William Godwin's Diary


On this evening, John Thelwall and the Society for Free Debate met at the King's Arms Tavern, Capel Court, Cornhill to continue an earlier debate on the 'enmity shewn by some Princes to the French Constitution, and to that which others were said .... to feel, though they did not discover it'. Between 300-400 were reported to have come for this debate, to find the stairs of the apartment blocked by constables. A crowd gathered in Change Alley, which was dispersed by Sir James Sanderson, Lord Mayor of London, and the City Marshals.

See account in the London Chronicle for 24 November 1792, and the satirical account of the dispersal of 'Wat Tyler' and his 'Jacobin Society for Free Debate' in the World, 28 November 1792.