William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1811



1811, Jan. 1. Tu.Call on Malone: mrs Wyman calls: call on Coopern. Houshold, 213 to 226e.

2. W.Smith, E Colnet & T T call: Red-Cross Librarye: theatre, Lost & Found, w. M J; adv. Humes, Newton, mrs M, M & Ce. Ditto, <Restrictions>, 214 to 217e.

3. Th.Crashaw, çala. M Jones calls: call on Chater

4. F.Write to Sheppard, Saffory, Charnley & Marshal. Call on Knowles, Bagster & J Taylor.

5. Sa.Rosader, p. 48. Harwoods & clerk from Tilson call: call on Stoddart: Flather at tea.

Dep. e.211, fol.  7v
[fol. 7v]

Jan. 6. Su.Lilburne, p. 104. Two Harwoods at tea.

7. M.Lilburne, p. 168, fin. Call on Dibbin, Moore, Ralph, Montagu & Hume: Smith & E F call: theatre, Richarde: T T sups.

8. Tu.Prophesying, çala. Two E Fks at tea.

9. W.Prophesying, çala. Clennel & Smith call: call on mrs Montagu.

10. Th.Write to Dale, for E Hall. T T calls.

11. F.Write to Charnley & Staveley. J White calls: call on Lamb: dine at St Paul’s , w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles & Belsham.

12. Sa.Toland’s Milton, p. 100. Flather & Lambert call.

Dep. e.211, fol.  8r
[fol. 8r]

Jan. 13. Su.Toland, p. 140, fin.

14. M.Accounts. Tea Newton’s, w. Salomon, Saoust; adv. Voisy & Crowser: T T sups.

15. Tu.Accounts. Write to Hardinge. Vanini, çla. Major calls: < > call on J Taylor, Wymann, & E F for M J.

16. W.Call on Place, Knowles, Fuseli & Lyon: R Taylor at tea.

17. Th.Write to Malone. Seek Rogers: call on Vaughan & A Robinson: T T calls: H Robinson ausoir, & N G. Houshold, 209 to 182e.

18. F.Rosader, p. 86. Call on Tuthill & Rodd: Jas Smith & Macmillan call: E Fks sup.

19. Sa.Write to Sheppard, Saffory, Scarnel & Motley. W G, Adams, & Harwood call: call on Coopern: theatre, 1/2 Twelfth Nighte: Northcote & Dawe call n.

Dep. e.211, fol.  8v
[fol. 8v]

Jan. 20. Su.Cleveland, çala. Jo G calls.

21. M.Dictionary, çala. Write to Moody. Meet Burnet & Northmore: Jo G calls: M & Cooper sup.

22. Tu.Dictionary, çala. Write to Drakard. Cleveland, çala.

23. W.Call on Evans, Knowles, Hume & Rodd: meet Smirke: Giraffe, w. W: T T sups.

24. Th.Write to Fairly. Call on Major: T T at tea: Crombie calls, & Forbes.

25. F.Call on Christ’s Hospital , & mrs Woodham: dine at Johnson’s, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Knowles, Crombie, Joyce, Aspland & Kinder. mtMontagu.

26. Sa.Write to Hardinge. Call on Lamb: theatre, w. M J, Cato; adv. Swartout & J Taylore: Sarah Taylor calls n: T T at tea.

Dep. e.211, fol.  9r
[fol. 9r]

Jan. 27. Su.Daniel on Rhime, pp. 33. Write to Burr. Call on Coleridgen & Hill: O Fk dines; adv. E Fks.

28. M.Write to Burnet. Call on Trollope, Hume & Hayes, br: M calls: R, A & S Taylor at tea.

29. Tu.Salmasius, p. 6. Call on Lamb; adv. mrs Collier: sup at Lamb’s, w. Stoddart.

30. W.Dictionary, çala. Adams & M Lamb call: call on Curtis, Woodham & Jo G.

31. Th.Dictionary, çala. W G calls: call on Jo G, Ralphn, Macmillan & Woodham; adv. N G: T T sups. adv. Rutter.


Feb. 1. F.Write to Cotton & T Fenwick, Limehouse. W G twice & T T call: seek Martineau.

2. Su.eWrite to H Rogers & Burnet: W G & Adams call: T T at tea: theatre, Cato, acts 2, 3, 4e.

Dep. e.211, fol.  9v
[fol. 9v]

Feb. 3. Su.Stillingfleet, çala. Call on Coleridgena: Jo & W G call.

4. M.Musophilus, p. 16: Sha. Sonnets, 17. Call on T Taylerna: meet Hazlit & Fk: Smith sups. Regent to R H S Percevale.

5. Tu.Call on J Taylor: W G calls: Jo G at tea: theatre, Knight of Snowdoun; adv. Hanname.

6. W.Bacon’s Essays, p. 53. Call on Macmillan, Place & Knowles: meet Kemble & White: Smith at tea: N G calls. Regent sworn ine.

7. Th.Bacon, p. 75. Call on Palmern & Morgan: Panorama, Cadiz, w. M J: meet Curtis, bookr: Hazlit calls.

8. F.Biathanatos, p. 16: Rymer, pp. 22. Call on Jo G.

9. Sa.Argenis, p. 24: Daniel, Civil Wars, p. 15. T T calls: w. him, meet Burnet, & mrs C Smith.

Dep. e.211, fol.  10r
[fol. 10r]

Feb. 10. Su.Dictionary, çala. Argenis, p. 40. Jo G calls: Waller dines.

11. M.Write to W G. Argenis, p. 54: Bacon, p. 99. Lackington, T Tn & Jo G call: meet Alldis: J Taylor & Hazlit sup.

12. Tu.Philips, Life of Milton, pp. 44. Guildhall; adv. Montagu, Tipper & Richter: Hopwd & son sup. R C Librarye: Miles calls n. Write to Burnet & Smith.

13. W.Daniel, st. 118. Lackington, T T & Milesna call: meet White: call on Jo G: Adams calls.

14. Th.Daniel, B. II. Jo G & Swartwout call: call on Place; adv. Le Maitre: Swartwout sups.

15. F.Hall on Moderation, p. 70. Seek Martinu, Lambeth: call on Wordsworth, Gold & Martineau: M Jones & Lebrau call n.

16. Sa.Write to Withers, & (M J to) Fairlye. Lefanus, Girle & Hopwood call: seek Barnes.

Dep. e.211, fol.  10v
[fol. 10v]

Feb. 17. Su.Dictionary, çala. Daniel, B. III, st. 30. T T calls: Coleridge, Swartwout & Henry dine; adv. Adams.

18. M.Call on Barnes, Lancastern, Curtisn, R Taylor & Jo Gn: mrs Peacock (Kennington) & Jas Smith call: tea Alldis’s, w. Keegans, Connel, Woodifield, & Jukes & mrs Miller.

19. Tu.Call on Curtis: T T at tea. Gold calls.

20. W.Daniel, B. III, IV. T T & H Boinville call.

21. Th.Lefanu, pp. 55: Philips’s Quixote, çala. M Lamb calls: mrs Clennel dines: Northmore calls.

22. F.Dictionary, çala. Daniel, B. V, st. 40. Call on Tuthilln: T T at tea.

23. Sa.Dictionary, çala. Write to Fairly. Daniel, B. V, fin. Call on Longdill & Wordsworth: T T calls: dine at Adams’s, w. 4 Adams’s, H Robinson, mrs Collier, mrs Robinson, Olive, miss Dobson, &c; adv. 6 Colliers, F, M & C C: I Taylor calls n.

Dep. e.211, fol.  11r
[fol. 11r]

Feb. 24. Su.Dictionary, çala. Daniel, B. VI. Call on Coleridgen & Hazlitn: Jas, H & M Hopwd dine: Wolsey calls. Burnet dies .

25. M.Dictionary, çala. Daniel, B. VII, st. 60. Call on Place (adv. Macreery), Allen & Alldis n: Wolsey & Miles call: meet Lamb: T T sups.

26. Tu.Daniel, B. VII, st. 110; B. VIII, st. 60. Alldis’s & Jo G call: call on Creed, Wordsworth & Lamb; adv. mrs Collier: Northcote, Hazlit, Lambs & E F jun. sup. Call on Hardy.

27. W.Daniel, B. VIII. Call on Fraser: T T at tea: Hopwood calls: P H & Johnson dine

28. Th.Write to Vaughan, Solly, West & Saffory. Call on Lewis: Hopwood calls: tea Hoare’s, w. Warren.


Mar. 1. F.Write to Hoare. M J from Lathye: call on Davisonn.

2. Sa.Write to J Taylor, Fairly & P H G. Montagu, Aldis, & messenger from Burnet call: call on R Taylor.

Dep. e.211, fol.  11v
[fol. 11v]

Mar. 3. Su.Polyolbion, B. I. Dine at Hume’s, w. Hazlit, Kemp, & mrs Hutchinson; adv. Colliers & mrs Thomson: sup at mrs Topping’s, w. Weele & Cary & miss Ford: card E Inchbald’s. Write to Norwh. meet Lamb, w. C C.

4. M.Write to Patrickson. Wyman, Nichols & C Boinville call: dine at Aldis’s, w. Woodham, Platt & Hinckley & M J.

5. Tu.Write to Wordsworth. Smith & mrs Wyman call: call on Hume & Knowles: mrs Topping dines: T T calls: Mulready sups. Battle of Barrosa. Massena retreats from Santareme.

6. W.Letter from J Taylor, Norwich. Polyolbion, B. II. Nichols calls: call on Jacksonn: Jo & N G ausoir.

7. Th.Polybion, B. III. Miles calls: T T sups.

8. F.Write to W G. Daniel, çala. Call on Hume, S Hayes, Bagster & Jackson: M Lamb calls.

9. Sa.Write to Fairly. Call on Fraser, & Lambn: mt miss Fenwick & M Burney: theatre, Ourselvese: N G calls: H Robinson sups.

Dep. e.211, fol.  12r
[fol. 12r]

Mar. 10. Su.Polyolbion, B. IV. Call (at Morgan’s, Hammersmith) on Coleridge; adv. Lamb: meet A Robinson & M Burney: Walsh, L Eastwick & M Hopwood dine; adv. W H: Hazlit sups.

11. M.Write to Berry. Polyolbion, B. V. Wilson of York, & Girle call: theatre, Henry Ve. B M calls.

12. Tu.Write to Meyler & Robbins. H Boinville & T T call: Lefanus at tea: S Taylor calls na.

13. W.Lefanu, çala. Aldis calls: call on Bloomfieldn: 3 Taylors sup: N G calls.

14. Th.Write to A Lefanu. Tea Newton’s, w. miss Newton & Setons: call on J Taylorn. Grattan calls. Duke of Grafton dies .

15. F.Bloomfield calls: call on Bagster: Aldis’s & 4 Hume dine; invités Curry & J Taylor.

16. Sa.Dryden, çala. M J for Kensingtone.

Dep. e.211, fol.  12v
[fol. 12v]

Mar. 17. Su.Almanzor, acts 1, 2, 3. Call on Lamb & Pratt: T Tn &W G call.

18. M.Almanzor, acts 4 & 5. Tickens, Wolsey & Fk call: call on Miles, > Wilkien, T Tn, Hopwood & Stothard: H Robinson sups. meet Hollis.

19. Tu.Call on Miles, Stothard & Hopwood: T T calls: dine at Hume’s, w. M J: meet Gawler.

20. W.Almanzor, Part II, acts 1, 2, 3. Meet miss Raine: N G au soir.

21. Th.Write to Withers. Call on Miles, & Place, & Knowlesn & Hoaren: meet Gawler: Grattan, Coleridge, 2 Newtons & H Boinville dine; adv. Hume; invités A Robinson & Knowles.

22. F.Write to A Robinson. T T at tea; adv. M Jones. Mutiny Act passed, with a clause giving a discretionary power to courts martiale.

23. Sa.Dictionary, çala. R & S Taylor call: call on Jo Gn: Northcote, Hazlit, Hopwood & miss Fk sup.

Dep. e.211, fol.  13r
[fol. 13r]

Mar. 24. Su.Almanzor, acts 4, 5: Rehearsal, acts 1, 2, 3. Call on Pratt & Hopwood.

25. M.Dictionary, çala. Tyrannic Love, acts 1 & 2. Call on Smirke: N G calls: meet Hume.

26. Tu.Write to C Mountcashel. Battle of Books, pp. 50. Branston calls n, & Phipps: meet Knowles. D. of Gloucester Chancellor of Uni. of Ce

27. W.Write to Coleridge, Maximin, acts 3 & 4. Call on H White, Clennel engraver, & Brookes.

28. Th.Maximin, act 5. Call on Knowles: T & H Stone, Walsh, O Fenwick, C Hume, A Boinville & 2 Hopwoods dine; invités A Newton & J Johnson: Hopwood sups.

29. F.Rehearsal, act 4, 5: Mar-all, acts 1 & 2. Hollis & Swartwout call: call on Lamb. Write to Walter Miller.

30. Sa.Dictionary, çala. Montagu & Ping call.

Dep. e.211, fol.  13v
[fol. 13v]

Mar. 31. Su.Dictionary, çala. Meet Carlisle & Tuthill: dine at Hume’s, w. Listons, Lamb, Dawes, Faithful, mrs Thomson, Sophia Smith & C C.


Apr. 1. M.Dictionary, çala. Coleridge calls: call on Hollis, & (w. him) on Anthony: mrs Livie dines: theatre, Richarde.

2. Tu.Dictionary, çala. Polyolbion, B. VI. Hume at tea; adv. Clennel.

3. W.Calculations. Wrangham w. Stricland, S Taylor, Newton, White & Branstonn call; & Jo G: E Fk jr sups.

4. Th. Write to Pratt, twice. Polyolbion, B. VII.

5. F.Write to Pratt. Dyer & Richter call: call on Hume & Hollisn.

6. Sa.Write to Fairly & Berry. Call on Lamb & Place; adv. Richters: Lamb sups.

Dep. e.211, fol.  14r
[fol. 14r]

Apr. 7. Su.Revise Pratt. J Smith calls.

8. M.Dictionary, çala. Jennings (Pantisocrat) & Stowna call: call on Rodd; adv. Lowndes.

9. Tu.Polyolbion, B. VIII. Call on Harris & Wallis: Dyer calls: meet M Jones.

10. W.Write to Pratt. Mulready calls: N G sups.

11. Th.Polyolbion, B. IX. British Museum; Dugdale, &ce: Richter calls & J Smith: Hopwood sups. Dictionary, çala.

12. F.Dictionary, çala. Polyolbion, B. X.

13. Sa.Dictionary, çala. Polyolbion, B. XI. Richter & E Topping call: call on Theobald & Chater: T T sups.

Dep. e.211, fol.  14v
[fol. 14v]

Apr. 14. Su.Dictionary, çala. Polyolbion, B. XII/2. T T calls.

15. M.Dictionary, çala. Sheffield, çala. H Robinson au soir.

16. Tu.Dictionary, çala. Polyolbion, B. XII. Newton calls: T T sups n: sup at Hollis’s.

17. W.Dictionary, çala. Write to Fairly. Theatre, Comedy of Errors; adv. Crombiee.

18. Th.Call on Evans & H Rogersn.

19. F.Wilkins on Religion, p. 90.

20. Sa.Dictionary, çala. Polyolbion, B. XIII. Call on Lamb: T T sups.

Dep. e.211, fol.  15r
[fol. 15r]

Apr. 21. Su.Wither, çala. Call on Waldron. Write to Nichols.

22. M.Shepherd’s Hunting, pp. 99. Call on J White, Lewis, H Rogers & Raine: H Rogers calls, & T T.

23. Tu.Dictionary, çala. Theatre, Gazette Extraye. H Robinson sups.

24. W.Dictionary, çala. Polyolbion, B. XIV. T T calls: meet Roufigny.

25. Th.Dictionary, çala. Satyr to the King, pp. 31. Write to Dallas. Dine at Newton’s, w. Northcote, Hume & Dawe; adv. Boinvilles & T T.

26. F.Dictionary, çala. Wither, Satyrs, p. 36: Hymen’s Triumph. Call on Knowles; adv. Bonnycastle.

27. Sa.Dictionary, çala. Wither, p. 42. Three Humes, 2 Hopwoods, C Boinville & L Eastwick dine. Polyolbion, B. XV.

Dep. e.211, fol.  15v
[fol. 15v]

Aprl 28. Su.Dictionary, çala. De Augmentis, çala. T T calls: Waller at tea.

29. M.Dictionary, çala. Polyolbion, B. XVI. Exhibition; adv. Morton, Boaden, J Taylor, Hayward, Hume & 2 Hopwoodse. Write to Waller.

30. Tu.Dictionary, çala. Call on Place & Montaguna: meet Coleridge: T T at tea. Eves & M Jones & mrs Toppingna call: meet mrs Cecil Smith: Lb calls.


May 1. W.Dictionary, çala. Walk w. Clairmont: Coleridge dines: call on Rodd & Montagu.

2. Th.Write to W G, Smirke & Pratt. Place & Price call, & Wallerna, & Coleridge. Jeffery, & British Institution, w. M J & T T : T T dines.

3. F.Write to Fairley. Remembrancer’s, Somerset House: call on Hume: Price calls: theatre, 1/2 Gazette, & Timoure.

4. Sa.B Montagu & mrs Fk call.

Dep. e.211, fol.  16r
[fol. 16r]

May 5. Su.M Jones calls: Kensington, meet Jas Smith: dine at Humes, w. C & E Pulman & M J; adv. L Ht & B Mercier. Battle of Fuentes d’Onoroe.

6. M.Write to Fairley & B Montagu. Dawe calls: H Robinson sups.

7. Tu.Call on Smirke, mrs J Smith, mrs Newton, Hammersley, Whitelocke & B Montagu: T T calls: H Robinson sups. Cumberland dies .

8. W.Write to C Mountcashel. Call on Raine (adv. Watkinson) & Hollis. Cheek, p. 18. Drakard calls.

9. Th.Cheek, p. 40. Turner (stock-broker) calls: T T sups: call on Macmillan: Baker, çala.

10. F.Cheek, p. 64, fin. Call on Vaughan, Favel & Curtis: seek Martineau & E Johnston: meet H Robinson & Richter.

11. Sa.Hayward, çala: Paradise Lost, B. I. Write to Fairley: Letter to Shield. Montagu, Place & Newtonn & T T call.

Dep. e.211, fol.  16v
[fol. 16v]

May 12. Su.Call on H Robinson: seek Thos Fk: H Robinson calls na.

13. M.Write to Hollis & Fairley. Call on Cline, w. Mary, & on Jo G: Pratt calls: T T sups.

14. Tu.Macmillan calls, & H Robinson: call on Mcmurdo, Ward & Cooper.

15. W.H Robinson calls: call on W Matthewsn, J Martineau & R Sharpna: seek Wordsworth, Eves, Lewin & P Martineau: H & C Boinville & J Smith at tea.

16. Th.Call on W Matthews, Lister, miss Fk & Lambt: Ash calls. Write to Lister & Hollis. Battle of Albuerae

Dep. e.211, fol.  17r
[fol. 17r]

17. F.Write to Patrickson. Call on Raine & Lambn: T T sups: M J, M & W for Margatee.

18. Sa.Write to M J & Raine. Letter from T Cooper. J Turner, Lamb, Place, miss Fk, & Williams, schoolmaster, call.

May 17. Su.eParadise Lost, B. II. J F Newton, çala. T T calls: call on Shieldn: dine at Boinville’s, w. Newton, T T & Voisey, & C C.

20. M.Write to M J. Call, w. C, on Tate, Stanger, Kemp, miss Lousada & Saunders.

21. Tu.Hayward, çala. Adams & T T call: call on Denley: C C for Ramsgatee.

22. W.Letter to Lister. Hayward, çala. Call on T Fkn; adv. W G: Lawrence, Hopwood & M Jonesna call.

23. Th.Dictionary, çala. Write to Fairly & M J. Voisey, from T T, calls: dine at Grattan’s, w. 2 Tighes, Barrington & mrs

24. F.Dictionary, çala. Call on Humen & Place. Write to M J. Theatre, All’s Welle: R Taylor sups.

25. Sa.Write to Hepburn, Fairly & M J. All’s Well, cala. Call on T T; adv. H Boinville & Voisey: Price calls. Duke of York Commander in Chiefe.

Dep. e.211, fol.  17v
[fol. 17v]

May 26. Su.Dictionary, çla. Call on Newton: dine at Hume’s, w. Newton, Masters, Dawe, Faithful & Lambs.

27. M.Dictionary, çala. Write to Ant. Robinson & J Taylor, Norwich. Call on R Taylor, & Knowles.

28. Tu.Dictionary, çala. Write to M J. Call on Lambn: Lambs & H Robinson sup: Waldron, Aldis & M Jones call.

29. W.Letter from Dallas. Write to Fairly & M J: Call on Cline: theatre, Trial by Jury; adv. E Stanhopee. Melville dies .

30. Th.Write to M J. Sup at Aldis’s. C C from Ramsgatee.

31. F.Write to M J. Call on Place: Flather calls.


June 1. Sa.Write to J Taylor, Norwich, & M J. Call on Taten, w. C C: Bingham & Hannam’s clerk calls: call on B M, Knowles & Fry, on Cumberland: Lambs sup: call on T Tn.

Dep. e.211, fol.  18r
[fol. 18r]

June 2. Su.Ovid, Sandys, B. IV: Retrospection. M Jones calls: call on Place: H Robinson sups.

3. M.Dictionary, çala. Letter from J Taylor: write to J Taylor & M J: Call on Knowles & Place: meet Fuseli. C C to Tatee.

4. Tu.Dictionary, çala. Write to M J. O’Hara calls: Northcote sups.

5. W.Dictionary, çala. Write to M J. M Jones calls, & Jas Smith.

6. Th.Dictionary, çala. Write to M J. Call on Letterman & R Sharpn: M Lamb calls: meet Tuthill: mrs Livie calls. Liberty of Prophesying, çl.

7. F.Honest Whore, acts 1, 2, 3, 4: Call on Jo Gn, R Taylor & Hume: seek Lewin: M Jones calls: meet Perry, Collier & Aldis.

8. Sa.Dictionary, çala. H W, act. 5. Write to M J. Aldis, Lackington & Barker call.

Dep. e.211, fol.  18v
[fol. 18v]

June 9. Su.Dictionary, çala. Utopia, p. 50. T Brown, cala. Barker dines; invités H Robinson & T T: T T sups

10. M.Dictionary, çala. Utopia, p. 74. Write to M J. Aldis calls: T T sups.

11. Tu.Dictionary, çala. H W, Pt II, acts 1, 2, 3. Seek Dawe: call on Letterman & Place & R Taylor.

12. W.Write to M J. Call on Sharp & Lancaster & Hume: seek P Martineau. Write to G G. Theatre, Royal Oake: H Robinson sups. Fenwick calls: meet Ellis.

13. Th.Dictionary, çala. Call on Gold, Wordsworth & Longdil: Wedgwood & Nichols call. Write to M J. Sup at Aldis’s.

14. F.Write to Wedgwood, B M twice , & M J. Cabala, çala. B M & Withers & N G call.

15. Sa.Write to Hardinge. Polyolbion, B. XVI. Call on Knowles.

Dep. e.211, fol.  19r
[fol. 19r]

June 16. Su.Hall’s Epistles, çala. Tower, w. C C.M J & W from Ramsgatee.

17. M.Cotton, çala. Call on Chater & B M. H Robinson calls: meet Smart, w. M J.

18. Tu.Write to Fairly. Call on Knowles, Hume & B M.

19. W.Write to Wedgwood & Evans. Call on Dawe & B M: J White calls n. Answer from Wedgwood: write to Fairly.

20. Th.Write to Wedgwood, Fairly & Patrickson & Evans. Lambs sup; adv. T Tna.

21. F.Write to Evans, Montagu & White. T T sups. Ascham on Germany, p. 35.

22. Sa.Ascham, p. 49, fin. T T calls.

Dep. e.211, fol.  19v
[fol. 19v]

June 23. Su.Ascham, p. 76. Dine at Hume’s, w. M J & F; adv. mrs Thomson & Boustreds.

24. M.Write to Fairly & Withers. Ascham, p. 90. Theatre, 2/3 Pizarroe. Call on R Taylor.

25. Tu.Write to Wedgwood & Rogers. Polyolbion, B. XVII: Utopia, p. 140, fin: More’s Works, çala. Call on Lamb: H Rhodes dines: meet Place.

26. W.Write to Place. Polyolbion, B. XVIII/2: More, Dialogue, p. 31. (against Tyndale.)

27. Th.Write to Hepburn & Fairly: Polyolbion, B. XVIII/2: More, p. 56. Call on Hume: H Robinson sups: J White calls, & Place.

28. F.On Love, p. 3/2. Polyolbion, B. XIX: More, p. 79; 22 Chaps.

29. Sa.On Love, p. 7. Polyolbion, B. XX. J Johnson, Hunter fr & Newnum call.

Dep. e.211, fol.  20r
[fol. 20r]

June 30. Su.On Love, p. 11/2. Life of More, p. 60.


July 1. M.Write to C Mountcashel. Life of More, p. 100. Call on Gardner, Hume & Place: sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & C C. J Smith calls.

2. Tu.More, çala. Patrickson, senr, calls: mrs Cecil Smith dines.

3. W.On History, p. 4. Girle calls.

4. Th.On History, p. 8/2. Hopwoods & H Robinson sup: call on Hume.

5. F.On History, p. 11/2. Write to Thos Fenwick.

6. Sa.On History, p. 15/2. More, B. II, c. 8, 9, 10, 11. Write to Fairly. T T calls.

Dep. e.211, fol.  20v
[fol. 20v]

July 7. Su.More, c. 12; B. III, c. 1-8: Gondibert, çala. A Boinville & Jas Hopwood dine.

8. M.On History, p. 13-17. More, çala. T T sups.

9. Tu.On History, p. 17/2. British Museum, Collier, Stapleton & Erasmuse. Sup at Aldis, w. Hinckley, Rogers & M J; adv. F, J & W.

10. W.On History, p. 17. Write to Fairly, Newton & Thos Fenwick. Call on Letterman.

11. Th.Write to A Lefanu. Call on Longdil, Hume & J Johnsonn. Deliquiume.

12. F.Write to Hepburn & Fairly. H Corbould, West of Cork, & T T call.

13. Sa.West of Cork & J Johnson call: theatre, w. M J, Trip to Scarborough; adv. T T & Earlee: H & C Boinville call n.

Dep. e.211, fol.  21r
[fol. 21r]

July 14. Su.Shepherd’s Calendar, Ecl. 1-5: Scriblerus, p. 38. Deliq. nocte.

15. M.Write to Arnot, Baker, Brodie, Merridew, Barrat, Charnley & Sands. Deliquiume.

16. Tu.Donne, çala. Call on Lewis. Deliquia duoe. M J calls on Carkeet , Gold , Abbot & Longdile.

17. W.Spenser, çala, Todd. T T calls: H & C Boinville at tea. Deliquiume. M J calls on Aldise.

18. Th.Life of Donne, 81 pp. H & C Boinville call n: T T sups. M J calls on Chippendale, Eves, Davison & Murraye.

19. F.M J calls on Eves, Davisonn, Macmillann, Pheney, Clarke & Butterworthne: Macmillan calls na: H Robinson sups.

20. Sa.Write to Mary. H Corbould & Hopwood call.

Dep. e.211, fol.  21v
[fol. 21v]

July 21. Su.Donne, çala. Call on Lamb; adv. E Fks, O F, mrs Jackson & mrs W.

22. M.Write to Wedgwood & Knott. T T calls & W Stewartna. Write to Lucas & Meyler.

23. Tu.Donne, Epigrams. Call on Place & Hume: meet Knowles: H Corbould & Flather call: E Topping at tea: meet J Taylor.

24. W.Call on Hume & Lambert: T T (& L Ht) call: A Curran at tea: E Fks & O F call. Parliament proroguede.

25. Th.Red Cross Street; Donne, &ce. Meet Keir.

26. F.Donne, Essays, p. 35. Call on Dennet & Place: meet Basil Mu: theatre, Birth-Day, & Quedlinburghe. Corbould calls, 4. Write to Fairly.

27. Sa.Call on Hoare, Alexander & Letterman: seek Lewin: meet J Hollis, Warren, J Taylor & Turnbull: Hume & Gordon call: T T sups.

Dep. e.211, fol.  22r
[fol. 22r]

July 28. Su.Write to Hoare. Spenser, Ecl. 6, 7. H & P Hopwood dine.

29. M.Polyolbion, B. XXI: Spenser, Ecl. 8. Call on Eves & Jo G: T T (& Williams, Lusiad) call: E Topping at tea.

30. Tu.Gondibert, C. I. Place calls: meet Aldis.

31. W.Write to Hoare. Gondibert, C. II, III. Seek Hoare: call on Raine, Stevenson (King Street) & Perry: H Robinson sups: meet L K & A P.


Aug. 1. Th.Gondibert, C. IV, V. A & J Curran at tea.

2. F.Preface to Dictionary, p. 2. Goff’s Orestes. Ash calls na: call on R Taylor; adv. mrs Livie.

3. Sa.Raging Turk, acts 1 & 2: Rehearsal Tranprd, p. 100. Macmillan calls: T T sups. Write to Newton, Lloyd, Faulder, Boddington, B M & Hoare.

Dep. e.211, fol.  22v
[fol. 22v]

Aug. 4. Su.Raging Turk, acts 3, 4. Preface, fin. E Fks dine; adv. Hopwood, femme, & Lambs.

5. M.Write to A Robinson. Raging Turk, act 5. Macmillan calls: call on R Taylor.

6. Tu.Call on Goodbehere & Jervis. Courageous Turk, acts 1 & 2. Conference, W Be.

7. W.Macmillan calls: call on Longdil & Pinckardn.

8. Th.Progress of the Soul. Smith calls: call on Pinckard & Ralph: New London, Needlemakers.

9. F.Call on Davison, Wade, Barber, Knowles & Hume: seek Martineau & Cooper: T T dines.

10. Sa.Write to Lofft. Courageous Turk, fin. Macmillan calls: call on Lambert: E Fk dines.

Dep. e.211, fol.  23r
[fol. 23r]

Aug. 11. Su.Surrey, çala. Rehearsal Transprd, p. 200.

12. M.Rehearsal Trd, p. 326, fin. M calls: P Pilcher & E Napier dine. Chamberlaine calls. Write to Franklin, Hertford.

13. Tu.Life of Hooker, p. 112. Flather calls: Flather & T T sup. meet Carlisle.

14. W.Call on Adams, Knowles, Hume & Place: meet E Aldis: sup at Topping’s, w. M J, Wele & miss Zieltske.

15. Th.Write to Fairly & Lloyd & H Robinson. Life of Hooker, p. 208, fin. H Robinson calls na.

16. F.Write to H Robinson. M Lamb calls: Lambs & H Robinson sup. Call on Ralph.

17. Sa.Write to Woodcock. Call on Dennetn.

Dep. e.211, fol.  23v
[fol. 23v]

Aug. 18. Su.Burton, p. 50-74: Gusman, çala. Jas Hopwood dines. Ecclesiastes. Whitehall Chapel.

19. M.Write to Wedgwood. Gusman, P. II, p. 12. Call on Dennet, &, w. M J, on T T: Jo G calls: T T sups.

20. Tu.Call on Hume & Theobald: write to Rouse: meet M: seek Lewin & Sutton.

21. W.Plutarch, on Superstition: Burton, p. 84: Gusman, p. 56. Call on Place & Hume: E Topping calls. M J calls on Graham , Ward & Pheneye.

22. Th.More, c. 8, 9, 10: Plutarch, çala. Call on Timmins, for P P. M J calls on Davidsone.

23. F.More, c. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Letter from Wedgwood. Call on Dennet, H Robinson, & Cox & Co: E Topping at tea.

24. Sa.Write to Hayley. More, c. 16. P P for Exetere: B M calls n: call on Lamb; adv. L & V Ht & Kenny: T T sups. Call on Waldronnit.

Dep. e.211, fol.  24r
[fol. 24r]

Aug. 25. Su.More, B. IV, c. 1-8. Dine at Hume’s, w. M J & T T; adv. mrs Thomson & mrs Hutchinsn. M J sleepse.

26. M.Write to Hardinge. More, c. 8, 9, 10. Call on Dennet, three times : Adams call.

27. Tu.Call on Dennet, twice, & w. Tatham, on mrs Place & Lambert: write to Place: call on Lb; adv. Coleridge & Morgan: Lambs sup. Fk calls, Adams & T T.

28. W.Write to W G. Call on Fuseli, J Taylor (adv. Jer. Taylor) & Hume: T T at tea. Jas Smith calls. Write to M W G.

29. Th.Coach, w. mrs Colman & daughter, Salsette & (Lewis) Elephantae: breakfast at Cobham: dine at Midhurst (write to M J): Chichester, Dolphin, sleep.[Not in London]

30. F. See the Cathedral: walk to Felpham, call on Hayley: dine at Bognor: Binstead’s; Pomfret, Gen. Sturt, Bonapartian, &c: rafflee: sleep.[Not in London]

31. Sa.Write to M J. Walk to Chichester: call on Mason: dine: coach to Portsmouth, w. mrs Capt Parker & old lady: call on Mottleyn: sleep.[Not in London]


Dep. e.211, fol.  24v
[fol. 24v]

Sep. 1. Su. Packet to Ryde: Hotel: call on Stodart & capt. Burneyn: walk, w. S., to mr Simeon & cap. Hut: sleep.[Not in London]

2. M.Hear Rickman: coach to Newport: Carisbrook Castle; adv. L Bucks & F Grenville & Platt: coach to Cowes; meet Platt: Packet, w. Arnold, Rothery, &c: Stow, dine; adv. Holt, Etonian: eclipse. write to M J.[Not in London]

3. Tu.Castle & Platform: call on Baker: sail to Netley Abbey: dine: coach to Winchester, w. 13 & 25: sleep.[Not in London]

4. W.Write to M J. Visit Cathedral twice, College, & King’s House: call on Gabriel, & Robbins twice : sleep. Milner, passim.[Not in London]

5. Th.Write to M J. Coach, w. Holt, et deux femmes: brkfast at Alsford: Farnham, Bishop’s Palace: Gig to Guildford, w. farmer: K John’s Castle: sleep.[Not in London]

6. F.Coach to Epsom, 2 i’th’morning to five, w. Chas & mother, Irish: sleep & breakfast: chaise, w. vieille: dine in Skinner Street. Sandys, B. IX, pt 2.[Not in London]

7. Sa.Aldis, & clerk fr. Dennet call: call on Wordsworth solr: T T dines.

Dep. e.211, fol.  25r
[fol. 25r]

Sep. 8. Su.Howel, çala. Call on Lambn.

9. M.College, or Chapter, çala. Theatre, w. M J, Blue Stocking; adv. H & C Boinville, T T & Flathers, & Buchan, & Lambse.

10. Tu.Write to Woodcock. Call on Tate: sup at Lamb’s, w. M J & E Fk jr: T T calls n, Jas Smith, & W Wallerna.

11. W.Write to Fairly. Newton, Life of Milton, pp. 70. M (on S E) & T T call: call on John Robinson.

12. Th.H Robinson calls: call, w. him, on Davison: 4 Humes, 2 Fks & T T dine; adv. Waller.

13. F.Write to Mary. Milton, çala. H Robinson & M call: call on Davisonna & J Robinson: meet B M.

14. Sa.Write to Taylor, Norwich. Meet Creed: call on Place & Hume: T T calls & sups.

Dep. e.211, fol.  25v
[fol. 25v]

Sep. 15. Su.Mazarine, Duchess, pp. 122: Rochester, çala.

16. M.Charles II, çala.

17. Tu.Write to Patrickson. Charles II., çala: 1/2 Absalom. Meet Gillet: E Eastwick sleeps. Raine dies .

18. W.Absalom, fin. Call on Theobald & Place: mt B M, ppc.

19. Th.Write to Fairly. Defensio Secunda, p. 12. M (on S E) & H Boinvillen call: call on Hume.

20. F.Write to Brodie, for C C. Defensio Sec., p. 26. Call on Hendrie (for W), Spry, Robinson, & Jo G, & T Tn: Hopwood calls.

21. Sa.Write to Newton & Place. Defensio Sec, p. 40. Fred. Waller calls: T T sups.

Dep. e.211, fol.  26r
[fol. 26r]

Sep. 22. Su.Defensio Sec., p. 54. T T calls: Voisey & Boinville dine.

23. M.Defensio Sec., p. 60. T T calls: M dines.

24. Tu.Defensio Sec., p. 66, fin. Call on Davison & Gold: seek Graham: M calls n & N G.

25. W.Call on Graham, printer, & Longdil: Mary Smith & Curran call. Percy dies this week .

26. Th.Write to Robbins & Lovel. Call on Lovel & Rodd.

27. F.Write to W G. Hayley’s Milton, p. 244. Call on Davison.

28. Sa.Write to Constable. Call on Cline & Orme: John Curran calls. Hayley, p.

Dep. e.211, fol.  26v
[fol. 26v]

Sep. 29. Su.Defensio Sec., p. 67, fin: Bradshaw, Overton, &c, çala: Simmons’s Milton, p. 64.

30. M.Simmons, p. 220. M calls, & W Hopwood.


Oct. 1. Tu.Curran breakfasts: M Smith calls: call on Stoddart, Boudon, Ralph & Macmillan: C Boinville dines: E Smith sleeps: Waldron calls na: theatre, Darkness Visiblee.

2. W.Write to M W G. E Aldis calls: call on Hume: T T sups. call on Longdil.

3. Th.Write to Tilson & Longdil. Simmons, p. 434. Call on Gold: Gold calls.

4. F.Write to A Lefanu. Curran calls: meet, w. him, Graham (North), Judge Mayne, Mayne, Barrymore Ld, B Dudley & J Taylor: call on Smirken: T T & Seabrook call.

5. Sa.Write to Fairly, Smirke, Longdil, <&> Howorth, & Creed. Macmillan & Tate call: call on Longdil: Curran sups.

Dep. e.211, fol.  27r
[fol. 27r]

Oct. 6. Su.Agonistes, p. 43: Symmons, p. 566, fin. Waller at tea.

7. M.Agonistes, p. 115, fin. Smirke calls: T T sups. Write to Constable. M calls, & A Taylor.

8. Tu.Call on Stoddart, Manning, R Sharpn & Theobd. Curran, Coleridge, Wolcot, Boaden & A Curran dine.

9. W.M calls: call on Curran & Northcote: meet Jas Smith: M dines. Colnaghi’s prints, l’Empr, &ce.

10. Th.Instructions for M, pp. 5. Write to S E. Call on Miller: meet Curran: dine at H Boinville’s, w. M J & F; adv. Voisey. M calls, ppc.

11. F.Disciplin of Divorce, p. 28. Call on Curtis, & Denley.

12. Sa.Divorce, p. 71. Dine at Collier’s, w. Adams’s, Bishops, 2 miss Dawsons, 3 Stansfields & Field.

Dep. e.211, fol.  27v
[fol. 27v]

Oct. 13. Su.Divorce, p. 108, fin. Coleridge, Waller, W Collier & H Petman dine; adv. A Taylor. Walbrook & St Paul’s .

14. M.Tetrachordon, p. 20. Fk calls.

15. Tu.Tetrachordon, p. 32. Write to Fairly, & Jas Smith. Fk & Colburn call: call on Lamb.

16. W.Write to Constable. Call on Hume: McCabe, Voisey & Burr call, & Flather.

17. Th.Tetrachordon, p. 75. Call on Lambert: Burr at tea: T T calls.

18. F.Call on Lewis, Wade, Gold & Ralph: Newton & son, & Jas Smith call n: Burr & Curran dine.

19. Sa.Dawe & Burr call: call on Knowles: C & A Boinville dine; adv. Aldis’s & Burr.

Dep. e.211, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

Oct. 20. Su.Tetrachordon, p. 92. Burr calls: call on mrs Newton; adv. Voisey & 2: dine at Hume’s, adv. mrs Hutchinson. call on Currann. Burr & A Curran sup.

21. M.Tetrachordon, p. 96. Write to Hopwood, Graham (N & H), & Patrickson. Call on Hume & Rodd: meet Humes, & J & R Taylor: Fk & Newtonn call.

22. Tu.Tetrachordon, p. 108: Eikonoclastes, p. 12. Call on Curran, at Chantry’s, w. M J, C & J; adv. A. C: meet w. Curran, Barrymore, Jennings, mrs Sankey & Hoby: Curran & Chantry sup; adv. H Rob.

23. W.Tetrachordon, p. 129, fin. Call on Lambert & Place: Fk calls n: call on Lamb; adv. miss Fk & mrs Reynolds.

24. Th.Eiks, p. 30. Call on Curran, at Chantry’s; adv. A C: call, w. Curran, on Cobbet; adv. Cochrane: theatre, w. doe: sup at Bedford (conferencee): T T sups:

25. F.Write to Curran 4 pp. Call on H Boinville; adv. T T & F: T T, Coleridge & Evans call.

26. Sa.Riposo. Eikonoclastes, p. 40.

Dep. e.211, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

Oct. 27. Su.Il Riposo. Eikonoclastes, p. 54. Burr calls: A Curran, & Jas & P Hopwood dine; adv. Burr. W G calls. invité Boinville.

28. M.Averroes, çala. Miller calls.

29. Tu.Averroes, çala. Red Cross Librarye: call <w.> on Cobbet, w. Curran: dine, w. Curran, at Hatchet’s; adv. Jennings. Coleridge, J J Morgan, & Burr call na.

30. W.Call on Gatty: Newton, Longdil, Petman, Jas Hopwood & Boinville call. Write to Curran on Ward.

31. Th.Cardonne, p. 76. Call on Seabrookn, Graves & Longdil: M Smith calls: call on J Taylor; adv. Chalmers & Fladgate: Boinville & Petman dine.


Nov. 1. F.Letter to Holland, 5 pp. Call on Gatty, w. C C (indenture)e: Gravesn, Elsten & M Smith call: Burr at tea. Cardonne, p. 109. Seabrook calls.

2 Sa.Case for Burr. M Smith, Jas Smith & Elsten call: Guildhal, w. C C: Exchange, for Elstene: Burr at tea; adv. T Tna.

Dep. e.211, fol.  29r
[fol. 29r]

Nov. 3. Su.Write to Fairly, Constable & Arnot. Cardonne, p. 154. A Curran & W G call n: call on Murray, E Smithfield: go, w. M J, F, J, W & T T, to Miller’s Wharf, to escort C C for Edinburghe. Call, w. M J, on Wageninge

4. M.Write to C M, Dalle & Perregaux: write to Miller. Cardonne, Vol. 2, p. 84. M Smith calls, ppc: Smart at tea.

5. Tu.Write to Place, Fairly & Withers. Call on Longdil (adv. Foulkes), Randolph & A Curran: Burr & W G call: H Robinson sups. Message from Longdil at breakfast.

6. W.Write to Longdil, w. Inventory. Call on Burr, Millern, Place & Longdil: E F, Coleridge & Morgan call: meet Law. Up to Town, not actede.

7. Th.Complete Tradesman, p. 126. Call on Miller, & Mooren: Placen & Burr call: M dines.

8. F. Write to Russel. Cardonne, p. 155.: Defoe, p. 157. Call on Mooren & Hume: T T calls, annonce; E & E Fk, ppc.

9. Sa.Cardonne, p. 280. Call on Miller (contract)eMooren & Place. Welwood, p. 50: Cherbury, p. 28.

Dep. e.211, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

Nov. 10. Su.Cardonne, p. 332: Almanzor, Part I: Osmin & Daraxa, p. 21.

11. M.Cardonne, p. 378: Osmin, p. 37, fin: Wars of Granada, p. 49. Call on Rodd. Write to Curran.

12. Tu.Almanzor, Part II: Grenada, p. 76: Robert Boyle, p. 40. Moore calls: meet Burr.

13. W.Write to Fordham. Granada, p. 122. Rodd & Miller, cordonnier, call: Burr dines: theatre, 1/2 Measure for Measuree. Tipper calls na.

14. Th.Write to Holland. Call on Lamb, &, w. M J, on A Taylor.

15. F.Granada, p. 184. M Lamb calls: call on Pocock & Gold: Hill au soir.

16. Sa.Granada, p. 266. Call on White, Place & H Robinsonn: M, rev. Manningn, R Taylorn & H Rn call: theatre, Venice Preserved; adv. J Taylor & Poolee.

Dep. e.211, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

Nov. 17. Su.Cardonne, T. I, p. 154-210: Granada, p. 326. Burr, A Curran, Biggs & Graves dine. T T & R & A Taylor call.

18. M.Write to Moore & Fk. Cardonne, p. 342. A B calls : Coleridge’s Lecture, w. F & J; adv. Lambs, L Ht, Dawes, Adamses, Burneys, Colliers, H Robinson, Hill & Ormee.

19. Tu.Write to Constable, (M J to) Fairlye, & Hill . Gibbon & Swinburne, çala.

20. W.Cardonne, çala. H Robinson & Jas White call, seal: meet R Taylor & Dr Reeve.

21. Th.Cid, p. 50. Aldis, w. Courtney, & Dr Reeve call: Coleridge’s Lecture, w. M J, F & J; adv. Lbs, L Ht, Dawes, Colliers, Adams, capt. Burney, H R, Hill, Reeve & R Taylore.

22. F.Cid, p. 112. Fenwick at tea. Notes for Riposo.

23. Sa.Mariana, Lib. 12, c. 3-8: Cid, p. 130: Cervantes, Novels, p. 22: Rincon, pp. 67. E Fk calls. Write to Montagu.

Dep. e.211, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

Nov. 24. Su.Notes for Riposo. Mariana, c. 13: Cervantes, p. 67. Dine at Aldis’s, w. Weavers, miss Flower & M J; adv. Woodifield & Courtney.

25. M.Notes for Riposo. Write to A Robinson & Hume: call on Place: Chr Lawrencena: Colere’s Lecture, w. F & J; adv. Lambs, Dawes, Colliers, H R, Hill, Hazlit, M Burney & Dyere. call on Knos. meet Hollis.

26. Tu.Write to Montagu & Davison. Call on Fry, Davisonn, Murrayn & J Taylor: seek Irish Jennings.

27. W.Cervantes, p. 92. Write to Lewin, Lewis, Faulder & Chater: H Boinville & T T call: Fk at tea.

28. Th.Write to P Martineau. Newton & son, Withers, & A Dawe call: Coleridge, w. F & J; adv. Lbs, Dawes, Colliers & H Re.

29. F.Write to Fordham & Davison. Call on Longdil: T T & Martineau jr call, & Hazlitna. Fk

30. Sa.Preface to Rainbow, 4 pp. Call on Hume, & J Taylor; adv. Dr Pearson: call on M Lamb: mtMontagu: E Fk at tea.


Dep. e.211, fol.  31r
[fol. 31r]

Dec. 1. Su.Rainbow, çala. E Fk & A Curran call: Burr & H Hopwood dine

2. M.Rainbow, çala. Call on Hume: A Curran & Lovet at tea: Lecture, w. A C, Lovet, Burr, M J, F & J; A C & Lovet supe.

3. Tu.Write to Taylor, Norwich. Call on Lambert & Place: R T calls: call on Cobbet; adv. Walker & Wood.

4. W.Cervantes, Marriage Trompeur, pp. 35. Call on R Taylor.

5. Th.Cid, p. 143: Cervantes, p. 118. Call on R Sharp, Tipper, Black & Parry, & Jo G: Lecture, w. H H, F & J; adv. Miller A S, Boaden, &ce: H R calls.

6. F.Cid, p. 150: Cervantes, p. 206. Burr, & Jo & N G <G> call.

7. Sa.Cid, p. 162. Call on Hume; adv. Jo Fawcet: Burr calls: theatre, Pizarro, w. M J & We. Murder of Marre.

Dep. e.211, fol.  31v
[fol. 31v]

Dec. 8. Su.Bayle, art. Averroes: James I, çala. A Curran & H Hopwood dine; adv. Burr: W G calls.

9. M.Mariana, çala: Old English Baron, p. 26: Oronooko, p. 18: Coleridge’s Lecture, w. H H, F & Je. Lovet calls: call on Hume.

10. Tu.Riposo, p. 1. Mariana, Lib. XI, c. 1-7: Cardonne, çala.

11. W.Write to Hill & A Robinson. Marmol, çala: Oronooko, p. 42.

12. Th.Rainbow, çala. Call on Place: Jas Smith calls: Waller at tea; adv. Burr: Lecture, w. H H, F, J & W; adv. O Brien, mrs Flaxman, &ce.

13. F.Write to Patrickson. Spain, çala: Cid, p. 180. Fk calls: E Fk at tea.

14. Sa.Mariana, &c, çala. T T calls: theatre, w. M J, Coriolanuse.

Dep. e.211, fol.  32r
[fol. 32r]

Dec. 15. Su.Mariana, c. 8-13: Homme de Qualité, p. 100. Write to Patrickson. Call on B Montagu: E Fk dines: H R sups.

16. M.Mariana, c. 15: Laborde, çala. Call on Lyon & Hume: Lecture, w. H H, F & J; adv. R Sharp, O’Brien, &ce.

17. Tu.Legend, p. 2/2. Homme de Qualite, p. 146. Leigh & Horsey call: call on R Taylor.

18. W.Legend, 2 pp. Cid, p. 194: H. de Qualité, p. 172. Call on Morgan (R C L), Fauldern & Cobbet; adv. Margrove & Walker.

19. Th.Legend, 1 p. Cid, p. 228. M dines: Lecture, w. H H; adv. miss Benjer, O’Brien, &ce: M W G in Skinner Streete. Murder of Williamsone.

20. F.Write to ye Master of Xt’s, Faulder & Montagu. Cid, p. 244. Theatre, w. M J, F, M, J & W, Winter’s Tale; adv. Collierse.

21. Sa.Cid, p. 264. Call on Place & Macmillan: Burr & A Curran dine; adv. E Fk.

Dep. e.211, fol.  32v
[fol. 32v]

Dec. 22. Su.Cid, p. 325: Homme de Qualité, p. 259.

23. M.Granada, p. 365: H. de Qualité, T. II, p. 52. Wardmote; adv. Quin & Sir C Price: Ferris & W C Brownn call: call on Hume; adv. Liston: Burr at tea.

24. Tu.Bourke, History of Moors, p. 145: H. de Qualité, p. 103. Faulder & Graves call.

25. W.Bourke, p. 181. Dine at Hume’s, w. Thomsons, Listons, Wingfields, Hazlit, miss Tyrer & M J; adv. Darmany.

26. Th.Bourke, p. 214. Call on Curtis & Hume: seek Tipper, Gold & Murray: Rodd aux fillese. Homme de Qualité, p. 160. Williams (Murphy) dies.

27. F.Bourke, p. 246. Call on Murray, Gold & Rousseaun. Write to Miller, Hardinge & M.

28. Sa.Granada, Vol. II, p. 54: Bourke, p. 284, fin: H. de Qualité, p. 200. Rousseau calls.

Dep. e.211, fol.  33r
[fol. 33r]

Dec. 29. Su.Cid, p. 366, fin: Homme de Qualité, p. 225. Poole at tea; adv. H Robinson.

30. M.Homme de Qualité, T. III, p. 58. Call on Tipper, Jas White, Knowles & Wardn: Ward & Fk call: Lecture, w. F, M & J; adv. Mocatta & E F, O, &ce. Write to Jonathan Raine.

31. Tu.Write to Davy, Newton & Arnot. R Taylor calls: Listons, Humes, Aldises, Darmany, miss Tyrer, & miss Flower, & H Hopwood dine.