William Godwin's Diary

Meetings -- Godwin and X/Y/Z call (on someone)

Diary DateDiary Entry
13  September  1789call with him on Nicholson
13  September  1789Shield
15  November  1789Call upon to Crosdil w. Holcroft
2  February  1792Call on Gray, with Holcroft
3  February  1792call with him on Davis
3  February  1792Fenwick nah
23  March  1792Call on miss Godwin, with Holcroft
31  March  1792Call on Bulmers, with J. C.
11  April  1792 call with him on Barlow
1  July  1792call with him on Stuart
24  October  1792Call on Noel, with Holcroft
6  February  1793Call on Nicholson, with Holcroft; talk of disparaging my book
10  February  1793Call at Wedgwood's, w. Jardine
14  February  1793 go w. him to Jardine
24  April  1793 go with him to Nicholson
2  June  1793call with him on Symonds, Grecian; T Kearsley
1  September  1793call with him on Frost
28  March  1794Newgate, w. mrs' Reveley & Jennings
18  May  1794call with him on H Tooke; adv. Wildman & Vaughan
21  May  1794Newgate w. ml
25  May  1794call on Sharp with Holcroft
30  May  1794Call on Gerald, with Ritson; adv. Macarthy
12  July  1794Call on Gerald, w. Jennings's; adv. Sinclair & Dower
11  August  1794call w. him at Reveley's
27  August  1794Call on D'Esparre, w. Sinclair
6  September  1794Call on Ritson, w. Stewart, 20
20  October  1794Call on at Newgate, w. Northmore; adv. J Aickin
12  November  1794call, w. Ml, on Gerald (adv. Scott & Naylors)
24  November  1794Wimbledon, w. Foulkes
25  November  17944 to Gerald
12  April  1795call on Siddons, w. Alderson; adv. Cha K
2  June  1795call w. him on Inchbald
11  November  1795Inchbald do
11  November  1795Lawrence w C
7  December  1795call on Sme, nah w. Ht.
28  January  1796Call on Northcote, w. Smith & Jamieson; talk of expression & players, Johnson, Raffael & Garrick, see Rembt & Titiane
15  February  1796Ireland's, w. Merry
28  February  1796call, w. Ht, on Hayes
6  March  1796Burdet, w. Barry
6  March  1796call on Inchbald
9  March  1796Inchbald w. C
24  May  1796Call on Wolstencraft, w. Twiss
5  June  1796Hayes, w. A A
13  June  1796call on Inchbald, w. My
18  June  1796call, w. him, on Montagu; adv. Stoddart & Wordsworth
12  July  1796W B w. A
23  July  1796Call on mrs Merry, w. A; adv. Richard & Sophia
29  July  1796call on Brown, w. Montagu
7  August  1796call on Hayes, w. A A
14  August  1796call on Este n, w. Ht
27  August  1796call on M Robinson, w. Wt, n; & Inchbald
12  September  1796call, w. Cooper on Wt
12  September  1796Wignel
12  September  1796Wilcocke
13  September  1796mr J Lawrence, w. Ht & Nicholson
14  September  1796Inchbald w. Northcote, adv. C Moore
3  November  1796Call on Lawrence, w. Wt; & Hays (adv. Tooke)
3  March  1797on Wallis, w. Inchbald
7  July  1797call on Nicholson, w. Wt.
18  July  1797Call on Kearsley, w. Wt; & on M Hays
23  July  1797Carr n
23  July  1797call (w. Wt) on Jo G
23  July  1797Barry n
25  July  1797Call on Inchbald; & Cha. Smith, w. Wt
26  July  1797call on Plumptres, w. Wt
30  July  1797 call on Otton, w. Wt
3  September  1797Dr Thompson n
3  September  1797Lawrence n
3  September  1797Opie n
3  September  1797call with him on Wolcot n
16  September  1797Call on M Reveley, w. Fenwick
17  September  1797call on M Reveley, w. F E Fenwick
30  September  1797Call on mrs Snagg, w. M
13  October  1797Call on Hewlet, w. M
3  November  1797Call on Fuseli, w. Heath
7  February  1798call on Foulkes, w. Ht & E F
31  March  1798call, w. him, on mrs Fairfield
31  March  1798Wedgwood
11  June  1798call, w. him, on Leslie
21  June  1798call on mrs Fenwick, w. Dyson; adv. Hays
8  September  1798Keir, w. M
19  September  1798Call on Ht, w. Fawcet
29  September  1798Call on Robinson, w. M
16  October  1798call, w. him, on mrs Fenwick
12  July  1799 Call on Fenwicks, w. Fell
25  July  1799Tiffin w. M
26  September  1799 call, w. him, on Keir; adv. mrs Pearce
3  October  1799Call on Curran, w. Fenwick; adv. O'Brien, Weld & (q) HoareRow
2  November  1799Greenwood, w. Fenwick
14  November  1799J G, w. M
6  January  1800Symonds
6  January  1800call, w. M, on Noble
6  January  1800Longman
5  March  1800Call on M Robinson, w. Fenwicks
30  April  1800Barker, w. S Elwes
16  July  1800call on mrs Lefanu, w. Everina; adv. Wright
21  July  1800call, w. her, on J C Walker
25  July  1800call, w. C, W Place
26  July  1800call, w. him, on Kirwan; adv. two priests
18  October  1800Fuseli
18  October  1800Lawrence
18  October  1800Call w. C, on Reynolds
26  January  1801Call on Duncan, w. Carlisle
31  March  1801Rees (w. M)
4  April  1801doPhilips, w. M
22  June  1801call on Dupuy, w. Lamb & Burnet
6  September  1801Call on Otton, w. Ct
25  October  1801Call on Perry, w. Smith; adv. Gillies's
30  December  1801Call on Lester, &c, w. Ct
2  January  1802call on Fenwicks, w. Ct
6  January  1802call on Philips, w. Ct
9  January  1802Fenwick
9  January  1802mrs Billingtonna
9  January  1802Call, w. Curran, on Wolcot
10  January  1802call on Fell, w. Lambs & Ct
15  January  1802Call on Ct Northcote, w. Ct & F; adv. Bourgeois & Hoare
17  January  1802call on Fenwick, w. Ct
26  January  1802Call on C Smith, w. Coleridge
1  February  1802Fenwickn
1  February  1802w. M J, on Fell
4  February  1802Call on mrs Perry, w. M J
10  February  1802Picoux
10  February  1802w. S E, on Kedden
18  February  1802w. M J, on Fenwicks
24  February  1802Call, on w. M J, on Reynolds's (adv. Wroughton)
24  February  1802Coleridge
24  February  1802Fuseli
27  February  1802Call, w. J M J, on Jo G
12  March  1802call, w. M J, on Fenwicks
15  March  1802Call, w. M J, on Carlisles
15  March  1802C Smithn
16  March  1802Call on Goldsmith (w. McAdam)
20  March  1802w. M J, on Fenwicks; adv. Lambs
2  April  1802Call, w. Fenwick, at Burder's, Brook Street
7  April  1802Northcote
7  April  1802call, w. Smith, on Nicholson
8  April  1802w. him on Nichols
15  April  1802Call, w. Polidori, on Deocheda
18  April  1802call, // w. M J, on Hoaren
18  April  1802mrs Plowden
18  April  1802Perrysn
23  April  1802Call at Nicholson's, w. M J
28  April  1802Call, w. M J, on Ritson
4  May  1802call, w. M J, on Plowdenn
6  May  1802call, w. M J, on Battyn
6  May  1802Northcote
8  May  1802Call, w. J M J, on Duncan (adv. Carlisle)
8  May  1802Ritson
9  May  1802w. M J, on M
9  May  1802J G
9  May  1802Philipsn
17  May  1802call, w. M J, Fiévée & Theodore , on Northcote
18  May  1802call, w. M J, on Felln
18  May  1802Fenwicks
1  July  1802Northcote
1  July  1802w. them, on Opie
2  July  1802Archer
2  July  1802Tassaert
2  July  1802Harding
2  July  1802Miller
2  July  1802call, w. Philips, on Ritson
10  July  1802Call on abbé Carron; w. M J
14  July  1802call, w. M J, on Fells; adv. Lambs
30  July  1802Call, w. M J, on Hoare
1  August  1802call, w. M J, on Northcoten
1  August  1802E Pickering
4  August  1802w. Philips, on Townsend, H C (adv. chev. Lawrence)
5  August  1802Me Beccaria
5  August  1802Call, w. M J, on Callagan
11  August  1802call, w. M J, on E Bonen
14  August  1802call, w. M J, on Smithers
16  August  1802Call on Townsend, w. Philips, adv. Macquin
31  August  1802Call, w. M J, at Norton's
2  September  1802call, w. M J & Fk, at Fell's; adv. Kennedy
10  September  1802call, w. M J, at Fell's; adv. Kennedy
19  September  1802Carlislen
19  September  1802Nicholson
19  September  1802E Reynolds
19  September  1802Hts
19  September  1802Hilln
19  September  1802Call, w. M J, on Currann
19  September  1802Northcote
19  September  1802Dawe
22  September  1802Ht
22  September  1802Call, w. Curran, on Reynoldsn
22  September  1802Barry
2  October  1802Call, w. M J, on Northcote
2  October  1802Lamb
12  November  1802call, w. M J, on Philips
12  November  1802Lambn
17  November  1802Call on Philips, w. M J
30  November  1802Call on Bosville, w. Arnot
18  December  1802call on Collyer, w. M J
20  December  1802call, w. him, on Ogbourne
28  December  1802call, w. him on Jo G
3  January  1803call, w. M, on West, at Jo G's
9  January  1803mrs Perry, w. M J
5  February  1803Call, w. M J, on Buchann
5  March  1803Northcote, w. W L White, adv. Hazlit
28  March  1803Nicholson
28  March  1803call, w. M, on L Ht
8  May  1803call, w. her, on Carlislen
8  May  1803S Nicholson
9  May  1803call on Lamb, do; adv. Fenwick
15  May  1803call on mrs Joyce, w. M J
21  May  1803Ritson, w. M J.
28  May  1803Call at Haverstock Hill, w. M J, &c
29  May  1803Lambn
29  May  1803call, w. M J, on Philips
31  May  1803Call, w. M J, on Northcote
31  May  1803Nicholson
31  May  1803L Ht
4  June  1803Carlisle
4  June  1803call, w. M J, on Ht n
7  June  1803Call, on w. M J, on Emma Smith (adv. S Nicholson & miss King)
7  June  1803 Lambs n
7  June  1803 Wakes n
12  June  1803call on Keir, w. M J
13  June  1803call on Fell, w. M J; adv. Arnot
23  June  1803call at Fell's, w. M J, F, M & J
25  June  1803Carlisle
25  June  1803call, w. M J, on Htn
5  July  1803call, w. M J, on L Knapp; adv. Ms
10  July  1803call on Keir, w. M J
15  July  1803call, w. M J, on Nicholson
15  July  1803Carlislen
18  July  1803call, w. M J, on S Nicholson
20  July  1803call, w. M J, on Keir n
20  July  1803Joycen
4  August  1803call, w. Ht, on Merciers, Northd Court
17  August  1803w. M J, on Grace Py[n?]e
21  August  1803 call on Ms, Kentish Town, w. M J; adv. G M Cooper
2  September  1803 Davison n
2  September  1803 Lamb n
2  September  1803call, w. M J, on Joyce
3  September  1803Nicholsons
3  September  1803Call, w. M J, on Dulau
8  September  1803call, w. M J, at Carlisle's
9  September  1803call, w. M J, on Dulau
11  September  1803Call, w. M J, &c, on L Knappn
29  September  1803mrs Dalrymple
29  September  1803call, w. mrs Taylor, on Pitchford
12  October  1803call on mrs Jo G, w. M J.
12  October  1803Lamb
12  October  1803Call, w. M J, on Franksn
12  October  1803 Cooper n
12  October  1803Philips n
12  October  1803R Taylor (adv. Livies)
13  October  1803Joyce
13  October  1803Call, w. M J, on Rowan
19  October  1803Northcote, w. M J n
22  October  1803w. Curran, on mrs H Rowan
22  October  1803mrs Reynolds
3  November  1803w. M J, on Smith
27  November  1803Call, w. M J, on Ht
27  November  1803Nicholson
29  November  1803J G
29  November  1803Call, w. M J, on Lamb n
13  December  1803Call, w. M J, on Fks
1  January  1804Call, w. M J, on L Ht
12  January  1804(w. M J) on Fkn
1  February  1804Lamb (adv. Fells), w. do
1  February  1804call on Fkn
9  February  1804Htn
9  February  1804Call, w. M J, on Fkn
10  February  1804call on Philips, w. Fell
28  February  1804call on Wordsworth, w. Jo G
29  February  1804E Fk
29  February  1804call, w. M J, on L Ht
7  March  1804(w. M J) Coleridgen
10  March  1804w. M J, on Harriet G, adv. mere, M Bailey & pere
13  March  1804call on Keir, w. M J
16  March  1804Lamb
16  March  1804R Taylor
16  March  1804Johnsonv
16  March  1804w. M J, on Philipsn
17  March  1804call, w. M J, on Northcote
21  March  1804Call on Joyce (w. M J)
3  April  1804call on Fks, do
12  April  1804Call on Knight, com., w. M
2  May  1804call, w. M J, on Ht, at Harwood's (wille)
2  May  1804on Nicholson
3  May  1804Call, w. M J, on Ht, at Harwood
5  May  1804Call, w. M J, on Ht at Harwood's; adv. Mathans & Shakerhaft
11  May  1804Call on R Taylor, w. M J (adv. mere, soeur, B Montagu, Reeve & Bailey)
15  May  1804E Fk
15  May  1804Call, w. M J, on Lamb (adv. Burney)
19  May  1804Call on Joyce, w. M J
22  May  1804call on Nicholson's, w. M J
29  May  1804Nicholson
29  May  1804w. M J, on F Ht
31  May  1804call, w. do, on Dulau
31  May  1804Nicholson
5  June  1804w. M J, on Nicholson
7  June  1804call on Carlisle, w. M J, n
8  June  1804call, w. M J, on F Ht
8  June  1804Carlislen
8  June  1804Dulau
12  June  1804Call on Jo G, w. M Jn
13  June  1804call, w. M J, on Dulau
13  June  1804Nicholson
13  June  1804Carlisle; adv. B Plumptre
15  June  1804call on McKinnen, w. M J
22  June  1804Call, w. M J, on Dulau
22  June  1804Fkn
22  June  1804C Mercier
26  June  1804Mercier, w. M J
28  June  1804Holbrook, w. M J
5  July  1804Carlisle, w. M J
9  July  1804(w. M J) mrs Silver
11  July  1804(w. M J) L Ht
14  July  1804M A Marshaln, w. M J
16  July  1804call, w. M J, on Nicholson
19  July  1804Call, w. M J, on Joyce; adv. mrs T C Joyce
27  July  1804call on Joyce, w. M J
8  August  1804on Ht
8  August  1804call on Fk, w. M J
11  August  1804Call on Sibbald (Holbrook), w. M J
19  August  1804call on L Ht, w. M Jn
20  September  1804Call, w. Everina, on J J Luntleyn
21  September  1804call, w. M J, on Johnson
22  September  1804Call on Luntley, w. E W
2  October  1804Call on Luntley, w. E W
3  October  1804Call on Eaton (w. E W) n
7  October  1804call on Wolcot, w. do
6  November  1804Call on Luntley, w. E Wt n
7  November  1804Call on Luntley, w. E Wt
9  November  1804Call on Wake, w. M J
12  November  1804call on Tiffin (w. Jo G)
25  November  1804call, w. M J, on Hoskins ( pro Roscio)
26  November  1804H Rowan
26  November  1804w. M J, on L Ht
27  November  1804Call, w. Langslow, on Alexander
30  November  1804call, w. M J, on Nicholson
3  December  1804Call, w. M J, on Lambn
11  December  1804w. M J, on Northcoten
11  December  1804Volsey
14  December  1804call, w. M J, on Wake
14  December  1804L Ht (adv. Volsey)
27  December  1804Combe, w. M J
1  January  1805 call on Nicholson, w. M J, for children
7  January  1805Call, w. M J, on H Rowan (adv. Hay & 2)
8  January  1805call, w. M J, on Buckley
8  January  1805mrs Walding
26  January  1805 call, w. M J, on Carlisle; adv. Barry & mrs Wilson
29  January  1805Mrs Balam
29  January  1805M Lamb
29  January  1805J J G
29  January  1805w. M J, on Johnson
1  February  1805 Call on Ball, w. Wordsworth
21  February  1805 w. M J, on Nicholson
27  February  1805w M J, on Taylor; adv. Pontigny
5  March  1805Call on Dawes (w. M J)
11  March  1805call, w. him, on Keir
22  March  1805call, w. M J, on Wake
22  March  1805mrs Rowan
23  March  1805call on Morgan, w. Philips; adv. Cooper
29  April  1805call on Joyce, w. M J
6  May  1805 Call, w. M J, on Waken
6  May  1805Carlisle; adv. Bloxam
17  May  1805 w. M J, on Lamb
17  May  1805Livie; adv. //Edw. Taylor
20  May  1805Call on McMillan, w. M J
24  May  1805Joyce
24  May  1805w. M J, &c, on Keir
9  June  1805Call, w. M J, on E Fk, at mrs Halls, Chiswick
10  July  1805Call on Dawe, w. M J
24  July  1805call on Hazlit, w. M J
31  July  1805w. do, on Jacob (Brompton)
31  July  1805mrs Rowan
10  August  1805Call on Jones, copper-plate printer, w. Dawe
12  August  1805 Call on Lahee, w. Dawe; & R Taylor
15  August  1805Call on Goldston, w. Jo G
6  September  1805call on Alderson (w. Susan; adv. Opie) n
12  September  1805call on Lamb’s, w. M J; adv. Hazlit
13  September  1805Call, w. M J, on Watkinson
16  September  1805M J, on Robinson surgeon
16  September  1805mrs Stephenson
17  September  1805w. M J, on Dawes
26  September  1805w. M J & C C, on Raine
26  September  1805Middleton, Charter-house
2  October  1805Barnard
4  October  1805Pope
4  October  1805Dawe
4  October  1805w. him, on Reynoldsn
8  October  1805w. M J, on Carlislen
11  October  1805call, w. M J, on Carlisle
31  October  1805Call, w. M J, on Rickman
26  November  1805call, do, on Dulau
2  December  1805call, w. M J, on Dulau
9  December  1805w. M J, on Turner
15  January  1806call on Wordsworth (w. M J)
2  March  1806G M C.
2  March  1806call, w. M J, on mrs Joyce
5  March  1806w. M J, on R Taylor; adv. mrs Potigny
21  March  1806Carlisle; adv. Tweddel
21  March  1806Call, w. M J, on Rowann
18  April  1806w. do, on Abbé Macarthy
20  April  1806call on G M C, w. M J.
7  May  1806do on Northcote; adv. Hoare
7  May  1806(w. Wordsworth & Duppa) on Edridge
7  May  1806Wilkie
10  May  1806call on Nicholson, w. M J
16  May  1806Call on Wordsworth, Pentonville, w. M J
22  May  1806call on Spurrier, w. M J
18  June  1806G M C, w. M J; adv. L Knapp & M A Marshal
19  June  1806M J, on mrs Mulready
19  June  1806Carlisle
26  June  1806Call on mrs Mulready, w. M J
1  July  1806call on mrs Carlisle, do
10  July  1806call, w. do & M J, at Walsh’s
10  July  1806Dawe’s
30  July  1806Call on Walsh, w. M J.
8  September  1806M Jonesn
8  September  1806Call, w. M J, on Perryn
11  September  1806M J on L Knapp
16  September  1806w. M J, on Hazlit
16  September  1806Jo G
17  September  1806 call, w. him, on Northcote
18  September  1806call, w. him, on Fuseli
28  September  1806call, w. him, on Kemblen
28  September  1806 & mrs Reynolds
5  October  1806w. Curran, on Trotter; adv. Rollason
8  October  1806him, on Pauln
9  October  1806w. M J, on Margt Jones
11  November  1806Jo G
11  November  1806Call, w. T T, on Lamb
30  November  1806Call on Graham, w. Wroughton
6  January  1807w. him, on Kemblen [Holland]
8  March  1807Call on Graham, w. Wroughton
15  March  1807call on Keir, w. M Jn
26  March  1807call on Toppings, w. M J
11  April  1807call on Wolcot, w. M J
23  April  1807Jo G
23  April  1807Call, w. M J, on Skinner Street (adv. T T)
24  April  1807Call on Lamb (w. M J)
2  May  1807call, w. do, on Nicholson (Berwick Str)
2  May  1807Heath
23  May  1807Fry
23  May  1807w. Stephens, on Crutchley
2  June  1807w. T T, on Nicholson
10  June  1807Call on Toppings, w. M J
24  June  1807w. M J, on M Lamb
25  June  1807call, w. M J, on M Jones
7  July  1807call, w. him, on E Fk; adv. T Fk & Lamb
8  July  1807Call, w. T T, on Taylor
8  July  1807Nicholson
8  July  1807call on Joyce, w. M J & T T
9  August  1807call on Mulready, w. M J & T T
10  August  1807Troby
10  August  1807Lepard
10  August  1807call, w. him, on Cotton
11  August  1807call on Knapp; barrister, w. T T
11  August  1807Corbet, w. T T
12  August  1807(w. him) Barber
14  August  1807Lambn
14  August  1807call, w. M J, on Jo Gn
25  August  1807Lepard (w. M)
25  August  1807Call on Humphrys, w. Longdil; adv. Hodgkins
27  August  1807call on Longdil, w. do
3  September  1807Call on Humphrys twice, w. Longdil & T T
4  September  1807call on Jo G, w. M J
21  September  1807Flaxmann
21  September  1807Call, w. M J, on mrs Hawthorn
28  September  1807call, w. him, on North
28  September  1807O Brien
28  September  1807Mountcashel
1  October  1807call on mrs Gill, w. T T
2  October  1807w. him, on Hutchins
12  October  1807call on Jo G, w. W
18  October  1807Keir, w. M J, &c
18  October  1807Call on Mountcashel (w. Curran)
21  October  1807w. him, on O’ Brien
8  April  1808call, w. T T, on G M C, for M J
14  April  1808call, w. Curran, on Coleridge
20  May  1808Carlislen, w. do
1  June  1808Cooper, w. M J
22  June  1808(w. M J) on Bullard at Cromwel’s
24  June  1808Mylius, w. M J
1  July  1808Lepard (w. M J)
16  July  1808call on Dawe, w. Booth, T T & M J
21  July  1808w. him & M J, on Coffee
24  July  1808Call on Lamb, w. M J
30  July  1808w. M J, on Coffee
30  July  1808Dawe
5  August  1808Call on Johnson (w. Vizard)
11  August  1808call on Lambn, w. M J.
18  August  1808(w. M J) Nicholsonn
27  August  1808call on Allen, Xt’s Hosp., w. M J.
20  September  1808call on Lamb, w. M J
28  November  1808Call on Branston, w. T T
23  December  1808Call on Listons, w. M J
8  January  1809Call on GMC, w. MJ
3  April  1809call on Nicholson, w. M J
16  April  1809call on Nicholson, w. M J
29  May  1809call on mrs Norris, w. M J
19  June  1809Call, w. M J, on Pass
26  June  1809Call on Pass, w. W
20  July  1809call, w. him, on Lancaster
25  July  1809(w. C. C) on Lancaster
7  August  1809w. M J, on Darnel
7  August  1809Hopwoods
20  September  1809call on T T, w. M J; adv. Flather
2  October  1809Boville
2  October  1809Call, w. Curran, on Burroughs
19  October  1809Call (w. Lockhart) on Sims
13  December  1809Dry, w. M J
14  December  1809Turton, w. L Ht & M J
9  February  1810Call on Miles (w. Place)
13  February  1810(w. T T) on Place
14  February  1810Place (execute)
14  February  1810w. T T, on Lambert
28  February  1810w. M J, on mrs Topping
28  February  1810Hopwood
9  April  1810Call, w. T T, on Biggs
9  April  1810Longdil
9  April  1810Place
17  April  1810call on T T, w. M J
26  April  1810Call on Lane, w. T T
7  May  1810D C, w. Jo G
25  May  1810w. T T, on B Montagu
7  June  1810Call, w. M J, on D. of Cumbd
7  June  1810miss Currann
19  June  1810call, w. him on Mn
19  June  1810Keirn
19  June  1810L Ht
21  June  1810call on Liston, w. M J & 7; adv. Smith, Lambs, Laburns, miss Tyrer & miss Liston
9  July  1810call, w. M J, on Dell
9  August  1810call on Lamb, w. M J, M & J
17  August  1810Call, w. T T, at A Curran’s Picture
19  August  1810Call, w. Jo G, on Chase
1  October  1810Call on Tuthill, w. Patrickson
9  November  1810w. him, on Tuthil
23  November  1810call on Adams, w. M J
27  December  1810Call, w. T T, on Watson
30  December  1810Call on A Robinson, Camberwel, w. M J C C
1  April  1811(w. him) on Anthony
13  May  1811Call on Cline, w. Mary
20  May  1811Call, w. C, on Tate
20  May  1811Saunders
20  May  1811Kemp
20  May  1811miss Lousada
20  May  1811Stanger
1  June  1811Call on Taten, w. C C
19  August  1811w. M J, on T T
27  August  1811w. Tatham, on mrs Place
27  August  1811Lambert
12  September  1811call, w. him, on Davison
22  October  1811Call on Curran, at Chantry’s, w. M J, C & J; adv. A. C
24  October  1811call, w. Curran, on Cobbet; adv. Cochrane
29  October  1811call <w.> on Cobbet, w. Curran
1  November  1811Call on Gatty, w. C C (indenture)
3  November  1811Call, w. M J, on Wageninge
14  November  1811w. M J, on A Taylor
24  January  1812w. M J) on Burr
28  January  1812w. M J, on Burr
14  February  1812call on Burr, w. M J
5  March  1812Call on Cline, w. M
18  April  1812 Call on Spry, w. W
8  May  1812Call on Spry, w. W
30  June  1812Spry, w. W
12  July  1812Call on S Elwes, w.M J & W
14  September  1812w. him, on Cottle
22  September  1812w. Luxford, on Jeffery, Picture-dealer
28  September  1812Call on C M, w. M J
29  September  1812Call on Place
30  September  1812Call on Hume
4  November  1812call, w. him, on Howard
4  November  1812Williams, Twyford
14  December  1812 w. him, on Zerah Colburn
7  February  1813Call on Place, w. Owen
5  March  1813Call on Place, w.M J
18  March  1813call on Ingram, cabinet-maker, w. M J
21  March  1813Call on Kenny, w. M J, F, M & C Br
23  May  1813Call, w. M J, on Lambs; adv. Morgans
21  June  1813Call on Clementi, w. M J
19  August  1813 & Denham
19  August  1813call, w. him, on Phipps
7  September  1813call, w. him, on Hamond
23  September  1813Call on Pearce, w. Hogan
16  October  1813w. him, on Me Stael
18  October  1813Call on Place, w. Curran
4  November  1813call on Palmer (with Bagley)
5  November  1813Tristram
5  November  1813Rickman
5  November  1813w. Hogan
6  November  1813Call on Lambert, w. Place
10  January  1814Call on Howard (w. Hayward)
27  January  1814call on Dufour, w. Gill, M Lamb (adv. M Burney
27  January  1814Sutherland, w. M J & Perry
30  January  1814Call on Plce, w. C C
1  February  1814Cradock
1  February  1814Curtis
1  February  1814Law
1  February  1814Place
1  February  1814Call, w. C C, on Orme
2  February  1814(w. C C) on Hailes
2  February  1814 Adams (Colburn)
13  February  1814call, w. do, on Mulready
13  February  1814for C C, on Place
3  March  1814call on Burton, w. Place
5  March  1814Poole, w. C C
8  March  1814call, w. Shelley, on Ballachey
13  March  1814Call on Place, w. C C
20  March  1814Place, w. C C
22  March  1814Call, w. Shelley, at Doctors Commons
8  April  1814Call, w. C C, on Mackintoshn
8  April  1814 Devon n(Chiswick)
8  April  1814C L Moody
29  April  1814on mrs Aldis, w.M J
29  April  1814Call on Bramston, w. T Rd
5  May  1814Call on Constable (Belisarius), w. M, M J, F, M & J; adv. Fleming
8  May  1814Call on Aldis, w. C C; adv. mrs Slater
9  May  1814w. A C, on Constable
11  May  1814 call, w. do, on Place
26  May  1814Ballachey w. M
26  May  1814Call on Hayward w. Shelley
27  May  1814Call on Hayward, w. Shelley
31  May  1814Call on Place, w. C C; adv. Lambert & Owen
11  June  1814B Montagu (the 2 last w. Place)
11  June  1814Dawe
26  June  1814Hayward, w. Shelley
27  June  1814Call on Ballachey
27  June  1814(w. Shelley) Burton
29  June  1814Place, w. Shelley
2  July  1814Ballachey; signature
2  July  1814Call, w. Shelley, on Nash
6  July  1814Hookham’s
11  July  1814 call, w. do, on Burton
11  July  1814on Ballachey
12  July  1814(w. Shelley) on Ballachey
12  July  1814Burton
30  July  1814S E, w. C C
29  September  1814Call on T Stone, w. C C
19  October  1814call on M, w. C C
31  October  1814Jo G
31  October  1814w. C C, on Longman
18  November  1814Genn’s, w. Hayward, M J & C C
13  February  1815Call on Sutherland (w. Meyer)
25  February  1815call on Lambs, w. M J; adv. Jno Lamb & M Burney
3  March  1815Call on S En, w. M J; adv. mrs Stewart
4  July  1815Call on S E, w. M J
21  September  1815Call on Lamb, w. M J; adv. Hume
11  October  1815Davison (w. M)
15  October  1815w. M J & F, on Kenney
21  October  1815call on J Lambn, w. C Lamb
18  January  1816Call on Kenney, w. M J
18  February  1816Call on Roufigny (w. M J)
15  April  1816Murray (w. Fairley)
19  April  1816call on Raeburn (w. R Miller)
19  April  1816Yaniewicz (w. C.)
24  April  1816call, w. mrs Y, on Sir W D
27  April  1816call, w. him, on Jackson; adv. Wakefield
1  May  1816Hawkes
1  May  1816College
1  May  1816(w. Kershaw) at Church
20  May  1816call on Springsguth, w. M J
4  June  1816call on Springsguth, w. M J
5  June  1816(w. M J & F) S E; adv. Baker & miss Roberts
21  June  1816Call on S E, w. M J
5  August  1816call, w. do, on Skirving
28  August  1816call on S E, w. M J; adv. Oaks
19  October  1816on H Corbould, w. M J
28  December  1816M W G; adv. M J
28  December  1816Call, w. P B S, on D Cs
30  December  1816Call on Mildred, w. P B S, M W G & M J
19  January  1817Call on Aldis, w. W G; adv. Woodham
29  January  1817Call, w. P B S, on Hayward
30  January  1817Wetherel; adv. Longdil
30  January  1817Call, w. P B S, on Brougham
13  May  1817Percy (w. Ogilvie)
14  May  1817call on Turnbull, w. Elston
7  July  1817call, w. do, on Thompson
17  September  1817w. M J, on Kenneyn
22  September  1817call on Northcoten, w. Hazlit
15  November  1817call on Wolcot, w. Shelley; adv. Taylor
10  December  1817Call on Inchbald, w. Constable
27  December  1817(w. M J) Leserve; adv. Cordy
23  January  1818w. M J, on A Curran
30  January  1818Call on Willats, w. Shelley, at Richardson’s
17  March  1818Call on Booths, Homerton, w. M J
22  March  1818call on Ogilvies, w. W
29  September  1818Call on Kenney, w. M J
18  October  1818Call on Hone, w. M J
16  December  1818J Taylor, w. W
27  December  1818Call, w. Lubé, on mrs Dixonn
21  February  1819call on John Lamb, w. M J & S P
6  April  1819Hume, w.M J
23  June  1819 call on Bignold, w. Aldis
22  August  1819Call on Snow, w. M
22  August  1819call on miss Smith, w. M J
21  November  1819call on R P, w. M J
21  December  1819call, w. him, on Macgowann
22  December  1819call on Brown, Linnean, w. T T
8  January  1820call on P Nicholson, w. W
9  March  1820Call on Maudslay, w. W, fr
10  March  1820Call on Maudslay, w. W
21  April  1820(w. W) Lloyd millwrightn
28  April  1820call on Aldis, w. Ogilvie
9  May  1820call, w. W, on N G
25  July  1820Call on Leslie, w. Irving
10  August  1820w. M J, on Booth; adv. C B
13  August  1820Call on Mulready, w. W
16  October  1820call on Hay//ward, w. Hor. Smith
28  December  1820Call on Nash (w. W)
19  February  1821call, w. him, on W
19  July  1821Call on mrs Hume, w. M J & Pilchers
21  October  1821call, w. M J, on R Grave
27  October  1821H Boinville, w. him
16  November  1821call, w. M J, on Williams br
16  November  1821S Hall
21  December  1821Call on Colburn, w.M; Contract, au soir
24  March  1822call with him, on H B
20  April  1822call on Hayward, w. M
24  April  1822call, w. him, on Hayward
30  April  1822call, w. H P, on Hayward
13  May  1822other houses, w. M J & W; adv. Bt
17  May  1822Hudson
17  May  1822H Rodd
17  May  1822call, w. M J, on Painter
18  May  1822call, w. M J, on Lovel
18  May  1822Painter
20  May  1822Catchpool
20  May  1822Call, w. M J, on Capon
20  May  1822Barclay
20  May  1822Dean
27  May  1822Call on mrs Kenyon, w. H Rodd
28  May  1822w. M J, on Macmillan
17  July  1823Curtis jr, w. Sturmy
31  August  1823Call, w M W S, on mrs Peacock
3  September  1823w. M W S on Whitton
3  September  1823w. M J on H P
5  September  1823Call, w. M W S on Hayward
10  September  1823call on Black, w. W
25  September  1823call on Hayward, w. W
16  December  1823(w. T T) on M W S
16  January  1824call on Prentis, w. M W S
23  May  1824Call, w. M J, on G Dyern
2  June  1824Call on Jo G (palsy, May 31)e, w. Wegener
19  August  1824(w. him) Overend
30  September  1824call, w. Booth, on Kean
6  November  1824Jo G, w. Wegener
8  December  1824call w. M W S, on Northcote
6  March  1825call onBooth, w. do
9  March  1825call onIsa. Booth, w. M
1  April  1825Call, w. M J, onEllen Ht
24  May  1825call on mrs Osborne, w.M J
9  February  1826call, w. her, on L Hunt; adv. mrs Williams
10  March  1826Whitehall, w. W
25  March  1826w. her, meet mrs Williams
29  March  1826call, w.M W S, on Newton, adv. Russell, & Northcote
6  April  1826Call on West, painter, w. M W S
20  April  1826Call, w. M W S, on Northcoten, & Angerstein’s
26  April  1826call onM W S, w. M J
2  November  1826Call, w. M W S, on Northcoten
11  December  1827Call on S Hodgets, w. Wn
2  January  1828call, w. him, at Broderip’s
8  June  1828Call on L K, w. M J
20  July  1828Call on Booth, w. C C
26  July  1828call on Taylor, bookseller, w. C C
28  July  1828Call, w. C C, on Birkbeck
28  July  1828Rowbotham
28  July  1828Bryantn
30  July  1828Call on Horner, w. C C
13  August  1828Call on Uwins, on w. C C
16  August  1828Call on W Tooken, w. C C
6  September  1828call, w. C C, on Coates
15  September  1828Call on Rees (Longman), w. C C
27  September  1828Call on Northcote, w. C C
28  September  1828w. C C, on Booth
30  September  1828Call, w. C C, on Boosey junr
30  September  1828Treuttel
30  September  1828R T
30  September  1828R Hunter
2  October  1828call, w. them & M J, on C C; adv. W
18  October  1828Call, w. C C, on W Tooke
19  October  1828call, w. C C, on Kenneyn; adv. T Ht
20  October  1828Call on Broughamna, w. C C
28  October  1828call on Brougham, w. C C
29  October  1828Call on Brougham, w. C C
25  January  1829Call on M W S, w. Uwins
8  March  1829Call on Booth, w. C C
15  March  1829Call on Booth, w. C C
3  May  1829call on Booth, w. C C; adv. P Nicholson
7  June  1829Call on Booth, w. C C
9  August  1829call on Booth, w. C C
11  October  1829Call onBooth, w. C C
5  January  1830call, w. W, on Chatfield
30  July  1830Call on H Holm, w. M J
25  November  1830call on Kennies, w. M Jn
26  November  1830 Call on Chatfield, w. W
16  December  1830 Call on L Kenney, w. M J(Letter fr. Harwood)
23  December  1830Call on Cooken, w. M J
21  April  1831Call on Cooke, w. M J
28  August  1831Call on Pickens (Augustus Street), w. M J
29  November  1831Call on Chatfield, w. M J & W (W, Portraite)
17  January  1832H Holm, w. M J
4  February  1832call, w. him & M J, on H Holm
9  February  1832miss Northcote, w. M J
30  July  1832Call on Josephn, w. M J
8  August  1832Call on Joseph, w. W
10  October  1832Uwins, w. M J & M W S; adv. Dr Quin
12  January  1833S Gent, w. M J
22  April  1833Gaskel, w. M J
26  April  1833Roberts; adv. Huntley, Ramsey, Forster, & creditors, w. M J
3  June  1833Call on mrs Rickman, w. M J
17  June  1833Call on mrs Norton, w. F R
17  June  1833on mrs White, w. M J
22  June  1833Call, w. Rowbothom, on Phillips(Wood & Forests)
22  June  1833Welsh
22  June  1833Mitchel, A S
24  July  1833w. M J, on mrs Gaskel
18  November  1833Call on Mrs A White, w. M J
18  November  1834Call on A Whiten, w. M J
2  September  1835Call on Hart, Whitehall Yard, w. M J
7  September  1835call on Hart, w. M J
6  October  1835mrs Rickman, w. M J