William Godwin's Diary


Godwin and his brother Joseph are closely connected in an affair involving Harriet Godwin between 23 February and 27 February 1804 involving Thomas West and Lewes. On 17 January 1804 Harriet ran off with Thomas West, (who had married Ms Lucy Dallas, the sister of Sir George Dallas (1758–1833) in June 1803) to Lewes, where West held a post in the army. Godwin and Joseph (Harriet's father) went to lews but did not see West until they arranged for Lord Craven, the colonel of West's regiment, to summon him. They were still denied access to Harriet. The affadavit to Judge Grose was to bring Harriet before him. Harriet, however, remained with West. On 13 April Godwin and Mary Jane visited Mrs West and Lady Dallas. It is possible that later references to Ht West are in fact references to Harriet Godwin and they have been coded as such.See National Archive KB1/32/4 f. 107.