William Godwin's Diary


St Clair suggests that in August 1815 Elizabeth Bishop and Everina Wollstonecraft (the late Mary Wollstonecraft's sisters) called on Godwin to tell him that they would not takeFanny Imlay on as a teacher in their school in Dublin. There is no record of such a call but there is contact between the sisters and Godwin in London in 1816 and Godwin here registered their departure. St Clair also suggests that Fanny’s future was discussed on these occasions. It seems to have been agreed that Fanny would travel to stay with her aunts and she sets out on 6 or 7 October, travelling via Bristol. On 9 October 1816, Fanny committed suicide with an overdose of opium in Swansea. The dairy records this in only the most indirect way.

See St Clair, pp. 398-99 and 408-9.