William Godwin's Diary


According to his diary, Godwin was outside of London on the 8th August 1793, traveling to Windsor and Eton. Raphael’s cartoons were originally commissioned by Leo X in 1515, in a set of ten to be made into tapestries depicting episodes from the lives of Peter and Paul. After passing hands over the centuries, the cartoons were eventually returned to the Royal collection. William III framed and hung the cartoons at Hampton Court Palace – a short distance from Windsor and Eton - in a purpose-built gallery designed by Christopher Wren. They hung at Windsor between c. 1787 and 1804, and are currently displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where they have been on loan from the Royal Collection since 1865. The cartoons gained an immense popularity around this time, which continued well into the 19th century.

See The Raphael Cartoons at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.