William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1804



Dep. e.207, fol.  4v
[fol. 4v]

1804 Jan. 1. Su.Camilla, 3 pages. Catullus, Ep. 27-31. Call, w. M J, on L Ht: sup, w. do, at Nicholson's. Arnot calls.

2. M.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 31-37: Clarissa, p. 186. Tobin calls: dine at H G's, w. G M C, mrs & Geo. Wilcocke, M J & children.

3. Tu.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 37-43: Clarissa, p. 241. Call on Philips; adv. R Twiss & C Wilson: meet Lamb: call on E F, for M J: theatre, Cinderella, w. M; adv. col. Portere.

4. W.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 43-51: Clarissa, p. 297. Dine at Ht's, w. Davy, Buchan, Harwood, Foulkes & Tobin's White: call on E F, for M J.

5. Th.Camilla, 2 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 51-56: Clarissa, p. 346. Call on Lambn: invités à diner, 3 Hts, C Mercier, Foulkes & Tobin.

6 F.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 56-62: Clarissa, Vol. IV, p. 56. Meet Philipses & Surrs: M, L Knapp, O Fenwick & K Keir dine.

7. Sa.Misson, 60 pp.: Clarissa, p. 150. Sup at Lb's, w. Fells & White.

Dep. e.207, fol.  5r
[fol. 5r]

Jan. 8. Su.Camilla, notes. Florence, çala: Clarissa, p. 220.

9. M.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 70-76: Clarissa, p. 272. Call on Northcote: theatre, 1/10 Provoked Husbande.

10. Tu.Uni. Hist. (Florence), çala: Cellini, p. 84. Call on Philips; adv. Heath: G M C at tea.

11. W.Catullus, Ep. 76-81: Cellini, p. 160. Keenan calls: adv. M: meet Philips: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Barbauld & Hommy.

12. Th.Camilla, notes. Catullus, Ep. 81-87: Clarissa, p. 375. Call on Fuseli, & (w. M J) on Fkn: sup at Lamb's, w. M J.

13. F.Camilla, 2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 87-96. Call on Lambn, Davison, R Taylor, & Fell (Laver's), & Fell chez lui: tea Foulkes's, w. adm. Stanhope, Hovel, Hesse & Pike.

14. Sa.Camilla, 2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 96-100: Adams on Republics, Vol. II, p. 64. Call on Ht, for M J.

Dep. e.207, fol.  5v
[fol. 5v]

Jan. 15. Su.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 100-106. Three Hts dine; adv. G M C & M.

16. M.Camilla, 2 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 106-113. Call on Lamb; adv. E Reynolds: Benford calls.

17. Tu.Camilla, 1 1/4 pages, fin. Catullus, Ep. 113-117. Arnot calls: Fell at tea: theatre, 2 Henry IVe.

18. W.Camilla, revise. Catullus, Ep. 62: Adams, p. 116. G M C & M dine.

19. Th.Catullus, Ep. 63. Call on Philips (for Fell): dine at Philips's, w. Hts, Wolcot & mrs Bradley; adv. Surrs.

20. F.Catullus, Ep. 64: Adams, p. 184. Theatre, w. M J, Othello; adv. Fillingham (& L Harrington)e: M sups.

21. Sa.Camilla, 2 pages; revise. E & E Fenwick dine; adv. M.

Dep. e.207, fol.  6r
[fol. 6r]

Jan. 22. Su.Read to M J. Jo G calls: J G, H G, & P G dine; adv. G M C, Lambs & M. M calls on Harrise. Dr Wilcocke dies.

23. M.Camilla, revise. H Rowan & M Lamb call; call on Philipsn: meet Ht: theatre, w. M J, E M, M & children; Way to Keep Him, & Cinderellae.

24. Tu.Camilla, 1 page. Call on Philips, & Johnsonn: M Lamb calls: call on Lambn. Fawcet dies .

25. W.Camilla, 7 lines. M from Harrise. Keenan & McKinnen call: call on mrs Leward: theatre, All in the Wronge. meet Arnot.

26. Th.Camilla, 2 pages. M Lamb calls: call on Johnson (adv. J Hollis) & Foulkes: L Knapp, M & G M C at tea. (trial)

27. F.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Mrs Nicholson, &c, call n: call on Coleridge, Poole & Foulkes: Fell at tea: Alvanley's chambers, bail w. Warnere.(trial)

28. Sa.Camilla, 1 page; revise. Theatre, 1/10 English Fleete: Fell at tea.

Dep. e.207, fol.  6v
[fol. 6v]

Jan. 29. Su.Camilla, revise. Call on Coleridgen, w. do: meet Perrys: dine at Nicholson's, w. Hts & mrs Lorimer: Smith calls n, & H Rowan.

30. M.Clarissa, Vol. V, p. 162. Sup at Lamb's, w. capt. Burney, &c, & Coleridge.

31. Tu.Clarissa, p. 186. Coleridge & H Rowan dine; invités Foulkes & M.


Feb. 1. W.Westminster Hall, w. Warner; adv. Morris & Agar: read to Coleridge: dine at Ht's, w. M J & Smith: call on Fkn & Lamb (adv. Fells), w. do. (meet Fox.)

2. Th.Translate Rousseau, 5 pages. Lamb & Wilcocke call: call on L Knapp & Johnson: dine at Lamb's, w. Coleridge; adv. M J, Fks & Duckworths. Write to Perry.

3. F.Call on Coleridge; adv. Ridout: dine at H Rowan's, w. O Byrne, Castle Brown, &Evans & Mrs Beresford: Fks & Duckworths dine; adv. M.

4. Sa.Rousseau, Tom. II, p. 180-262. M dines & transcribes.

Dep. e.207, fol.  7r
[fol. 7r]

Feb. 5. Su.Smith, Coleridge & Lamb call: Smith dines.

6. M.Corançez, pp. 90. Call on Fenwicks (adv. Duckworths) Lambs for M J (adv. mrs Reynolds), & Johnson: theatrese. Priestley dies.

7. Tu.Breakfast at Coleridge's; adv. Poole: call on Carlisle, S Nicholson & Johnson (Rousseau): theatre, Soldier's Daughtere: G M C sups. meet Boaden.

8. W.Write to Perry. Rousseau, p. 300. Call on Taylor (adv. J Taylor & Susan), & Philips: Smh at tea: Fell calls: meet Ht & Lamb.

9. Th.Write to M Mag. Call, w. M J, on Fkn & Htn: tea (do) at Lofft's: Fell calls: G M C dines.

10. F.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. John Henley & R Taylor call: call on Philips, w. Fell. Jo G calls.

11. Sa.Camilla, 3 pages. Turner calls.

Dep. e.207, fol.  7v
[fol. 7v]

Feb. 12. Su.Camilla, 2 pages: M M, 2 pages. Loffts, Rowans, 3 Hts, mrs Beresford, Northcote & 2 Finchs dine; adv. Smith.

13. M.Camilla, 2 pages: M M, 3 pages. Call on Philipsn: Fell calls: Smith sups.

14. Tu.Camilla, revise. Call on Philips; tea, do: call on Fksn & S Lofft, for M J.

15. W.Camilla, 2 pages. Call on Lamb & Reynldsn: sup at Carlisle's: meet Ellis.

16. Th.Camilla, 2 pages. Smith & G M C dine: theatre, w. M J & Smith, Grecian Daughter & Village Lawyere .

17. F.Camilla, revise. Call on R Taylor: dine at L Knapp's, w. Wilcocke, M, G M C, M J & F. Octavo Chaucer published

18. Sa.Camilla, revise. Clarissa, p. 254. Call on Smith (50£ 12 Mths): Wilcocke dines. Write to Tho. West, for Jo G. Bagnio Court.

Dep. e.207, fol.  8r
[fol. 8r]

Feb. 19. Su.Camilla, revise. J J G calls: dine at Ht's, w. Loffts, Northcote, miss Finch & M J.

20. M.Camilla, revise. Lamb dines: (transcribes) call on Coleridge, at Tobin's, & L Knapp.

21. Tu.Camilla, revise. Write to Harris & Kemble. M dines; adv. Jo G.E M.

22. W.Write to Philips, on Perrault. Ct Pool & miss Walsh call: Truchsess Gallery, w. Loffts & M Je: call on Foulkes & Kemble: sup at Jo G's, w. M. meet H Rowan & Castle Brown.

23. Th.Coach, Golden Cross, C C, w. Jo G: breakfast at Godstone: dine at Lewes, Bear: call on Westn: Coffee house; note to West: write to M J: sleep.[Not in London]

24. F.Barracks, Malling Hill, & Castle: enquiries, Post Office, &ce: call on Westn: note from do: write to do, & M J.[Not in London]

25. Sa.Call on Smith, Neale (Dallas, alias Dallison: write to Harriet) & Hooper: walk to Brighton; dine at White Horse; adv. Spiring: Neale calls: sleep at Lewes. Letter from West.[Not in London]

Dep. e.207, fol.  8v
[fol. 8v]

Feb. 26. Su.Call on Langridge: letter to Ht, sent delivered by the maid: Steel, baker, calls: call on Steel & mrs Neal: Langridge writes to West: write to M J. Letter from West.[Not in London]

27. M.Call on mrs Steel, Alfeckna, Neal, Langridge (adv. Kell), Wolger, constable, col. Wall & lord Craven; adv. West: adieux, Neal & Langridge: dine at White Horse, Brighton; adv. Spiring: write to M J & Steel.[Not in London]

28. Tu.Coach, w. rev. Hudson, Tomlins & Day: breakfast at Cuckfield: dine at Somers Town; adv. M: call on Wordsworth, w. Jo G.[Not in London]

29. W.Call on R Wordsworth, R Taylorn & Lofftn: meet Damiani: affidavit, bef. judge Grosee: call, w. M J, on L Ht & E Fk.


Mar. 1. Th.Sketch for novel. Call on R Taylor.

2. F.Call on R Wordsworth, Platt, Bachelor, Joslyn (Doctors Commons), Jo G (adv. M Bailey), J G, Coleridgen & Fk: Smith at tea. Pancras Registere.

3. Sa.Write to Kemble & Dallas. Letters (to Jo G) fm West & Harriete. Jo G & Smith call: call on Wordsworth, & Goodyer, sexton, Chelsea: dine at H Rowan's: call on Carlislen. Letters fm Kemble & Coleridge.

Dep. e.207, fol.  9r
[fol. 9r]

Mar. 4. Su.Letter from Dallas. Smith dines; adv. miss Walsh & Rawlins. Cherche mon Peree.

5. M.Write to Dallas & Kemble. Petite Ville, & Udolphe. H Rowan calls. Harriet in towne.

6. Tu.Lambert, p. 1. Letter from Dallas. Duhautcours, acts 1, 2, 3.

7. W.Lambert, p. 4/2. Lamb calls: call on L Ht, (w. M J) Coleridgen, Mackinnenn, & R Wordsworth (adv. Jo G): meet Plowden: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Dr Thomson: sup at Napier's, w. miss Walsh, miss Burt & M J. Duel, Camelford, d. Sate.

8. Th.Lambert, p. 7/2. Mrs Carlisle, miss Cruickshank & Smith call: call on Bush, Doctors Commons. Letter from Dallas. Write to Craven.

9. F.Lambert, p. 10. Write to Philips. Fell calls: call on G M C: Smith dines.

10. Sa.Lambert, p. 11. Write to Craven. Call on R Taylor, Wordsworthn & Mackinnenn; &, w. M J, on Harriet G, adv. mere, M Bailey & pere.

Dep. e.207, fol.  9v
[fol. 9v]

Mar. 11. Su.Fleetwood, p. 13. Meet C Kemble: Jno & V Napier, P Pester, Smith, miss Walsh & miss Burt dine; adv. miss Green & Lambs.

12. M.Fleetwood, p. 16/2. Paine's Letters. L Ht calls: M sups.

13. Tu.Fleetwood, 4 pages. Smith calls: call on Keir, w. M J: Jo G dines; adv. M: meet R Wordsworth: theatre, w. M, Counterfeit; adv. P Hoaree.

14. W.Fleetwood, 1 1/2 pp. & p. 16. Call on Arnotn: meet mrs Dallas & mrs T West, w. M J, at Rayner's: call on R Wordsworth: sup at Lamb's, w. Coleridge.

15. Th.Fleetwood, 1 page. Tobin calls: call on Northcote: Smith dines: theatre, w. Smith, M J, E M & F; adv. C Moore, Fillingham, A Opie & E Fkse.

16. F.Fleetwood, 8 lines. Call on Jo G; &, w. M J, on Philipsn, Johnsonv, R Taylor & Lamb: theatre, 1/3 Oratorio; adv. J Taylor (mrs Billington)e. adv. A Stephens & C Mercier, & P Taylor.

17. Sa.Fleetwood, p. 17. Cooper calls: call, w. M J, on Northcote: Fell at tea. Bonduca, act 1; Duhautcour, actes 4 & 5.

Dep. e.207, fol.  10r
[fol. 10r]

Mar. 18. Su.Fleetwood, p. 19. Bonduca, act 2. Cooper & wife call: dine at Hts, w. M J; adv. (Place & Le Maitre) Buchan & Harwood.

19. M.Fleetwood, p. 21. Catullus, Ep. 66. Le Maitre calls: call on Hts; adv. Harwood: dine at Tobin's, w. Rickman; adv. Burrel & Grenow; invités Coleridge & Ht. meet Perry.

20. Tu.Catullus, Ep. 67: Clarissa, p. 308. Call on Jo Gn, Davisonn, K Taylor (adv. Ph.) & Lamb (adv. Coleridge): 3 Coopers, M & L K dine.

21. W.Fleetwood, p. 23. Catullus, Ep. 68: Clarissa, p. 353. Call on Joyce (w. M J), & L Htna: Le Maitre calls. Letter from Smith. Arnot calls.

22. Th.Catullus, Peleus, vs100. Philips grocer & Fell call: call on Davison & J G: Fks, H G & miss Hole at tea. Letter from Bush.

23. F.Catullus, Peleus, vs 250 Letter fm Dawne. Call on Davison & E Fk: Arnot calls: L Ht dines; adv. F Ht. & Mercier. Write to Smith.

24. Sa.Fleetwood, p. 24/2. Catullus, Peleus, vs. 408. Walsh & Burt call: call on E Fk (adv. Fell & M Lb), Tobin (adv. Coleridge) & S Fell: theatre, 1/10 Cherrye: sup at J Hollis's. Write to Craven. Bonduca, act 3: Clarissa, Vol. VI, p. 38.

Dep. e.207, fol.  10v
[fol. 10v]

Mar. 25. Su.Fleetwood, p. 25. Clarissa, p. 160. Jo G calls n: call on A Harwoodn, Foulkesn, & E Fkn: M sups. met mrs & miss Tooke.

26. M.Catullus, Peleus, vs. 100: Burning Pestle: Clarissa, p. 217. Call on Jo G & Foulkes: dine at Cooper's: sup at L Ht's, w. M J & A Harwood. Keir calls.

27. Tu.Letters from Craven & Smith. Send to R Taylor. Miss Smith calls: Keir sups.

28. W.Translate Rousseau, 1 sheet. Call on Wolcotn: meet Banks, sc.: 3 Coopers, M & L K dine.

29. Th.Religio Medici, p. 60: Clarissa, p. 331. Lambs call: call on Ht, & miss Walsh; adv. miss Green & V N.

30. F.Religio Medici, p. 176, fin: Clarissa, p. 384. Tobin & E Fk call: sup at mrs T Cooper's, w. G M C & M J.

31. Sa.Martial, Ep. 1-13: Cowley, çala: recollections of Bacon, Jonson & Montaigne.


Dep. e.207, fol.  11r
[fol. 11r]

Apr. 1. Su.Cowley, çala. Call on mrs T Cooper; adv. capt. Upton: dine at Ht's, w. mrs T C, M & M J; adv. Cooper. Write to Sheridan.

2. M.Cowley & Hume (Cromwel), çala. Call on Northcote: Wakes call: theatre, w. M J; M & Coopers; Will for Deed, & Orsone.

3. Tu.Catullus, Peleus, vs. 250: Cowley & Marvel, çala. Meet Ht, w. M J: call on Fks, do.

4. W.Catullus, Peleus, vs. 408: Montaigne, Ess. 1, 2, 3: Cowley; Bacon & Marvel, çala. Ht calls. (story of Harwood & Tooke.e)

5. Th.Hume, Chap. 56, 57, 58: Clarissa, Vol. VII, p. 48.

6. F.Clarendon, p. 89. Fell calls: Fell at tea: G M C & mrs T Cooper sup.

7. Sa.Clarendon, p. 130: Hume, Vol. VI, p. 199-230. Theatre, Sailor's Daughter, w. Coopers, M J, L K & Me.

Dep. e.207, fol.  11v
[fol. 11v]

Apr. 8. Su. Hume, p. 1318. ( Rousseau, 7 pp.) Mrs Rowan & mrs Beresford call: dine at Cooper's, w. Ht, Cooke, M, L K & G M C. Jo G calls n. Call on Wolcotn.

9. M.Hume, 352: Clarissa, p. 160. Call on Ht, H Rowan (adv. Plunket & miss Gunning), Waken & Northcote: Wolcot calls: meet Gawler.

10. Tu.Clarendon, p. 202: Clarissa, 294. Call on Jacob.

11. W.Catullus, Ep. 69: Cowley, çala: Clarendon, p. 244. Call on E Fenwick: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Mullet & capt. Hunter: sup at Napier's, w. M J: meet Perry. Arnot calls n.

12. Th.Clarendon, p. 288. Call on Knight, com., w. M: A Harwood dines; adv. G M C, & 2 Cs, Harwood & Ht. meet B Montagu.

13. F.Hume, p. 424: Clarissa, p. 344. S Fell calls: call on Lamb, Fell at Laver's; Tebbut, & Cooper; adv. Hill & M: meet Buchan: dine at Fk's, w. M J.

14. Sa.Clarendon, p. 310: Clarissa, p. 380. Call on Fell: dine at Harwood's, w. 3 Hts, 3 Coopers, Jones & M J: Dawe calls n. Write to T Wedgwd.

Dep. e.207, fol.  12r
[fol. 12r]

Apr. 15. Su.Walk, w. Lamb, to Little Chelsea: coach; adv. Jennings: mrs Nicholson, &c , & J G call n: dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, H Gawler, Humphries & Pearsons, & Bonney.

16. M.Letter from T W. Call on R Taylor & Foulkes: Fell at tea; adv. Jo G, M, Cooper & Lamb.

17. Tu.Hydriotaphia, Chap. 1 & 2. Call on Jo G, & Wordsworth; adv. Jo G: miss Walsh dines.

18. W.Write to T W. Hydr, Chap. 3. Ht & Jo G call n: meet Reynolds & Damiani: Fell at tea: theatre, 7/10 Merry Wives; adv. J Taylore: call on Foulkes.

19. Th.Hydr, Chap. 4, 5. Fell calls: call on R Taylor, & Fell at Wild's: E Fks & E Braddock dine: theatre, 4/5 Hypocritee. Clarissa, Vol. VIII, p. 47.

20. F.Episodee. Write to H Tooke. Clarissa, p. 87. Arnot calls n: sup at Lamb's, w. Fks, E Braddock & M J. L French Lawyer, acts & 1, 2.

21. Sa.Clarendon, p. 330: Clarissa, p. 158. Dawe calls: G M C sups. C C.

Dep. e.207, fol.  12v
[fol. 12v]

Apr. 22. Su.Fleetwood, 2 pages. Cowley, çala. J J G calls: dine at Ht's, w. Harwoods.

23. M.Fleetwood, 3/4 page. Clarendon, p. 394: Clarissa, p. 200. Mrs T Cooper sups.

24. Tu.Fleetwood, 2 pages. Clarendon, p. 408. Call on Ht.

25. W.Fleetwood, 3 pages. Clarendon, p. 474. Jo G calls.

26. Th.Fleetwood, 1 page. Clarendon, p. 480. Write to Fell.

27. F.Fleetwood, 1 1/2 pages. Letter from Philips. Martial, Ep. 13-28. E Fks dine; adv. Mrs T Cooper. Vulgar Errors, Chap. 1, 2.

28. Sa.Fleetwood, 1 page. Martial, Ep. 43: Clarendon, p. 496. M calls: call on Ht, Buchann, Carlislen & Nicholson.

Dep. e.207, fol.  13r
[fol. 13r]

Apr. 29. Su.Fleetwood, 2 1/2 pages. Martial, Ep. 50: Vulgar Errors, Chap. 3, 4, 5. J J G calls: J G dines: call on Htn: sup at H G's, w. M J & 3 Coopers.

30. M.Martial, Ep. 65: Vulgar Errors, Chap. 6, 7, 8. Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Opie, Shee, Heath, Dawe, E Smith, Boaden, Batty, Fillingham, Kennan & Fke: Irish Giante: call on Mercier & L Ht: dine at Mrs Beresford's, w. Rowans, Snows, Truman & M J. A Opie calls n.


May 1. Tu.Martial, Ep. 70: Vulgar Errors, Ch. 9, 10, 11; & Book IV/2. Hts call, & Cooper: Lambs sup; adv. Jo G.

2. W.Martial, Ep. 80: Marvel, çala. M calls: call, w. M J, on Ht, at Harwood's (wille), & on Nicholson.

3. Th.Martial,Fleetwood, 1 page. Martial, Ep. 95. Marvel, çala. Call, w. M J, on Ht, at Harwood.

4. F.Marvel, çala: Clarissa, p. 253: D'Aunois, çala.

5. Sa.Fleetwood, 1 1/2 pages. Clarendon, p. 552. Call, w. M J, on Ht at Harwood's; adv. Mathans & Shakerhaft.

Dep. e.207, fol.  13v
[fol. 13v]

May 6. Su.Martial, Ep. 105: Clarendon, p. 575. J J G & J G call: Forsyth, Yates & P G dine: call on Ht at Harwood's.

7. M.Fleetwood, 1 page. Martial, Ep. 119: Milton, çala. Grisildis, 3 1/2 pages. Call on Johnson; adv. Bonnycastle & Fuseli: meet Philips; adv. M.

8. Tu.Martial, Lib. II, Ep. 13: Clarendon, p. 613. Mrs T Cooper calls: theatre, 2/5 Twelfth Night, & 2/5 Macbethe.

9. W.Fleetwood, revise. Martial, Ep. 30: Milton, çala. Exhibitione: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Jacomb, Dr Hamilton & Lindsey: Mrs Taylor, &c. call n.

10. Th.Grisildis, 3 1/2 pages. Martial, Ep. 42: Milton, çala. Property Officee: call on Towers. Pitt, Ministere

11. F.Fleetwood, 1/2 page: Grisildis, 2 pp. Hall's Remonstrance: Milton, çala. Call on R Taylor, w. M J (adv. mere, soeur, B Montagu, Reeve & Bailey), & on mrs T Cooper (adv. M).

12. Sa.Milton, El. 1, 2, 3; Of Reformation: Call on Carlislen: sup at Hollis's.

Dep. e.207, fol.  14r
[fol. 14r]

May 13. Su.Fleetwood, revise. Clarendon, p. 670. F Ht at tea.

14. M.Faublas, p. 126: Clarendon, p. 720. M & 3 Coopers dine.

15. Tu.Faublas, p. 237. Call, w. M J, on Lamb (adv. Burney) & E Fk: Jo G at tea. Milton, Reason of Church Govt, chap. 1, 2.

16. W.Faublas, p. 360; Vol. II: Clarendon, Vol. II, p. 19. Carlisle & Keir call.

17. Th.Faublas, Vol. III, p. 100: Clarendon, p. 36. Keir & E Fks at tea (telescope); adv. Lambs: Northcote calls n: call on Jo G; adv. M Bailey: meet R Jones.

18. F.Faublas, p. 320. Mass for D'Enghien, w. M Je: H Rowan calls: dine at Cooper's, w. M J, M, G M C & L Knapp; adv. capt. Upton. Napoleon, Emperore.

19. Sa.Faublas, Vol. IV, p. 260. Call on Joyce, w. M J: M calls.

Dep. e.207, fol.  14v
[fol. 14v]

May 20. Su.Milton, Sylvæ, 6; Mansus; Chch Govt, Chap. 3, &c; Book II, Chap. 1, 2: Faublas, p. 310. Lamb calls: F Ht at tea; adv. Mercier.

21. M.Clarendon, p. 84. Call on R Wordsworth: meet Lambs.

22. Tu.Epitaphium Damonis, &c. Fleetwood, 7 lines. J J G calls: call on Nicholson's, w. M J: dine at H Rowan's, w. Plunkets, 3 Fitzgeralds, Defrezes & M J & mrs Beresford.

23. W.Fleetwood, p. 26/2. Hume, p. 425-510. G M C dines; adv. Lambs. Milton, El. 7.

24. Th.Fleetwood, p. 26. Milton, El. 5: Clarendon, p. 127. Dine at Carlisle's, w. Southey, Poole, Leslie & Bolton; adv. Barry & Nicholson.

25. F.Fleetwood, p. 27. Milton, Reason of C Gt, fin: Clarendon, p. 152. Call on J G Jo G & Towers.

26. Sa.Fleetwood, 1 line. Milton, Remonstrant, §. 1, 2: Toland, Life of Milton. Call on R Taylor: theatre, Guilty or Not Guilty; adv. Hill & Fillme. meet Dibbin.

Dep. e.207, fol.  15r
[fol. 15r]

May 27. Su.Excursion, çala. Clarendon, p. 208. Sup at Lamb's; adv. Norris's. Rhumee.

28. M.Sopha, p. 102: Milton, Def. Secunda, çala. Nicholson at tea: call on do.

29. Tu.Fleetwood, 1 page. Def. Secunda, p. 2: Sopha, p. 255; Vol. II, p. 74. Call on Robinsons; &, w. M J, on F Ht & Nicholson.

30. W.Fleetwood, p. 30/2. Def. Secunda, p. 9. Call on Jo G: meet Philips: dine at Johnson's, w. Bonnycastle & Gruber: F Ht, Mercier & M sup. Slave Trade condemned, H. of C., 124 to 49e.

31. Th.Def. Secunda, p. 13: Clarendon, p. 234. Truchsessian Gallery, w. M Je: call, w. do, on Dulau & Nicholson.


June 1. F.Fleetwood, p. 31/2. Def. Secunda, p. 20. Call on Fell: G M C dines; adv. M.

2. Sa.Def. Secunda, p. 23: Clarendon, p. 280. Sup at Fenwick's; adv. M J & E Braddock: call at Lamb's.

Dep. e.207, fol.  15v
[fol. 15v]

June 3. Su.Fleetwood, p. 31. Def. Secunda, p. 33. Jo G calls.

4. M.Fleetwood, p. 33. Def. Secunda, p. 35, fin: Clarendon, p. 310. M, Fk, E F, O F & E Braddock dine; adv. G M C. Fells call.

5. Tu.Fleetwood, p. 35/2. Clarendon, p. 359. Call on Robinsons, R Hunter, &, w. M J, on Nicholson. Rhumee.

6. W.Clarendon, p. 440. Lambs sup. Mal de dentse.

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Dep. e.207, fol.  16r
[fol. 16r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  16v
[fol. 16v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  17r
[fol. 17r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  17v
[fol. 17v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  18r
[fol. 18r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  18v
[fol. 18v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  19r
[fol. 19r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  19v
[fol. 19v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  20r
[fol. 20r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  20v
[fol. 20v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  21r
[fol. 21r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  21v
[fol. 21v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  22r
[fol. 22r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  22v
[fol. 22v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  23r
[fol. 23r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  23v
[fol. 23v]

Sep. 23. Su.Camilla, revise. Anderson, J, C & V Napier call: chaise w. Curran: dine at H Tooke's, w. Curran, Banks's, Dr Pearson & fils.

24. M.Camilla, revise. Read to Curran. Curran, Ht, Hazlit, Wts, Hutchins, & E & E Fks dine; adv. Lamb & Volsey. New Inn, act 1 & 2.

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Dep. e.207, fol.  24r
[fol. 24r]

Sep. 30. Sa.Camilla, revise. Devil is an Ass, act 1: Thiebault, p. 373. Combe calls.


Oct. 1. M.Camilla, revise. Thiebault, T. III, p. 70. Write to Ht. Theatre, Mountaineerse. Call on Jas Wtn.

2. Tu.Camilla, revise. Call on Luntley, w. E W, & on Thurgar, Smithn, Gourbon, Barley & Metcalfen: E & Jas Wt dine.

3. W.Camilla, revise. Write to Ht. Thiebault, p. 146. Call on Eaton (w. E W) n, Davisonn, R Taylor, & Johnson; adv. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Cabel: theatre, Poor Gentleman, act 5e. meet Philips, & Lamb.

4. Th.Fleetwood, p. 156. Theatre, w. M J, 2/5 Pizarro, & Wedding Daye.

5. F.Fleetwood, p. 159. Call on Fk & Davison: Jas Wt at tea. Spanish frigates taken off Cadize.

6. Sa.Fleetwood, p. 161. Write to Tim. Brown. Send to Harris. Call on J G: tea Ht's, w. M J & J.

Dep. e.207, fol.  24v
[fol. 24v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  25r
[fol. 25r]

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20. Sa.Write to J Hollis & E W. Call on Lamb, Davisonn & Johnsonn: Curran calls n: meet Curran, Gawlers & Fk: theatre, w. M J, the Dash; adv. Morton, O Brien, Phillipses & R Huntere.

Dep. e.207, fol.  25v
[fol. 25v]

Oct. 21. Su.Fleetwood, revise; 1 page. Meet Wolcot & French: Volsey & Mercier sup.

22. M.Fleetwood, revise, 1 page. Letter from J Hollis. Call on Lamb, Davison, R Taylor, Johnson & Jo Gn: letter from E Wt: Jas Wt dines: sup, w. M J, at H Rowan's. meet Fks, & Damiani.

23. Tu.Fleetwood, invent. Call on R Taylor & Johnsonn; adv. Dr Aikin & Joyce: Curran, Ht, Wolcot, Northcote, Hamilton & H Rowan dine; adv. E Wnc. Write to E W.

24. W.Simple Story, p. 128: Jealous Wife, çala. E W calls: call on Johnson; adv. Barbaulds & Henley: dine at H Rowan's, w. M J, Ht & Northcote: theatre, w. do & Volsey; Blind Bargaine: V sups. (contract, Thiebault.)

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27. Sa.Fleetwood, p. 189. Louis XIV, çala.

Dep. e.207, fol.  26r
[fol. 26r]

Oct. 28. Su.Fleetwood, p. 192/2. Louis XIV, çala: Magnetic Lady, act 5. Nicholson calls: call on Ht (B Str); adv. Le Fevre: Volsey at tea.

29. M.Fleetwood, 1/2 page. Staple of News, acts 1, 2. Jas Wt dines: miss Sheffields tea.

30. Tu.Fleetwood, p. 194. Staple of News, act 3. E Wt dines: sup at Fk's, w. M J & Lambs.

31. W.Fleetwood, p. 196. Staple of News, acts 4 & 5. Grigsby's (£5000): call on Eaton: dine at Johnson's, w. Bonnycastle. M J & children at Volsey's; adv. Jas Wt.


Nov. 1. Th.Fleetwood, p. 198. Case is Altered, act 1. Call on Nicholson & Combe: theatre, w. M J, Foundling; adv. Fillinghame.

2. F.Fleetwood, p. 201/2. Case is Altered, acts 2 & 3. Museum, Encyclopédie; adv. Damianie: call on R Taylor: meet Foulkes: Dawe calls n: theatre, 1/5 Blind Bargaine.

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Dep. e.207, fol.  26v
[fol. 26v]

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5. M.Lady Honoria, çala: Grandison, p. 41. Call on Johnson & R Taylor: Volsey calls na; theatre, 1/2 Stoops to Conquer; adv. Batty & Eatone.

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Dep. e.207, fol.  27r
[fol. 27r]

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17. Sa.Fleetwood, 2 pages. Life of Brown, pp. 120. Call on R Taylor, & Lambn: 1/10 B Bargaine. meet Dyer.

Dep. e.207, fol.  27v
[fol. 27v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  29r
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Dep. e.207, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

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Dep. e.207, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

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