William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1823



1823, Jan. 1. W.Liberal, çala. Call on Whitaker & Bain: mesds Robinson, Williams & C Colnet at tea.

2. Th.Call on Barber, Cooper, Bt & Longman: Bt & Booth call: Bethams sup.

3. F.Castruccio, p. 190. Call on Macgowan & Peacock.

4. Sa.Castruccio, p. 227. Call on Davison & Prowet: theatre, Simpson & Coe: meet Hanson.

Dep. e.219, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

Jan. 5. Su.Castruccio, p. 306.

6. M.Castruccio, Vol. III, p. 21. Call on Davison.

7. Tu.Castruccio, p. 97. Call on R Taylor & Bain: Hd Ht dines.

8. W.Castruccio, p. 151. Booth calls: call on Jackson (Fladgate): C Colnet dines.

9. Th.Castruccio, p. 276. Call on Macreadyn: Bt au soir. Reply of Spain to the Holy Alliese.

10. F.Castruccio, p. 314. Theatre, 1/2 Artaxerxes, & London Starse.

11. Sa.Bandello, Romeo, p. 49. Call on J Taylor, & Jackson (Fladgate)n: Hd Ht dines.

Dep. e.219, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

Jan. 12. Su.Bandello, Romeo, p. 73; Viola, p. 40. Hd Ht sups, ppc.

13. M.Bandello, p. 52. Call on Jackson, Whitaker, R Taylorn, Wallace, & Macmillann: T T calls: Hudson dines. Dante, C. XXIX.

14. Tu.BLetter to Wedgwood. Bandello, Tom. I, p. 28. T T calls: call on Macmillan & Rodd. Theatre, Blind Girl; adv. Skeffingtone. Booth publishede.

15. W.Write to Wedgwood. Dante, C. XXX: Southey, Vision of Jt: call on Prouet: T T dines.

16. Th.Dante, C. XXXI. Call on Sturmy & Bain.

17. F.Bandello, p. 80. T T calls: Hudsons & H M at tea: Stewart calls na.

18. Sa.Bandello, p. 94: Royal King (Heywood). Call on Hayward: Booth au soir.

Dep. e.219, fol.  29r
[fol. 29r]

Jan. 19. Su.Dante, C. XXXI: Bandello, p. 166.

20. M.Dante, C. XXXII: Bandello, p. 194: Peveril, p. 71. Meet T T: Whitaker & Blaquiere call: Stewart at tea.

21. Tu.Peveril, p. 302. T T calls: call on Hansonn, Curtis jr, & Ayrtonn.

22. W.Peveril, Vol. II. Call on Hansonn: theatre, Henry VIII, acts 1 & 2e.

23. Th.Peveril, Vol. III. Call on Curtis, mrs Betham & Hanson.

24. F.Peveril, Vol. IV, p. 220. Betham calls: theatre, 1/2 Cymbelinee. Letter sent, L B to S T Se.

25. Sa.Write to Isa. Booth. Peveril, p. 320, fin: Bandello, p. 200. Call on Hookham, & St James : theatre, Henry VIII, act 3e.

Dep. e.219, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

Jan. 26. M. Su.Dante, C. XXXIII: Bandello, p. 244. Call on Hayward & Betham. Write to Hayward.

27. Tu. M.Dante, Paradiso, 1/2 C. I: Bandello, p. 278. Call on Hayward, R Baxtern, & St Mildredn: Stewart at tea; adv. Shepherd. Hutton dies. Writ of errore.

28. W. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. Dante, Paradiso, C. I: Bandello, p. 286. Call on Sturmy: Booth & mrs Williams at tea: theatre, Nigele. Speech of Louis 18: war with Spaine.

29. W.Commonwealth, p. 56/2, 57/2. The. Cibber, çala. Call on Spier.

30. Th.Commonwealth, p. 58/2. Call on Bain, J Lowndes, & Lambn.

31. F.Write to Lamb. Dante, 1/2 C. II. Meet Colburn: call on Northcote; adv. Hazlit. Frederic Robinson, Chancellor of Exchre.


Feb. 1. Sa.Write to Hanson. Dante, C. II. Call on St James church, John Hunt & Triphook: Stewart & Shepherd at tea: teatheatre, 1/2 Stoops to Conquere.

Dep. e.219, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

Feb. 2. Su.Dante, C. III: Bandello, p. 323. Call on Bt.

3. M.Commonwealth, çala. Dante, C. III: Bandello, p. 348. R Taylor & Lamb call. Black fog.

4. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 58. Dante, C. IV: Bandello, p. 360. Call on Hanson, Macgowan & Peacock: Hume dines. Parliament meetse.

5. W.Dante, C. IV. M calls: call on R Taylor, & Ayrtonn.

6. Th.Commonwealth, notes. Dante, C. VI: Bandello, p. 400. R Taylor calls, & Toswill. S T S to L Byrone.

7. F.Commonwealth, p. 59/2. Dante, C. VII: Bandello, T. II, p. 17. Call on Clarke, Piccadilly, for Toswill: theatre, Swipes; adv. S R Phillipse. Mrs Radcliffe dies.

8. Sa.Commonwalth, çala. Dante, 1/2 C. VIII, Bandello, p. 36. Call on Hume, Lamb, &Harbone & Bain. meet Booth at Hunter’s.

Dep. e.219, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

Feb. 9. Su.Commonwealth, p. 61/2. Write to Ayrton. Dante, C. VIII: Bandello, p. 46. Pilcher sups.

10. M.Giddinesse. Dante, çala: Bandello, p. 54. Call on Curtis jr, W B Whitaker, Saundersn, & Wallace: Stewart calls: theatre, Lear w. ye end (adv. O’Brien)e.

11. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 62/2. Dante, 1/2 C. IX: Bandello, p. 66. Call on Whitakerna, Black, & Rodd: M & Hudson call.

12. W.Commonwealth, p 63/2. Write to Taylor, Norwich. Dante, C. IX. Call on Whitaker, Orme, Hayward, & E White.

13. Th.Commonwealth, p. 64. Write to Kean. Dante, 1/2 C. X: Bandello, p. 78. Call on mrs Ayrton. Letter to Kean.

14. F.Giddinesse. Dante, C. X: Bandello, p. 104: Picture, acts 1 & 2. Ayrton calls: call on Aldisn & Skeffingtonn: S Fell at tea.

15. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 66. Dante, 1/2 C. XI: Picture, fin. Theatre, 1/2 Love in Village, & Deaf as Poste.

Dep. e.219, fol.  31r
[fol. 31r]

Feb. 16. Su.Commonwealth, p. 67/2. Dante, C. XI: Bandello, p. 124. Call on Hayward; adv. J Richter.

17. M.Commonwealth, p. 68/2. Dante, C. XII, v. 17: Bandello, p. 151. Call on Wallace & Saunders; C Stewart sups.

18. Tu.Giddinesse. Commonwealth, p. 68. Write to M W S. Dante, 1/2 C. XII: Bandello, p. 227.

19. W.Commonwealth, p. 69. Dante, C. XII: Malfy, act 1 & 2. Aldis calls: call on Rodd. Attempted change of Spanish Ministerse. Valperga publishede.

20. Th.Commonwealth, p. 70. Dante, 1/2 C. XIII: Malfy, fin. Call on Pouncy: theatre, Duele.

21. F.Commonwealth, çala. Dante, C. XIII. Call on Davison: Flather calls.

22. Sa.Commonwealth, 10 lines. Dante, 1/2 C. XIV: Bandello, p. 244. Call on Export Excise Office, Btn, Lamb, Peacock, & Macmillan.

Dep. e.219, fol.  31v
[fol. 31v]

Feb. 23. Su.Commonwealth, p. 71. Dante, C. XIV: Bandello, p. 256. Call on Davison & Hayward.

24. M.Commonwealth, çala. Hogg calls, & P P: call on L C Lambn: Stewart au soir: theatre, Lear, act 1; meet Skeffingtone.

25. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 72. Dante, 1/2 C. XV: Bandello, p. 287.

26. W.Commonwealth, p. 73. Giddinesse. Bandello, p. 347. Call on Whitaker: P P dines; adv. Hudson. J P Kemble dies .

27. Th.Commonwealth, 1 page. Bandello, p. 355. Call on Pouncy & L C Lamb: mrs Williams & H Pilcher call. Write to Coleridge.

28. F.Commonwealth, p. 74. Bandello, p. 370.


Mar. 1. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 76. M & R Taylor call.

Dep. e.219, fol.  32r
[fol. 32r]

Mar. 2. Su.Commonwealth, p. 77, & 1 page. Call on Hayward: H P dines; adv. S Fell.

3. M.Commonwealth, p. 78. Sup at Lamb’s; adv. R & E Norris. Expulsion of Manuele.

4. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Museum, Cartés Ormonde. Call on Pouncy: theatre, Fontainebleaue.

5. W.Commonwealth, p. 79. Call on Hume.

6. Th.Commonwealth, p. 82. Call on L C Lamb (adv. miss Richardson & Dr Roe), Macgowan & Rodd.

7. F.Commonwealth, p. 84. Call on Macmillan: Hume & H P dine.

8. Sa.Giddinesse. Commonwealth, p. 86. Call on Excise, & Bain

Dep. e.219, fol.  32v
[fol. 32v]

Mar. 9. Su.Giddinesse. Commonwealth, p. 88. Call on Hayward.

10. M.Commonwealth, çala. M calls: theatre, K. Johne.

11. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Macmillan calls: Stewart & H P sup.

12. W.Commonwealth, p. 89/2, & 1 page. Call on Pouncy: Museum, Nalsone.

13. Th.Commonwealth, p. 92. L C Lamb calls, M & P P: theatre, 1/3 Figaroe.

14. F.Commonwealth, p. 94/2. Museum, Cartee. Dumouriez dies .

15. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 95. Call on Prince: theatre, Juliane: H P sups: Booth at tea. Write to Taylor, Norwich, & L C Lamb. Enrhumé, 9 dayse.

Dep. e.219, fol.  33r
[fol. 33r]

Mar. 16. Su.Commonwealth, çala.

17. M.Commonwealth, p. 96. Office, Bow Street : call on Peacock.

18. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 98. Write to M W S. Call on Sturmy & J Taylor.

19. W.Commonwealth, p. 100.

20. Th.Commonwealth, p. 101. Hudson sups.

21. F.Commonwealth, p. 103/2. Lamb & M call.

22. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 104/2. H & A Boinville call.

Dep. e.219, fol.  33v
[fol. 33v]

Mar. 23. Su.Commonwealth, p. 106/2. Bandello, p. 400.

24. M.Commonwealth, p. 106. Bandello, p. 416; T. III, p. 24. Call on M Lamb; invités au soir: Hudson dines.

25. Tu.Museum; Cartee. Bandello, p. 54. Lambs & H M sup.

26. W.Commonwealth, p. 107. Write to Colburn. Bandello, p. 64.

27. Th.Commonwealth, p. 109/2. Bandello, p. 74. Call on Colburn: Wordsworth calls n.

28. F.Commonwealth, p. 110: Bandello, p. 86. Call on Northcote.

29. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. M calls: H P sups.

Dep. e.219, fol.  34r
[fol. 34r]

Mar. 30. Su.Commonwealth, p. 112/2.

31. M.Commonwealth, p. 114/2. Booth & E White call.


Apr. 1. Tu.Giddinesse. Commonwealth, p. 114. R Taylor, miss Cary, & Saunders (fr. Colburn) calls: H P sups, adv. P P.

2. W.Commonwealth, p. 116/2. Saunders calls: meet Saunders: H & P P sup.

3. Th.Commonwealth, p. 117. Macmillan calls: call on Wallace.

4. F.Commonwealth, p. 119. E White & H P at tea.

5. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 122/2: Write to Ayrton.

Dep. e.219, fol.  34v
[fol. 34v]

Apr. 6. M. Su.Commonwealth, çala. H P sups. Southwold Smith calls.

7. M.Commonwealth, p. 123. Wordsworth & Booth call: Kenney sups: meet Hill: theatre, 1/2 Macbethe. French enter Spaine

8. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 126/2. Kenney & H P call: Olympic, Alexandre; w. M Je.

9. W.Commonwealth, p. 128/2. Meet Colburn.

10. Th.Commonwealth, p. 130/2: Preface, 1 page. Ada Reis, fin. Hayward calls. Bandello, p. 97.

11. F.Commonwealth, p. 131. Haywardn & Peacock call: call on R Taylor: Kenney & H P sup.

12. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. Seek Whitaker: Ayrton calls.

Dep. e.219, fol.  35r
[fol. 35r]

Apr. 13. Su.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Hayward: H P dines. N G calls.

14. M.Commonwealth, çala. Theatre, 1/2 Macbethe.

15. Tu.Commonwealth, 2 pp. Call on Whitakern & Macgowann.

16. W.Commonwealth.Call on Whitaker & Macgowan: Lubé calls: theatre, 3/10 Much Adoe.

17. Th.Commonwealth, çala.

18. F.Commonwealth, p. 132. Call on Hume & Hudson: Kenney & H M sup.

19. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 133. Three miss Lambs call.

Dep. e.219, fol.  35v
[fol. 35v]

Apr. 20. Su.Commonwealth, p. 135. Call on Hayward & Peacock.

21. M.Commonwealth, p. 137. Call on Reevesn: theatre, 1/10 Othelloe: H P sups.

22. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 138. Call on Whitaker, & Wilman, for Bt: D Constable & Innes call: Kenney at tea: Lubé & H P sup.

23. W.Commonwealth, çala. Hayward calls, fr. Readn: call on Whitaker, Northcote & Hayward.

24. Th.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Rees (Longm’s): theatre, 1/2 K Johne.

25. F.Commonwealth, çala. Stewart calls: mrs Williams at tea: call on Rodd.

26. Sa.Write to R Taylor. Call on Davison, R Taylorn, Pouncy & Cary.

Dep. e.219, fol.  36r
[fol. 36r]

Apr. 27. Su.Commonwealth, p. 140. Call on Hayward, & Blatspeilna: seek E White: R Taylor & N G call.

28. M.Commonwealth, p. 142. Call on Macmillan & Blatspeil: Tower: H P sups.

29. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Write to P H G. Seek H Rogers: call on Sturmy; adv. Curtis jr: Booth au soir.

31. W.Commonwealth, p. 145/2. Seek Davison: call on Sturmy: meet Curtis jr.

Dep. e.219, fol.  36v
[fol. 36v]


May 1. Th.Seek Davison: meet Snow: call on H Pn & Kenney: Kenney au soir.

2. F.Commonwealth, p. 145. Call on Davisonn (ansr), L C Lambn & Knowles: meet Hume: H P sups.

3. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 146. Write to Mackintosh: call on Kenney & Sou. Smith: Tower: meet H Robinson: theatre, 3/10 As You Like Ite.

May 4. Su.Commonwealth, p. 149. H P & Kenney sup.

5. M.Commonwealth, p. 151/2. Call on Mackintosh: H M sups. meet Bt. Write to Colburn (Stewart’s bill). Three miss Lambes call.

6. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 152/2. Write to M W G, Whitaker & Bt: Hayward, Farris, Williams & Ruddal call: meet M.

7. W.Commonwealth, p. 153/2. Medwin calls: call on Pouncy: H P au soir.

8. Th.Commonwealth, p. 154. Call on Bazet, &c, & Upcot: theatre, Clarie. Hudson calls.

9. F.Commonwealth, p. 158/2. Write to Taylor (Norwich) & L C Lamb. Call on Whitaker: Exhibitione: meet H Palmer: tea E White’s.

10. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 159. Lefanu jr calls: Anderson, bookseller, at tea: sup at H P’s.

Dep. e.219, fol.  37r
[fol. 37r]

May 11. Su.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Jo G; adv. N G, & grandson.

12. M.Commonwealth, p. 161/2. Call on Simpkin & Prouet: theatre, Vision of Sun, w. M J, W & H Me. Macmillan calls.

13. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 162. Museum; Blakee: call on R Taylor: Burnet & Reeves call.

14. W.Platitude. Commonwealth, p. 160/2. Call on Simpkin & Sturmy: Anderson calls.

15. Th.Commonwealth, p. 164/2. Anderson & mrs Williams call: Hudson dines: sup at do, w. M J. Booth at tea.

16. F.Commonwealth, p. 165. Anderson calls: Ditto sups.

17. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 166. Call on Sturmy, & Rodd; adv. Triphook.

Dep. e.219, fol.  37v
[fol. 37v]

May 18. Su.Commonwealth, çala. Seek L C Lamb: call on Aldisn.

19. M.Giddinesse. Commonwealth, p. 167/2. Call on Hayward & Colburn.

20. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 170/2. Write to Burnet. Seek L C Lamb: call on 2 Rodds.

21. W.Commonwealth, p. 171/2. Call on Whitaker & Beadnel: Tower: Olympic, Alexandree.

22. Th.Commonwealth, p. 175/2. Burnet, 100.

23. F.Commonwealth, p. 179. Call on Davisonn: Stewart calls. French at Madride.

Dep. e.219, fol.  38r
[fol. 38r]

24. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 181/2. Call on Morgan, Dover Street: Skeffington calls.

May 25. Su.Commonwealth, p. 183/2. Call on Davisonn, Hayward, H P & Dr Addison.

26. M.Commonwealth, p. 184. Call on Skeffington: Macgowan calls.

27. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 186. Call on Paxton, Upcot & Davisonn.

28. W.Commonwealth, p. 189. Seek L C Lamb: meet H Palmer.

29. Th.Commonwealth, çala. British Institutione: seek Davison: A Curran au soir; adv.Booth.

30. F.Commonwealth, çala. Write to M W G. Call on Davison.

31. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 190/2. Call on Vines & Watt. Counter Revolution of Portugale.


Dep. e.219, fol.  38v
[fol. 38v]

June 1. Su.Commonwealth, p. 193/2. Mrs Hamilton calls: H P dines: A Curran at tea.

2. M.Commonwealth, p. 194. Call on Colburn: Skeffington calls n.

3. Tu.Call on Pouncy, & Rodd; adv. Henderson & Maccoul: call on M Lamb: sup at Lamb’s, w. Procter, Wainewright, Pateman, Kenney, Alsop & Talfourds; adv. H Robinson. Seek L C Lamb.

4. W.Commonwealth, p. 196/2. Quentin Durward, fin. Call on Davison. Mrs Taylor of Norwich dies .

5. Th.Commonwealth, p. 197/2. Woodfall calls: call on Davison; adv. M & T Wilkie: Stewart, Lubés, Kenney & H P sup.

6. F.Commonwealth, p. 201/2. Call on O Rees (Longman’s): Kenney sups.

7. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. Booth, E Hamilton & A Curran at tea. Henderson calls na.

Dep. e.219, fol.  39r
[fol. 39r]

June 8. Su.Commonwealth, çala. Call on L C Lambna.

9. M.Commonwealth, p. 203/2. Keir at tea.

10. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 204. Theatre, 1/2 Richarde.

11. W.Call on Medwin, Hume, & L C Lambna, & Aldisn.

12. Th.Commonwealth, çala. Preface to Enquirer, 2 pp. Call on Macmillan.

13. F.Call on L C Lamb & W Lamb, Nashn & Rodd. Write to Mackintosh. Theatre, 1/4 Wild Oatse. Constable sups.

14. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 205. Mackintosh calls: Booth at tea; adv. Henderson. Ferdinand VII at Cadize.

Dep. e.219, fol.  39v
[fol. 39v]

June 15. Su.Commonwealth, çala. Dine at Hume’s, w. Tollemache & W: call on Wallace: sir C Aldis & A Curran call n.

16. M.Commonwealth, çala. Aldis calls: call on Sturmy: theatre, Venice Pd; adv. O Reese.

17. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 206. Call on Constablen & Rodd.

18. W.Commonwealth, çala. Call on R Taylor: L Kenney & A Mercier call. Write for Booth, 2 pp.

19. Th.Enquirer; on Beggars, 2 pp. Write to Pouncy & Stewart & Mackintosh. Call on Wallace: E Hamilton sups: theatre, 2/3 Figaro, & mrs Smithe.

20. F.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Talfourd: Surry, 1/10 Hamlete.

21. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 208/2. H P sups: Booth at tea.

Dep. e.219, fol.  40r
[fol. 40r]

June 22. Su.Commonwealth, p. 209/2. Call on Kenneyn, & (proxy) Mackintosh: E Hamilton calls, ppc. Enqr; note on Brutus.

23. M.Commonwealth, p. 210. Letter fr. Mackintosh (L Dudley); write to Ayrton. Kenneys & H P dine.

24. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 212/2. Write to Murray (on do) & H Robinson. Colburn calls: call on Northcote.

25. W.Commonwealth, p. 214. Write to Mackintosh, Hill & H Robinson.

26. Th.Commonwealth, p. 216/2. Call on Bain: H & S P sup; S P sleeps.

27. F.Commonwealth, çala. H & S P dine: meet H Rodd.

28. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 216. Enquirer; English Style, 2 pp. Call on E Blagdon: Booth au soir. Ayrton & Talfourdn call: write to Mackintosh.

Dep. e.219, fol.  40v
[fol. 40v]
Dep. e.220, fol.  1r
[fol. 1r]


Dep. e.220, fol.  1v
[fol. 1v]

June 29. Su.Commonwealth, p. 217, 218. Call on Hayward & Jo G: N G calls: hear Irving, Caledn Churche.

30. M.Commonwealth, p. 219. H P au soir.


July 1. Su.Commonwealth, p. 221 (Naseby). Call on Galloway & Woodfall: Bt calls, & E Whiten.

2. W.Commonwealth, çala. Call on mrs Johnson, Eastcheap: H P sups.

3. Th.London Institution; Raglande: Call on Nash: Haydon, Raising of Lazaruse: Ayrton calls: Henderson calls & sups.

4. F.Commonwealth, p. 222. Museume & Institutione: call on Laird. Write to Taylor, Norwich.

5. Sa.Enquirer, revise. Hatchet’s, for Albemarle Strte: theatre, Lyceum; adv. Ayrtone.

Dep. e.220, fol.  2r
[fol. 2r]

July 6. Su.Commonwealth, p. 224/2. Call on Btn: M calls. Raeburn dies .

7. M.Commonwealth, p. 225/2. Enquirer, revise. Excise Office: call on Btn: M calls: Prentise at tea: theatre, Sweethearts & Wivese: Lamb calls n. M J for Rochester, 7 nightse.

8. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 225, & 1/2 page. Museum; Tho. Hollis, &ce. Goodliff & Child call; call on Lambn: Bt sups.

9. W.Commonwealth, p. 226/2. Write to Anderson & M J: call on Rodd: Ayrton & Bt call.

10. Th.Commonwealth, p. 227/2. Enquirer, 1 1/2 pp. Sup at Lambs, w. Kenneys, F Ht & W. Write to M J.

11. F.Commonwealth, p. 229/2. Call on W B Whitaker & Hume: meet H Robinson: theatre, Free & Easye.

12. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 230. Call on Rodd, Blatspeil & R Taylor: A Curran calls.

Dep. e.220, fol.  2v
[fol. 2v]

July 13. Su.Commonwealth, p. 232/2. Kenneys dine: H Robinson au soir.

14. M.Commonwealth, p. 232. M J at homee: Thrup sups.

15. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Museum; sir R Bulstrodee: T T at tea.

16. W.Commonwealth, p. 234/2. Call on W B Whitaker: theatre, Knight of Snowdoune. Macmillan calls.

17. Th.Commonwealth, p. 235. Call on Hume & Curtis jr, w. Sturmy: Lambs & L Kenney call: Kenney sups.

18. F.Commonwealth, p. 236. Museum; Lilburnee: meet Hill & Black.

19. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. Call on L C Lamb, by mistake, na, & Rodd: mrs Williams at tea. Parliament proroguede.

Dep. e.220, fol.  3r
[fol. 3r]

July 20. Su.Commonwealth, p. 239/2. Call on Haywd: A Curran sups; adv. W Curran.

21. M.Commonwealth, p. 241/2. Museum; Lilburnee.

22. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Write to M W S. Hudson dines.

23. W.Commonwealth, p. 242/2. Museum; Lilburnee: call on Tomsey, Carlonn & Rowlandn.

24. Th.Commonwealth, p. 243. Museum; Lilbee: Ayrton calls: seek Peacock: A Curran au soir. Tomsey calls.

25. F.Commonwealth, p. 244/2. Museum; Lilburnee. Call on Peacock.

26. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 246/2. Call on Jo G, Brown Warden, Davisonn & Sturmy: W Curran calls n: Booth at tea.

Dep. e.220, fol.  3v
[fol. 3v]

July 27. Su.Indisposede. Commonwealth, çala. Miss Curran at tea; adv. L Kenney.

28. M.Museum; Lilburnee. Theatre, w. M J, Kenneys, H M & We: Kenneys sup: Frankenstein.

29. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 247/2. Write to M W S. Museum; Lilburnee. Call on Davison & R Taylor.

30. W.Commonwealth, p. 247. Hone & A Curran call. Museum; Lilburnee.

31. Th.Commonwealth, p. 249. Museum; Lilburnee. Call on Routh (Africa), Hone, & Hodges (Saunders): H M dines. call at Davison’s.


Aug. 1. F.Commonwealth, p. 251/2. Call on Bonsor & Davisons: Graham, junr, calls.

2. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 252/2. Write to Anderson: call on Davison: L Kenney dines, ppc: Woodfall & Augusts Hippisley call.

Dep. e.220, fol.  4r
[fol. 4r]

Aug. 3. Su.Commonwealth; notes on New Elections, & Lilburne.

4. M.Commonwealth, çala. M calls: call at Davison’s. Prentice sups.

5. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 253. Call on Whitaker & Davison: mrs Williams calls.

6. W.Commonwealth, p. 254/2. Write to Taylor, Norwich. Graham, junr calls: theatre, Is He Jealous?e

7. Th.Commonwealth, p. 255. Write to Ayrton. Call on Whitaker & Pouncy: mrs Williams calls: W Curran sups.

8. F.Commonwealth, çala. Write to M W S, Paris. Prentice sups.

9. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. Mrs Williamsna & mrs Sampson Perry call: Booth at tea: theatre, Love’s Dreame.

Dep. e.220, fol.  4v
[fol. 4v]

Aug. 10. Su.Commonwealth, p. 259.

11. M.Commonwealth, p. 261/2. H M sups. Giddinesse. Frankenstein, 2d Editione.

12. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 261. Write to Anderson & Murray. Call on Macgowan: A Curran calls.

13. W.Commonwealth, çala. Write to Ayrton & Mackintosh. White of Isleworth & mrs Williams call; Booth at tea.

14. Th.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Pouncy & Sturmy: Hudsons at tea: Stewartna.

15. F.Commonwealth, çala. Mackintosh, Nashes & Sturmy call: call on Longman & Hayward: theatre, I will have a Wifee.

16. Sa.Letter from Anderson. Write to Anderson & Stewart. Faithful calls: call on Rodd.

Dep. e.220, fol.  5r
[fol. 5r]

Aug. 17. Su.Commonwealth, p. 264. Call on Black.

18. M.Commonwealth, çala. Seek Bonsor, Woodfall, Davison & R Taylor: call on Galloway: miss Collins sups.

19. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Write to Galloway. Seek Bonsor: Stewart dines: Taylor, Sun, calls.

20. W.Commonwealth, çala. Write to Macmillan. Seek R Taylor: mrs Williams calls: theatre, Sweethearts & Wivese. Pius VII dies.

21. Th.Commonwealth, çala. H Rodd & wife call.

22. F.Write to Galloway & Ayrton. Call on R Taylor & Bonsor.

23. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 265. Write to Anderson, Whitaker & Stoddart. Call on T Rodd: Macmillan & Booth call.

Dep. e.220, fol.  5v
[fol. 5v]

Aug. 24. Su.Commonwealth, 1 page, & çala. Miss Curran au soir.

25. M.Commonwealth, p. 266/2, & 2 pp. M W S & fils dine; adv. H P. 14 dayse.

26. Tu.Commonwealth, 10 lines. A Curran au soir.

27. W.Commonwealth, p. 266. Call on Hayward: theatre, Marplot in Spain; adv. J Taylor, Thelwal (& O Brien )e. Nervous, five dayse.

28. Th.Commonwealth, çala. Call on mrs Ayrton (A at homee): A Curran calls.

29. F.Commonwealth, p. 267/2. Tower, w. M W S: theatre, Frankenstein, w. M W S, mrs Williams & W; adv. in R Phillipse.

30. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 268/2. Lamb sups.

Dep. e.220, fol.  6r
[fol. 6r]

Aug. 31. Su.Commonwealth, p. 268. Call, w M W S, on mrs Peacock: H P sups.


Sep. 1. M.Commonwealth, 12 lines. Call on Faithful, Barber & Munday: A Curran sups.

2. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 270. Call on O[ ?]or: H P calls: dine at Lamb’s, w. Carey & Talfourd (invité Proctor); adv. W. Write to Anderson.

3. W.Commonwealth, çala. Write to Stewart & Whitaker. Call on Pouncy, w. M W S on Whitton, & w. M J on H P: mrs Booth & fille dine; adv. Booth.

4. Th.Head-achee. Commonwealth, çala. Call on Whitaker, & Booth, for M W S: Boaden calls: meet Macgown.

5. F.Head-achee. Commonwealth, 5 lines. Call, w. M W S on Hayward: mrs Williams dines: theatre, Gilblase. Letter from T Ht.

6. Sa.Commonwealth, çala. A Curran au soir.

Dep. e.220, fol.  6v
[fol. 6v]

Sep. 7. Su.Commonwealth, p. 272/2. Meet Knowles, w. M W S.

8. M.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Northcote & Ayrton: A Curran sups.

9. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Write to T Ht. Call on Northcote & M W S: theatre, Young Quaker & Unknowne. Aldis calls. Well, 5 dayse.

10. W.Commonwealth, çala. Landseer & M call: M W S, A Curran & mrs Williams dine; adv. F Ht: call on Black, w. W.

11. Th.Commonwealth, çala. M calls: theatre, Hit or Misse.

12. F.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Hanson: M calls: theatre, Dun a Daye.

13. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 273/2. M calls: M W S & Prentis at tea: après A Curran.

Dep. e.220, fol.  7r
[fol. 7r]

Sep. 14. Su.Commonwealth, p. 274/2. M W S & A Curran at tea; adv. N G. Procter calls.

15. M.Commonwealth, p. 274. Procter & M call: call on Miller & Jo G: theatre, Gay Deceiverse.

16. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 276/2. Call on Hume: dine at Aldis, w. Bean, Uwins, Woodham & Powis.

17. W.Commonwealth, 11 lines. Call on Macmillan. M W S dines.

18. Th.Commonwealth, p. 277. M calls: call on Bain{:} F Ht sups: theatre, Macheath, act 1e.

19. F.Write to Brougham. Call on Mackintosh, Murraynit, & E White: H M at tea. Welle.

20. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 279/2. Write to La Car Lamb. M & H Pilcher call: theatre, Review, & Tonsone.

Dep. e.220, fol.  7v
[fol. 7v]

Sep. 21. Su.Commonwealth, p. 280. M W S sups.

22. M.Commonwealth, p. 282/2. M calls: call on Ayrton.

23. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 283. Letter to Lens: write to Ayrton. Peacock & M Jones call: call on H Hill & M W S.

24. W.Commonwealth, p. 284/2. Call on Knowles: M calls n: M W S at tea.

25. Th.Commonwealth, çala. Write to Lens. Call on Murray & Nethercliff: Read calls: call on Hayward, w. W: H sups P sups; adv. J Taylor, Norwich.

26. F.Write to Ayrton, T Ht & Shepherd. Mackintosh calls: call on L Erskinen: M W S dines; adv. H P.

27. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 285. Write to Brougham & L C Lamb. Call on Miller: theatre, Vicar of Wakefield; adv. Thelwal, Talfourd & Grahame.

Dep. e.220, fol.  8r
[fol. 8r]

Sep. 28. Su.Commonwealth, p. 287/2. M W S at tea.

29. M.Commonwealth, çala. Talfourd calls: Tower.

30. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 288/2. Seek Hayward. Rain, 2 days.


Oct. 1. W.Commonwealth, p. 289/2. M W S dines; adv. Bacon.

2. Th.Commonwealth, çala. Letter to Brodie. Write to T Ht. Call on Pouncy, Bonsor & Barber: seek Woodfall: theatre, 1/5 School for Scandale. Meet Agar. 3. F.Write to Brodie. Call on Theobald: seek Woodfall: theatre, Henry IV, acts 1 & 2; adv. L Goldsmith & J Taylore: meet Hill. Surrender of Cadize.

4. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 291/2. Call on Macmillan: Bacon au soir.

Dep. e.220, fol.  8v
[fol. 8v]

Oct. 5. Su.Commonwealth, p. 294/2. Call on Ayrton: M W S at tea.

6. M.Commonwealth, p. 295/2. Tea Bacon’s, w. Ball, Richards, Neal, Munden, Bacon junr & W.

7. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Ayrton calls (Hudson Gurney, &c): dine at M W S’s, w. M J & W.

8. W.Commonwealth, p. 296. Excise, w. M W S: M W S dines; adv. H M: W Curran calls.

9. Th.Write to Mackintosh. Theatre, 1/2 Scarborough; adv. Skeffingtone. Giddinesse.

10. F.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Hayward: Mrs Pilcher dines; adv. H P. sleep, 15 dayse.

11. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 297. Call on Hayward & M W S: Booth at tea.

Dep. e.220, fol.  9r
[fol. 9r]

Oct. 12. Su.Commonwealth, p. 300. W Curran, Wallace & H P dine.

13. M.Commonwealth, p. 301. Tower: call on Sherwood & Hayward: theatre, 1/2 Virginiuse.

14. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 305. Call on Black & Rodd: theatre, 1/2 Point of Honoure.

15. W.Commonwealth, p. 307/2. Write to E Taylor. Call on Hayward: M W S dines; adv. Prentis, Lubé & H P. Call on Macmillan.

16. Th.Indisposede. Commonwealth. Write to Mackintosh. T Ht au matin, & dines: call on Sturmy: theatre, Miller’s Maide.

17. F.Commonwealth, p. 307. C P Burney calls. T Ht après diner: call on Hayward, from Read.

18. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 308/2. Write to M. Watts calls: theatre, 1/2 School of Reforme.

Dep. e.220, fol.  9v
[fol. 9v]

Oct. 19. Su.Commonwealth, p. 309.

20. M.Write to Erskine & Brougham. //Call on Mackintosh, Erskinen, Hayward & Read: T Ht, H P & Prentis call: M W S sups.

21. Tu.Commonwealth, çala. Hume & T Ht dine.

22. W.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Hayward: M W S dines; adv. Bacon & W Curran.

23. Th.Commonwealth, çala. Theatre, Point of Honoure.

24. F.Poisonede. Mackintosh calls: call on Hayward: Seek Faithful: M W S calls.

25. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 311. Seek Faithful & Woodfall: theatre, 3/10 Hamlet; adv. Talfourde.

Dep. e.220, fol.  10r
[fol. 10r]

Oct. 26. Su.Commonwealth, p. 313/2. No Paul, p. 215. Call on Hayward.

27. M.Commonwealth, çala. Call on Faithful & Barber: seek Woodfall: call on Hayward: M W S sups.

28. Tu.Commonwealth, p. 315. No Paul, fin. Call on Woodfall, Bonsor & Hayward.

29. W.Commonwealth, p. 316. Write to Mackintosh. M calls: callHudsons dine: theatre, 1/2 Henry VIIIe.

30. Th.Commonwealth, p. 317. M W S dines; adv. T Ht: theatre, w. M J & M W S; 1/5 Virginiuse.

31. F.Commonwealth, p. 318. Call on Ayrton.


Nov. 1. Sa.Commonwealth, p. 320/2. Call on Mackintosh: Macgowan calls: theatre, 1/2 Allspice, & Cataracte.

Dep. e.220, fol.  10v
[fol. 10v]

Nov. 2. Su.Commonwealth, p. 322/2. Call on Hayward.

3. M.Commonwealth, p. 323/2. Call on Colburn: H P & Prentis sup.

4. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. R Taylor & Ayrton call: call on Hayward.

5. W.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Murrayna & Ayrton: M W S dines; adv. T Ht & H P.

6. Th.Commonwealth, revise. Write to Ayrton. R Taylor calls: call on Hayward.

7. F.Commonwealth, revise. At Murray’s, w. Hayward, Ayrton, & Newman’s clerk: Upcot calls: T Ht, H M & M W S sup: call on Hume: theatre, Corteze. Composition for arrears of S Street.

8. Sa.Commonwealth, revise.

Dep. e.220, fol.  11r
[fol. 11r]

Nov. 9. Su.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Hayward.

10. M.Commonwealth, revise. Museum, Army Liste: M W S dines.

11. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. Diorama, w. M J & M W Se: theatre, 3/10 Provoked Husbande.

12. W.Commonwealth, revise. M W S dines; adv. H P & Prentis.

13. Th.Call on R Taylor, & London Institution: theatre, 2/9 Corteze.

14. F.Call on Whitakerna, Pouncy, Sturmy & Davison: theatre, Winter’s Talee.

15. Sa.Call on H Curtis, Pouncy & R Taylor: Faithful, Aldis & Foulkes call: sup at Lamb’s, w. Novellos, C Clarke, M W S & W.

Dep. e.220, fol.  11v
[fol. 11v]

Nov. 16. Su.Commonwealth, revise. M W S dines.

17. M.Commonwealth, 3 pp (Drama). Call on Rodd: Bt at tea: Prentis & H P call.

18. Tu.Commonwealth, 1 page. Peacock & Nash (Cornhill) call: sup at M W S’s, w. Procter, Hogg, Prentis, mrs Williams & W.

19. W.Davison calls: M W S dines; adv. Peacock.

20. Th.Commonwealth, 1 1/2 pp. Call on Macmillan: theatre, Gracchus, 2 actse: H R sups. Colburn calls.

221. F.Commonwealth, 1/2 page , & revise. Call on Ayrtonna.

232. Sa.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Hume. Write to L Caroline Lamb. Three Brothers, Vol. I.

Dep. e.220, fol.  12r
[fol. 12r]

Nov. 243. Su.Commonwealth, 4 pp. Call on M W S. (Hampden).

25.4. M.Commonwealth, 1/2 page, & revise. Tower: theatre, 1/2 King John; adv. Este & Talfourde.

26.5. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. M calls: call on Booth & mrs Ayrton: meet sir R Phillips & French.

27.6. W.Indisposede. M W S dines; adv. Lambs, H Robinson, Bacon & H P.

28. 7. Th.Write to Colburn. M W S from Whitton & Dr Jones call: call on Hayward, Knowles & H Robinson: theatre, Cabinet, act 1e. Wallace calls n.

29.8. F.Commonwealth, revise. Theatre, Gracchuse. C Colnet dines.

30. 29. Sa.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Ayrton: Pilcher, senr, sups. Call on Northcote; adv. Hume.

Dep. e.220, fol.  12v
[fol. 12v]

Nov. 30. Su.Commonwealth, 1 page, & revise. (Hampden & Fairfax).


Dec. 1. M.Commonwealth, revise. Call on John Hunt: M W S at tea.

2. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. Call on J Huntn, Pouncy & Prowet.

3. W.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Jo G. Sick.

4. Th.Commonwealth, revise. Call on H Robinson (adv. Cargil) & Wallacen: M W S dines: theatre, w. M W S, M J & H P; Winter’s Tale, 2 actse. Sick. trs

5. F.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Lammin, senr. H L, absent 2 dayse.

6. Sa.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Macmillan.

Dep. e.220, fol.  13r
[fol. 13r]

Dec. 7. Su.Commonwealth, revise. M W S at tea; adv. HP.

8. M.Commonwealth, revise. Call on R Taylor; adv. Dr Jones.

9. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Taylor, solicitor, & Hayward.

10. W.Commonwealth, revise. M W S dines; adv. Prentis & Hudson—& Bt.

11. Th.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Pouncy: R Manning calls: call on G Heath.

12. F.Commonwealth, revise. Call on T Rodd & Hume: write to Knowles: theatres, 1/5 Vespers—& Deaf as a Post, w. M J, M W S & H Me .

13. Sa.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Davison & Hayward. W[ illeg.] 2 [illeg. ]

Dep. e.220, fol.  13v
[fol. 13v]

Dec. 14. Su. Commonwealth, 3 pp, & revise. N G calls. Fenwick dies .

15. M.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Pouncy: theatre, Richard, acts 1 & 2; adv. J Taylore.

16. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. T T & Colburn call: call on Pouncy, Davison, & (w. T T) on M W S.

17. W.Commonwealth, revise. M W S & T T dine; adv. Bacon.

18. Th.Commonwealth, revise. Theatre, 2/5 Man of the Worlde.

19. F.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Hume, Pouncy & Black: meet Snow: White (Isleworth) calls.

20. Sa.Commonwealth, revise.

Dep. e.220, fol.  14r
[fol. 14r]

Dec. 21. Su.Commonwealth, revise. Dine at White’s, Isleworth, w. Speed, mrs Thorn, M J & W.

22. M.Commonwealth, revise. M W S dines; adv. E & Stephen Prentis, & C Landseer.

23. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Whitaker, Davison & Colburn.

24. W.Commonwealth, revise. Correspondence w. Stewarte. M W S & Wallace dine.

25. Th.Commonwealth, 2 pp. Write to Wedgwood & Clement. Call on Clement & Black.

26. F.Commonwealth, 1 page. Call on Northcote: theatre, 1/2 Jane Shoree.

27. Sa.Commonwealth, revise. Call on J Taylor; adv. Simmons of Paddington: Booths call: Pompeiie.

Dep. e.220, fol.  14v
[fol. 14v]

Dec. 28. Su.Commonwealth, revise. Indisposede. M W S dines; adv. Medwin.

29. M.Commonwealth, 1 page. sup at Lamb’s, w. M W S, W & Emma.

30. Tu.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Whitaker (proxy), & O Rees; adv. W Shepherd: meet Dyer: M W S dines.

31. W.Commonwealth, revise. Call on Davison: Shepherd, W, calls: miss Smith, Southend, at tea.