William Godwin's Diary


The duke of Wellington (1769–1852), concerned at the prospect of a French invasion of Portugal, and following an act of intimidation by the French in sending a squadron to the port of Lisbon, attacked the government in the House of Lords for having also chosen this time to make certain demands of the Portuguese government, despite being duty-bound to interfere in the assistance of Portugal. He moved that an address be presented to the king entreating that he be ‘pleased to give such directions as were necessary to enforce the observance by his subjects of His Majesty’s declared neutrality in the contest now going on in Portugal.’ Grey regarded the motion as one of censure, declaring that he shared the concern to protect the interests of Portugal and that there was no necessity for the motion. Nonetheless, the motion was carried by a majority of 12. On 6 June 1833 Godwin notes that the House of Commons voted in support of the government on the issue.

See The Times, 4 and 7 June 1833.