William Godwin's Diary

Meals -- Dines

Diary DateDiary Entry
11  April  1788Dined[.?] at Leg of Pork
13  April  1788Dine at Holcrofts
15  April  1788Dine at Hollis's
18  April  1788Dine with Fawcet in Vere Street
19  April  1788Dine at Robinson's, with Kippis & Holcroft
29  April  1788Dine at Hollis's
4  May  1788Dine at Holcroft's
7  May  1788Dine at Holcroft's
11  May  1788Dine at Holcroft's
12  May  1788Dine at Robinson's, with Kippis, Holcroft, Meek, & chev. Mouradgea
13  May  1788Dine at Hollis's, with Kippis, Lindsey & Planta
14  May  1788 Dine with Fawcet in Vere Street
18  May  1788Dine at Holcroft's
27  May  1788Dine at Hollis's with Fraser & Planta
28  May  1788Dine with Fawcet in Vere Street
6  June  1788Dine at Hollis's with Simpson, E. T
17  June  1788Dine at Hollis's with Barnard & Fraser
27  June  1788Dine at Robinson's with Hamilton & Raikes
29  June  1788Dine at Holcroft's with Shield & Clementi; Parkinson and Bosse
1  July  1788Dine at Hollis's with Lindsey
14  July  1788dine at Robinson's
15  July  1788Dine at Hollis's with Fraser, & Planta
17  July  1788Dine at Shield's, with Holcroft, Clementi, Michi[e?], Condel, James Smith, Bosse & Mrs Soderini
20  August  1788Dine at Smith's
25  August  1788Dine at the White Hart with Holcroft & Fenwick
14  September  1788Dine at Hollis with Barry & J. H.
15  September  1788dine with Holcroft. Mrs do
21  September  1788Dine at Holcrofts
22  September  1788Dine at Robinson's with Hamilton
25  September  1788Dine at Holcroft's.
1  October  1788Dine with Robinson. Conversation about bail.
7  October  1788Dine at Hollis's with Topham, Planta, Kippis & Towers
12  October  1788Dine at Holcroft's
19  October  1788Dine at Holcroft's, with Berwick
21  October  1788Dine at Hollis's, with J. Hollis, Planta, Fraser, Kippis & Towers
24  October  1788Dine at Robinson's, with Mercier, le Vade, P. Robinson, Thurlow, Woodfal, Holcroft & Hamilton
26  October  1788Dine at Hollis's, with J. H
2  November  1788Dine at Holcroft's with Mercier
7  November  1788Dine at Hamilton's, with Robinson, Archd, Holcroft, Nicholson, & Mercier
9  November  1788Dine at Fenwick's with Holcroft & Mercier
11  November  1788Dine at Hollis's with Kippis, Topham & Perkins
17  November  1788Dine at Nicholson's, with Robinson, Hamiltons & Holcroft
21  November  1788Dine at Hollis's, with J. Hollis, Disney, Kippis & Towers
23  November  1788Dine at Holcroft's
29  November  1788Dine at Hollis's, with J. Hollis & Dr Lister
3  December  1788Dine at Holcroft's, with Hamilton, Robinson, Woodfal, Shield, P. Robinson & Aickins
5  December  1788Dine at Hollis's, with J. Hollis & Towers
14  December  1788Dine at Holcroft's
16  December  1788Dine at Hollis's
22  December  1788Dine at Robinson's with Nicholson, Hamilton & Holcroft
28  December  1788Dine at Holcroft's with Fenwic
30  December  1788Dine at Hollis's, with sir Harry Houghton, see Brand Hollis & Barry
5  January  1789Dine at B. Hollis's, with Disney, Romilly, Adair, Shipley, Garthshore & Felton
11  January  1789Dine at Holcroft's
13  January  1789Dine at Hollis's, with B. Hollis & Towers: advenæ Barry & Davenport
22  January  1789Dine at //Robinson's, with Warton, White, Kippis, J Aickin & Cal. Jenkins, L. White, Holcroft & Hamilton
24  January  1789Dine at Hamilton's, with Warton, White, Kippis, Holcroft, Robinson, C. J. & L. W.
25  January  1789Dine at Holcroft's, with Luke White & Jenkins
27  January  1789Dine at Hollis's, with J. Hollis, Anthony & Towers
29  January  1789Dine at B. Hollis's, with Dr Thorkelin (of Iceland), baron Winckelmann, (St Eliz.), Kent, Jennings & Disney
6  February  1789dine at Hollis's, with Perry, Lindsey, Disney & Kippis
8  February  1789Dine at Holcroft's
17  February  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Shore, Kippis, Lindsey & Blackburne
22  February  1789Dine at Holcroft's, with Fenwick
24  February  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Shore, Kippis, Lindsey & Blackburne
2  March  1789Dine at Robinson's, with Hamilton, Nicol & Potts
3  March  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Price, Kippis, Lindsey, Towers, Davidson
7  March  1789Dine at B. Hollis's, with H. Wilkes, Romilly, Disney, Redmond, Shipley, Thorkelin, Mortimer, Kent, Dn
8  March  1789Dine at Holcroft's
9  March  1789Dine at Hamilton's, with Holcrofts, Robinson, Nicol & Potts
10  March  1789Dine at Holcroft's
17  March  1789Dine at Hollis's, with J. Hollis & Blackburne
22  March  1789Dine at Holcroft's
29  March  1789Dine at Holcrofts
31  March  1789Dine at Hollis's, with B. Hollis, Chelsum & Mansel
5  April  1789 Dine at Hamilton's with Robinson
6  April  1789Dine at Hamilton's with Robinson
12  April  1789Dine at Holcroft's.
14  April  1789Dine at Hollis's , with Priestley, Price, Lindsey, Shore, Planta, B. & J. Hollis, & Disney. advenæ Heywood & Barry.
19  April  1789Dine at Holcroft's
20  April  1789Dine at B. Hollis's, with Marquetti, Winckelmann, Marriot, Disney, Wodhul, Graham, Roebuck & Felton.
28  April  1789Dine at Hollis's, with, Lindsey, Planta, Majendie, Mr Blackburne, Spurling, & J Hollis
3  May  1789Dine at Holcroft's
5  May  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Towers, Madox, Majendie, & Davidson & J. Hollis
6  May  1789Dine at the Hackney dinnere London tavern: speak with Hoghton, Barbauld: see Beaufoy.
13  May  1789Dine at Robinson's; give him our account
16  May  1789Dine at Holcroft's
26  May  1789Dine at Hollis's, with B. Hollis, Lindsey, Kippis, Stavin & J. Hollis
30  May  1789Dine at B. Hollis's, with Taylor, Geddes, Disney, Romilly, Kent, May Jennings & G. Morgan
31  May  1789Dine at Holcroft's: advena J. Aickin
8  June  1789Dine at Robinson's, with Hamilton
9  June  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Planta, Blackburne & J Hollis
10  June  1789Dine at J. Aickin's, with J Bannister, Baddeley & Holcroft
14  June  1789Dine at Holcroft's
21  June  1789Dine at Holcroft's
23  June  1789Dine at Hollis's, with the Garbet's
2  July  1789Dine in Billingsgate, with Robinson, L. White, young Paynes & Stirling
5  July  1789Dine at Holcroft's
14  July  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Kippis, Disney, Planta, dr Lister & J Hollis
19  July  1789Dine at Holcroft's
24  July  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Shore, Davidson & J Hollis
27  July  1789Dine at Robinson's, with L. White, Archer & Macdonald
31  July  1789Dine at Hollis's, with J H
2  August  1789Dine at Holcroft's
11  August  1789Dine at Hollis, with J Hollis & Towers
16  August  1789Dine at Holcroft's
23  August  1789Dine at Holcroft's, with Nicholson
25  August  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Towers & Davidson
29  August  1789Dine at Robinson's, with Hamilton, & L. White: advenæ Shield & Heath
30  August  1789Dine at Holcroft's
1  September  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Disney & Towers
13  September  1789Dine at Holcroft's
15  September  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Kippis, dr Russel, Thorkelin, Lister & J Hs
20  September  1789Dine at Holcrofts with Nagel
25  September  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Lindsey, Fraser, Montgomery, & J Hollis. advenæ Price & Belcham
27  September  1789Dine at Holcroft's with Nagel
11  October  1789Dine at Holcroft's
20  October  1789Dine at Hollis's with Topham
25  October  1789Dine at Holcroft's
3  November  1789Dine at Hollis's, with B. & J. Hollis, Lindsey, Disney, Belcham, Thorkelin
4  November  1789Dine with the Revolutionists: see Price, Kippis, Rees, Towers, Lindsey, Disney, Belcham, Forsaith, Morgans, Listers, S. Rogers & B. Wits. Present, earl Stanhope, //Beaufoy, H. Tooke & count Zenobio . see B. Hollis, Jennings, Lofft & Robinson
8  November  1789Dine at Holcrofts
10  November  1789Dine at Robinson's, with Hamilton, Wendeborn, Nicolovius &, Swinney
15  November  1789Dine at Holcroft's
20  November  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Lindsey, Homer & J. H.
22  November  1789Dine at Holcroft's
27  November  1789Dine at Holcroft's
1  December  1789Dine with Robinson seul
8  December  1789Dine at Hollis's, with Price, Planta & Shore
22  December  1789Dine at B. Hollis's: with count Zenobio, Lofft, Romilly & an Amern
25  December  1789Dine at Holcroft's, with Nicholson
27  December  1789Dine at Nicholson's, with Holcroft
29  December  1789Dine at Hollis's: with Disney, Towers & Simpson, E. T.
2  January  1790Dine at Holcroft, with Ja. Aikin, Otley
8  January  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Bernard, Kippis, dr Russel, B. & J. Hollis
10  January  1790Dine at Holcroft's
17  January  1790Dine at Mrs Webb's, with W., & Mr & Mrs Jones
19  January  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Planta, Blackburne, Towers & J Hollis
24  January  1790Dine at Holcroft's with miss G
27  January  1790Dine at B. H.'s with Kent & Jennings
31  January  1790Dine at Holcroft's
1  February  1790Dine at B. Hollis's, with Kippis, Disney, Geddes, Shore, Stone, Belcham & W. Vaughan
2  February  1790Dine at Hollis's: with B. Hollis, Chelsum & J Hollis
7  February  1790Dine at Holcroft's
13  February  1790Dine with the Anti-tests: Fox, Beaufoy, Hoghton, Sawbridge Adair, Watson, Heywood, B. Hollis, Shore, Geddes, Vaughan, Fell, Stone, Wodhul, Listerse
19  February  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Kippis, Spurling, D. Lister & J. Hollis
28  February  1790Dine at Holcrofts
5  March  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Kippis, Wood, Belcham, Towers, Listers & J. Hollis
7  March  1790dine at Holcroft's
14  March  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with miss Godwin
15  March  1790Dine at B. Hollis's, with Price, Walker, Jefferies, Dodson, Sharpe & Towers
16  March  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Shore, Planta, Mansel & J Hollis
28  March  1790dine at Holcroft's
30  March  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Davidson
31  March  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with Crosdil, Shield, Otley & Bicknel
13  April  1790Dine at Holcroft's
16  April  1790Dine at Hollis's, with B. H., Towers, Lister & J H
18  April  1790Dine at Holcroft's
20  April  1790dine at Webb's, with Mrs Walke & Mr & Mrs Jones
27  April  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Planta, J. H. &
2  May  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with Nicholson, Davis & miss G
11  May  1790Dine at Robinson's, with L White & Holcroft
16  May  1790Dine at Holcrofts
18  May  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Stovin, Planta & Thorkelin
23  May  1790Dine at Holcroft's
30  May  1790 Dine at Holcroft's
1  June  1790Dine at Hollis's, with B. H., Shore, Kippis & Price
13  June  1790Dine at Holcroft's, avec son pere
15  June  1790 Dine at Hollis's, with J. H., Davidson & Mills
27  June  1790Dine at Holcroft's, avec son pere & Fenwick
29  June  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Planta & Mansel
13  July  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Stovin, Lindsey & J H
14  July  1790French Revolutione: Stanhope; Sheridan, Tooke, O'Brien, B. Hollis, Geddes, Lindsey, Price, Paradise
27  July  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Disney, Planta, Towers & J. Hollis
5  August  1790Dine at Robinson's: Monkhouse. “I do not think H. too great for the drudgery of translation. There is no comparison between you and him.”
8  August  1790Dine at Fenwick's, with Holcroft
10  August  1790Dine at Hollis, with Russel & Towers
15  August  1790Dine at Holcroft, with Fenwick
22  August  1790Dine at Holcroft's
24  August  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Stovin, Fraser, Garbet junr & J H
1  September  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with Robinson, Perry, Gray, Otley, Webb & Shaw
5  September  1790Dine at Holcrofts
7  September  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Disney, Stovin & J Hollis
12  September  1790 Dine at Holcroft's
14  September  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Montgomery, Anthony, & J Hollis
26  September  1790Dine at Holcroft's
28  September  1790Dine at Hollis, with Mansel & Towers
10  October  1790Dine at Holcroft's
12  October  1790 Dine at Hollis's, with Belsham & Towers
17  October  1790Dine at Holcroft's
21  October  1790dine with him
27  October  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with Fenwick & Simmons
31  October  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with Fenwick
2  November  1790Dine at Hollis, with Kippis, Towers, Garbets & J Hollis
3  November  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with Fenwick
16  November  1790Dine at Hollis's, with Planta, Perkins & J. H.
19  November  1790Dine at Holcroft's
21  November  1790Dine at Holcroft's
24  November  1790Dine at Holcroft's
25  November  1790Dine at Holcroft's
28  November  1790Dine at Holcroft's
30  November  1790Dine at Hollis', with Belcham, Lindsey, Caldecot, Perkins & J. H.
8  December  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with Fenwick, Simmons & Bond
12  December  1790Dine at Holcrofts
19  December  1790Dine at Holcroft's
21  December  1790 Dine at B. Hollis's, with Disney, Thorkelin, Jennings & Mortimer
22  December  1790Dine at Holcrofts, his b. d. 45 or 6.e
26  December  1790Dine at Holcroft's, with Fenwick
27  December  1790Dine at Steele's, with Lloyd, Trusson & Rutherford
2  January  1791Dine at Holcrofts.
6  January  1791Dine at B. Hollis's
9  January  1791dine at Mr Holcroft's
11  January  1791Dine at B. Hollis's, with Price, Kippis, Rees, Belcham, Geddes, Lindsey, Thorkelin & Dodson
21  January  1791Dine at Robinson's, with Dr Wallis
30  January  1791Dine at Holcroft's
6  February  1791Dine at Holcroft's
13  February  1791Dine at Holcroft's with Crosdil
14  February  1791dine at Dr Lister's with him & R. Solly
27  February  1791Dine at Fenwick's with Holcroft & Henderson
2  March  1791Dine at B. Hollis's, with Jennings & Disney
5  March  1791Dine at B. Hollis's, with Nichols, Preston, Disney, Thorkelin & a Dane
8  March  1791Dine at Holcrofts
15  March  1791Dine at Robinson's ()
20  March  1791Dine at Holcroft's
27  March  1791Dine at Holcroft's
2  April  1791Dine at Holcrofts
5  April  1791Dine at Holcrofts, with Crosdil, Nicholson, Otley, Rigg, Abbot, Marshal & Bossy
7  April  1791Dine at J Hollis's, with Lewis, C. L.
10  April  1791Dine at Holcroft's
11  April  1791Dine at B. Hollis's, with J H., Taylor, Jennings, a smiler & a Swiss
17  April  1791Dine at Holcroft's
24  April  1791Dine at Holcrofts
3  May  1791Dine at J. Hollis's, with Priestley, Lindsey, Belsham, & dr Lister
8  May  1791Dine at Holcroft's with Fenwick
14  May  1791Dine at B. Hollis's
29  May  1791Dine at Holcrofts
5  June  1791Dine at Holcrofts
11  June  1791Dine at B. Hollis's
12  June  1791Dine at Holcroft's
19  June  1791Dine at Holcrofts
25  June  1791dine at Holcrofts
30  June  1791Dine with Robinson: propose Political Principlese
3  July  1791Dine at Holcroft's
7  July  1791Dine at Holcrofts, with Clementi, Shield, Bishop, Bossy & Otley
10  July  1791Dine at Holcrofts
14  July  1791Crown & Anchor: Rous & Merry: B. Hollis, Shore, Barbauld, Disney, Jennings, Rees, Morgan, Lindsey, Lewise
17  July  1791Dine at Holcrofts
19  July  1791dine at Holcs
24  July  1791Dine at Holcrofts
31  July  1791Dine at Holcrofts
7  August  1791Dine at Holcrofts
14  August  1791Dine at Holcrofts
21  August  1791Dine at Holcrofts
4  September  1791Dine at Holcroft's
11  September  1791Dine at Holcroft's
25  September  1791Dine at Holcroft's with Fenwick: adv. Dyson
26  September  1791Dine at Holcrofts; read together Introduction
2  October  1791Dine at Holcroft's
9  October  1791Dine at Holcroft's, with Fenwick: adv. Dyson
14  October  1791Dine at J. Hollis's, w. dr Lister: adv. Barry. talk of Pearson, of his character & of Dyson.
19  October  1791Dine with Fawcet at North End: shew him letters to Fox & Sheridane: talk of property, of Helvetius & his profession
23  October  1791Dine at Holcroft's: adv. Dyson: owns himself convinced
2  November  1791Dine at Holcrofts, with Pethion. Burke's Speech 1774. Talk of constituante, oaths & property
4  November  1791Dine at the London Tavern, With Paine, Pethion, Horne Tooke, Priestley, Kippis, Rees, B. Hollis, Listers, Morgans
6  November  1791Dine at Holcroft's
9  November  1791Dine at Bosse's, with Dr Knox, Wishart & Holcroft
13  November  1791Dine at Johnson's, with Paine, Shovet & Wolstencraft; talk of monarchy, Tooke, Johnson, Voltaire, pursuits & religion
27  November  1791Dine chez lui
4  December  1791Dine at Holcrofts
11  December  1791Dine at Holcroft's
18  December  1791Dine at Holcroft's: adv Dyson & Pinard, talk of self love
20  December  1791Dine at Jacob's
25  December  1791Dine at Mrs Webb, with W., Mr& Mrs N Webb , Mr & Mrs Jones & Dr Sutton. talk literature & politics
1  January  1792Dine at Holcroft's with Fenwick, talk of government, the law, &c .
8  January  1792Dine at Holcroft's
9  January  1792Dine at B. Hollis's, with Disney, Jennings & Serbonnier, talk of honesty
14  January  1792Dine at Marshal's, with Mrs & miss Cooper, talk of religion à l'une, of education à l'autre
18  January  1792Dine at Holcroft's
21  January  1792Dine at Holcroft's
25  January  1792Dine at Mr Henley's, near the Angel, Edmonton
29  January  1792Dine at Holcroft's, adv. Dyson
4  February  1792Dine at Shield's, with Crosdil, Holcroft, Perry, Gray & Hey
5  February  1792Dine at Nicholson's, with Holcroft
12  February  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with major Jardine & walking Stuart, talk of self love, free will & immortality
19  February  1792Dine Holcroft's, with Crosdil, Shield, Nicholson, Perry, Gray, Gordon, Bicknel & Fenwick
26  February  1792 Dine at Holcrofts
2  March  1792Dine at B Hollis's, with Baker, Felton{,} Stevens, Edwards, Kent, Taylor & W. Vaughan.
4  March  1792Dine at Holcroft's
13  March  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with Crosdil & Shield
18  March  1792Dine at Holcrofts: advenae Dyson (talk of truth) & Jardine
21  March  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with Wolcot, Taylor, Shield, Condel & Hatchet
25  March  1792 Dine at Holcroft's, with Dy[ck?] & Scribe
28  March  1792Dine at J Hollis's, with dr Lister, talk of Xty, property & God: callousness of the mo former as to money
31  March  1792 Dine at B. Hollis's, with Barlow & Disney, talk of my book & nah
1  April  1792Dine at Holcroft's: Jardine, Barlow, Stuart & Dyson, talk of automatic motions & sleep
8  April  1792Dine at Ht's, ex his explanation with Mercier
11  April  1792Dine at Holcroft's
22  April  1792Dine at Fenwick, talk of expenditure
27  April  1792Dine at Mr Henley's, with his son & Mr Rahl
29  April  1792Dine with Dorothy
3  May  1792Dine at B. Hollis's
13  May  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with Dyson, talk of gravitation
14  May  1792Dine at B. Hollis's
20  May  1792Dine at Holcroft's
30  May  1792Dine at Holcroft's
2  June  1792Dine at B. Hollis's, with Disney, Dodson, Towers, Rutt & Beauséjour
3  June  1792Dine at Holcroft's
10  June  1792Dine at Holcroft's, talk of Burke & Paine, & of property: adv. Dyson
11  June  1792Dine at B. Hollis's, with Priestley & Lindsey: the former a republican, lend himAnna St Ivese
15  June  1792Dine at Free Mason's Tavern, with Erskine, Mackintosh, Thomson, Dunbar, S. Rogers, Stone, &c
17  June  1792Dine at Holcroft's, talk of sincerity & parties
22  June  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with Mr and Mrs Kemble
24  June  1792Dine at Holcroft's
1  July  1792Dine at Holcroft's
6  July  1792Dine at Holcroft's, With Yaniewicz, Clementi, Crosdil, Shield, Damen, maj. Waller, Otley & Bicknel
8  July  1792Dine at Holcroft's; Mr Pitt, talk of poetry & religion.
16  July  1792Dine at Holcroft's
20  July  1792 Dine at Holcroft's
29  July  1792Dine at Holcroft's, talk of Achilles
5  August  1792 Dine at Holcrofts, with Crosdil, talk of disease
12  August  1792Dine at Holcroft's: advenae Dyson & Pinard, talk of absolute & almost infinite liberty, & self love
17  August  1792Dine at Holcroft's
23  August  1792dine at Mr Marshal's
26  August  1792Dine at Holcrofts
6  September  1792Dine at Holcrofts, avec Noel & le cousin de Danton, Merget
9  September  1792Dine at Mr Holcroft's
13  September  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with Mr & Mrs Knight
16  September  1792Dine at Holcroft's
23  September  1792Dine at Holcrofts
30  September  1792Dine at Holcrofts: adv. Stuart & Dyson
14  October  1792Dine at Holcroft's with Crosdil: adv. Merget, Danton jun. & Pinard
21  October  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with major Waller, Merget & Recordat
4  November  1792Dine at Holcroft's, dêmelée : adv. Mercier, Dyson & Stuart; talk of languages & precision
11  November  1792Dine at Holcroft's: adv. Turner, Pinard &Heathcote
18  November  1792Dine at Holcroft's; adv. Dyson
25  November  1792dine at Horne Tooke's, talk of politics & morals
26  November  1792dine at Holcroft's, with Destenonville
2  December  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with Fenwick
9  December  1792Dine at Holcroft's: adv. Mercier & Pinard, talk of morale
16  December  1792Dine at Holcroft's, with Merget: adv. Belmano & Dyson
23  December  1792Dine at H. Tooke's, with Sharpe engraver, & Jardine, talk of ideas & revolutions
24  December  1792Dine at B Hollis's, with Paradise, Birch & Stephens
25  December  1792Dine at Holcroft's
30  December  1792Dine at Holcroft's
6  January  1793Dine at Holcroft's: adv. Dyson & Dibbin, talk of plagiarism, abstraction & ideas; Kearsley
8  January  1793Dine at Holcroft's
13  January  1793Dine at Holcroft's: adv. Murray perruquier
20  January  1793Dine at H Tooke's, with Holcroft, Sharpe, Banks & Jardine
27  January  1793Dine at Holcroft's
28  January  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, adv. Merget. Fox’s pamphlet
3  February  1793Dine at Holcroft's: adv. Jardine, Fenwick & Mercier
10  February  1793 Dine at Burney's, w. Jardine & Charles
15  February  1793Dine at Wedgwood's, with Jardine, Allen & Tom, talk of Burke, Fox, revolutions, property & the foundation of morals
17  February  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, adv. Belmano & Dyson
24  February  1793Dine at Holcroft's, talk of N's// attack on moral character, & of juvenile coercion
26  February  1793Dine at B Hollis's, with Holcroft, Heywood, Dyer & Disney
3  March  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, adv. Dyson, talk of pleading & law
10  March  1793Dine at Holcrofts
16  March  1793Dine at Henley’s
17  March  1793 Dine at Holcroft’s
24  March  1793Dine at H. Tooke’s, with Zenobio, Sempil, Gawler, Knight, Harwood, Hamilton Rowan, Thelwal{,} Sharpe & Dyson
30  March  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, with Knight & Nicholson
31  March  1793Dine at Holcroft’s: adv. Dyson & Stephen
7  April  1793Dine at Holcrofts, altercatione
14  April  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, with Pinard, talk of reading, no impression
21  April  1793 Dine at Holcroft’s: adv. Pinard, talk of self-love & morale
24  April  1793 dine at Holcroft’s, go with him to Nicholson
28  April  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, w. Pinard
5  May  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
12  May  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
19  May  1793 Dine at H Tooke’s, with Gonzaga, Tooke, Harwood, Seward, Knight, Goring, Wathen, // Sharpe, Joice, Symonds & Dyson
22  May  1793Dine at Marshal’s, with miss G. & mrs Milne
26  May  1793Dine at Holcrofts
2  June  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
9  June  1793dine at Holcroft’s
16  June  1793Dine at Holcroft’s with Joice
21  June  1793Dine at Fawcet’s, talk of constitutions & religion
23  June  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
30  June  1793Dine at Holcroft’s: adv. Dyson
3  July  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
7  July  1793 Dine at Pinard’s, with Holcroft &
14  July  1793Dine at Holcroft: adv. Dyson
21  July  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, talk of education
22  July  1793Dine at Fawcet’s, talk of future state
28  July  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
4  August  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, adv. Dyson
7  August  1793Dine at Frost’s, Newgate, with Holcroft, Gerald, Pigot & M’Can: adv. Macdonald
11  August  1793 Dine at Holcroft’s, with Merry & Dyson
12  August  1793Dine at Fawcet’s, talk of a God
18  August  1793Dine at H Tooke’s, with Thelwal, Perry pâtissier, Banks, Sharpe & Dyson{:} talk w. Dyson of the simple style
25  August  1793 Dine at Holcroft’s
30  August  1793Dine at Jardine’s
1  September  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
5  September  1793 dine at Jennings’s, with Gerald
8  September  1793Dine at Holcroft’s: adv. Jardine
15  September  1793Dine at Perry’s, with Holcroft
17  September  1793Dine at Fawcet’s; sleep.
22  September  1793dine at Holcrofts, with Perry, Gray, Shield, Cole; adv. Jardine
24  September  1793Dine at Jardine’s, with Glenie
28  September  1793dine at Holcroft’s
29  September  1793Dine at Shield’s, w. Holcroft, Perry, Gray & Gordon
3  October  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
4  October  1793 Dine at Jennings’s, with Gerald, Holcroft & mrs Reveley: adv. Sinclair & mrs Armstrong
6  October  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, with Thelwal, Armstrong, Dyson & Dibbin
7  October  1793 dine at Marshal’s
13  October  1793 Dine at Holcroft’s; adv. Webb, jr
16  October  1793 Dine at Fawcet’s
17  October  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, with Jennings’s, Sinclair & mrs Reveley, talk of law
20  October  1793Walk to H Tooke’s, (plan a treatise on God); dine with dr Pearson & Wildman; home w. Thelwal
21  October  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
27  October  1793 dine at Holcroft’s
28  October  1793dine at Reveley’s; adv. mrs Paradise, Holcroft, Jenningss & Richter
3  November  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
6  November  1793dine at Marshal’s
8  November  1793Dine at Reveley’s, with Jennings’s
10  November  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, w. Thelwal; adv. Dyson
12  November  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, with Dupont, Reveleys, Jenningss & Thelwal
14  November  1793dine at Holcroft’s, w. Cooper
17  November  1793Dine at Holcroft’s; adv. Stephen, Reveleys & Dyson
19  November  1793dine at Jennings’s, w. Holcrofts, Reveleys, Folkes, Cooke, Paterson & miss Mackenzie; adv. Stewart
24  November  1793 Dine at Holcrts; adv. Stephen & mrs Jennings
25  November  1793dine at Thelwal’s, talk of duty & abstraction
1  December  1793Dine at Holcroft’s
4  December  1793Dine at Holcroft’s with Porson, Perry, Gordon, Shield & Reveleys, talk of self love & God; adv. Dyson
8  December  1793 Dine at H Tooke’s, with Vaughan, Wingfield, & Dyson; adv. Sharpe
12  December  1793dine at Holcrofts
15  December  1793dine at Holcroft’s, with Mrs Jennings; adv. Thelwal, Vaughan, Williams, Stewart & Jennings
17  December  1793Dine at Woolwich, w. Muir, Reid, Logan, Campbel, Bishop & Fenwick; talk of religion & subsistence; adv. F Vaughan, Gurney, Rutt
22  December  1793Dine at Holcroft’s, w. Thelwal; adv. Ritson & Dyson
23  December  1793dine at Jennings’s, w. Mackintosh, Moore, Sinclair & Folkes; talk of passions
25  December  1793dine at Holcroft’s, w. Reveley’s, Thelwal, & Stephen
29  December  1793dine at Holcroft’s; adv. Smith, Dyson & Heathcote
31  December  1793Dine at Thelwal’s, w. Moffat & Sinclair. Philomaths, gratitude
4  January  1794Dine at Reveley's
5  January  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Smith & Coopers
7  January  1794Dine at Holcroft's, rev
12  January  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Thelwal, talk of atheism; adv. Stewart
16  January  1794Dine at Johnson's, w. Blair, Mackintosh & Courtenay: adv. Stewart & Kenneth C
17  January  1794Dine Woolwich, Palmer, w. Holcroft & Grant
18  January  1794Dine at Thelwal's, w. Agar; adv. Manning & mrs Cline
19  January  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Ritson, talk of coercion & materialism
26  January  1794dine at Holcroft's
29  January  1794Dine at Jennings's, adv. Holcroft
2  February  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Pinard, Stephen & Smith
3  February  1794Dine at Mackintosh's, w. Parr, Tweddel, Losh, Hall, Moore, Robinson, Johnson, & Bell & miss Christie, talk of passions
4  February  1794dine at Reveley's; adv. Jenningses
9  February  1794Dine at H Tooke's, w. Gawler, Vaughan, Bryant, Belmano, Wildman, Jackson & Dyson
12  February  1794Dine at Thelwal's, talk of prudence
16  February  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Ritson, Dyson & Holme
26  February  1794dine at Jennings's
28  February  1794dine at Bell's, w. Mackintosh, Porson, dr Hamilton, Sansom, White & miss Christie
2  March  1794dine at Holcroft's, il s'irrite sur l'education de ses fillese; adv. Ritson, talk of dr Clarke
4  March  1794dine at Thelwal's
9  March  1794 walk to Wimbledon, w. Porson: dine w. Thomson, Holcroft, Gawler, Thelwal, Pearson, Fletcher, Williams, Joice & Jones
10  March  1794dine at Waghorn's, w. Mackintosh
11  March  1794Dine at Holcroft's; adv. Pinard
12  March  1794dine at Robinson's, with Chalmers
13  March  1794Dine at Wedgwood's, w. Parsons, dr Smith, Kinsman & Allen; talk of politics & religion
16  March  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Thelwal & Pinard; adv. Smith
21  March  1794dine
23  March  1794dine at Hubbard's, w. Drury; adv. Nugent, Vincent, Sweeting & Cabbel, talk of pracl virtue
24  March  1794dine at Jennings's, w. Foulkes
27  March  1794dine at B. Hollis's, w. Holcroft, Wakefield, Frend, Northmore, Dyer, Disney & White
30  March  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. mrs Jennings & Dyson
1  April  1794dine at Jennings's, w. H. Tooke, Stevenson, Holcroft, Reveleys & Foulkes; adv. Starke
2  April  1794dine in Newgate, w. Gerald, Holcroft, Dower, Macarthy, Stevenson, Paterson, Stabler, Jennings, Foulkes, Ridgway, Symonds: adv. Sharpe & adv. Scott, E G.
3  April  1794Dine at J Hollis's, with dr Lister
13  April  1794dine at Holcroft's
19  April  1794dine at Northmore's, w. Holcroft, B. Hollis, Frend & Dyer
20  April  1794Dine at Holcroft's, w. Haslets & Cooper; adv. Dyson & Reveleys
22  April  1794Dine at Fawcet's, talk of Danton
27  April  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Pinard & Cole
29  April  1794dine at Reveley's
3  May  1794dine at Holcroft's
4  May  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Thelwal & Cole; adv. Ritson, Dyson & Stephen, talk of Richard, & bloodshd
8  May  1794dine at Reveley's
11  May  1794dine at H Tooke's, w. Tooke, Sharp, Banks, Thelwal, Richters, Scott, Stock, Joice & Dyson
15  May  1794dine at Holcroft's
18  May  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. mrs Thelwal
20  May  1794dine at J Hollis's, w. Lister; adv. Holcroft
21  May  1794dine at Jennings's
22  May  1794Dine at Fawcet's, w. Holcroft
23  May  1794dine at B. Hollis's; adv. Jennings
29  May  1794dine at Holcroft's
1  June  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Ritson
8  June  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Ritson, Stewart & Chatfield
10  June  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Cooper; talk of taste
11  June  1794dine w. him at Holcroft's
13  June  1794dine at Jennings's, w. Holcroft & mrs Reveley; adv. Vaughan & Foulkes
15  June  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Merry
16  June  1794dine at Fawcet's, talk of sympathy
22  June  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Reveleys & Jenningss
28  June  1794dine at Alderson's, w. B. Gurney, Martin, Taylor s., Marsh, Firth, dr Smith & Merry; adv. J. Taylor, Pitchford & mr & miss Smiths
2  July  1794dine at Barnard's, w. Gurney, W. Taylor, S. & W. Barnard & Watson; talk of establishments & gratitude
4  July  1794Dine at Copland's, w. mother; talk of Christianity
5  July  1794dine at Jno Gurney's, w. Jos., Enfield & dr Smith, talk of justice; adv. Smiths, Norgates & Beloe
6  July  1794dine at Alderson's
7  July  1794Dine at Holcroft's
13  July  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Sterling; adv. Merry & Dyson.
15  July  1794dine w. Philomaths
16  July  1794Dine in Newgate, w. Gerald, Sinclair, Jennings's & miss Aris
19  July  1794dine at Jennings's, w. Macnamara
20  July  1794Dine at Holcroft's
21  July  1794dine at Fawcet's, w. mrs Smith
23  July  1794dine at Marshal's
25  July  1794Dine at Reveleys; adv. Banks's & Watts's
30  July  1794Dine at Reveley's
31  July  1794Dine at Fawcet's
3  August  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Salomon
5  August  1794dine at do's
7  August  1794Dine at Jennings's, w. Sinclair
8  August  1794dine at Marshal's
10  August  1794dine at Holcroft's, double corr.; adv. Ritson & Shepperson
12  August  1794Dine at Henley's
13  August  1794dine at Reveley's
15  August  1794dine at Hubbard's, w. M.
17  August  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Merry & Porson, talk of prayer
18  August  1794dine at M's
24  August  1794dine at Holcroft's; talk of nuns
27  August  1794dine at Jennings's
28  August  1794dine at Jennings's, w. Ferguson; adv. Sinclair; talk of self love & Mandeville
31  August  1794dine at Holcrofts'; adv. H Richter & Pinard
7  September  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Porson; adv. Ritson & Richter; talk of Sydney & q. of Scots
10  September  1794Dine at Reveley's
16  September  1794Dine at Morgan's, w. Battie, Boddington & Amelia; adv. Ives Hurry & Walters; talk of God & Burke
17  September  1794Dine at Holcroft's
21  September  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Ritson, & miss Cooper & miss Watts
24  September  1794dine at Northmore's, w. Wolcot, Lutwich, Taylor & Holcroft
28  September  1794dine at Holcroft's; adv. Dyson
30  September  1794dine at Gerald's; adv. Macdonard, I. Hurry, miss Alderson & Sinclair
2  October  1794Dine at Jennings's, w. Foulkes & mrs Reveley
3  October  1794dine at Hubbard's
5  October  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Porson; adv. Ritson
8  October  1794Dine at Bird's, w. Johnsons, Dalrymple & Gregory
9  October  1794Dine at Johnson's, w. do; adv. B. Craven; evg, talk of duelling, necessity, &c
10  October  1794Dine at Coventry, w. Heming, Hall & Ca. Parr
11  October  1794dine at Williams's; talk of culprits & passions
12  October  1794dinner dr Lambe; adv. miss Wilson
14  October  1794dine at M's
15  October  1794dine at Jennings's, w. Ferguson
16  October  1794dine at Hubbard's; adv. M.
17  October  1794dine at Nicholson's
19  October  1794dine at Northmore's, w. Ledwich & three professors from Caen
20  October  1794dine at Ms
21  October  1794Dine at M's
23  October  1794dine at Nicholson's
24  October  1794dine at miss G's
25  October  1794dine at Ms
26  October  1794dine at Jennings's, adv. miss Ramsay & Reveleys
2  November  1794Dine at Robinson's, w. Moore's & Inchbald
6  November  1794dine at Foulkes's, w. Gurney, Hutchinson & Jennings; adv. Jamieson
8  November  1794dine at M's
9  November  1794dine at Foulkes's
12  November  1794Dine at Jennings's
13  November  1794dine at Foulkes's, with Vaughan, Ward & Robinson Irish barrister; adv. Chawners
14  November  1794dine at Northmore's, w. Frend, Disney, B. Hollis & Ledwich
15  November  1794dine at Listers, w. Crisp & J Hollis; talk of passions, God & self love
16  November  1794dine at Foulkes's, adv. Powel & mrs Hanson{,} miss Hurst
23  November  1794dine at Foulkes, w. mrs Thelwal
26  November  1794dine at Mackintosh's, w. Parr, Tweddel, Street & Marcand; adv. Bartlam & G Moore
27  November  1794dine at M's
28  November  1794Dine at Gerald's, w. Crompton, Taylor Lanc., Sinclair, Brown & Scott
29  November  1794dine at Crompton's, w. Taylor, Brown & Scott
30  November  1794dine at Foulkes's, w. Frost; adv. Powel & Agar
1  December  1794Dine at Perry's
4  December  1794Dine at Fenwick's
5  December  1794 Dine at Foulkes's, w. Thelwal's, Holcroft, Powel & Manning: adv. Hazlits, Williams artist, do L. F, Pearce, Hardy, Chennels & mrs Holt
7  December  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Thelwals, Foulkes's, Porson & mrs Lunan; adv. Dyson & Ritson
10  December  1794dine at Martineau's, w. Morgans, Joyce, Lewis, Firth, Marsh & Lee
11  December  1794dine w. him & Holcroft at Crompton; adv. Bromfields
12  December  1794dine at Foulkes, w. mrs Knowles
14  December  1794dine at Holcroft's
15  December  1794dine at Hazlits, w. Holcrofts, Thelwals, Williams's, Foulkes's & Hunter, T. Cooper, mrs Read
17  December  1794dine at Crisp's, w. Cline, Lister, Terry, capt. Burney & Wood
18  December  1794dine at Foulkes's, w. C Moore, Holcrofts, Hazlits & Thelwals; adv. H. Richter & Shuter
19  December  1794Dine at Jennings's, w.adv. Aris, Macnamara & Cook
21  December  1794dine at Holcroft's, w. Porson & Coleridge, talk of self love & God
22  December  1794dine at Holcrofts
25  December  1794Dine at Foulkes's, w. Webbs Hammersmith, & Cook
27  December  1794dine at C Moore's, w. Losh & Thompson; adv. Gurney
28  December  1794dine at Foulkes's, w. H, Hutchinson, Parker & Watley; adv. mrs Aris
29  December  1794dine at M's
1  January  1795Dine at Sutton's, w. Buller, Haskins & Morgan; talk of Xty & God
3  January  1795Dine at Northmore's, w. Walker Manchr, Wakefield, B. Hollis, Disney, Dyson & Williams b.; talk of God
4  January  1795dine at Tooke's, w.Cline, Wardle, Bonney, Wildman, Lee, Jacobs, J. & G. Williams & Dyson
7  January  1795dine at Walthamstow
9  January  1795dine at Foulkes's
10  January  1795Dine at Tooke's
11  January  1795dine at Holcroft's, w. Foulkes's & Armstrong; adv. Dyson
15  January  1795dine at Thelwal's; adv. Clarke mystic
18  January  1795dine at Holcroft's; adv. C., Thelwal & G Williams
20  January  1795dine at Philomaths
22  January  1795dine at King's, w. Ht & lord Falkland
23  January  1795Dine at King's, w. Falkland & Davies{;}adv. Johnson
25  January  1795dine at Ht's, w. Foulkes's & Thelwal; adv. Ritson, Dyson & Cooper
26  January  1795Dine at Thelwal's
28  January  1795dine at Lauderdale's, w. dr Moore & Chas
30  January  1795dine at King's, w. Falkland & Johnson clerk of arr.; adv. Thelwal & Davis
31  January  1795dine at King's, w. Falkland, Stone, Newton & Reid
1  February  1795dine at Ht's, w. Tuthil
2  February  1795dine at Reveley's
3  February  1795dine at Foulkes's, w. Paterson; adv. Ht
5  February  1795Dine at King's, w. Williams, Wolcot, Taylor & Falkland
8  February  1795dine at Johnson's, w. Middleton
9  February  1795Dine at Reveley's
10  February  1795Dine at King's, w. Wolcot, Falkland, Kaines, James, Rogers, Varland & mrs Wilson
11  February  1795dine at Jennings's
13  February  1795 dine at Kg's, w. Davis; adv. Anderson
14  February  1795Dine at Gerald's; adv. Brown
15  February  1795dine at Ht's; adv. C
17  February  1795dine at Foulkes's, with Parker; adv. Robinson, I B.
19  February  1795dine at King's, w. Wolcot, Hubbard & Towers; adv. Johnson
21  February  1795Dine at M's
22  February  1795dine at dr Moore's, w. Ja. & Chas; adv. Bertrand
24  February  1795dine at Mackintosh's, w. Parr & G Moore; adv. Cha. Stuart
26  February  1795dine at King's, w. Powel
27  February  1795M. dines
1  March  1795dine at Wimbledon, w. Vaughan, Bonney, Frend & Miller,talk of gratitude
2  March  1795dine Mackintosh's, w. Porson, Perry, Gray, Lunan, Millers, A Cullen, Jack & G Moore
4  March  1795dine at Reveley's{;}adv. Woodford
5  March  1795dine at Gerald's, w. King, Thelwal & Powel
8  March  1795Dine at Foulkes's, w. sir F. Rogers, Smith surgn, Young, Robinson, Parker & Hts; adv. Woods & miss Williams
9  March  1795Dine at Reveley's
11  March  1795 dine at Northmore's, w. Ht, Ledwich & Frend
12  March  1795dine at King's, w. Carey & Stracy
14  March  1795 dine at Thelwal's
15  March  1795Dine at King's, w. Wolcot; adv. mrs Con Cannon, Siveright & Stone
16  March  1795dine at Reveley's
17  March  1795dine at Bosville's, w. Lord Kinnaird, Este, Dealtry, White, Rutherford, & Ht & Webb
18  March  1795Dine at Kings' adv. Stevenson
19  March  1795dine Ms
22  March  1795dine at King's, w. Rogers, Christie & mrs Wilson; adv. Selinas & mrs Cannon
23  March  1795dine at Reveley's
24  March  1795dine at Foulkes's
26  March  1795Dine at King's, w. Brook, Newtons & Barnes; adv. Neale, talk of libels
27  March  1795Dine at Gerald's, w. King, Kaines, Hubbard & Sally Martin; talk of Xty
29  March  1795dine at Hts, w. Fenwicks; adv. C & Knt
31  March  1795dine at King's, w. Lewis, Quick, Wolcot, Casey & Ht
1  April  1795dine at King's, w. Celinas, sir C Wray, Wolcot, Carey & mrs Grattan
5  April  1795dine at Hts, seul
6  April  1795Dine at King's, w. Felton; talk of Gilham
7  April  1795Dine at Foulkes's, w. Aris's, Pikes, Woods, & mes Harris & Williams
8  April  1795dine at Hts; adv. Hazlits
10  April  1795dine at King's, w. Ht, Taylor, Buller contr, Carey & mrs Grattan
12  April  1795dine at Hts
18  April  1795C dines
19  April  1795dine at Ht's, w. Merry & A A; adv. Hazlits
25  April  1795dine at Gerald's, w. King & ladies
26  April  1795dine at King's w. Franco, Housselaer, Borman & Wolcot; adv. Davis's & Hts
27  April  1795Dine at Johnson's w. T Taylor
28  April  1795dine at Ht's
29  April  1795dine at Foulkes's, w. Parker; talk of Xty
3  May  1795dine at Tooke's, w. Vaughan, J Williams, Walker, Brown, Kennedy & Hepburn
5  May  1795dine at Hts
6  May  1795dine at King's w. Buller contr
10  May  1795dine at Hts; adv. A Alderson, mrs Batty, Dyer, Ritson, Pinard & H Richter
11  May  1795dine at Foulkes's; adv. mrs Aris, miss Winall, Donovan & miss Hts
12  May  1795dine at King's
13  May  1795dine at Fawcet's
14  May  1795Dine at J Hollis's (D L), w. Dr Lister
16  May  1795Dine at Lister's, w. Crisps, Cline & J Hollis; talk of property & self-love
17  May  1795dine at Hts, w. A Alderson, mrs Batty & miss Buck
18  May  1795Dine at King's, w. mrs Grattan; tea Foulkes's
19  May  1795Dine at Foulkes's, w. Cook
21  May  1795Dine at Batty's, w. Tooke, Harts, Smirke, A A & miss Buck
23  May  1795 Dine at Reveley's; adv. Banks's, Barry & Woodford
24  May  1795dine at King's, Bowling Green
27  May  1795dine at Barbauld's, w. her & miss Howard
28  May  1795dine at Lawrence's, w. C Moore
31  May  1795dine at Foulkes's, w. Crowdy's, Hyder, mrs Warren & miss Thomas
1  June  1795Dine at King's: meet mes Wilson & Morse
2  June  1795dine at Reveley's; adv. Jones
3  June  1795Dine at Tooke's, w. Batty, Smirkes, A A & miss Buck
6  June  1795dine at Lauderdale's, w. sir J Henderson & Hogg; adv. Moore; talk of P. W. & republicanism
7  June  1795dine at King's, w. Butler
10  June  1795dine at Lauderdale's, talk of education; adv. Moore
11  June  1795dine at Hts, w. Thelwals & J Richter; adv. Batty, C Buck, G & E Richter, & Turners
13  June  1795dine at Fawcet's
16  June  1795dine at Foulkes's
18  June  1795Dine at Parkinson's, w. Thelwal, Stevenson & Beaumont
20  June  1795dine at Reveley's
21  June  1795dine at Hts, w. E R: tea Johnson's, w. Johnstone's
23  June  1795Dine at Hatton, w. lord Dormer & son, Greatheed, Eyre, Wills, Howel, Mawley, Lambes, Bradley & Howes resident
25  June  1795dine w. Parr, Greatheed, Wills, Johnson, Pye, col Staunton, & Sayer & 2
27  June  1795Dine at Dormer's, w. Parr, Howes, Wills, Knights, Battersby's & la. Eliz.: Parry arrives, at supper, talk of uni. monarchy & republicanism
29  June  1795Dine at Howel's
1  July  1795Dine at Wills's, w. Parr, Greatheed, Mawley & Parry; talk of Mackintosh
2  July  1795Dine at Lambe, w. Parr, Howel & Smith.
4  July  1795Dine at Mawley's, w. Parr, Wills, Eyre, Harding, Parry & miss Smiths; altercatione
6  July  1795Dine at Greatheed's, w. Parr, Williams's, Wills, Mawley, Parry, R G & S Parr
10  July  1795Dine at Fawcet's
17  July  1795 Dine at Foulkes's, w. Watley junr & Beens
18  July  1795Dine at Montagu's, talk of general rules & self love
26  July  1795dine at H Tooke's, w. mrs Harvey & fils
30  July  1795Dine at King's, w. Gadagne's, Anderson, miss Barrale, &c
10  August  1795dine at King's, w. Gadagne's
15  August  1795Dine at King's, w. Wolcot, & mes Gardners, & Brown; retorte.
17  August  1795Dine at Hts, w. Porson, H & G Richter, A A & mrs Lunan
20  August  1795Dine at King's; adv. Davis's
23  August  1795dine at Foulkes's, w. Smeatham's
24  August  1795Dine at Hayes's
30  August  1795dine at H. Tooke's, w. Perrys, Vaughans & Philip Warner
3  September  1795Dine at King's, w. Gadagne's, Wolcot, Lewis, Rogers & Kendillon
6  September  1795dine at Hts, w. Thelwal; adv. J & E Richters, P. Foulkes, Cooper & Pinard
10  September  1795dine at King's
16  September  1795Dine at King's, w. Gadagne's & Cary
20  September  1795dine at Hts, w. Porson, Perry, Gray, Lunan, Booths, Sharp & C
21  September  1795Dine at King's; adv. Dyne & Housselaer
23  September  1795Dine at King's, w. Dudley, Bellamys, Kendillon & Sinclair
27  September  1795dine at Ht's: adv. Shield, Ritson, Pinard & C
29  September  1795dine at Foulkes's, w. Harveys, Barnard & miss Virgil, Hutchinson
4  October  1795dine at Hts, w. Tuthil; adv. Pinard & C
11  October  1795dine at Ht's, w. Shields, miss Mansel, Major, Leftley & Tuthil; adv. Bishop, & Jay
12  October  1795dine at Robinson's, w. Ht, Shield, Heath & Chalmers
14  October  1795dine at Montagu's; adv. Galway
16  October  1795Dine at Tuthil's, w. Ht
18  October  1795dine at Hts, w. Porson, Tuthil & E Mansel; adv. Ritson, H Richter, Sharp, C & Jones
21  October  1795dine at King's, w. Gadagne's, H Moore, Merry & Macdonald; adv. Butler & dog
24  October  1795dine at Ht's, w. Tuthil, adv. C
25  October  1795dine at Ht's, w. Merry, Mansel & Tuthil; adv. Dyson & Ritson
28  October  1795dine at Montagu's, w. Luttrel
30  October  1795dine at King's, w. A B.
1  November  1795dine at B P, w. Foulkes
4  November  1795dine at Ht's, w. Merry, col. Barry, Tuthil & C
6  November  1795dine at M's
8  November  1795dine at Tooke's, w. Joyce, Frost, Tweddel jr & Dyson
9  November  1795dine at King's, w. Robinson, Este, Williamson & M'donald; adv. Davis, Housselaer & Fenw
11  November  1795dine at J Hollis's, w. Lewis & yg Anthonies; adv. Barry
14  November  1795Dine at King's, w. Este, Macdonald, Franco & C.
15  November  1795dine at Ht's, w. T & M; adv. Dyson & C
18  November  1795Dine at Montagu's, w. Hanger, Speed, Wrangham, Raby & Jo. Raine
21  November  1795Dine at King's, w. Este, Macdonald, Carey, O & A B
22  November  1795Dine at Hts, w. col. Barry & Tuthil; adv. Ritson & Leftley
25  November  1795dine at Jno Hollis's, w. Lister, Lewis & J Anthony; talk of seditious assemblies
26  November  1795dine at King's, w. Wolcot; adv. Davis
27  November  1795Dine at C & A, w. Tooke, Goodbehe, Cooper, Bonney, Wardle, Williams's, Miller, Rukin, Savage, Lewis & [3.?]
29  November  1795dine at Bankes's, w. Porson, & Jo Raine; talk of Yorke's sentence; adv. Fenwick
2  December  1795dine at M's, w. C
3  December  1795dine at King's, w. Opie, Wolcot, A B, C, Franco's, Housselaer & Gordon & miss Bannal; adv. mrs Wilson
4  December  1795dine at Montagu's, w. Butler vdm.
6  December  1795dine at Hts, w. Barry, Mansel, T & C: adv. Ritson
7  December  1795Dine at Reveley's{:}
8  December  1795 dine at Foulkes's; adv. Ht
9  December  1795dine at King's, w. d'Espard & A B; adv. Este
13  December  1795dine at Hts, w. T; adv. C, Powel & Russel
19  December  1795Dine at King's, w. A B
20  December  1795dine at Ht's, w. T; adv. Ritson
21  December  1795Dine at Foulkes's, w. Hts & Cooke
23  December  1795dine at Reveley's
24  December  1795dine at Montagu's
25  December  1795dine at King's, w. A B, Rogers, Gadagne's, Archambeau Perigord, Perigord jr, Duprat
27  December  1795dine at Ht's, w. Perry, Gray, col Barry, Kentish, T, C, M Hayes & E M; adv. Porson
30  December  1795dine at Newton's, w. Adams jun, Marshal, Smith, Christie, Bell, Crokes, Wybournes & miss Dives; adv Lovel; talk of gratitude
1  January  1796Dine at King's, w. Franco's, Dr Howard & A B
3  January  1796dine at Hts, w. Foulkes's, Hutchinson, E M & E P C; adv. Powel & Russel
4  January  1796dine at Opie's, w Taylor & Dyer
6  January  1796Dine at King's, w Fenwick & A B
10  January  1796dine at Hts, w. Tuthil; adv. mrs & miss Banks
11  January  1796dine at King's, w. A B, Belzunce & Brook
12  January  1796dine at Robinson's, w Inchbald, Merry, Chalmers, Ht & C
14  January  1796Dine at Newton's, w. Wolstencraft, mrs Christie, Smith, Bell, Croke, Lovel, Bateman, Dalby & Blackburnes; adv. Bristow, Wybourne & Incledon
16  January  1796dine at King's
17  January  1796dine at Hts, w. Merry, EM & T; adv. Ritson
22  January  1796dine at King's, w A B & Steele
24  January  1796dine at Ht's, w. Merry, T, & A Mercier; adv. Nicholsons, Pinard & H Richter
27  January  1796dine at King's, w. A B, Merry, Este & Macdonnel
29  January  1796dine at Reveley's, w. Etons
30  January  1796dine at Ht's, w. T. & mrs Cole
31  January  1796dine at Tooke's, w. Vaughan, Bonneys, Brockbank, Perkins & White
2  February  1796Dine at King's, w. A B, Rogers & Lovel
4  February  1796Dine at Foulkes's, w. Hts, Hovels, Hutchinson & Cooke
6  February  1796dine at Lauderdale's
7  February  1796dine at Hts, w. mrs C & T; adv. H Richter & C
10  February  1796dine at Reveley's
11  February  1796dine at Lauderdale's, w. Fox, Grey, Francis, Adam, Courtenay, col. Barry & O'Byrne; adv. Tierney
14  February  1796dine at Hts, w. Merry, T, mrs Cole, miss Tucker, miss Deval & mr Spurling
15  February  1796dine at Wedgwood's
16  February  1796dine at Lauderdale's, w. Grey, Fitzpatrick, W Smith, Tierney, Morgan & Peach; talk of luxury
17  February  1796dine at King's, w. O'Ryan & Macarthy
21  February  1796dine at Hts: w. mrs C, T & E M; adv. Ritson
22  February  1796Dine at Dan Lister's
25  February  1796dine at Foulkes's; adv. mrs Wood & Williams
28  February  1796dine at Ht's, w. Cole's
29  February  1796dine at R Johnson's, w. Mackintosh; adv. Courtenay
1  March  1796dine at King's, w. Este & Gordon
3  March  1796Dine at col Barry, w. O'Connor, Byrne, Weld & Ht; talk of God & matter
5  March  1796dine at Mackintosh's, w. Parr, Courtenay, Moore, Parkes & S P
6  March  1796dine at Ht's, w. Coles & Spurling
10  March  1796dine at Opie's
11  March  1796dine at Ht's, w. Parr, Mackintosh, O'Connor, Nicholson, Opie, Barry & Powel
13  March  1796dine at Hts; adv. Ritson
14  March  1796(Dinner, Fox, adjd
18  March  1796dine at King's, w. Gadagne, Este, Williamson & Macdonnel
20  March  1796dine at Tooke's, w. Wardle, Miller, Bonney & Dyson
25  March  1796dine at King's, w. Rogers, Este & miss Ballen
27  March  1796dine at Kentish's, w. Foot & Ht
30  March  1796dine mrs Robinson's; w. Moseley & Tn
1  April  1796dine at Lister's, adv. w. J Hollis; adv. E & T Solly
3  April  1796dine at Ht's, w. Merry & Barry
5  April  1796dine at Hts
7  April  1796dine at Batty's, w A A
8  April  1796dine at King's, w. Este, Rogers, Gordon & miss Ballen; adv. Wright & Allen
9  April  1796dine at O'Connor's, w. Burdet & Barry
10  April  1796dine at Hts, w. Merry, Barry, Mackintosh's & S P; adv. A A & Richters
13  April  1796dine at Lauderdale's, w. Parr, Derby, Grey, D North, Fitzpatrick, Courtenay & Tierney
16  April  1796dine at Perry's, w Parr, Porson, Ht, Gordon, D Jones & R Adair
17  April  1796dine at H Tooke's, w. Tooke, A Blake, Fergusson, col Barry, Miller & Jn Williams
19  April  1796dine at Northcote's, w. Hoare
24  April  1796dine at Ht's, w Cole; adv. Ritson & H Richter
28  April  1796dine at Ht's
30  April  1796dine at King's
4  May  1796dine at Opie's; adv. miss Beetham
8  May  1796dine at Ht's, w. E Mercier
12  May  1796dine at J Hollis's, w. Lister & Lewis
15  May  1796dine at Ht's, w. Wolstencraft; adv. Richters
16  May  1796dine at King's, w. Rogers, Este, Williamson, Macdonnel & Steele
17  May  1796dine at Lauderdale's, w. Tierney & Weld
18  May  1796dine at Kensigton w. Dyson
22  May  1796dine at Hts
25  May  1796Dine at Davis's
26  May  1796dine at Younger's, w. Fenwick & Sm
29  May  1796dine at Edgware
2  June  1796dine at Northcote's, w. Hoare, Williams & Ne junr
5  June  1796dine at Ht's, adv. Ritson
12  June  1796dine at Ht's, w. Harwoods, Sharp, Barry & A A; adv. Ritson & H Richter
13  June  1796dine at Dealtry's, w. Mackintosh, Merry, White's, Wells, Este, Twentyman & G Moore
16  June  1796Dine at Opie's
19  June  1796dine at H Tooke's, w. Tooke, Bonney, Williams, Tomkins, 3 Clarkes & Montagu
22  June  1796dine at Ms
26  June  1796Dine at Ht's, w. Merry & Dermody
27  June  1796dine at M's
28  June  1796dine at Hts; adv. Beaumont
29  June  1796Dine at Reveley's
2  July  1796dine at Bracon, w. Merry's, Louisa Brunton & Richard enfant
10  July  1796Dine at Tho Harvey's, w. Pocklington & Alderson
11  July  1796dine at Barnard's, w. Gurney, Kinghorn, Alderson, Scott, W B & Watson
12  July  1796dine at the Blackamoor, w. Merry's
13  July  1796dine at Sewel, w. Flower & Copland
18  July  1796dine at J Astley's, w. Pratts, H Astley & Harwoods
19  July  1796dine at col. Lloyd's, w. Harwood
21  July  1796dine at J Taylor's, w. Philip, Samuel, Thomas & T Barnard
24  July  1796dine at Hts, w. Twiss & M A Lunan; adv. C & A Mercier, & mes G & Dearn
31  July  1796dine at Hts; adv. Ritson
2  August  1796dine at Younger's, w. W C Brown
5  August  1796dine at Montagu's, w. Hanger & St; adv. Newdon & Tobin
7  August  1796dine at Ht's, w. Montagu & Stoddart; talk of sceptic & matter
9  August  1796Dine at J Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hewlet, Jacob, Curtis, //Newnham & Wells
10  August  1796dine at Reveley's
13  August  1796Dine at Robinson's, w. T & Ja Payne & Chalmers
14  August  1796dine at Ht's; adv. Ritson
16  August  1796Dine at Hewlet's, w. Clementi, Bonnycastle, Johnson, Willan & Palmer
21  August  1796dine at Ht's, w. Cole; adv. la. Belhaven, Stoddart & H Richter
24  August  1796Dine at Reveley's
28  August  1796dine at Ht's, w. Cole & Gilchrist; adv. H Richter
30  August  1796dine at Robinson's, w. Inchbald, Kendal, T Payne & Chalmers
4  September  1796dine at Ht's, w. Cole; adv. Ritson, Opie & H Richter
7  September  1796Dine at Reveley's
11  September  1796dine at Newton's, w. Wt
14  September  1796dine at Foulkes's, w. Hart, Hts & mes Kettle & Lloyd
18  September  1796Dine at H Tooke['s,?] w. Bosville, Vaughan, Preston, Scotts, Winckelmann & Hardy
21  September  1796Dine at Reveley's; adv. C King
25  September  1796Dine at Ht's, w. Stoddart
1  October  1796 chez elle, dine
2  October  1796dine at Ht, w. Barry; adv. Ritson, Thelwal & H Richter
3  October  1796dines, --
8  October  1796dine
22  October  1796dine
23  October  1796dine at Hts, w. Porson, Barry, Harwood & St
2  November  1796dine at Reveley's
4  November  1796dine at Hts, w. Harwood
5  November  1796dine
6  November  1796dine at Hts, w. St; adv. Ritson & H Richter
8  November  1796dine at Robinson's, w. Payne & Chalmers
9  November  1796dine at Wts, w. Cotton
13  November  1796dine at Ht's, w. Montagu & St: adv. Moncrieff & J Richter
15  November  1796dine
17  November  1796dine
19  November  1796Dine at Reveley's
20  November  1796dine at Davis's, w. Ht, M, Skenes & Edwards
27  November  1796dine at Ht's
30  November  1796 dine at Reveley's; adv. mrs Eton
1  December  1796dine at Hollis's, w. Lister & Lewis, adv. Barry
4  December  1796dine Hts, w. Ballandine & Armstrong; adv. H Rr
9  December  1796dine;--
11  December  1796dine at Hts, w. Stoddart; adv. Ritson
15  December  1796Dine at R. Johnson's, w. Mackintosh & Blairs
16  December  1796Dine at Reveley's
17  December  1796dine;--
18  December  1796Dine at Hts
25  December  1796Dine at H Tooke's, w. Dyson, Dr Warner & Philip Courtney
27  December  1796dine at Robinson's, w. Wolcot, Heath, Kendal & Chalmers
28  December  1796Dine at Reveley's
1  January  1797Dine at Hts; adv. Ritson; talk of children & marriage
8  January  1797Dine at King's, w. Wolcot, Danvers, sir C Bamfylde, Matthew, Dennet, Hardcastle, & mes Temple
15  January  1797Dine at Ht's
18  January  1797Dine at Reveley's
22  January  1797dine at Ht's, w. Stoddart; adv. Thelwal
25  January  1797dine at Reveley's
27  January  1797Dine at M Robinson's, w. Tn
29  January  1797dine at Hts, w. Parry, Tobin & St; adv. Ritson & H Richter
31  January  1797dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli & Geddes; adv. Gregory & Stephens
4  February  1797dine at King's, w. Belfast, Mays & Parkers
5  February  1797dine at Hts, w. Parry; adv. Thelwal, mrs Fenwick & miss Saunders
6  February  1797dine at Tobin's, w. Ht, White & Burrel
7  February  1797 dine
8  February  1797Dine at Reveley's
10  February  1797M dines
11  February  1797Dine at Robinson, w. Heath & Payne
12  February  1797Dine at Tooke's, w. Thomson, Wardle & Dyson
14  February  1797Dine at Robinson's, w. Chalmers & Payne
18  February  1797 dine, E
19  February  1797dine at M's, w. miss G & L Jones
20  February  1797dine at Ht's
21  February  1797Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Hewlet & Dr Oakley
22  February  1797Dine at Reveley's; adv. Etons
26  February  1797dine at Ht's, w. Rose, Allen, St, Fenwicks, miss Saunders & Cole
28  February  1797dine at King's, w. Danvers, Mathew & Bebzance
2  March  1797M dines
5  March  1797dine at Hts, w. Montagu, Stoddart, & Cole, sup at Knt's. & E C; adv. H Richter
7  March  1797dine at Davis's, w. Taylor, Barbaulds & Livie; adv. Skene
8  March  1797dine at Reveley's
9  March  1797Dine at King's, w. Danver, Bebzance & Carters
12  March  1797dine at Ht's, w. Cole; adv. Banks, Sutton & Spurling
13  March  1797dine at J Hollis's, w. Lister & Lewis; adv. Barry
14  March  1797dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Oakley & Geddes; adv. Stephens & Philips
15  March  1797dine at Rt Knight's, w. Harry, Portens, Fuller, Dealtry, & Webb, & Greatheeds
16  March  1797 dine
19  March  1797Dine at Ht's, w. Barry, Parry, Gilchrist, Sutton & Cole
22  March  1797dine at Reveley's
26  March  1797 dine at Hts, w. A A, Gilchrist, Cole, Spiring & E C: sup at miss G's, w. Knights, L J & M
1  April  1797dine
2  April  1797dine at Ht's , w. Tuthil, x Cole & Charlotte Mercier
3  April  1797Dine at M's
4  April  1797Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Grignion, Blake, Dr Anderson & A Aikin
5  April  1797dine at Reveley's, confidencee:
8  April  1797Dine at Robinson's, w. Inchbald & Chalmers
12  April  1797 dine at Ht's, w. Wt, A A, Montagu & Tuthil ; adv. Banks, Tobin & Cole
16  April  1797dine at miss G's, w. Wt, L J & Cary; adv. Dyson
18  April  1797dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli & Newnham; adv. Stephens
19  April  1797Dine at Reveley's
23  April  1797dine at Hts, w. Wt, Wilton, miss Cooper, Barry, Montagu, Stoddart & Tuthil; adv Fenn & A A
30  April  1797dine at Ht's, w. Tuthil:
1  May  1797dine at Wilton's, w. Wt, Hts, Grays & Barnes; adv. Cole
2  May  1797Dine at King's, w. Bosville, Swainson, Hewardine, C Smith, Cockburne, Rogers & Danvers
3  May  1797Dine at Reveley's
7  May  1797 Dine at Ht's, w. Barry, Parry & Tuthil; adv. mes Banks
9  May  1797dine at Johnson's, w. sir Rob. Smyth, Carrington Smith & Fuseli; adv. Stephens
14  May  1797dine at Ht's, w. Barry & Tuthil
17  May  1797Dine at Reveley's
21  May  1797dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, Maxwel, Fergusson, Bosville, Scotts, Pearsons, Twentyman, Frend, Mansel, Smith & Clifford
28  May  1797dine at Ht's, w. Wt & Tuthil; adv. Merciers
30  May  1797dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, M Moore, Hewlet, Edwards & Dixon
31  May  1797Dine at Reveley's
2  June  1797Dine at B Hollis's, w. Wakefield, Geddes, Disney, White, Stephens, Jennings & 4
4  June  1797dine at Horsemans', Oxford, w. Porter, Mossop & 3 Swans
5  June  1797Boot's, Albertson nr Stratford, w. Parr, Morley, Bradley & Philips
7  June  1797Dine at mrs Wedgwood's, w. miss Ja Willet
9  June  1797ladies dine
10  June  1797Ladies dine
12  June  1797Dine at mrs Wedgwood's, w. miss Willet junior
15  June  1797dine at Hatton, w. Wynns
17  June  1797dine at mrs Robt Montagu's, Brampton
18  June  1797dine at mrs Montagu's
19  June  1797 dine at Gunning's, Ickelton
21  June  1797dine at Ht's, w. Horne Tooke, Wolcot, Barry, Nicholsons, Harwoods, Tuthil & Wt
25  June  1797dine at Hts, w. Opie, Parrys, Banks, Tobin, Tuthil & Wt; adv. Burrel
27  June  1797dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli & Stephens
30  June  1797M dines
2  July  1797Dine at H Tooke's, w. Tooke, Warner, Fergusson, Montagu, Wt, Hobbes Scott & Ph Courtenay
4  July  1797dine at M Reveley's, w. Wt
11  July  1797 dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Dr Simmons, Johnson, Jacks, Mitchel & Chambers; adv. Stephens & Philips
19  July  1797Dine at M Reveley's
21  July  1797Dine at Fawcet's, Hedge Grove, w. Wt
1  August  1797Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Gregory
9  August  1797dine at Reveley's
22  August  1797Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Rose & Hewson; adv. Stephens & Tattersal
26  August  1797dine at Robinson's, w. Chalmers; adv. Gregory
30  August  1797dine at Reveley's
3  October  1797Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli & mrs Newnum
4  October  1797dine at Ht's, w. M Reveley & Tuthil; adv. A P
11  October  1797dine at Fuselis'
16  October  1797dine at G Morgan's
18  October  1797dine at Carlisle's, w. Crichton, Young, Scotto & George
22  October  1797Dine at Ht's, w. Stoddart; adv. Tobin
24  October  1797dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Johnsons & Stephens; adv. Edwards
25  October  1797 Dine at Reveley's, w. Underwood & Lowrys junrs
3  November  1797dine at Heath's{;} adv. Kearsley & Angelo
5  November  1797dine at Ht's, w. Porson; adv. Ritson
7  November  1797dine at Johnsons, w. Johnsons, Fuseli & Hewlet; adv. Stephens
8  November  1797Dine at Ht's w. Salomon, Shield, M Reveley, Parrys, Pinto & Banks; adv. mrs Parry, M A Lunan, Perry, Gordon & Burrel
9  November  1797Dine at Reveley's, w. King & Lowrys
12  November  1797Dine at H Tooke's, w. R Sharp, Davis, Clarke & Dyson
19  November  1797dine at Ht's, w. M Reveley & E P Cooper
20  November  1797dine at Tobin's, w. Tattersal
22  November  1797Dine at Reveley's
3  December  1797dine at Hts, w. Schumaker, Gillies's, Plumptres, S W Brown, & M R; adv. Parrys, De Camp & Mansel
5  December  1797dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Wells, J J, Dr Milne & an Amern
8  December  1797Dine at Reveley's
13  December  1797dine at Aldis's, w. Chandler, Coxes, Hall, Gear & King
18  December  1797dine at Chandler's, w. Northcote, Philips & Gregson
20  December  1797dine at Reveley's, w. Underwood; adv. Baker & Hammond
24  December  1797dine at H Tooke's, w. Warner, P C, Frend, & Malkin & Dyson
25  December  1797dine at Ht's, w. Cole & M R
2  January  1798dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli & Wilkinson.
5  January  1798Dine at Reveley's, adv. Hammond
7  January  1798dine at Ht's, w. Coles, Fenwicks, Braddocks, Kingslake, &M R, & Tobin
8  January  1798dine at Fenwks, w. Braddocks; adv. M R &Dyson & Reveleys
10  January  1798dine at Ht's, w. S Cole
11  January  1798Dine at Fenwick's, w. Fawcets, Braddocks & M R; adv. Tucker
13  January  1798Dine at B Hollis's, w. Nichols, Batleys, Geddes, Disney, White, Jervis & Towers jun
15  January  1798sit to Chandler; dine
19  January  1798dine at Reveley's; adv. English
21  January  1798Dine at Hts, w. De Camp, Parrys & Coles
28  January  1798dine at H Tooke's, w. Arabins, Sturt, Burdet, Fergusson, Frend, Cline, Kid, Cheap, Parry, Warner, Bosville, H Scott & P Courtenay
31  January  1798dine at Reveley's; adv. Dalby
4  February  1798Dine at Ht's, w. Opie & E P Cooper; adv. De Camp, Northcote & Tobin
5  February  1798dine at Kg's, w. Danvers, miss Sturt, Prince Joseph of Monaco & Thomas
6  February  1798dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Newnum; adv. Stephens
12  February  1798dine at Fordyce's, w. Clarke, Carlisle, Johnson & Stewart
16  February  1798dine at Chandler's, w. Philips & Austin; adv. Mackin & Fletcher
18  February  1798dine at Ht's, w. T Harwood, Montagu, Parrys & Spiring; adv. Opie, Wolcot, Tobin & E P Cooper
19  February  1798dine at Chandler; adv. Philips & Shurm
21  February  1798dine at Edgware
26  February  1798dine at do, w. Northcote, Deering & Philips
27  February  1798Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, col. Paterson & Rose; adv. Tattersal & Stephens
28  February  1798dine at King's, w. Wolcot & Rogers
4  March  1798dine at Newbury—North Parade, Bath; E & M Jones, & S Laney
14  March  1798dine at Newbury
18  March  1798dine at Ht's, w. Parrys, mrs Parry, Tuthil & E P C; adv. Stoddart, Burrel & A A
19  March  1798dine at do, w. McQuin; adv. Philips & Virgo
20  March  1798Dine at Johnson's, w. Dr Hunter, Holloway, Fuseli, Simmons, Hewlet, Edwards junr, & Jennings
26  March  1798dine, w. him, at Saulieu's
1  April  1798dine at Ht's, w. Clementi, Stoddart, Spiring, Tuthil & E P C
8  April  1798Dine at H Tooke's, w. Tooke, Bosville, Burdet, Fergusson, Warner, Kid, Blake, Bonney, &Scott, & Dyson
15  April  1798dine at Ht's, w. Clementi, Hoare & Tuthil; adv. Parrys
18  April  1798Dine at Reveley's, w. Stoddart, adv. Underwood & Baker
20  April  1798Dine at Lister's (New Inn), w. Hammond, Jos. Wilkinson, Lawson, M, Jo G & another
23  April  1798dine at Chandler, w. Vardon; adv. Phs& [T?] V, & Schramm
26  April  1798Dine at King's, w. Danvers, miss Sturt, Kendillon & Stevenson
29  April  1798dine at Ht's
1  May  1798dine
5  May  1798dine at Lister's, w. M & Lawson; adv. Wordsworth a & Hammond
11  May  1798dine
13  May  1798dine at Ht's, w. Cole, Stodart G S, Gilchrist & Spiring
27  May  1798dine at H Tooke's, w. Oxfords, Sloper, 3 Banks, Burdett, Maxwel, Walker, Fergusson, Scotts, Vaughan, Rogers, Tooke, Harwood, Warners, Parrys, Frend, Bonney, Maltby & J Richter
28  May  1798dine at King's, w. mrs Lind, mrs May, Carters & Wolcot
3  June  1798dine at Ht's, w. Nasmith
17  June  1798Dine at H G's, w. M, &c
24  June  1798dine at Ht's, w. Rice; adv. Ritson
1  July  1798H G & M dine; adv. J G & Chandler
3  July  1798Dine at Fell's, w. Dignums & M
8  July  1798dine at Ht's, w. Foulkes & Burrel; adv. Geisweiler & Stoddart
10  July  1798dine at Chandler's, w. Macquin, Vardon & Philips
18  July  1798dine at Reveley's
21  July  1798Dine at Chandler's
22  July  1798dine at Ht's, w. Pinkerton, Foulkes, Geisweiler & Stoddart; adv. Nicholson
29  July  1798dine at H Tooke's, w. Thompson, Tooke{,} Boddington, Ashburnham, Morgan, Cooke, Warner, Pearsons, Odel, Frend, Bonney, Walker & Richards
5  August  1798Dine at Ht's, w. Pinkerton, Parry & Stoddart; adv. L Mercier & Geisweiler
7  August  1798dine at Pinkerton's
14  August  1798Dine at Johnson's, w. Fontana, Malthus, Bonnycastle, Johnson senr, A. Robinson, Perkins & Chalmers; adv. Geddes & Wills
15  August  1798dine at Reveley's; adv. Gisbornes & Stoddart
19  August  1798dine at Ht's, w. Barry, Parry{,} Jno & Stoddart; adv. Plumptres & Geisweiler
2  September  1798Dine at H Tooke's, w. Tho Walker, Gunter Brown, Curran junr, Fergusson, Warner, Wardle, Billings, Harris, L J & F
4  September  1798dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, T Walker, Wells, Yates & Jones; adv. Tattersal & A Aikin
9  September  1798dine at Ht's, w. Fenwick & A Harwood; adv. Nicholsons
18  September  1798dine at Reveley's
24  September  1798dine at Edgware, w. Fawcet
30  September  1798Dine at Hts, w. L Mercier
8  October  1798Dine at King's, w. la duchesse de Pienne, Rogendorf, Rogers, Danvers & miss Sturt
9  October  1798dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Herolet & Otton
14  October  1798Dine at Ht's
15  October  1798dine at King's, w. de Pienne & Rogers; adv. miss Sturt
16  October  1798Dine at Reveley's, w. Fenwick
27  October  1798dine at King's, w. Hardkus, Rogers, Danvers & E Sturt
28  October  1798dine at Ht's; adv. Stoddart
7  November  1798dine at King's, w. May, Rogers, Danvers, Stevenson & E Sturt
11  November  1798dine at Ht's, w. L Mercier
13  November  1798dine at Reveley's, w. Fenwicks
22  November  1798Dine at Chandler's
25  November  1798dine at Ht's, w. Carlisle & Tobins; adv. Stoddart
1  December  1798Dine at Chandler's
5  December  1798dine at C Smith's
7  December  1798Dine at Fells, w. Dignums & mrs Brown
9  December  1798Dine at Ht's, w. Foulkes's, Burrel & Spurling
11  December  1798dine at Reveley's
18  December  1798Dine at Johnson's, w. Bonnycastle, Stephens, Payne & Newnum; adv. Mullet, Paterson (Coryat) & Hunter
19  December  1798Dine at King's, w. Danvers & E Sturt; adv. Davis
21  December  1798dine, w. Chandler, at Saulieu's
23  December  1798Dine at Ht's, w. Barry, J Aickin & Stoddart; adv. Ritson
26  December  1798Dine at O Fancourt's, w. Chandler & C Bence
2  January  1799 Dine at Fell's, w. M & Fenwicks
6  January  1799dine at Ht's, w. Clementi, Foulkes's & L M; adv. Plumptres, & Banks's, & Stoddart
8  January  1799 Dine at Reveley's, w. Stoddart
11  January  1799 Dine at Hts, w. Clementi, Aickin, Nicholsons, Banks's, Foulkes's, & Stoddart & L Mercier
16  January  1799dine at King's, w. Davis's, Stevenson & Pinkard
20  January  1799dine at Ht's, w. Stoddart; adv. Tobin
29  January  1799dine at Johnson, w. Paterson (Coryat), Norgate, Wells & Newnum
30  January  1799Dine at Fell's, w. Dignums, Taylor, M, mrs Palmer & Arabella Hunt
1  February  1799dine at Fancourt's, with mrs Vardon, C Bence, Hodson & Chandler
3  February  1799dine at Ht's, w. Barry, Tobins & L Mercier; adv. Opies
5  February  1799 Dine at Reveley's
8  February  1799Dine at King's, w. Burroughs's, Hardistys, D. Campbel, Carter & Langley; adv. Danvers
17  February  1799dine at Ht's, w. Opies, Foulkes's, Clementi, Stoddart, Nunnis, Field & L Mercier
18  February  1799Dine at Mackintosh, w. Scarlet, Allens & a Courtenay
3  March  1799dine at Ht's, w. Barry, Stoddart, L & E Mercier; adv. T M & Spurling
5  March  1799dine at Reveley's
12  March  1799Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Paterson & Newnums; adv. Wells
25  March  1799Dine at M's
31  March  1799 dine at Ht's
7  April  1799Dine at Nicholson's, w. Ht's
12  April  1799Dine at Fell's
14  April  1799Dine at H Tooke's, w. Gunter Brown, Bosville, Warner, Scotts, Fergusson & Miller; adv. Burdet & H Gawler
16  April  1799dine at Chandler's
28  April  1799dine at Hts
29  April  1799dine at G's Head, w. Suet, Sedgwick, Gattie, Chandler, Dering, &c.
30  April  1799Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Lindsay, Sturch, Cartwright, Wells & Newnum; adv. R Hunter
2  May  1799Sup at Fell's
7  May  1799A cheval, Fawcet's, Hedge Grove, dine; adv. miss Wilshen
8  May  1799Watford, dine at Deacon's, w. S Deacon, Boinville & Masters
12  May  1799 Dine at Ht's, w. T & E Mercier
20  May  1799dine at Chandler's
22  May  1799dine at Fell's, w. Dyson & M
24  May  1799dine at Carlisle's, w. Ingenhousz, Maton, Southey, Reynolds, Bedford jr & Hussey
26  May  1799 dine at Ht's, w. H G & L J; adv. Adelaide
30  May  1799Dine at S Elwes's; adv. Pinkard
9  June  1799dine at Ht's, w. Foulkes & mrs Dyde
11  June  1799 Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuselis, Bonnycastles, Stephens & mrs Newnum; adv. Robinson
12  June  1799Dine at Pinkerton's
16  June  1799Dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, Bosville, mrs Scott, W & H[ ] Scott, W Tooke, Frend, Warner, Cliffords, Hardy, Joyce, Shepherd, Wildman & P Courtenay; adv. Pearsons
21  June  1799dine at King's, w. Consit, Riddel, Bruhl, Danvers, E Sturt & la. Granard; adv. Hoffmans
24  June  1799Dine at Chandler's, w. Macquin & Deering; adv. Calcot & miss Stephens
7  July  1799dine at H G's, w. Fenwicks, Dyson, E Braddock & L J; adv. Dibbin
13  July  1799dine at S Elwes's
28  August  1799dine at Fordyce's, w. Hume & Dr Smith
3  September  1799Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hewlet & Wells
10  September  1799dine w. him at O Fancourt's
14  September  1799dine
14  September  1799 dine at West End, w. Chandler & O Fancourt
22  September  1799Dine at Fell's, w. Oldfield, Loveridge, Dignum & H G; adv. Dibbin
4  October  1799Dine at M's, w. F & M & Fell; adv. Dr Rowley
11  October  1799Dine at Pinkerton's; adv. Barbauld's
12  October  1799Dine at Curran's, w. Fenwick & Calton; adv. Mckitty, ami de Cloncurry, Ponsonby & Taggart
17  October  1799Dine at Parry's (K B P), w. H Tooke, Curran, Morgan & Malkin
24  October  1799dine at Fell's, w. M
26  October  1799dine at K's, w. Rogers, Fenwick & mr Pinkard; adv. mrs Newnham, D Campbel, un François & Consit
27  October  1799 dine at Kemble's, w. Sheridan, Curran, Lawrence, Morris, C K & Inchbald
28  October  1799 Dine at Curran's, w. Taggart & Moore
5  November  1799dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Chalmers, Lloyd & mrs Parke & Wells
11  November  1799dine at Fell's, w. F & M; adv. M.
17  November  1799dine at King's, w. Elisée, Luné, Towers, Da[-rn? ]al, lady Granard & mrs Newnham; adv. Hompesch, Boisgelin, Bruhl, Danvers, & Hoffmans, & Rogers, & Davis
23  November  1799dine at Parry's, Hammersmith, w. mrs Rigby, capt. Fell, a Swede, an American & another
26  November  1799 Post, w. S E; dine at Salt Hill; sleep
29  November  1799dine, w. her, at mrs Wilford's (mr Mangles), Hurley Bottom
1  December  1799dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, Sturt, Gawler, Warner & Wildman
8  December  1799dine at Fell's, w. Fenwicks, H G, L J & M
9  December  1799 dine at Carlisle's, w. Coleridge, Davy, Carlisle jr, Tobin, Ayrton & Assey
10  December  1799dine at Robinson's
24  December  1799dine at B Hollis's, w. Heywood, Lindsey, Geddes, Walkers & Disneys
26  December  1799dine at O Fancourt's, w. Chandler, adv. Philips
28  December  1799dine at Tobin's, w. Coleridge & White; adv. Gordon, Matthews, Underwood & Dyson
29  December  1799dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet & Coleridge
31  December  1799 dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Barbaulds, Henley, Edgworth junior & mrs Parke
1  January  1800dine at O Fancourt's, w. Northcote, Mcquin, Chandler, Litchfields, 4 Hutchinsons & mrs Gurney
3  January  1800dine at Coleridge's, w. Purkis; adv. Tobin & Hazlit
5  January  1800dine at King's, w. Derville, Rogers, Consit, ami de Pitt, & 4 Gardners; adv. Granard, Tyson, Pinkard, 2 Davis's & Boisgelin
6  January  1800dine at Fancourt's, w. Northcote, Macquin & Chandler; adv. Faulkner, Pinkard, Saxon, mrs Johnston & 4 Hs
7  January  1800Dine at Fell's, w. M, F, M, L, L J & miss Axtel
8  January  1800Dine at C Smith's, w. Fenwicks
21  January  1800dine at King's, w. Granard, Boisgelin & St Hermine; adv. Goire & Davis
26  January  1800Dine at King's, w. Danvers & Walstein: adv. Granard, Gardners, Tyson, Moore, Pilkingtons, Campbels, Davis's, Philips, Dorroty, Abbot, Boisgelin, de Bath & Consit
27  January  1800M dines
28  January  1800dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Wells & Jas Wt
30  January  1800Dine at S Elwes's; adv. Harris & mrs Holcombe
8  February  1800dine at Lamb's, w. Coleridges
9  February  1800dine at King's, w. Danvers; adv. Gardners, Tyson, Penny, cn Gardner, Pilkingtons, Derville, Boisgelin, Davis's, Abbot, Dogherty, Consit & Philips
16  February  1800dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, Gawlers, Sharpe, Clifford, Morgan, Malkin, Boddington, Wardle & Coleridge
25  February  1800dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Rose, Lindsay, Morgan br & Edgworth j
3  March  1800Dine at Northcote's; adv. Humphreys
6  March  1800dine at S Elwes's
16  March  1800dine at King's, w. mrs Campbel, Pilkingtons, Wolcot, de Bath, Bel Arbre, Jobson, Dogherty, Consit & Tyson{;} adv. St Hermine, Boisgelin, Campbel & Rogers junr
26  March  1800dine at King's, w. Granard, Pilkingtons, Wolcot, Bruhl, Stewart col., Barnet, Copperthwaite & Holmes; adv. Bel Arbre
13  April  1800Dine at Southgate's, w. Keylocks, Crabbs & Jo G
15  April  1800dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Henley, Bonnycastle, Lindsay, Mawman, Wilson, A Aikin & Henry
27  April  1800dine at M Robinson's, w. F & M; adv. Northcote, Porter & Denham
28  April  1800dine at Fell's, w. F, M, M & Toke
29  April  1800dine at Foulkes's, w. Gurneys, Hovels, Burdons, Hollick, Goodwin & mrs White
17  May  1800dine at Milton Gallerye, w. Fuseli, Opie, Northcote, Smirke, Flaxman, Nollekens, West,) Lawrence, W Turner, Bourgeois, Shee, Westal, Banks, Smith, Heath, Reynolds eng., Hoare (Angerstein, Boydel, Gilpin, Beechey), Bannister, Johnson, Morgan
18  May  1800Dine at H Tooke's, w. 3 Oxfords, 5 Scotts, 2 Burdets, 3 Harveys, Bosville, Tooke, Dyer, Wardle, Perry & miss Sloper
20  May  1800dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Robinson, Chalmers & Edgworth; adv. Rose
25  May  1800dine at King's, w. col. Thornton, Wolcot, Danvers, E Sturt, Massygar, Bernard, Lovel, Hubbard & Agar; w. Davis
30  May  1800dine at Fell's, w. Lamb & M
2  June  1800Dine at M Robinson's (Allingham); adv. Macmahon
8  June  1800dine at King's, w. Dogherty, Stafford, baron Starke, Fletcher, Agar, Hubbard & Kelly; adv. Wood, Pinkard & Moore
17  June  1800dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Edgworth, Well's & 2 Aikins; adv. Newnum
18  June  1800dine at Fell, w. M, F & M; adv. Lamb
22  June  1800Dine at Lamb's, w. M, Fell & Gutch
2  July  1800dine Rathfarnham, w. R Curran & W Cree
3  July  1800dine at Colles's, w. Cs, Burros, Arch, Ridgway, Cogan, &c
7  July  1800dine at Gould's, w. C, Bushe & Seckerson. talk of miracles, flattery & self-praise
8  July  1800dine at Caldwel's, w. Cs, Cockburns, Rowley & Skeys
9  July  1800dine at la. Moira's, w. Granards, M Mountcashel, //Hamiltons, Pym, Moore & C; adv. genl Conway
10  July  1800dine at Macnally's, w. Fletcher, Ridgway, Colles's, Ginnis's, Shaws, Cs, Burton & mrs Featherstone
11  July  1800dine at Delane's, w. cousins, Skeys, Trotter & Cs; adv. E B & Everina
13  July  1800dine at la. Mountcashel's, w. C (Dargle & Scalp)
16  July  1800dine at Reeves's, w. C, Gould, Burton, Quins, Elwards's, Dwyer, Keller & Terry
18  July  1800dine at Drennan's, w. C, Hinckes's, Holmes, Hartley, Orr, Caldwel, Glennie & another
19  July  1800dine at Lefanu's, w. C, E B, Everina, Thomas's, Ginnis's, Cuthbert & Dr Bell
20  July  1800dine at Webb's, w. Cs, la. Mountcashel, Gould, Terry & 3 Reeves's
21  July  1800dine at Mountcashel's (Glen of the Downs)
22  July  1800dine at Burton's, w. Cs, Quins, Elwards's, Keller, Butler & Glover
25  July  1800dine at Hamilton's, w. C, Daly, Higgins & Frizel
26  July  1800dine at Caldwel's, w. C
28  July  1800dine, w. them, at Dunran
29  July  1800dine at Grattan's; talk of O'Connor, Emmet & secession (Macleod expected)
30  July  1800 dine at Cockburn's, w. C, Lattin & Castle Brown
3  August  1800dine at Brown's, w. Griffiths's, Tobins, Hume & Latten
4  August  1800dine at Timolin
7  August  1800dine, w. Hornes, Thomson & Hopkins
8  August  1800dine at Burne's, w. C, Whaley, mrs Needham & miss Lawless's; adv. miss Kaine
9  August  1800dine at la. Moira's, w. la. Granard, miss Hamilton & mrs Eagle
14  August  1800dine at Kernioga; adv. Hutchinson & sir Richard
17  August  1800Dine at Darwin's, w. mrs & miss Wedgwoods, O'Reilly & Wilson; adv. Bages & L Fingal
27  August  1800Dine at Lamb's, w. Manning & M
31  August  1800dine at H Tooke's, w. Harvey fils
1  September  1800Dine at mrs Robinson's (Englefield Green), w. M
28  September  1800dine at Perry's, w. Curran; adv. Duff
14  October  1800Dine at S E's, w. F & M
15  October  1800dine at Carlisle's, w. them & Batty; adv. Nicholson
18  October  1800dine at Perry's, w. C, Porson, H Tooke, Raine, Adair & Lamb
20  October  1800Dine at Wolcot's, w. Curran
26  October  1800dine at Curran's, w. mrs Dixon
29  October  1800dine at Tobin's, w. Leslie; adv. Underwood & Dyson
31  October  1800dine at Northmore's, w. Cholmley, Welby & Gordons
12  November  1800dine at S Elwes's, w. M.
22  November  1800dine at Carlisle's, w. T W, Smiths (Stockwell), Pearson, Courayer, Bloxam, White & mrs Knowles
25  November  1800Dine at Tobin's, w. T Wedgwood, Leslie & White
30  November  1800Dine at T Wedgwood's, w. Carlisle, Leslie, Brasier & Tobins
2  December  1800dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Malthus, Bonnycastle, Chalmers, Wells & Newnum; adv. Mawman
10  December  1800dine at M's, w. Fells, Renouard & L Knapp
23  December  1800dine at Fell's, w. Lamb, M & Renouard
25  December  1800dine chez lui, w. Rickman & Dyer
28  December  1800dine at M's, w. Fells, Lambs & Renouard
6  January  1801Dine at M's, w. Fells, M Lamb, Cha. Willis, E Hill junr, L, F & M; adv. H Hill
13  January  1801Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli
14  January  1801Dine at Fell's, w. Lamb's, M, F & M
30  January  1801 dine at maj. White's; adv. Olivier
5  February  1801dine at S E's; adv. mrs Mills Ministry dissovede
17  February  1801Dine at Johnson's, w. Davy, Fuseli, Simmons, Bonnycastle, Mawman & Churchil
18  February  1801Dine at Robinson's, w. Crutwel
25  February  1801Dine at S Es, w. mrs Goldsmith, Egerton & M; adv. C Johnsons, & mds Mills, Redden & Mitchel
28  February  1801Dine at Egerton's, w. M, Robins & Weir
11  March  1801Dine at Fell's, w. M, F & M
14  March  1801Dine at S E's, w. F & M
24  March  1801Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Edgworth & Garlick
29  March  1801Dine at Fell's, w. Lambs & M
9  April  1801Dine at Tobin's, w. Acerbi, Leslie & White; adv. Davy & Rickman
12  April  1801dine at Fenwick's, w. Lambs & Barry
19  April  1801Dine at H Tooke's, w. Harvey
21  April  1801dine at Johnson's, w. Barbaulds, Fuseli, Shepherd, Johnson Cowper, Bonnycastle & Edgworth
26  April  1801Dine at Fell's, w. Lambs, Fenwicks, Jo. Fell & M
1  May  1801dine at Fenwick's, w. Wolcot, M, Lambs & Fells
2  June  1801dine at Tobin's
17  June  1801dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Schweitzer, W Edwards, Gilbert & Magee; adv. Chalmers & Mawman
23  June  1801Dine at Tobin's, w. Davy, Maton & Burrel; adv. Rickman; talk of Gowrie & poetry
25  June  1801dine at Johnson's, w. Christie; adv. Mawman
28  June  1801 dine at H Tooke's, w. Tooke, Bosville, Gawler & 2 fils, mrs Scott & >H, Gurney & femme, James, Dyer & Frend
30  June  1801Dine at S E's, w. F & M
5  July  1801dine at Perry's, Merton, w. Bish's, & maj. Gordon & femme
10  July  1801dine, adv. Bourgeois
15  July  1801dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hewlet & Lindsay
3  August  1801M dines
4  August  1801Dine at Carlisle's, w. Bloxam, miss Cruickshank & A Plumptre
9  August  1801dine at Aldersgate, w. Lea & Jo G
19  August  1801dine at Johnson's (illo absente), w. Bonnycastle
16  September  1801dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Sturch, Wells & Newnum
20  September  1801Dine at H. Tooke's (W. stage), w. Bosville, rev. Cartwright, W & H Scott, Banks, Pearsons, Burdet jr; Jennings & Humphreys
21  September  1801Dine at Cts
9  October  1801dine at Mitre, w. Ms, Ps & F Rackstrow {.}
25  October  1801dine at H Tooke's, w. Bosville{,} 2 Burdets, 2 Scotts, D'Espard, Bonney, Tyler & Richter
31  October  1801dine at D Stuart's, w. Jefferies, Morthland, Mann, Sheath Amn, Peltier, McKinley{,} Fenwick & Sheet
4  November  1801Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Newnum
9  November  1801dine at Joyce's, w. Barbauld & D Jones
18  November  1801dine at S Elwes
22  November  1801 dine at Perry's, w. Manning
29  November  1801dine at H Tooke's, w. Manning, Pearson, H White, Jennings & Humphreys's; adv. sir F Burdet
1  December  1801 dine at H G's, w. Ct
2  December  1801Dine at Johnson's, w. Bonnycastle, Edgworth & Newnum
4  December  1801dine at Northmore's, w. Southey, Wilford, Lang & Welby
27  December  1801dine at King's, w. Danvers's, Plowdens, Barnards & St George; adv. La. Price & Davis
6  January  1802dine at H G's, w. do
9  January  1802dine at T Moore's, w. Curran, Woolriche & Carpenter
13  January  1802dine at Wycombe's, w. Curran, Martin of Galway, Knox, Ball, Lawrence & Webb
17  January  1802dine at King's, w. Danvers's, Plowdens, Prices, St Georges & Derville
18  January  1802dine at Plowden's
25  January  1802dine at Fell's, w. Ct, Lambs & M
27  January  1802dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Nancride, 3 Simmons's, Irving & Edgworth
3  February  1802Dine at M's, w. M J, Fells, Lambs, Jas Wt, C, F & M
14  February  1802dine at King's, w. Lathorp, Derval, Fowden, Fitzgerald & Stacy
28  February  1802Dine at H Tooke's, w. John Pearson, H White & Humphries
3  March  1802dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Edgworth & Garver
7  March  1802dine at Perry's, w. M J, Tho. Campbel, Spanky, Ramsay, 3 Bonnors, & Gillies's, & miss Stuart
21  March  1802Dine at King's, w. Prescot, Ling & Plowdens 5; adv. Lathorp, Davis & abbé
4  April  1802dine at King's, w. Plowden, Wolcot, Lathorpe, Prescot, & mrs St George; adv. mrs Campbel & mrs Penny
14  April  1802dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hollis & Edgworth
10  May  1802dine at Northcotes (sit)
13  May  1802dine at Philips's, w. M J, Fell, Bradleys, Busbys & Reid; & adv. Surrs
17  May  1802dine at Fiévée's, w. M J & Theodore
26  May  1802dine at Johnson's ( illo absente), w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Damiani & Dr Woodhouse
20  June  1802dine at H Tooke's, w. H Gawler, J Pearson, Tooke, Bazeley junr, Moody & Nutton junr
23  June  1802dine at Johnson's, w. H Tooke, Fuseli, Aikin senr, Mullet & capt. Hunter ( vignettes)
2  July  1802dine at Philips's, adv. Dupré
21  July  1802dine at Johnson's, w. Edwards & Newnum
22  August  1802dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, H Gawler, Gunter Brown, Tooke, Bazely & Rogers cordonnier
25  August  1802dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Paterson, Bonnycastle, Edwards, Dyson, Johnson jr & Newnum
26  September  1802dine at Ht's, w. M & Smith
28  September  1802dine at Davy's, w. Rickman & Tobins
10  October  1802dine at Ht's
12  October  1802dine at Tobin's, w. Ht & Davy
20  October  1802dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Davy, Malthus, Bonnycastle, Edwards & Dilly
26  October  1802dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet
5  November  1802Dine at rev. Wake's, Portland Street; adv. Careless
7  November  1802dine at Foulkes, w. 3 Smiths, 3 Hts, 3 Nicholsons, Wolcot, Cole, &miss Haines, & mrs Ackermann
8  November  1802dine at Fell's, w. Dignum & M
11  November  1802dine at R Smith's, w. Hts, Nicholsons, Wolcot & M J; adv. Warnes, &miss Bagnal & gen. Watson
21  November  1802Dine at Ht's, w. M J; adv. Charlotte Mercier
24  November  1802dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Erving & Sharpe Rd
29  November  1802Dine at Ht's, w. Harwoods, col. Barry, Foulkes, M & M J
12  December  1802dine at Stoddarts; adv. Tobin
20  December  1802dine at Northcote's
29  December  1802Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastles, Davy, Tobin & Mawman; adv. Hewlet
1  January  1803 Dine at Philips, w. Wolcot, Aikin, Ht, Steven, Bradley, Busby, Skinner & Owen; adv. Reid
2  January  1803Dine at H G's, w. M J, F, M, J & C
6  January  1803Dine at Northmores, w. W Burdon
9  January  1803dine at Ht's, w. Bannister, M J & F
11  January  1803dine at Nicholson's, w. M J
20  January  1803dine at Carlisle's, w. Nicholsons, Patterson, Ayrton & M J
21  January  1803dine at Nicholson's, w. 2 Hts, 3 Smiths, Wolcot, Foulkes, Hayward, mrs Kelly, miss Haines, miss Sherwood & M J
18  February  1803Dine at Lea, Castle & Falcon, w. M, Cooper & Jo G; adv. Simpson & Box
21  February  1803dine at Ht's
23  February  1803Dine at Northmore's, w. major Cartwright, Opie, Bamfylde & Keenan
27  February  1803Dine at H Tooke's, w. Bosville, 2 Knights, 2 Scotts, Macdonald, Gawler, James, capt. Wilson & Hague
2  March  1803dine at Lady Valentia's, w. Gawler, Burdet & Eardley
4  March  1803dine at Wake's
15  March  1803dine at Plowden's
16  March  1803dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hollis & Storch
20  March  1803dine at Tobin's, w. Coleridge, capt. Tobin & Ht
3  April  1803dine at Philips's, w. Hts & Surrs
22  April  1803Dine at Ht's, w. Cooper
4  May  1803Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Barlow, W C Brown, Stephens, Mahon & Newnum.
8  May  1803dine at Hts, w. M J & Cooper; adv. C & B Mercier
24  May  1803dine at T Harwood's, w. Ht's
11  June  1803dine at Smith's
15  June  1803Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Rawlinson, Henley & Hodges
3  July  1803dine at Ht's, w. M J & Cs Mercier
6  July  1803dine at Smith's
14  July  1803dine at L Knapp's, w. Ms, M J, F, M, C & J
27  July  1803dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Barlow, Henley & Hodges
4  August  1803dine at Ht's, w. M J
8  August  1803dine at H G's, do
18  August  1803Dine at Ht's, w Ms; adv. A Nicholson
4  September  1803dine at H Tooke's, w. his sister & miss Wood
7  September  1803dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Henley & Mullet
28  September  1803dine at Wacton, w. J & E Taylor
29  September  1803dine at Alderson's, w. Opies & Hudson Gurney
4  October  1803dine, w. do, at Cromer
7  October  1803dine w. sheriffs Rigby & Clarke, w. Firth, 2 Palgraves & twenty
8  October  1803Dine at Wacton; adv. Taylor
10  October  1803dine at Sudbury
25  October  1803dine at H Rowan's, w. Curran, Burroughs, miss Hamiltons & M J
2  November  1803Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Chalmers, Davy & Lemaitre
7  November  1803dine at H Rowan's, w. O Byrne, Delany, Forbes, Butler, miss Hamiltons & mrs Beresford
4  December  1803Dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, Bosville, Ward, 2 Scotts, & H Gawler junr
7  December  1803Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Dowding, Dilly, capt. Hunter & Boswell
18  December  1803Dine at Ht's, w. M J & M; adv. Philipses & Surrs
2  January  1804dine at H G's, w. G M C, mrs & Geo. Wilcocke, M J & children
4  January  1804Dine at Ht's, w. Davy, Buchan, Harwood, Foulkes & Tobin's White
11  January  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Barbauld & Hommy
19  January  1804dine at Philips's, w. Hts, Wolcot & mrs Bradley; adv. Surrs
29  January  1804dine at Nicholson's, w. Hts & mrs Lorimer
1  February  1804dine at Ht's, w. M J & Smith
2  February  1804dine at Lamb's, w. Coleridge; adv. M J, Fks & Duckworths
3  February  1804dine at H Rowan's, w. O Byrne, Castle Brown, &Evans & Mrs Beresford
17  February  1804dine at L Knapp's, w. Wilcocke, M, G M C, M J & F
19  February  1804dine at Ht's, w. Loffts, Northcote, miss Finch & M J
23  February  1804dine at Lewes, Bear
25  February  1804dine at White Horse; adv. Spiring
27  February  1804dine at White Horse, Brighton; adv. Spiring
28  February  1804dine at Somers Town; adv. M
3  March  1804dine at H Rowan's
7  March  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Dr Thomson
18  March  1804dine at Hts, w. M J; adv. (Place & Le Maitre) Buchan & Harwood
19  March  1804dine at Tobin's, w. Rickman; adv. Burrel & Grenow; invités Coleridge & Ht
23  March  1804L Ht dines; adv. F Ht. & Mercier
26  March  1804dine at Cooper's
1  April  1804dine at Ht's, w. mrs T C, M & M J; adv. Cooper
8  April  1804dine at Cooper's, w. Ht, Cooke, M, L K & G M C
11  April  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Mullet & capt. Hunter
13  April  1804dine at Fk's, w. M J
14  April  1804dine at Harwood's, w. 3 Hts, 3 Coopers, Jones & M J
15  April  1804dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, H Gawler, Humphries & Pearsons, & Bonney
22  April  1804dine at Ht's, w. Harwoods
30  April  1804dine at Mrs Beresford's, w. Rowans, Snows, Truman & M J
9  May  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Jacomb, Dr Hamilton & Lindsey
18  May  1804dine at Cooper's, w. M J, M, G M C & L Knapp; adv. capt. Upton
22  May  1804dine at H Rowan's, w. Plunkets, 3 Fitzgeralds, Defrezes & M J & mrs Beresford
24  May  1804Dine at Carlisle's, w. Southey, Poole, Leslie & Bolton; adv. Barry & Nicholson
30  May  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Bonnycastle & Gruber
24  June  1804dine at H Rowan's, w. H. senr, & Crawford & M J
27  June  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Chalmers
12  July  1804dine at Pearsal's
21  July  1804dine at Wake's, w. Carles's
25  July  1804dine at Ht's, w. M J
1  August  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Bailey (Turk) & Henry
9  August  1804dine at Lamb's, w. Martins & miss Field; adv. John Lamb, capt. Burney & Hazlit
18  August  1804dine opposite Kew
26  August  1804dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, Dickenson, Panther, Baxter, Lemaitre, Galloway, H Gawler junr, mrs Scott & M J
27  August  1804dine at H Tooke's, w. Percy, sculptor, & M J; adv. R & Sophia Burdet
2  September  1804dine at H Rowan's, w. Everina, father, Beresfords & Macneil
19  September  1804dine at Johnson, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Cabel, Churchil & Miles
23  September  1804dine at H Tooke's, w. Curran, Banks's, Dr Pearson & fils
26  September  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle; adv. Cabel, Hewlet & capt. Hunter
27  September  1804dine at H Rowan's, w. Curran, Fitzgerald, Burne, Dr Hamilton, Bell & McNeil
17  October  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli & Mullet
24  October  1804dine at H Rowan's, w. M J, Ht & Northcote
31  October  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Bonnycastle
13  November  1804dine at Ht's, w. M J, A Harwood & fille, & Opie
15  November  1804Dine at H Rowan's, w. Ash, O Byrne, Plunkets, mrs Hawthorn & M J; adv. Fagan
21  November  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Erving, Chalmers, Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Gruber, Henry & Churchil
1  December  1804dine at H Rowan's, w. M J
2  December  1804dine at Ht's, w. Mercier, F & M J; adv. Betsy M & A Nicholson
6  December  1804dine at Rickman's, w. Lambs & Dyer; adv. Burney
12  December  1804dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Weekes, Davy & Young
30  December  1804Dine at Ht's, w. Harwoods, Carlisle, Buchan, Mercier, M J & 5 children
11  January  1805dine at Carlisle’s, w. Opie, Sh. Turner, Carpue & Tobin
16  January  1805dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Henley; adv. A L Barbd
20  January  1805dine at Nicholson’s, w. 3 Hts, 3 Smiths, E Kelly, Gruber, Heywood & M J
28  January  1805dine at H Rowan’s, w. Hawthorns & M J
30  January  1805Dine at H Rowan’s, w. Hts, Hawthorns, Crawford, O’Hara & M J
7  February  1805dine at Wake’s, w. Turners, Dr Hewit & son, & M J
8  February  1805dine at H Rowan’s, w. M J, M, C & J
12  February  1805Dine at H Rowan’s, w. M J & F
13  February  1805 Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, capt. Hunter, Gruber & Kilburn
17  February  1805Dine at H Tooke’s, w. Bosville, James, W & H Scott, & C C
26  February  1805dine at H Rowan’s, w. M J
5  March  1805dine at H Rowan’s, w. M J
20  March  1805dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Davy
31  March  1805Dine at Philips’s, w. Pratt, Almon, Beaufort, Carr, Medland, R Taylor & Surrs
10  April  1805dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli & Hewlet
14  April  1805dines at Philips’s, w. Batty, Marsh, Browns & Surrs; adv. Reid
12  May  1805Dine at Johnson’s, w. Edgworth, Beaufort & Malthus
19  May  1805dine at H Tookes, w. Le Maitre & P Courtney
21  May  1805dine at H Rowan’s, w. Northcote, Fitzgerald & M J
2  June  1805 dine at Philips’s, w. H Ellis; adv. Palmer
5  June  1805dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli & Bonnycastle; adv. Houghton
9  June  1805dine at H Tooke’s, w. Bosville, Edgworth, Beaufort, Boddington, French, Scotts, P Courtney, E Fk & M J
18  June  1805 Dine at Philips’s, w. Aikin, Edgworth, Dillon, Hoare, Wolcot, Gregory, 2 Belshams, Keys, & miss Owenson
27  June  1805Dine at mrs Rowan’s, w. M J & children
7  July  1805dine at mrs Rowan’s, w. Northcote & M J
17  July  1805Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, John Walker, Dr Edwards, capt. Hunter & Canton
14  August  1805 Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Vicars; Irls
4  September  1805dine at J Taylor’s, Norwich; adv. Roberts
6  September  1805 dine
7  September  1805dine at W Taylor’s, w. Trafford, H Gurney, Sayres, Dalrymple & another
13  September  1805dine, do, at Lamb’s
18  September  1805Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Barbaulds & major Moor
6  October  1805dine at Holland’s, w. Amherst, Erskine, Curran, Adair, Allen & three
19  October  1805dine at Perry’s, w. Rowcrofts, Flower, Jo & T & mrs Shee, Gillies’s & miss Bentley & Hall
23  October  1805dine at H Rowan’s, w. M J
24  October  1805 dine at Perry’s
25  October  1805Dine at H Tooke’s, w. M J & 4 children
30  October  1805dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Cooper & Eaton
3  November  1805Dine at Rowan’s, w. Snows, Hoskinses, Truman, miss Wheler & M J
9  November  1805dine at Holland’s, w. Wynne, & Allen; adv. Elmsley
27  November  1805dine at Johnson’s, w. H Tooke, Dr & A Aikin, J Walker, Chalmers, Bonnycastle & R Taylor
30  December  1805 dine at H Rowan’s, w. Northcote, Fagan & M J
8  January  1806Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Mullet, 2 Bichenos & Evans
15  January  1806dine at Fuseli’s, w. Johnson, Bonnycastle & Houghton
20  January  1806Dine at Rowan’s, w. sir James Le Bath, 3 Plunkets, 4 Bells, Montagu{,} miss Collins{,} & S Beresford; adv. capt. Mills & Truman
2  February  1806Dine at Philip’s[s?], w. Weber, major Reid & Surrs
9  March  1806dine at Wimbledon, w. Bosville, Macdonald, col. Stuart, B Jones, P Courtenay & T T
23  April  1806dine at Rowan’s, w. M J
18  May  1806Dine at H Tooke’s, w. Burdet, Maxwel, Clifford, Humphries, Courtenay, Wills, Moody & C C
23  May  1806dine at S Beresford’s, w. Rowans, Snows, Bassanet & M J; adv. Hawthorns & Woodfords
11  June  1806dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Conrad & mrs Johnson
12  June  1806Dine at Wolcot’s, w. Paddon &
13  June  1806Dine at H Tooke’s, w. M J
15  June  1806dinner Gillies; adv. Wilson
9  July  1806dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli & mrs Hunter
13  July  1806Dine at Nicholson’s, w. Clennel, Selby, Buchan, mrs Jones & M J; adv. col. Stuart & Cbe
20  July  1806Dine at Johnson’s, Purser’s Crs, w. Houghton, Miles & Newnum
23  July  1806Dine at Johnson’s, w. Stevenson & Fuseli
13  August  1806dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli
31  August  1806Dine at Philips’s, Hampsted, w. T Moore, Wolcot, Busby, Raymonds, Saxon, Magnys, Cooper, Hardy & Surrs; adv. Thorntons, Browns, & Batty & Keys
1  September  1806dine at Mitre-Court Caffé, w. Coleridge, Lamb & Dirkheim
21  September  1806dine at H Tooke’s, w. Curran, Rogers, Panther, mrs Dicker & M J
12  October  1806Dine at H Tooke’s, w. Curran, Paul, Sempil, Bosville, major James, Squi[re?], Baxter & Bray
17  October  1806 Dine at Paul’s, w. Curran & Egan
22  October  1806Dine at Perry’s, Merton, w. Hornihold & Frend
24  October  1806 Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli & Bonnycastle
26  October  1806dine at Johnson’s, P C, w. Fuselis
11  November  1806dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Hollis
7  December  1806dine at Moody’s, Turnham Green
9  December  1806dine at Johnson’s, w. Bonnycastle, Fuseli, Millses & capt. Henry
30  December  1806dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli & Miles’s
4  January  1807Dine at King’s, w. mrs & miss Sturt, Danvers’s, Best, Plowden & Williams; adv. May & Fyfield
10  January  1807dine at King’s, w. Wolcot, Sturts, Danverses, Best & Williams
18  January  1807Dine at King’s, w. 2 Sturts, Danvers’s, Wolcot, Williams & Fyfield
20  January  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Durham & Knowles
25  January  1807dine at H Tooke’s, w. Burdet, &Paul & P Courtenay
4  February  1807Dine at Hawthorn’s, w. M J, Mackoy, & another; adv. Plunket; invités Ruthven
1  March  1807Dine at King’s, w. Butlers, Mays, Supple, Italian Jew & mrs Hippisley; adv. Plunkets
8  March  1807dine at Plunket’s, w. King, L Lk, Danvers’s, mrs Plunket & son, mrs Hippisley, Dolland, May & { }adv. Macarthy
17  March  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & capt. Hunter
23  March  1807Dine at Johnson’s, Purser’s Cross, w. Richards
7  April  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Lindsay, A & C Aikin, & Gregory junr
7  May  1807dine at Philips’s, w. Salvo, Fraser, mrs Mavor & Surrs; adv. Keys
12  May  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Sturch & Knowles
23  May  1807dine at M Jones’s, w. R Jones, M J, F, M & C
26  May  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, major Moore & H Rowan; adv. S Beresford
9  June  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Whiteside; adv. H Edgworth
28  June  1807dine at Philips’s, Hampstead, w. Wolcot, Pratt, Bingley, Drew & Surrs; adv. Elringtons
29  June  1807dine at M Jones’s, w. M J, F, M, J, W, & miss Colnet (chairing sir F. Bt.); adv. Dibbins
22  July  1807Dine at Lamb’s
28  July  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Laing bookseller, Scott & Wilkie
4  August  1807Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & son, James Hall, Keene, & partner to Constable
18  August  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Mullet & Hommey; adv. Stephens
11  September  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Sturch & Gooch
2  October  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli & Bonnycastle
4  October  1807dine at North’s, w. Currans & Grahams; adv. Dr Glennie
17  October  1807Dine at Perry’s, w. Currans, Popes, Spanky, Campbel, Macdonnel & Finnerty:
23  October  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli & Bonnycastle; adv. Hawlet
6  November  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hewlet, Mulready & Evans; adv. Kinnaird
9  November  1807Dine at Guildhall; adv. Sheridan, Philips, Sharp, Boddington, Knapp, Dignum, Tookes, Solly & Goodbehere
11  November  1807Dine at Lamb’s; adv. Hazlit & Philips
20  November  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, Brown & Carl
10  December  1807dine at Topping’s; adv. T T
7  January  1808dine at Hawthorn’s, w. M J, F, capt. Trotter, mrs Trotter, &c
8  January  1808dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Percival
10  January  1808Dine at Moody’s, Turnham Gn, w. T T
4  February  1808dine at Hawthorn, w. Plunket, Hamilton jr, 2 Beresfords & M J.Linnel, 1st lessone
12  February  1808dine at Johnson’s
11  March  1808dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Beaufort & H Edgworth
22  April  1808 dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Knowles, Rosiere, Waller & Mellon
1  May  1808dine at Philips’s, Hampstead, w. Atkinson, Carr, Wolcot, Batty junr & Surrs
4  May  1808 dine at mrs Raven’s
27  May  1808Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli & Knowles
5  June  1808Dine at Knowles’s, w. Fuseli, Jeffery & Racket
10  June  1808dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Dr Edgworth, J Johnson, Richardsons & Ormondys
24  June  1808dine at Johnson’s, w. Hommy
5  August  1808dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Mullet & Blackwood
6  August  1808dine at Knowles’s (comte de Barde)
7  August  1808dine at Jeffery’s, Eltham, w. Bonnycastle & Knowles
12  August  1808Dine at Johnson’s, w. Bonnycastle & Knowles; adv. Fuseli & maj. Moore
15  August  1808Dine at Hendon, w. C C
22  August  1808Dine at Campbel’s, Sydenham, w. T T
26  August  1808 dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles & Keene
4  September  1808dine at Bonnycastle’s, w. M J, Knowles & Yates
8  September  1808dine; adv. Hardinge
16  September  1808dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Knowles; adv. Hewlet
20  September  1808dine at O Hara’s, w. Curran, Wolcot, Lane, Hutchins & R C
7  October  1808dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & MacArthur
21  October  1808dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles & McArthur
18  November  1808Dine at Johnson’s, w. Bonnycastle, Hewlet, Hollis & Knowles
16  December  1808Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & capt. Hunter
18  December  1808dine at Hume’s, w. Listons, Lambs & Manly; adv. mrs Thomson
20  January  1809dine at Johnson's, w. Fuse-lis, Bonnycastle & fille; Knowles & Hough-ton.
10  February  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Aikin, Bonnycastle, Cartwright & Knowles
25  February  1809Dine at S Beresford’s, w. M J, Macarthy, Johnsons, mrs Atkins & miss H Woodcock
3  March  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Bonnycastle & Dr Knighton
10  March  1809Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Lockhart, Hollis, &Dr Stokes & Knowles
31  March  1809Dine at Hume’s, w. Draper, mrs Thomson, Johnsons, Ford & mrs Hutchinson; adv. Mortons & 3 pupils
5  April  1809dine at Thelwal’s
7  April  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hollis, capt. Hunter & Eaton
13  April  1809dine at Thelwal’s, w. Nicholson, Wolcot, Mortimer, Soane, Brittons & miss Pate
28  April  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Bonnycastle, Knowles, Beaufort & H Edgworth
12  May  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, 2 Roscoes & Dr Tuston
4  June  1809dine at Liston’s, w. Humes, Laburns, Ogleby & M J
9  June  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Bonnycastle, Constable, & Miller, Edinburgh
25  June  1809Dine at Notting Hill, w. 2 Corneys, M J, M & C
30  June  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Halls, Jas Moore, Laing, br, & son
16  July  1809Dine at L Ht’s, w. M J, M & J; adv. B Montagu
21  July  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Dennis, Dr Edgworth, capt. Hunter & Knowles
26  July  1809dine at Hume’s, w. Macdonalds, Colliers, Ford, Girle & mrs Thomson
30  July  1809Dine at Bonnycastle’s, w. Knowles, M J & C; adv. miss Boyce & Fred
13  August  1809Dine at Phillips’s, Hampstead, w. Surrs
19  August  1809dine Raven’s
25  August  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hewlet, Davy, Lockhart & Miles
15  September  1809Dine at Clapham (Plough), w. T T
22  September  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Dennis & Lockhart
4  October  1809dine w. Newnum
6  October  1809Dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Lockht & Dennis
7  October  1809dine at Dennis’s, w. Johnson, Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Lockhart
15  October  1809dine at Hume’s, w. C C
20  October  1809Dine at Curran’s, w. Hutchins, Bell, Jennings, R C & T T; invités Wolcot & O Brien
23  October  1809Dine at Carlisle’s, w. Curran, Shee, B Montagu & 2 Reynoldses
27  October  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, Lockhart, major Moore & capt. Hunter
24  November  1809dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Lockhart, Knowles & Hollis
25  December  1809dine at Hume’s, w. Thomsons, Hill, M J & C C
2  January  1810dine at Bonnycastle’s, w. T T
5  January  1810dine at St Paul’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, Lockhart & J J; adv. Hewlet
19  January  1810dine at St P’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Dennis, Jas Moore, Knowles & J J
21  January  1810Dine at Collier’s, w. 2 Hts, 3 Airys, Norris, Tomlins, Andrews & M J
2  February  1810dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastles 2, Damiani, Dr Knighton & J J
23  February  1810dine at Johnson, w. Bonnycastle, 2 Gascoynes & Hunt
9  March  1810Dine at St Paul’s , w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Chenevix, Edgworth & Joyce
12  March  1810dine at J White’s, w. Faulder, D Stewart & Miles
23  March  1810dine at Johnson’s, w. Davy, Mullet, Jas Moore, Maddocks, Knowles & Edgworth junr
2  April  1810Dine at Tipper’s, Cumberland, Bligh, Dr & mr Davis, H Robinson, Crowe & J Richter
13  April  1810Dine at St Paul’s , w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Wakefield, Edgworth, maj. Moore, Joyce & Knowles; adv. R Taylor
20  April  1810dine
11  May  1810Dine at St. Paul’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, Jas Moore & Blanco
27  May  1810dine at Hume’s, w. M J, C, J, capt. Kemp & mrs Thomson; adv. Masters
8  June  1810dine at Johnson, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, Mullet, Evans, Jas Moore, capt. Turlip, White, Edgworth jr & Miles jr
27  July  1810dine at St Paul’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, capt. Hunter, Laing & two
5  August  1810Dine at Hume, w. T T & C C; adv. mrs Thomson
14  August  1810dine at Hume’s, w. M J, M, J, W & T T
5  September  1810dine at Aldis’s, w. Corry, Rees, Woodham & Hinckley
15  September  1810Dine at Clapham, w. T T
16  September  1810dine at H Boinville’s, w. M J & T T; adv. Voisy, Flather, Dawe & C C
28  September  1810dine at St Paul’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, White, Jas Moore; Belsham, Cogan & Jo. Johnson
7  October  1810Dine at Hume’s, w. Colliers, Dawes & Hazlit
13  October  1810dine at Boinville’s, w. M J; adv. Newtons
19  October  1810Dine at St Paul’s , w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, Lockhart, Keene & Armiger
6  November  1810dine at Ward’s, w. Coleridge, Swan & Middleton
14  November  1810Dine at H Boinville’s, w. Rontgen, Newton, T T & M J & F; adv. Cornelia Newton & Dawe
15  November  1810dine at Cooper’s, w. Incledon, Bellamy, Matthews, Fawcet, Swartwout, Irving; adv. Powel
25  November  1810Dine at Hume’s, w. C C
28  November  1810dine at Cooper’s, w. M, Kendal & Irving
14  December  1810dine at St Paul’s , w. Fuseli, Northcote, Davy, Bonnycastle, Hewlet, White, Knowles, Cooper, Knighton, capt. Hunter & Reid
25  December  1810dine at Hume’s, w. M J, mrs Thomson, B Mercier & capt. Kemp
27  December  1810dine at Cooper’s, w. Mathews, Liston, M, Hamilton, Crowser, Robjot & Gratz; adv. Powel
11  January  1811dine at St Paul’s , w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles & Belsham
25  January  1811dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, Crombie, Joyce, Aspland & Kinder
23  February  1811dine at Adams’s, w. 4 Adams’s, H Robinson, mrs Collier, mrs Robinson, Olive, miss Dobson, &c; adv. 6 Colliers, F, M & C C
3  March  1811Dine at Hume’s, w. Hazlit, Kemp, & mrs Hutchinson; adv. Colliers & mrs Thomson
4  March  1811dine at Aldis’s, w. Woodham, Platt & Hinckley & M J
19  March  1811dine at Hume’s, w. M J
31  March  1811dine at Hume’s, w. Listons, Lamb, Dawes, Faithful, mrs Thomson, Sophia Smith & C C
25  April  1811Dine at Newton’s, w. Northcote, Hume & Dawe; adv. Boinvilles & T T
5  May  1811dine at Humes, w. C & E Pulman & M J; adv. L Ht & B Mercier
19  May  1811dine at Boinville’s, w. Newton, T T & Voisey, & C C
23  May  1811dine at Grattan’s, w. 2 Tighes, Barrington & mrs
26  May  1811dine at Hume’s, w. Newton, Masters, Dawe, Faithful & Lambs
23  June  1811Dine at Hume’s, w. M J & F; adv. mrs Thomson & Boustreds
25  August  1811Dine at Hume’s, w. M J & T T; adv. mrs Thomson & mrs Hutchinsn
29  August  1811dine at Midhurst (write to M J)
30  August  1811dine at Bognor
2  September  1811Stow, dine; adv. Holt, Etonian
10  October  1811dine at H Boinville’s, w. M J & F; adv. Voisey
12  October  1811Dine at Collier’s, w. Adams’s, Bishops, 2 miss Dawsons, 3 Stansfields & Field
20  October  1811dine at Hume’s, adv. mrs Hutchinson
29  October  1811dine, w. Curran, at Hatchet’s; adv. Jennings
24  November  1811Dine at Aldis’s, w. Weavers, miss Flower & M J; adv. Woodifield & Courtney
25  December  1811Dine at Hume’s, w. Thomsons, Listons, Wingfields, Hazlit, miss Tyrer & M J; adv. Darmany
5  January  1812Dine at Liston’s, w. 4 Humes, miss Tyrer & M J
26  January  1812Dine at Collier’s, w. Coleridge, Rough, Hamond, Toller, Goodwin, Wright, H Robinson, miss Gilbert & Alvado
22  March  1812Dine at Hume’s, w. M J, Burr, Woodart & miss Pullman; adv. mrs Thomson; invité Lamb
3  April  1812 Dine at Hamond’s, Hampstead
23  April  1812 Dine at Hamond’s, w. Place & miss Miller
25  May  1812Dine at S E’s, w. Delatres, Dormer, Leopard, mrs Clinton & W
6  June  1812 Dine at Grattan’s, w. Langrishe
14  June  1812Dine at Kenny’s, w. Masquerier, M J, F & E Mercier
24  June  1812Hogan
5  July  1812 dine at Hume, w. capt. Cuthfield; adv. mrs Thomson
12  July  1812dine at Hume, w. S Hazlit; adv. Walsh, & mdms Hutchinson, Ford & Bye; invité Northcote
14  July  1812dine at Hamond’s
7  August  1812Dine in the Abundance, capt. Oake, w. S E, Delatres, M J, F, J & W
9  August  1812Dine at Hume’s, w. M J & J.; adv. mes Thomson, Hutchinson & Bye, & mr Holland & Darmony
11  September  1812dine, w. Vivian, Beaufort Arms; walk to the Castle
14  September  1812dine at Gutch’s, w. Dr Pritchard
22  September  1812dine at Luxford’s
23  September  1812dine at Jeffery’s, w. Coates, Finches, miss Noyes, Long & Luxford; adv. Bushel & Mitty
25  September  1812dine at Starnes
3  October  1812Dine at Hamond’s, w. F Pollock & Lyal
12  October  1812dine at Shelley’s, w. F & J
25  October  1812dine at J Stewart’s, w. Turner, Turnbull, Wilmot & J Taylor
30  October  1812dine at Kenny’s, w. M J; adv. M
7  November  1812Dine at Shelley’s, w. M J & F; adv. W
15  November  1812dine at Stewart’s, w. Courtney, Nairin, Turner, Bailey; adv. Wilmot
25  November  1812Dine at Hamond’s, w. Coleridge, H Robinson & Wheeler; adv. Masquerier & mrs Rough
13  December  1812 Dine at Hume’s, w. Lambs; adv. Lynch & Darmany
3  January  1813dine at J Stewart’s, w. J Taylor, K Courtney, Turner, Wilmot, J Foot & Hume & 2; adv. mes Taylor & son
8  January  1813Dine at D Stuart’s, w. Owen (Lanark), Coleridge, Morgan & Alston painter
14  February  1813 Dine at Kenny’s, w. M J & C Baxter
14  March  1813Dine at Hume’s, w. Listons, Lambs, Hazlits, M Burney, B Mercier & mrs Thomson, M J, M & C Br, adv. Lewis, mrs Burke, &miss Davis, & mrs Hutchinson
13  April  1813 dine at Grattan’s, w. Curran, L Geo. Grenville & Jephson, 2 nephews; adv. C Charleville, mrs Scott, &c
14  April  1813dine at M’s
2  May  1813Dine at S E’s, w. M J, F & M
3  May  1813dine at Curran’s, w. A C; adv. Tegart
5  May  1813dine at Curran’s, w. A C
9  May  1813dine at Hume’s, w. Listons, Lambs, Dawes, M Burney; adv. mrs Reeves, mrs Hutchinson, mrs Brumsted & Rawley
11  May  1813dine at Curran’s, w. A C
12  May  1813dine at Wilson’s, w. Lambs & Dyer; adv. Eaton & capt. Burney
13  May  1813dine at Curran’s, w. A C
13  June  1813Dine at Shelley’s, w. Hogg; adv. Hookham & Peacock
2  July  1813dine at Shelley’s
4  July  1813dine at Shelley’s, w. 3 Newtons, & Williams; adv. Hogg
11  July  1813Dine at Hume’s, w. Northcote, & Fawcets, jr; adv. miss Hay, & miss Denis
14  July  1813dine at Newton’s, w. Shelley & Hog
17  July  1813Dine at Shelley’s, w. Newtons
24  July  1813dine at Aldis’s
1  August  1813Dine at Kenney’sna, & M J, F, J & W; adv. mrs Silver, & A Curran
8  August  1813Dine at Hume, w. Lamb, & Fawcets, jr
22  August  1813Dine at Aldis’s, w. Johnsons & miss Cartwright
9  October  1813Dine at Curran’s, w. A C & Rippingham; two creeds, le premier pour les dames
18  October  1813Dine at Me Stael’s, w. Curran, Adair, Wishart, H Robinson, Murray & La. Mackintosh
23  October  1813Dine at Curran’s, w. A C, Tegart, Boyd; adv. Rippingham
24  October  1813dine at Curran’s, w. A C & Rippingham
31  October  1813dine at Kenney’s, w. M J, Botwright, M, Callon & F Pinkerton; adv. Silvers & Hanburys
23  November  1813dine at Poole’s, w. Matthews, Terry, Jas Smith, Pocock, Litchfield, Rae, Winslow Young, Hodson & Miller
19  December  1813dine at Newton’s, w. Shelley, Hog, Lawrence & Hookham;adv. Dawe & Whitelocke
21  December  1813dine at Day’s
12  February  1814dine at Mackintosh’s, w. Jno Wedgwood & son, & miss Allens
13  February  1814dine at Hume’s, w. Newland & C C
3  April  1814Dine at S E’s, w.M J, F, C, M, J & W; adv. Cordry
10  April  1814Dine at Hume’s, w. Haydn Corri, Cole, miss Dawe, mrs Hazlit, C & M; adv. mrs Thomson & Newland
29  May  1814 Dine at Kenney’s, w. Poole & Terry; adv. M Burney, H Robinson & Amyot
1  September  1814 dine, w. him, Leicester Square
11  September  1814dine at L Kenney’s, w. Lambs, Pinkerton jr, M Betham, Ad. Mercier & M J
2  October  1814Dine at L K’s, w. F Pinkerton; adv & M J; adv. F Ht, Dowlings, miss Milner, F & C C
2  November  1814dine at S E’s, w. M J & E Oak; Thomas ausoir
14  December  1814dine at Poole’s, w. Kenney
5  January  1815dine at S E’s, w. Prowses, miss Saxey, mrs Stewart & M J
22  January  1815dine at Aldis’s, w. do
13  February  1815dine at S E’s, w. M J
13  March  1815dine at S E’s, w. M J; adv. Griffin
10  May  1815dine at Poole’s
21  May  1815dine at Hume’s, w. Listons, Kenney, Hazlit, Durnset & mrs Hutchinson; adv. Lynch, &c
5  June  1815Dine at Mackintosh’s, w. W Taylor; adv. a ritson, & miss Waddington
11  June  1815Dine at Kenney’s, w. Chalmers & Mercier. & M J
9  July  1815Dine at Alexander’s, w. 3 Jeremys, Denton & son, & mrs Mason
25  July  1815Dine at Aldis’s, w. Woodifield & mrs Coates
8  August  1815dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey
11  August  1815dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey
29  August  1815dine at Hume’s, w. Lambs & mrs Williams
14  September  1815dine at Poole’s, w. Terry
9  November  1815dine at S E’s, w. M J; adv. Griffin & Paynes
9  November  1815dine at S E’s, w. M J
15  December  1815dine at Curran’s, Brompton
21  December  1815dine at Curran’s, w. mrs Dixon
24  December  1815Dine at Curran’s
27  December  1815Dine at Curran’s
30  December  1815Dine at Curran’s
5  January  1816Dine at Curran’s
19  January  1816dine at S E’s, w. M J
22  January  1816Dine at Curran’s
11  February  1816dine at Curran’s
16  February  1816Dine at Curran’s
19  February  1816Dine at Curran’s
23  February  1816dine at Curran’s
27  February  1816Dine at Curran’s
1  March  1816Dine at Curran’s
2  March  1816 dine
5  March  1816Dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey
9  March  1816Dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey
20  March  1816dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey
22  March  1816Dine at Hardwick’s, w. Howard, Beasley, Purkis, & P Hardwick
29  March  1816dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey
5  April  1816dine at Curran’s
12  April  1816dinner, Mathews, Wrench, Ballantine, Downie, Playfair, Wilson, Buchanan, Thomson, Cadel, & Russell, player
13  April  1816dinner, Mathews, Wrench, Evanses, Leslie, Peter Hill, & G H Walker
15  April  1816dine at Napier’s, w. Bruntons, Playfair, Leslie, Pellings, Ferguson, pupilMacdonald, Nairn & Cadel
18  April  1816dine at Ballantine’s, w. Belcours, Douglases, Leslie, Fraser & Constable; adv. Ainslie
19  April  1816dine at Boswell’s, w. Mackenzie & fille, Jeffery, Brewster, Coventry, L & C; invité Cranston
20  April  1816dine at Fletcher’s, w. Brown, Craigs, mrs Miller, miss Miller & miss Wilks
23  April  1816Dine at Hepburn’s, Barfoot, w. Macallum, Walker, Hope, Inglis & Fairley
27  April  1816dine at Wordsworth’s
29  April  1816dine at Preston, w. Dilworth & Latham
30  April  1816dine at Walker’s, Longford, w. do, mrs Walker, Charles & 2 sisters
3  May  1816dine at Woburn, w. squirrel-hunt
22  May  1816dine at Hardwick’s, w. Wilkie, S Beasley, Alexr & P H
8  July  1816dine at Poole’s, w. Boswell, H Smith, Barber, Denham, Stevenson & Alderson
2  August  1816dine at Hume’s, w. mrs Yates
17  October  1816dine at Curran’s, Brompton
6  November  1816Dine at Curran’s
12  November  1816dine at Cur//ran’s
17  November  1816dine at Curran’s
21  November  1816dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler & Jas Ryan
25  November  1816Dine at Curran’s
29  November  1816dine at Meyler’s, w. Curran, Waring Junr, Ryan, Stubbs & another
30  November  1816dine at Poole’s
15  December  1816dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler, Ryan & Duncan
19  December  1816Dine at Curran’s
23  December  1816Dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler
3  January  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler
5  January  1817Dine at Stewart’s, w. J Taylor, Narrien, Holmes, Robinson & Pinfold; adv. Lucas & Meyler, & concerte
6  January  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Banks
10  January  1817Dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler
20  January  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler
26  January  1817Dine at Hunt’s, w. Shelley, Hazlit, Colson & Hogg
27  January  1817Dine at Curran’s
1  February  1817Dine at Curran’s, w. Shiel & Wallace
16  February  1817Dine at L Hunt’s, w. Shelleys, Hazlits & B Montagu; adv. Colson, Gatty & Clarke
18  February  1817dine at Curran’s
24  February  1817Dine at Curran’s
25  February  1817dine at Rogers’s, w. Curran, Este & H Rogers
28  February  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler & Lubey
2  March  1817Dine at Stewart’s, w. Owen, Holmes, Robinson, & (?) Pinfold: concerte
4  March  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey, Meyler & Waring junr
18  March  1817Dine at BromCurran’s, w. Lubey
21  March  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Ball (from Rome), & Lubey
29  March  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Shiel, Wallace, Quin & Lubé
13  April  1817dine at S E’s, w. M J & W
20  April  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Shiel, Wallace, Quin & Finnerty; adv. Ryan & Glyn
6  May  1817dine at Curran’s
8  May  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Thomson, Meyler & Finnerty
17  May  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Ogilvie, Thomson, Finnerty & Wallace; adv. Power; invité Casey
20  May  1817dine at Curran’s
23  May  1817dine at Curran’s; adv. Hazlit & Ryan
29  May  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Hazlit
1  June  1817dine at Stewart’s, w. Ogilvie, J Taylor, Holmes & Pinfold; adv. Owen & Robinson
2  June  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Hazlit
7  June  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Quin
12  June  1817Dine at Curran’s
15  June  1817dine at Aldis’s, w. Powys & Downes; adv. miss Hill
19  June  1817dine at Curran’s
23  June  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Stephens and Jennings
25  June  1817dine at Curran’s
28  June  1817dine at Curran’s
7  July  1817dine at Curran’s
9  July  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Thompson & Treasures
2  August  1817Dine at Dyer’s, w. Macnally
30  September  1817dine at Curran’s, w. Duncan
6  October  1817dine at Currans, w. Lubé
13  November  1817dine at Shelley’s; adv. Curry, Baxter & Booth
15  November  1817dine at Shelley’s, w. M J
17  November  1817dine at Aldis’s, w. 3 Brownings, 2 Hickses, Wageman, Powis & Acton; adv. Barber
18  November  1817dine at Shelley’s, w. M J; adv. L Hunt & Keates
25  November  1817dine at S E’s, w M J & Leserve
24  January  1818dine at Jay’s, Woodford, w. Blunt
7  March  1818dine at Longman’s, w. S E Brydges, S J B Burges, Hobhouse, H Smith, Hamond, Groenvelt, PowelCohen & Carr
28  March  1818Dine at Aldis’s, w. Hazlit, Adams, Spencer & Powys; adv. Hayes
19  July  1818Dine at Hume’s, w. M J, W, Lamb & Hazlit; adv. Philips
20  July  1818dine at Perry’s
2  September  1818dine at Kenney’s, w. Bartley; adv. Plumptre
6  September  1818Dine at Baxter’s, w. Booth 810 in family, & Mark
20  September  1818Dine at Baxter’s, w. Booths; adv. Curtises & Hunter
27  September  1818Dine at T T’s, Kensington Gore, w. Flather
25  October  1818Dine at Booth’s, Hackney; adv. R & C Baxter & Hunter
26  November  1818dine at L K’s; adv. Lambs
25  December  1818Dine at Hume’s, w. M J, W, S P, & Bevan, & three
1  January  1819Dine at S Beresford’s, w. 3 Snows, M J, S P & W
12  January  1819 Dine at Booth’s, w. Curtises, Gilchrist, 4 Baxters, M J, S P & W
18  February  1819dine at Snow’s, w. mrs Austin, 2 Beresfords, M J & S P
24  February  1819dine at Baxter’s, w. Booths, Sharp, M J, S P & W
15  March  1819 dine at Booth’s, w. Christy & miss Anderson; adv. mrs & miss Leechman & Edmeston
22  May  1819Dine at Aldis’s, w. Bignold, Wilson, Willis & Bourdilier
20  June  1819Dine at Phillips’s, w. Surrs; adv. W
27  June  1819Dine at Aldis’s, w. Wageman’s & Woodham; adv. T Ht
4  July  1819Dine at Hume’s, w. Minn & W; adv. Anderson
9  July  1819dine at Ogilvie’s (Sparrow’s), w. 2 Branscombs
8  August  1819Dine at Knowles’s, w. 2 Freemans, Röntgen, M J & W
12  December  1819Dine at Aldis’s, w. mrs Farren; adv. Hazlit
25  December  1819dine at Hume’s, w. Listons, T T, mrs Boinville, Caunter, Bunnet, M J & W
3  February  1820dine at T T’s, w. M J & W; adv. A Boinville, L Lamb & M Lamb
7  February  1820dine at Banks’s; adv. W
3  April  1820Dine at T T’s, w. M Lamb
23  April  1820Dine at Hume’s, w. O’Neil, Bunnel, Forbes & W; adv. Caunter
27  May  1820Dine w. Jo G, Enfield
23  July  1820Dine at T T’s, w. M Lamb & W
13  August  1820dine at Hume’s, w. C Hume, M Dawe & W
5  September  1820dine at Pilcher’s, w. M J
19  September  1820Dine at T T’s, w. W Curran, M J & W
22  October  1820Dine at Hume’s, w. W; adv. Anderson
19  December  1820Dine at T T’s, w. M J & W; adv. D & M Lamb
10  January  1821dine at Aldis’s, w. Powys, Cooper tragn, Easterby, Thomson, Nokes, &c
15  January  1821Dine at T T’s, w. Leake & Booth
18  February  1821dine at Hume’s, w. Dr Cambridge, 2 O’Hanlons, Mayhew, Bunnel & W
23  March  1821Dine at T T’s; adv. W
5  June  1821dine at Lawrence, w. Booth, Wilkins, R Hunter, & J L
7  June  1821 dine at Hume’s, w. Oates & C H & Jo Fawcet; adv. Boo, Twana, Jones & mrs Hutchinson
11  July  1821Dine at sir Jno Sinclair’s
3  September  1821dine at Lamb’s, w. M J & W
28  October  1821Dine at Hume’s, w. Hazlit & son, Kenney, O’Neil & W; adv. Boo & Twana
9  November  1821dine at Lawrence’s, w. Booth, T T, O’Meara & Hincksman
13  January  1822Dine at T T’s, w. A Boinville, Dr Lamb & W; adv. 4 Lambs & W Blunt
3  March  1822dine at Hume’s, w. C Hume, O Neil, Bunnet, & W
10  March  1822Dine at T T's, w. M J & W; adv. Boinville & femme, & L & M Lamb
3  April  1822W Lamb, La. Caroline, Augustus, miss Richardson, Dr Roe, & Susan; 4 dinners
28  July  1822dine at Hume’s, w. Lamb, Kenney, Head & W (Amelia & Julia at homee)
18  October  1822dine at Aldis’s, w. Skeffington, Uwins, & Woodham; adv. W
27  October  1822dine at Hume’s, w. W; adv. Minnses
15  June  1823Dine at Hume’s, w. Tollemache & W
2  September  1823dine at Lamb’s, w. Carey & Talfourd (invité Proctor); adv. W
16  September  1823dine at Aldis, w. Bean, Uwins, Woodham & Powis
7  October  1823dine at M W S’s, w. M J & W
21  December  1823Dine at White’s, Isleworth, w. Speed, mrs Thorn, M J & W
3  July  1824dine at White’s, Isleworth, w. Collier & Spence
18  July  1824dine at M W S, w. M J & W; adv. Kenney, L & T Ht & H P
1  August  1824Dine at M W S’s, w. M J & W
1  September  1824dine at King’s Langley
19  September  1824Dine at White’s, Isleworth, w. Millers & G White
21  September  1824dine at M W S’s
26  September  1824dine at M W S’s, w. M J
3  October  1824Dine at Rowbotham’s, w. Booth & Mudie, De Lyde & Saburra: adv. Cameron & Fraser
15  October  1824dine at M W S
31  October  1824Dine at M W S’s, w. M J & W
23  November  1824Dine at M W S’s
5  December  1824Dine at Hume’s, w. W. Dallas on Byron
19  December  1824Dine at Bryant’s
25  December  1824dine at M W S’s, w. M J & W
4  January  1825dine at M W S’s; adv. Hogg, mrs Williams, M& W
9  January  1825Dine at White’s (Isleworth), w. Buxton, son, & 2 daughters
16  January  1825Dine at Bryant’s
31  January  1825Dine at M W S’s, w. W; adv. mrs Williams
4  April  1825dine at M W S’s, w. Gisborne’s
3  June  1825dine [not?] at M W S’s
5  June  1825Dine at M W S’s; adv. Lefanu
19  June  1825Dine atM W S’s, w. M J & Howard Payne
26  June  1825dine at M W S’s; adv. mrs Williams
1  July  1825dine at Hudson’s
2  July  1825dine at M W S’s
3  July  1825Dine at White, Isleworth, w. G White
10  July  1825dine at Hume’s
11  July  1825Dine at M W S’s, w. M J; adv. Lambs & H Payne
1  August  1825dine at M W S’s, w. M J; adv. mrs Williams (& Colburn invisib)
21  August  1825Dine at Hume, w. Hugh O’ Hanlon & W
28  August  1825Dine at M W S’s, w. M J & W
4  September  1825Dine at White’s, Isleworth, w. G Whites, Millers, Hills, M W S & W
3  October  1825Dine at M W S’s
10  October  1825Dine at M W S’s; adv. mrs Williams
23  October  1825Dine at Rowbotham’s, w. Booths, R Baxter, Hutchinsons & Palmer
17  November  1825Dine at E Prentis’s, w. miss Combe
12  December  1825dine at M W S’s, w. M J & W
18  December  1825Dine at Hodgets, w. Hodgets senior, Booth & Mathews
22  January  1826dine atHume’s, w. mrs Browne & son,A Burnet & M Tollemash
4  February  1826 dine at M W S’s
7  March  1826dine at M W S’s, w.M J
1  April  1826 Dine at Kenney’s, w. M W S, M Lamb & Poole; adv. Newton, Russel, Lamb & Ryle
2  April  1826Dine at Rowbotham’s, w. Hector, Saburra &Cameron junr; adv. Deacon & Cameron senr
3  April  1826Dine at M W S’s, w. M; adv. mrs Williams
10  April  1826Dine at M W S’s, w. Kenney & W; adv. mrs Williams
15  April  1826Dine at Hodgets junr, w. senr, Bevans, Booth, Grundy & miss Hodgets
1  May  1826Dine at M W S’s, w. M J & W
16  June  1826Dine at M W S’s
23  June  1826Dine & sleep at White’s, Isleworth
4  July  1826 dine in Gower Place
2  August  1826 Dine at Aldis’s, w. Skeffington, Uwins, Blunt, Powys, Cooper{;} Woodham
17  September  1826 Dine at M W S’s, w. M J; adv.mrs Williams
27  October  1826Dine at Hodgets’, w. Bowringht,R T, Rowes, Kempson, Thomson, miss Jamieson, & père
8  November  1826Dine at Uwins’s, w. Kingdon, Boroughs, Morgan, Drew, Mason, Young, Field
31  December  1826 Dine at White’s, Isleworth, w.mrs Speed & miss Thorne (G White junr, Woodcock & Stone)
5  February  1827Dine at Ch. Jones’s, w. Aldis, Forrest, Bannister, Lloyds, Greenwoods, &c; adv. Godbolts, &mrs Bluet, & Wrights
6  February  1827dine at M W S’s
11  March  1827Dine at Rowbotham’s, w. D & C Booth, Cummingses, Lissaburra & miss Bell; adv. Cameron
14  March  1827Dine at M W S’s, w. M J
2  April  1827dine at M W S’s, w. M Gisborne; adv. L Dillon
17  April  1827Dine at M W S
22  May  1827Dine at M W S’s
18  June  1827Dine at M W S’s; adv. W & Kenney
25  June  1827dine at Isleworth’s, w. 5 Buxtons, 2 miss Shepherds, Robertson, G White & W
6  July  1827dine at Uwins’s, w. Clutterbuck, Burroughs, Mason, Best, Headland, Morgan, &York, & Vance
14  July  1827Dine, w. Colburn, at Stow
17  July  1827Dine at Hodgets’, w. Buckingham, R T, Kempson & W
16  August  1827Dine at Aldis’s, w. 2 Ellistons, Woodham, mrs Jones, mrs & miss Cooper, & mrs Bunns
12  November  1827Dine at M W S’s; adv. Robinson, père deDouglas
20  December  1827Dine at M W S’s; adv. H Payne
9  January  1828Dine at Kenney’s, w. Sheridan Knowles, Planché, Liston, Miller & Powel; adv. Morton
14  January  1828Dine at Hudson’s, Brompton
20  January  1828dine at White’s, w. M J, Uwins, Hofland, West, Robinson & G White
10  February  1828dine at Bryant’s, w. Mrs B
13  March  1828Dine at Bryant’s; adv. Ralph Milner
23  March  1828dine at Bryant’s, w. mrs B; adv. Milner & Creed
4  April  1828Dine at Bryant’s; adv. Milner
27  April  1828dine at Bryant’s, w. mrs B & son
11  May  1828dine at Bryant’s, w. Chas B
29  May  1828dine at Hodgets’s, w. Errington, Bowring, 2 R Ts & wife, Hodgets senr & Booth
15  June  1828Dine at Rowbotham’s, w. 3 Bells, Lissaburra, Hector & Cameron; adv. Francia
17  August  1828dine at Bryant’s, w. mrs B; adv. Dunbar
24  August  1828Dine at White, w. C C & Hunt
31  August  1828Dine at Robinson’s, Park Cottage, w. miss Shaw & M W S
11  September  1828dine at Uwins’s, w. sir Jas Williams, Dr Stewart{,} Pepys, Hanleydy, Penning, Chas Morgan & C C
19  September  1828Dine at Bryant’s, w. A Bryant
21  September  1828dine at Robinson’s, w. Jos. Barret & Di Toro
22  November  1828Dine at Robinson’s, w. Trelawney & Shaw; invités H Payne & Newton; adv. Crofton Croker & Clevelands
14  December  1828Dine at Robinson’s, w. Henry; adv. Harold
25  December  1828Dine at C C’s, w. M J, W & Blair
27  December  1828Dine at White’s, w. C C & mrs Boxley
19  January  1829Dine at M W S’s
15  February  1829Dine at Hume’s, w. Perigal & miss De Berg
1  March  1829dine at Bryant’s, w. mrs B & Charles
10  April  1829dine at Robinson’s, w. Carew, Barret, Holroyd, Todd, Blood & Simpson; adv. Power & M W S
12  May  1829dine at C Jones’s, w. Aldis, Strong, Williams (Foundling), Prestons,Preslands, Bannister, T Jones & 2
15  May  1829Dine at M W S’s; adv. Julia & E Robinson, & C C
1  June  1829dine at M W S’s; adv. 3 Cts
29  June  1829Dine at M W S’s
11  July  1829Dine at M W S’s; adv. F Reynolds, Jane & W
13  July  1829Dine at Hume’s, w. 5 Hollands; invité W
25  July  1829Dine at Woodifield, w. capt. Symmons, & mrs Burke & fille; adv. W Hastings Angelo
31  July  1829dine at M W S’s; adv. H Payne
25  August  1829dine at Jerningham’s, w. Gent, Hargrave, Cook, Slaughter, & 1
6  September  1829Dine at Cooke’s, w. Gent, miss Tucker & Smith; adv. Ingram
12  September  1829Dine at M W S’s; adv. A Curran
16  September  1829Dine at White’s, w. Hofland
6  October  1829Dine at M W S’s, w. Percy; adv. Julia Robinson
8  November  1829Dine at Hume’s, w. Barton, mrs Stoapleton & W
18  November  1829dine at M W S’s, w. Julia
18  December  1829Dine at Bulwer’s, w. Tooke
9  January  1830dine at Woodifields’s, w. Bentley & W H Angelo
6  February  1830Dine at Uwins’s, w. La Nightingale, Arnot, Stuart, Sass, Morgan, York, &c. Mason Hunter, Scarlock; invité Allan Cunm
10  March  1830 Dine at Kenney’s, w. Baddamses
13  March  1830dine at Jerningham’s, w. Hargrave
19  March  1830dine at Bulwer, w. col. D’Aguilar, la. Ma. Shepherd & Jerdan; adv. Owen, Knowles, &c
21  April  1830dine at Cooke’s, w. Jerninghm, Cookes senrs, miss Marsh, &c. Yates
10  May  1830 Dine at Robinsons, w. M W S, Rothwel, Power & Stothard junr
21  May  1830Dine at Robinson’s, w. Hopper
23  May  1830 dine at Bulwer, w. sir John Doyle, Pendeley & pupils, H Bulwer, Knowles, Maud, CockburnColburn & Ollier
26  May  1830Dine at M W S’s, w. Julia; adv. Ws
30  May  1830Dine at Highgate
4  June  1830dine atH Bulwer’s, w. Edw, Villiers, Mellish, Bowring & Buckingham
6  June  1830dine at Highgate; Adv. Blatspeils & Ws
11  June  1830dine at Bulwer’s
13  June  1830dine at M W S’s, w. Ws & Julia
1  July  1830dine at Judkin’s, w. Croly, Quail, Cromfield, Wilson & Philip; adinvités A Cunningham & Hogg
17  July  1830 dine at Holm’s, w. Chichester, Sedgwick, Woods, miss Hall & Wilks
24  July  1830dine atM W S, w. Julia, Julian & Percy
26  July  1830dine in Gower Plce
15  September  1830Dine at Ollier’s, w. Kent & Gatty
17  September  1830dine atF R’s, w. Bernal, Lane & Watts
5  October  1830Dine at Uwins’s, w. Const, sir Jas Williams & fe, R H Solly, Clutterbuck, John Smith, Drew & Sass
20  November  1830Dine at Woodifield’s, w. Bentley, Lavigne & 2 Angelos
11  December  1830 Dine at Ws, w. M J &M W S; adv. T Ht
31  December  1830dine atM W S’s, w. M J & Ws
10  January  1831dine at C Jones’s, w. Lloyds, Rileys, Aldises, & Mes Booth & Gardner; invités Maugham & Wilkses, M P
14  January  1831dine at C Jones’s, w. Maughams & Wilkses
26  January  1831dine at Aldis’s, w. Nokes, Godbold & Rileys; advinvités Skeffington & Elliston
1  February  1831dine at Maugham’s, w. Wilks, Le Moores, Holm, Stuart & Dowling
18  February  1831dine at M W S’s
3  March  1831Dine at Woodifield’s, w. Lavigne, mrs Heatley & another
15  March  1831Dine at M W S’s
21  March  1831Dine at Ollier’s
24  March  1831dine at Knowles’s, w. Paris, Dr & mrs Moore, Gilbert, Freeman & mother, & 2
28  March  1831dine at Ollier’s, w. Allen
31  March  1831Dine at M W S’s, w. Percy; adv. mrs Hogg
3  July  1831Dine at White’s, Isleworth, w. Geo, fr, & wife, &c; adv. Hugheses
7  July  1831dine at Hargrave
8  July  1831Dine at Robinson’s, w. M W S & D’Andradas; adv. Almeyda Garret
1  August  1831Dine at M W S’s, w. Percy; adv. D’Andradas, Almeyda Garrets, & L & R Robinson, & Marreco
9  September  1831Dine at Bannister’s, w. Boot & Morgans
19  October  1831Dine at Uwins’s, w. T Uwins, Eastlake, &Coronati & miss Temple
2  November  1831dine at M W S’s, w. Robinson; adv. mrs Hogg
25  November  1831Dine at Jerningham’s, w. Hargrave, Slaughter & Norton
2  December  1831dine at Gent’s, w. Jerningham, Hervey, Slaughter & Clements
1  January  1832 dine at mrs Wood’s, w. L Stanhopes, Holms, &c; adv. C Jones, Rosetti, Alkali
2  January  1832dine at C Jones’s, w. Forrest, Booths, Bannister, Holm, & 2 Reeveses
23  January  1832Dine at Woodifield’s, w. Castel & Cooke
7  February  1832dine at Aldis's, w. Berridge & C Jones; invité Skeffington
16  February  1832dine at Gent’s
21  February  1832Dine at Mathews’s, w. C M, junr
6  March  1832Dine at Ollier’s, w. Scargil
18  April  1832dine at Spaniard
19  April  1832 Dine at Geo. White’s, w. Quain, Disney, Norris, Morrison, Clayton, White Pt Stot, White Esleworth, Helder, Tulke, Whiting
22  April  1832dine at Hollybush
6  June  1832dine at Gent’s, w. Daniels, Westall, Paris, Heseltine, Clements & Coke
16  July  1832 dine at Gent’s
23  September  1832Dine at Hudson’s, w. M J
2  November  1832Dine at M W S’s, w. Trelawny & mrs Hogg
28  December  1832 Dine at Geo. White’s, w. Anthony & Jas Whites & femmes, & 2. Alexander
1  January  1833dine at mrs Wood’s, w. Leis. Stanhopes, 3 Halls, 3 Holms; adv. Alkali, M W S, &c
4  January  1833Dine at C Jones’s, w. Cantwels, T P Cookes, Coopers, Moseley & Holm (Kenney expected)
9  January  1833Dine at M W S’s, w. Percy, mrs Hogg & M J
11  January  1833dine at Aldis’s, w. mrs Edwin
26  January  1833dine at Aldis’s, w. Barneses, Martins, Bryans, Guntons, Coopers, Gen. Thornton, Gen. Callender, Longdale, C Jones, mrs Hallet
12  March  1833dine at M W S’s; adv. Joshua, Julia & Robinson, maj. Bleauclerk & Rainy
29  May  1833Dine at Rickman’s, w. Sussex farmer, Nicholson, Perkins?, & son of W. Smith
30  June  1833Dine at Gaskel’s, w. Hunters, col. Williams, miss Pilkington
9  July  1833Dine at White’s, Isleworth, w. mrs Miller & Bevan
20  July  1833dine Bell, Edmonton, w. Rickmans & C Lamb
13  August  1833Dine at Hume’s, w. Fitzgerald & miss Partridge
21  August  1833Dine at Ant. White’s, w. Geo. Whites & femme
13  September  1833Dine at Rickman’s, w. Ayrtons, Setons, sir Frederic Aton Madden, Ant. White
23  September  1833Dine at Literary Union, w. T Campbel, Lardner, Elmer, Dilke, Fonblanq, J Russel; adv. Poole
26  September  1833dine at Poole’s, w. T Campbel, Pickersgil, Denman & Norton
6  October  1833Dine at T Campbel’s, w. T Uwins, Ayrtons, Mackenzie & capt. ; invité Joseph
29  October  1833Dine at Caunter’s, w. M J
16  November  1833dine at T Campbel’s, w. Monk Mason & Poole
18  November  1833dine at Rickman’s, w. Hunter, col. Page & Pigot, & W Smith junr
28  November  1833Dine at Rickman’s, w. mr & mrs Payne, Vardon & May
20  December  1833Dine at Vardon’s, w. Westmacots, Hovedens & May
25  December  1833 Déjeûné
19  January  1834Meet Rogers (dinner)
29  January  1834dine at Hume’s, w. Dr Davis & Charles ----
9  February  1834dine at T Campbel’s, w. Wilkinson, J Russel, Williams & A Campbel; adv. Williams Chronicle
12  February  1834Dine at Jos. Robinsons, w. Burleys, capt. Addison, Perry & M W S
4  March  1834dine at Rogers’s, w. Kenney & Carey
27  March  1834Dine at Hardwick’s, w. Morgan (Times), Clarke (Court Journal), Dilke, Dr Borroughs, & col. Invité Rickman’s
2  April  1834dine at Gaskel’s, w. W Smith, Ainsworths, Hunters & Wood; adv. Sir Geo. Cayley & nephew
22  April  1834dine at Uwins’s, w. Holman, Turner, Mason, Nokes & Maturin; invité sir C Bell
21  May  1834dine at Jos. Robinson, w. T Campbel, King, miss Perry & M W S
28  May  1834Dine at Gaskel’s, w. Hawes’s, Bakewel, & col. Williams
13  June  1834Dine at Ollier’s, Westbourn
14  June  1834Dine at Rickman’s, w. Frere, DrRigby Bunny, Paynes, Vardon, & lady, &mrs Spencer, & miss Seaton
27  June  1834 dine at Gaskel’s, w. Southwold Smith, Johnston & Pemberton; adv. Marriot
19  July  1834Dine & sleep at Harrow
7  August  1834 Dine at Caunter’s, w. Geo. C; adv. Wilson,Willis/ Am.n, & mrs Shepherd
13  August  1834Dine atM W S’s; adv. miss Gower
18  August  1834dine at M W S's, w. mrs Hogg & fille
20  August  1834 Dine at Rickman’s, w. Cowel, Epps, Payne, Vardon & May
24  August  1834 Dine at Caunter’s, w. Geo. C; adv. Shepherds & Holmes
25  August  1834Dine at M W S’s; adv. mrs Wyndham Lewis & Geo. Beauclerk
2  September  1834Dine atM W S’s, w. mrs Hogg; adv. mrs Wyndham Lewis, miss Gregor & miss Gore
21  September  1834dine at Rowbotham’s, w. 2 Booths, Hunt, Lissabura, & D Cameron
5  October  1834dine at A Whites, w. 2 James & 2 Geo. Whites, & Feetham
20  November  1834Dine at Caunter’s, w. M J
30  November  1834dine at A White’s, w. frere & femme, G Whites, Chaffey, Maitland, & Peppercorn
17  December  1834Dine at Blessington’s, w. La Morton, Mulgrave, D’Orsay, H Bulwer, T Duncombe, Fonblanq, Jerdan, Med
25  December  1834Dine at Wood’s, w. Stanhopes, M W S & P, Alkali, Lawrence & Jones; adv. Holm & Atherston
25  January  1835Dine at Rogers’s, w. col. Fox, Eastlake & Kenney
3  February  1835dine at Uwins’s, w. Fox, Dr Stewart, Smith, Mason, Hardy, T Uwins & T Ht
5  February  1835dine at Nokes’s, w. Uwins, Aldises, sir Robert Sydney, &c
15  February  1835Dine at Rogers’s, w. Hallam, sir Robert,Lockhart, Clericus, Eastlake & Staunton
19  February  1835Dine at Rogers’s, w. Maltby, Cary & Kenney
23  February  1835Dine at Rogers’s, w. Wordsworth & fils, Cary & Kenney
9  March  1835dine at L Stanhope’s, w. Haydon, C Sheridan & Martin; adv. Owen, Babbage, Willis & Hall
25  March  1835Dine at Gaskel’s, w. Bakewels, Maccance, Sd Smith & mrs Grimstone
28  March  1835dine at Rickman’s, w. W Leys, Woods, Chaplain, Romilly, Vardon & Nightingale
23  April  1835dine at Hume’s, w. O’Hanlon, Spear, Colliers, Tollemache & Tatham
25  May  1835Dine at Gaskel’s, w. Shepherd, Hawkeses, Banks, Hayward, Bailey
24  June  1835Dine at Gaskel’s, w. rev. Bakewel
5  July  1835dine at Gaskel’s, w. Fox, sir G Cockburn & Bakewel: invité à Rogers
17  July  1835dine at Caunter’s, w. M J & Dr Taylor, Dublin; adv. Killick
23  July  1835dine at M W S’s, Harrow, w. M J & Julia Robinson
30  August  1835Dine at Campbel’s, w. O’Connel, A Cunningham, Williams & Alexr
4  September  1835Dine at Macrone’s, w. A Cunningham, Ainsworth & Sir John Key; adv. Ma[c?]ney
13  September  1835Dine at mrs Hogg’s, w. M W S & Percy
20  September  1835Dine at L Stanhope’s, w. M W S, Lincoln & miss Vernon; adv. mrs Bulwer
22  November  1835Dine at Rogers’s, w. Mds Rogers & Johnson, 2 Carys, Sharp
25  December  1835Dine at mrs Wood’s, w. Leic. Stanhopes, G Jones
27  December  1835Dine at Campbel’s, w. Otway Cave, Sigmond, Williams & Alex C
14  February  1836Dine at Rogers’s, w. Turner R A, Kenney, McKenzie, Cary, & mdsJo Rogers &
24  February  1836dine at Caunter’s, w. Diroms, G Caunter, & M J; adv. C Landseer & soeur
5  March  1836dine at Campbel’s, w. Czartoriski, Am ryyot, Mackenzie & St John jr; adv. Williams
9  March  1836dine at Kenney’s, w. Serle
20  March  1836dine at Gaskel’s, w. Fox, mr & mrs Bakewel, & Morgan