William Godwin's Diary


This is a meeting of the Revolution Society to celebrate the Glorious Revolution of 1688, as resolved at the society's 5 October meeting. Tickets were 7s. 6d., with dinner served promptly at 4 o'clock. Thomas Walker chaired the dinner, attended by 250 others, including the former members of the French National Assembly Pethion (probably Jérome Pétion de Villeneuve (1756-94), soon to be second mayor of Paris) and Augier (possibly Jean Baptiste Augier (1769-1819)), as well as Major Montfort ('a gentleman who has served many years in the French army') and Amand du Courdic (see details of meeting recorded on 14 July 1791). The proposed publication of correspondence between the Revolution Society and local French patriotic societies was discussed, and addresses from the latter read out.

See advertisement in the Morning Chronicle, 3 November 1791; the Whitehall Evening Post, 3-5 November 1791; and, the Argus , 5 November 1791.