William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1821



1821. Jan. 1. M.Malthus, index. Write to Fairley & Booth.

2. Tu. Malthus, index.

3. W.Malthus, index. Hor Smith calls: call on Hayward.

4. Th.Malthus, index. Mrs Hamilton, 3 Griffiths, 3 Colnets, & F Ht at tea.

5. F. Malthus, index. Ruddock

6. Sa.Malthus, index. Field to M Je: Hudson sups.

Dep. e.218, fol.  11v
[fol. 11v]

Jan. 7. Su.Malthus, index.

8. M. Malthus, index. Theatre, Montalto; adv. Talfourd, E White & Broughtone.

9. Tu. Malthus, index. Theatre, Mirandola; adv. Knowles, mrs Freeman, Jas Smith & Wallacee.

10. W. Malthus, index. Mulready & sons 2 call: C Colnet dines: dine at Aldis’s, w. Powys, Cooper tragn, Easterby, Thomson, Nokes, &c. H Pilcher calls.

11. Th. Malthus, index. H Pilcher calls: call on Macgowan.

12. F.Malthus, index. Call on Pouncy, Olier & T Rodd.

13. Sa. Malthus, index. Advertisement to 2nd Edition, 2 pp. Write to Fairley. Mrs Hamilton sups.Letter from Fairley

Dep. e.218, fol.  12r
[fol. 12r]

Jan. 14. Su. Hints & Memoranda for a Reply. Malthus, index.

15. M. Write to Rosser. Dine at T T’s, w. Leake & Booth. illeg.

16. Tu.Defence, 2 1/2 pp. Call on C Richardson, sols: tea Aldis’s, w. Rees, Powys, & mesds Jeffries, Burke, Edwin, Wheeler, 3 Davies’s—& Wooding: Botwright calls.

17. W. Write to G Brodie.

18. Th. Defence, p. 8/2. Hudson calls: call on Coulson n: theatre, Artaxerxes; adv. Broughton & Whitee.

19. F. Defence, p. 11. Hume calls & A Macgowan: call on Coulson & O Rees.

20. Sa. Defence, p. 14. Write to Rosser. Call on Isa. Booth. Hayward

Dep. e.218, fol.  10r
[fol. 10r]

Jan. 21. Su.Defence, p. 15, & ca. Call on Hayward (Place), & Lamb.

22. M. Defence, p.18. R Taylor & A call: Lambs sup. reports the opinion of Baily. Fra. Defence advertisede.

23. Tu.Call on O Rees, M Morgann & T Rodd: Bt at tea. Parliament meetse.

24. W.Jo G & T T call: Hudson au soir.

25. Th.Malthus, index. Grandeur des Romains, p. 30. Call on Macgowan.

26. F.Malthus, index. Call on Davison, Longdil & Hayward: seek Hone.

27. Sa.Malthus, index. T T calls.

Dep. e.218, fol.  13r
[fol. 13r]

Jan. 28. Su.Malthus, index. Grandeur, p. 50. Hd Ht dines: N G au soir.

29. M. Malthus, index. Lamb calls. Kenilworth, p. 57.

30. Tu.Write to M W S. Call on Peacock & Sherwood.

31. W.Malthus, index. Call on Hayward.


Feb. 1. Th.Malthus, index. Tasso, C. V, st. 25. Hone, M Morgan; T T & Jo G call: call on Coulson & Husey.

2. F. Malthus, index. Write to Rosser. Tasso, st. 47. Theatre, Therese; adv. Talfourde.

3. Sa. Malthus, index; Tasso, st. 67. Lubés call: call on T Rodd; adv. Daniel.

Dep. e.218, fol.  13v
[fol. 13v]

Feb. 4. Su. Malthus, index. Jonah: Characteristics, Vol. III, p. 16. Sentimental Journey, Vol. I. Meet Peacock.

5. M.Malthus, index. Characteristics, p. 42. S Journey, Vol. II. Hudson sups.

6. Tu.Characteristics, p. 94. Macgowans call.

7. W.Index, revise. Lubés at tea.

8. Th.Index, revise. Hd Ht au soir. Write to Curtis. M calls: meet Tipper.

9. F. Write to Kenney & W Curran. Museum; Hydee ; De Religione Persarum. Me

10. Sa.Index, revise. Tasso, st. 92: Bayle & Uni. Hist., çala.

Dep. e.218, fol.  14r
[fol. 14r]

Feb. 11. Su.Index, revise. Glamorgan, p. 142. T T calls.

12. M.Malthus, revise. Tasso, C. VI, st. 21. Call on Rodds. Write to Pouncy.

13. Tu.True Idea, & Harris’s Cha. I, çala. A Macgowan calls, & M.

14. W.Kenilworth, p. 207. Jo G calls. Dr Lindsay dies.

15. Th.Kenilworth, p. 320; Vol. II, p. 138.

16. F.Kenilworth, p. 238. Call on Maurice, Museume: Hudson, au soir. Duel, John Scott & Christiee

17. Sa.Kenilworth, p. 338; Vol. III, p. 100. Hor Smith & M call: meet Wake.

Dep. e.218, fol.  14v
[fol. 14v]

Feb. 18. Su. Kenilworth, p. 348, fin. M calls: call on Mulready n: dine at Hume’s, w. Dr Cambridge, 2 O’Hanlons, Mayhew, Bunnel & W.

19. M.H Pilcher dines: call, w. him, on W: call on Dr Jones: mrs Beresford calls n.

20. Tu.Malthus, revise. H Pilcher dines; adv. Hudson.

21. W. Malthus, revise. H Pilcher calls: theatre, Conscience; adv. E White & S R Phillipse.

22. Th. Rheumatism. De Divinatione, p. 94.Ward (W & M) calls.

23. F. Index, recompile, 1 page. Write to M W S. De Divinatione, p. 134. Keats dies.

24. Sa.Fog. De Divinatione, p. 164. Call on T Rodd.

Dep. e.218, fol.  15r
[fol. 15r]

Feb. 25. Su. De Divinatione, p. 200. C Colnet dines.

26. M.De Divinatione, p. 255, fin. Mrs & Miss Beresford dine.

27. Tu.M J to Macmillane. Isocrate, pp. 25. Bt calls.

28. W.Marino, st. 20. Botwright at tea. Snow.


Mar. 1. Th.Malthus, revise. Marino, st. 47. Theatre, L in a Village, act 2.eMonthly Review.

2. F. Lost on Macmillan. Marino, st. 58. T T calls: Bt sups. Opening of the Cortes. Madride

3. Sa. Malthus, revise. Marino, st. 83. A Macgowan & M call: call on O Rees: Hudson au soir.

Dep. e.218, fol.  15v
[fol. 15v]

Mar. 4. Su.Malthus, revise. Marino, st. 101. Hd Ht calls. C V to Jackson’se.

5. M. Malthus, revise. Marino, st. 117. Payne (fr. Thurgar) & M call: call on Hume: meet Gawler. R Twiss dies.

6. Tu.Malthus, revise. Marino, st. 121: Clarissa, çala. P P dines: Hudson sups.

7. W.Malthus, revise. Macmillan calls: P P dines: Acton (of Ipswich) sups.

8. Th.Monthly Rev. Marino, st. 160. Theatre, Kenilworth, & World a Stage; adv. Este.e

9. F.Marino, st. 170; C. II, st. 10. Museum; Marinoe.

10. Sa.Marino, st. 36.

Dep. e.218, fol.  16r
[fol. 16r]

Mar. 11. Su.Marino, st. 73: Plutarch, Treatise 21: Characteristics, p. 131: Mysters Mother, acts 1, 2, 3. Call on T T n & Hayward.

12. M. Marino, st. 101: Myst. Mother, fin. Museum, Duperrone: theatre, Ric. III; adv. J Taylor & Hille. abdication of the King of Sardiniae.

13. Tu. Write to Macready. Taylor (Norwich) calls) T T at tea: H Robinson sups.

14. W. Write for C C. Remarks on Godwin, pp. 95: Hudson sups.

15. Th. Marino, st 131: Du Perron, çala. P P dines: Bt at tea: W H Bull & mère call, & Hd Ht.

16. F. Marino, st. 179: Castiglione, p. 26.

17. Sa.Marino, C. III, st. 6: Zendavesta, çala. Call on T Rodd: Valettes, ppc.

Dep. e.218, fol.  16v
[fol. 16v]

Mar. 18. Su.Marino, st. 42. Macready calls: Hd Ht dines.

19. M.Marino, st. 72. J Taylor & T Barnard (Norwich) call: Museum; Plinye.

20. Tu.Marino, st. 115: Clarissa, çala.

21. W.Marino, st. 136. M & T T call, & Macready (Ric. III): mrs Hamilton dines.

22. Th.Marino, st. 175. Call on O Rees (L Grenville ). Write to Curtis.

23. F.Greece, revise. Marino, C. IV, st. 27. Dine at T T’s; adv. W.

24. Sa.Write to Anderson. Marino, st. 37. Theatre, Stranger; adv. Wallacee.

Dep. e.218, fol.  17r
[fol. 17r]

Mar. 25. Su.Marino, st. 68: Boccaccio, çala. Hd Ht dines.

26. M. Marino, st. 93. Call on T Rodd: Hudson sups; adv.Taylor, Norwich: Graham (Glasgow) callsn. meet Boaden.

27. Tu. Marino, st. 133. Bt at tea. Mrs Cribb oecono.

28. W. Greece, revise. Marino, st. 77 177.

29. Th. Greece, 1 1/2 pp; revise. Marino, st. 195. J, R, & A Taylors, & Hudson sup.

30. F.Greece, revise. Marino, st. 222. Call on Dr Wilkins: P P au soir.

31. Sa.Marino, st. 262. Hor. Smith & T T call. Duc[r?]oq Halle[y?]

Dep. e.218, fol.  17v
[fol. 17v]


Apr. 1. Su.Marino, st. 293. Call on Bt: Hd Ht dines.

2. M. Greece, revise. Marino, C. V, st. 30. Jas Smith & M call: theatre, Venice Preserved; adv. Hill & Wallacee.

3. Tu.Greece, revise. Marino, st. 65. Gold (London Magazine) calls, & P P.

4. W. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 85. Hudson au soir. W H Bull departse.

Dep. e.218, fol.  18r
[fol. 18r]

5. Th.Young, çala. Marino, st. 114. Call on Hume.

6. F. Greece, 1 page; çala. Marino, st. 130. Jo G au soir.

7. Sa.Greece, 1 page; çala. Marino, st. 151. Deacon calls, & P P.

Apr. 8. Su.Greece, p. 99, 100, 101. Marino, C. VI, st. 30; su gli Francesi, pp. 8. Leslie, painter, calls; walk w. him & W.

9. M. Greece, p. 102. Marino, st. 60. Call on Alsager & Thorpe: P P calls.

10. Tu.Greece, p. 104. Marino, st. 90. Call on Lackington & T Rodd: Pilcher sups.

11. W.Greece, p. 105. Marino, st. 115. A & O Newton call.

12. Th.Mitford, çala. Marino, st. 135. Pilcher calls na: call on T Rodd.

13. F. Mitford, Vol. IV, p. 83. Write to Wedgwood. Marino, st. 155. Beresfordsn, H Smith (on M J) & T T call.

14. Sa. Greece, p. 109/2. Mitford, p. 215. Marino, st. 175.

Dep. e.218, fol.  18v
[fol. 18v]

Apr. 15. Su. Greece, p. 110/2. Mitford, p. 343. Marino, st. 190.

16. M. Mitford, p. 435. 410. Marino, st. 206. Bt calls: A Newton & Hudson au soir.

17. Tu.Clarissa, çala. Call on O Rees.

18. W.Marino, C. VII, st. 37: Clarissa, çala. Meet Northcote, & Taylor, Norwich.

19. Th. Marino, st. 80. Call on O Rees & Sherwood: T T calls: Jo G dines: Hd& Ht sups.

20. F. Marino, st. 105: Clarissa, çala.

21. Sa.Marino, st. 120: Clarissa, çala. Macgowan & T T call: call on Sturt.

Dep. e.218, fol.  19v
[fol. 19v]

Apr. 22. Su.Marino, st. 152. Hudsons call: mrs Hamilton dines.

23. M. Write to Acton. Marino, st. 190. Hudson au soir. P P, ppc.

24. Tu.Greece, çala. Write to Booth. Marino, st. 225. Theatre, Mother & Son; adv. Broughton & J Taylore.

25. W.Marino, st. 250. Call on mrs Gold: theatre, Marino Falieroe.

26. Th.Marino, st C. VIII, st. 33.

27. F. Write to Acton. Marino, st. 67. Call on Hume.

28. Sa. Marino, C. IX, st. 47. Call on Macgowan & T Rodd; adv. J Lowndes.

Apr. 29. Su.Marino, C. VIII, st. 90: Boccaccio, çala: Life of Jonathan Edwards, pp. 116. Dr Jones calls: E Hamilton dines.

30. M.Marino, C. IX, st. 91. Seek H Pouncy. Political Economy Club institutede.


May 1. Tu.Marino, st. 108. Call on G Pouncy: Taylor (Norwich) sups. H L Piozzi dies.

2. W. Wood on Homer, çala. Hudson sups. Write to Bt. H L Piozzi dies.

3. Th. Denina, çala. Bt calls: call on Macmillan: seek W: theatre, 3/10 Romeoe.

4. F.Wood on Homer, çala. Call on Manning, Lamb, O Reesn & R Taylor (adv. Madge): Hudson’s au soir, w. M J, W & Hickinbothams.

5. Sa.Wood on Homer, çala. Call on M Lb, Dalston: Hor. Smithn & T T call. Napoleon Bonaparte dies .

Dep. e.218, fol.  20r
[fol. 20r]

May 6. Su.Wood on Homer, çala.

7. M.Marino, C. VIII, st. 112. Exhibition; adv. Perry, Hume, Hill & Matthews: call on T Rodd. G Eno

8. Tu. Marino, st. 142. Expect Hor Smith.

9. W. Marino, st. 149. Westminster Hall, w. Homersham: Hor. Smith calls.

10. Th.Marino, C. IX, st. 138: Denina, çala. Call on Pouncy.

11. F.Marino, st. 158. Call on Lamb: Smiths dine.

12. Sa. Write to Rosser & Acton. Marino, st. 200. Call on Taylor (Norwich): S P arrivese.

Dep. e.218, fol.  20v
[fol. 20v]

May 13. Su.Marino, C. X, st. 30: Boccaccio, Griselda.

14. M. Greece, çala. Write to Booth. Marino, st. 65. Hudson au soir.

15. Tu.Black, Life of Tasso, Vol. I. Belshazzar. Bonnycastle dies.

16. W. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 100. Long Smith calls.

17. Th.Black, Vol. II, çala. Belshazzar, Lausanne, & Apollonicum, w. M J, S P, W & Hudson: Hudson dines.

18. F. Black, fin: Marino, st. 118. Macmillan calls on M J.e

19. Sa.Marino, st. 133. Call on H G Bennet, & Northcote; adv. Hoare: send to Macmillan, frustrà.

Dep. e.218, fol.  21r
[fol. 21r]

May 20. Su.Marino, st. 180: Denina, çala.

21. M. Marino, st. 209. Booth & M at tea. Macmillan’s Answer.

22. Tu.Write to H G Bennet, & Lady C Lamb. Marino, st. 236: Denina, çala. Call on Knowlesn & Hume: meet H Robinson.

23. W. Marino, st. 243. Call on Harbord: British Institution: Hudson sups.

24. Th.Marino, st. 272. Call on Lady C Lamb, & Hume. Scarlet’s Poor Laws’ Bill, Second Readinge.

25. F.Marino, st. 287: Aminta, p. 24. Call on N G.

26. Sa.Marino, C. XI, st. 35. Dyer calls: S P departse. Rhumee.

Dep. e.218, fol.  21v
[fol. 21v]

May. 27. Su.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 58. Hd Ht dines; adv. N G.

28. M. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 107. Theatre, Damon & Pythias; adv. Hill, Talfourd & O Briene.

29. Tu. Greece, p. 111/2. Marino, st. 119. Sup at E White’s, w. Lambs, Hazlit, Philips, Riddle, & 3 Whs. Hor. Smith calls.

30. W.Marino, Bellezza Caduca. Call on W Morgan: Eastwick au soir.

31. Th. Marino, st. 141: Boccaccio, V, 8. Call on Booth: mrs Baugh dines.


June 1. F.Greece, p. 112/2. Call on Mickle, India House: tea Dyer’s, w. Booths.

2. Sa.Greece, p. 114/2. Marino, st. 153. Hor Smith calls: call on M n, Hayward, Bain & T Rodd.

Dep. e.218, fol.  22r
[fol. 22r]

June 3. Su. Greece, p. 115. Marino, st. 173: Boccaccio, V, 1.

4. M.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 199. Lawrence calls n.

5. Tu.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 214. Hor Smith, Jo G & Hudson call: dine at Lawrence, w. Booth, Wilkins, R Hunter, & J L.

6. W. Greece, p. 118/2. Marino, C. XII, st. 22. Call on Coulson, Hunter (adv. Malthus, dextræ conjunctioe), Taylor (Sun), & Finnertyn: Colburn & Hutman call n.

7. Th.Marino, st. 54. Call on Courtenay: Exhibition: coach w. 82: dine at Hume’s, w. Oates & C H & Jo Fawcet; adv. Boo, Twana, Jones & mrs Hutchinson. Harbord speakse.

8. F. Write to W Morgan & A Rees. Marino, st. 66. Screven, & Jones (Millenium Hall) call: call on R Taylor & Hayward: Hudson dines: S Baugh calls.

9. Sa. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 94. Call on Rees, O.

Dep. e.218, fol.  22v
[fol. 22v]

June 10. Su.Greece, p. 118. Marino, st. 123: Boccaccio, V, 9. Screven & Hudson dine.

11. M. Greece, p. 119. Marino, st. 153. Call on Rodds: Screven calls.

12. Tu. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 179. Hudson dines: Rosser sups. Call on Sherwood.

13. W.Greece, p. 120. Marino, st. 208. Call on Haywd: S Baugh calls, ppc. Partridge (Fowel &) calls. Rhumee.

14. Th. Write to Courtenay. Marino, st. 243. Booth at tea: Rosser & Hudson sup.

15. F.Marino, st. 274: Boccaccio, III, 9; IV, 1 & 5. Anderson calls: H Robinson sups.

16. Sa.Greece, p. 121. Marino, st. 292. M at tea.

Dep. e.218, fol.  23r
[fol. 23r]

June 17. Su.Greece, çala. Marino, C. XIII, st. 22. Call on Btn, & Hayward: three Hudsons call.

18. M. Greece, p. 122. Marino, st. 54. Hudson dines: call on Dr Jonesn.

19. Tu. Write to Wedgwood. Marino, st. 77. Boccaccio, II, 9. Hor & Leonard Smith call, & Btna monitorie: call on J Taylor; adv. L Goldsmith Jo G, Triale.

20. W.Write to Leonard Smith. Homersham calls: Booth at tea. [Sir R Wilson adjournse.

21. Th.Greece, çala. Write to Curtis. Marino, st. 111. Four Hudsons dine; adv. Mrs Hamilton.

22. F.Marino, st. 143. Anderson calls: call on T Rodd.

23. Sa. Write to E Phillips. Marino, st. 176: Boccaccio, çala. Macgowan calls: call on do: theatre, Don John, act 1e.

Dep. e.218, fol.  23v
[fol. 23v]

June 24. Su.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 202. Call on Hayward & Bt: mrs Hamilton dines.

25. M.Greece, 12 lines, &c. Marino, st. 235. Call on Hayward: Hayward calls: Homersham & Jo G au soir.

26. Tu. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 266. Call on Dr Morgan: Hudson calls.

27. W.Greece, çala. Marino, C. XIV, st. 20. Call on Macmillann & R Taylor.

28. Th. Greece, p. 123. Marino, st. 40. Call on Hume.

29. F.Write to M W S. Marino, st. 71. Call on Booth n: Jo G dines; adv. Rosser & T T.

30. Sa. Greece, p. 125/2. Marino, st. 95. Jo G & Homersham call: Booth sups.

Dep. e.218, fol.  24r
[fol. 24r]


July 1. Su. Greece, p. 126/2. Marino, st. 115.

2. M. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 132: Rinaldo, st. 29. TheTheatre, 4/5 Henry IV, Part IIe. Hudson Gurney speakse.

3. Tu. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 147. Call on Hume: meet Barnham: M calls: Rosser sups.

4. W.Marino, st. 172. Call on Longman: Hudson & Barnham call.

5. Th.Marino, st. 221. Seek Hudson Gurney (Grosvenor Place): //call on Curtis: Barnham sups: mt Gawler.

6. F. Marino, st. 241. Call on Hudson Gurney: Rosser calls: theatre, 1/5 Rob Roy; adv. J Taylor, miss Goldsmith (& sir T Lawrence)e: call on R Taylor.

7. Sa.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 271. Dr Caldwel calls, & J & T Hudson.

Dep. e.218, fol.  24v
[fol. 24v]

July 8. Su.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 301. Call on Cobbet; adv. Hutchinson{,} Liverpool: Hudson dines; adv. mrs Hamilton.

9. M. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 335. Sir J Sinclair na & M call: call on Jo G (adv. Austin) & T Rodd, & Lawrencen: meet Snow.

10. Tu.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 366. Call on Dr Jones.

11. W. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 376. Dine at sir Jno Sinclair’s: Rosser au soir. Prorogatione

12. Th. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 407. Call on Longman & N G: Hudson calls.

13. F.Greece, çala. Marino, C. XV, st. 24. Call on Butterfield & Hume: Rosser calls.

14. Sa.Letter to Sinclair, p. 4. Rinaldo, st. 54: Ground agst Lilburne, p. 72. Britannia; M J for South-Ende.

Dep. e.218, fol.  25r
[fol. 25r]

July 15. Su. Sinclair, p. 7. Marino, st. 48. Rosser dines; Palace Yard: call on Hudsonn.

16. M. Write to Sinclair, & M W S. Marino, st. 72. Call on Saunders n, Longdil, Brookes & Co, Hayward & Macmillan: Hume & Rosser call.

17. Tu.Snow calls: Britannia, w. Irish surgeon, &ce: South End; M J, S & H Pilcher: meet Humes.

18. W.Greece, çala. Hadleigh Castle & Leigh, w. Pilchers & miss Smith: call on mrs Hume; adv. O’Hanlon: meet Dr Evans.

19. Th.Greece, çala. Call on mrs Hume, w. M J & Pilchers. Coronation.e

20. Sa. F. Britannia, to Londone: M at tea: Kenney sups.

21. Sa. Write to Sinclair & M J. Mabbe & Aleman, çala. Hume calls. Dr Thomas Morgan dies.

Dep. e.218, fol.  25v
[fol. 25v]

July 22. Su.Young, Athens, pp. 87. Marino, st. 100.

23. M. Greece, p. 129/2. Marino, st. 125. Lamb & Rosser call: call on Saunders; adv. Agar & H Robinson. M J from South Ende.

24. Tu.Greece, p. 132. Marino, st. 160. W Curran calls: call on Saunders; adv. H Robinson: Rosser sups; adv. M. Trial, M A Carlisle, without a verdicte.

25. W.Greece, p. 133, & çala. Write to Poole. Marino, st. 185. Rosser calls: call on Pearsal & Booth; adv. C Baxter: Snow & M sup.

26. Th. Greece, p. 134, & cala. Marino, st. 213. W Curran, Kenney & M call: call on Jo G & A Taylor.

27. F.Greece, p. 136, & çala. Marino, st. 237. Northcote & Rosser call.

28. Sa.Marino, C. XVI, st. 11. Call on Nash, R Taylor (adv. Edward) & Jo G.

Dep. e.218, fol.  26r
[fol. 26r]

July 29. Su.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 35. Meet Kenney: Rosser sups.

30. M. Greece, p. 139/2. Marino, st. 57. Rosser calls, ppc: W Curran & Kenney dine.

31. Tu.Greece, p. 139. Marino, st. 80. Call on Hume: T Hudson calls: Bt sups: Booth at tea.


Aug. 1. W.Greece, p. 143. Marino, st. 100. Theatre, 1/2 Dramatist, & Coronation; adv. Kenneye: meet Broughton. Call on Pearsal. E Inchbald dies. Suffield dies.

2. Th. Greece, p. 145. Marino, st. 121. Pearsal & Hawkins call: call on Pain, Lyons Inn.

3. F. Greece, p. 146. Marino, st. 145. Seek Foulon: call on H Rodd.

4. Sa. Greece, p. 148. Marino, st. 175. Hawkins, J Taylor & sister call: W Curran sups.

Dep. e.218, fol.  26v
[fol. 26v]

Aug. 5. Su.Greece, p. 149. Marino, st. 195. Call on Botwrightn: Pilcher & E Hamilton call.

4 6. M.Greece, p. 152/2. Marino, st. 215. Pilcher calls n. meet S R Phillips.

7. Tu.Greece, p. 155/2. Marino, st. 240. Call on S R Phillips. Queen dies .

8. W. Greece, p. 156. Marino, st. 269. Kenney calls: call on Jo G: Pilcher sups; adv. Hudson.

9. Th.Greece, p. 157. Marino, C. XVII, st. 24. Theatre, Liare. Hawkins calls.

10. F. Greece, p. 158. Marino, st. 51. Homershamna, & Rosser call. [Death of Alexander.]

11. Sa. Greece, p. 160/2. Marino, st. 80. Huttons calls, from E Wte: call on Kingston & T Rodd.

Dep. e.218, fol.  27r
[fol. 27r]

Aug. 12. Su.Greece, p. 161/2. Marino, st. 103: Don Juan, C. III. Talk w. We. King in Dubline.

13. M. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 121. Mulready dines, for W. Hawkins calls.

14. Tu. Greece, p. 162/2. Don Juan, C. IV. See Procession, w. G Millere: Homersham calls. Funeral of the Queene.

15. W. Greece, p. 163. Don Juan, C. V. Call on Hume: Hudson dines: W Curran sups.

16. Th. Greece, p. 166. Marino, st. 144. Call on Harris, S R Phillips, & R Taylor (adv. Philip): theatre, Rise & Falle.

17. F. Greece, p. 168/2. Marino, st. 175. Call on Booth & Jo G: Kenney sups.

18. Sa.Greece, p. 168. Marino, st. 186.

Dep. e.218, fol.  27v
[fol. 27v]

Aug. 19. Su.Greece, p. 172/2. Marino, C. XVIII, st. 25. Call on Bt: Hd Ht dines. Cleomenes, acts 1, 2, 3.

20. M. Greece, p. 173/2. Marino, st. 51. Call on Jo G; adv. Ht West. Hawkins au bas.

21. Tu.Greece, p. 174/2. Marino, st. 72: Cleomenes, fin.

22. W. Greece, çala. Marino, st. 93. Call on Hayward.

23. Th.Greece, çala. Marino, st. 125. Nash writes to We.

24. F.Greece, p. 174. Marino, st. 161. Call on R Taylor.

25. Sa.Greece, p. 177. Marino, st. 186. Lawrence calls.

Dep. e.218, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

Aug. 26. Su. Greece, p. 179. Marino, st. 220. Mulready & son dine.

27. M. Greece, p. 181. Marino, st. 253. Call on Wilson (Dyer) & Jo G: Morgan & Brent at tea.

28. Tu.Hazlit, çala. Call on Mn & T Tn.

29. W.Greece, çala. Marino, C. XIX, st. 32. Homersham calls: Hudson sups.

30. Th.Greece, p. 183/2, & Preface, 1 page. Marino, st. 59. Homersham calls.

31. F.Greece, p. 186, fin. Marino, st. 86. Homersham calls, & R Taylor.


Sep. 1. Sa.Greece, 1 page; revise. Marino, p. 118. Call on H Rodd.

Dep. e.218, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

Sep. 2. Su.Greece, çala. revise. Marino, st. 139. Call on Jo G.

3. M. Greece, revise. Marino, st. 165. D Constable calls na: dine at Lamb’s, w. M J & W.

4. Tu. Greece, revise. Marino, st. 187. Cromaziano, çala.

5. W.Greenwich, w. Mulready & M J: W Curran calls au soir, ppc.

6. Th. Greence, revise. Marino, st. 212: Cromaziano, p. 66. Mulready & 3 sons call: Hudsons at tea. Knox dies.

7. F. Greece, revise. Marino, st. 242: Cromaziano, p.100.

8. Sa. Greece, revise. Letter from Mackintosh. Homersham & Snow call: Booth at tea: theatre, Geraldi Duval; adv. Talfourde.

Dep. e.218, fol.  29r
[fol. 29r]

Sep. 9. Su. Greece, revise. Marino, st. 264: Sketch Book, Vol. II, p. 200. Call on D Constable.

10. M. Greece, revise. Write to Taylor, Norwich. Marino, st. 294. Kenney dines: Hudson sups.

11. Tu. Greece, revise. Letter from Fairley. Marino, st. 326. Mrs Hamilton dines.

12. W.Greece, revise. Marino, st. 356. Homershm & Fk call: D Constable & W dine; invité Kenney.

13. Th.Greece, revise. Marino, st. 376: Edin. Review. Call on Longman & Rees.

14. F.Greece, 2 pages; revise. Marino, st. 400. Call on Longman & Rees: C Colnet dines: Booth at tea; adv. Mulready. Write to Rosser.

15. Sa.Greece, revise. Marino, st. 424. Call on Mcgowan, & H Rodd; adv. Redding: meet Jesse Foote & Booth. Edinburgh Review published in London.

Dep. e.218, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

Sep. 16. Su.Greece, revise. Marino, C. XX, st. 35. Call on Booth & Bt: seek Hayward. Letter to Malthus proposed by Boothe.

17. M. Marino, st. 45. Call on Hayward & Pouncy: R Grave calls, engraver.

18. Tu. Marino, st. 65: Rayner, Tragedy. Call on Manning & Jo G: seek Hone: Russell calls, engraver.

19. W.Marino, st. 81. Seek Hone: call on Davison & Macmillan: Booth at tea: Booth & Hudson sup.

20. Th. Marino, st. 97. R Grave & P Mulready au soir.

21. F.Marino, st. 115. Theatre, Match-breakinge

22. Sa. Greece, Revise. Marino, st. 150. Booth at tea: Russel, engraver, & Hudson au soir. Call on Longman & Jo G: Macmillan & Fk call. Letter from Taylor, Norwich.

Dep. e.218, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

Sep. 23. Su.Greece, 1 page; revise. Marino, st. 175. Call on Jo G.

24. M. Greece, revise. Marino, st. 201. Homersham & Dodson call: meet Hazlit. Booth advertisede.

25. Tu. Greece, revise. Marino, st. 224. Call on Booth; adv. Phillips: Hudson dines.

26. W.Greece, revise. Marino, st. 247. Call on Coates, Red Cross Street: Mulready dines.

27. Th.Greece, revise. Write to Curtis. Marino, st. 275. R Grave calls.

28. F. Greece, revise. Marino, st. 290. M calls.

29. Sa.Greece, revise. Marino, st. 305. Wakes call: Booth at tea.

Dep. e.218, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

Sep. 28. 30. Su.Prospectus of Commonwealth, 3 pp. Marino, st. 325. Call on Bt: Hd Ht dines.


Oct. 1. M.Laing, çala. Marino, st. 345. Mulready au soir.

2. Tu. Prospectus, 1 1/2 pp. Marino, st. 365. Call on Miller, bookseller.

3. W.Prospectus, 1/2 page. Marino, st. 390: Ariosto, st. 24. M & Hudson call.

4. Th.Prospectus, 11 lines. Write to Thos Cooper. Marino, st. 405: Ariosto, st. 41. Hudson dines: call on Jo G.

5. F.Marino, st. 440. Hu[o?]ley’s bill noted. Call on Booth & T Rodd: meet Hayward.

6. Sa.Prospectus, 19 lines. Marino, st. 480. Seek Morgan, D S: call on Ollier; adv.Peacock: Booth at tea.

Dep. e.218, fol.  31r
[fol. 31r]

Oct. 7. Su.Prospectus, revise. Marino, st. 515, fin{.} Plutarch, 1/2 Banquet: Hd Ht dines: N G au soir.

8. M.Aminta, p. 22: Cromaziano, p. 130. Hone calls, & Homersham: call on Hayward.

9. Tu. Aminta, p. 36. Call on Taylor, attorney (do calls) & Booth: seek Heath, barrister: M & Fk call: meet Wakes.

10. W. Write to M W S, Mulready & Poole. Aminta, p. 49. Seek Perry: call on J Taylor; adv. Francis: mt Hazlit. Innamorato, st. 29.

11. Th.Aminta, p. 60: Innamorato, st. 50. Call on Heath, Hill (adv. Ayrton) & Is. Booth: Booth & Bt at tea.

12. F. Aminta, p. 86. Call on Longman & Rees (Commonwealth): Wakes at tea; adv. Bt. meet R T. Second Preface to the Greece, 2 pages.

13. Sa.Greece, revise. Aminta, p. 104. Booth & M call: Mulready & Kenney sup; adv. Sidney Hall.

Dep. e.218, fol.  31v
[fol. 31v]

Oct. 14. Su.Aminta, p. 118, fin: Innamorato, C. I. Call on Jo G; adv. mrs Jo, mrs W, & J J G.

15. M. Innamorato, C. II. Bt & M call: Mulready at tea.

16. Tu.Innamorato, 1/2 C. III. Call on Longman & Rees: M calls.

17. W. Innamorato, C. III. Call on Booth: M & Sidney Hall call: Mulready, Hazlit & son, & Kenney dine; adv. R Grave & S Hazlit. Note from Hayward.

18. Th.Innamorato, 1/2 C. IV. M, from Baldwin, calls: call on Hayward & Hone. Par. Regd, B. I. Receive Rosser’s pamphlete.

19. F. Innamorato, C. IV, fin; C. V, st. 36. Write to Rosser. M calls from Baldwin; & H Palmer: call on Hayward.

20. Sa. Innamorato, C. V, fin. M calls: Booth at tea. Paradise Regained, B. II.

Dep. e.218, fol.  32r
[fol. 32r]

Oct. 21. Su.Rosser, çala. Innamorato, C. VI, st. 56: Par. Regd, Book III. Hayward calls n: call, w. M J, on R Grave.

22. M. Rosser, çala. Innamorato, C. VI, fin; C. VII, st. 25. M & Mulready call: call on O Rees (£29) & Hayward.

23. Tu.Innamorato, st. 64: Par. Regd, Book IV. Call on Hayward.

24. W. Innamorato, st. 81; C. VIII. M calls: call on Bain & Hayward: Hudson calls. Nonsuit in Ejectmentee.

25. Th.Letter fr. Hor. Smith. Letters to Do & Fairley. Innamorato, C. IX, st. 46. M & Grave call. Deliver 100 Malthus.

26. F. Write to Hor Smith & Fairley. Innamorato, C. IX, fin; C. X, st. 20. Kenney & M call: theatre, w. M J & W, Matchbreaking, & Macheathe.

27. Sa.Rosser, çala. Innamorato, C. X, fin. Call on Honen: meet T T: call on C T & H Boinville, w. him: meet E White. Letter to M W S.

Dep. e.218, fol.  32v
[fol. 32v]

Oct. 28. Su.Innamorato, C. XI; C. XII, st. 47. Dine at Hume’s, w. Hazlit & son, Kenney, O’Neil & W; adv. Boo & Twana.

29. M. Innamorato, C. XII, fin; XIII, st. 23: Boccaccio, X, 1. Call on Hone & Jo G: Booth, T T, M & Grave call. Proposition to Macmillan, M Je

30. Tu.Write to M W S. Innamorato, C. XIII, fin; C. XIV, st. 47. Call on Baldwin, Valpy (adv. Wakes) & Hayward (settlemt of accts): Wake at tea.

31. W. Innamorato, C. XIV, fin; C. XV. Call on Jo G: Kenney sups.


Nov. 1. Th.Innamorato, C. XVI. Colburn & Homersham call: call on Valpy & Honen. Boccac//cio, X, 2. Macmillan, iterum.

2. F. Innamorato, C. XVII. Seek T Campbell: call on Northcote: 2 Mulreadys, Kenney & Hudson ; adv. Booth & Grave. Boccaccio, X, 3.

3. Sa. Innamorato, C. XVIII: Agis, Home. M calls: call on Hone: R Taylor calls: H Robinson sups.

Dep. e.218, fol.  33r
[fol. 33r]

Nov. 4. Su.Innamorato, 1/2 C. XIX: Boccaccio, X, 4, 5, 6. E Hamilton dines: Hd Ht calls.

5. M. Innamorato, C. XIX, fin; C. XX. Call on O Rees & Baldwin (Greece, subscribe): meet Lawrence: theatre, Maid or Wife; adv. Talfourd & Broughtone.

6. Tu.Innamorato, 1/2 C. XXI: Douglas. Call on Baldwin, Whitaker, Marshal, & T Campbeln, & Jo G: Kenney calls.

7. W. Innamorato, C. XXI, fin. Call on T Campbel n: Rosser at tea.

8. Th. Innamorato, C. XXII. Call on T Campbel: M from Colburn: H M & Rosser sup; adv. Grave: Hawkins dismissede. Hd Ht calls.

9. F. Innamorato, C. XXIII, XXIV. Grave, Taylor solicitor, Mrs Jo G (indemnitye) & M call: dine at Lawrence’s, w. Booth, T T, O’Meara & Hincksman. H Palmer callsn.

10. Sa.Innamorato, C. XXV: Boccaccio, X, 7. Betham calls, & Rosser: call on Isa Booth. Bt

Dep. e.218, fol.  33v
[fol. 33v]

Nov. 11. Su.Innamorato, C. XXVI, XXVII. Walk w. T T: call on Booth: Rosser sups.

12. M.Innamorato, C. XXVIII: Boccaccio, X, 8. M, Macgowan & Rosser call: Grave au soir.

13. Tu. Innamorato, C. XXIX, XXX. Theatre, Lost Life; adv. Talfourd, L Goldsmith (S R Phillips & Skeff n)e

14. W.Innamorato, C. XXXI, XXXII. Rosser & M call.

15. Th. Innamorato, C. XXXIII. Macgowan calls: call on Macmillan: Rosser at tea. Houlden calls.

16. // F.Write to T Campbel. Innamorato, C. XXXIV. Rosser calls: call, w. M J, on Williams br & S Hall.

17. Sa. Innamorato, C. XXXV. Macgowan & Rosser call: Booth at tea. James Burney dies.

Dep. e.218, fol.  34r
[fol. 34r]

Nov. 18. Su.Innamorato, C. XXXVI, XXXVII: Boccaccio, IX, 1. Rosser calls: do at tea.

19. M. Innamorato, C. XXXVIII:Boccaccio, IX, 2. H Boinville & C Turner call: call on O Rees: Rosser at tea.

20. Tu. Innamorato, C. XXXIX. Call on Ridgway: Mulready & M call: Rosser sups.

21. W. Innamorato, C. XL. Call on O Rees & R Taylor; adv. Belsham: Mulready calls, & Rosser ppc.

22. Th.Innamorato, C. XLI. Colburn calls & M: G Hamilton dines. Houlden au bas.

23. F. Innamorato, C. XLII. Call on Sturmy & Booth: Mulready & son, & H Palmer dine; adv. Kenney, ppc, & Hudson.

Dep. e.218, fol.  34v
[fol. 34v]

24. Sa.Innamorato, C. XLIII. Newman of Guildhal & Rolfe senr call na: M calls: call on Hayward. na qu. also Read.

Nov. 25. Su.Innamorato, 1/2 C. XLIV: Boccaccio, 1/2 I, 1. M J, talk of P: call on Booth.

26. M. Innamorato, C. XLIV, fin; XLV. M calls, fr. Colburn: au soir, Betham & Grave: Mulready at tea. Boo, Twana & Jones call. Rosser published.

27. Tu. Innamorato, 1/2 C. XLVI. M & R Taylor call: call on H Robinson, Hume & Lambs: theatre, De Montfort; adv. Talford, T Campbel & O Reese. Write to T T.

28. W.Write to Rosser. Innamorato, C. XLVI, fin: Boccaccio, I, l, fin: De Montfort. T Campbel calls: M dines; adv. Booth & Snow.

29. Th. Innamorato, C. XLVII, XLVIII. Call on Sturmy & Macmillan: M calls: Hudsons dine.

30. F.Innamorato, C. XLIX, L. Call on Macmillan: Mulready au soir: Booth at tea.


Dec. 1. Sa.Innamorato, C. LI. Call on Sturmy, Hayward thrice n, Jo G & H Rodd.

Dep. e.218, fol.  35r
[fol. 35r]

Dec. 2. Su.Innamorato, C. LII: Don Quixote, p. 88. Hd Ht, E & G Hamilton, & M call. Indisposed, one week.

3. M. Innamorato, C. LIII: Quixote, p. 121. R Taylor calls (on Commonwealth): Lambs sup.

4. Tu. Innamorato, C. LIV, LV: Quixote, p. 212. Booth at tea. M calls.

5. W.Innamorato, C. LVI: Quixote, p. 288. Call on Sturmy, Swedish Conse, Am. Conse, W Vaughann, & O Rees: meet Macgowan. Perry dies.

6. Th. Innamorato, C. LVII: Quixote, p. 309. Call on Brown (S J Banks); adv. Gawler: Mulready au soir. Macmillan en bas: call on Curtis.

7. F. Innamorato, C. LVIII: Quixote, p. 329. T T calls, & Alexander (Yarmouth)na.

8. Sa.Innamorato, 1/2 C. LIX: Quixote, p. 340; & 397 to 414. M calls: call on Jo G. Hawkins, nonsuitee.

Dep. e.218, fol.  35v
[fol. 35v]

Dec. 9. Su.Innamorato, C. LIX, fin: Boccaccio, I, 2 to 7. T T & M call.

10. M.Innamorato, C. LX. R Taylor calls: call on O Rees & Hume: Booth at tea.

11. Tu.Innamorato, C. LXI, LXII: Anselmo, pp. 57. H Pilcher & Hudson sup; adv. Mulready. meet Russell, D L.

12. W.In Horne, for a Libel, pp. 69. M calls: H Pilcher dines.

13. Th.Innamorato, C. LXIII, LXIV. M calls: H Pilcher dines; adv. Hudson.

14. F. Write to Rosser. Innamorato, C. LXV, LXVI. M calls: theatre, J Shore (Kean); adv. Talfourd, 4/5.e

15. Sa. Innamorato, C. LXVII: Ricciardetto, st. 29. Black calls: call on Jo G: H Pilcher dines.

Dec. 16. Su. Innamorato, fin: Ariosto, C. I. M calls n: call on Booth & Bt: H Pilcher dines.

17. M. Ariosto, C. II: Boccaccio, I, 8, 9, 10. R Taylor, T T, Col. Harwoodn & M call.

Dep. e.218, fol.  36r
[fol. 36r]

18. Tu. Ariosto, C. III: Boccaccio, III, 1 to 4. Swedish Conse: meet Hazlit: M & Boothn call.

19. W. Ariosto, C. IV: Boccaccio, III, 5: Quixote, p. 472. M dines: theatre, Macbeth, acts 2 & 3; adv. Talfourd & Jesse Foote.

20. Th.Ariosto, C. V. R Taylor calls: M dines: Booth sups, from Malthus. D Quixote, p. 494.

21. F. Ariosto, C. VI: D Quixote, p. 528. Call on Colburn, w.M; Contract, au soir.

22. Sa. Ariosto, 1/2 C. VII: Boccaccio, III, 6. Call on Sanders, Miller, Hone, & O Rees & Orme: theatre, Giovanni in Ireland; adv. Falfd (Phillips & Skeffington)e. Quarterly Review.

Dep. e.218, fol.  36v
[fol. 36v]

Dec. 23. Su. Ariosto, C. VII, fin: Sardanapalus, & Cain. Call on Hayward: Hd Ht dines. Indisposed.

24. M. Ariosto, 1/2 C. VIII: Foscari. Call on Stodart & H Robinson: Booth at tea.

25. Tu.Ariosto, C. VIII, fin: Boccaccio, III, 7. Call on Hayward, & Booth ; adv. Lawrence. W, talk. M J from col. Harwood.

26. W.Ariosto, 1/2 C. IX: Boccaccio, III, 8: D Quixote, p. 572. Call on Booth: Hudson dines.

27. Th.Ariosto, C. IX: Boccaccio, III, 10; V, 2. Call on G Miller, & Hone; adv. Percy: Booth at tea; adv. Grave & Hd Ht. Answer from Stoddart. M Jones calls.

28. F.Pirate, Vol. I. Percy calls, to & from Morrison: Morgan, Brent, H Marshal & Hd Ht sup. Declaration, John Reade.

29. Sa.Write to Morrison. Pirate, Vol. II. Sanders calls: call on Hayward.

Dep. e.218, fol.  37r
[fol. 37r]

Dec. 30. Su.M C, p. 4. Boccaccio, V, 3, 4, 5. Call on Bt.

31. M.M C, p. 10/2. Ariosto, 1/2 C. X. Call on T Rodd.

Ariosto, C. VII May 22. 1819

Tasso Feb. 3. 1820

Iterum Apr. 23.

Marino Feb. 28. 1821

Bojardo Oct. 14.

Ariosto Dec. 16.

Boccaccio Oct. 29.

Pulci June 27. 1822