William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1816



1816, Jan. 1. M.Write to A Curran, & P B S, inviting Jane. Alchemist, act 1. Call on Simpkn.

2. Tu.Alchemist, act 2. Botwright & Kenney call: call on Simpkin; adv. R Crosby: P Pilcher at tea.

3. W.Write to P B S. Alchemist, acts 3 & 4. Call on Simpkin: L Dibbin calls: P Pilcher & S Fell dine.

4. Th.Alchemist, act 5. Simpkin calls: P Pilcher & S Fell dine: theatre, Beggar’s Bushe.

5. F.Beggars’ Bush, act 1. Dine at Curran’s: call on Hayward: Jane sleeps, 3 nights.

6. Sa.Call on Miles, Barber, Cooper & Jo G: seek Poole & Silver.

Dep. e.214, fol.  27r
[fol. 27r]

Jan. 7. Su.Webbe, p. 16. Call on Lambert, Phillips{.} meet Jas White.

8. M.Call on Poolen & Humen: Poole calls: meet Lamb, at Rodd’s.

9. Tu.Write to Silver. Call on Martelli, Hume, Knowles & J Taylor: meet Jas White: Hardwickn & E Aldis call.

10. W.Write to Taylor (Norwich) & Macmillan.

11. Th.Call on Curtis, Rees (Longman) & Bossange: Cramond calls: J Taylor at tea (oculist).

12. F.Call on Hayward, Miles, Roufigny & Poole: Cramond calls: theatre, w. W G, New Way to pay Old Debtse.

13. Sa. Write to P B S, Constable & Hamilton. Call on Hume, Knowles, Gregory surveyor, Wood & Simpkin: tea Alsager’s, w. Lambs, capt. Burney & Townsend junior. Macmillan calls n.

Dep. e.214, fol.  27v
[fol. 27v]

Jan. 14. Su.Schlegel on Shakespear, çala.

15. M.Oldcastle, acts 1, 2, 3: Schlegel, çala. Call on Barber, Stevens & Geo. Young: M calls.

16. Tu.Write to W Miller: Oldcastle, fin. Call on Martelli & Poole: S E dines.

17. W.Write to P B S. Call on Lambert, Hume & Knowles: Thomspon jr, Berridge, P Pilcher & 5 Fells dine: theatre, Midsummer Nighte. S Fell, junr, sleeps, 9 10 nights.

18. Th.Midsummer Night, çala. Call on Kenney, w. M J: call on Lambert: Lambn calls: P P dines; adv. S Fell.

19. F.Cramond & Curran call: dine at S E’s, w. M J: call on Wolcot.

20. Sa.Write to P B S. Call on Hayward & Knowles: M calls n: Kenney dines.

Dep. e.214, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

Jan. 21. Su.Jeronymo: Spanish Tragedy, acts 1 & 2: Cymbeline, act 1. Call on Hardwick.

22. M.Write to Mackintosh, P B S & C C. Dine at Curran’s.

23. Tu.Write to Murray, coadjutor, & Curran. Bulkeley’s Voyage, çala. H Robinson sups.

24. W.SWrite to P B S. Spanish Tragedy, fin: Bulkeley, fin. Poole, call on, & Rees, O: sup at Lamb’s, w. Hume. William, nepos, borne.

25. Th.Write to C C. Life of Taylor, p. 60. Call on Knowles.

26. F.Write to P B S. Life of Taylor, çala. M dines.

27. Sa.Write to Mackintosh, on Byron & Murray. Characteristics, p. 26. M calls: call on Lett: meet Poole.

Dep. e.214, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

Jan. 28. Su.Characteristics, p. 58. Call on M & Northcote: C C dines. P P for Exetere. meet Knowles. adv. Nollekens. seek Rogers.

29. M.Characteristics, p. 70. Call on Rogers: M calls fr. Hogan: theatre, My Spouse; adv. Lawrence & Rogerse.

30. Tu.Write to Constable. Characteristics, p. 83. Call on Hayward: M dines.

31. W.Characteristics, p. 109. Call on R Taylor: S Fell dines.


Feb. 1. Th.Curran, write to. Cockwood, acts 1 & 2. Call on Mackintosh, Hollandna & Macmillan: theatre, Anglade; adv. G Jones & Reynoldse. Parliament meetse.

2. F.Cockwood, fin: Love in a Tub, acts 1 & 2.

3. Sa.Love in a Tub, fin. Meet Poole: call on H Robinson; adv. Anthony R.

Dep. e.214, fol.  29r
[fol. 29r]

Feb. 4. Su.Cymbeline, fin: Shaftesbury, p. 13[6?].

5. M.Shaftesbury, p. 160. Mrs Cramond at tea. Botwright calls.

6. Tu.Write to Mackintosh. Shaftesbury, p. 172.

7. W.Demonology, p. 25. Call on Hayward: theatre, 1/10 Anglade; adv. Aldise.

8. Th.K James, p. 64. Cramond at tea: sup at Lamb’s, w. E White, H Robinson & Telford.

9. F.K James, p. 85. Museum, Wagstaffee: call on Kenney.

10. Sa.Letter from Constable. Manning calls: sup at Alsager’s, w. Hazlitt, H Robinson & Burrell.

Dep. e.214, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

Feb. 11. Su.K James, p. 100. Call on Mackintoshn: meet Hardwick: dine at Curran’s.

12. M.Call on Property: M calls from Hogan. Call on Letterman: Botwright calls n.

13. Tu.Write to Constable. Call on Lambert: T T calls{:} call on Taylor (Arch. Lib): Botwright sups.

14. W.Write to M. K James, p. 120: Cornelius, passim.

15. Th.Call on Mackintoshn: sup at Kenney’s, w. Booth & M J. Write to Mackintosh.

16. F.Write to Hamilton. K James, p. 149. Dine at Curran’s: Jane sleeps.

17. Sa.Letter from P B S: write to Do. Northcote & Manning call.

Dep. e.214, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

Feb. 18. Su.K James, Speeches, p. 24. Call on Roufigny (w. M J), & H Robinsonn: Cramonds at tea.

19. M.K James, p. 42. Dine at Curran’s. Write to P B S & T T.

20. Tu.K James, p. 59. Call on Phillips: T T dines, & sleeps. L Kenney & L Ht call.

21. W.Marvel, çala. Call on Sherwood, & Stevens, Walbrook.

22. Th.Call on Phillips: M & M Burney call.

23. F.Write to T T & P B S. K James, p. 85. Miss Twigge calls: call on Jo G: dine at Curran’s.

24. Sa.Write to T T. K James, Controversies, p. 24. Gregory & Cramond call: call on Knowles.

Feb. 25. Su.Write to Mackintosh & W G. Satiromastix: Bacon on Learning, p. 22.

26. M.Write to T T & P B S. Bacon, p. 52. Hazlitt & C C call: sup at Lambs, w. Kennies & M J.

27. Tu.Bacon, p. 90. Dine at Curran’s: C C dines.

Dep. e.214, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

28. W.Write to T T & P B S. Poetaster, acts 1, 2, 3. L Kenney at tea; write to do on C C.

29. Th.Montaigne, çala. M & C C call: call on Brookes, for M Burney: Rodd’s.


Mar. 1. F.Bacon, p. 102. Dine at Curran’s. Conference; Fitzgerald, pp. 20.

2. Sa. Coach to Bracknell: dine & sleep at T T’s: walk, w. him, to Binfield.[Not in London]

Dep. e.214, fol.  31r
[fol. 31r]

Mar. 3. Su.Walk to Binfield, Mr Neate’s. Lbs sup n.[Not in London]

4. M. Coach from Bracknell: dine in Skinner Street.[Not in London]

5. Tu.Write to P B S, Constable & Kenney. Dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey.

6. W.Write to P B S, & Mackintosh. Bacon, p. 120. Lofft & daughter call: Rodd’s.

7. Th.Write to P B S & T T. Call on Hume. Trial, Ford lord Grey, pp. 94. M calls.

8. F.Write to P B S. Call on Poole: C C & Jane at tea; adv. Lambs.

9. Sa.Write to Taylor, Norwich. Dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey.

Dep. e.214, fol.  31v
[fol. 31v]

Mar. 10. Su.Write to P B S. T T calls: C C at tea.

11. M.Hayward, Hen. IV, p. 52. Lubey, Towers, & M Lambn call: call on Poole: Rodd’s. call on Jo & N G.

12. Tu.Hayward, p. 92: Grammont, çala.

13. W.Grammont, çala. M Burney calls, & T T: call on Curtis & Jo G.

14. Th.Hayward, p. 115: Grammont, çala: Who wrote Cavendish, pp. 56. Call on Dowel: T T calls: Jane dines.

15. F.Hayward, p. 149. Hart, &c: M Lamb calls: C C sups.

16. Sa.Write to Constable & Mackintosh. Bacon, p. 140. Call on Perry: M calls: theatre, Duke of Milane.

Dep. e.214, fol.  32r
[fol. 32r]

Mar. 17. Su.Hart, &c. Duke of Milan. Jane dines. Write to P B S.

18. M.Hart, &c. Marvel, çala. Property tax rejected: 238 to 201e.

19. Tu.Bacon, p. 160. Mackintosh & Brunton call: C C dines: Rodd’s.

20. W.Bacon, p. 180. Meet Hardwick: dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey.

21. Th.Write to P B S. Bacon, p. 196. Call on Chamberlaine & Hayward: T T calls.

22.F.Bacon, p. 216. Dine at Hardwick’s, w. Howard, Beasley, Purkis, & P Hardwick.

23. Sa.Write to P B S. M Burney calls n: mrs Cecil Smith dines: P B Sna, Hayward & Owen call: go, w. M J, to Maria Smith’s.

Dep. e.214, fol.  32v
[fol. 32v]

Mar. 24. Su.Grammont, çala. P B S calls three times na ; C C twice: Jane sleeps.

25. M.Grammont, çala. Call on Hume: Rodd’s.

26. Tu.Bacon, p. 234: Grammont, fin. C C calls: call on Payne, bookseller.

27. W.Bacon, p. 254: Burnet & Echard, çala. M calls, & Northcote: C C sups.

28. Th.Write to Constable. T T & Owenna call: sup at Alsager’s, w. Lambs, Hazlit & M Burney.

29. F.Grammont, çala. Call on Alexander: dine at Curran’s, w. Lubey.

30. Sa.Life of Dunois, p. 52. Lubey & Wallace call n: theatre, Made Sachie, Botwright at tea.

Dep. e.214, fol.  33r
[fol. 33r]

Mar. 31. Su.Rochester, çala. C C dines. Write to P B S.


Apr. 1. M.Write to T T // Call on Hardwick: theatre, Guy Manneringe. Museum, Dunoise.

2. Tu.Write to Taylor, Norwich. Botwright calls: Rodd’s. Wollstonecraft calls n.

3. W.Rivella, p. 70. Mrs Curran & Wollstonecraft call: Lambs & Morgan sup.

4. Th. Rivella, p. 120; fin. Mrs Taaffe calls: call on Clarke & Boyd, Middleton & Jo G. Rodd’s.

5. F.Francelia, çala. Hardwick calls: call on Hume: dine at Curran’s: call on Lubeyn.

6. Sa.Write to Macmillan. D’Aunoy, Cour d’Angleterre, p. 34. Call on Longman & Barber: seek Poole: Lubey calls.

Dep. e.214, fol.  33v
[fol. 33v]

Apr. 7. Su.Call on Lambert. Mail for York; Adey from Ware.[Not in London]

8. M.Breakfast at Huntingdon, smuggling old woman: dine at Newark: tea Doncaster, ex-captain of militia: sleep, Tavern, York.[Not in London]

9. Tu.Call on Wolstenholme, Todd & Nicol: walk, w. Nicol, on the Walls (Clifford’s Tower & Jail): Minster, & St. Mary’s Abbey: Paterson dines. Write to M J, Fanny, Davison & Fairley.[Not in London]

10. W. Dine at Darlington: pass Durham: sleep at Newcastleintelligent bailiff, pleasing gentleman, Cumberland farmer.[Not in London]

11. Th.Miss Farkison, fr. mrs Waters: Morpeth: breakfast at Alnwick: dine at Berwick: Pease Bridge: Dunglas: Dunbar: Edinburgh, Fairley sups.[Not in London]

12. F.Call on Constable; adv. Leslie, Napier, Evanses, Cadel: Castle Hill, Writers’ Library: dinner, Mathews, Wrench, Ballantine, Downie, Playfair, Wilson, Buchanan, Thomson, Cadel, & Russell, player. R Miller.[Not in London]

13. Sa.Explanation; write to M J. Shop; adv. Forster (clouds), Jeffery, &c : walk, w. Leslie, Calton Hill & Holyrood House: dinner, Mathews, Wrench, Evanses, Leslie, Peter Hill, & G H Walker: Buchan’s card.[Not in London]

Dep. e.214, fol.  34r
[fol. 34r]

Apr. 14. Su.Write to M J. Jeffery & Boswell call: meet Ballantine: Mathews, Wrench, Forster, Willison, & 2 Cadels dine. Invited by Buchan.[Not in London]

15. M.Call on Buchan, Fletchers, & Murray (w. Fairley): Holyrood House & Hume, w. Mathews: shop, Dalyel, Duncan & Yaniewiczes: dine at Napier’s, w. Bruntons, Playfair, Leslie, Pellings, Ferguson, pupilMacdonald, Nairn & Cadel.[Not in London]

16. Tu.Write to M J. Shop, Morrit & Boswell: chaise, to Kinneal, w. Constable & Dr Miller: visit Linlithgow: adv. miss Cruickshank; sleep. [Not in London]

17. W.Ferriar, on Apparitions, pp. 139: Parisina: Knox v. Crosraguel, çala. Sleep.[Not in London]

18. Th. Return; see Hopetoun House, Roseberry & Branton Parks: dine at Ballantine’s, w. Belcours, Douglases, Leslie, Fraser & Constable; adv. Ainslie. Deep snow.[Not in London]

19. F.Write to M J. Shop, Hepburn & Crawford: call on Raeburn (w. R Miller) & Yaniewicz (w. C.): dine at Boswell’s, w. Mackenzie & fille, Jeffery, Brewster, Coventry, L & C; invité Cranston.[Not in London]

20. Sa.Breakfast at Murray’s, w. Dewar, Ritchie{,} Fairley, &c: Heriot’s Hospital: dine at Fletcher’s, w. Brown, Craigs, mrs Miller, miss Miller & miss Wilks.sit.[Not in London]

Dep. e.214, fol.  34v
[fol. 34v]

Apr. 21. Su.Call on Jeffery: Playfair calls n: Nicholson’s, & Jas Ballantine’s, w. Ballantine: Hugh Murray, Jamieson, Willison & G H Walker dine.[Not in London]

22. M.Breakfast at Ainslie’s, w. Dr Ainslie & wife, Mr & Mrs Gray, Clarinda, Constable, &c: meet mrs Fletcher: call on Playfair & Dewar: sit: Yaniewiczes, Duncans, Ainslies & Leslie dine.[Not in London]

23. Tu.Dine at Hepburn’s, Barfoot, w. Macallum, Walker, Hope, Inglis & Fairley: sleep at Oman’s.[Not in London]

24. W.Breakfast, Yaniewicz’s: shop, Dr Jamieson: Advocates’ Library: meet W Erskine, w. R Miller: call, w. mrs Y, on Sir W D: Gray, Campbel, Dewar, Ritchie, Fairley, &c, dine: theatre, w. Ys, Duncan, Gordon, &c; supe: sleep at Oman’s. call on Gregoryn.[Not in London]

25. Th.Breakfast at Brodie’s, w. Moore & Hepburn: call on Forster: meet Fleming: chaise, w. Constable & Ballantine: dine at Abbotsford; sleep.[Not in London]

26. F.Constable & Ballantine departe: Melrose, w. Scott; adv. Buchann: Chas Erskine & wife dine: take coach at Selkirk.[Not in London]

27. Sa. Breakfast at Carlisle: coach to Penrith: chaise along Ulswater: dine at Wordsworth’s: call, w. him, on Jackson; adv. Wakefield: circuit of Grasmere. Derwent Coleridge dines: write to M J & Thos Moore.[Not in London]

Dep. e.214, fol.  35r
[fol. 35r]

Apr. 28. Su.// Derwent dines. Horse to Kendal; sleep.[Not in London]

29. M. Coach: breakfast at Lancaster: dine at Preston, w. Dilworth & Latham: sleep at Manchester.[Not in London]

30. Tu.Call on Reddish, Dean & Jackson; adv. Kershaw. chaise w. Jackson & Kershaw: dine at Walker’s, Longford, w. do, mrs Walker, Charles & 2 sisters.[Not in London]


May 1. W.Call on Jackson & Dean, & (w. Kershaw) at Church, College & Hawkes. Coach, evening; Stockport, Macclesfield; tea at Leek: sleep at Ashbourn.[Not in London]

2. Th.Call on Mooren: seek Boothby. Coach: dine at Derby: sleep at Leicester. Write to M J. Grocer from Perth, settled in Leicestershire. Cobourg marriagee.[Not in London]

3. F. Coach: dine at Woburn, w. squirrel-hunt: sleep in Skinner Street: H Robinson calls.[Not in London]

4. Sa.Guy Mannering, p. 60.

Dep. e.214, fol.  35v
[fol. 35v]

May 5. Su.Guy Mannering, p. 257.

6. M.Guy Mannering, p. 341; Vol. II, p. 118. Call on Davisonn, Lambn, Manning & Poolen: meet H G & P Hardwick: T Moore calls.

7. Tu.Guy Mannering, p. 346. Davison calls: call on Hume: Rodd’s.

8. W.Guy Mannering, Vol. III. Call o M dines: sup at Lamb’s, w. Morgan; adv. Telford.

9. Th.Write to Wedgwood. Call on Hume & Place: Jo G calls: theatre, Bertram; adv. Reynoldse.

10. F.Letter to Kenney. Edw. Wt calls.

11. Sa.Accounts. Antiquary, p. 66. Mrs Taylor calls, w. Arthur: theatre, Jealous Wife, acts 2 & 3; adv. Fuseli & Knowlese: W G at home, 3 nights.

Dep. e.214, fol.  36r
[fol. 36r]

May 12. Su.Antiquary, p. 336; Vol. II, p. 94. Call on mrs Aldis.

13. M.Antiquary, p. 348; Vol. III, p. 90. Call on Beasley: Exhibition, w. M J, F & We: W Curran calls.

14. Tu.Antiquary, p. 176. Seek Poole: call on Hume: Grub Street, Dr Collyer, &c, w. F: mrs Taylor calls n.

15. W.Antiquary, p. 355, fin. Call on Poole, mrs Boinville & Lamb: Hume calls n: Rodd’s.

16. Th.Call on Hume: meet Knowles & Mathews.

17. F.Lady of the Lake, p. 60. Mrs Taylor & Northcote call: call on Hayward.

18. Sa.Northmore calls: call on Hume.

Dep. e.214, fol.  36v
[fol. 36v]

May 19. Su.D’Aunoy, Cour d’Angleterre, Tom. I, pp. 254; Tom. II, p. 100.

20. M.D’Aunoy, p. 170. Blood calls: call on Springsguth, w. M J: W Curran sups.

21. Tu.Write to Constable, & Taylor, Norwich. D’Aunoy, p. 204, fin. Hardwick calls: Rodd’s.

22. W.Write to Mackintosh. Wieland, p. 170. Meet W Wilson: call on Mathewsn: British Gallery; adv. Richter, Hayward, Boddington & Millere: dine at Hardwick’s, w. Wilkie, S Beasley, Alexr & P H.

23. Th.Invenio. Wieland, p. 218; Vol. II; Vol. III, p. 116. Mrs & A Taylor sup.

24. F.Wieland, p. 175, fin: Leland, Vol. II, p. 411 to 488. Hume & J Taylor call.

25. Sa.Leland, Vol. III, p. 148. Hazlit calls: meet T T.

Dep. e.214, fol.  37r
[fol. 37r]

May 26. Su.Leland, çala. Blood dines.

27. M.Leland, p. 154: Clifford, çala. Lambs sup; adv. mrs Taylor.

28. Tu.Montalvan, by E P, p. 117. Call on Hume: Elston calls: Rodd’s: H Robinson sups.

29. W.Write to P B S. De Montfort: Christabel: Montalvan, p. 174, fin. Call on Hazlit.

30. Th.Basil. British Gallery, w. M J & Fe: call on Poole: mrs Taylor sleeps. meet Ed Wt.

31. F.Mandeville, p. 2. Write to Macmillan. Call on Poole: tea Hardwick’s.


June 1. Sa.Wilson, çala: Ethwald

Dep. e.214, fol.  37v
[fol. 37v]

June 2. Su.Mandeville, p. 3. Corsair. Cross Strand Bridge. Mrs, R, A & E Taylor sup.

3. M.Giaour; Bride of Abydos. Seek Curtis: Lambs, Morgan & H White sup; adv. mrs Taylor. Call on Longman & Hazlit.

4. Tu.Edgar Huntley, Vol. I, II, & III, p. 153. Call on M Lamb: Wt calls: call on Springsguth, w. M J.

5. W.Write to Manning. E Huntley, fin. Call on Curtis, & (w. M J & F) S E; adv. Baker & miss Roberts.

6. Th.Wagstaffe, çala. Botwright sups.

7. F.Charles I, çala. Botwright calls: Jerusalem, w. M Je: Rodd’s.

8. Sa.Constantine Palæologus, act 1: Wagstaffe, fin. Wrangham & Dr Symmons call: call on Hazlitn & Lamb.

Dep. e.214, fol.  38r
[fol. 38r]

June 9. Su.Drayton, 1/2 Noah: Princely Pelican, pp. 59.

10. M.Write to Constable. Noah, fin. Hazlit calls: call on Hume & Colburn: E White sups.

11. Tu.Lara: Maid of Honour, act 1. P Hardwick & Owen call: mrs & A Taylor sup.

12. W.Maid of Honour, fin: Renegade, acts 1, 2, 3. Mrs Taylor & Edw. call, ppc: Mrs Napier & Boothn call: S E & Wills dine.

13. Th.Mandeville, p. 3. Ormond, p. 93. Hume calls n: Rodd’s. Bad news from Humee.

14. F.Mandeville, p. 5/2. Ormond, p. 218. Vaughan calls.

15. Sa.Mandeville, p. 5. Ormond, p. 338, fin. M calls.

Dep. e.214, fol.  38v
[fol. 38v]

Write to Mackintosh on By[ ] Jan. 27, 1816. Wishaw, Nov. 28, 1815

Dep. e.215, fol.  1r
[fol. 1r]


Dep. e.215, fol.  1v
[fol. 1v]

June 16. Su.Mandeville, p. 6. Renegade, act 4. Booth & Owen at tea.

17. M.Mandeville, p. 7, & 1 page. Adam Bell, & Waverley, çala. Constable calls n: call on don.

18. Tu.Mandeville, p. 9. Call on Hume & Cooper bb.

19. W.Mandeville, p. 9, 10. Write to Poole: seek Jo G: Creed, L Kenney & M call: Botwright at tea. call on Constablen.

20. Th.Mandeville, p. 11. Constable & Creed call. Fox, Bloomsbury Square. Botwright calls.

21. F.Mandeville, p. 13. Call on S E, w. M J.

22. Sa.Conatuse. Rodd’s: call on Ogle.

Dep. e.215, fol.  2r
[fol. 2r]

June 23. Su.Mandeville, p. 14. Atheist’s Tragedy, act 1, 2, 3: Orphelin de la Chine, acte 1 & 2: Philip Stanley, Vol. I. Constable dines; adv. L Ht.

24. M.Mandeville, p. 15/2. Atheist’s Tragedy, fin: Ennui, çala. Meet Boswel: Gregory calls. Mrs Jordan dies .

25. Tu.Mandeville, p. 17. Rackrent, pp. 180. Boswell, Constable, Ballantine, Owen, Poole & L Kenney dine; invités Northcote, Leslie, Hardwick & Hill. W G at homee.

26. W.Invent. Philip Stanley, Vol. II. Hazlit calls.

27. Th.Mandeville, p. 18. Wonders of Peake, p. 34: Orphelin de la Chine, fin. Letter from P B S. Call on Hume: Booth calls.

28. F.Write to P B S. Jane Talbot, p. 70. Rodd’s: Bth sups.

29. Sa.Hurst Castle, &c. Jane Talbot, p. 263. Ed Wt & Booth call.

Dep. e.215, fol.  2v
[fol. 2v]

June 30. Su.Mandeville, p. 20. Jane Talbot, Vol. II. Booth calls: call on Place.


July 1. M.Mandeville, p. 21/2. Mirabeau, p. 52: Manon L’Escaut, p. 60. Jo G calls: Booth sups.

2. Tu.Call on Beasley & Hume: L Kenney & 2 Colnets dine; adv. Booth. Prorogatione.

3. W.Mandeville, p. 23. Manon, p. 174. E Wt & Elston call. Somnium post 24 horame.

4. Th.Mandeville, p. 25. Manon, p. 232; Vol. II, p. 110. Call on Knowleso, Hume, Elston & Jas White. Llandaff dies .

5. F.Mandeville, p. 28. Manning & M Jones call, & Hazlit.

6. Su.eMandeville, p. 29. Byron, çala: Manon, p. 197, fin. Wood, printer, calls.

Dep. e.215, fol.  3r
[fol. 3r]

July 7. Su.Mandeville, p. 32/2. Call on Constablen: Owen at tea. Sheridan dies .

8. M.Mandeville, p. 34/2. Call on Hume: dine at Poole’s, w. Boswell, H Smith, Barber, Denham, Stevenson & Alderson.

9. Tu.Mandeville, p. 35. Call on Davisonn: Wood calls.

10. W.Call on Davison twice: meet Constable: seek Curtis: Wood calls: call on Wood.

11. Th.Mandeville, p. 37/2. Plagued by Davisone.

12. F.Write to Davison. Call on Davisonn & Curtisn: Grave of Sheridane: Lambs sups.

13. Sa.Mandeville, p. 38. Grave of Sheridan; adv. Humee.

Dep. e.215, fol.  3v
[fol. 3v]

July 14. M. Su.Mandeville, p. 40. Shakespear, çala. C & A Colnet dine.

15. Tu. M.Mandeville, p. 41. Tarquin, p. 54. Horseman & Underwood call: Grave of Sheridane: meet Boaden: Rodd’s.

16. W. Tu.Mandeville, p. 43/2. Tarquin, fin: Adonis: Sonnets, 50.

17. Th. W.Mandeville, p. 45/2. Sonnets, fin. Call on Hume: Underwood sups.

18. Th.Fox, Martyrs, çalls. Call on Davison: Rodd’s: Colnets sleep.

19. F.Mandeville, 46/2. A Colnet dines: Hardwick calls na.

20. Sa. Mandeville, p. 49. Davison calls: call on Constablen & Lamb; adv. Morgan, Telford & S Hazlit.

Dep. e.215, fol.  4r
[fol. 4r]

July 21. Su.Mandeville, p. 50. Marston, Satires, p. 137 to 155. Owen at tea.

22. M.Medite. Marston, p. 178. L K at tea: call on Shepherd. Invent post mediam noctem.

23. Tu.Mandeville, 2 pp. Lamb calls: theatre, Exit by Mistakee. Wt & Elston calls. R Manning sleeps,

24. W.Mandeville, p. 52/2. Rodd’s. S P Sidney, çala.

25. Th.Mandeville, 1 page. Constable calls. Write to Taylor, Norwich.

26. F.Davies, çala. R Taylor, Owen & Elston call: call on Hume: A Colnet dines.

27. Sa.Mandeville, p. 53.

Dep. e.215, fol.  4v
[fol. 4v]

July 28. Su.Byron, Daniel, Drayton, Pittscottie, çala.

29. M.Mandeville, p. 54. Leslie calls: call on M: sup at S E’s, w. M J & W; adv. M.

30. Tu.Mandeville, p. 56. M breakfasts. Owen, ppc, L K & L Ht call.

31. W.Mandeville, p. 59/2. Red-Cross Library, Marstone: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.215, fol.  5r
[fol. 5r]


Aug. 1. Th.Mandeville, 1 1/2 pp. Meet Davison: Elston & Hazlit call: call on Constablen. Westminster Abbey.

2. F.Call on Wilkie & Mulready: Kensington Gardens: dine at Hume’s, w. mrs Yates: Constable, son, & Leslie sup. Wit without Money, act 1.

3. Sa.Robertson, Scotland, p. 107 to 138. M breakfasts: // E Wt calls n. Write to Mackintosh.

Aug. 4. Su.Write to P B S. Wit without Money, act 2: Robertson, p. 208. Constable calls.

5. M.Wit without Money, fin. Constable & Leslie dine: call, w. do, on Skirving: chaise, w. do: sleep at Aylesbury. Drake’s, Agmondesham.[Not in London]

6. Tu.Breakfast at Mackintosh’s , w. do; sir W & Lady Wiseman: Aubreys, miss Paulet & miss White dine: walk, w. Mc, to Lillies: sleep. Jail, Ayly.[Not in London]

7. W. Coach, outside, from Hardwick: King’s Langley: dine in Skinner Street.[Not in London]

8. Th.D’Israeli, James I, çala. M & Botwright call: Rodd’s.

9. F.Write to B Montagu. Morocco, acts 1 & 2. Museum, Dugdale, O Je. M breakfasts: Botwt calls: call on Hume: Hume dines.

10. Sa.Morocco, fin. Call on Jo G: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.215, fol.  5v
[fol. 5v]

Aug. 11. Su.Mandeville, p. 59, & 1/2 page. Walk, w. W: L K & L Ht at tea.

12. M.Mandeville, p. 61/2: Robertson, p. 320.

13. Tu.Northcote sups. Edw. Wt calls na.

14. W.Write to Constable, & Goldsmiths. Edw. Wt calls: Museum; Milnere: Rodd’s. W G to schoole.

15. Th.Mandeville, p. 62. Drayton, Barons Wars, C. I. Jo G calls.

16. F.Write to Taylor (Norwich) & Hume. Drayton, C. II. M dines: Edw. Wt calls: Botwright sups. Seek Perry.

17. Sa.Mandeville, pp. 1 1/4. Drayton, C. III. Seek Bethune, w. M J: Baxter sups.

Dep. e.215, fol.  6r
[fol. 6r]

Aug. 18. Su.Mandeville, p. 63. Drayton, çala. Call on Everinan: Baxter dines.

19. M.Mandeville, p. 65. Drayton, C. IV. Call on Everina; adv. Edward, E & F.

20. Tu.Mandeville, p. 66/2. Drayton, C. V: Memoir of Cowper, pp. 120. Call on Lambn.

21. W.Drayton, C. VI/2. Holcroft, Memoirs, p. 110.

22. Th.Holcroft, p. 300; Vol. Il. W Curran calls: call on Jas White & R Taylor.

23. F.Holcroft, Vol. III. Call on Cooper, Theobald, &Brookes & Longman: Baxter dines.

24. Sa.Drayton, fin: Tixall Poetry, çala. M dines: call on H Robinson: W Curran calls.

Dep. e.215, fol.  6v
[fol. 6v]

Aug. 25. Su.Tixall Poetry, çala. W Curran & H Robinson dine.

26. M.Write to Curtisn. Call on Perry: clerk fr. Dennet calls. Drayton, Ep. 1.

27. Tu.Write to W Curran. Call on Hume: W Curran & Skirvingna call: P Pilcher, 10 days: meet Perry: call on Knowles.

28. W.Write to Knowles. Drayton, Ep. 2. Dr Meyler calls: call on S E, w. M J; adv. Oaks.

29. Th.Drayton, Ep. 3. Call on Knowles, Hume, & J Taylor; adv. sir G Noel: Baxter dines: W Curran sups. Rodd’s.

30. F.Write to Hume. Skirving & Barham call: mrs Cooper of Cheltenham dines & sleeps. Call on mrs Bishop; adv. Everina, &c.

31. Sa.Call on Hume: W Curran & M call.

Dep. e.215, fol.  7r
[fol. 7r]


Sep. 1. Su.Drayton, çala. Dr Meyler & J Taylor dine.

2. M.Write to Hume. M J for Warfielde: M dines. Mrs Newton dies .

3. Tu.Write to Thurgar. Life of Raleigh, çala. R Taylor & Meyler call: seek Davison.

4. W.Raleigh, çala. Seek Davison: Rodd’s.

5. Th.Raleigh, çala. Seek Davison: call on Inchbald & Northcote & Dolman. Chamber of Deputies dissolved, Frae.

6. F.Raleigh, çala. Call on Davison & J Taylor: M dines. Letter from Bethune.

7. Sa.Raleigh, çala. Call on Hume: M J at homee: Baxter dines: theatre, 1/5 Scandale: Northcote & T T sup.

Dep. e.215, fol.  7v
[fol. 7v]

Sep. 8. Su.Raleigh, çala.

9. M.History of Whitehall, Pt 1: Glenarvon, p. 105.

10. Tu.Glenarvon, p. 295. Seek Poole: Botwright calls: A P Matthews & P P dine: Rodd’s. Hume calls.

11. W.Write to Curtis. Lamb calls: call on Poole & Hume: Botwright at tea: call on Dolman. Glenarvon, Vol. II, p. 164.

12. Th.Write to Constable. Glenarvon, p. 236. Call on Collier: Curtis jr & W Curran call: call on Dolman: Botwright sups.

13. F.Mandeville, 1 page. Write to Collier. Call on Hume: Mulready & A P Matthews at tea; sup.

14. Sa.Mandeville, p. 68/2. Glenarvon, p. 390. Hamilton calls: Botwright at tea.

Dep. e.215, fol.  8r
[fol. 8r]

Sep. 15. Su.Mandeville, p. 69/2. Glenarvon, Vol. III. A P Matthews & P P dine.

16. M.Wanderer, çala. Call on Hume: W Curran dines : theatre, Distressed Mothere. M J from Jo G: expect from Davison.

17. Tu.Call on Jo G: Rodd’s.

18. W.G Fenton, fol. 2 16. Call on Dawe: Fenwick dines.

19. Th.Seek Davison: call on Jo G.

20. F.M breakfasts: call on J Taylor & Stoddart.

21. Sa.Warner, Lymington, çala. Botwright calls: A P Matthews & P P dine.

Dep. e.215, fol.  8v
[fol. 8v]

Sep. 22. Su.Mandeville, p. 70/2. Walk to St Catherine.

23. M.Mandeville, p. 71. Write to J P Curran. Wilson & Wt call: call on Everina & mrs Bishop: W Curran sups.

24. Tu.Mandeville, p. 73. Theatre, Richarde. Owen calls n. Everina & sister leave Londone.

25. W.Mandeville, p. 75/2. Call on Edw. Hill.

26. Th.Mandeville, p. 77/2. Call on Hardwickn, Hume & J Taylor: Botwright sups: Rodd’s.

27. F.Mandeville, p. 79. Write to Constable. Lamb calls: call on A Atcheson: sup at S E’s, w. M J & mrs Burrel. F Ht calls.

28. Sa.Mandeville, p. 81. Call on Hume.

Dep. e.215, fol.  9r
[fol. 9r]

Sep. 29. Su.Mandeville, p. 83/2. Wife for a Month, act 1, 2, 3/2: Drayton, Ep. 4, 5, 6: Richd III, çala. F & H Ht dine. St Mary Overy.

30. M.Mandeville, p. 84. Hermsprong, p. 134. Atcheson & Botwright call. St John’s Road.


Oct. 1. Tu.Mandeville, p. 85. Hermsprong, p. 244.

2. W.Mandeville, p. 87/2. Hermsprong, Vol. II, p. 180. S E & mrs Burrel dine.

3. Th.Mandeville, p. 88/2. Write to P B S. Hermsprong, p. 264, & Vol. III. Owen calls.

4. F.Mandeville, p. 89. Edgworth; Good Armt & Tarlton: Fool of Quality, p. 142. Rodd’s.

5. Sa.Mandeville, p. 90. Write to Taylor, Norwich. Fool of Quality, çala. Botwright, W Curran & Wt call: Curran dines. Write to C Turner.

Dep. e.215, fol.  9v
[fol. 9v]

Oct. 6. M. Su.Sir W Waller, çala: Fool of Quality, çala. A P Matthews dines & sleeps.

7. Tu. M.Sir W Waller, çala: Fool of Quality, çala: Hayward, William I, p. 84. Owen & Wt call: A P Matthews dines. Write to Constable & Goldsmiths.

8. W. Tu.Fool of Quality, çala. Atcheson calls.: call on Featherstone Buildings, Horncastle & Dolmn.

9. Th. W.Fool of Quality, çala. Call on Hume. Swanseae.

10. Th.Bristol Coach, Lad Lane, w. 4 Stockings: tea Salt Hill.[Not in London]

11. F. Breakfast, Marlboro: dine at Bush, Bristol: sleep at York House, Bath: walk to Circus, Crescent, & Parade. Write to M J, P B S & Jane.[Not in London]

12. Sa.Coach, w. Lackington, Hughes & Horsforth: br. at Calne: dine at Reading. Sleep in Skinner Str.[Not in London]

Dep. e.215, fol.  10r
[fol. 10r]

Oct. 13. Su.Letter from P B S: write to do.

14. M.Write to P B S. W Currann, Atcheson & Botwt call: call on Hume, Bow Street & Peele’s. Staveley calls.

15. Tu.Scarron, p. 24. Call on Atcheson: Botwright calls n: Rodd’s; adv. Lowndes. Sherwood calls.

16. W.Scarron, p. 57. Museum, Milnere: Curran calls n: call oBotwright sups.

17. Th.Winchester, çala. Atcheson calls: dine at Curran’s, Brompton.

18. F.Mandeville, 2 pp. Locrine, acts 1 & 2. Call on Atcheson: W Curran sups. Sicknesse.

19. Sa.Locrine, fin. Call on Poolen, & on H Corbould, w. M J.

Dep. e.215, fol.  10v
[fol. 10v]

Oct. 20. Su.Hayley, Life of Milton, çala. D Clarke dines.

21. M.Write to P B S. Hayley, çala. Macmillan calls: Rodd’s. D Clarke sleeps. (Bazaar, one week.)

22. Tu.Write to Constable. Scarron, p. 94. Wt & Poole call.

23. W.Write to Wedgwood. Greene’s Philomela, pp. 68: Scarron, p. 110. Jo G calls, & M Jones.

24. Th.Mandeville, çala. Edgworth; Mimic, & False Key. Springsguth calls.

25. F.Mandeville, çala. G Harvey, Four Letters, pp. 52: Edgworth; Little Merchants.

26. Sa.Fatal Dowry. Horseman calls na: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.215, fol.  11r
[fol. 11r]

Oct. 27. Su.Mandeville, p. 91/2. Marlow, H & L: Italian Lover.

28. M.Chapman, H & L. Call on Hume: theatre, Timone.

26. Tu.Timon: Scarron, çala. Atcheson & Elston call: Botwright at tea.

30. W.Scarron, çala. Fenwick dines. Mandeville, 15 lines.

31. Th.Mandeville, p. 92/2. Scarron, çala. Sup at Lamb’s, w. M Betham. Write to William.


Nov. 1. F.Mandeville, 5 lines. Scarron, çala. Rodd’s. Letter from Jas White.

2. Sa.Write to Jas White. Scarron, çala.

Dep. e.215, fol.  11v
[fol. 11v]

Nov. 3. Su.Mandeville, p. 94/2. O’Donnel, Vol. I. Call on Aldis: meet Jo G.

4. M.O’Donnel, Vol. II. Botwright calls: call on Dennet (Tatham), & J Taylor.

5. Tu.Mandeville, p. 95/2. Write to Jas White. O’Donnel, Vol. III. Call on Hume.

6. W.Mandeville, p. 95. Scarron, çala. Dine at Curran’s.

7. Th.Mandeville, çala. Yorkshire Tragedy. Saunders calls: call on Reevesn & Hume: theatre, Guardians; adv. J Taylore.

8. F.Mandeville, çala. London Prodigal. Rodd’s.

9. Sa.Write to P B S. Ida of Athens, p. 3137. Call on Davison, 4 times: Harlowe calls. H S dies .

Dep. e.215, fol.  12r
[fol. 12r]

Nov. 10. Su.Mandeville, p. 96/2. Ida, p. 211; Vol. II, p. 164. Call on Aldis: Mrs & L Clarke dine.

11. M.Mandeville, p. 96. Ida, p. 266; Vol. III. Write to Burney & William.

12. Tu.Mandeville, p. 97. Ida, Vol. IV, p. 64. Sit to Harlowe; adv. Batty: Reeves calls: dine at Cur//ran’s.

13. W.Ida, p. 290, fin. Call on Hume: theatre, Slavee.

14. Th.Mandeville, p. 99/2. Reeves calls: Lambs sup.

15. F.Mandeville, pp. 1 1/2. Cardinal Pole, p. 96. Tea Lamb’s, w. Morgan & miss Brent; adv. M Burney.

16. Sa. Mandeville, 1 page. Pole, p. 161. Write to Wedgwood. Rodd’s.

Dep. e.215, fol.  12v
[fol. 12v]

Nov. 17. Su.Mandeville, p. 101/2. Pole, p. 196. Sit to Harlowe: dine at Curran’s.

18. M.Mandeville, p. 102. Pole, p. 288. Constable calls.

19. Tu.Mandeville, p. 104/2. Write to Poole. Pole, p. 312. Call on Jo G: Constable & son sup.

20. W.Mandeville, çala. Pole, p. 340. Call on Hume: theatre, 1/2 Artaxerxese. Call on J Taylor.

21. Th.Mandeville, 1/2 page. Pole, p. 363. Sit to Harlowe: dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler & Jas Ryan. Write to Hawes & Curtis.

22. F.Call on Davison: M dines: sup at S Elwes’s, w. M J, M & mrs Stewart.

23. Sa.Write to P B S & S Curran. Call on Constable: Constable & L Eastwick dine: theatre, Iron Chest, w. do & M Je.

Dep. e.215, fol.  13r
[fol. 13r]

Nov. 24. Su.Byron, çala. Devil’s Law-Case.

25. M.Mandeville, 2 pp: Preface, 12 lines. Dine at Curran’s.

26. Tu.Mandeville, 1 1/2 pp. Write to Burney. Rodd’s. Letter to Everina.

27. W.Mandeville, 2 1/2 pp. Write to Everina. Call on Hume: Curran, Hazlit, Harlow, Poole, Constable & L Eastwick dine; invité Northcote.

28. Th.Sheridan, Life of Swift, p. 36. Curran & Constable call.

29. F.Mandeville, 2 1/2 pp. Swift, p. 70. Call on Poole: Hazlit calls: dine at Meyler’s, w. Curran, Waring Junr, Ryan, Stubbs & another.

30. Sa.Mandeville, 2 pp: Preface, 1 1/2 pp. Call on Constable: dine at Poole’s: theatre, w. do, Iron Cheste.

Dep. e.215, fol.  13v
[fol. 13v]


Dec. 1. Su.Mandeville, çala.

2. M.Write to Constable. Cavalier, çala: Swift, p. 126. Hazlit, R Taylor, Poole & Springsguth call. Riot at Beckwith’se.

3. Tu.Cavalier, çala. Call on Hume: Rodd’s.

4. W.Constable & Ed. Wollstonecraft call: call on Constable: M dines.

5. Th.Write to P B S & Everina.

6. F.Mandeville, revise. Habington, Edw. IV, p. 44. Hardwick calls n.

7. Sa.Mandeville, revise. Habington, p. 88. Call on Marsh & Rodd.

Dep. e.215, fol.  14r
[fol. 14r]

Dec. 8. Su.Mandeville, revise. Habington, p. 148: Childe Harold, C. III. Call on Aldis: meet Theobalds.

9. M.Habington, p. 182. Call on M Burney. Hazlit calls n. Write to Smirke.

10. Tu.Habington, p. 232, fin. Bacon, & Burton, çala. Constable & Mn call: H Robinson sups. H S found—disappeared three weekse.

11. W.Mandeville, revise. Burton & Gusman, çala. Constable dines. Write to Wedgwood.

12. Th.Mandeville, revise. Buck, Ric. III, p. 25. H Robinson calls: //L Clarke dines: M sups.

13. F.Mandeville, revise. Write to P B S.

14. Sa.Mandeville, 3 pp. Buck, p. 108. M dines: Rodd’s.

Dep. e.215, fol.  14v
[fol. 14v]

Dec. 15. Su.Mandeville, transcribe, &c. Call on Northcote: dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler, Ryan & Duncan.

16. M.Mandeville, revise. Letter from P B S on H S. Constable calls: call on J Taylor & Knowlesn. Buck, p. 150, fin.

17. Tu.Write to P B S, & Taylor, Norwich. Call on M Lamb; adv. M Betham: 4 Oaks & S E dine; William at homee.

18. W.Write to P B S & Everina. Botwright sups. P B S calls on M J, two hourse.

19. Th.Mandeville, 14 lines. Write to Curtis. Dine at Curran’s: call on Harlowe.

20. F.Write to P B S. Call on Chater, conc. Cruttenden & Glyn: mrs Napier calls.

21. Sa.Mandeville, 1 page. Rodd’s. Call on Sherwood: M Burney calls n.

Dep. e.215, fol.  15r
[fol. 15r]

Dec. 22. Su.Mandeville, 18 lines. More, Ric. III.

23. M.Dine at Curran’s, w. Meyler: call on Pouncy, conc. Lammin: Fenwick calls n, & Constablen, & Glyn: H Robinson sups.

24. Tu.Mandeville, revise. Write to M W G. Hardy, Constable & Lammin call. Holinshed, Macbeth.

25. W.Mandeville, p. 104, & revise. Lambs dine; adv. H Robinson.

26. Th.Mandeville, revise. Write to P B S & Curtis: Coleridge, Lay Sermon. Rodd’s. Parr marriede. Disney dies .

27. F.Mandeville, Vol. II, p. 2. P B S & Constable call: call on Hume.

28. Sa.Mandeville, p. 3. Write to Constable. Call, w. P B S, on D Cs, & M W G; adv. M J. Constable calls n.

Dep. e.215, fol.  15v
[fol. 15v]

Dec. 29. Su.Mandeville, çala. P B S & M W G dine, & sup.

30. M.Write to Hume. Call on Mildred, w. P B S, M W G & M J; they dine & sup: tea Constable’s, w. Wells, Wallace, Patrick & miss C. see No. XVIII, in fine, pag. ult.

31. Tu.They breakfast, dine & sup. Holinshed, Ric. III.