William Godwin's Diary

Events -- Exhibitions

Diary DateEvent
9  May  1788Exhibitione
28  May  1788See bishop Newton's exhibitione
1  July  1788Go with Barry to see the Cerberus groupe by Locatelli e
18  July  1788See Opie's picturese
6  May  1789See the Exhibitionse
28  May  1790 Exhibitione
21  October  1790See the pictures at the Adelphi with Holcrofte
10  March  1791Shakespeare Gallerye
9  May  1791Exhibitione
11  April  1792Panoramae
11  April  1792Shakespre Gallerye
11  April  1792See Marriage á la Modee
17  May  1792Exhibitione
20  October  1792See Romney's Paine, Fuseli's Devil, & Trumbul's Gibraltar, at Sharpe'se
4  April  1793Shakespeare Gallerye
7  May  1793Exhibitione
27  May  1793Orleans Gallerye
20  August  1793Cartons of Raffaelee
10  May  1794Exhibitione
13  May  1794Exhibition, w. Dysone
5  May  1795Exhibitione
12  May  1795 Exhibition w. Dysone
28  January  1796see Rembt & Titiane
28  April  1796Exhibition; Crisp & J Taylore
3  May  1796Exhibitione
24  May  1796Exhibitione
26  May  1796Bryan's Galley, w Hte
24  June  1796go to the Orleans Gallery, adv. Nicholsone
25  August  1796Hope's Pictures, w. Ht & Stoddarte
9  February  1797 Marriage a-la- mode, w. Wte
28  March  1797Townley's Collection, w. Carlisle, Lewis, Buchan, Bedfords, Featon & Lunettese
5  May  1797Exhibition, M, A A & Taylore
23  April  1798Exhibition; adv. Chandler, Lawrence, Opie, Heath, Wolcot, Bannister, Taylor, Chalmers, A Blake, Ht, Carlisle, Combe, J C Banks, Dealtry j, & H Scotte
11  May  1798Shakespear Gallery, w. Chandlere
17  May  1798Graves's Exhibition, w. Chandlere
28  May  1798exhibitione
30  May  1798 (see Welch views)e
16  April  1799Orlean's Italian Pictures, w. Chandler; adv. A Opie, J Barry & C Sturte
29  April  1799Exhibition; adv. Lawrence, Este, Perry, Bosville, A Blake (Frost, Whiteford, Thelwal) J Taylor, W Taylor, Firth, & W Hazlite
20  May  1799Milton Gallery; adv. Lawrence, Opie, Barry, (Locke,) Chandler, B Hollis, Batley, Taylor, Chalmers, Cartwright & Wte
3  June  1799 Milton Gallery; adv. Fenwick's & E Be
4  June  1799Panorama & Androides, w. Felle
6  June  1799Miss Linwood's Exhibitione
31  July  1799Orleans, Strand; adv. Opie, Barry & Hoare
13  August  1799Martin's Exhibition, w. Nicholsonse
25  September  1799Milton Gallerye
18  April  1800Udney's Pictures, w. Felle
28  April  1800Exhibition; adv. Wolcot, Este, Opie, Heath, Humfires, Porter, J Taylor, W Taylor, Perry, Boaden, Crisp, Stoddart & Felle
2  May  1800Porter's Seringapatam, & Milton Gallery; adv. Jas & C Moores (& W Spencer)e
9  May  1800Exhibitione
17  May  1800Milton Gallerye
11  July  1800Exhibition, E B & W Placee
27  April  1801Exhibition; Este, Opie, Heath, Sharp, Shee, Batty, Webb, Boaden, J Taylor, Chalmers, Bannister, Consit, J C Banks, Shepherd & Campbele
9  October  1801Titian's mistress, duke of Alva, &c
10  October  1801Chaucer's House; China room
11  October  1801Blenheim Pleasure Groundse
3  May  1802Exhibition; Opies, Batty, Sharp, Heath, Boaden, Este, J Taylor, Perry, Webb, Shee, Foote, Philips fishmonger, Annis & Felle
4  May  1802Exhibition w. M Je
17  May  1802Exhibitione
2  May  1803Exhibition; adv. Morton, Boaden, J Taylor, A Opie, Batty, Britton & 4 Smithse
9  May  1803Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Battye
22  February  1804Truchsess Gallery, w. Loffts & M Je
30  April  1804Irish Giante
30  April  1804Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Opie, Shee, Heath, Dawe, E Smith, Boaden, Batty, Fillingham, Kennan & Fke
9  May  1804Exhibitione
31  May  1804Truchsessian Gallery, w. M Je
29  April  1805Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Opie, Perry, Boaden, Morton, (Shee) Manning, Dawes, Annis, Hazlit, Christal & Haywarde
5  May  1806Exhibition, w. do; adv. Perry, J Taylor, Annis (Wilkie) & Mulreadye
9  May  1806Exhibition, w. M J & 4; adv. Flaxman.e
4  May  1807Exhibition; adv. Perry, J C Banks, Batty, Hayward, Dawe & Annise
12  June  1807Water-colours Exhibition; adv. J Taylore
31  May  1808Exhibition, w. M J & Ce
2  June  1808Exhibition; adv. mrs Powel & Boddingtone
11  October  1808Walsh Porter’s Pictures, w. M J, 3 Hazlits & Colburn
13  February  1809British Gallery; adv. Hayward, Dawe & Christale
27  February  1809exhition, Ten Cæsarse
1  May  1809 Exhibition; Wilkie, Haughton, Heywood, J Foote, J Taylor, G Dawe, Lamb, Jno. Flr (& T T) e
30  April  1810Exhibition, w. Curran; adv. Perrys; Boaden , Liston , Dawes , H Richter , Flather & T Te
4  June  1810Exhibition, w. M J & H Boinvillee
17  August  1810Call, w. T T, at A Curran’s Picturee
13  October  1810Elgin’s, w. Newton, 2 Humes, De Berg, M J & C
7  February  1811Panorama, Cadiz, w. M J
29  April  1811Exhibition; adv. Morton, Boaden, J Taylor, Hayward, Hume & 2 Hopwoodse
9  October  1811Colnaghi’s prints, l’Empr, &ce
4  May  1812Exhibition; adv. Perry, J Taylor, Dawe, Hayward, 2 Colliers & A Boinvillee
25  May  1812Wilkie’s Exhibitione
3  June  1812 Richter’s Exhibition; adv. Richtere
3  May  1813Exhibition; adv. Perry, M Burney & Turnerellie
17  May  1813Reynolds, Exhibition; w. M J, F, M & C Baxter; adv. Wilkiee
18  May  1813Reynolds, Exhibitione
24  June  1813Reynolds’s, w. A Ce
14  August  1813Reynolds’s Exhibitione
9  May  1814Exhibition, w. A Ce
20  August  1814Hogarth Exhibition; adv. D’Arblays, M Burney, Lambs, Taylors & Footee
15  October  1814Christ Rejectede
17  November  1814Vision of St Jerome, w. M J & Fe
23  February  1815Lucien B’s Picturese
22  April  1815Pictures of Bonaparte, by David, & Lefevree
28  April  1815Guercinoe
1  May  1815Exhibition; adv. Boaden, Este, Hill, Perry & H Richtere
6  May  1815British Gallerye
10  May  1815Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Fe
6  June  1815British Institution (Rubens & Rembrandt), w. M J & Fe
13  May  1816Exhibition, w. M J, F & We
22  May  1816British Gallery; adv. Richter, Hayward, Boddington & Millere
30  May  1816British Gallery, w. M J & Fe
7  June  1816Jerusalem, w. M Je
29  March  1817British Gallerye
5  May  1817Exhibition, w. M J, W, C C & D C; adv. Hill, Perry, Phillips, Liston, Ritchie, Imray & Millere
29  May  1817British Gallery, Deceased British Artistse
3  June  1817Exhibitione
15  August  1817Leonardo da vinci; adv. Jas Mooree
19  March  1818British Gallery
17  April  1818Death on the Pale Horsee
4  May  1818Exhibition; adv. Este, Hill, Hayward, Mulready, Harlow, Dawe, (Gifford) & Perrye
7  May  1818British Gallery; Cartoons, &c
25  May  1818British Gallery, Cartoons, &c, w. M J; adv. Mulready
27  April  1819British Gallery; adv. Wilkie
3  May  1819Exhibition; adv. J C Bankse
28  May  1819Rubens Exhibition, Antwerpe
2  June  1819Rubens, w. M Je
8  June  1819British Gallery, w. M J, & Harlow’se
4  May  1820Exhibition; adv. Northcote, T T & femme , & M Lambe
17  May  1820Haydon, Christ’s Entry
17  June  1820British Institution, Portraits
23  June  1820British Institution, Portraits
7  May  1821Exhibition; adv. Perry, Hume, Hill & Matthews
17  May  1821Belshazzar, Lausanne, & Apollonicum, w. M J, S P, W & Hudson
7  June  1821Exhibition
21  March  1822Museum; King’s Collectione
25  May  1822Exhibition; adv. Honee
3  June  1822Exhibitione
27  June  1822British Institution; adv. J C Bankse
9  May  1823Exhibitione
29  May  1823British Institutione
3  July  1823Haydon, Raising of Lazaruse
11  November  1823Diorama, w. M J & M W Se
27  December  1823Pompeiie
8  January  1824Pompeii, w. M W Se
8  March  1824British Gallery, Moderne
19  April  1824Society of Artists; adv. H C Re
4  May  1824Exhibition; adv. E Prentis & C Landseere
19  May  1824British Gallery; adv. Wilkie, Allan, Newton & E Landseere
6  December  1824Raffaele Tapistriese
10  February  1825Raffaele Tapestriese
31  March  1825 Belzoni’s Tomb (adv. Bentham), & Martin’s Creation e
3  May  1825Exhibitione
11  May  1825Exhibition, & Artists, w. M W Se
21  June  1825Exhibition of Portraits, Leicester Squaree
23  July  1825Diorama, w. M W Se
3  February  1826British Gallerye
11  May  1826Exhibition; w. M W Se
1  September  1826British Gallery, w. We
2  November  1826Poecilorama, w. doe
7  May  1827Exhibition; adv. Boadene
8  June  1827Exhibition, w. M W Se
10  March  1828Mathews, Gallery, w. M W S & miss Robinsone
11  April  1828Descent from Cross, Waxworke
5  May  1828Exhibition; adv. Russele
16  May  1828Lodge, Portraitse
19  May  1828Martin’s Ninevehe
27  May  1828Ancient Masters, w. W & Thrupp; adv. Northcote, J Taylor & Gente
28  May  1828Vision of Josephe
9  June  1828Exhibitione
30  July  1828National Gallery
28  January  1829Colosseum, w. We
4  May  1829Exhibition; adv. Gent, mrs Booth & Cowley Bre
26  May  1829Sydney, & Pandemonium, w. M Je
12  June  1829Ancient Masterse
22  June  1829Turner’s Drawingse
20  March  1830British Artists; adv. Gent, Landseer , Hofland , Prentis , Power , Judkin , Bowring & Hille
3  May  1830 Exhibition; adv. Gente
29  May  1830British Gallery (Lawrence), w. M W S, Julia & LouisaRosa Re
19  June  1830Exhibitione
1  July  1830A Curran’s paintings, w. mrs R C & M Je
19  August  1830Lawrence, Pictures, w. M Je
15  February  1831Stanfield; adv. Cookese
25  March  1831British Artists; adv. Wordsworth, Morton , Hofland , Judkin , Hill , mrs Baddams , T Ht , E P & We
2  May  1831Exhibition (rain)e
19  July  1831British Institutione
8  February  1832Panorama of Madras, w. M Je
7  May  1832Exhibition; Rothwel, Uwins, Gents, Joseph, Uwins,Parris, Judkine
3  November  1832Suffolk Street Exhibition; adv. E Ps, Hill, &Foggo. & Careye
22  May  1833Exhibitne
30  July  1833British Institution (Reynolds, Lawrence, West)e
5  May  1834Exhibition; adv. S Leighe
31  May  1834Pantheon; adv. Mortons & Bartleyse
5  July  1834British Institution{.}e
4  May  1835Exhibition; adv. Jerdan, Joseph, G Jones, Uwins, Theobald, Leigh; Blanchard, Thruppe
16  May  1835Exhibitione
3  August  1835Panorama, Elephant-Hunting; adv. Daniels, Gent, Woode