William Godwin's Diary


Hayward was Godwin’s solicitor and meetings which involved him at this time seem to have been associated with the continuing attempts by Read to secure his ejection from Skinner Street for which there was a further trial on 16 April 1822 (with a judgment signed on 30 April that year). Leave for appeal was refused on 1 May and on 4 May the Godwins left Skinner Street. After staying in temporary lodgings in Pemberton Row they moved to 195 The Strand on 26 June. The circulars referred to were probably meant to alert custumers to both the closing of the shop and the continuation of the Juvenile Library, and it seems that they were also forced to sell off some stock. The shop opened in its new Strand premises on 4 July.

See Locke, pp. 296-312 and 366.