William Godwin's Diary

Kemble, John


  • The Maid of Honour (1632)

    This is an adapation by John Kemble from Philip Massinger and Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher's The Maid's Tragedy (1610).

  • The Pannel (1788)

    This is an adaptation of Isaac Bickerstaff's Tis Well Tis No Worse (1770).

  • Lodoiska (1794)

    This is an adaptation of John Dajaure's Lodoiska . With music by Stephen Storace.

  • The Plain Dealer (1796)

    This is an adaptation of William Wycherley (1676).

  • Name: Kemble, John
  • Birth Date: 1  February  1757
  • Death Date: 26  February  1823