William Godwin's Diary


A series of parliamentary debates took place over the legitimacy of the execution of Nuncomar (also referred to as Nandakumar) on the charge of forgery following conviction on 2 George II. The issue was whether the capital offence of forgery in Britain extended to the domains and dominions of the East Indies, and whether the judgment of Sir Elijah Impey (1732-1809), who was now being considered for impeachment before the House of Commons, that the law held and that the execution was proper, was in fact legitimate. Sir Gilbert Elliot (1751-1814) (Gilbert Elliot Murray Kynynmound, first earl of Minto) led the prosecution in the House of Commons of Sir Elijah Impey. The motion for impeachment was defeated by 73 votes to 55.

See The Times, 29 April 1788, 8 and 10 May 1788.