William Godwin's Diary

Events -- Musical

Diary DateEvent
12  May  1788Hanover Square concerte
14  July  1788Shield at the Bedforde
23  April  1790 Hanover Squaree
14  May  1790Hanover Squaree
31  May  1790Hanover Squaree
17  May  1792Hanover Square, Yaniewicz & Haydne
6  July  1792Dine at Holcroft's, With Yaniewicz, Clementi, Crosdil, Shield, Damen, maj. Waller, Otley & Bicknel: Quartetse
21  February  1793 Wedgwood's Concerte
7  April  1796Salomon's concert; la. Cha. Campbel; miss Smithe
6  June  1796Ashe's Concert, H Sq; adv. J Taylor, Ht, A A, &c.e
7  April  1797theatre, 1/2 Oratorio, Selection, M.e
12  January  1812Orchestrae
5  January  1817Dine at Stewart’s, w. J Taylor, Narrien, Holmes, Robinson & Pinfold; adv. Lucas & Meyler, & concerte
2  March  1817Dine at Stewart’s, w. Owen, Holmes, Robinson, & (?) Pinfold: concerte
24  April  1822Catalina’s Concert; Yaniewicz, & femme, Lubé (& Bruce )e
16  March  1826Concert,La C Lamb’s, w. Ponsonby & miss Spencee
21  June  1827Opera, w. M W S; Medea, Me Pastae