William Godwin's Diary


John Scott (1784-1821) edited The Statesman, The Champion and, from 1819, the London Magazine, which published contributions from, among others, Hazlitt and Lamb. In May 1820 Scott began using the London Magazine to respond to the attacks by ‘Z’ in Blackwood’s Magazine on ‘Cockney School’ writers including Hazlitt, Leigh Hunt and Keats. When Scott felt that Jonathan Henry Christie, the London agent of Blackwood’s editor J.G. Lockhart, had made a slur on his character, Scott challenged Christie to a duel. This took place on the evening of 16 February between Chalk Farm Tavern and Primrose Hill and Scott died eleven days later from injuries sustained when he was shot in the lower abdomen. Christie and his second, James Traill, subsequently faced charges of willful murder but were acquitted.

See DNB and Morning Chronicle, 19 February 1821.