William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1817



1817, Jan. 1. W.Mandeville, p. 4. M calls: K Colnet dines.

2. Th.Mandeville, p. 5. Write to Taylor, Norwich. M dines. Slight access of disease: vehemently impassioned dream; imprecatione.

3. F.Write to Hepburn. Constable calls n: dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler.

4. Sa.Mandeville, 1 page. Call on Dolman & H Robinson.

Dep. e.215, fol.  16r
[fol. 16r]

Jan. 5. Su.Mandeville, p. 7. Write to Constable. Dine at Stewart’s, w. J Taylor, Narrien, Holmes, Robinson & Pinfold; adv. Lucas & Meyler, & concerte. Constablen & son call, & Jo G. H Ht, 3 nights.

6. M.Mandeville, p. 8. Call on Hume: dine at Curran’s, w. Banks.

7. Tu.Mandeville, p. 10/2. M, F Ht & Clarkes dine: Rodd’s.

8. W.Mandeville, p. 10. P B S calls: call on Haywd.

9. Th.Mandeville, p. 11. Destruction of Troy, p. 40. Write to Curtis. P B S dines: call on Dolman: theatre, Broken Sworde.

10. F.Mandeville, p. 12/2. Dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler.

11. Sa.My Landlord, p. 96. Shelley dines: Botwright calls.

Dep. e.215, fol.  16v
[fol. 16v]

Jan. 12. Su.Mandeville, p. 13/2. My Landlord, p. 361; Vol. II, p. 120.

13. M.Mandeville, p. 14/2. My Landlord, p. 340; Vol. III, p. 72. P B S at tea. De Montfort, act 1.

14. Tu.Mandeville, 6 lines, &c. My Landlord, p. 255. P B S dines: call on Sherwood: meet Phillips & D Constable: Rodd’s; adv. Triphook.

15. W.Mandeville, p. 15. My Landlord, p. 349, & Vol. IV. Whitaker (St Pauls), & Fkna call.

16. Th.Mandeville, p. 17/2. Sterline, Aurora, çala. Write to Curtis. Botwright calls.

17. F.Mandeville, p. 19/2. Aurora, çala. D Constable sups. Call on Hume: Rodd’s.

18. Sa.Mandeville, p. 2 1/2. Call on Longman, & Whitaker, St Paulsn: theatre, w. M J & W, Humorous Lieutenante.

Dep. e.215, fol.  17r
[fol. 17r]

Jan. 19. Su.Mandeville, p. 22. Humorous Lieut, acts 1 & 2. Call on Aldis, w. W G; adv. Woodham.

20. M.Mandeville, p. 24/2. Write to Constable. P B S & Botwright call n: dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler.

21. Tu.Mandeville, p. 24. Write to Curran. Call on Hayward: sup at Lamb’s, w. Pl. Lloyd.

22. W.Meyler, çala. Write to P B S. Theatre, Oronokoe: R & E Taylor, & D Constable sup.

23. Th.Mandeville, p. 26. Call on Hardwickn: Botwright at tea.

24. F.Call on Davisonn & P B S (Vale of Health)n: Davison calls n: Rodd’s. Fk & Botwright at tea.

25. Sa.Mandeville, p. 28. M calls. Theatre, 1/2 Know your own Minde.

Dep. e.215, fol.  17v
[fol. 17v]

Jan. 26. Su.Mandeville, p. 29. Dine at Hunt’s, w. Shelley, Hazlit, Colson & Hogg: P B S & M sup & sleep.

27. M.Mandeville, p. 31. Dine at Curran’s.

28. Tu.Mandeville, p. 32. Call on Hume: Shelleys dine, & sleep, 2 nights. Parliament meetse.

29. W.Mandeville, p. 33/2. Call, w. P B S, on Hayward{:} theatre, w. M J, M & W, Jealous Wifee.

30. Th.Call, w. P B S, on Brougham, & Wetherel; adv. Longdil: call on Place. William to schoole. Write to Taylor, Norwich. M calls.

31. F.Mandeville, p. 34. P B S & L Hunt call: consultation; Brougham, B M , Wetherel, Horne, Longdil, L H & P B S: M calls: Fk dines.

Dep. e.215, fol.  18r
[fol. 18r]


Feb. 1. Sa.Mandeville, p. 36. Dine at Curran’s, w. Shiel & Wallace: Hunts at tea: Shelleys sleep, 2 nights.

Feb. 2. Su.Mandeville, p. 37.

3. M.Mandeville, p. 38. Botwright, M Jones & D Constable call: Philips & P P dine:

4. Tu.Mandeville, p. 40. Botwright calls: Shelleys, 3 Hunts & P P dine. Write to Constable.

5. W.Mandeville, p. 42/2. Kenney dines: theatre, w. Kenney; Ravense: Green Room, D L, w Kenny; Kean, Rae, Lamb, Linley, De Camp, & mrs Alsop: sup at S E’s, w. M J.

6. Th.Call on Brougham, Mackintosh, Rogers, Longdill, & M Burneyn: Shelleys dine & sleep.

7. F.Mandeville, p. 42. M Burney & M call: Shelleys dine: Rodd’s.

8. Sa.Mandeville, p. 43. Shelley & Hunt call, & Sir R P.

Dep. e.215, fol.  18v
[fol. 18v]

Feb. 9. Su.Mandeville, p. 45/2. Call on Jeffery; adv. Brougham: Kenney sups. Mourninge .

10. M.Mandeville, p. 46. Shelleys dine & sleep. Lambs call, R Taylor, & T Tna. Write to Lamb.

11. Tu.Mandeville, p. 47. Shelleys, L Hunt & m Kent dine: theatre, w. them, Shylock; adv. M Lambe.

12. W.Mandeville, p. 49. Shelley dines; adv. Botwright. Booth appears in Richarde.

13. Th.Mandeville, p. 50. Theatre, R. III (Booth); adv. Perry & J Taylore.

14. Sa.eMandeville, p. 52. Curran calls: Rodd’s.

15. Sa.Mandeville, p. 54/2. Shelley dines: sup at Wolcot’s, w. J Taylor. meet A Boswell.

Dep. e.215, fol.  19r
[fol. 19r]

Feb. 16. Su.Mandeville, p. 55. Dine at L Hunt’s, w. Shelleys, Hazlits & B Montagu; adv. Colson, Gatty & Clarke.

17. M.Mandeville, p. 56. Seek Evans: theatre, 3/5 Hamlete: Owen calls n.

18. Tu.Mandeville, 2 pp. Call on Evansn & Banksn: dine at Curran’s.

19. W.Write to Taylor (Norwich), & Hewlet. Herne Hill; meet Evans: Mary, Jane & W dine.

20. Th.Mandeville, 1 page. Genii, çala. Dibbin calls: P B S, Hunts & P P dine: theatre, Othello (Booth); adv. Perry, Bentleys & miss Lunane.

21. F.Mandeville, p. 59/2. Genii, p. 43. Shelley & P P dine.

22. Sa.Mandeville, p. 60. Write to P H G. Genii, p. 55. Curran calls: P P dines: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.215, fol.  19v
[fol. 19v]

Feb. 23. Su.Mandeville, p. 61. Genii, p. 76. M calls: 4 Shelleys dine: Kenney & H R sup.

24. M.Mandeville, p. 63/2. Chapman, Cæsar, acts 1, 2, 3. Dine at Curran’s.

25. Tu.Mandeville, p. 65/2. Call on Harlowe & Northcote: Owen calls: dine at Rogers’s, w. Curran, Este & H Rogers.

26. W.Mandeville, p. 67/2. Call on Northcote: Kenney dines; adv. P B S.

27. Th.Mandeville, p. 67. Write to J Booth. Wanderer, by C K. Call on Hume: theatre, 3/5 J Shoree. M & W G S call, ppc: call on Poolen.

28. F.Mandeville, p. 68. Write to Constable. Call on Inchbald: meet Gawler: dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler & Lubey.


Mar. 1. Sa.Mandeville, p. 72/2. Call on Cadel, Ed.: Owen & Botwright call: Rodd’s: theatre, Booth, & Heir of Vironi; adv. Cadel & Knowlese.

Dep. e.215, fol.  20r
[fol. 20r]

Mar. 2. Su.Mandeville, p. 74. Dine at Stewart’s, w. Owen, Holmes, Robinson, & (?) Pinfold: concerte .

3. M.Mandeville, 2 pp. M & M Jones call: theatre Booth, Richard; adv. Knowles’se.

4. Tu.Mandeville, 1 1/2 pp. M & P B S call: dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey, Meyler & Waring junr. Chapman, Cæsar, fin.

5. W.Mandeville, p. 76. Write to Wedgwood, on M. Lubey calls: C & M Colnet dine.

6. Th.Mandeville, 4 lines. Sophi, çala: write to Townsend on do: M calls.

7. F.Mandeville, p. 77. Museum; Harris’s Voyagese. Meet R Cadell: Rodd’s.

8. Sa.Mandeville, 8 lines. Write to P B S. Cadel calls: theatre, Booth, Overeache.

Dep. e.215, fol.  20v
[fol. 20v]

Mar. 9. Su.Mandeville, p. 78. Ralegh, çala. Jo G calls.

10. M.Mandeville, p. 80. Theatre, Manuel (adv. Hamond)e: M calls: Botwright sups.

11. Tu.Mandeville, p. 83/2. Call at Dulau: sup at S E’s, w. M J & Leserve; sleep. meet Raymond: Kenney calls n.

12. W.Execution of Cashmane . De Retz, çala. Collins’s dine; adv. L C: Ritchie & W Curran call.

13. Th.Mandeville, p. 85/2. Museum; Marylande.

14. F.Mandeville, p. 87. Kenney dines; adv. Ritchie: M calls.

15. Sa.Mandeville, p. 89/2{.} M calls: theatre, Cymbeline; adv. Humee: call on Knowles.

Dep. e.215, fol.  21r
[fol. 21r]

Mar. 16. Su.Camberwel. W Curran & Lubey dine.

17. M.Mandeville, p. 89. Call on Bertram: M dines: Rodd’s. Write to Shelley.

18. Tu.Invent Holloway. Mandeville, p. 90. Write to Constable. Dine at BromCurran’s, w. Lubey.

19. F.eMandeville, p. 93. Melincourt, Vol. I. W Curran & M call.

20. Th.Mandeville, p. 95. Melincourt, Vol. II. Miss Collins dines, & theatre, w. M J & Clarkese. Write to Shelley.

21. F.Mandeville, p. 98. J Parry calls: call on Hayward: dine at Curran’s, w. Ball (from Rome), & Lubey.

22. Sa.Mandeville, p. 101/2. Call on Saunders: theatre, 1/2 Kean, Overreache. Write to J J G. Meet Tho. H[ild?].

Mar. 23. Su.Mandeville, p. 103/2. Melincourt, Vol. III. M calls: call on Lambn.

24. M.Mandeville, p. 105/2: M dines: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.215, fol.  21v
[fol. 21v]

25. Tu.Mandeville, p. 107. Write to Shelley & L Hunt. M (from Pike) & Botwright call.

26. W.Mandeville, p. 110/2. Lamb calls: seek Kernot: meet Boaden & Morton: miss Collins & M dine.

27. Th.Mandeville, p. 112. Call on Kernot: Kenney dines: theatre, w. do, Curfewe. meet Hewlet.

28. F.Mandeville, p. 114. M calls: call on Davison: Shelley dines.

29. Sa.Mandeville, p. 116/2. Write to Constable. Call on Kernot: British Gallerye: dine at Curran’s, w. Shiel, Wallace, Quin & Lubé.

Dep. e.215, fol.  22r
[fol. 22r]

Mar. 30. Su.Mandeville, p. 117. Markland, çala. Call on Hayward.

31. M.Headlong Hall, pp. 217. J B Curran calls: Lamb, M Burney, Kenney & Alsager sup.


Apr. 1. Tu.Mandeville, revise. Mrs Cecil Smith & M dine; adv. Kenney & 2 Mrs Napiers.

2. W.Mandeville, revise. Coach for Marlow, w. naval officer & mother: tea Shelley’s; adv. Peacock.[Not in London]

3. Th.Medmenham Abbey, by water, w. Peacock, P B S, M & J. W G at home.[Not in London]

4. F.Bisham Wood, w. P B S; adv. Peacock; talk of novels, & perfectibility. Curran calls n.[Not in London]

5. Sa.Hurley, by water, w. P B S & Peacock. J B Curran calls n.[Not in London]

Dep. e.215, fol.  22v
[fol. 22v]

Mar Apr. 6. Su.Maidenhead, by water, w. P B S, &M & Peacock: coach: dine in S S, 6 o’clock.[Not in London]

7. M.M breakfasts: call on Kernot: Rodd’s.

8. Tu.Mandeville, revise. Call on Maud, for M, & on Bartrumn, & Kernot ; adv. Whyte: Buchanan’s, w. do: Kenney at tea: do & Alsager sup; advinvités Lamb & M Burney.

9. W.Mandeville, revise. Write to Mary. //Amadis, p. 96. Call on Bartrumn & Hayward: invité Curran’s, w. Kenney: Graham of Glasgow calls.

10. Th.Mandeville, revise. Call on Bartrum & Poole: S E dines; adv. Kenney; invités H Ht.

11. F.Mandeville, 1/2 page; revise; invent. Hayward, Curran & Banks call: theatre, w. Kenney & W, Iron Chest (Booth); adv. Shiell & Wallacee. Giddinesse.

12. Sa.Gildon, Two Stages, pp. 200. A Boswell calls na: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.215, fol.  23r
[fol. 23r]

Apr. 13. Su.Mandeville, 1/2 page. Farquhar on Comedy, pp. 27. Jo G calls: dine at S E’s, w. M J & W.

14. M.Mandeville, revise. Amadis, p. 168: Hall, çala. Call on Lawrence: Lubé calls n. W G to schoole.

15. Tu.Mandeville, Vol. III, p. 2. Write to Shelley. Call on Northcote: theatre, Conquest of Tarranto; adv. Ryane.

16. W.Mandeville, proofs. Write to Constable. Hall, characters, çala.

17. Th.Letter to P B S, 4 pages. Fenwick calls: theatre, Elphi Beye.

18. F.Write to P B S. Call on Kernot & Hayward: Mt & Caroline Colnet dine.

19. Sa.Mandeville, p. 3. Call on Boswelln: meet Moore, Perry, J Taylor & Hill: theatre, Gamestere.

Dep. e.215, fol.  23v
[fol. 23v]

Apr. 20. Su.Mandeville, p. 4. Meet J B Curran: dine at Curran’s, w. Shiel, Wallace, Quin & Finnerty; adv. Ryan & Glyn.

21. M.Write to P B S. Kenney dines; adv. L Eastwick: theatre, D L, w. Kenneye; see Munden, Kean , Oxberry, &c .

22. Tu.Mandeville, p. 6. Write to P B S, 16 lines. Call on Major, Longman, Sherwood & Hunter: Kenney at tea n: theatre, Double Gallante.

23. W.Mandeville, p. 8/2. Sup at Lamb’s.

24. Th.Mandeville, 1/2 page. Beagin calls: call on Kernotn: Kenney dines: meet M Burney.

25. F.Write to P B S.

26. Sa.Seneca, De Ira, c. 4. Call on Kernot (adv. Wall) & S E: tea Wolcot’s, w. J Taylor.

Dep. e.215, fol.  24r
[fol. 24r]

Apr. 27. Su.Mandeville, 1/2 page. Oracles of Reason, çala. S E calls: call on Hayward.

28. M.Mandeville, 10 lines. Indisposede. Kenney dines: call on Jo G, & Kernot ; adv. Wall. Irritatione.

29. Tu.Proofs. Write to Taylor (Norwich) & Shelley. Call on Hume: Rodd’s.

30. W.Mandeville, p. 9. Write to Shelley, 1 page. Botwright calls n: H Robinson sups.


May 1. Th.Hayward & Walln call: call on Hayward.

2. F.Wall calls: call on Hayward: Ogilvie (Am.) calls: Kenney at tea. Banks calls n.

3. Sa.Mandeville, p. 10. Ogilvie & Hayward call. Miss Collins dines: theatre, Apostate, w. Collins, C Colnet, M J & W; adv. O Brien & Wallacee. W G at home, 2 nightse. sleeps 2 nights. & Hazlit.

Dep. e.215, fol.  24v
[fol. 24v]

May 4. Su.Mandeville, p. 12/2. Ogilvie, çala. Ogilvie dines: Kenney at tea.

5. M.Mandeville, p. 12. Call on Knowles & Hume: Exhibition, w. M J, W, C C & D C; adv. Hill, Perry, Phillips, Liston, Ritchie, Imray & Millere: Jo G, Ritchie & Hayward call: meet Morgan of Calne.

6. Tu.Call on Ogilvien, J Taylorn, Grattann & Mackintosh: dine at Curran’s.

7. W.Mandeville, çala. Ogilvie & Hayward call: Kenney at tea.

8. Th.Mandeville, p. 13. M J for Francee. Ogilvie calls: dine at Curran’s, w. Thomson, Meyler & Finnerty.

9. F.Mandeville, p. 15/2. Spira, pp. 75. Shiel & Botwright call: call on Hayward: Ogilvie sups. Write to Shelley.

10. Sa.Write to M & daughter. Dr Miller calls: Kenney dines: Opera, Don Giovannie.

Dep. e.215, fol.  25r
[fol. 25r]

May 11. Su.Mandeville, p. 16/2. Zaire, actes 1 & 2. Call on Place: Kenney dines: Ogilvie sups. meet Perry.

12. M.Write to Shelley & Baxter. East-India Chambers ; meet Turnbull & Elston: Rodd’s: Hazlit sups. Write to Poole. Percy calls na.

13. Tu.Mandeville, p. 17/2. Zaire, acte 3. Call on J Taylor (adv. Dr Thornton), Percy (w. Ogilvie) & Hayward.

14. W.Write to M J & M. Grattan, Owen & Percy call: call on Turnbull, w. Elston, & on Haywardn.

15. Th.Shelvese. Turnbull calls: call on Hayward: Shiel & Ogilvie dine: theatre (orchestra), w. Shiel; Cato; adv. Harlowee.

16. F.Rhumee. G Dyer calls: call on Hayward & Turnbull: Rodd’s.

17. Sa.Write to M. Percy calls: dine at Curran’s, w. Ogilvie, Thomson, Finnerty & Wallace; adv. Power; invité Casey.

Dep. e.215, fol.  25v
[fol. 25v]

May 18. Su.Mandeville, p. 18/2. Haimatoff, p. 82.

19. M.Mandeville, p. 19/2. Write to J Taylor. Haimatoff, p. 236, fin. Turnbull calls: meet do, at Christie’s: call on Hayward.

20. Tu.Mandeville, p. 20. Call on Hayward, for Christie’s: meet J Taylor: call on Northcote: dine at Curran’s: Ogilvie calls n.

21. W.Mandeville, p. 21/2. Ferd. Jeronimi, çala. Percy calls: theatre, Hamlet, J P K; adv. Estee.

22. Th.Mandeville, p. 21. Write to M J. Ogilvie calls: call on Hayward. Warton on Spenser, çala.

23. F.Mandeville, p. 22. Percy calls: Shelleys dine: call on Picartn & Hazlit: dine at Curran’s; adv. Hazlit & Ryan. they sleep.

24. Sa.Mandeville, p. 23/2. Hazlit & Botwright call: meet Colson & Horace Smith: walk, w. Ogilvie & Shelley. Picart calls.

Dep. e.215, fol.  26r
[fol. 26r]

May 25. Su.Mandeville, p. 23. Call on Hayward: seek C Hill: Ogilvie & Hog dine; adv. Hazlit; invité Colson.

26. M.PerWrite to Longdil. Percy calls: call on S E: Shelley departse. Anderson (Pershore) calls.

27. Tu.Mandeville, p. 24. Gulliver, p. 69. Call on Hayward: theatre, w. M W S, Barbarossae. Write to M J & E Fenwick. Hardwick calls n.

28. W.Mandeville, p. 25. Call on Sir Jos. Banks: meet Turnbull: call on do: sup at Wolcot’s, w. Hazlit. Ogilvie calls.

29. Th.Hazlit, on Shakespear, çala. Jo G calls: meet Turnbull: British Gallery, Deceased British Artistse: dine at Curran’s, w. Hazlit: meet M & Percy.

30. F.M & Turnbull call: sup at Lamb’s, w. M W S. call on Hume.

31. Sa.Mandeville, p. 26. E & C Hill, Ogilvie & Hazlit call: Botwright & M dine: Rodd’s. M W S departse.

Dep. e.215, fol.  26v
[fol. 26v]


June 1. Su.Call on Evans, Dulwich: dine at Stewart’s, w. Ogilvie, J Taylor, Holmes & Pinfold; adv. Owen & Robinson: call on Turnbull.

2. M.Write to M J. Quarterly, çala. Fenwick, Ogilvie & Verplank call: dine at Curran’s, w. Hazlit.

3. Tu.Call on Thornton: Exhibitione: Underwood sups. Gulliver, p. 125.

4. W.Mandeville, 12 lines. Write to Curtis. Gulliver, p. 223: Edgworth, Dramas. Ogilvie, Verplank, Hazlit & Coulson sup.

5. Th.Gulliver, p. 264. Call on Aldisn: Trial of Woolere.

6. F.Write to M W S. Call on Thorntonn & Hume: meet Turnbull; write to do: M dines. Fire at Cromwel’se.

7. Sa.Mandeville, p. 27. Write to Wedgwood. Seek Davison: Curran calls: dine at Curran’s, w. Quin. Verplank calls n.

Dep. e.215, fol.  27r
[fol. 27r]

June. 8. Su.Mandeville, p. 28. Write to Tho. Cooper. Hogg & Verplank call: Ogilvie sups. Call on Hayward.

9. M.Call on Thornton, Jo G, Dowling & M. Trial of Watson, senior, 7 dayse.

10. Tu.Mandeville, p. 29. Curran calls: Rodd’s.

11. W.Mandeville, p. 31. Call on Davison: M dines: sup at Ogilvie’s, w. Verplank & Bevan; adv. Payne.

12. Th.Mandeville, p. 32. Write to Constable. Dine at Curran’s.

13. F.Ogilvie & Botwright call.

14. Sa.Write to Shelley. Meet Curran, Manning & Hill: sup at Hazlit, w. Lambs, Ogilvie, Coulson, Black & Alsager. & H White.

Dep. e.215, fol.  27v
[fol. 27v]

Su. June 15.Write to Evans. Verplank calls n: dine at Aldis’s, w. Powys & Downes; adv. miss Hill.

16. M.Ogilvie & Verplank call, for Ms: call on Jo G: meet J Taylor, Hazlit, Place, Hayward, Mills & Hardy: call on R Taylorn; adv. pere. Watson acquittede.

17. Tu.Write to M J. Manfred, L B. Lamb, Taylor pere, Anderson & Ogilvie call: call on Hume: M dines: H Robinson au soir.

18. W.Mandeville, p. 33. Write to Shelley & S Hamilton. Wall calls: Waterloo Faire. Hot weather, 8 days.

19. Th.Mandeville, p. 34. Write to Swartwoul & A Cooper. J B Curran calls: dine at Curran’s.

20. F.Mandeville, p. 36/2. J B Curran calls: dine at Curran’sSeek Davison: call on Alsager: Lambs, Alsager & H White sup. Ogilvie calls.

21. Sa.Mandeville, p. 37. Write to Mrs Pilcher & Franklin. Wall calls. Blackwel on Homer, p. 70.

Dep. e.215, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

June 22. Su.Mandeville, p. 39. Ludlow, p. 58. Call on Ogilvie.

23. M.Mandeville, p. 41. Blackwel, p. 133. Write to Thornton. Wall calls: call on Hayward: dine at Curran’s, w. Stephens and Jennings: meet Finnerty.

24. Tu.Mandeville, p. 42. Lalla Rookh, p. 49. Call on Sherwood & Lamb: meet Perry. William at home.

25. W.Lalla Rookh, p. 132. Ogilvie calls: call on Haywardn & Lamb: dine at Curran’s: M dines n: S E calls n.

26. Th.Mandeville, p. 43. Shelley dines; adv. Ogilvie: theatre (Talma, &c), w. Ogilvie & Ogden; adv. Payne, Wallace, O’Brien & Crowleye. Lalla Rookh, p. 198.

27. F.Mandeville, p. 44/2. Write to Mary. M calls: call on R Taylor & pere. Lalla Rookh, p. 294.

28. Sa.Mandeville, p. 46/2. Curran, Ogilvie & Hazlit call: dine at Curran’s: Lecture, w. Curran & Dixon; adv. J Taylor, Owen, Payne, Ogden, Bolland, &W G & Verplanke: sup. Lalla Rookh, p. 345, fin. Meet Shelley. Alston

Dep. e.215, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

June 29. Su.Mandeville, p. 47. Call on Place, & Aldis ; adv. Woodhouse & miss Hill: Tieck & H Robinson sup.

30. M.Mandeville, p. 48. Write to Shelley & L Mayor. Jo G calls: call on Haywardn.


July 1. Tu.Mandeville, p. 49. Call on Harlow: Rodd’s; adv. H White. Hayward calls.

2. W.Mandeville, p. 50. Write to Shelley. Lusiad, C. I. Jo G & Wall call: M dines.

3. Th.Mandeville, p. 51. Lusiad, C. II, III. Botwright at tea: S E calls.

4. F.Lusiad, C. IV. Write to Curtis & Shelley. Call on Hayward: Mulready, Harlow, Payne & Poole dine; adv. Hazlit; invités Northcote, L Hunt & Ogilvie. Jo G, Percy & Payne call, & Wallna.

5. Sa.Write to Shelley. Harrington (Edgw.), p. 197. Sup at Payne’s, w. Talma, West, Ogilvie, Hunter, Jordan, 2 Crowleys & Poole. M Jones calls.

Dep. e.215, fol.  29r
[fol. 29r]

July 6. Su.Mandeville, 1 page. Harrington, p. 521, fin; Ormond, p. 104. Hayward calls.

7. M.Ormond, p. 300. M calls & Ogilvie: dine at Curran’s: call, w. do, on Thompson: H Robinson au soir.

8. Tu.Write to Shelley. Ormond, p. 422; Vol. III, p. 100. Jo G calls: seek Davison & Hill: call on Dennet, bond. Taylor (Norwich) calls. Ponsonby dies .

9. W.Write to M J. Ormond, p. 172. Call on Davison: Ogilvie calls: call on Longdil (on Tilson) & Northcote: dine at Curran’s, w. Thompson & Treasures.

10. Th.Mandeville, p. 53/2. Write to Shelley. Ormond, p. 352, fin. Call on Jo G, Lord Mayor & Hayward: 3 Taylors sup.

11. F.Romance of Real Life, Vol. I. M breakfasts: call on Hayward & R Miller: Rosser, junr, calls.

12. Sa.Mandeville, revise. Romance, Vol. II. Curran calls, ppc; with him, Waterloo Bridge: call on Hayward: Ogilvie’s , w. W G; adv. Payne, S Hazlit, Hyams, & 3 Taylorse: Ogilvie sups. Prorogatione.

Dep. e.215, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

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14. M.Schlegel, p. 62. Wall, Jo G, & Rosser, jr, call; M dines: theatre, w. W G, Othelloe.

15. Tu.Mandeville, revise. Write to Shelley. Jo G calls: Rodd’s. Me Stael dies .

16. W.Mandeville, revise. Write to M J. Coleridge, çala. Call on Stoddart: Tieck au soir. Rosser, junr, calls.

17. Th.Mandeville, revise. Write to Curtis. Coleridge, çala.

18. F.Mandeville, 1/2 page; revise, Coleridge, çala. meet Wall: M dines: Jo G calls. M J at homee.

19. Sa.Coleridge, çala. No Lecturee.

Dep. e.215, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

July 20. Su.Coleridge, çala. Call on Ogilvie: S E calls.

21. M.Mandeville, p. 54/2. M calls n: S E dines: Botwright sups: Rodd’s.

22. Tu.Mandeville, p. 55/2. Write to Shelley & J J G. Jo G, J Taylor senr & Ogilvie call: call on Hume, Hayward & Rodd: M dines: 3 Taylors sup. Schlegel, p. 137.

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25. F.Mandeville, p. 58. Schellegel, p. 317. Seek Davison.

26. Sa.Mandeville, p. 60/2. Write to Shelley. Schlegel, p. 347. Meet Longdill: M & Baxtern call: Ogilvie’s , w. M J & W; adv. Payne & Rossere.

Dep. e.215, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

July 27. Su.Mandeville, 61/2. Schlegel, p. 391. Ogilvie & H Payne dine.

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Aug. 1. F.Mandeville, p: 68. Urania, p. 31: Schlegel, p. 390, fin. Jo G calls: call on do. Mes Napier & Joyce call na.

2. Sa.Write to Shelley. Urania, p. 40; Davila, çala. Dine at Dyer’s, w. Macnally: Ogilvie’s , w. M J, W & D C; adv. Payne & S Hazlite.

Dep. e.215, fol.  31r
[fol. 31r]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  31v
[fol. 31v]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  32r
[fol. 32r]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  32v
[fol. 32v]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  33r
[fol. 33r]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  33v
[fol. 33v]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  33v
[fol. 33v]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  34r
[fol. 34r]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  34v
[fol. 34v]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  25r
[fol. 25r]

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Oct. 1. W.Mandeville, p. 137/2, fin. Call on Davison: Shelley dines: Rodd’s. Write to Constable & P H G. adv. Fk.

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Dep. e.215, fol.  35v
[fol. 35v]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  36r
[fol. 36r]

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Dep. e.215, fol.  36v
[fol. 36v]

Oct. 19. M.eGig w. Shelley: bait at Colnebrooke: walk to Horton: Marlow, dine; Peacock sups.[Not in London]

20. M.Gig w. Mary; attendant Shelley & Peacock; through Wycombe, to Hampden. Write to M J. Fitzgerald calls n.[Not in London]

21. Tu.Moore, Epistles, çala. Walk to Bisham, w. Shelley & Peacock: talk w. Jane. Reeves & Jas Smith call n, & Fitzgeraldn.[Not in London]

23. W.eStage, w. Shelley, to London: call on Mrs Dixon, Taylor, Lyne (Phillips n), & Fitzgeraldn: Shelley dines: M & Jo G call. Write to Fitzgerald & Constable. Meet W Curran.[Not in London]

23. Th.Write to Curtis. Fitzgerald, & Taylorna call: Shelley dines; adv. W Curran: Shelley sleeps.

24. F.Write to Deacon & Jane. Fitzgerald calls: Botwright au soir.

25. Sa.Write to Jeffray. Last proofs. Fitzgerald & Botwright call: 2 Merveilleux dine.

Dep. e.215, fol.  37r
[fol. 37r]

Oct. 26. Su.Last proofs. Write to Constable. W Curran dines: Betterton’s au soir, w. Jo G, & Smith artist; Wooler parti: rev. Taylor & Rosser call.

27. M.Jonson, çala. Lamb calls, & Mulreadyn: seek Davison: Fitzgerald dines; invité Phillips.

28. Tu.Write to Franks, Dublin. Staple of News, çala. Call on Davison: Phillips, Fitzgerald, W Curran & Ryan call: miss Collins, 2 nights: Rosser sups.

29. W.Staple of News, acts 1 & 2. Call on Davison, Hume & Jo G: Rodd’s. Booth & Young call.

30. Th.Write to Taylor (Norwich) & Shelley. Staple of News, act 3. Fitzgerald calls: W Curran sups. Mulready calls.

31. F.Write to William. Hazlit, on Malthus, p. 80: Staple of News, act 4. Rosser calls: W Curran sups.


Nov. 1. Sa.Hazlit, p. 160. M breakfasts: call on Lamb: Othello (theatre), act 1e. Fitzgerald calls.

Dep. e.215, fol.  37v
[fol. 37v]

Nov. 2. Su.Hazlit, p. 276. Call on Place: Shelley sleeps, 6 nights.

3. M.Notes. R Taylor, Botwright, W Curran & Fitzgerald call.

4. Tu.Curran’s Funeral, w. 2 Taylors, 2 Currans, Tegart, Moore, Thomson, Phillips, Lyne, Croley & Finnerty; (adv. Fitzgerald & Ryan:) Botwright & Booth call.

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6. Th.Jo G, Longdill, Northcote & W Curran & M call: Mulready & W Curran dine: H Robinson au soir. L Hunt calls. Princess Charlotte dies .

7. F.Jo G, Epworth (Longdill’s clerk), &c, call; replevin: Baxter & Richard call; W Curran sups, ppc.

8. Sa.Jo G calls: call on Hayward & Butterfield: Mary dines: meet Edw. Taylor: sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & Field.

Dep. e.215, fol.  38r
[fol. 38r]

Nov. 9. Su.Call on Shelley, Mabledon Place; adv. L[?] Ht.

10. M.Lamb, Shelley, Haywardn & Edw. Taylor call: call on Longdill twice: tea Shelley’s, w. Ollier: sup at S E’s, w. Leserve & M J.

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Dep. e.215, fol.  38v
[fol. 38v]
Dep. e.216, fol.  1r
[fol. 1r]


Dep. e.216, fol.  1v
[fol. 1v]

Nov. 16. Su.Call on Evans, B Allenn, & Aldis: Shelleys dine.

17. M.Atheist’s Tragedy, fin. Shelley calls: dine at Aldis’s, w. 3 Brownings, 2 Hickses, Wageman, Powis & Acton; adv. Barber.

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Dep. e.216, fol.  2r
[fol. 2r]

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29. Sa.Subscription. Malthus, çala. Call on Constablen: Constable calls twice n, Jo G & Ravenscroft: call on Walker & Biscoe: Bevan calls: M Burney sups.

Dep. e.216, fol.  2v
[fol. 2v]

Nov. 30. Su.Malthus, çala. Mandeville, Vol. I.


Dec. 1. M.Mandeville, Vol. II. M & Walker & Ravenscroft call: call on Hayward, Richardson & Constable. Mandeville published .

2. Tu.Mandeville, Vol. III, p. 150. N G & Ravenscroft call: call on Hayward: Botwright at tea: meet Hazlit.

3. W.Mandeville, fin. Call on Iveson, & M Lamb ; adv. L Martin: Booth calls n: Lambs sup.

4. Th.Write to Evans, & Taylor, Norwich. Call on Richardsonn & Hayward: Rodd’s. & on Biscoe.

5. F.Laon, C. II, III. Constable calls: call on Booth: theatre, 2/5 Richard (Fisher), & Husbands & Wives; adv. Hazlit, Fuseli & Knowlese. mrs Napier dines.

6. Sa.Write to Shelley. Call on Richardson: Constable calls na.

Dep. e.216, fol.  3r
[fol. 3r]

Dec. 7. Su.Devil is an Ass. Call on Constable; adv. D C: Rosser at tea.

8. M.Call on Inchbald: Booth dines; adv. Baxter.

9. Tu.Malthus, çala. Call on Longmann (O Rees) & Constable: M (from Richardson) & F Walshn call: D Constable & Bevan sup. Write to Shelley. Call on Yngn.

10. W.Write to Shelley. Juventus, pp. 43. Call on Inchbald, w. Constable. Fk calls.

11. Th.Malthus, çala. Write to Curtis. M & Owen call. Rodd’s.

12. F.Malthus, çala. Bertram calls: call on Constablen: Fk dines, &c: theatre, 1/4 Lillipute.

13. Sa.Malthus, çala. Call on Simpkin & Constable: Bevan calls n: theatre, Outwitted at Last; adv. Perrye. Letter from Evans.

Dep. e.216, fol.  3v
[fol. 3v]

Dec. 14. Su.Population, p. 3/2. Write to Place. Constable calls: Bevan sups. Call on Hayward; adv. Watson of the Stuart Papers.

15. M.Giddinesse. Write to Shelley. Bartram, M, Richardson & Botwright call. Letter fm Swartwout.

16. Tu.Write to Constable & Thos Cooper: call on Biscoe & Northcote: Constable, Hazlit, Booth & Baxter call; adv. Fairleyna. William at home.

17. W.Write to Shelley. Botwright & Jo G call: Bevan & Fairley dine: call on Constable.

18. Th.Write to Shelley. Jo G & Botwright call, & Mure: My & Car. Colnets dine: theatre, Riches; adv. Lamb & Telforde. M calls. Keats. Hone, three trials, Dec. 18, 19, 20e.

19. F.Call on Bryan & Reed, Law Stationers.

20. Sa.Call on Pike & Hayward: coach to Marlow.[Not in London]

Dep. e.216, fol.  4r
[fol. 4r]

Dec. 21. Su.Rimini, pp. 110. Peacock sups. Constable calls n: Lambs sup n. H Ht. three nights.[Not in London]

22. M. Coach to London: Mure calls: call on Constable; adv. D Booth: theatre, Henry VI; adv. B Montagu & Lawrencee.[Not in London]

23. Tu.Write to E Inchbald. Fairley at tea: Rodd’s.

24. W.Write to Shelley. Wardmote: call on Longmn & Evans: meet Lackington: mrs Cooper & E Colfins dine; adv. Booth: call on Constable; adv. Wallace, Booth & Wheatley: sup at Botwright’s. M calls. Call on Honen. sleeps 14 nights.

25. Th.Letter to Demonville. Call on S E: meet Keats: Fairley dines.

26. F.Write to Demonville. Meet Hone& Keats: Fk, Weale & W Gordon call: call at Judd Place: Wordsworth calls n: C C dines. Mrs Elwes dies .

27. Sa.Write to Shelley. M & Mure call: call on Wolcot, & (w. M J) Leserve; adv. Cordy. Intended visit to Marlow, w. M J & W. Hannah Godwin dies .

Dep. e.216, fol.  4v
[fol. 4v]

Dec. 28. Su.Call on Placena & Constablen, & on Leserve, for M J; adv. Cordy. Charles Dr Burney dies .

29. M.Heywood’s Eliz., pp. 186. S Reeves & N G call: call on Placen & Constable: Leserve, w. W, for M J; adv. Cordy: H Robinson sups. Write to Shelley.

30. Tu.Population, 1 page. Write to P H G. Jo & N G call: call on Place: Rodd’s.

31. W.Population, 1/2 page. Hume & Botwright call: theatre, 1/2 Falls of the Clydee: Fairley sups. Constable calls: H Robinson at tea.