William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1818



1818, Jan. 1. Th.Write to Shelley & Pouncey. Call on Richardson & Oak: theatre, Retributione. M calls.

2. F.Write to Evans. Call on Phillipsn & Wordsworthn: Rodd’s, w. W.

3. Sa.Write to Shelley. Funeral of S E, w. Oak, Lepard & Egerton; adv. Leservee.

Dep. e.216, fol.  5r
[fol. 5r]

Jan. 4. Su.All Fools, act 1. Call on Booth & Constablen: Weale dines: Fairley au soir.

5. M.Write to Mary. Churchyard, çala. Tumoure. Drafts from Richardsone.

6. Tu.Identity of Junius, çala. Call on Phillips & Springal: Constable, Booth, Baxter & Fairly dine, adv. Hazlit. N G & S Hazlit call. Write to Place, congé.

7. W.Call on Hayward & Richardson: theatre, 1/2 Twelfth Nighte. Write to Mary.

8. Th.Twelfth Night, çala. Young calls: meet Lmb & White, H. Leechese. Oak & Lepard call. Linseed Poultice, 9 dayse.

9. F.Write to Swartwout & Shelley. Twelfth Night, fin: Comedy of Errors, acts 1, 2, 3. Seorsime.

10. Sa.Errors, fin: City Madam, acts 1 & 2. Jo G & Youngn & Booth call: call on Young.

Dep. e.216, fol.  5v
[fol. 5v]

Jan. 11. Su.City Madam, fin: Very Woman. Yng & Fairley call.

12. M.Duke of Milan, acts 1 & 2. Constable & Fairley call. Rob Roy published.

13. Tu.Write to Shelley. Duke of Milan, fin. Jo G & Young call: call on Richardson, & Hayward; adv. Richardson: Rodd’s.

14. W.Rob Roy, Vol. I. Wordsworth, w. Monkhouse, calls: Fairley sups.

15. Th.Rob Roy, Vol. II.

16. F.Write to Shelley. Rob Roy, Vol. III, p. 142. Oaks, Leserve & Fairley sup.

17. Sa.Write to Shelley. Rob Roy, p. 348, fin. N & Jo G, Percy, Grant & Botwright call: call on Young.

Dep. e.216, fol.  6r
[fol. 6r]

Jan. 18. Su.Illustre Fregonne, pp. 94. Call on Hayward; adv. Watson: Fairley calls.

19. M.Write to Shelley. Fairley calls, ppc: Rodd’s.

20. Tu.Jo G & Elliot call: Marlow, w. W: Peacock sups. Botwright calls n.[Not in London]

21. W.Fazio, pp. 102. Botwright calls n.[Not in London]

22. Th.Marriage Trompeur, pp. 33. S Street, w. W: dine; Young calls.[Not in London]

23. F.Write to Shelley. St Mildred: meet Dibbin: call on Richardson, Leopard, J Taylor, &, w. M J, on A Curran.

24. Sa.Jay calls: dine at Jay’s, Woodford, w. Blunt.

Dep. e.216, fol.  6v
[fol. 6v]

Jan. 25. Su.Chapman, Hymns, p. 20. H Ht & B Aldis dine: A Curran at tea: seek Cogan: meet Hill. sleeps

26. M.Call on (Campbel &) Bowden, & Boothn: Constable & Botwright call: Rodd’s.

27. Tu.Lisander, p. 40. Write to Shelley. Call on Richardson. Parliament meetse.

28. W.Lisander, p. 56. Percy & Botwright call: call on Longdill: theatre, Turret Clocke.

29. Th.Hume & Lubé call: call on Longman (for Trotter) adv. Phillips; & on Hayward.

30. F.Call on Willats, w. Shelley, at Richardson’s: Coleridge’s Lecture, w. M J & W; adv. Morgan & H Robinsone: Booth & Baxter call n.

31. Sa.Walton, Life of Donne. Willats, Shelley, M & Hazlit call: Rodd’s. Write to Shelley.

Dep. e.216, fol.  7r
[fol. 7r]


Feb. 1. Su.Walton, Donne. Call on Booth & Baxter ; adv. pere: A Curran at tea; adv. Rosser & Kirkpatrick.

2. M.Letter to Shelley. Sup at Weale’s, w. M J: H Robinson calls n. William to Woodforde.

3. Tu.Write to Shelley. Manning & Jas Smith call: theatre, Mountaineerse.

4. W.Letter to Bevan, p. 2. Constable calls: Booth, Baxter, H Robinson & Rosser sup.

5. Th.Bevan, p. 7. Write to Shelley. Jay calls: theatre, Fazioe.

6. F.Call on Hume: Constable dines: Rodd’s.

7. Sa.Bevan, p. 12/2. Theatre, Bride of Abydose.

Dep. e.216, fol.  7v
[fol. 7v]

Feb. 8. Su.Bevan, p. 14. Write to E Inchbald.

9. M.Bevan, fin. Call on Hume.

10. Tu.Letters. Call on Cooper: A Curran at tea. Write to Shelley. Botwright calls.

11. W.Write to Robbins. M Jones calls: Booth, Baxter, H Robinson & Rosser sup.

12. Th.John Bull, pp. 212. Call on Dibbin: Boys & Merveilleux at tea.

13. F.Write to Bevan. J B Curran & Hone call: M dines: Lubé at tea.

14. Sa.N G calls: call on Valpy: sup at Telford’s, w. Lambs, H White, Monkhouse, Price, Dewar, &Field, & Barton.

Dep. e.216, fol.  8r
[fol. 8r]

Feb. 15. Su.Paradise Regd, B. I & II, w. G Fletcher. A Curran & Kirkpatrick at tea. Paid S E.

16. M.Paradise Regd, B. III, w. G Fletcher.

17. Tu.Write to Shelley. R Crusoe, p. 160. Meet Booth.

18. W.Write to W & Constable. Crusoe, p. 392.

19. Th.Crusoe, Vol. II, p. 150. Botwright calls n.

20. F.Write to Taylor, Norwich. D’Olive, act 1: Crusoe, p. 250. Coleridge’s Lecture (Cervantes), speake{.}

21. Sa.D’Olive, fin: Paradise Regd, B. IV. Theatre, Zumae.

Dep. e.216, fol.  8v
[fol. 8v]

Feb. 22. Su.Letter to Shelley. Changeling: Crusoe, p. 336.

23. M.Letters. Ogilvie & M call: Rodd’s.

24. Tu.Letter to Shelley. Barnfield, çala. A Curran calls, & Booth & Baxtern.

25. W.Write to Shelley. Call on Lamb; adv. S Hazlit.

26. Th.On Criticism, p. 2. Richardson on Shakespear, çala.

27. F.Henry IV, çala. A Curran at tea.

28. Sa.Brende, 2 Curtius, f. 12: Richardson, çala. Ogilvie calls, & Botwright.

Dep. e.216, fol.  9r
[fol. 9r]


Mar. 1. Su.Brende, f. 34: Crusoe, p. 360, fin. Rosser & A Curran at tea.

2. M.Brende, f. 59. Theatre, Castle of Glendoure.

3. Tu.Botwright, M & Fk call: M & I Colnet dine: Hazlit’s Lecture, w. M J; adv. Aldises & Hille.

4. W.Write to Shelley. Botwright at tea. Buy Paregorice. Letter from Mary.

5. Th.Call on Mary; adv. Jane. Write to Shelley. 1/2 Mounchensey. Jane au soir: Ogilvies sup.

6. F.Mounchensey, fin. Call on Mary, (adv. Shelley) Longdil, & Haywardn: Jane & Hazlit sup: Rodd.

7. Sa.Write to Bevan. Macgowan calls: call on Shelley; adv. Peacock, & on Hayward: dine at Longman’s, w. S E Brydges, S J B Burges, Hobhouse, H Smith, Hamond, Groenvelt, PowelCohen & Carr.

Dep. e.216, fol.  9v
[fol. 9v]

Mar. 8. Su.Shelley calls: call on Hayward.

9. M.Call on Cooper, Richardson, R Taylor & Hayward: Shelley calls: tea Shelley’s, w. H Smith & Peacock. adv. P. Taylor.

10. Tu.Shelley & Jane call: call on Ogilvies: tea Shelley’s, w. Hunts. Write to Taylor, Norwich. Jay calls.

11. W.Beppo, pp. 49. Jo G dines: Lubé sups.

12. Th.Midas, act 1, 2, 3. Reed (femme Betham) calls: theatre, Rob Roye.

13. F.Midas, fin: 1/2 Endymion. M calls: call on Longdill: Botwright sups.

14. Sa.Endymion, fin: 1/2 Wily Beguiled. Botwright calls: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.216, fol.  10r
[fol. 10r]

Mar. 15. Su.Wily Beguiled, fin: English Traveller.

16. M.Mostellaria, act 1. M breakfasts: Botwright & Colnets call: Rosser sups.

17. Tu.Call on Booths, Homerton, w. M J, & on mrs Harlowe: Lambs sup.

18. W.Write to Bevan. Call on O Rees & Hone: A Curran & Baron at tea: Rodd’s.

19. Th.M breakfasts: call on Mackintoshn, Rogersn, & Northcote: British Gallery: sup at Alsager’s, w. Lambs, Ayrtons, capt. Burney, Martin By, Schlegg & M J.

20. F.Lilburne, çala. Booths & Baxters dine: William at home, 4 nights.

21. Sa.Lilburne, çala.

Dep. e.216, fol.  10v
[fol. 10v]

Mar. 22. Su.Royal King. Hazlit calls: call on Ogilvies, w. W: A Curran & Hazlit invités au soir.

23. M.Pierce Penilesse, pp. 80. Aldis calls: Hazlit’s Lecture, w. M J & W; adv. Aldises, Powis, O’Brien, Alsager, C Kemble, M Burney, Montagus & Reide.

24. Tu.Killing no Murder, pp. 29. M breakfasts: Fk calls: Rodd’s.

25. W.Jonson, çala. Call on Bullivant & Dunmore: Botwright & Manning call: theatre, Rob Roy, D Le. Weber dies.

26. Th.Jew of Malta. Call on M Lamb; adv. M Burney & mrs Reynolds. Somniume.

27. F.Appius, acts 1, 2, 3. M Jones & miss E Brown call: Hazlit, w. M J; adv. Hill, miss Bentley, Rowcroft, Rosser, &c e.

28. Sa.Quarrels of Authors, çala. Dine at Aldis’s, w. Hazlit, Adams, Spencer & Powys; adv. Hayes.

Dep. e.216, fol.  11r
[fol. 11r]

Mar. 29. Su.1/2 Satiromastix: Appius, fin. Hazlits, A Curran, E Collins dine; adv. Rosser.

30. M.Call on O Rees: meet Perry: Hazlit, w. M J; adv. A Curran, Baron, O’Brien, Hill, Reid & Montaguse.

31. Tu.Zouch, Life of Sidney, p. 240. Rodd’s.


Apr. 1. W.Zouch, p. 369, fin. Call on Broughtonn: tea Lamb’s, w. Morgan & miss Brent.

2. Th.Satiromastix, fin: Boswel, p. 33.

3. F.Boswel, p. 126. Hazlit, w. M J; adv. Lambs, Aldises, M Burney, Reid, O’Brien, Hone, Hill, miss Bentley & Rossere: Owen calls.

4. Sa.Aikin, Elizabeth, çala: Boswel, p. 198. Hazlit calls, & Oak.

Dep. e.216, fol.  11v
[fol. 11v]

Apr. 5. Su.Aikin, p. 84: Boswel, p. 220. Rosser au soir.

6. M.Write to Fordham. John Fox, çala: Boswel, p. 268. Rodd’s. Owen & M Jones call.

7. Tu.Aikin, p. 184: Boswel, p. 355. Hazlit calls.

8. W.Aikin, p. 282: Boswel, p. 432.

9. Th.Aikin, p. 409: Boswel, p. 466. Hume calls.

10. F.//Write to Shelley. Aikin, p. 488; Vol. II, p. 29. Hazlit, w. M J; adv. J Taylor, Botwright, O’Brien, Hill, Hone & Montaguse. Marc Valette arrives.

11. Sa.Aikin, p. 73: Boswel, p. 523. Botwright dines: H Robinson au soir.

Dep. e.216, fol.  12r
[fol. 12r]

Apr. 12. Su.Aikin, p. 162: Boswel, p. 570. Lambs sup.

13. M.Aikin, p. 195. M, Carr & Botwright call: A Curran at tea: Hazlit, w. M J; adv. T Moore, Rees, Reed, Hill, Botwright & Aldisese.

14. Tu.Write to Kenney. Aikin, p. 232. Hazlit sups: Rodd’s. Call on J Taylor.

15. W.Aikin, p. 356. McCallums, Jackson (Am)n, & Botwright call.

16. Th.Write to Longdil. Aikin, p. 472. Hume calls (announce £300).

17. F.Aikin, p. 516, fin. Call on Perry (C J Eyre); adv. Hill: Death on the Pale Horsee: Rosser sups.

18. Sa.Laing, on Warbeck, pp. 59. Call on Longman (C J Eyre); adv. Rees & Orme.

Dep. e.216, fol.  12v
[fol. 12v]

Apr. 19. Su.Nugæ Antiquæ, p. 130: Boswel, p. 620. Call on Hayward: Weale & Carlton call.

20. M.Write to Longdill. Nugæ, çala: Boswel, p. 670. Hayward, Willats & Henrietta Brown call.

21. Tu.Nugæ, Buck, & Drake on Shakespear, çala. Rodd’s. meet J B Curran.

22. W.Drake, çala: Boswel, p. 716. C Baxter dines; adv. pere: F Ht, H White & Botwright call: sup at Weale’s, w. M J & Carltons.

23. Th.Write to William. Drake, çala. Sup at E White’s, w. Lambs, Philips, Talfourd, M Burney, Riddle & Ryal & capt. Henney.

24. F.Write to Kenney. Drake, çala. Theatre, Jew of Maltae.

25. Sa.Jew of Malta: Child of Nature, p. 83. Call on Longman: meet sir R Phillips.

Dep. e.216, fol.  13r
[fol. 13r]

Apr. 26. Su.Child of Nature, p. 303: Boswel, Vol. II, p. 60. E Collins dines & sleeps: call on Youngn.

27. M.Write to Bevan. Child of Nature, Vol. II, p. 62. Call on T Mooren: Young calls n: Rodd’s.

28. Tu.Write to Thurgar. Letters on Chivalry, p. 46: Child of Nature, p. 109. Call on Burrows & White: Jackson & Young call: Lambs, Alsager, E White, H Robinson, Lubé & E Collins sup: invités Ayrtons & Talfourd.

29. W.Leters on Chivalry, p. 120, fin: Child of Nature, p. 141. Call on Ogilvien: theatre, Bellamirae.

30. Th.Edward II, play: Child of Nature, p. 208. Jo G & Phebena call: Young calls: Jackson sups.


May 1. F.Write to Mary. Child of Nature, p. 350, fin: Boswel, p. 100.

2. Sa.Write to P H G. C Harold, C. IV, st. 50: Boswel, p. 140. Mathews at Home, w. M Je.

Dep. e.216, fol.  13v
[fol. 13v]

May 3. Su.Life, 3 pp. Of Religion.Of the Old English Writers. Boswel, p. 182. Weale & E Collins & Baxter dine.

4. M.Life, 1 page: Will. Exhibition; adv. Este, Hill, Hayward, Mulready, Harlow, Dawe, (Gifford) & Perrye. Boswel, p. 214. Call on Lawrence, surgeon.

5. Tu.Life, revise. Write to Jay. Boswel, p. 252. Rodd’s. Botwright calls: call on Sherwood.

6. W.Life, revise. Boswel, p. 306. Theatre, Douglase.

7. Th.Life, 4 pages. Of Religion. Boswel, p. 338. British Gallery; Cartoons, &c: Baron at tea.

8. F.Life of L K North, p. 168: Boswel, p. 380.

9. Sa.Life, 3 pp. Life of North, p. 210. Sup at Wolcot’s. William at home, 3 nights.

Dep. e.216, fol.  14r
[fol. 14r]

May 10. Su.Dalrymple, Memorials, çala: Boswel, p. 412. Guilmaud, I Colnet & H Ht dine: Baron & Rosser sup.

11. M.Life of North, p. 244: Boswel, p. 472. P Pilcher at tea.

12. Tu.Johnstoni Historia, çala: Boswel, p. 498.

13. W.Johnston, çala: Boswel, p. 550. Rodd’s.

14. Th.Write to Taylor, Norwich. Johnston, çala: Boswel, p. 650. Call on J Taylor: K Colnet dines.

15. F.Life, 2 pp. LiJohnston, çala: Life of North, p. 266: Boswel, p. 691, fin.

16. Sa.Life, 3 pp. Johnston, çala. M G Lewis dies .

Dep. e.216, fol.  14v
[fol. 14v]

May 17. Su.Life, 2 1/2 pp. Johnston, çala; Jacobus, p. 359-361. P Pilcher dines.

18. M.Life, 3 pp. Johnston, p. 365/2. Mrs Hume, A & C call: call on J Taylor.

19. Tu.Life, 1 page. Johnston, p. 366. Call on Bagster, Pearsal & Cooper: P P dines; adv. Botwright.

20. W.Johnston, p. 368/2. Call on O Rees, & Lamb ; adv. Hellier & Humes: meet Planta: Rodd’s.

21. Th.Johnston, p. 372/2. Lubé calls: call of E White; adv. Henney: P Pilcher dines.

22. F.Philipses, revise. Johnston, p. 375/2. P Pilcher dines.

23. Sa.Philipses, 1 page. Johnston, p. 378. Rodd’s.

Dep. e.216, fol.  15r
[fol. 15r]

May 24. Su.Malthus, çala . Johnston, p. 381. P Pilcher dines: Rosser// sups. Life of North, p. 317.

25. M.Johnston, p. 384. British Gallery, Cartoons, &c, w. M J; adv. Mulready.

26. Tu.Johnston, p. 386: Winstanley, Worthies, çala: Budgel, on Boyles, p. 116.

27. W.Life, 2 1/2 pp. Budgel, p. 258, fin. P P at tea; adv. Botwright: Lubé calls n. Of the Goods of Fortune.

28. Th.Life, 2 pp. Women, p. 170. P P dines.

29. F.Women, p. 317: Wheatley on Shakespear, pp. 82. P P dines; adv. Weale & H Robinson: Rodd’s.

30. Sa.Whitlock, çala. Call on J Taylor; adv. Proby: meet Young.

Dep. e.216, fol.  15v
[fol. 15v]

May 31. Su.Whitlock, çala. Hazlit & Rosser sup.


June 1. M.Whitlock, çala: Women, Vol. II, p. 74. Macmillan (on Shelley) & Hazlit call; w. him, meet Dyer: theatre, K John; adv. Boadene.

2. Tu.Write to Florence. Women, p. 276. P P dines; adv. Botwright: meet H Payne.

3. W.Whitlock, çala: Women, Vol. III, p. 76. Rodd’s. Botwright calls, £100.

4. Th.Whitlock, fin: Women, p. 200. Hazlit & Mulready dine; adv. Botwright & P P. Write to Curtis.

5. F.Cromwel, çala: Women, p. 408, fin. Call on Perry & Phidias: theatre, 3/5 Stratageme: Underwood & P P sup.

6. Sa.Reginald Scot, çala. M, Beagin & Underwood call: meet Jo G: E White calls n. Rhumee.

Dep. e.216, fol.  16r
[fol. 16r]

June 7. Su.Commonwealth’s Men, çala. E Collins dines.

8. M.Commonwealth’s Men, invent. Kimber, Life of Cromwel, p. 54. Call on Northcote; adv. Bp of Chichester: C Baxter dines.

9. Tu.Write to Shelley. Waller, Vindication, p. 184. Walk to Hoxton: S Napier & Nichols at tea. S Napier sleeps.

10. W.Berkley, Memoirs, pp. 93: Waller, fin. Aldis calls: meet Keir: call on E Whiten: Rodd’s. Dissolution. Drury Lane Theatre closes, 4 dayse.

11. Th.Berkley, çala. S Napier dines: meet E White.

12. F.Berkley, çala: Warbeck, acts 1 & 2. Meet Wallace.

13. Sa.Berkley, &c.

Dep. e.216, fol.  16v
[fol. 16v]

June 14. Su.Ludlow, çala.

15. M.Ludlow, çala. Rosser calls: meet Miller: call on M Lamb: sup at Lamb’s, w. M J.

16. Tu.Whitlock, çala. Baron calls: Broughton & E White sup.

17. W.Eastward Hoe, acts 1 & 2. Lamb (with works) calls na & S Fell: rubber, Lamb’s, w. Manning: Hazlit sups. Call on J Taylor.

18. Th.Jonson, çala: Mr H. Mesds. S & R Curran call: Rodd’s. W at home.

19. F.Philarete, p. 36: Eastward Hoe, fin.

20. Sa.Livorno. Call on Maitlandn.

Dep. e.216, fol.  17r
[fol. 17r]

June 21. Su.Charles’s Judges, çala. E Collins dines.

22. M.Charles’s Judges, çala: Ancient Mariner.

23. Tu.Call on Singer (Fulham)n, Inchbaldna, & Wilkie. clerk from Tilson, w. notice to quite.

24. W.Malthus, çala. Call on Longman (for Trotter): Polito’s, w. M J, W & Marc.

25. Th. Malthus, çala. Write to Trotter & Richardson: Life of Cooke, Vol. I. Call on Hayward & Longdil. Mountain clouds, Waterloo.

26. F.Malthus, çala. Philarete, p. 58. M calls: call on Northcote; adv. Jas Moore: Hoxton, w. W.

27. Sa.Malthus, çala. Owen calls: M dines.

Dep. e.216, fol.  17v
[fol. 17v]

June 28. Su.Malthus, çala. Life of Cooke, Vol. II.

29. M.Malthus, çala. Write to Bevan. Cellini, p. 167. Macgowan & Cadeln call: Ancient Armour, w. W: meet J C Banks.

30. Tu.Malthus, p. 1. Cellini, p. 218. S Fell calls: mt M: 5 Humes, Baron & E Collins dine.


July 1. W.Faustus: Cellini, p. 259. Write to Broughton. Rodd’s.

2. Th.Malthus, p. 2. Cellini, p. 343. Call on Hone: hear H Hunte: H Holcroft, S S, 4 nightse.

3. F.Ludlow, p. 172 to 236: Cellini, p. 442. M calls: H Robinson sups.

4. Sa.Malthus, p. 4. Ludlow, p. 322. Close of Westminster Electione.

Dep. e.216, fol.  18r
[fol. 18r]

July 5. Su.Malthus, p. 7/2. Cellini, p. 512. Rosser & E Collins sup.

6. M.Malthus, p. 9. Cellini, Vol. II, p. 74. S Fell calls.

7. Tu.Malthus, p. 13/2. Write to Livorno. M calls (for S Fell) & Lubén: Rodd’s.

8. W.Greenwich, w. M J, W & Marc, Mulready & E Collins; invités Lubé & Rosser. Cellini, p. 149: Warbeck, fin.

9. Th. Malthus, 10 lines; invent . Botwright, & Graham of Glasgow call: call on E White: Rosser sups.

10. F.Malthus, p. 15. Write to Shelley. Ludlow, p. 438.

11. Sa.Malthus, p. 17. Cellini, p. 278. Call on J Taylor; adv. Smith & Proby.

Dep. e.216, fol.  18v
[fol. 18v]

July 12. Su.Malthus, p. 22. Ludlow, p. 492.

13. M.Malthus, p. 25. Cellini, p. 307.

14. Tu.Malthus, p. 28. Ludlow, p. 576. Botwright & M call.

15. W.Malthus, p. 30/2. Ludlow, p. 670. Henderson calls: call on Brookes, banker: meet Ogilvie: Rodd’s, adv. Jno Collier.

16. Th.Malthus, p. 33. Call on Perry & Hume: Lamb calls: L Kenney at tea; adv. Botwright: T Rodd calls.

17. F.Malthus, p. 36. Write to Shelley. Al. Henderson dines.

18. Sa.Malthus, p. 37, & 1 1/2 pp. Ludlow, p. 718. Theatre, Possession, 9 Points; adv. H Payne & Wallacee.

Dep. e.216, fol.  19r
[fol. 19r]

July 19. Su.Malthus, 2 pp. Ludlow, p. 762. Dine at Hume’s, w. M J, W, Lamb & Hazlit; adv. Philips: call on Mulreadyn:

20. M.Malthus, 5th Edn, read, p. 94. M calls: dine at Perry’s. Write to Constable.

21. Tu.Life of Hale, pp. 218. Macgowan calls: theatre, 1/2 Rule a Wifee.

22. W.Ludlow, p. 836. Coligne. Call on Lamb; adv. Morgans: meet Miller: Botwright & Baron call: Rosser sups.

23. Th.Malthus (read), p. 181. Ludlow, çala.

24. F.Malthus, p. 268. Write to Bevan. Ludlow, çala. L Ht & M dine.

25. Sa.Malthus, p. 354. Ludlow, p. 878.

Dep. e.216, fol.  19v
[fol. 19v]

July 26. Su.Malthus, p. 386. Ludlow, Vol. III, p. 50. E Collins dines.

27. M.Tales of my Landlord, Vol Ludlow, p. 143.

28. Tu.My Landlord, Vol. V.

29. W:My Landlord, Vol. VI; Vol. VII, p. 138. W Curran & Botwright call.

30. Th.My Landlord, p. 328; Vol. VIII, p. 178. Miss Pope dies .

31. F.Write to Jay. My Landlord, p. 375, fin: Ludlow, p. 184. Lubé calls.


Aug. 1. Sa.Write to Taylor, Norwich. Commonwealth, çala. Rodd’s: Baron sups.

Dep. e.216, fol.  20r
[fol. 20r]

Aug. 2. Su.Malthus, p. 413. Ludlow, p. 253, fin. W Curran dines.

3. M.Write to Constable. Call on Longdil: meet Booth & R Baxter: M calls. W to Woodforde, Marc to Somers Towne.

4. Tu.Malthus, p. 478. Meet Ogilvie: Booth dines: Rodd’s.

5. W.Haines, pp. 60. Hume calls: W Curran; Lubé, &Baron, & L Kenney dine.

6. Th.Malthus, p. 496. General Lambert, çala.

7. F.Cromwel, çala.

8. Sa.Malthus, Vol. II, p. 79. General Harrison, çala. Call on Ogilvien.

Dep. e.216, fol.  20v
[fol. 20v]

Aug. 9. Su.Malthus, p. 86. General Harrison, çala. Rosser tea & supper.

10. M.Mel drum, p. 27. Rodd’s. Call on J Taylor: N G calls.

11. Tu.Clement Walker, çala.

12. W.C Walker, çala. Call on J Taylor: Margt Colnet dines & sleeps.

13. Th.C Walker, çala. Call on Hayward: L Kenney & Margt Colnet dine.

14. F.Dulwich, w. M J.

15. Sa.Blake, by S J, pp. 26. M, Kenney & Lubé call: theatre, Green Man; adv. J Taylore.

Dep. e.216, fol.  21r
[fol. 21r]

Aug. 16. Su.Suicide, p. 3. Savage, p. 82. Weale & Henderson sup. Bel[t?].

17. M.Hendon, w. M J. Kenney calls n.

18. Tu.Savage, p. 172, fin. M & Botwright call.

19. W.Write to Shelley: Whitaker, A Henderson & W Curran call: Rodd’s.

20. Th.Cromwel, çala. Kennies dine. Two Letters.

21. F.Write to M W S & Robbins. Cromwel, çala.

22. Sa.Lust’s Dominion, acts 1, 2, 3. Warren Hastings dies

Dep. e.216, fol.  21v
[fol. 21v]

Aug. 23. Su.Lust’s Dominion, fin. Baron at tea.

24. M.Write to Broughton & Constable. Rosser & W Currann call: meet Hardy.

25. Tu.John Woodvil. Macgowan calls: call on Wolcotna. Write to Lucca. Billington dies .

26. W.Thurloe, çala. Meet Hill: Thos Ht dines: B[t?] calls.

27. Th.Thurloe, çala. Kenney, W Curran & E Collins dine; adv. Rosser.

28. F.Healing Question, pp. 24: Thurloe, çala. M & Bt call: call on Broughtonn.

29. Sa.Steamboat for Southend; w. M J, Thi. Rose & Susan (Fore Cabin): tea Lacey’s, sleep. (Hansford).

Dep. e.216, fol.  22r
[fol. 22r]

Aug. 30. Su.Tide, Labyrinth, & Farmse. Sir D Lindsay, çala.

31. M.Steamboat for London; w. Snow, Robley & Fildes, 78 persons: sleep in S S. Cha. Phillips, Sheil & Talfourd call n, & Broughtonn.


Sep. 1. Tu.Write to M J. Massacre at Paris, pp. 43. Wilkie, R A, calls: call on Kenney: Broughton sups.

2. W.Malthus, p. 132. Call on Wolcot: dine at Kenney’s, w. Bartley; adv. Plumptre.

3. Th.Write to M J. C Walker, Part II, p. 38: Skinner, Life of Monk, p. 100. Rodd’s.

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5. Sa.Write to M J & W. Cromwel, çala. R Baxter calls: sup at Lamb’s, w. Manning. Mark at home, 2 nightse. Hazlit calls n.

Dep. e.216, fol.  22v
[fol. 22v]

Sep. 6. Su.Monk, p. 288. Dine at Baxter’s, w. Booth 810 in family, & Mark. Diarrhoea, de nuite.

7. M.Write to M J. Monk, p. 385, fin. Jay calls: theatre, Macbeth, act 1; adv. Lawrencee. Write to William.

8. Tu.E Philips, çala. Theatre, Amateurs & Actors; adv. Mulreadye.

9. W.C Walker, p. 50. Hazlit & W Curran call: Kennies, Thos Ht & W Curran dine; adv. Lambs.

10. Th.C Walker, çala. Meet Tho Moore: Baxter dines: theatre, 1/5 School for Scandal; adv. Wallacee. Write to M J.

11. F.Write to Bevan. C Walker, p. 160. Bindley dies .

12. Sa.Steamboat for Southend, w. Tegart, Payne junr, un Italien & dame de Dash: sleep at Rowley’s. Mrs Edwards.[Not in London]

Dep. e.216, fol.  23r
[fol. 23r]

Sep. 13. Su.Boat to Leigh; Loton’s Cottage; showers.[Not in London]

14. M.Steamboat, for London, w. Snow, Payne, &c, 50 persons: S S, 1/4 after eleven.[Not in London]

15. Tu.Write to M J. Bible, çala. Rutherford calls: walk to T R D Le.

16. W.Bible, çala. Call on J Taylor: Booth dines: Rosser sups.

17. Th.Suicide, p. 6, fin. Write to Sub-committee, D L. Life of Clarendon, p. 58. Hazlit calls n: Rodd’s.

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19. Sa.Roister, fin: Clarendon, p. 126. Macmillan calls: call on Longdilnit: theatre, Romeo, act 1, 2, 3e.

Dep. e.216, fol.  23v
[fol. 23v]

Sep. 20. Su.Clarendon, p. 192. Dine at Baxter’s, w. Booths; adv. Curtises & Hunter.

21. M.Write to M J. Clarendon, p. 264. Hazlit calls n: Rodd’s.

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24. Th.Wit without Money, act 1. T T & T Ht call; Botwright at tea: sup at Lamb’s; adv. L Kenney.

25. F.Wit without Money, act 2, 3, 4. Kenney & T Ht call. Write to William.

26. Sa.Wit without Money, fin. Ogilvie & W Curran call: Booth dines: Rosser sups.

Dep. e.216, fol.  24r
[fol. 24r]

Sep. 27. Su.Malthus, p. 270. Dine at T T’s, Kensington Gore, w. Flather. Wit without Money, fin.

28. M.Maids Tragedy, act 1, 2, 3. Ogilvie calls. Sternutatione. M J at home e.

29. Tu.Malthus, p. 305. Maid’s Tragedy, fin. Call on Kenney, w. M J: Kenneys, Sheil & W Curran sup.

30. W.Bonduca, act 1. Bevan & Rosser sup.


Oct. 1. Th.Write to William. T T calls: call on Talfourd: theatre, Othello, 3 acts; adv. Paynee.

2. F.Malthus, p. 350. Ogilviena, Bevan & Rosser call: call on Kenney; adv. Manning. Bonduca, act 2, 3, 4.

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Dep. e.216, fol.  24v
[fol. 24v]

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Dep. e.216, fol.  25r
[fol. 25r]

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12. M.Smith, p. 80. M (on Review), Bevan & Baronn call.

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16. F.Indisposede. Ogilvie calls: call on J Taylor: Rosser & Hepburn call: Lambs, Hepburn & Bevan sup.

17. Sa.Malthus, p. 307. Hepburn & Rosser call: callRodd’s. Botwright calls n.

Dep. e.216, fol.  25v
[fol. 25v]

Oct. 18. Su.Malthus, p. 374. Mysterious Mother. Call on Hone, w. M J.

19. M.Malthus, notes . Wife for a Month, act 1, 2, 3. T & Harwood Ht call. Find Shelley’s Bill, £50. Expect Booth to dinner.

20. Tu.Malthus, notes . Baxter, W Curran & Rosser call: theatre, Proof Presumptive; adv. J Taylor & C Philipse.

21. W. Write to Livorno. Constant Couple. Booth at tea.

22. Th.Faithful Friend, act 1, 2, 3. Bevan calls: theatre, Distressed Mothere. Indisposede.

23. F.Malthus, çala. Faithful Friend, fin. W Curran, Baron & Bevan sup.

24. Sa.Four Prentices: Burning Pestle, act 1, 2, 3.

Dep. e.216, fol.  26r
[fol. 26r]

Oct. 25. Su.Letter, 2 pp. Burning Pestle, fin. Dine at Booth’s, Hackney; adv. R & C Baxter & Hunter.

26. M.Women Pleased, acts 1, 2, 3. M calls, on Kenney: Bevan dines. W Elliot dies .

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28. W.Faithful Shepherdess, act 3: Custom, fin. Bevan calls: Rodd’s. Pensée.

29. Th.Faithful Shepherdess, fin: French Lawyer, act 1. Booth dines: theatre, Adelgithae.

30. F.Write to Taylor, Norwich. French Lawyer, acts 2 & 3. Call on Hunter (adv. Miles), Manning director, H Rogers, R Sharpn & W Vaughann: Du Plantis at tea; adv. Bevan.

31. Sa.Write to William. French Lawyer, fin: Out of his Humour, act 1 & 2. Ogilvie calls: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.216, fol.  26v
[fol. 26v]


Nov. 1. Su.Birch, Prince Henry, p. 118. Au soir, Constable, Bevan, W Curran & Baron.

2. M.Prince Henry, p. 270. Call of Northcoten: mrs Dixon & Rosser call. Romilly dies .

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Dep. e.216, fol.  27r
[fol. 27r]

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9. M.Robertson, p. 188. Ogilvie calls: theatre, Jane Shore (Booth)e. Longdil calls n.

10. Tu.Write to Stephen Kemble. Robertson, p. 200. Debus, Booth & Bevan dine: Hazlit’s Lecture, w. M J, Debus & Bevan; adv. L Hunts, Lambs & Aldise.

11. W.Write to Kean. Call on Booth (Malthus), Longdill & Hayward: Constable calls n.

12. Th.Malthus, 1 1/2 pp. Constable, Booth & Hazlit dine; adv. Bevan: L K calls.

13. F.Write to P B S. Call on Vaughann: seek R Sharp: E Collins dines. Franklin, çala.

14. Sa.Malthus, p. 4. Call on W Morgan: Rosser sups: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.216, fol.  27v
[fol. 27v]

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16. M.Malthus, p. 10. Athalie, acte 2. Botwright at tea: Call on Lambn & L K.

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20. F.Malthus, p. 18/2. Owen & Snown call: Concall on Constable: Bevan sups.

21. Sa.Malthus, çala. Goodrich (from Follet) & Manning (Exeter)n call: call on Wolcotna: Rodd’s. Write to R Sharp. First cold weather, 2 days.

Dep. e.216, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

Nov. 22. Su.Call on Booth; adv. C Baxter: Tho. & Harwd Ht dine: Bevan sups.

23. M.Call on Planta & Bohte: Bevan sups. Malthus, 1 page.

24. Tu.Malthus, p. 20/2. Call on Stephen Lee, R S, & Morgan: 3 Baxters & Bevan dine. adv. Burney.

25. W.Write to Rickman. Bevan calls: call on Booth; adv. 2 Baxters. Paralysise.

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27. F.Cromwel, 1652. Bevan sups: Rodd’s.

28. Sa.Rickman, çala. Bevan calls: Rosser sups: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.216, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

Nov. 29. Su.Rickman, çala; increase of population in England . Bevan & Rosser sup.

30. M.Malthus, çala. Call on Morgan; Boothn & Constable call.


Dec. 1. Tu.Call on Booth: Constable calls n: Bevan sups.

2. W.Malthus, p. 24.

3. Th.Malthus, p. 27. Theatre, Brutus; adv. Paynee: call on Hughes: Bevan calls: Rosser sups.

4. F.Malthus, p. 28. M calls: Booth & Bevan dine.

5. Sa.Malthus, p. 31. Call on Constablen: Rodd’s. Acquittals for one pound notese. Rheumatism, 3 dayse.

Dep. e.216, fol.  29r
[fol. 29r]

Dec. 6. Su.Malthus, p. 34/2. Write to Constable. Bacon’s Apology, pp. 14. Bevan sups; adv. Lubé & Stretch. Ogilvie & Bevan call.

7. M.Malthus, p. 36. Rodd’s; adv. Heber.

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Dep. e.216, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

Dec. 13. Su.Malthus, M, 2 pp. Florence McArthy, p. 204. Read Antonio to Rosser & Bevan; Bevan dines{.} Ellenborough dies.

14. M.Malthus, M, 1 page; A, p. 4 . Florence McArthy, p. 288. Coleridge (Crown & Anchor), w. Bevan; adv. O’Briene: Bevan sups. Hume calls.

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19. Sa.Birkbeck, &c. Hume calls n: Booth & Bevan dine: sup at OgHazlit’s, w. Ogilvie, Washington Irving, Bevan & Kirkpatrick: Ogilvie calls.

Dep. e.216, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

Dec. 20. Su.Birkbeck, &c. Simple Story, p. 60. P P dines: Bevan & Rosser sup.

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26. Sa.Malthus, p. 17. Lubé & Baron call: Bevan sups: Rodd’s, w. Bevan.

Dep. e.216, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

Dec. 27. Su.Malthus, p. 19. Call, w. Lubé, on mrs Dixonn: Bevan dines; adv. Rosser. S Beresford calls.

28. M.Malthus, p. 21. Write to Aspinwal. Ogilvie & Washington Irving call n: Bevan sups. W to Blaettermane.

29. Tu.Malthus, p. 22/2. Bevan breakfasts: call on Ogilvie & L K; adv. M Lamb: 5 Humes, 2 Snow, S Bereford, Talfourd, P P & Bevan dine; adv. Rosser; invités Taylors, Weale

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31. Th.Malthus: Of Subsistence, p. 2. Coleridge, Ric. II, w, M J, S P & W; adv. Talfourd & Ogilvie (B Montagu)e.