William Godwin's Diary

Meals -- Breakfasts

Diary DateDiary Entry
5  November  1791Breakfast with Pethion
23  August  1792breakfast at miss Godwin's
18  October  1793Breakfast with mrs Reveley
8  January  1794Breakfast at Ht's
20  March  1794Norman breakfasts: talk of duties, revolutions & a God
5  July  1794Breakfast at Sothren's, w. brothers
12  May  1795Breakfast at Batty's; adv. Smiths & abbé Carrier
20  May  1795Breakfast at Batty's
2  June  1795Breakfasts at Lawrence's; talk of God
4  January  1796Breakfast w Carlisle
30  January  1796Breakfast at Lawrence's
10  March  1796Breakfasts at Montagu's, w. Parr & Wrangham
6  April  1796Breakfast w at Sts, w. Burrel
18  May  1796Breakfast at miss G's
7  August  1796Breakfast at A A; adv. Opie & Batty
5  June  1797breakfast at Morley's, Hampton Lucy, w. C Parr
18  June  1797Breakfast & dine at mrs Montagu's
19  June  1797Breakfast at Otter's
23  November  1797Breakfast at Lawrence's
1  March  1798Breakfast at Lawrence's
4  March  1798 breakfast at Maidenhead
10  March  1798Breakfast at Losh's
13  March  1798Breakfast at Losh's, w. Townsend
19  October  1799Breakfast w. Curran; adv. Row
14  August  1800Breakfast at Edwards's
16  November  1800Breakfast at Tobin's
28  June  1801Breakfast at Nicholson's; adv. Walker
11  October  1803Breakfast at Waltham
7  February  1804Breakfast at Coleridge's; adv. Poole
23  February  1804breakfast at Godstone
28  February  1804breakfast at Cuckfield
26  February  1806Breakfast w. R Sharp & Davis
15  June  1806Breakfast at Perry’s, w. M J, mrs Anderson & miss Bentley
1  October  1806Breakfast at Wolcot’s, w. mrs Knight & M J
28  January  1807Breakfast at Lauderdale’s, w. Maitland & Stevenson
3  February  1807dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Parr of Ex. & maj. Moore
2  May  1807Breakfast at Coleridge’s, w. Pasley; adv. Hayward
29  August  1811breakfast at Cobham
6  September  1811breakfast
15  September  1812Breakfast at Gutch’s
8  April  1816Breakfast at Huntingdon, smuggling old woman
20  April  1816Breakfast at Murray’s, w. Dewar, Ritchie{,} Fairley, &c
22  April  1816Breakfast at Ainslie’s, w. Dr Ainslie & wife, Mr & Mrs Gray, Clarinda, Constable, &c
24  April  1816Breakfast, Yaniewicz’s
25  April  1816Breakfast at Brodie’s, w. Moore & Hepburn
6  August  1816Breakfast at Mackintosh’s , w. do; sir W & Lady Wiseman
27  September  1822 Breakfast at Ayrton’s
19  December  1827Breakfast at C Butler’s, w. Wallace
16  May  1828Breakfast, Reynolds’s, w. Scott, Wordsworth, Luttrel, Burnel, Kinnaird & C Heath; invités Normanby & The. Hooke
12  June  1828Breakfast at Reynolds’s, w. Nugent, Normanby, Morpeth, Coleridge, Wordswth, Bernal & Jerdan; invité T Moore & T Campbel