William Godwin's Diary


Godwin attended a public dinner with some of the major figures campaigning for the abolition of the Test and the Corporation Acts. This dinner was held at the London Tavern by the Friends to the Repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts from 4 o'clock. Tickets were half a guinea each.

A newspaper reported: ‘This animated speech [from Fox promising to keep fighting for reform] excited - not empty Bursts of applause - but the unanimous Assent of every Hearer. We should injure such a Masterpiece of Eloquence, and Reasoning, by an Attempt to report all its Beauties. We have therefore confined ourselves to the bare Outlines. In order to preserve the Fire of Mr Fox's Language, the Pen must assume the Power of an electrical Conductor. All the Assembly cried out, as with one Voice, "Let us seek Redress from an enlightened Legislature”.’ Supplement to the Birmingham Gazette, 22 February 1790.

See the advertisement in the Argus, 13 February 1790.