphi, Henry’s Deceptions, w. W
1  May  1824theatre, w. M J & M W S, 1/2 Measure for Measure; adv. Bacon, Barham & Thelwal
13  May  1824theatre, 7/10 Henry IV, w. S & H P, miss Collins & M J; adv. Wallace
21  May  1824Northumberland House, w. W
21  June  1824Walk w. M W S (talk of ci-devant)
4  July  1824Boat to Richmond Hill, w. M J, M W S, W, White, Collier, & Buxton jr
1  September  1824Gig, w. W
12  October  1824Swear, w. Lammin & John
7  December  1824theatre, w. M J & M W S, 1/2 Woman never Vext, & Fr. Lake; adv. C Phillips
7  February  1825theatre, w. M J & M W S, Macbeth
26  February  1825theatre, Othello, w.M W S, mrs Williams & Gamba
7  March  1825Theatre, w. M W S & A Gliddon, Richard.
26  March  1825theatre, w. M W S, Othello
7  April  1825theatre, w.W, Matthews, Memorandums
11  May  1825theatre, Wm Tell; adv. Talfourd, Price, Barhams, Footes, & J Taylor; w. M W S
11  May  1825Exhibition, & Artists, w. M W S
20  May  1825Hadlow Street & Gower Place, w. M J
23  July  1825Diorama, w. M W S
16  November  1825Westminster Hall, w. Macgowan & H P
11  February  1826Hurst’s (Tooke’s Court), w. him, W &H P
16  May  1826Theatre, for M W S & M W J; 1/3 Oberon
24  June  1826Water, up to Twickenham, w. White, G White & Hillier; adv. Woodcock & François
29  June  1826Arundel Castle, w. Turners
20  October  1826Theatre, Rule a Wife, 1/2 Will, & Green Room, w. M J & M W S
2  November  1826Poecilorama, w. do
8  June  1827Exhibition, w. M W S
21  June  1827Opera, w. M W S; Medea, Me Pasta
25  June  1827Coach, w. Goldsmith, &c, watery footman
28  June  1827Theatre, w. M W S & Isa. Booth, Richard; adv. Hodgetses & W
12  July  1827coach, fr. Spur Inn, Borough, to Maidstone; w. sir A Carlisle & col. Strafford
14  July  1827coach to town, w. Colburn & Lewisham magistrate
21  July  1827State-Paper Office; meet T Hill & Northcote
18  November  1827Hear Fox, Finsbury, w. Hodgetses & Twamley
17  December  1827theatre, w. M J & C Leigh, Macbeth; adv. Wallace
5  May  1828Peckham House, w. Uwins & M J
20  May  1828stage, H Rodd & femme
27  May  1828Ancient Masters, w. W & Thrupp; adv. Northcote, J Taylor & Gent
30  June  1828boat, w. F R, Robinson, &c
6  October  1828Theatre French, w. M W S, Justine, & Auberge des Adrets
20  November  1828Zoological Garden, & Petit Lazary, w. Jane
1  December  1828Theatre, w. M J; Overreach
11  January  1829Palace, St James’s Park, w. C Ce
13  February  1829Rubber, Uwins’s, w. W, Drew, Fraser, Hunter, White, Vance & // 9
29  March  1829St James’s Park, w. C C
10  May  1829Belgrave Square, w. C C
26  May  1829Sydney, & Pandemonium, w. M Je
31  May  1829New London Bridge, w. C C
22  June  1829For Isleworth, w. M J & Cts
26  July  1829Anecdotical walk w. C C
1  September  1829 Theatre, Fatality, w. W
19  October  1829Rubber, C C’s, w. M W S & W
27  October  1829Dawe’s Funeral, St Paul’s, w. Sir T Lawrence, Howard, J M Turner, Constable, N Carlisle, Hume, Headlands & Flather; adv. Barham & Towers
30  November  1829Surrey theatre, Becket, w. W; adv. Jerrold & C Landseer
6  April  1830soirée Hare, w. Hallam, sir J Paul, mrs M Sutton, M W S (Dudley, Hooke, &c)
29  May  1830British Gallery (Lawrence), w. M W S, Julia & LouisaRosa R
3  June  1830soirée mrs Wood’s, w. Atherston, Home, La. Ramsleyden, Owen, Morgan, Canadian, Aldis, C Jones
11  June  1830Hampton Court, w. Bulwer
27  June  1830soirée mrs Wood’s, w. Atherston, Alcala, Sketch, 3 Peruvians, &c
4  July  1830soirée mrs Wood’s, w. H Payne, Atherston, Alcala, Canadian, Goldsmid
19  August  1830Lawrence, Pictures, w. M J
24  August  1830meet Reynolds, w. M W S
28  August  1830Cast at Spurzheim’s, w. Holms, Cooke & M J; adv. mrs Maugham
29  September  1830Drury Lane, w. do: adv. Mortons, Barhams , Beasley , Bartley , J Collier , T Hill , T Ht
17  July  1831Zoological, w. Bailey & Griffith (meet Trueba)
12  November  1831Theatre, Adelphi, w. M J, Victorine, & Mock Lions; adv. W
3  December  1831Walk w. M
8  February  1832Panorama of Madras, w. M J
16  February  1832City Conversazione, w. Gent, B Burlowe, Rothwel, Martin, Hart Davis
5  March  1832theatre, Dæmon, D L, w. F R
15  March  1832Print Room, Museum, w. W; adv. Chatfield: M at tea. & Latham
23  March  1832Suffolk Street, w. W; adv. Rogers, mrs C Kemble (C K & F) Mortons’, E Prentis, T Hill, M Westmacot, C Heath, Bernal, Hofland
18  April  1832Hampstead, w. M J
22  April  1832Hampstead, w. W
31  May  1832King’s College, w. H Holm
6  September  1832York Road, w. M J; adv. Uwins, Browne & Russell, twice
7  September  1832York Road, M J; adv. Uwins, Brown & Russell
29  September  1833Walk, w. M W S
21  November  1833Library, D C, w. Rickman
11  March  1834Museum (w. Wilson)
15  April  1834L Stanhope’s; La C Bury, La Stepney, La M S, Fonblanq, col. Thomson, C Sheridan & mrs Wood
17  April  1834Mrs Wood’s, w. mrs Gaskel, mrs Grimstone, M W S, L Stanhopes, Southwold Smith, &Holm, &Atherston, Wheatstone, &Alkali & miss Macaulay
18  June  1834Zoological Gardens, w. mrs & A Rickman
6  August  1834St Katherine’s Docks, w. M J
27  August  1834w. her, Pantechnicon
12  September  1835Whitehall Yard, w. Bulley
10  October  1835Whitehall Yard, w. M J
27  October  1835Books, w. Wilson
30  October  1835Wilson, Books
31  October  1835 Victoria, w. Wilson; Macbeth, G Jones
1  November  1835Whitehall, w. M J; adv. Peaks
4  November  1835Books, w. Wilson
5  November  1835Whitehall, w. M J