William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1825



Dep. e.221, fol.  1r
[fol. 1r]

1825, Jan. 1. Sa. Commonwealth, p. 357.


Dep. e.221, fol.  1v
[fol. 1v]

Jan. 2. Su. Commonwealth, 12 lines, & çala. Call on Booth twice: N G calls: call on John Evans.

3. M.Commonwealth, p. 358. Call on Newton, painter, & Macgowan:H M & Wsup.

4. Tu.Commonwealth, 11 lines, & çala. Call on Hume, Baldwin & Cradock: dine at M W S’s; adv. Hogg, mrs Williams, M& W.

5. W.Commonwealth, p. 359/2. B Combe, Rowbothams & John Evans call: call on Cradock & Saunders: A Harwood dines: theatre, Fatal Dowrye.

6. Th. Call on Keane, Isa. Booth, Booth, Jo G, Joshua Evans n & Jno Evans: seek .

7. F.Fatal Dowry, çala. Call on Sturmy: Keanes & Were call:M W S dines; adv. W & Booth.

8. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 360. Call on Joshua Evans & Gresham: miss Collins dines.

Dep. e.221, fol.  2r
[fol. 2r]

Jan. 9. Su.Commonwealth, p. 361/2. Dine at White’s (Isleworth), w. Buxton, son, & 2 daughters.

10. M. Write to Joshua Evans &Gresham. Call on Macgowan, & Phillips, Swithin’s Lane. Marriage, p. 139. 2 livres.

11. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 362/2. Marriage, p. 200. Write to Stewart. Call on Bryant.

12. W. Commonwealth, p. 364/2. Marriage, p. 257. M W S &W dine; adv.H Prentis, & White, Isleworth.

13. Th.Commonwealth, p. 366/2: read to M J &M W S. Write to Stewart. Macmillan calls. Marriage, p. 319.

14. F. Commonwealth, p. 366. Museum; Scots’ Peeragee: theatre, 3/10 Merry Wivese.

15. Sa. Commonwealth, çala. Macgowan calls: callJohn Evans.

Dep. e.221, fol.  2v
[fol. 2v]

Jan. 16. Su.Commonwealth, çala.Marriage, Vol. II, p. 100. Dine at Bryant’s.

17. M. Commonwealth, p. 367/2. Marriage, p. 314. Call on Boothn & T Rodd. Write to L C Lamb &Heurtley.

18. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 367. Booth at tea: sup at Aldis’s, w. Davieses, Keirs, Deacons, Uwinses, &c.

19. W.Commonwealth, p. 369/2. Call on Northcote: theatre, Fall of Algiers; adv. Barhams & Keirse.

20. Th. Write to Stewart, on pacquet. Bandello, p. 231 to 250. M W S & W dine; adv.H P. Call on Curtis.

21. F. Commonwealth, p. 369. E Pilcher calls. Write to E Taylor.

22. Sa. Commonwealth, 7 lines. Marriage, Vol. III, p. 100. Miss Hippisley calls.

Jan. 23. Su.Commonwealth, çala. Marriage, p. 250. Meet Davison: call on Booth; adv. R Baxter: E Pilcher at tea.

24. M. Commonwealth, çala. Write to Stewart, 3 times:Letter from Cumming: M W S dines; adv. W.

Dep. e.221, fol.  3r
[fol. 3r]

25. Tu.Commonwealth, 12 lines. Write to Stewart. Marriage, p. 343, fin. Call on Booth: theatre, 1/5 As You Like Ite.

26. W.Stewart calls: call on Baldwin & Sherwood: M W S dines; adv. W.

27. Th.Commonwealth, p. 371. Call on Pouncy & Rodd: meet Hume: Blackmore calls: Booth at tea.

28. F. Commonwealth, p. 372/2. Call on Gledstanes & Jo G, & on Davison.

Dep. e.221, fol.  3v
[fol. 3v]

29. Sa. Commonwealth, çala. Call on Lubé: Hudsons & mrs Hazlit at tea.

Jan. 30. Su. Commonwealth; çala. Call on Booth (adv. Rowbotham), & Jas Bacon: Booth’s, au soir.

31. M. Commonwealth, çala. Dine at M W S’s, w. W; adv. mrs Williams: theatre, Overeach, act 5; adv. Barham & Thelwale.


Feb. 1. Tu. Call on R Hunter (adv. Nichols) & Barber: Booth at tea.

2. W.Hubert, Tragedy. Call on Baldwin, Cradock, Booth & Were: seek Davison.

3. Th. Commonwealth, çala. Call on Macgowan,Were, Barber, & O Rees; adv. S R Phillips: meet E White: W dines.Parliament meetse.

4. F. Commonwealth, p. 372. M W S dines; adv.W, & H Prentis n: theatre, Macbeth, act 5.eSnow. Fire.

5. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 373, & 1/2 page. Call on Pouncy, Barber, & Booth: seek Faithful.

Dep. e.221, fol.  4r
[fol. 4r]

Feb. 6. Su.Commonwealth, p. 374/2. Gamba, passim. Call on Bryant: Booth’s, au soir.

7. M. Commonwealth, çala. Call on R Taylor: theatre, w. M J & M W S, Macbethe.

8. Tu. Commonwealth, çala. Write to Hume: Jno Evans &Aldis call: call on Macgowan: meet Knowles: theatre, Belle’s Stratagem; adv. Barhame.

9. W. Write to Fellowes. Call on Pouncy, & J Taylor; adv. West junr: M W S dines; adv. H & S Prentis & H P.

10. Th.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Helder, & Lemon (adv. Sec. Peele): Raffaele Tapestriese: Hudson dines: theatre, Native Land, act 2e.

11. F.Commonwealth, p. 374. Helder & Macgowan call: call on Booth. Bandello, p. 304.

12. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 377/2. Call on Baldwin.

Dep. e.221, fol.  4v
[fol. 4v]

Feb. 14. Su.Commonwealth, p. 378. Call on Booth: N G calls. au soir.

14. M. Commonwealth, çala. Write to P H G. Call on Pouncy, & Baldwin: seek Davison: Jno Evans calls .

15. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 379. Write to Jo G. Macmillan calls.

16. W. Commonwealth, p. 381. Call on Booth; adv. Allen: M W S dines; adv. W.

17. Th.Commonwealth, p. 382/2: Call on Pouncy & Gledstanes: theatre, Massaniello; adv. Barhame.

18. F.Commonwealth, çala. Museum; Petition, Dec. 1646e. Accounts.

19. Sa.Accounts. Call on Booth: theatre, 3/5 Inconstant; adv. Wallace & Sheile.

Dep. e.221, fol.  5r
[fol. 5r]

Feb. 20. Su.Commonwealth, 1647, çala. Call on John Evans: Booth’s, au soir.

21. M. Accounts. Call on Booth: theatre, Richard, acts 1 & 2/2e.

22. Tu. Write to Baldwin. Call on Booth & Baldwin: Curtis, mrs Hippesley &John Evans call. Trial for Use & Occupationee.

23. W.Letter to T T. Call on Baldwinna &Davison: M W S dines. Macmillan calls.

24. Th.Call on Gledstanes, Were &Booth: M dines. Miss Hippesley calls n.Booth calls on Macgowane.

25. F. Call on Baldwin (adv. Helder), & Booth: Macgowan calls: call on Macgowan.

26. Sa. Call on Pouncy, Nashes, & Willats: seek Booth: M&H P call: theatre, Othello, w.M W S, mrs Williams & Gambae. Write to T T.

Dep. e.221, fol.  5v
[fol. 5v]

Su. Feb. 27.Commonwealth, p. 382. H P & W dine; adv. M: N G calls: Booth’s, au soir.

28. M.Call on Pouncy, Rogers, Gledstanes & Sturmy: seek Miles, Davison & Agar: H P calls: theatre, Father & Son; adv. Barhamse.


Mar. 1. Tu.Commonwealth, 383. Meet H P, at Booth’s: Hudson at tea.Write to W G, Enfield Highway.Letter fr. Rogers. Catholic Emancipation voted 247 to 234.e

2. W. Commonwealth, 9 lines. Seek Miles,Key&Faithful: call on Hebard,Manning,Barber, Booth & Regulus: M W S & Hudson dine; adv.M & H P.

3. Th. Seek Miles & Phillips: call on Booth, Boycot (Rogers’s),Beadnel, Blackmore &Agar: theatre, Maria Darlingtone.

4. F. Call on Stevenson &Salt, Barber & Booth: Hume dines. Letter to Booth.

5. Sa. Commonwealth, p. 384. & 1 page. Write to Booth. M calls: M W S dines.

Dep. e.221, fol.  6r
[fol. 6r]

Mar. 6. Su. Commonwealth, p. 385/2. M calls: call onBooth, w. do:N G calls.Dr Parr dies.

7. M. Commonwealth, p. 385. Call on Booth. Write to T T. Theatre, w. M W S & A Gliddon, Richard.e

8. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 386. Write to W G,Enfield Highway. Call on Booth: Mcalls, au soir.

9. W. Commonwealth, p. 388/2. M W S, & M(fromDavison) dine: call onIsa. Booth, w. M.Mrs Barbauld dies.

10. Th. Commonwealth, p. 389. Call on Booth.

11. F. Commonwealth, p. 390/2. M calls.

12. Sa. Commonwealth, p. 391/2. Beddoes &Mcall: call on Booth.

Mar. 13. Su.Commonwealth, p. 392. N G calls: Booth’s, au soir: call on Jo G.

14. M.Commonwealth, p. 394. Call on Northcote; adv. mrs Jas Moore & miss Cruickshank: Hudson dines. Macmillan calls na &M.

Dep. e.221, fol.  6v
[fol. 6v]

15. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 395. Theatre, 1/2 Lumpkin; adv. Barhams, Poole & Wallacee: L Kenney &T Htcall.

16. W. Commonwealth, p. 396. Davison na, Macmillanna, & M call: M W S dines: Booth’s, au soir.

17. Th.Commonwealth, p. 397/2. Call on Booth: Macmillan calls na.


18. F. Commonwealth, p. 399/2. Macmillanna, Stewart, 3 times na, G Greenhill, M & miss Hippisley call.

19. Sa.M breakfasts: Guildhall; adv. Davison & B Montagu . Write to Hume, Macmillan, Curtis, &R Taylor. Calls (A M), Stewart na& Macmillanna; (P M) Humena, Greenhill& M Jones: soir, call on Booth.

Dep. e.221, fol.  7r
[fol. 7r]

Mar. 20. Su.Commonwealth, p. 399. M W S dines; adv. N G.

21. M. Write to Mackintosh, Ayrton, Jas White, Jo G & P H G. Hume, Booth & M Lamb call: M W S & Hudson at tea; adv. P P: meet Wallace: call on Isa. Booth.

22. Tu. Commonwealth, çala.Langdon expected. Call on Booth: M calls. Bandello, p. 354.

23. W. Commonwealth, çala. Langdon junr; adv. Booth: Jno Evans calls na: call on do. Letter to Wedgwood.

24. Th.Commonwealth, p. 401. Write to Wedgwood. Greenhill& M call: M W S dines; adv. Lambs.

25. F. Commonwealth, p. 402/2. Bandello, p. 386. Greenhill & Langdon call: call on Booth.

26. Sa.Guildhall; Greenhill, Hume, & Brown (Longman): M calls, & Jno Evansna: theatre, w. M W S, Othelloe.

Dep. e.221, fol.  7v
[fol. 7v]

Mar. 27. Su.Commonwealth, p. 404/2. Call on Bryant, John Evans, & Booth; adv. R Baxter: N G calls.

28. M. Commonwealth, p. 405. Bandello, p. 421. L Kenney &T Ht call: call on Jo G.

29. Tu. Commonwealth, p. 407. Bandello, Vol. IV, p. 24. Call on Greenhill &Booth.

30. W.Commonwealth, p. 409. Greenhill& M call:M W S dines; adv. A Harwood & M.

31. Th. Commonwealth, p. 411/2. Hume calls: Langdon dines. Belzoni’s Tomb (adv. Bentham), & Martin’s Creation e.


Apr. 1. F.Commonwealth, 15 lines. Call, w. M J, onEllen Ht. M calls n, from Macmillan.

2. Sa. Commonwealth, p. 412. Bandello, p. 77. Call on Booth.

Dep. e.221, fol.  8r
[fol. 8r]

Apr. 3. Su. Commonwealth, p. 413. Bandello, p. 96. Sup at Lamb’s, w. mr & mrs Payne, & W. N G calls n. Easter.

4. M. Commonwealth, p. 414. Call on Greenhill: dine at M W S’s, w. Gisborne’s.

5. Tu. Guildhall; Greenhill, Hume, Macmillan, Curtis, Bonsor, R Taylor, Davison, Scatcherd, Prince, & 3 Reads: meet H Rodd: call on T Rodd.

6. W. Commonwealth, çala. State Paper office.eGreenhill calls: M W S dines; adv. E Collins & W.

7. Th.Macmillan calls na: meet do:theatre, w.W, Matthews, Memorandumse.

8. F. State Paper Officee. John Evans call: theatre, Hebrew Familye.

9. Sa. Commonwealth, çala. M calls: Booth dines.

Dep. e.221, fol.  8v
[fol. 8v]

Apr. 10. Su. Commonwealth, çala.Accounts, w. Lammin.

11. M. Commonwealth, çala. Call on Boothx & Greenhill: Davison calls n: M dines: theatre, Fatal Dowry; adv. sir R Phillips & Gente.x Adv. Macgowan.

12. Tu. Accounts. Museume. Davison & M call, & miss Hippesleyn.

13. W.Accounts. Bandello, p. 128. Booth’s, au soir. M W S dines; adv. W, & Stephen Prentis.

14. Th. Greenhill& Macmillan call: call on Davison & Greenhill: M calls: London Institution, 1647: A Harwood sups.

15. F. State Paper Officee. Davison, Macmillan &Stephens (Library), Mn & Upcot call:meet Hill: Pilcher & P P at tea: call on Booth.

16. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. Bandello, p. 204 to 232. M calls.Fuseli dies.

Dep. e.221, fol.  9r
[fol. 9r]

Apr. 17. Su.Commonwealth, 1 page.A Sidney, çala. Call on John Evans.

18. M. Commonwealth, 1 page. Bandello, p. 256. Mcalls: theatre, 1/2 Macbethe.

19. Tu. Bandello, p. 313. M& Macmillan call: call on Knowlesn, Macmillan & Davison.

20. W. Write to P H G. Call on Knowles: Macmillan calls: theatre, Orestes in Argos; adv. Bartleye. £60.

21. Th.Commonwealth, 1 1/2 pp. Call on Booth & Greenhill: M W S dines; adv. W.

22. F. Commonwealth, revise. Call on Macmillan, & Booth; adv. Baxter: Duncan,accountant, au soir.

23. Sa. Call on Booth: Duncan, 1/2 after two: theatre, 1/2 School for Scandale.

Dep. e.221, fol.  9v
[fol. 9v]

Apr. 24. Su.Accounts. Booth’s, au soir.

25. M. Call on Booth, Northcoten &J Taylor: meet Black: H M dines.

26. Tu.Knowles, & C Kemble call, & M: call on Booth twice, & Greenhill: A Harwood calls.

27. W. Call on Booth, morn & even: M W S dines. Davison calls n, w. Jackson.

28. Th. Call on Booth: Kenney calls: Duncan sups, 6th day.

29. F.Greenhill calls twice & M: call on Booth: theatre, Lofty Projectse.

30. Sa.Guildhall; Macmillan, Greenhill, Duncan, Hume, Reads, E Taylor, Pouncy, Macgowan, Whitaker, Sturmy & Hawes: call on Davison & Macmillan:M W S & M dine.


Dep. e.221, fol.  10r
[fol. 10r]

May 1. Su.Bandello, Vol. IV, p. 54. Memorial for G K Davisone. M& N G call. Constip, 4 dayse.

2. M. Write to T T, & White, Isleworth. G White, Uwins, Duncan, Greenhill & Kenneycall : call onDavison & T Rodd.

3. Tu.Life of Kemble, p. 250. Exhibitione: theatre, Tribulation; adv. J Taylor & Hille.

4. W. Boaden, çala. White, Isleworth, & M call: M W S dines; adv. miss Collins: call on Booth n.

5. Th.Boaden, Vol. II, p. 172: L Lincoln, p. 97. Greenhill, Hume &Aldis call: call on Booth; adv. Baxter.

6. F. Boaden, p. 428. Lawless & Greenhill call: call on Curtisn; adv. Sturmy: Hudson dines: Baxter & Isa. Bth call.

7. Sa. Commonwealth, çala. Boaden, fin: L Lincoln, p. 134.John Evans calls: Call on Curtis, Greenhill, Macmillann, & Bryant; adv. fils.

Dep. e.221, fol.  10v
[fol. 10v]

May 8. Su.Commonwealth, çala. L Lincoln, p. 319. Call on Davison, Macmillann & Booth.

9. M. Commonwealth, 7 lines. Duncan calls: sup at Lamb’s, w. M W S, mrs Williams, mrs Novello, H Payne, Moxon, Talfourd & Price.

10. Tu. Commonwealth, çala. Museum; Lawminde: M Jones calls: call on Davison & Macmillan.

11. W. Commonwealth, çala. Call on Curtis & Greenhill: Exhibition, & Artists, w. M W Se: dines: theatre, Wm Tell; adv. Talfourd, Price, Barhams, Footes, & J Taylor; w. M W S. e

12. Th.Rain. Commonwealth, çala. L Lincoln, Vol. II, p. 240. M calls.

13. F. Commonwealth, çala. Museum; Lawmind.L Lincoln, p. 300e. Call on Orme, Scatcherdn, & Greenhill: theatre, W Tell, acts 2, 3, 4e.

14. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 415/2. Write to Taylor, Norwich. Call on Knowles: M W S at tea. L Lincoln, p. 2. Vol. III.

Dep. e.221, fol.  11r
[fol. 11r]

May 15. Su.Commonwealth, p. 417/2. Call on Booth (adv. Rowbotham), &Jo G; adv.N G.

16. M. Commonwealth, p. 418. Bandello, p. 90. Call on Macgowann: theatre, Faustus; adv. J Taylor & Barham & Talfourde.

17. Tu. Commonwealth, p. 420/2. Call on Helling, & Mcgowan n, & Booth: Dyers call.

Catholic Bill rejected by Lords, 178 to 130e.

18. W. Commonwealth, p. 422. Bandello, p. 138. Call on Macgowan, & Pouncyn.

19. Th. Commonwealth, p. 424. Call on Pouncy, R Taylor n& Greenhill:M W S dines; adv. W.

20. F. Commonwealth, p. 426. Hadlow Street & Gower Place, w. M J: theatre, 1/2 Kitely; adv. Davison june.

21. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Osborne, Kemp & mrs Handley: M W S dines. Bandello, p. 170.

Dep. e.221, fol.  11v
[fol. 11v]

May 22. Su.Commonwealth, p. 428/2. N G calls: call on Booth.

23. M. Commonwealth, çala. Call on R Hunter, R Taylor, Handleyn, & Greenhill; adv. Jackson: M calls: theatre, 7/10 J Cæsare.

24. Tu. Commonwealth, çala. Call on Hanleyn: Grayson & M call: call on mrs Osborne, w.M J.

25. W.Commonwealth, p. 429/2. Bandello, p. 254. Call on Bonsor, R Taylor n, & Jo G: Greenhill calls: M W S dines. Call on Howard Payne.

26. Th. Commonwealth, p. 429. Seek R Taylor: call on Bain: Osbornes call n: call on mrs Osborne.

27. Deliquiume. Commonwealth, p. 430. Call on R Taylor n, Booth, Davisonn, & Macgowan: R Taylor calls na, & Greenhill.

28. Sa.Commonwealth, çala.Bandello, p. 336. Greenhill, w. Macmillan, calls:

Grayson calls, signe: call on Booth.

Dep. e.221, fol.  12r
[fol. 12r]

May 29. Su.Bandello, p. 356. Call on Osborne, Davison ( 3 times)n, Macmillan & H P: Howard Payne calls.

30. M.Call on Davison & H Robinson (pay)e: Howard Payne in Gower Place:M W S dines: sleep in Gower Placee.

31. Tu. Greenhill, & Jackson & femme call: call on Booth{.} Leave St Clement’se.George Chalmers dies.


June 1. W.Wait for carpenter for shelves: shelves begun, 4 o’clock.eM calls: M W S dines.

2. Th.Arrangee. Call on Booth, & Macgowann.

3. F.Arrangee. Hanley & Grayson call: dine [not?] at M W S’s.

4. Sa.Void a large worme. Arrangee. Call on Macgowan, T Rodd, Sidney& Bain: M calls.

Dep. e.221, fol.  12v
[fol. 12v]

June 5. Su. Arrangee. Dine at M W S’s; adv. Lefanu.

6. M. Arrangee. Bandello, p. 376. M W S calls: theatre, Beggar’s Operae. Meet Northcote.

Hot weather, 11 days.

7. Tu. Arrangee. Call on Hawes & Greenhill. Seek (Darton &) Harvey.

8. W.Arrangee. Seek Haselwood: call on Northcote: M W S dines.

9. Th. Arrangee. Call on Orme: Lubé, White n (Isleworth), & M W S call.Dr Rees dies.

10. F. Arrange. eCall on H Robinson. Write to Mrs Jo. G, on funeral.Jo G dies.

11. Sa. Write to P H G. Arrangee. Call on Haselwood. Meet Gisbornes.

Dep. e.221, fol.  13r
[fol. 13r]

June 12. Su.Arrangee. Howard Payne dines; adv. N G. Letter from Prison, Fleet.

13. M.Arrangee. Call on Greenhill at the Master’s: Osborne calls na. call on Mn.

14. Tu.Preparee. Museum; Lawminde. M & Wau soir. Prince Tarquin.

Certificate in Gazettee.

15. W. Museum; Lawminde. M W S dines; M & Northcote call. Painterse, &c.

16. Th. Letter to T T. Meet Poole. Ines de Castro.

17. F.Museum; Lawminde. Write to T T. Oronooko, p. 50. Theatre, Pigeons & Crowse.

18. Sa.Oronooko, fin. Call on Rodd, & M W Sn. Browne. Letter to Friend.

Dep. e.221, fol.  13v
[fol. 13v]

June 19. Su.Commonwealth, 5 lines. Indisposede. Dine atM W S’s, w. M J & Howard Payne: N G calls n.

20. M. Commonwealth, 2 lines. Oracles of Reason, çala. Call on M W S: N G& M call: meet Wilmot, in R Park.

21. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 431. Exhibition of Portraits, Leicester Squaree.

22. W.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Booth: theatre, Overreache.

23. Th. Commonwealth, çala. M W S, W, & Howard Payne dine.

24. F. Commonwealth, seek J Lilburne: meet Lamb: call on Mn: M J for Rochestere. Bandello, p. 414. 14 days.

25. Sa.Bed removed: arrangee. M calls n: M W S at tea: call on Carlisle.

Dep. e.221, fol.  14r
[fol. 14r]

June 26. Su. Arrangee. Hudson& M call: dine at M W S’s; adv. mrs Williams.

27. M.Rhumee. Write to M J. Bandello, p. 441. M dines: theatre, Brutus; adv. Barhame.

28. Tu. Commonwealth, çala. Bandello, Vol. VI, p. 38.

29. W. Kenrick. Jas White calls: M W S dines. Bandello, p. 78.

30. Th. Commonwealth, çala. Bandello, p. 114. Call on Hume, Knowles & H Payne.


July 1. F.Commonwealth, çala. Bacon, Essays, 1 to 8. M W S & M call: dine at Hudson’s: call on Bryant: theatre, 1/2 houre.

2. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. Crusaders, p. 58. dine at M W S’s.

Dep. e.221, fol.  14v
[fol. 14v]

July 3. Su.Commonwealth, p. 432/2.Crusaders, p. 114. Dine at White, Isleworth, w. G White. T Ht calls, &N G n.

4. M. Commonwealth, p. 432. Write to M J.Bandello, p.153. Call on Uwins n: theatre, Beggar’s Opera; adv.J Taylor & Curwoode: N G calls.

5. W.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Gisbornes: theatre, Broken Promises; adv. Bacon, O’Hanlons, Barham (& R Martin)e.

6. W. Commonwealth, çala.Bandello, p. 186. Uwins calls: M W S dines.


7. Th. Commonwealth, p. 433. Call on Lamb n:N G calls: M W S &mrs Williams at tea. Signature of L Chancellore.

8. F.Commonwealth, p. 434. Howard Payne dines. M Jfrom Rochestere.

9. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 436/2.M W S, & N G call: call on Rodd.

Dep. e.221, fol.  15r
[fol. 15r]

July 10. M.eCommonwealth, p. 437. Meet Mulready:dine at Hume’s.

11. M. Commonwealth, p. 439/2. Dine at M W S’s, w. M J; adv. Lambs & H Payne. Hot weather, 10 days.

12. Tu. Commonwealth, çala. Round Regent’s Parke: call on Mn.

13. W. Commonwealth, Lilburne. M calls: M W S dines.

14. Th.Commonwealth, p. 440/2: compare Berkeley & Ludlow. Generous Boy.Thermometer, 77.

15. F.Commonwealth, p. 443/2. M W S calls: meet Terry.Thermometer, 85.

16. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 445/2.Thermometer, 83.

Dep. e.221, fol.  15v
[fol. 15v]

July 17. Su. Commonwealth, p. 448. Bandello, p. 222. Meet H Payne: Augustus Street:M& W sup. Thermometer, 82.

18. M. Commonwealth, p. 451/2. Bandello, p. 245. Miss Collins & W sup. Thermometer, 86

19. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 452. Bandello, p. 264. White (Isleworth) calls. Thermometer, 86

20. W. Commonwealth, p. 455/2. Crusaders, p. 222. Call on Booth n: miss Hippesley calls.Thermometer, 83

21. Th. Commonwealth, p. 455. Crusaders, p. 252. M W S dines.

22. F.Commonwealth, p. 456. Crusaders, p. 325; Vol. II, p. 208.

23. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. Crusaders, p. 364. Diorama, w. M W Se.

Dep. e.221, fol.  16r
[fol. 16r]

July 24. Su. Commonwealth, p. 457. Cecilia, çala. T Ht call: call on Booth; adv. R Baxter: N G & Wat tea.

25. M.Commonwealth, p. 459. Call on Northcote. Bandello, p. 288.

26. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 460. M W S dines.

27. W.Commonwealth, p. 463/2. Museum; Strype & Dugdalee: call on Rodd, for Richardsonia: seek Setchel& Thorpe.

28. Th. Commonwealth, p. 464/2. Museum; Case of the Armye. M W S & W dine.

meet Mes Lobrot & Jones.

29. F. Commonwealth, çala. T T at tea: theatre, Quite Correct, act 1; adv. Colburn & J Taylore

30. Sa. Cromwel recovered.Call on L C Lamb (adv. La Cork, &c), & Rodd: Colburn & H P call.

Dep. e.221, fol.  16v
[fol. 16v]

July 31. Su. Commonwealth, p. 465. Call on La. Cork (adv. L C Lamb, & medecin), & Northcote (adv. Sully & West): T T sups.


Aug. 1. M.Commonwealth, p. 466/2. Call on Greenhill & Mansion House: Museum; Lilburnee: dine at M W S’s, w. M J; adv. mrs Williams (& Colburn invisib). Constipe.

2. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Museum; Lilburnee. Theatre, Who’s at Homee.

3. W. Lilburne retrograde. Museum; dittoe.

4. Th. Commonwealth, 6 lines. Museum; Lilburnee. Bandello, p. 308. Waller, Panegyric. M W S dines.

5. F. Commonwealth, p. 467/2. Museum; Lilburnee. Wordsworth, on Cha. I, p. 88.

6. Sa.Wordsworth, p. 248: Sidney papers, Blencowe, çala. Constipe. Lens dies.

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Mrs Parry

31. Sa. Commonwealth, revise. Bandello, p. 245. Seek B Montagu: call on Reynoldsn. Reynolds