William Godwin's Diary

Meals -- Sups

Diary DateDiary Entry
22  September  1788sup at Holcroft's
16  October  1788sup chez lui
2  November  1788Sup at Pol. Robinson's, with Holcroft
19  November  1788sup at Holcroft's
5  December  1788sup
30  December  1788sup
6  February  1789sup
8  February  1789sup with him at Nicholson's
29  March  1789sup with him at Nicholson's
28  April  1789sup at Holcroft's
22  May  1789Holcroft sups
11  October  1789sup with him at Nicholson's
2  November  1789Sup at Holcroft's
4  November  1789sup with Fawcet
12  February  1790sup at Holcroft's
23  February  1790Sup at Holcrofts
25  March  1790Sup at Nicholson's, with Holcroft
11  May  1790sup at Nicholson's
14  July  1790sup with Fawcet. “We are particularly fortunate in having you among us; it is having the best cause countenanced by the man, by whom we most wished to see it supported.”
22  August  1790sup with him at Fenwick's
26  September  1790sup with him at Fenwick's
20  October  1790sup at Holcroft's
9  January  1791sup with him & Davison, at Fenwick's
21  January  1791sup at Fenwick's, with Ht
30  January  1791 sup with him at Bemetzrieder's
6  February  1791sup with him at Fenwick's
3  April  1791Holcroft sups
17  April  1791sup with him at Nicholson's
3  July  1791sup with him at Fenwicks
15  July  1791Sup at Nicholson's, with Holcroft
14  August  1791sup with him at Fenwick's
16  September  1791sup chez lui
24  September  1791sup in Thr. Street
2  October  1791sup with him at Fenwick's
30  October  1791sup at Holcrofts, with Dyson.
5  November  1791Sup at Otley's w. Holcroft
10  November  1791Sup at Holcroft's
13  November  1791Sup at Holcroft's
22  November  1791Sup at Hollis's, talk of David, Canaanites & the use of conversation
24  November  1791Sup at Jacob's; talk of monopoly, Paine's bridge & theory; apologise to Mmee
27  November  1791sup at Nicholson's, talk of self interest, Paine's bridge
29  November  1791sup at Holcroft's
6  December  1791Sup at Holcrofts
11  December  1791Sup with him at Fenwick's
31  December  1791Sup at miss Godwin's, talk of selfishness & justice
2  January  1792Sup at Fenwick's with Holcroft, talk of the law & intellectual improvement
5  January  1792 Sup with miss Godwin, talk of religion
8  January  1792sup with him at Fenwick's, talk of irresolution
17  January  1792sup with him at miss Godwin's
23  January  1792Sup at miss Godwin's, with Mrs Cooper
1  February  1792sup at miss Godwin's
6  February  1792sup at Holcroft's, talk of passivity
8  February  1792Sup at miss Godwin's, talk of Christianity
15  February  1792Sup at miss Godwin's
18  February  1792sup at Holcroft's
21  February  1792Sup at miss Godwin's, talk of necessity
22  February  1792Sup at Holcroft's
7  March  1792Sup at Holcroft's
10  March  1792Sup at Holcroft's
19  March  1792Sup at miss Godwin's
27  March  1792sup at Holcroft's
5  April  1792Sup at miss Godwin's
8  April  1792sup with him at Fenwick's, explanation
11  April  1792sup at miss Godwin's
12  April  1792 sup at Holcrofts
13  April  1792Sup at Holcroft's
16  April  1792Sup at miss Godwin's, with Borcham
19  April  1792Sup at Nicholson's, talk of animals, innate, infinite, space & causation
29  April  1792Sup at Nicholson, revisal de mon ouvrage
1  May  1792Sup at miss Godwin's, talk politics
4  May  1792Sup at Holcroft's
6  May  1792Sup at Nicholson's, talk of literary societies, taxation, promises & coercion
13  May  1792Sup at Nicholson's, w. H. talk of immortality, abstraction, causation, majorities
15  May  1792sup at Nicholson's with Holcroft, talk of necessity & divisn of lab
16  May  1792Sup at miss Godwin's
17  May  1792sup at Holcrofts
20  May  1792sup with him at Nicholson's, talk of necessity, & Barrow's Mathl Lectures
30  May  1792sup at Nicholson's, talk of government, contract, associations & instinct
5  June  1792Sup at miss Godwin's, talk of justice & speaking truth
6  June  1792Sup at J Hollis, with dr Lister, talk of the social contract, obedience & justice
7  June  1792Sup at Holcroft's
12  June  1792Sup at Nicholson's{,} talk of obedience, delegation, secrecy & abstraction
24  June  1792sup with him at Nicholson's, talk of self love
26  June  1792Sup at Holcroft's with Dyson, talk of animal motion & chastisement
1  July  1792sup at Nicholson's, talk of ideal unity
2  July  1792sup chez lui
12  July  1792Sup at Nicholson's, talk of causation
27  July  1792Sup at Nicholson's, talk of France, matter & Hartley
2  August  1792Sup at Holcroft's, with Shield
7  August  1792Sup at miss Godwin's
30  August  1792Sup at Holcroft's, talk of French & Spartan virtue
2  September  1792Sup at Nicholson's with Holcroft, talk of Helvetianism
3  September  1792Fenwick sups, talk of his affairs
20  September  1792Sup at Nicholson's, talk of foundations, & labour
22  September  1792Sup at Holcroft's
25  September  1792Sup at Nicholson's, with Holcroft, talk of obedience, war & property
2  October  1792sup at miss Godwin's
5  October  1792Sup at Nicholson's, talk of punishment, education, cooperation & cohabitation
21  October  1792sup at Nicholson's, talk of constitutions
23  October  1792Sup at Holcrofts, with Dyson, talk of promises
24  October  1792sup at miss Godwin's
28  October  1792Sup at Holcroft's
31  October  1792sup at Holcroft's
7  November  1792sup at Holcroft's
8  November  1792Sup at Nicholson's; talk of government, property, punishment
15  November  1792sup at Holcroft's
16  November  1792sup at J Hollis's
18  November  1792sup w. H. at Nicholson's, talk of overt acts & oaths
22  November  1792Sup at Holcrofts
25  November  1792sup at Holcroft's, w. Pinard
29  November  1792Sup at mrs Inchbald's
1  December  1792sup at Holcroft's
6  December  1792Sup at Holcroft's, coercion
7  December  1792Sup with miss Godwin
8  December  1792Sup at Nicholson's, talk of abstraction
17  December  1792sup at Holcroft's
25  December  1792Sup at Nicholson's, revise Book VIII avec lui
2  January  1793Sup at Nicholson's, revise avec lui B. VIII, Chap. VIII
10  January  1793Sup at Nicholson's, revise Preface avec lui, applauds dissimulation
14  January  1793Sup at miss Godwin's, talk of mild firmness
15  January  1793Sup at Holcroft's
18  January  1793sup at Nicholson's, with a new paragraph sur lui, discuss his motives
22  January  1793Sup at Nicholson's
29  January  1793Sup at Holcroft's
5  February  1793sup at Holcroft's
7  February  1793Sup at miss Godwin's
18  February  1793sup at Holcroft's
21  February  1793sup at Holcroft's
22  February  1793sup at Holcroft's
10  March  1793sup with him at Nicholson’s, talk with of necessity
11  March  1793supper
13  March  1793sup at miss Godwin’s
14  March  1793sup at Holcroft’s
16  March  1793sup at miss Godwin’s, with Mrs Cooper
19  March  1793sup at Holcroft’s, with Dyson
21  March  1793sup at Nicholson’s, talk of degeneracy
22  March  1793sup at Davis’s, talk of innate
27  March  1793sup with him at miss Godwin’s
28  March  1793Sup at Holcroft’s w. Dyson
25  April  1793 Sup at Marshal’s
26  April  1793tea & supper, J Hollis
29  April  1793Sup at miss Godwin’s, with miss Sparkes
1  May  1793sup at Nicholson’s, talk of honesty, envy & plot
3  May  1793sup at miss Godwin’s
20  May  1793 Sup at miss Godwin’s
23  May  1793sup at Nicholson’s, w. Holct
5  June  1793sup at miss Godwin’s
13  June  1793sup at Holcroft’s
20  June  1793sup at Holcrt’s
23  June  1793sup with him at Nicholson’s, talk of optimism, necessity & metaphor
27  June  1793sup at miss Godwin’s, talk of conversation
10  July  1793 Sup at miss Godwin’s
11  July  1793sup at Holcroft’s
13  July  1793Sup at Nicholson’s
24  July  1793sup at miss Godwin’s
8  August  1793sup at Nicholson’s, talk of anarchy
14  August  1793sup at miss Godwin’s
15  August  1793sup at Marshal’s
21  August  1793sup at Holcroft’s
27  August  1793 sup at miss Godwin’s, w. Mrs C.
29  August  1793sup at Holcroft’s
4  September  1793sup at Nicholson’s, talk of anarchy & God
9  September  1793Sup at miss G’s, with mrs C.
10  September  1793sup at Holcrts
12  September  1793 sup in Winc. Street
1  October  1793Sup at Reveley’s
2  October  1793sup at miss Godwin’s
7  October  1793sup at Nicholson’s
10  October  1793Sup at Jennings’s, with mrs Reveley; adv. Gerald, Brand & F Vaughan
13  October  1793sup with him at Perry’s, adv. miss Stuart & Gill[s?]
15  October  1793sup at miss Godwin’s
25  October  1793Sup at Holcrts
27  October  1793sup with him at miss Godwin’s
1  November  1793sup at Jennings’s, with Reveley
2  November  1793sup at Nicholson’s, talk of optimism
3  November  1793sup w. him at Perry’s; adv. Gordon & Barnes
13  November  1793sup at Holcroft’s, w. Dyson
15  November  1793sup at Reveley’s
20  November  1793Sup at Nicholson’s
21  November  1793sup at Reveley’s, with Holcroft
24  November  1793sup at Perry’s, w. Porson, Barnes, Gordon, Gillies, Calld & Holcrofts
25  November  1793sup at Reveley’s, talk of Moses
26  November  1793Sup at Jennings’s
28  November  1793 sup at Reveley’s, K’s ms.
30  November  1793Sup at Wrights, with Holcroft, Porson, Hewardine, Pope, Dignum, Johnstone, Perry, Gordon, Dignum, Johnstone, Bell, Barnes, Gillies, Stow & Tanner.
1  December  1793sup at Jennings’s, with him & King
6  December  1793sup at Reveley’s
7  December  1793Sup at miss Godwin’s
8  December  1793Sup at Holcroft’s, w. Thelwal, Stephen & Dyson
11  December  1793Sup at Reveley’s
12  December  1793sup at Jennings’s, confession de mee
13  December  1793sup at Nicholson’s, talk of passions
14  December  1793sup at Reveley’s, w. //Tresham, Woodford, Taylor & Underwood, talk of property &c.
18  December  1793Sup at Holcroft’s, w. Dyson
19  December  1793sup at Reveley’s
21  December  1793sup at Reveley’s, with him & Woodford
27  December  1793sup at Reveley’s, w. Woodford; adv. Combe
30  December  1793sup at Jennings’s, with Reveleys
2  January  1794sup at Holcroft's
8  January  1794sup at Jennings's
10  January  1794Sup at Reveley's
13  January  1794Sup at Jennings's, w. Holcroft, Sinclair & Moore, talk of evil
17  January  1794sup at Holcrofts
18  January  1794sup at miss G.'s, w. miss C
23  January  1794sup at Reveley's, a conference
29  January  1794sup at Reveley's
5  February  1794sup at Holcroft's, with Stephen
6  February  1794sup at miss Godwin's
8  February  1794sup at Reveley's, confession
10  February  1794sup at Ritson's
12  February  1794sup at Jennings's; adv. Folkes & Dayes, talk of law
14  February  1794sup at Reveley's, w. Holcroft
17  February  1794Sup at Mac Reveley's
19  February  1794sup at Holcroft's, w. mrs Jennings
20  February  1794Sup at Holcroft's, w. Haslets
21  February  1794sup with him, at Reveley's
26  February  1794sup at Reveley's
1  March  1794Sup at Reveley's
7  March  1794sup at Reveley's
8  March  1794sup at Ritson's
12  March  1794sup at Jennings, w. Foulkes, talk of law
13  March  1794sup at Reveley's, w. Jennings's & Foulkes
15  March  1794sup at Reveley's, w. Barry & mrs Jennings
19  March  1794sup at Reveley's
20  March  1794sup at J Hollis's, talk of justice, religion & l. Wycombe
21  March  1794sup at Jennings, w. Cook
24  March  1794sup at Reveley's
31  March  1794sup at Reveley's; adv. Jennings's & Foulkes
6  April  1794Sup at Jennings's, w. Foulkes & Holcroft; adv. Tweddel
7  April  1794sup at Reveley's
9  April  1794Sup at Ritson's
10  April  1794sup at Holcroft's
14  April  1794sup at Reveley's
18  April  1794sup at J Hollis's
21  April  1794sup at Thelwal's, w. Birch; Kenyon, Conolly, Pearce
23  April  1794sup at Holcroft's, w. Dyson
28  April  1794sup at miss Godwin's
30  April  1794sup at Thelwal's, w. Holcrofts
1  May  1794Sup at J Hollis's, talk of Gerald
2  May  1794sup at Reveley's
5  May  1794sup at Reveley's
7  May  1794sup at Holcrs
10  May  1794sup at Jennings's, w. Howard, Aris & Foulkes
12  May  1794sup at Reveley's
22  May  1794sup at miss Godwin's, w. Holcroft, Rumps, mrs Fremow, & mrs Cook
23  May  1794sup at Reveley's; adv. Woodford
26  May  1794sup at Reveley's
30  May  1794sup at Ritson's; mrs Elliot
2  June  1794sup at Reveley's, talk of elocution
4  June  1794sup at Jennings's, w. mrs Fonsaick
5  June  1794sup at miss G's
9  June  1794sup at Reveley's, elocution
14  June  1794sup at Nicholson's, talk of promises & sincerity
16  June  1794sup at miss G's
17  June  1794sup at Reveley's, w. mrs Jennings
19  June  1794sup at Jennings's. w. Reveleys
21  June  1794sup at Reveley's
5  July  1794sup at Alderson's, w. Pitchford, J Taylor, Firth, S & T Barnard
11  July  1794sup at Reveley's, w. Jennings's & Holcroft
12  July  1794sup at J's, w. White satyric
14  July  1794sup at Reveley's
15  July  1794sup at Jennings's, w. Reveley's, Holcroft & Sinclair
16  July  1794sup at Jennings's, w. Macnamara
17  July  1794sup at Fenwick's, talk of perfectibility
18  July  1794sup w. him at miss G's
21  July  1794sup at Reveley's, w. mrs Jennings & Watts's
22  July  1794Sup at Nicholson's, talk of passions
28  July  1794Sup at Reveley's, w. Barry
31  July  1794sup at Holcroft's, w. Porson, Jennings's, mrs Reveley & mrs Luneham
1  August  1794Sup at Fenwick's
2  August  1794sup at miss Godwin's
4  August  1794sup at Jennings's, w. Reveleys, Aris's, miss Ramsay, Whitehead & Macnamara
5  August  1794sup w. them at Holcroft's, talk of mimicry & Pan.
9  August  1794sup at Holcroft's
11  August  1794sup at Nicholson's
12  August  1794sup at Adams's
14  August  1794sup at Fenwick's
18  August  1794sup at Reveley's, w. Banks's & Jennings's
23  August  1794sup at Jennings's, w. Holcroft, talk of Robespierre
24  August  1794sup w. him at Gray's; talk of Robe, adv. Gordon, Gillies, Hay & Brown
27  August  1794sup at Adams's. adv. Zenobio
1  September  1794Sup at Reveley's, w. Jennings's
2  September  1794sup at Philomaths
4  September  1794sup at Fenwick's
5  September  1794Sup at Reveley's
8  September  1794Sup at Reveley's, w. Lowry; talk of self love
10  September  1794sup at Jennings's; adv. miss Mackenzie
12  September  1794sup w. S. at Jennings's
14  September  1794sup at Nicholson's; talk of optimism
15  September  1794sup at miss Godwin's
18  September  1794sup at Jennings's, w. Reveleys; adv. Macnamara
22  September  1794sup at Nicholson's, talk of optimism
25  September  1794Sup at Jennings's
27  September  1794sup at Fenwick's
6  October  1794Sup at Hatton; Parrs, Heming, Philips & Hall
14  October  1794sup at Nicholson's
16  October  1794sup at Fenwick's
20  October  1794sup at Foulkes's
21  October  1794sup w. Agar, Powel & Hubbard
22  October  1794sup at Jennings's, adv. Foulkes.
23  October  1794sup at Jennings's, w. Ferguson, Reveleys, mrs Tomkins & miss Lloyd
24  October  1794sup at Hubbard's
25  October  1794sup at Foulkes's; demêlé de ml
2  November  1794sup at Jennings's, with Griffiths
3  November  1794Sup at Jennings's, w. mrs Reveley, Ferguson, Moore & Symonds
5  November  1794sup at Perry's, w. Bankes, Robinson, Gillies, Barnes, & Armstrong & Agar; adv. Burney
7  November  1794sup at Holcroft's, w. H Richter
8  November  1794sup at Nicholson's
16  November  1794sup at Jennings's, w. Brent & Cook
21  November  1794Sup at Jennings's, w. G. Moore, Scott & mrs Reveley
27  November  1794sup at Shield's, w. Crosdil; adv. Collick & Smith
28  November  1794sup at Jennings's
1  December  1794sup at Holcroft's
2  December  1794 Sup at Foulkes's, w. David F.
3  December  1794Sup at Holcroft's; adv. mrs Jardine
3  December  1794Sup at Jennings's
4  December  1794sup at H's; adv. Mrs Jardine
8  December  1794sup at Reveley's; adv. Lowry
10  December  1794sup at Thelwal's, w. Ritson, Hazlits, Matthews, Powels & Hunters
12  December  1794Sup at Jennings's, exp.; adv. mrs Reveley
19  December  1794sup at Sutton's, w. Jo.
22  December  1794sup at Reveley's, w. Jennings's
24  December  1794Sup at Nicholson's, talk of optimism.
29  December  1794sup at Reveley's, t.a t
31  December  1794sup at Jennings's
5  January  1795sup at Reveley's, w. Jennings
6  January  1795sup at Fenwicks
8  January  1795sup with Porson, at Jennings's
12  January  1795sup at Reveley's, courir dehors
14  January  1795Sup at Nicholson's, talk of the universe
15  January  1795sup at Jennings's, avec lui.
19  January  1795sup at Reveley's, l'eternel
22  January  1795sup at Ht's, w. H. Richter
23  January  1795sup at Jennings's; adv. Griffiths & Macnamara
29  January  1795sup miss G's
2  February  1795sup at Thelwal's; Bailey, Matthews, Bedder, Smith, G. Richter, Hinkley, Bedder, Pearce & Walker
3  February  1795sup at Fenwick's; adv. Kennedy
6  February  1795sup at Jennings's
7  February  1795sup w. him, Walker & Lee, at Powel's
8  February  1795sup at Perry's, w. Calland, Wateridge & Scribe
9  February  1795sup at Nicholson's, talk of duty
12  February  1795sup at Fenwick's
21  February  1795sup at Ht's, w. Richters & Watts's
22  February  1795sup at Ht's, w. Dyson, C & Hazlit
23  February  1795sup at Fenwick's
26  February  1795sup at Nicholson's
27  February  1795sup at Jennings's
28  February  1795sup at Reveley's
1  March  1795sup at Ht's, w. Shield, Smith & Thelwal.
4  March  1795sup at King's; adv. Davis
5  March  1795sup at King's
9  March  1795sup at Holcroft's
13  March  1795sup at Fenwick's
14  March  1795sup w. him at Fenwick's
19  March  1795sup at Ht's
28  March  1795sup at Adams's, w. miss Prince; adv. Newdicks, Atkins's & Hinckley
31  March  1795sup at Thelwal's, w. Wadstrom, Frend, Batty, Dyer, A Alderson, & miss Hawes's
6  April  1795sup at Ht's
8  April  1795sup at J Hollis's
12  April  1795sup at Batty's, w. Ht & Barry
21  April  1795sup at Anderson's, w. M, miss G, Walker & Graham
23  April  1795sup at Nicholson's; talk of promises & property
2  May  1795sup at Hts, w. Fenwick
9  May  1795sup at Reveley's, w. La Murray & Banks
13  May  1795sup at miss Godwin's
15  May  1795sup at Nicholson's
24  May  1795sup at Ht's, w. A A & Ritson
27  May  1795sup at Batty's
3  June  1795sup at Batty's
5  June  1795sup at Foulkes's, w. Hovels
7  June  1795sup at Hts; adv. G Richter
12  June  1795sup at Thelwal's, w. Richters, Warren, Ritson{,}Walker & Mannings; adv. Wadstrom
14  June  1795sup at Nicholson's, talk of example
20  June  1795sup at Batty's, w. A A
21  June  1795sup at F's, w. Watley j[r?]
12  July  1795sup at Nicholson's, talk of property
15  July  1795Sup at Batty's, w. A A
19  July  1795sup at Hts, w. H Richter
23  July  1795sup at miss G's, w. Dyson, Lang, mrs Sherwood & M A Steele
25  July  1795sup at Nicholson's, talk of retailers
2  August  1795Sup at Foulkes's
7  August  1795sup at Foulkes's, w. Watley jr, & Cooke
8  August  1795sup at Hts, w. H Richter
14  August  1795sup w. him at miss G's
16  August  1795sup at Perry's, w. sir Rob Barclay, col. Mackenzie & Donaldson
18  August  1795 sup chez A A
19  August  1795sup at Nicholson's, talk of passions
21  August  1795Sup at M's
22  August  1795sup at Foulkes's, w. Cooke
28  August  1795sup at miss G's
29  August  1795sup at Foulkes's, w. Hutchinson
7  September  1795sup at Foulkes's, w. Cook; adv. Hutchinson
13  September  1795sup at Nicholson's, talk of miser
18  September  1795sup at miss G's, w. G Anderson
25  September  1795sup at Foulkes's
28  September  1795sup at mrs Johnston's, w. miss G; Young & Campbel
8  October  1795sup at Thelwal's; adv. Jones T Ckd
19  October  1795sup at Cooper's, w. Wilcocke's, &c
22  October  1795sup at miss G's
24  October  1795sup at Foulkes's, w. Sammes
1  November  1795sup at Ht's
13  November  1795sup at Batty's; adv. Smirke
15  November  1795sup at Carr's, w. Carlisle
30  November  1795sup at miss Jones's, w. C, M, miss G, Breach's & miss Davis
1  December  1795sup at miss G's, w. A & G Anderson, M, C, mrs Nichols & miss Jones's
2  December  1795sup at Foulkes's
7  December  1795sup at Batty's
11  December  1795Sup at Nicholson's; talk of assocations
15  December  1795sup at miss Jones, w. miss Davis, miss G, G A, M & C
18  December  1795sup at miss Jones's, w. C & miss Davis
23  December  1795sup at Carr's
24  December  1795sup w. him, at Butlers
2  January  1796Sup at Nicholson's, talk of passions
4  January  1796sup at Reveley's
7  January  1796Sup at Batty's
12  January  1796Ph. supper; adv. Merry
18  January  1796sup at miss G's
21  January  1796sup at Carr's, w. Carlisle, Shee & Littledale
23  January  1796sup at Ht's
29  January  1796sup at Foulkes's, w. Hovels, Hutchinson & Cooke
30  January  1796sup at Nicholson's
31  January  1796sup at Perry's, w. Porson & miss Grant
3  February  1796sup at Ht's
10  February  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. Tn, Merry & Columbine
15  February  1796sup at Warren's, w. Bewgo & Smith
17  February  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. C
19  February  1796sup at Carr's, w. Bell & Aikin junr
25  February  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. C.
26  February  1796sup at Nicholson's, talk of taxation
29  February  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. C & mrs Parsons
4  March  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. C
5  March  1796sup at Foulkes's
7  March  1796sup at Batty's
10  March  1796sup at Twiss
14  March  1796sup at Carr's
19  March  1796sup at Adams's
21  March  1796sup at Twiss's, adv. Ht
23  March  1796sup chez mrs Mackintosh, w. S P; explanatione
26  March  1796sup at J Hollis's
28  March  1796sup at Batty's, w. A A & Ht
1  April  1796sup at Twiss's
5  April  1796sup at Mackintosh's, w. S P, G Moore, Maurice & Ht
6  April  1796sup at Nicholson's
8  April  1796sup at Tho Fawcet's, w. Powel, Bedder, Patrickson & Dalrymple
11  April  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. Tn & Thomas
13  April  1796sup at Mac's, w. P's
14  April  1796sup at Carr's
15  April  1796sup at Montagu's, w. Plowden, sir Jno Turner, Tobin, Luttrel & Carr
17  April  1796sup at Williams's
18  April  1796sup at Twiss's
19  April  1796sup at Carr's, w. Carlisle, Shee, Montagu, Stoddart, Burney & Littledale
20  April  1796sup at Mac's, w. S & C P, Cha Stuart & G Moore
21  April  1796sup at Tobin's, w. Leader, White, Scott, Matthews, B M & J St; adv. Tucket
22  April  1796sup at Smirke's
24  April  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. Chubb, H Hoare & Tn; adv. Francis
26  April  1796sup at Mackintosh's, w. Parrs, Inchbald, Ht, G Moore, Dealtry, Scarlet & Burroughs
28  April  1796sup at Batty's
1  May  1796sup at Mrs Robinson's, w. Tn & mrs Parsons; adv. Francis
5  May  1796sup at Twiss's, w. Opie; adv. Thomson's
6  May  1796sup at Batty's
8  May  1796sup at Foulkes's, w. Hts, Hutchinson & Watley
16  May  1796sup at Twiss's
19  May  1796sup at Nicholson's
22  May  1796sup at Nicholson's, w. Ht & Ritson
27  May  1796sup at Twiss's
28  May  1796sup at Wolstencraft's; adv. Wolcot & Twiss
1  June  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. Wolstencraft & Twiss
5  June  1796sup at mrs Robinson's
7  June  1796sup, w. W., at Montagu's
14  June  1796sup at Nicholson's; talk of the poor
17  June  1796sup at Twiss's, w. Jer. Taylor
18  June  1796sup at Wt's
19  June  1796sup at Montagu's, w. Wordsworth & Stoddart
22  June  1796sup at the Coal-hole, w. Smith, Younger, Fenwick, M[l?] & Kennedy
28  June  1796sup at Wt's; adv. Twiss
29  June  1796sup at Twiss's
9  July  1796sup at J Taylor's, w. Enfield, W Taylor & Alderson
10  July  1796sup at miss Plumptree's, w. Thelwals & A
13  July  1796sup at Dalling, w. Nat
16  July  1796sup at Tooke Harwodd's
22  July  1796sup at Bazeley's
26  July  1796sup at M Robinson's, w. Wt
1  August  1796sup at Twiss's
2  August  1796sup at Wt's
3  August  1796sup at Nicholson's; talk of schools
4  August  1796sup, w. him at miss G's
6  August  1796sup at Hts, w. Batty & A A
12  August  1796sup at Montagu's
13  August  1796sup at Wt's
19  August  1796Sup at Twiss's
7  September  1796sup at Twiss's
26  October  1796sup at Twiss's
28  October  1796sup at Nicholson's; talk of rhetoric
30  October  1796sup at Wts, w. Montagu
31  October  1796sup at Wt's, w. mrs Cotton
1  November  1796sup at miss G's
2  November  1796sup at Wt's, w. mrs Cotton
3  November  1796sup at Wt's, w. mrs Cotton
4  November  1796sup at Mansel's, w. De Camps, Coopers, C Kemble & C Moore
6  November  1796sup at M Robinson's, w. Taylor & Tn
24  November  1796sup at miss G's, w. Steele & 5 Andersons
29  November  1796sup at Inchbald's
4  December  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. Pratt & Hanways
6  December  1796sup at Ht's
11  December  1796sup at mrs Robinson's, w. Wt & mrs Hanway; adv. Tarleton
12  December  1796sup at mrs Robinson, w. M & Tn
19  December  1796sup at Nicholson's, talk of madness
29  December  1796sup at Twiss's
1  January  1797sup at Knight's; adv. Sherwin count Dip & Morecraft
10  January  1797sup at Carr's, w. Turner, Burrel, Bell & Littledale; miracles
14  January  1797sup at Nicholson's; talk of banks & labour & population.
15  January  1797sup at Twiss's; adv. Zuccelli
2  February  1797sup at miss Gs, w. Jno Anderson; talk of law
11  February  1797sup at Nicholson's
17  February  1797sup at miss G's, w. miss Jones & M
19  February  1797sup at mrs Robinson's, w. Tarleton & Columbine
25  February  1797sup at M Robinson's, w. Wt & E
6  March  1797sup at Nicholson's, talk of bank
12  March  1797sup at M Robinson's, w. Tn & Columbine
19  March  1797sup at Knight's, w. Cutting, Thomson, M, miss Jones & miss G
26  March  1797sup at miss G's, w. Knights, L J & M
4  April  1797sup at Wts, w. Dyson
10  April  1797sup at A A's, w. Ht & Wt
13  April  1797sup at Nicholson's
16  April  1797sup at Jn's, w. Wt & Newman
20  April  1797sup at Opie's, w. Wt & Wolcot
16  May  1797sup at Reveley's, w. Wt
27  May  1797Sup at Nicholson's
6  June  1797sup at Etruria, w Bh Allen & ladies
14  June  1797sup at Bage's, w. Davis
18  June  1797sup at Jones's, Cambridge, w. Woodhouse
27  June  1797sup at mrs Jackson's, w. Wt
12  July  1797sup at miss G's, w. Wt & M
22  July  1797sup at Nicholson's, w. Wt
29  July  1797sup at M Reveley's, w. Fenwicks & Wt.
3  August  1797sup at Nicholson's, w. Wt
27  September  1797sup
30  October  1797sup at Lea's, w. M & Jo G
4  November  1797sup at Nicholson's
14  November  1797Sup at J Hollis's, w. Anthony
19  November  1797sup at M's, w. miss G, M J, L J, Dyson, Fenwicks & Braddock; adv. Addington
14  December  1797sup at Ht's, w. M R
19  December  1797sup at Batty's
29  December  1797sup at miss G's, w. Jones's, Dyson, Dibbin & M
8  February  1798sup at miss G's, w. L Jones
10  February  1798sup at C Smith's
26  February  1798sup at Nicholson's, w. Combe
27  March  1798sup at Nicholson's
4  April  1798sup at Jo G's, w. Lea, Leicester, Laugh & M
19  April  1798sup at J Hollis's, w. Anthony
3  May  1798sup at Nicholson's
15  May  1798sup at Nicholson's
15  June  1798sup at Chandler's
4  July  1798sup at Chandler's, w. H G & L J
27  July  1798sup at Nicholson's, w. Combe
4  August  1798Sup at Fenwick's
9  August  1798sup at Nicholson's, talk of population
24  August  1798sup at Carlisle's
29  August  1798sup at Highgate, w. L J & Dibbin
13  September  1798sup at Nicholson's
6  October  1798sup at Nicholson's
19  October  1798sup at Nicholson's
2  November  1798Sup at Nicholson's
18  November  1798sup at H G's, w. M J, L J, Dyson & Dibbin
20  November  1798sup
24  November  1798Sup at Nicholson's
3  December  1798sup at Fell's; adv. Dyson & Dibbin
4  December  1798sup at O Fancourt's, w. Chandler
6  December  1798sup at Fell's
14  December  1798sup at Opie's; adv. Plumptres
10  January  1799 sup at C Smith's, w. H & A Lee
14  January  1799 sup at Nicholson's
24  January  1799sup at Hollis's, w. Antony
26  January  1799sup at Fell's
12  February  1799sup at Nicholson's
19  February  1799sup at Nicholson's; adv. Morecraf[t?].
20  February  1799sup at Fell's
28  February  1799sup at Fell's
5  March  1799sup at Opie's
10  March  1799sup at M Robinson's
13  March  1799sup at Nicholson's
28  March  1799sup at Fell's, w. M
30  March  1799 sup at Nicholson's
1  April  1799sup at J Hollis's
15  April  1799 sup at Hollis's
17  April  1799Sup at Fell's
19  April  1799 sup at Nicholson's
20  April  1799 sup at Fell's, w. Dyson; talk of marriage
24  April  1799Sup at Fell's, talk of magnanimity
25  April  1799sup at J Hollis's
12  May  1799 sup at Opie's, w. Alderson, Dyer, Firth & Plumptres
13  May  1799sup at Fell's, w. M
29  May  1799sup at Fell's
31  May  1799sup at Fell's
3  June  1799sup
10  June  1799 sup at Fell's
28  June  1799sup at Nicholson's; adv. E. Stanhope
4  July  1799 sup at Fell's
12  July  1799sup at Fell's
16  July  1799sup, w. them, at Fell's
17  July  1799sup at Opie's, w. Fuseli; adv. Boddington
19  July  1799sup at Fell's, w. M
21  July  1799sup at Nicholsons
25  July  1799sup at H G's, w. M
11  August  1799sup at Nicholson's
12  August  1799sup at Cuxson's
19  August  1799sup at S Elwes's
22  August  1799sup at Cuxson's
29  August  1799sup at Fell's
7  September  1799Sup at Fell's, w. M
13  September  1799sup at Fell's
15  September  1799 Sup at Nicholson's, w. mrs Gray
30  September  1799sup at Fell's, w. M
8  October  1799sup at Nicholson's, w. Davis & miss Scott
13  October  1799 sup, w. him, at Keir's
20  October  1799sup at Fell's
30  October  1799sup at Nicholson's
4  November  1799sup at Cuxson's
7  November  1799sup at C Smith's
9  November  1799Sup at Fell's: communication
18  November  1799sup at Fell's, w. M
19  November  1799Nicholson's Lecture; sup; adv. Sadlers, Davis & W Sheffd
20  November  1799 sup at C Smith's; adv. capt Towers
21  November  1799sup at Cuxson's
24  November  1799sup at M Robinson, w. Crespigny
2  December  1799sup at Fell's
6  December  1799sups at Fell's
10  December  1799sup at Johnson's, w. Fuselis & mrs Parke; adv. Edgworth jr.
11  December  1799sup at Nicholson's
19  December  1799 sup at Cuxson's
20  December  1799sup at Opie's, w. Northcote, Thomson & T Woodhouse
22  December  1799sup at Fenwick's, w. Braddocks
24  December  1799sup at M Robinson's, w. miss R & Crespigny
2  January  1800Sup at Fell's
4  January  1800sup at Cuxson's
10  January  1800sup at M Robinson's
13  January  1800sup at Reynolds's, w. Boaden
14  January  1800sup at Nicholson's, w. Sadler; adv. Davis
17  January  1800Sup at Opie's, w. Tho. Woodhouse
18  January  1800Sup at M Robinson's, w. Coleridge; adv. D Stuart
20  January  1800sup at C Smith's; adv. L Newhouse
22  January  1800sup at Cuxson's
2  February  1800sup at mrs Robinson's, w. Crespigny
4  February  1800sup at S Elwes's
5  February  1800sup at Reynolds's, w. C Moore
6  February  1800sup at Fell's
10  February  1800sup
13  February  1800sup at Nicholson's
14  February  1800sup at Cuxson's
17  February  1800sup at M Robinson's
18  February  1800sup at F's
19  February  1800sup at S Elwes's
20  February  1800sup at M Robinson's
21  February  1800sup at Opie's, w. Northcote
22  February  1800sup at M Robinson's, w. Coleridge
25  February  1800sup at S Elwes's
27  February  1800sup at Cuxson's
28  February  1800sup at Reynolds's, w. C Moore
1  March  1800sup at Nicholson, w. Carlisle
7  March  1800sup at J Hollis's
8  March  1800sup at M Robinson, w. Wolcot
9  March  1800sup at Lamb's, w. Coleridge
13  March  1800sup at C Smith's
14  March  1800sup at Cuxson's
17  March  1800sup at M Robinson's
18  March  1800sup at Lamb's, w. Coleridge; talk of style
22  March  1800sup at J Hollis
23  March  1800sup at M Robinson's, w. Cuppage
24  March  1800sup at Reynolds's, w. mr & mrs R R & R North
27  March  1800sup at S Elwes's
2  April  1800sup at M Robinson's; adv. Crespigny
3  April  1800sup at Opie's; adv. Fuseli
6  April  1800sup at Fenwick's, w. B. Plumptre
9  April  1800sup at Nicholson's
11  April  1800sup at C Smith's, w. Geo
12  April  1800Sup at Lamb's
16  April  1800sup at M Robinson's, w. H Heslop & J Calvert
17  April  1800sup at J Hollis's
18  April  1800sup at Reynolds's, w. Boaden
19  April  1800sup at Cuxson's
20  April  1800sup at M Robinson's, with Martins, Fenwicks & miss Saunders
30  April  1800sup at S E's
7  May  1800sup at Lamb's
9  May  1800sup at M Robinson's, w. Northcote, Carlisle, Fenwicks & E Braddock.
12  May  1800sup at M Robinson's
17  May  1800sup at Hoare's w. N, O & Reynolds
19  May  1800sup at M Robinson's, w. Northcote & Martins
21  May  1800sup at Ja Moore's
22  May  1800sup at Nicholson's
26  May  1800sup at Opie's, w. Northcote & Fuseli. adv. R Jones
1  June  1800sup at mrs Robinson's (Allingham's), w. Fenwick
3  June  1800sup at Cuxson's
4  June  1800sup at M Robinson's , w. M
9  June  1800sup at Elwes's
13  June  1800sup at M Robinson's
19  June  1800sup at M Robinson's
21  June  1800Sup at Reynolds's, w. Morton, Morris; C Kemble
23  June  1800sup at Fell's
24  June  1800sup at M Robinson's, w. Fenwicks
26  June  1800sup at Opie's, w. Tho. Woodhouse
27  June  1800sup at S Elwes's
13  July  1800sup at Grattan's, w. C, Gould, Hartley & Trotter
21  July  1800sup at Webb's, w. Reeves's
24  July  1800sup at E B's
7  August  1800supper, major Andrews
21  August  1800sup at Nicholson's, w. Lewis, distiller
23  August  1800sup at S E's
25  August  1800sup at Cuxson's, w. mrs Rutton
6  September  1800sup at Keir's, w. M.
9  September  1800sup at Taggart's, w. Curran, Dobbs & Stewart
14  September  1800sup at Reynolds's
16  September  1800sup at Lamb's, w. Le Grice
21  September  1800sup at Nicholson's
23  September  1800sup w. C & B, Marlb. Strt
24  September  1800sup at Fenwick's
27  September  1800Sup at Lamb's
29  September  1800sup at Reynolds's, w. Curran & Boaden
4  October  1800sup at Fenwick's, w. Curran & S E
5  October  1800Sup at S E's.
8  October  1800sup at Lamb's, w. Gulchs & Dollan
9  October  1800Sup at S E's, w. mrs Pearce
23  October  1800sup at Cuxson's
27  October  1800sup at Lamb's
8  November  1800sup at Ms
9  November  1800sup at Reynolds's
14  November  1800sup at Nicholson's, w. Sullivan, miss Scott & miss Sherwood
16  November  1800sup at Lamb's, w. Stoddart, Fenwicks & Gulch
27  November  1800Sup at Lamb's; adv. Rickman
30  November  1800sup at Reynolds's, w. Morton & C Kemble
1  December  1800sup at S Elwes's, w. Johnston's, miss Mitchel & M
3  December  1800sup at Rickman's, w. Lamb & Dyer
9  December  1800sup at Nicholson's
12  December  1800sup at Reynolds's
13  December  1800sup at Lamb's, w. M
14  December  1800sup at Fell's
15  December  1800sup at Lamb's
19  December  1800sup at Lamb's
5  January  1801Sup at Fell's; talk of 1789.
9  January  1801sup at Opie's
11  January  1801sup at Reynolds's, w. R R, C Kemble & Morton
16  January  1801Sup at S E's, w. mrs Mills
18  January  1801sup at Lamb's, w. mrs Jeffreys & miss White; adv. dr Christy
26  January  1801sup at Lamb's; w. Fells, Christy, Moffat & M
29  January  1801sup at Carlisle's
4  February  1801sup at Fell's
9  February  1801 sup at Wedgwood's, w. Jos. & sisters
12  February  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Fell & Christy
13  February  1801sup at Fell's
14  February  1801sup at Nicholson's
15  February  1801sup at Fenwick's
18  February  1801sup at Reynolds's, w. Morton
4  March  1801sup at Lamb's; adv. White
7  March  1801sup at Fell's
12  March  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Rickman
13  March  1801sup at Rickman's, w. Davy, Lamb & Beaumont
25  March  1801sup at Reynolds's
31  March  1801sup at Carlisle's, w. B Plumptre & Bloxam
2  April  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Fells & M. (from Philips.)
8  April  1801 sup at Nicholson's
13  April  1801sup at J Hollis's
16  April  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Fell, Fenwicks, Rickman & Beaumont
19  April  1801sup at Reynolds's
5  May  1801sup at Fell's, w. Jo. Fell
18  May  1801Sup at Lamb White's, w. Lamb & Parkins's; adv. Norris
25  May  1801sup at Reynolds's
26  May  1801sup at Nicholson's (Ellis, Wallis, Sullivan, Denn & Mitchel.)
1  June  1801Sup at Lamb's, w. Norris & Burnet
8  June  1801sup at Clairmont's
12  June  1801sup at Fell's, w. Lambs
13  June  1801sup at Carlisle's, w. Bell. Plumptre & mrs Collins
19  June  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Burnet
26  June  1801sup at Clairmont's
27  June  1801 sup at Reynolds's, w. Litchfield
3  July  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Christys, Henshaws, Burnet & mrs Reynolds
4  July  1801 sup at Clairmont's
11  July  1801sup at Clairmont's
19  July  1801sup at Reynolds's; adv. Morton
21  July  1801 sup at Clts
22  July  1801sup at Lamb, w. Dyer & Stodart
23  July  1801 sup at Reynolds's
26  July  1801sup at Reynolds's
28  July  1801sup at Cts
31  July  1801Sup at Cts
1  August  1801sup at Cts, mirza
2  August  1801sup at Cts
9  August  1801sup at Cts
15  August  1801sup at Cts
16  August  1801sup at Nicholson's
19  August  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Burnet
28  August  1801Sup at Cts
1  September  1801sup at Ct's
5  September  1801sup at Ct's
9  September  1801sup chez lui, w. Fenwicks, Burnet & Jefferies; adv. Mr Christie
10  September  1801sup at Cts
12  September  1801Sup at Cts
16  September  1801sup at Cts
20  September  1801sup at Ct's
22  September  1801sup at Nicholson's
24  September  1801Sup at Ct's
27  September  1801 sup at Reynolds
1  October  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Burnet
6  October  1801sup at Cts
7  October  1801sup at Mavor's
14  October  1801sup at Hoare's, w. Prado's nephew
16  October  1801Sup at Nicholson's
17  October  1801Sup at Carlisle's, w. A. Plumptre
18  October  1801sup at Reynolds's
1  November  1801sup at Philips's, w. Surrs
6  November  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Dyer
8  November  1801sup at Reynolds's
11  November  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Dyer
15  November  1801sup at Fell's
17  November  1801sup at Nicholson's
22  November  1801sup at Lamb's, w. do
6  December  1801sup at Fenwick's
7  December  1801sup at Fell's
13  December  1801sup at Reynolds's, w. Morris & C Kemble
17  December  1801sup at Lamb's, w. Southey, mrs Lovel, Arch's & Dyer
26  January  1802sup at Coleridge's, w. Ct, Poole, Elmsly, & Purkis
31  January  1802sup at Reynolds's, w. H & G Siddons
21  February  1802Sup, w. M J, at Fell's
14  March  1802sup at Reynolds's, w. Northcote, Hoare, C Moore & C Kemble
23  March  1802sup at Davy's, w. Tobin, Pinney senr, Henry & Thomson
30  March  1802sup at Hollis's
11  April  1802sup at Reynolds's, w. C Kemble
15  April  1802sup at Reynolds's, w. M J & C Moore
16  April  1802sup at Fell's, w. M J, Smith & M
28  April  1802sup at Lamb's, w. M J & Fells; adv. Stoddart
8  May  1802sup at Fell's, w. Lambs, Fenwicks & M. Casualty chez Felle
23  May  1802sup at Lamb's
13  June  1802sup at Nicholson's
17  June  1802sup, w. M J, at Fell's
25  June  1802sup at Lamb's, w. Fenwicks, Fells & White
30  June  1802sup at Jo G's, w. West, J G, H G & M J; adv. J J G
19  July  1802Sup at Nicholson's, w. M J, Foulkes, Raphael Smiths, & Haywoods, & miss Stodart
23  July  1802Sup at Lamb's, w. M J & Stoddart
26  July  1802Sup at Carlisle's, w. M J & Jas Barry
8  August  1802sup at Philips's, w. Surrs & mrs Griffiths
11  August  1802sup at Fell's
15  August  1802sup at Fillingham, w. Hill & Dubois
17  August  1802sup at H G's, w. Jo G, wife & 2 filles , Waring, Littlewood & Forsyth
18  August  1802sup, w. M J, at Fell's
24  September  1802sup at Lamb's
5  October  1802sup at Ht's, w. M J
21  October  1802sup at Nicholson's, w. Dickinson
25  October  1802sup, w. him, at E Dixon's
16  November  1802sup at Ht's
27  November  1802sup at Hollis
30  November  1802sup at Fell's, w. Arnot & M J
4  December  1802sup at Lamb's, w. M J & Stoddart
16  January  1803sup at Fell's, w. M J.
18  January  1803sup at Carlisle's, w. M J
5  April  1803sup at Lamb's, w. them & Allen
26  April  1803sup at M's, w. Cooper & Lamb
28  April  1803sup at Fell's, w. Cooper & Lamb
2  May  1803sup at J Hollis's
6  May  1803sup, w. him, at Fell's
23  May  1803sup at Cooper's, w. Cooke
2  July  1803sup at Lamb's, w. M J & Fells
17  July  1803sup at Philips's, w. M J, Wolcot & Surrs
5  August  1803sup, w. M J, at Fell's
27  August  1803sup at Lamb's, w. M J, C C, Fells & Burnet
8  September  1803sup at Nicholson's
13  September  1803sup at Fell's, w. M J.
15  September  1803sup at Philip'ss, Haverstock Hill, w. M N N
28  September  1803sup at Alderson's, w. Opies
28  October  1803sup at Lamb's. adv. Heron & Smart
29  November  1803sup, w. do, at Fenwick's
6  December  1803sup at Lamb's
12  December  1803sup at Carlisle's
1  January  1804sup, w. do, at Nicholson's
7  January  1804Sup at Lb's, w. Fells & White
12  January  1804sup at Lamb's, w. M J
30  January  1804Sup at Lamb's, w. capt. Burney, &c, & Coleridge
15  February  1804sup at Carlisle's
22  February  1804sup at Jo G's, w. M
7  March  1804sup at Napier's, w. miss Walsh, miss Burt & M J
14  March  1804sup at Lamb's, w. Coleridge
24  March  1804sup at J Hollis's
26  March  1804sup at L Ht's, w. M J & A Harwood
30  March  1804sup at mrs T Cooper's, w. G M C & M J
11  April  1804sup at Napier's, w. M J
20  April  1804sup at Lamb's, w. Fks, E Braddock & M J
29  April  1804sup at H G's, w. M J & 3 Coopers
12  May  1804sup at Hollis's
27  May  1804Sup at Lamb's; adv. Norris's
2  June  1804Sup at Fenwick's; adv. M J & E Braddock
11  July  1804sup at Nicholson's, w. M J
28  July  1804sup at H G's, w. M J, F & C
12  August  1804sup at Fk's, w. Lambs, M J & C
19  August  1804sup at Nicholson's, w. M J; adv. L & T Ht
22  August  1804sup at L Ht's, w. M J
10  September  1804sup at L Ht's, w. M J
13  September  1804sup at Lamb's, w. M J, Rickman & 4 Burneys
20  September  1804sup at Fks
25  September  1804sup at Lamb's
22  October  1804sup, w. M J, at H Rowan's
30  October  1804sup at Fk's, w. M J & Lambs
10  November  1804sup at Lamb's, w. M Thompson & capt. Burney
27  November  1804sup at Wake's w. la. Harrington & M J
30  November  1804sup, do, at Ht's; adv. Le Fevre
6  December  1804sup at E Napier's, w. M J
9  December  1804Sup at Lamb's, w. Hazlit
10  December  1804sup at H Rowan's, w. M J
14  December  1804sup, do at H Rowans
19  December  1804sup at Lamb's
7  January  1805sup, do, at Wake’s
14  January  1805Sup at H Rowan’s, w. M J; adv. A Hamilton
26  January  1805sup, do, at H Rowan’s
1  February  1805sup at Lamb’s, w. Manning, Rickman, Burney, Hazlit, Jas Wt & M J
4  February  1805 sup, w. M J, at H Rowan’s
11  February  1805sup at Fk’s
12  February  1805sup at Lamb’s
13  February  1805sup, w. M J, at Fk’s
15  February  1805sup at Ht’s, w. Mercier
16  February  1805sup at Rowan’s, w. M J
21  February  1805 sup at H Rowan’s, w. M J
27  February  1805sup at Lamb’s, w. Hazlit & sister
9  March  1805sup, w. do, at Lamb’s
24  March  1805sup at Wake’s, w. M J & la. Harrington
21  April  1805 sup at H Rowan’s, w. M J
3  May  1805sup at Rowan’s, w. M J
4  May  1805 sup at Nicholson’s, w. miss Shepherd, miss Hayward & M J; adv. Jones
10  May  1805sup at Rowan’s, w. M J
15  May  1805sup at Lamb’s, w. Hazlit
19  May  1805sup at H Rowan’s, w. miss Hamilton & M J
20  May  1805 sup at Lamb’s, w. Manning, Arch & M J
27  May  1805Dawe sups
30  May  1805sup at H Rowan’s, w. M J; adv. Barry
12  July  1805sup at mrs Rowan’s, w. M J
21  July  1805sup at mrs Rowan’s, w. M J
25  July  1805sup at mrs Rowan’s, w. do; adv. Plunkets
4  August  1805sup at do, w. M J
8  August  1805sup at Rowan’s, for M J
6  September  1805 sup at T Barnard’s, w. Taylors, Greens, T Martineau & mrs D Scott
7  September  1805sup at Pitchford’s, w. Taylors & Dalrymple
19  September  1805 sup at Lamb’s, w. Hazlit & M J
21  October  1805sup at Nicholson’s
20  November  1805sup at mrs Rowan’s, w. M J
26  November  1805sup at H Rowan’s, w. M J
2  December  1805 sup, do, at Carlisle’s; adv. Philips: Mulready calls
4  December  1805Sup at Lamb’s, w. Manning, Kemble & M J
13  December  1805sup at H Rowan’s, w. M J
7  January  1806sup at Rowan’s, w. M J.
15  January  1806sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & miss Stodart; adv. E Fk
30  January  1806 sup at Lamb’s , w. Fricker & miss Stodart
5  February  1806sup at Carlisle’s; adv. Nicholson & Barry
12  February  1806sup at Rowan’s, w. M J
24  February  1806sup at Rowan’s, w. M J
15  March  1806 sup at Rowan’s, w. M J.
30  March  1806sup at Lamb’s, w. Marmaduke Thomson & M J
15  April  1806Sup at Rowan’s
24  April  1806sup at Lamb’s, w. Manning
4  May  1806sup at Rowan’s
20  May  1806sup at Rowan’s, w. M J
2  June  1806sup at Carlisle’s
3  June  1806sup at Lamb’s
9  June  1806sup at Nicholson’s
10  June  1806sup at Keir's, w. R K & Hardy horloger
19  June  1806sup at Rowans, w. Beresfords & M J
1  July  1806sup at mrs Rowan’s, w. M J
22  July  1806sup at E Fk’s, w. M J
2  August  1806Sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & miss Stodart
6  August  1806T T & M Dawe sup
26  August  1806Sup at Lamb’s
21  September  1806sup at Curran’s, w. M J
2  October  1806sup at Nicholson’s, w. M J
12  October  1806sup at Egan’s, w. Curran
14  November  1806sup at Lamb’s, w. T T
28  November  1806sup at Lamb’s, w. T T
3  December  1806sup at Topping’s, w. M J
15  December  1806sup, w. M J, at G M C’s
17  January  1807sup at Hazlit’s, w. Lambs, H Robinson, Northcote, Dyer, J Hazlit & L Martin
21  January  1807Sup at Nicholson’s, w. Combe & M J
23  January  1807sup at Lamb’s, w. Clarkson, Hazlit & M J
18  February  1807Sup at Topping’s, w. M J
20  February  1807sup at Lambs; adv. M Burney
25  February  1807sup, w. do, at Topping’s
31  March  1807Sup at Topping’s, w. M J & T T
25  May  1807Sup at Lamb’s, w. miss Stodart
24  June  1807sup at Lamb’s, w. 3 J Lambs, 4 Burneys, 3 Martins, 2 Fks, Rickman, Philips, & mrs Reynolds
25  June  1807Sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & Hazlit
24  July  1807sup at E Fk’s, w. M J
15  August  1807Sup at E Fk’s, w. M J
7  September  1807sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & Tuthill
18  September  1807supper, Tuthil’s, w. M J
21  September  1807sup at Lamb’s
9  October  1807sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
4  December  1807sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
8  December  1807sup at Hazlit’s, w. Lambs, Stodart & Hume
30  December  1807Philips’s, tea & supper; adv. Leigh & Surr
19  January  1808sup at Topping’s, w. M J & F Walsh
28  January  1808sup at Lamb’s
29  January  1808sup at E Fk’s, for M J
14  March  1808sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & Hazlit
12  June  1808Sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & C C
17  July  1808Sup at Topping’s, w. Dods, Edlam, T T & M J
15  August  1808sup at mrs Topping’s, w. mrs Gordon, C C & M J
22  August  1808 sup at Hazlit’s, Camberwel, w. do
15  September  1808supsv at Lamb’s
12  November  1808sup at Hollis’s
14  November  1808sup at Lamb’s, w. M J.
13  December  1808sup at Topping’s, w. M J
15  December  1808Sup at Lamb’s; talk of monuments
8  January  1809sup at Topping's, dto
9  January  1809sup at Lamb's, w. MJ.
16  January  1809sup at Lamb's.
18  January  1809sup do., at mrs Beresford's
19  February  1809sup at Phillips’s, w. Surrs; adv. Carr
21  February  1809Sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
21  March  1809sup at Topping’s, w. M J & miss Zielske
3  April  1809sup at L Ht’s, w. M J; adv. E Mr
4  April  1809sup at Hollis’s
29  May  1809Sup at Lamb’s, w. M J, M Burney & Hazlit
12  September  1809sup at Lamb’s, w. do & M J
30  September  1809sup at Lamb’s, w. Rickman, Philips & M Burney
21  November  1809sup at Liston’s, w. Lambs & M J
23  November  1809sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
29  November  1809sup at Hollis’s
16  December  1809sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
23  January  1810sup at Lamb’s
15  March  1810sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
14  April  1810sup at Lamb’s, w. M J; adv. M Burney, S & J Hazlit
4  October  1810sup at mrs Topping’s, w. M J
9  October  1810sup at Lamb’s, w. miss Wordsworth, Dawe, Hazlit & M J; adv. H Kn
28  October  1810sup at Collier’s, w. Lambs, Bakewel, Tomlins, H Robinson, M J, M & J
30  October  1810sup at Montagu’s, w. Patrickson
8  November  1810Sup at Lb’s
29  November  1810sup at Hollis’s; adv. Lister
20  December  1810Sup at Lamb’s
29  January  1811sup at Lamb’s, w. Stoddart
3  March  1811sup at mrs Topping’s, w. Weele & Cary & miss Ford
16  April  1811sup at Hollis’s
30  May  1811Sup at Aldis’s
13  June  1811Sup at Aldis’s
1  July  1811sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & C C
9  July  1811Sup at Aldis, w. Hinckley, Rogers & M J; adv. F, J & W
14  August  1811sup at Topping’s, w. M J, Wele & miss Zieltske
10  September  1811sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & E Fk jr
24  October  1811sup at Bedford (conferencee)
3  January  1812sup at Lamb’s
7  January  1812Lambs sup
1  February  1812sup at Lamb’s, w. M J, M, J; adv. H Robinson
3  September  1812sup at Topping’s, w.M J
22  September  1812sup on Welch Rabbit
29  September  1812sup at Topping’s, w. M J & W Gordon
3  October  1812sup at Kenny’s, w. Lambs, M & L Knapp
5  October  1812sup at Lamb’s, w. M Burney & F
26  October  1812sup at Lamb’s
27  October  1812 sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
25  November  1812sup at Kenny’s, w. Lambs & H Robinson
7  December  1812sup at E Topping’s, w. M J, Weale & miss Ford
8  December  1812Sup at Lamb’s, w. A Curran, M J, F, M & C B
12  December  1812Hogan tea & sups
13  December  1812sup at Morgan’s, w. Lambs & Coleridge
6  April  1813sup at Kenney’s, w. Coleridge & Morgan
19  April  1813sup at S E’s, w. mrs Crotty, mrs Stewart, Delatres, M J, C B & J
31  May  1813sup at Lamb’s, w. M J, F, M, J, C Br & W
16  June  1813sup at S E’s, w. M J, Hales, capt. Pocock & W
24  June  1813sup at Kenney’s, w. M J, M & E Betham, & Lamb
18  July  1813Sup at Kenney’s, w. M J; adv. A Curran & E Mercier
21  July  1813sup at Topping’s, w. Weale, M J & J.
8  August  1813sup, w. Lamb, at Coleridge’s
14  August  1813sup at S E’s, w. Pococks, Carter & Delaitre
19  August  1813sup at Lamb’s
20  August  1813sup at S E’s
24  August  1813sup at Lamb’s, w. Hazlit & F
25  August  1813sup at S E’s, w. M
2  September  1813sup at Lamb’s, w. 2 Burneys, Hazlit, Kirkpatrick & Rayle & F
12  September  1813 sup at L Kenney’s, w. F
22  September  1813sup at S E’s, w. F
28  September  1813sup at Lamb’s, w. Hazlit & F
8  November  1813sup at Aldis’s, w. M J, Walsh & Patrick
24  November  1813sup at Lamb’s; adv. Dyer
10  December  1813sup at Lb’s, w. M J, F, W, & M Burney; adv. Dyer
20  December  1813sup at Day’s
3  February  1814sup at Kenney’s, w. M J, F, C & J
16  February  1814sup at Lb’s, w. mesds Reynolds & Hazlit, M J, C C, F & J.
18  March  1814sup at Aldis’s, w.M J, Walshes & mrs Edwin
1  May  1814sup at Kenney’s, w. M J & C C; adv. Clarkson
23  May  1814Sup at Lb’s, w. M J
31  May  1814sup at S E’s, w.M J, M & J.
28  June  1814sup at Kenney’s, w. M J & Adelaide; adv. Mercier, mrs Dowling & miss Lanes
19  July  1814 sup at S E’s, w. M J & M
14  August  1814Sup at Kenney’s, w. Lambs
25  August  1814sup at Lambs, w. M J, C C, White E I H & Dyer; adv. M Burney
4  September  1814Sup at S E’s, w. Hamiltons, miss Burrel, M J & C C
22  September  1814sup at L Kenney’s, w. M J, Jacksons & F Ht & C C
19  November  1814Sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
23  November  1814sup at S E’s, w. M J
11  December  1814Sup at Aldis’s, w. M J & Woodifield
15  December  1814sup at S E’s, w. M J
23  January  1815Sup at Kenney’s, w. M J & F Pinkerton
15  March  1815sup at Kenney’s, w. M J & F
21  March  1815sup at S E’s, w. M J
24  March  1815Sup at Kenny’s, w. M J
28  March  1815sup at Lamb’s
24  April  1815sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & White; adv. miss Betham & V Ht
25  April  1815sup at S E’s, w. M J & M
2  May  1815sup at Lamb’s, w. M Burney
21  May  1815sup at Kenney’s, w. M J
2  August  1815sup at Kenney’s
15  September  1815sup at L Kenny’s, w. Lamb, M J & F
21  October  1815sup at Alsager’s, w. 3 Burneys, Lamb, Sleg, Ayrton, Griffin, &c
4  December  1815sup at Lamb’s, w. H Robinson & Telford
24  January  1816sup at Lamb’s, w. Hume
8  February  1816sup at Lamb’s, w. E White, H Robinson & Telford
10  February  1816sup at Alsager’s, w. Hazlitt, H Robinson & Burrell
15  February  1816sup at Kenney’s, w. Booth & M J
26  February  1816sup at Lambs, w. Kennies & M J
28  March  1816sup at Alsager’s, w. Lambs, Hazlit & M Burney
24  April  1816theatre, w. Ys, Duncan, Gordon, &c; sup
8  May  1816sup at Lamb’s, w. Morgan; adv. Telford
29  July  1816sup at S E’s, w. M J & W; adv. M
27  September  1816sup at S E’s, w. M J & mrs Burrel
31  October  1816Sup at Lamb’s, w. M Betham
22  November  1816sup at S Elwes’s, w. M J, M & mrs Stewart
21  January  1817sup at Lamb’s, w. Pl. Lloyd
5  February  1817sup at S E’s, w. M J
15  February  1817sup at Wolcot’s, w. J Taylor
11  March  1817sup at S E’s, w. M J & Leserve
23  April  1817Sup at Lamb’s
28  May  1817sup at Wolcot’s, w. Hazlit
30  May  1817sup at Lamb’s, w. M W S
11  June  1817sup at Ogilvie’s, w. Verplank & Bevan; adv. Payne
14  June  1817sup at Hazlit, w. Lambs, Ogilvie, Coulson, Black & Alsager. & H White
28  June  1817sup
5  July  1817Sup at Payne’s, w. Talma, West, Ogilvie, Hunter, Jordan, 2 Crowleys & Poole
20  September  1817sup at Wolcot’s, w. J Taylor
8  November  1817sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & Field
10  November  1817sup at S E’s, w. Leserve & M J
24  December  1817sup at Botwright’s
2  February  1818Sup at Weale’s, w. M J
14  February  1818sup at Telford’s, w. Lambs, H White, Monkhouse, Price, Dewar, &Field, & Barton
19  March  1818sup at Alsager’s, w. Lambs, Ayrtons, capt. Burney, Martin By, Schlegg & M J
22  April  1818sup at Weale’s, w. M J & Carltons
23  April  1818Sup at E White’s, w. Lambs, Philips, Talfourd, M Burney, Riddle & Ryal & capt. Henney
9  May  1818Sup at Wolcot’s
15  June  1818sup at Lamb’s, w. M J
5  September  1818sup at Lamb’s, w. Manning
24  September  1818sup at Lamb’s; adv. L Kenney
3  October  1818sup at Kenney’s, w. Lambs & Manning
9  October  1818sup at Lamb’s, w. M J; adv. Binles & Reynolds
19  December  1818sup at OgHazlit’s, w. Ogilvie, Washington Irving, Bevan & Kirkpatrick
24  December  1818sup at Botwright’s
27  January  1819sup at Talfourd’s, w. Lambs, Dure, M J & W; adv. G Dyer
10  May  1819sup at Lamb’s, w. M Burney, M J & W
19  June  1819sup at Hazlit’s, w. do
18  July  1819Sup at Lloyd’s, w. Stokes, S Hazlit & Grosvenor L
7  October  1819Sup at Lloyd’s, w. mrs Lloyd & Stokes
2  December  1819 Sup at Snow’s, w. M J & W
15  December  1819sup at Lloyd’s, w. Bancart
24  December  1819sup at Botwright’s, w. W
25  January  1820sup at mrs Hersey’s, w. mrs Hall, miss Plumers, Bennet & Beresfords
24  March  1820Sup at Lloyd’s; w. Bankart
29  March  1820Sup at White’s, w. 2 sisters & 2 brothers
11  June  1820Sup at Pilcher’s, w. M J & W
21  August  1820Sup at Gisborne’s
17  November  1820sup at Lamb’s, w. M Burney, M J & W.
29  May  1821Sup at E White’s, w. Lambs, Hazlit, Philips, Riddle, & 3 Whs
4  January  1822 sup at Lamb’s
24  May  1822sup atdo, w. W
28  May  1822sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & W
9  September  1822sup at Ayrton’s, w. Lambs, Alsager, Amyot & Payne, bookseller
7  October  1822sup at Lamb’s
8  October  1822sup at Lamb’s; adv. Talfourd
3  March  1823Sup at Lamb’s; adv. R & E Norris
10  May  1823sup at H P’s
15  May  1823sup at do, w. M J
3  June  1823sup at Lamb’s, w. Procter, Wainewright, Pateman, Kenney, Alsop & Talfourds; adv. H Robinson
10  July  1823Sup at Lambs, w. Kenneys, F Ht & W
15  November  1823sup at Lamb’s, w. Novellos, C Clarke, M W S & W
18  November  1823sup at M W S’s, w. Procter, Hogg, Prentis, mrs Williams & W
29  December  1823sup at Lamb’s, w. M W S, W & Emma
3  February  1824sup at H P’s, w. Prentis, C Landseer, Hingeston, Henderson, M W S, M J & W
15  February  1824sup at Lamb’s, w. M W S & W; adv. Procter
29  February  1824Sup at Lamb’s, w. Manning, H C R, F Ht, M W S & W
4  March  1824sup at H P’s, w. E P, C Landseer & W
14  March  1824sup at Lamb’s, w. Howard Payne, M W S & W
17  March  1824Sup at M W S’s, w. Lambs & W
4  April  1824Sup at Lamb’s, w. John Payne, Manning, M W S & W; adv. Procter
27  April  1824sup at Lamb’s, w. Manning, mrs Gliddon, M W S & W
15  May  1824sup at Bacon’s, w. Richards, 2 Evanses, H P & W
16  May  1824sup at W’s, w. E & C Landseer, & H P
20  May  1824sup at E Prentis’s, w. Stn, H P, C Landseer & W
26  May  1824sup at M W S, w. M J & Lambs
1  June  1824sup at Lamb’s, w. Novellos, Holmes, Clark, Hood, mrs Reynolds, M W S & W; adv. H C R
13  June  1824sup at Lamb’s, w. Kenney, J Hazlit & wife, Lovekins, & W
30  June  1824sup at M W S’s, w. Kenney, H P & W
3  August  1824sup at Lamb’s, w. Kenney, L & T Ht, F Ht, & M W S
4  September  1824sup at Lamb’s, w. mrs Williams, M W S, Novello, Holmes, Ryal, Kenney & W
18  January  1825sup at Aldis’s, w. Davieses, Keirs, Deacons, Uwinses, &c.
3  April  1825Sup at Lamb’s, w. mr & mrs Payne, & W
9  May  1825sup at Lamb’s, w. M W S, mrs Williams, mrs Novello, H Payne, Moxon, Talfourd & Price
3  September  1825sup at W’s, w. M J, M W S & H P
10  September  1825Sup at Reynolds’s, w. H & S Boaden
16  October  1825sup at Lamb’s; adv. Hessey
19  October  1825Sup at Reynolds’s; adv. Kitcheners
5  November  1825Sup at Reynolds’s, w. Kenney & S Boaden
6  November  1825sup at Lamb’s, w. Talfourd, Alsop & Hone
25  November  1825Sup at Reynolds’s; adv. Sinclair & 2 Watts
4  December  1825Sup at Lamb’s
14  December  1825Sup at Reynolds’s
1  January  1826sup at Reynolds’s
25  January  1826sup at Reynolds’s
27  January  1826sup at Lamb’s, w. W
22  February  1826sup at Knowles’s
11  April  1826sup at Hodget’s, w. Dr & mrs Bevan
17  April  1826Sup at Reynolds’s
8  May  1826Sup at Hodgets’; adv. Fitch,mrs Elison & miss Hodgets
9  May  1826Sup at Reynolds’s
30  May  1826sup at Reynolds’s, w. S & O Boaden
4  June  1826sup at Lamb’s, w. Col. Philips & M Burney
8  July  1826sup at Reynolds’s
24  July  1826 sup at Kenney, w. M J, W, T Ht & Powel
29  July  1826sup at Reynolds’s, w. Poole
7  August  1826T Tsups
11  August  1826 Sup at Hodgets’
17  August  1826Sup at Kenneys, w. M J
24  August  1826Sup at Lamb’s, w. E Reynolds
28  August  1826Sup at Reynolds
30  August  1826Sup at Hodgets.’
6  September  1826Sup at Kenney’s, w. R Rees, Powel &T Ht
11  September  1826 sup at Reynolds’s
15  September  1826Sup atKenney’s, w. M J, T Ht & Cha Merc
24  September  1826sup at Reynolds’s, w. Kenney, Beasley, & C, S & Humphr. Boaden
3  October  1826sup at Lamb’s; adv.mrs Hood, M W S & W
6  October  1826Sup at Hodgets’; adv. père & soeurs
11  October  1826Sup at Reynolds’s;adv. Bunn
24  October  1826sup at Reynolds ’s , w. C Boaden
7  November  1826Sup at Reynolds’s, w. C & S Boaden
12  November  1826sup atHodgets’, senr, w. mrs Hodgets, miss Jamieson, W Parkes & C Forman
24  November  1826Sup at Reynolds’s
15  December  1826sup at Reynolds’s, w. Bunn
20  December  1826 Sup at Lamb’s, w. Moxon & E Reynds
29  December  1826Sup at Hodgets’, w. Kempson
3  January  1827sup at Reynolds’s, w. Poole & miss Harris
7  January  1827sup at Hodgets’, senr, w. junrs & Kempson
16  January  1827sup at Aldis’s, w. 3 Uwins, mrs Jones, A Bunnet, Blunt, Haughton, Cares & Deacon
22  January  1827sup at Reynolds’s
23  January  1827Sup at Hodgets
2  February  1827sup at Lamb’s, w. M W S; adv. H Robinson
9  February  1827sup at Reynolds’s
14  February  1827Sup at Hodgets’, w. Henning, miss Bowring & W
2  March  1827sup at Reynolds’s; adv. Bunn
12  March  1827sup at Hodgets’, w. pere & soeurs
18  March  1827sup at Reynolds, w. Bunn, Beasleys, St Leger, Fallowfields, & 3 miss Boadens
27  March  1827sup at Hodgets', w. pere & soeur
9  April  1827sup at Reynolds’s
10  April  1827sup at Hodgets’nit
22  April  1827sup at Reynolds’s, w. mrs Beasley, & C & S Boaden
14  May  1827Sup at Reynolds’s
16  May  1827Sup at Hodgets’
30  May  1827Sup at Reynolds’s
5  June  1827Sup at Hodgets’, w. Charles Twamley
12  June  1827Sup at Reynolds’s; adv. Harris
26  June  1827sup at Reynolds’s, w. Kenney
27  June  1827sup at Hodgets.’
11  July  1827sup at Reynolds’s
12  July  1827tea & supper, Hughes’s, w. Pretty
25  July  1827sup at Reynolds’s
10  August  1827Sup at Reynolds’s
24  August  1827sup at Reynolds’s
2  September  1827sup at Hodgets’, w. Twamley
10  September  1827Sup at Reynolds’s; adv. Watt
14  September  1827Sup at Hodgets’
2  October  1827Sup at Reynolds’s, w. Kenney & mrs Mortimer
4  October  1827sup at Hodget’s
22  October  1827sup at Hodgets’
23  November  1827Sup at Reynolds’s; adv. Watts
26  November  1827Sup at Hodgets’
2  December  1827sup at Kenney’s, w. Holmes, T Ht & W
28  December  1827sup at Hodgets’
13  January  1828sup at Hodgets.’
17  January  1828Sup at Hodget’s, w. Bowring & miss Twamley
21  January  1828sup at Kenney’s, w. 4 Mortons, 2 Stevenses, Powel & Cooper
1  February  1828sup at Reynolds’s, w. Kenney
11  February  1828Sup at Hodgets’, w. miss Twamley
21  February  1828sup at Hodgets’
18  March  1828sup at Reynolds’s, w. Edw. Morton & S Boaden
22  March  1828Sup at Hodgets’, w. 5 dos, C & G Twamley, & miss Vigors
7  April  1828sup at Reynolds’s; adv. Watt
25  April  1828sup C Jones’s, w. Aldis, Selby Hele, Wrights, captain Martin, Barnet, & 95
28  April  1828sup at Reynolds’s; adv. Watt
26  May  1828sup at Reynolds’s
11  June  1828sup at Reynolds’s
5  July  1828sup at Reynolds’s, w. Fallowfield & Helen Boaden
25  July  1828sup at Reynolds’s
12  August  1828sup at Reynolds’s
4  September  1828sup at Reynolds’s, F R, w. S & H Boaden
16  September  1828sup at Hodgets’
29  September  1828sup at Reynolds’s
10  October  1828sup at C Jones’s, w. Kennies, H Payne, Barnet, Riley & soeur, Godbolt, mrs Gardner
29  October  1828sup at Hodgets’, w. Rhodes Cobb, Booth, Parkinson, Kempson clerk, & Caroline
7  November  1828Sup at Reynlds’s
27  November  1828sup at Hodgets’, w. C C
8  December  1828Sup at Reynld’s; F. at homee
31  December  1828sup at Reynolds’s
20  January  1829sup at Reynolds’s, w. mr & mrs Boaden
2  March  1829sup at Reynolds’s
4  March  1829sup at Hodgets’
24  March  1829Sup at Hodgets
25  March  1829Sup at Reynolds’s, w. E & M Morton, S Boaden & Thomson
18  April  1829 sup at Reynolds’s, w. Sophia & Stella
21  April  1829Sup at Jacob’s.
1  May  1829Sup at Hodget’s, w. Kempson & Clancy
20  May  1829Sup at Reynolds’s
12  June  1829sup at Reynolds’s
16  June  1829Sup at Jacob’s; adv. Dendy
17  July  1829Sup at Reynolds’s, w. Thomson Luttrel
26  September  1829sup at Reynolds’s
9  October  1829Sup at Jacob’s
16  October  1829sup at Reynolds’s
12  November  1829sup at Reynolds’s
4  December  1829sup at Reynolds’s, w. Morton
29  December  1829sup at Reynolds’s, w. Ed. Morton
22  January  1830Sup at Reynolds’s
9  February  1830sup at Hodgets’, w. pere & 3 soeurs
11  February  1830 sup at Jacob’s
24  February  1830 sup at Reynolds’s
9  March  1830Sup at Hodgets’
17  March  1830 sup at Reynolds’s
7  April  1830Sup at mrs Hodgets’, w. miss Burroughs
14  April  1830sup at Reynolds’s
28  April  1830Sup at Jacob’s, w. Dendy
12  May  1830sup at Reynolds’s
15  May  1830sup at Hodgets’, w. miss Burroughs
22  May  1830sup at W’s, w. M J &M W S
24  June  1830sup at Reynolds’s
29  June  1830sup atW’s, w. M J
30  June  1830sup at Hodgets’
16  July  1830sup at Reynds
29  July  1830sup at Hodgets’
10  August  1830Sup at Reynolds’s, w. Sophiaa & Stella Boaden (toothe)
4  September  1830sup at F R’s, w. Sophia & Stella Boaden
6  September  1830Sup at Martin’s, w. Whitton & Atherston (adv. Dr Ridgway)
27  September  1830sup at Hodgets’
16  October  1830sup at Reynolds’s, w. S & S Boaden; adv. Macready
21  October  1830sup at W’s, w. M J; adv. Clarke
2  November  1830sup at Jacob’s
8  November  1830Sup at Martin’s, w. Heaphy, 2 Landseers; Whitson, Atherston & Folgey
10  November  1830Sup at Reynolds’s
26  November  1830sup atKenny’s, w. 4 Mortons & R R
29  November  1830Sup at Hodgets’
7  December  1830sup at Reynolds’s
13  December  1830sup at Martin’s, w. Croly, Caunter, Heaphy, Atherston, C Lr
23  December  1830sup at M W S’s, w. Gisbornes, Hoggs & Julia R; adv. Robinson
21  January  1831Sup at Reynolds’s
24  January  1831Sup at Martin’s, w. Heaphy, Caunter, 2 Landseers & Whitsen
10  February  1831sup at Reynolds’s, w. Helen & Stella Boaden
23  February  1831sup at Jacob’s
24  February  1831sup at Hodgets’
7  March  1831sup at Reynolds’s
19  March  1831sup at Hodgets’
11  April  1831sup at Martins, w. mr & mrs Hall, Little, 2 Landseers & Witsen; adv. Caunter
15  April  1831sup at Reynolds’s, w. Caroline & Stella Boaden
5  May  1831Sup at Reynolds’s, w. Caroline & Sophia Boaden
20  May  1831sup at Jacob’s. (he called at No. 11.)
21  May  1831Sup at Hodgets’
23  May  1831sup at Martin’s, w. Alcock, Bergen, Heaphy, Willis, Wheatsen, Thomas, Macpherson, &C Landseer & Cumming
26  May  1831sup at Reynolds’s, w. Bunn, M Morton, & Car. & Sophia Boaden
27  May  1831Sup at Cooke’s, w. M J & miss Savage
23  June  1831Sup at Hodgets’
29  June  1831Sup at Reynolds’s, w. F R
4  July  1831Sup at Martin’s, w. Heaphy, Caunters, Alcock, Wheatsen, Foggo, Fransom
22  July  1831Sup at Reynolds’s
26  July  1831sup at Jacob’s
18  August  1831Sup at Reynolds’s, w. F M R & SophStella Boaden
13  September  1831sup at Reynolds’s, w. F M R, E & M Morton & Stella Boaden
10  October  1831Sup at Martin’s, w. Edwin & 3 Landseers, Caunter m, Foggo, Wheatsen, Dr Roscoe, Thomas, Brooke, Joblin, &Dilkes & Picken
12  October  1831sup at Reynolds’s, w. F M R; adv. Watts
31  October  1831Sup at Martin’s, w. 2 Landseers, Caunter m, Thomas & Brooke
10  November  1831sup at Reynolds’s, w. Car. Boaden
20  November  1831sup at Reynolds’s, w. Mortimer, & Car. Boadn
28  November  1831sup at Martin’s, w. 2 Landseers, Caunter m, Macallum & Thomas, Wheatsen
22  December  1831Sup at Reynolds’s
9  January  1832Sup at Martin’s, w. Ettrick Sd, Caunters, Cochrnes, Thomas, Macallum, Wheatsen, A Cunninghm, C Landseer, Picken & Brooke, Burns junr
16  January  1832Sup at Picken’s, w. Ollier, Proctor, Dilke, Stebbing, Robert & Dr: invités, Hogg, Galt & A Cunningham
22  January  1832 sup at Reynolds’s, w. Kenney
30  January  1832sup at Martin’s, w. H Caunter, Macallum, Thomas, Wheatsen, Landseer; adv. Edwin Landseer
3  February  1832sup at Parris’s, w. Rothwel, Gents, Burlow Behnes, Scipio Clint
29  February  1832Sup at Reynolds’s, w. F R
12  March  1832sup at Martin’s, w. Rothwel, Caunter m, Macallum, Thomas, 3 Landseers, Brooke (Martin absent), Burlowe
14  March  1832sup at Jacob’s, w. miss Jones
22  March  1832sup at Reynolds’s
23  April  1832sup at Reynolds’s
18  May  1832Sup at Reynolds’s, w. mrs Mortimer, F & R
15  June  1832sup at Reynolds’s, w. Mortimer, F & R
10  July  1832sup at Reynolds’s
3  August  1832Sup at Reynolds’s
5  October  1832Sup at Reynolds’s, w. F
15  November  1832sup at Reynlds’s, w. F & R
19  November  1832sup at Martin’s, w. Alcock, Wheatsen, &C Landseer & Herring; adv. Foggo & Caunter
18  December  1832sup at Reynolds’s; w. F, Macready, & Wynns
4  February  1833sup at Reynolds’s, w. F
27  February  1833Sup at Reynolds’s, w. F & R
4  April  1833sup at Reynolds’s, w. F
27  April  1833sup at Reynolds’s, w. F & R
23  August  1833sup at Reynolds’s, w. F & R
8  November  1833Sup at Reynolds’s
8  February  1834Sup at Ant. White’s, w. miss Renthamshaw, Maitland & M J
25  June  1834Sup at Reynolds’s
6  August  1834sup at M W S’s; Eaton Street
18  September  1834 Sup at Reynolds’s, w. F.
29  January  1835sup at Reynolds’s, w. F & R, & Sophia Boaden
25  February  1835Sup at Caunter’s, w. Lovers, mrs Daniel, Mrs Gent, Woods, 3 Stevensons & Maclure
4  April  1835Sup not at Rickman’s; adv. Paynes, Dyers, Manning
20  April  1835Sup at Reynolds’s, w. F R
26  July  1835sup at Ant. White’s, w. M J; adv. G White & femme, & Fincham
28  August  1835sup at R R’s, w. Mortimers, Dew, Watts, & another engraver
14  September  1835sup at Reynolds’s
15  January  1836sup at Reynolds’s, w. F & R