William Godwin's Diary


Dom Com. is Godwin's abbreviation for the House of Commons. The Times account of debates in the Commons, printed the following day, is under the heading 'Insurrections and Seditions' and records Sheridan's speech: 'he would frankly declare, that in his opinion, there was no solid cause for supposing any danger really existed .... The moment that war was declared against this country by France we seemed to have forgot all these plots, insurrections and seditions, which a few days only before seemed so much to haunt the imaginations of so many honourable Gentlemen.... If the King's Ministers say - there are plots, treasons, and insurrections, they are bound to prove them .... They had seen the result of various trials, and there had not come out of them one atom of truth, to justify single apprehension which had been raised by his Majesty's Government throughout the country. A number of miserable booksellers had been deluded to sell Mr. Paine's Rights of Man...'

See Times, 5 March 1793.