William Godwin's Diary


This refers to Jacob Leroux’s death on 26 April 1799. Godwin subsequently met an H. Leroux with Ralph Fell on 14 June 1799 and it seems likely that the sale concerns Leroux’s house and effects. The Morning Chronicle, 7 May 1799, has an advertisement announcing a sale of bricks from the estate of Jacob Leroux following his death, inquiries to H. Leroux. A further sale is announced in the Morning Chronicle of 4 June for 20 June, including a spacious family house, ten houses in the Polygon, and a number of houses in Evesham Buildings and Charlton Street, together with houses that are in the process of being built in this area. A more complete list of the buildings under lease, including some of their tenants, is given in the Oracle and Daily Advertiser for 15 June 1799.