William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1803



1803; Jan. 1. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Dine at Philips, w. Wolcot, Aikin, Ht, Steven, Bradley, Busby, Skinner & Owen; adv. Reid.

Dep. e.206, fol.  25v
[fol. 25v]

Jan. 2. Su.Chaucer, 2 pages. Dine at H G's, w. M J, F, M, J & C: Keir calls n.

3. M.Speght, &c. Jas Wt dines: call, w. M, on West, at Jo G's.

4. Tu.//Chaucer, revise. Miss Thomas calls: call on Townsend, & White bookseller.

5. W.Notes for Chaucer. Write to Townsend. Call on S E: theatre, 3/10 Belle's Stratageme.

6. Th.Chaucer, 1 page. Guesclin. Dine at Northmores, w. W Burdon: M's, w. M J, F, M, C, J, Jas Wt, Lambs & Fell.

7. F.Guesclin, &c. Combe calls: theatre, Family Quarrels, act 3e.

8. Sa.Notes for Chaucer. Write to C Smith: M dines: call on Townsend.

Dep. e.206, fol.  26r
[fol. 26r]

Jan. 9. Su.Chaucer, p. // 219. Smith & mrs Napier call: call on Wake n, & mrs Perry, w. M J: dine at Ht's, w. Bannister, M J & F.

10. M.Chaucer, p. 221. Call on Ht n; adv. Charlotte.

11. Tu.Chaucer, p. 223. Museum, FSt Francise: E Napier calls: dine at Nicholson's, w. M J: Austin calls n.

12. W.Chaucer, p. 226/2. Call on Northcote & Underwoodn.

13. Th.Call on Townsend, Philips, Davison & Perry; adv. Goold: Record Office, w. Townsend. Write to Astle.

14. F.Chaucer, p. 227. M dines: call on Underwoodn.

15. Sa.Chaucer, p. 233. Jas Wt dines: Underwood calls.

Dep. e.206, fol.  26v
[fol. 26v]

Jan. 16. Su.Chaucer, p. 235. Tower, Patent Rolls: call on Lamb: Carlisle & Buchan call n: sup at Fell's, w. M J.

17. M.Barnes, çala. Museum, Cotton; adv. Planta & Damianie: call on Ht & Condé.

18. Tu.Barnes, çala. Tower; adv. Vandersee: call call on Townsend & Lamb: sup at Carlisle's, w. M J.

19. W.Chaucer, p. 236. Call on Philips: meet Malthus: Lambs sup.

20. Th.Gower, çala. Davis, Welch Unitarian, calls: dine at Carlisle's, w. Nicholsons, Patterson, Ayrton & M J.

21. F.Museum, Msse: dine at Nicholson's, w. 2 Hts, 3 Smiths, Wolcot, Foulkes, Hayward, mrs Kelly, miss Haines, miss Sherwood & M J.

22. Sa.Chaucer, çala. Theatre, 1/10 Stratageme.

Dep. e.206, fol.  27r
[fol. 27r]

Jan. 23. Su.Tower, w. Townsend: call on Lamb; adv. Rickman: Jo G calls n: 5 Smiths, 4 Nicholsons, 2 Hts, Hill, Foulkes & R Taylor dine

24. M.Museume: call on Philips; adv. Hurst & Britton: call on Vandersee, Exchequer Office: Theatre, 1/10 Othello e, & Richard, act 5; adv. Wakee

25. Tu.Chaucer, 3 pages. Jas Pratt calls: M dines.

26. W.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Caxton, &ce: theatre, 1/10 Merry Wives, & Harlequin's Habease.

27. Th.Tower.

28. F.Wicliffe, çala. Museum, Anstis, &ce. Joyces call.

29. Su. eChaucer, p. 238. M dines: theatre, w. M J & M; Hear Both Sides; adv. Opies & Nicholsonse.

Dep. e.206, fol.  27v
[fol. 27v]

Jan. 30. Su.Chaucer, p. 241. Wolcot calls.

31. M.Chaucer. p. 244/2. Museum; Rymer's MSSe: call on L Ht.


Feb. 1. Tu.Chaucer, p. 248/2. Museum, Rymer's Ms; adv. Shaw & Wilsone: theatre, 1/2 Hear Both Sides; adv. Estee.

2. W.Chaucer, p. 249/2. Jas Wt dines; adv. M Lamb: theatre, 1/5 Hamlete: M sups. Austin calls.

3. Th.Chaucer, p. 251. M (Hamilton's fire) & Ja Wt call: Museum; adv. Wilsone: call on Ogbourne.

4. F.Chaucer, p. 255/2. Museume: theatre, 1/15 Hear Both Sides;e & Man of the World, act 5e.

5. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Call, w. M J, on Buchann.

Dep. e.206, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

Feb. 6. Su.Chaucer, revise. M dines.

7. M.Chaucer, 1/2 page; revise. Museume: H G & miss Forsyth at tea. Trial of Desparde.

8. Tu.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Mongitore & Vossiuse: Joyces at tea.

9. W.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages; revise. Call on Nicholson.

10. Th.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Avesbury & Hector Boethiuse.

11. F.Museum, Villani & Duchesnee. Miss Forsyth dines.

12. Sa.Chaucer, revise; Regnier. M dines. Write to Philips.

Dep. e.206, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

Feb. 13. Su.Chaucer, revise. Ht & Lamb call: call on Reynoldsn.

14. M.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Fabiane. Cooper breakfasts & dines: theatre, w. him, Hamlet, acts 2 & 3e.

15. Tu.Tower, duchess Blanche: Herald's College, Townsend & Dallaway: call on Lamb; adv. White: Cooper & M dine.

16. W.Chaucer, revise. Museume.

17. Th.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Bavaria; adv. Ritsone: meet Bazeley & Malthus; M & Cooper dine: theatre, w. them & children, Family Quarrels & Tale of Mysterye: Smith calls n. & Callender.

18. F.Chaucer, revise. Dine at Lea, Castle & Falcon, w. M, Cooper & Jo G; adv. Simpson & Box. Condé calls n.

19. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Jas Wt dines: theatre, Hero of the Northe. call on Lamb, & Whiten.

Dep. e.206, fol.  29r
[fol. 29r]

Feb. 20. Su.Towere: call on Hill, & Vanderseen: Smart dines: Condé calls n. E P Cooper diese.

21. M.Chaucer, 1 page. Northmore calls: call on Northcote; adv. Northmore & Jenner: dine at Ht's: Ogbourne calls. Execution of Despard & sixe.

22. Tu.Chaucer, 2 pages. Condé calls: Museum, Aventinuse.

23. W.Chaucer, 1 page; revise. Dine at Northmore's, w. major Cartwright, Opie, Bamfylde & Keenan.

24. Th.Chaucer, 1 page; revise. E P Cooper's funeral, w. 2 Kingstons, M & Wilcocke junre: M & Cooper dine. Write to Ellis, Museum.

25. F.Chaucer, 1 page; revise. Meet Jas White: call on Ritson: Keir at tea; adv. Lambs: Callendar calls.

26. Sa.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages; revise. Wake & Nicholsons call: call on Condé: Smith sups.

Dep. e.206, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

Feb. 27. Su.Dine at H Tooke's, w. Bosville, 2 Knights, 2 Scotts, Macdonald, Gawler, James, capt. Wilson & Hague: return, w. Wilson & Hague. Ht calls n.

28. M.Chaucer, revise. Write to Harwood


Mar. 1. Tu.Chaucer, 1 page; revise. Hazlit calls: call on Nicholson, & Htn. Write to Tarleton. meet Joyces, St Pancras.

2. W.Chaucer, revise. Meet Plowden & Jas Moore: dine at Lady Valentia's, w. Gawler, Burdet & Eardley.

3. Th.Chaucer, revise. Meet Jas White: call on Tarleton, Hoare & Ald. Comben: Jas Wt dines: M sups.

4. F.Call on Pells Office, Perry, (Gascoynen), Harwood, Davisonn, Coopern, Museum (my letter discussed) e & Nicholson: dine at Wake's: Oratorio, 2/2 acte. Write to Roberts. Cooper calls n.

5. Sa.Write to Robinsons: Call on Gascoyne, & Northcote, w. W L White, adv. Hazlit: W L White & mrs Napier dine: Combe calls.

Dep. e.206, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

Mar. 6. Su.Smart, Combe &J J G call: Cooper, M & Ht dine.

7. M.Condé, Ogbourne & Hazlit call: call on Condé: theatre, Hamlet, w. M J; adv. W L White, Ht & Dynee.

8. Tu.Tobin & Combena call: theatre, John Bulle. War Messagee.

9. W.Chaucer, transcribe, 8 pages. M & Cooper dine

10. Th.Chaucer, trs, 6 pages. W L White & E Napier dine.

11. F.Chaucer, 8 pages, trs. L Ht calls: call on Northcote: Smith sups.

12. Sa.Chaucer, revise App. Call on Porson: Ogbourne calls (plate): M dines: theatre, Hamlet, acts 1, 2, 3; adv. Felle.

Dep. e.206, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

Mar. 13. Su.Call on Porson (Patents) & Lamb: Cooper breakfasts: Smart & Condé call n: Ht at tea.

14. M.Chaucer, revise. L Ht & sons dine; adv. Ht: Hazlit & Condé call: call on Smart.

15. Tu.Chaucer, revise. Call on Davison & Lamb: dine at Plowden's. Call on Jo Gn.

16. W.Chaucer, p. 257/2. Museum, Statutes, &c; adv. Stoddarte: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hollis & Storch. Jo G calls.

17. Th.Chaucer, p. 260. Museum, Petrarcae. Wolcot calls n: theatre, Macbethe.

18. F.Chaucer, p. 262. Coleridge & Tobin call: theatre, 1/6 Oratorioe.

19. Sa.Chaucer, p. 263. Call on Philips & Townsend: Cooper & M dine.

Dep. e.206, fol.  31r
[fol. 31r]

Mar. 20. Su.Chaucer, p. 265/2. Write to Fox. Hollis, Smart & Wake call: dine at Tobin's, w. Coleridge, capt. Tobin & Ht: meet Younger.

21. M.Chaucer, p. 266/2. Condé, Philips & Hazlit call: call on Dakins & Ellis, W Abbey: meet T C Rickmn: theatre, Richard; adv. Taylors, Morton, Pearson, Ht & Me.

22. Tu.Chaucer, p. 267. Coleridge, Hazlit, Ht & Lambs & Jas Wt. dine; adv. L Ht: Cooper sups. invité Davy.

23. W.Chaucer, revise. Combena & M Lamb call: E Napier & Ct Poole dine. Call on Davisonn.

24. Th.House of Fame: Pope, do. Write to Wake & Goodbehere.

25. F.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Smart (10 guineas) Austin & Lambs call: Cooper dines.

26. Sa.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. L Ht & sons dine.

Dep. e.206, fol.  31v
[fol. 31v]

Mar. 27. Su.Chaucer, p. 7/2. Carlisle & A Nicholson call; & S Fell: M Lamb & Combe at tea: sit up, w. Combe.

28. M.Birth of William, 10 minutes before 11, ame. Call on Lamb; adv. Coleridge: Museume: M dines: call, w. M, on L Ht & Nicholson: Condé calls.

29. Tu.Call on Philips: Jas Wt dines; Ht calls: M & Cooper au soir.

30. W.Chaucer, p. 9/2. Call on Townshend: Nicholsons call: meet Fells: call on Lambn; adv. Coleridge.

31. Th.Chaucer, p. 9. Call on Hoaren & Mrs Wake: Cooper, Carlisles, Hts, Fell & Lamb call: call on Fell; adv. Lamb. Write to Philips & to Dalling.


Apr. 1. F.Chaucer, p. 13. S Fell calls: Coleridge au soir.

2. Sa.Chaucer, p. 14, & 268. Jas Wt dines: Cooper & Wilcocke call, & Smart.

Dep. e.206, fol.  32r
[fol. 32r]

Apr. 3. Su.Chaucer, 2 pages. Wake calls: dine at Philips's, w. Hts & Surrs: H G & miss Waring dine; adv. Jo G n. L Knapp & mrs Toke call.

4. M.Chaucer, 1 page. Call on Dallaway & Carlislen.

5. Tu.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Call on Jas Wt Ht: meet Jas Wt: Cooper, Wilcocke & M (& Toke) dine; adv. Coleridge, Lamb & Smith: sup at Lamb's, w. them & Allen.

6. W.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. L& F Ht call: E Napier dines: adv. John Napier.

7. Th.Chaucer, 4 1/2 pages. Call on C Mooren: M sups.

8. F.Chaucer, 3 pages. Lamb & Fell call: Jas Wt dines.

9. Sa.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Hill, Cooper & M call.

Dep. e.206, fol.  32v
[fol. 32v]

Apr. 10. Su.Chaucer, 1 page. Carlisle, Wakes, A & M Nicholson, & Smart call: Jas Wt dines.

11. M.Chaucer, revise. Call on Northcote: meet Austin: A Harwood dines. L Ht calls n.

12. Tu.Chaucer, revise. Call on Lambn: M dines: theatre, John Bull, acts 3 & 4e.

13. W.Chaucer, 3 pages. Call on Gen. Maitland: Wood calls: M at tea.

14. Th.Chaucer, 3 pages. Call on Townsend & Mcquin: L Ht & sons, & J G dine; adv. Nicholsons.

15. F.Chaucer, 4 pages.

16. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Call on Johnson: meet Tooke & Joyce: call on Davisonn.

Dep. e.206, fol.  33r
[fol. 33r]

Apr. 17. Su.Chaucer, revise. Smart, F Ht & S Nicholson call: Cooper & M dine; adv. S Fell & Ht.

18. M.Chaucer, revise. Museume.

19. Tu.Chaucer, revise. Write to Lauderdale. Museume.

20. W.Rymer, çala. Museum; adv. Ritsone.

21. Th.Hume, Henry, &c. M dines: call on J Bannister n.

22. F.Chaucer, 3 pages. Dine at Ht's, w. Cooper.

23. Sa.Chaucer, 1 page. Theatre, 4/5 Marriage Promisee.

Dep. e.206, fol.  33v
[fol. 33v]

Apr. 24. Su.Chaucer, 1 page. Smith calls.

25. M.Call on Philips; adv. Skinner & Davison: Cooper & M dine: Ventriloquist, Fitzjames, w. Smith; adv. E Christie. meet Dr Rees.

26. Tu.Chaucer, 1 page. Chelsea, w. Cooper: Fell at tea: sup at M's, w. Cooper & Lamb.

27. W.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. St Paul's, w. M J, F, M, C & J: Cooper, Smith & M dine. meet W Tooke. (from Wilson.)

28. Th.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Callendar calls: M dines: sup at Fell's, w. Cooper & Lamb.

29. F.Burke, Pol. Justice, Wrongs of Woman, &c. Theatre, Fortune's Frolice.

30. Sa.Collins, Rymer, &c. Austin & W C Brown call: Hill, Cooper & M à la campagne.


Dep. e.206, fol.  34r
[fol. 34r]

May 1. Su.Chaucer, 4 pages. Smart calls: Lucas dines: meet Wake.

2. M.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Exhibition; adv. Morton, Boaden, J Taylor, A Opie, Batty, Britton & 4 Smithse: sup at J Hollis's.

3. Tu.Chaucer, 5 pages. Museum; Cotton, &ce.

4. W.Chaucer, revise. Museum; Walsinghame. Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Barlow, W C Brown, Stephens, Mahon & Newnum.

5. Th.Froissart & M U History. Lambs call: Jas Wt dines; adv. Cooper (from Richardson).

6. F.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Museum; adv. Ritsone. Cooper dines: sup, w. him, at Fell's.

7. Sa.Rymer, &c. Dawe at tea.

Dep. e.206, fol.  34v
[fol. 34v]

May 8. Su.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Wood & Smart call: dine at Hts, w. M J & Cooper; adv. C & B Mercier: call, w. her, on Carlislen & S Nicholson.

9. M.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Exhibition, w. M J; adv. Battye: call on Lamb, do; adv. Fenwick: meet Carlisles: M & Cooper at tea.

10. Tu.Chaucer, 1 page. Museum; Cottone: call on Northcote: Carlisles at tea.

11. W.Chaucer, 6 pages. M dines.

12. Th.Chaucer, 5 pages. Lambs at tea.

13. F.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages; revise: Call on Lamb: meet H Gawler, Hill, Henley & A Harwood: call at Ht's, for M J.

14. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Pidcock's, w. M J, F, M, C & J: W C Brown, Cooper, Jas Wt & M dine.

Dep. e.206, fol.  35r
[fol. 35r]

May 15. Su.Chaucer, revise. Smith & Smart call: H G, P G, F Ht & miss Harwood at tea. call on mrs Joyce, w. M J.

16. M.Chaucer, revise. Theatre, Haymarket, Jew, acts 2 & 3;eC G, Fair Fugitives, act 1; adv. Morton, J Taylor, Quin & Campbele : meet Carlisles. Second War Messagee.

17. Tu.Chaucer, 1 page; revise. Museume: meet Jas Moore & femme.

18. W.Chaucer, 3 pages. Museum, Acad. des Inscriptionse. Youens calls.

19. Th.Good Women. Museum; adv. Vanderseee: theatre, 1/2 Mountaineerse.

20. F.Chaucer, 7 1/2 pages. Alexander the Great.

21. Sa.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Call on R Taylor; adv. pere; & Ritson, w. M J.

Dep. e.206, fol.  35v
[fol. 35v]

May 22. Su.Chaucer, 3 pages. Call on Wolcot: Hts, Austin & Smart dine; adv. Wolcot.

23. M.Call on Northcoten & Hoaren: meet Rogers: sup at Cooper's, w. Cooke.

24. Tu.Write to Curran & Cha. Smith. Meet Combe: dine at T Harwood's, w. Ht's. War voted, 398 to 67e.

25. W.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Walsinghame. Cooper dines; adv. Fell: theatre, Tale of Terrore. Austin calls.

26. Th.Chaucer, revise. Call on Mrs I R Smith: meet Plowden & Jer. Taylor. Jas Wt dines.

27. F.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Walsinghame. Meet Kemble & Boaden.

28. Sa.Wood, Knighton & Lewis. Call at Haverstock Hill, w. M J, &c.

Dep. e.206, fol.  36r
[fol. 36r]

May 29. Su.Chaucer, 4 pages. Smith, Cooper & Jas Wt call: call, w. M J, on Philips & Lambn.

30. M.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Cooper dines.

31. Tu.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Call, w. M J, on Northcote, L Ht & Nicholson: theatre, Mrs Wigginse.


June 1. W.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Cornel calls.

2. Th.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Call on Davison.

3. F.Chaucer, 5 pages. J G dines.

4. Sa.Chaucer, 2 pages; revise. Call on Davison: Cooper, Smith & Jas Wt dine: call, w. M J, on Ht n (adv. Charlotte) & Carlisle.

June 5. Su.Chaucer, revise. Smart calls.

Dep. e.206, fol.  36v
[fol. 36v]

6. M.Chaucer, revise. Meet Carlisles: Museum, Pasquier; adv. Ritsone.

7. Tu.Chaucer, revise. Call, on w. M J, on Emma Smith (adv. S Nicholson & miss King), Wakes n & Lambs n: E Napier calls: Lambs sup.

8. W.Chaucer, revise. Write to Coleridge.

9. Th.Chaucer, 2 pages. Museum, Cotton; adv. Ritsone.

10. F.Chaucer, 3 pages. Museum, Caylus; adv. Fillinghame: theatre, L Knapp & Ms dine: theatre, w. M J, L Knapp & Fells; Othello; adv. mrs Hodgese. Masters calls n.

11. Sa.Chaucer, 2 pages. Wet Docks & Beasts ith Tower, w. Smith & C C; dine at Smith's.

Dep. e.206, fol.  37r
[fol. 37r]

June 12. Su.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Smart calls: call on Keir, w. M J.

13. M.Chaucer, 2 pages. Anderson calls: Museume. call on Fell, w. M J; adv. Arnot.

14. Tu.Chaucer, 3 pages. Museum, Rymer; adv. Ritson & Parkinsone: Ms dine & Cooper.

15. W.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Museum; adv. Ritsone. Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Rawlinson, Henley & Hodges.

16. Th.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Tea Joyce's, w. M J, Shiel, Benjers, Dr Reid, &c: Ms & L Knapp call.

17. F.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Museum, Mariana; adv. Fillinghame: H G, P G & miss Forsyth at tea.

18. Sa.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Arnot calls: call on Northcote; adv. pere.

Dep. e.206, fol.  37v
[fol. 37v]

June 19. Su.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Meet Cooper: Smith & Alfred Nicolson dine; adv. Arnot: Smart calls.

20. M.Chaucer, 4 pages.

21. Tu.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Call on R Taylor: meet Wake & Henley.

22. W.Chaucer, 4 pages. Museum, Hollinshed; adv. Fillinghame.

23. Th.Chaucer, 2 pages. Keir, & Cooper (for Ireland) call: Write to Curran & E Bishop: call at Fell's, w. M J, F, M & J.

24. F.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Museum, Morerie. Theatre, w. M J, Wonder, Lee Lewes's Benefite.

25. Sa.Chaucer, 3 pages. E Napier at tea: call, w. M J, on Htn & Carlisle: Philips calls n.

Dep. e.206, fol.  38r
[fol. 38r]

June 26. Su.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Smart calls: Dewar at tea: Ht calls. Chaucer dies.

27. M.Chaucer, 1 page. Museum, Goughe: call on Nichols & Arnot Philips; adv. Wolcot & Pratt: Ms dine.

28. Tu.Chaucer, 6 lines. Museum; Ellis & Ritsone. Write to Gough. Arnot & Dewar dine. Theodosius.

29. W.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Spelman & Wake; adv. Fillingham & Wilsone: call on Hilln.

30. Th.Museum, Spelman & Hollinshede: meet Rees: C C.


July 1. F.Chaucer, revise.

2. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Call on Arnotn: Jas Wt dines; adv. Dawe: sup at Lamb's, w. M J & Fells.

Dep. e.206, fol.  38v
[fol. 38v]

July 3. Su.Chaucer, revise. Arnot & Smith call n: dine at Ht's, w. M J & Cs Mercier.

4. M.Chaucer, revise. Arnot at tea: Thos Turner, 11, Leigh Street, Red Lion Square, calls.

5. Tu.Chaucer, 1 page: Call on Perry; adv. Ht (Gerrald): Smith dines: call, w. M J, on L Knapp; adv. Ms.

6. W.Pierce Plowman. Greenwich, w. M J, F, M, C & J, Ms, Jas Wt & Smith; dine at Smith's: call on Davisonn: H Rowan & Wolcot call n.

7. Th.Museum, Pierce Plowmane. Nicholson & Smith dine: tea, w. M J, F & Smith, at Nicholson's, Kentish Town; adv. miss Hayward.

8. F.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages . Call on Edwardsn: meet Gawler: vote for Holmes, postmane: Museum, Throsbye: Hts at tea; meet Philips's, w. Hts & M J.

9. Sa.Chaucer, 4 pages. Arnot at tea: Northcote calls n.

Dep. e.206, fol.  39r
[fol. 39r]

July 10. Su.Chaucer, 3 pages. Smart calls: Jas Wt & Smith at tea: call on Keir, w. M J.

11. M.Chaucer, 2 pages; revise. Museum; adv. Vanderseee: C Keir dines, & M.

12. Tu.Chaucer, revise. Combe calls: Museume: call on R Taylor: Arnot at tea: Smart calls.

13. W.Chaucer, revise. Museume: call on Carlislen & Buchann: Lambs sup.

14. Th.Chaucer, revise. Museume: dine at L Knapp's, w. Ms, M J, F, M, C & J.

15. F.Chaucer, revise. Museume: meet Combe: P G & miss Yates at tea: Jo G calls: call, w. M J, on Nicholson & Carlislen.

16. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Call on Ellis, Chapter House, Westminster, & Phillipsn: mrs Reynolds dines; adv. Lamb: Arnot & M at tea: S Fell calls.

Dep. e.206, fol.  39v
[fol. 39v]

July 17. Su.Tower; adv. Townsende. Jo G, Smart & Northcote call & J Hollis call n: sup at Philips's, w. M J, Wolcot & Surrs. Deliquiume.

18. M.Proofs of Plowman : Smart & Arnot & Combe call: call, w. M J, on S Nicholson: M dines.

19. Tu.Towere: call on R Taylor. Jo G calls.

20. W.Chaucer, 3 1/2 pages. Philips calls: E Philips dines: call, w. M J, on Keir n & Joycen. Deliqe.

21. Th.Chaucer, 1 page. Arnot breakfasts: Smart calls, & Wallis, Camden Streete. Deliqe. Call on Ht, w. M J.

22. F.Deliqse. Northcote & M sup. Joyce calls. Vomitioe: Camden Streete.

23. Sa.H Rowan & Hts call: Jas Wt breakfasts; adv. M (Primrose Street). sets out for Russiae. Death of Kilwarden.

Dep. e.206, fol.  40r
[fol. 40r]

July 24. Su.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Tower, w. J Ge: H Rowan & Wolcot dine: Jo G// calls n.

25. M.Chaucer, 1 page. Call on Taylorsn & Philipsn: theatre, Point of Honour, acts 2 & 3, & Love Laughs at Locksmiths; adv. Hill, Fillingham (& Dubois)e: R Taylor calls n.

26. Tu.Chaucer, 2 pages. Call on Philipsn & Jo G[n;?] adv. Harriet: H G & miss Forsyth at tea; adv. Northcote.

27. W.Chaucer, revise. Museume: call on Plantan & Philips: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Barlow, Henley & Hodges: P G dines; adv. Jo G.

28. Th.Chaucer, revise. Museume: Ms at tea: Nicholsons call.

29. F.Chaucer, 2 pages; revise.

30. Sa.Chaucer, 4 pages. Call on Fillingham; adv. Hill: meet Ms.

Dep. e.206, fol.  40v
[fol. 40v]

July 31. Su.Chaucer, 5 pages. Combe calls na.


Aug. 1. M.Chaucer, 1 page. Museume: Dewar calls. meet W Webb.

2. Tu.Chaucer, revise. Museume: call on Horsefall, Chapter-office, Westminster: Ms dine; adv. Hts.

3. W.Chaucer, revise. Museume: Arnot calls: tea Joyce's, w. H Tooke, Harts, miss Cline, Barbaulds, Shepherd, Shields's & M J.

4. Th.Chaucer, 4 pages. Museume: dine at Ht's, w. M J: call, w. Ht, on Merciers, Northd Court: meet Bosville.

5. F.Tower; adv. Vanderseee: Youngers call: sup, w. M J, at Fell's.

6. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Arnot & Joyces call.

Dep. e.206, fol.  41r
[fol. 41r]

Aug. 7. Su.Chaucer, 2 pages. Smart calls: Hts, & Charlotte M dine; adv. Fells. Write to Coleridge.

8. M.Tower, w. M J & F: call at Lamb's, do: dine at H G's, do: H Rowan, Younger & Arnot call n.

9. Tu.Chaucer, revise. Museume. Write to Wood.

10. W.Chaucer, 2 pages; revise. Museume: theatre, 1/2 Amanthis, & 1/2 Red Roye.

11. Th.Chaucer, 4 pages. Arnot, mrs Carlisle & Smart call. Write to Smart.

12. F.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. M & M Lamb dine: Vauxhall, w. M J; adv. Battys & Dignume. Chaucer dies. Parliament proroguede.

13. Sa.Chaucer, 2 pages. Call on Davison, & Porsonn.

Dep. e.206, fol.  41v
[fol. 41v]

Aug. 14. Su.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Call on H Rowan: meet J Taylor: Hts & Ms at tea. Upshaw calls n.

15. M.Chaucer, 2 pages. Col. Tatham calls: miss Forsyth & P G at tea.

16. Tu.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. End of Chap. LIV.

17. W.Chaucer, 5 pages. Call on Townsend, & , w. M J, on Grace Py[n?]e: meet Hill.

18. Th.Chaucer, 3 pages. Dine at Ht's, w Ms; adv. A Nicholson.

19. F.Call on Porson & Smart: M J dines at Ht's.

20. Sa.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Jo G calls.

Dep. e.206, fol.  42r
[fol. 42r]

Aug. 21. Su.Chaucer, 4 1/2 pages. J G dines; adv. Dewar: meet J Taylor, w. M J: call on Ms, Kentish Town, w. M J; adv. G M Cooper.

22. M.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Gregory Blunt, çala. Call on Porson (Records): meet col. Tatham.

23. Tu.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages, The End; revise. Jo G at tea.

24. W.Chaucer, revise. Museum, Parl. Historye: Ms dine; adv. Nicholsons: theatre, w. M J & M A M, Maid of Bristol, & Love Laughs; adv. Fillinghme.

25. Th.Chaucer, revise. Museume: call on Joyce: Northcote sups.

26. F.Chaucer, revise. Arnot calls: Museum; adv. Dawee.

27. Sa.Froissart, çala. Carlisle at tea: sup at Lamb's, w. M J, C C, Fells & Burnet.

Dep. e.206, fol.  42v
[fol. 42v]

Aug. 28. Su.Chaucer, revise. Chas Mercier calls.

29. M.Chaucer, Introduction, 2 1/2 pages. Museume: M dines; adv. P G.

30. Tu.Chaucer, revise. W & H Laurie at tea. Rain.

31. W.Chaucer, Introduction, 1 page; revise. Museume: call on Tobin (adv. T Wedgwood) n: theatre, w. M J, Mountaineers, & Nicodemus; adv. Fillinghame.


Sep. 1. Th.Chaucer, revise. Museum; Hall & Speede. Call on Carlislen & Nicholson.

2. F.Chaucer, revise. Write to Philips & Ht. Arnot calls: call, w. M J, on Joyce, Lamb n & Davison n: Talbot Inn, Borough. Dewar calls n.

3. Sa.Chaucer, revise. Call, w. M J, on Dulau & Nicholsons: Tobin calls.

Dep. e.206, fol.  43r
[fol. 43r]

Sep. 4. Su.Coach, w. Dulau; &c: dine at H Tooke's, w. his sister & miss Wood.

5. M.Museum; adv. Ritsone: M A M dines; adv. L Knapp. Write to Ht.

6. Tu.Chaucer, Preface, 4 pages. Meet Tobins: Museum, Scroope.

7. W.Chaucer, Preface, 1 page. Museume: call on Bosville & Ballantine: meet Perry & Hoare: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Henley & Mullet.

8. Th.Chaucer, 1 1/2 pages. Museume: Anderson & Rowans at tea: call, w. M J, at Carlisle's, & sup at Nicholson's.

9. F.Chaucer, 1 page. Museume: G M Cooper dines: call, w. M J, on Dulau. Write to Ht.

10. Sa.Chaucer, revise. M dines.

Dep. e.206, fol.  43v
[fol. 43v]

Sep. 11. Su.Chaucer, revise. Write to Ht. Call, w. M J, &c, on L Knappn.

12. M.Read Chaucer, p. 98. Call on Northcoten.

13. Tu.Chaucer, p. 204. Joyces & Arnot call: Dewar at tea: sup at Fell's, w. M J.

14. W.Chaucer, p. 276. Call on Dulau, Philips & M Lamb.

15. Th.Chaucer, p. 407. Museum; Grangere: call on L Knapp; adv. C & E Hills: sup at Philip'ss, Haverstock Hill, w. M N N: Lambs sup n.

16. F.Call on Ellis, British Museum; adv. Gray: mrs Reynolds dines: Tower Royal; call on Hilln.

17. Sa.Preface, revise. Call on Philipsn & John Tobin for T Wedgwoodn: theatre, Pizarro, acts 3,4/2; adv. Leae.

Dep. e.206, fol.  44r
[fol. 44r]

Sep. 18. Su.Chaucer, 2 1/2 pages. Read, p. 473; Vol. II, p. 95. Meet Ms & L Knapp: G M Cooper, 1/2 dines.

19. M.Preface, revise. Call on Ellis, B Mm. Philips & Taylor: M. from Harris. contracte. adv. Smart.

20. Tu.Preface, revise. British Museum, Gough; adv. Ellise: R Taylor sups.

21. W.Chaucer, 4 pages. G M Cooper dines.

22. Th.Chaucer, revise. Call on Ellis (Museum) & Northcote.

23. F.Chaucer, 1 page: copy lost. Call on Lamb: G M C dines; adv. H G, Forsyth & M: M sups.

24. Sa.Tour w. M J. Breakfast at Cheshunt: call on Tice at Ware n: dine at Puckeridge: Duckworth Heath, guides: sleep at Bourne Bridge.[Not in London]

Dep. e.206, fol.  44v
[fol. 44v]

Sep. 25. Su.Call on Harwood, Abington n: breakfast at Bourne Bridge: dine at Newmarket: meet J & E Taylor: tea Saxham, w. a volunteer: sleep at Bury.[Not in London]

26. M. Breakfast at Woolpit: dine at Norman's, w. H & F Crabb: call on Burch: walk to Norman's manufactory: sleepe. Stowmarket.[Not in London]

27. Tu.Call on mrs Munnings & mrs Grimsby: ride to Finsborough: walk to Combes Wood.[Not in London]

28. W. Breakfast at Stoke: dine at Wacton, w. J & E Taylor: sup at Alderson's, w. Opies: sleep at J Taylor's, Norwich.[Not in London]

29. Th.Jno Barnard, A Opie & W Taylorn call: call, w. mrs Taylor, on Pitchford & mrs Dalrymple: dine at Alderson's, w. Opies & Hudson Gurney.[Not in London]

30. F.Ride to Thorpe, w. Taylor: Fransom calls: call on Alderson: W Taylor, Pitchford, Dalrymples & H Southey sup. adv. Barnard, junr.[Not in London]


Oct. 1. Sa.Call on W Taylor, G Sothren & Alderson: meet Rigby: canon Smith at tea; adv. miss Linnée Smith, Opies & Alderson.[Not in London]

Dep. e.206, fol.  45r
[fol. 45r]

Oct. 2. Su.Call on Alderson: Alderson calls (£50): ride to Dalling: N G sups: sleepe.[Not in London]

3. M.Call on Copland & Woodhouse.

4. Tu.Ride to Weybourne, w. Hull G: dine, w. do, at Cromer: sleep at North Walsham.[Not in London]

5. W. Breakfast at Barnard's, Knapton: pass Aylsham: dine at Dalling: 4 Coplands & Woodhouse at tea.[Not in London]

6. Th.Call on Sykesn: meet Copland & Woodhouses: mrs Raven & Phillis at tea:[Not in London]

7. F.Norwich, dine w. sheriffs Rigby & Clarke, w. Firth, 2 Palgraves & twenty: Opies & Alderson call.[Not in London]

8. Sa.Call on Alderson: Rigby calls. Dine at Wacton; adv. Taylor: sleep at Bottesdale.[Not in London]

Dep. e.206, fol.  45v
[fol. 45v]

Oct. 9. Su.Ride to Lofft's, Troston Hall: spend the day; adv. Finchs & Davenport.[Not in London]

10. M.Bury, call on C Clarkson & Robinson: Lofft breakfasts; adv. C Clarkson & Robinson (see F Crabb): dine at Sudbury: sleep at Bocking.[Not in London]

11. Tu.Breakfast at Waltham: snap at B Hollis'se; adv. miss Toms: tea at Rumford: Somers Town, M. sups.[Not in London]

12. W.Call, w. M J, on Franksn, Cooper n, Philips n, R Taylor (adv. Livies) & Lamb: meet Surr: Coopers, M & J G dine; adv. Dewar. J G breakfasts: call on mrs Jo G, w. M J.

13. Th.Journal & Newspapers. Call, w. M J, on Rowan & Joyce. meet Planta. Publication

14. F.Write to Lofft: call on Carlisle: Ms dine; adv. Coopers. meet Polidori.

15. Sa.Write to J B Trotter. Call on Johnsonn & Davison: meet T Wedgwood: Curran dines; adv. G M C: theatre, w. Curran, 1/2 Pizarroe, & Turk's Head.

Dep. e.206, fol.  46r
[fol. 46r]

Oct. 16. Su.Call on Curran, White Horse Cellar, n: Philips & Surr at tea.

17. M.H G & Forsyth call: Smith at tea.

18. Tu.Revise Chaucer. C & Jo G dine; adv. G M C: call on Tegart. Curran expected.

19. W.Rowan & Boaden call: meet Fuseli: call on R Taylor n & Northcote, w. M J n.

20. Th.Batty calls: M dines: theatre, 3/10 Pizzarro; adv. Reynolds & Lawrencee.

21. F.Lofft's Tragedy. Meet Gawler & Bosville: Curran, Tooke, Gawler, Northcote, Fuseli, Nicholson, Boaden & Batty dine; adv. Cooper; invités Kemble, Perry, Flaxman, Wolcot, Hoare, Carlisle, M; Lawrence & Reynolds.

22. Sa.Call on Curran; adv. Tegart & Burroughs; & w. Curran, on mrs H Rowan & mrs Reynolds. Curran expected to dinner.

Oct. 23. Su.Roxana, 100 pp: Maid's Tragedy, acts 1 & 2. Call on Currann.

24. M.Maid's Tragedy, fin. Call on Davison & Taylor: meet Lamb: Coopers dine.

25. Tu.Camilla, 10 lines. Call on R Taylorn: dine at H Rowan's, w. Curran, Burroughs, miss Hamiltons & M J. Cooper calls, ppc.

Dep. e.206, fol.  46v
[fol. 46v]

26. W.Character of Ritson, 4 1/2 pages. Call on Curran: meet Perry. Curran expected to dinner.

27. Th.G M C at tea: theatre, 4/5 Gamestere. Curran expected.

28. F.Call on Taylor & Philips: sup at Lamb's. adv. Heron & Smart.

29. Sa.Roxana, çala: Belinda, p. 82.

Dep. e.206, fol.  47r
[fol. 47r]

Oct. 30. Su.Smith calls: Philips's, Wolcot, R & P Taylor, M & G M C dine; adv. Smith: mrs & E Fenwick call.

31. M.Wife for a Month, acts 1, 2, 3: Mysterious Mother, acts 1 & 2. Theatre, w. M J, Pizarro; adv. R Palgravee.


Nov. 1. Tu.Camilla, 6 lines. Theatre, Wife of Two Husbandse.

2. W.Belinda, p. 370. Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Chalmers, Davy & Lemaitre. Cline calls n.

3. Th.Camilla, 9 lines. Call on Porson, &, w. M J, on Smith.

4. F.Tho. Turner calls: call on Philips; adv. Hill: Rowans & miss Hamilton & Ms dine; invités Palgrave & Porson.

5. Sa.Belmour, Vol. I. Theatre, 2/5 Calista, & Raising the Wind; adv. Hill & Morrise.

Dep. e.206, fol.  47v
[fol. 47v]

Nov. 6. Su.Dunstan, çala. Mrs & O Fenwick, G M C, H G & Forsyth dine; adv. Fenwick & Smith: Arnot calls.

7. M.Camilla, 10 lines. Porson calls, pour dinern: dine at H Rowan's, w. O Byrne, Delany, Forbes, Butler, miss Hamiltons & mrs Beresford.

8. Tu.Osorio, acts 1, 2, 3. Call on Towers: miss Mellor & Smith dine: theatre, w. Smith & M J, John Bull & Raising the Winde. Arnot calls.

9. W.Catullus, Ep. 1, 2, 3, 4: Corneille, Heraclius, acte 1: Pamela, p. 76.

10. Th.Catullus, Ep. 69: Osorio, acts 4 & 5: Pamela, p. 123. Call on Arnot.

11. F.Dunciad, Notes.

12. Sa.Pamela, p. 236. Smith & M dine: theatre, w. do & M J, Three per Cents; adv. Wilson, Nicholsons & Boadene.

Nov. 13. Su.Charles II, çala: Pamela, p. 296. Call on E Reynolds: G M C dines. Catullus, Ep. 5, 6, 7, 8.

14. M.Notes for C Burnet, çala. Meet W Tooke, Fillingham, Hill & Gawler: call on R Taylor & Lamb.

15. Tu.Burnet, çala: Pamela, Vol. II, p. 128. Lamb sups.

16. W.Pamela, p. 221. M & G M C dine. Write to Ht.

17. Th.Valentinian, acts 1, 2, 3. Call on Northcote: theatre, Venice Preserved; adv. Fk (& Mcintosh)e.

18. F.Camilla, 1/2 page. Pamela, p. 285. Miss Walsh calls: theatre, 1/10 Cymbelinee.

Dep. e.206, fol.  48r
[fol. 48r]

19. Sa.Camilla, p. 3/2. Valentinian, acts 4 & 5. Theatre, Hearts of Oak, w. M J; adv. Sherwine.

Dep. e.206, fol.  48v
[fol. 48v]
Dep. e.207, fol.  1r
[fol. 1r]


Dep. e.207, fol.  1v
[fol. 1v]

Nov. 20. Su.Camilla, p. 4/2. Grammont, Chap. 6, 7, 8. Call on Reynoldsn.

21. M.Camilla, p. 4. Grammont, Chap. 9: Pamela, Vol. II, p. 286-359.

22. Tu.Camilla, p. 5/2. Grammont, Chap. 10, 11, fin. P G dines; adv. E Mellor. Arnot calls. Parliament meetse.

23. W.Camilla, 20 lines. Meet Tobin: E Fenwics dine; adv. M & Lamb.

24. Th.Camilla, 20 lines. Catullus, Ep. 9, 10, 11. Ht calls: M J calls on Lane n & L Hte: G M C at tea.

25. F.Camilla, 2 pages. Catullus, 12-15: Pamela, p. 396: Beggar Girl, p. 60. Meet Barbauld.

26. Sa.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, 16, 17, 18: Herclius, acte 2: Bonduca, act 1. Theatre, w. M J, Isabellae.

Dep. e.207, fol.  2r
[fol. 2r]

Nov. 27. Su.Catullus, Ep. 19, 20: Lobenstein, p. 33: Walpoliana, Vol. I. Call, w. M J, on Ht & Nicholson.

28. M.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Theatre, Macbeth, acts 2, 3, ; adv. Este, Reynolds & Boadene. Catullus, Ep. 21-25.

29. Tu.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 25-30. Walpoliana, Vol. II: Lobenstein, p. 66. Call, w. M J, on Lamb n & J G: sup, w. do, at Fenwick's: Lamb calls n.

30. W.Camilla, 1/2 page. EpCatullus, Ep. 30-35. G M C dines: call on R Taylor: theatre, 2/5 Measure for Measure, & 1/4 Irishman in Londone.


Dep. e.207, fol.  2v
[fol. 2v]

Dec. 1. Th.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 35-39. Vavasor Griffiths, çala. Meet Jer. Taylor. M J calls on Lane , & dines at Ht's.

2. F.Camilla, revise. Catullus, Ep. 39-43: Lobenstein, p. 154.

3. Sa.Camilla, revise. Catullus, Ep. 43-47: Clarissa, p. 37. Call on R Taylor & Philips: meet Fell & mrs Rowan.

Dec. 4. Su.Dine at H Tooke's, w. Burdet, Bosville, Ward, 2 Scotts, & H Gawler junr: Ht calls n. C Keir dines.

5. M.Camilla, 2 pages. Clarissa, p. 71. Meet miss Decamp: write to H Tooke: E F, G M C & P G dine: theatre, w. M J & E F, 3/10 Shore & Caravan; adv. Morton & Fke.

6. Tu.Camilla, 2 pages. Clarissa, p. 99. Carlisle & Buchan call: sup at Lamb's.

7. W.Camilla, 2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 47-55. Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Dowding, Dilly, capt. Hunter & Boswell: M & E F jr dine n.

8. Th.Camilla, 3 pages. Catullus, Ep. 55-58: Clarissa, p. 135. Keenan calls.

9. F.Camilla, 2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 58-62: Clarissa, p. 163. Call on Philips; adv. Churchil: G M C dines.

10. Sa.Camilla, 2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 70-74: Clarissa, p. 193.

Dep. e.207, fol.  3r
[fol. 3r]

Dec. 11. Su.Camilla, 3 pages. Catullus, Ep. 74-78: M & J G dine.

12. M.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 78-85: Clarissa, p. 214. Call on Northcote: sup at Carlisle's.

13. Tu.Camilla, 3 pages. Catullus, Ep. 85-96: Call, w. M J, on Fks: M & Lamb at tea: Westminster Play, w. Lamb, Eunuchuse.

14. W.Terence, Eunuchus, act 1 & 2. Call on Reynolds, L Ht, Hoaren, J G & Lambn: J J G n calls: theatre, English Fleete.

15. Th.Camilla, Notes. Ter., Eu., acts 3 & 4. Theatre, w. M J, C, J, miss Mellor & M, Shylock, & Caravan; adv. J Taylore: E F calls: M dines.

16. F.Camilla, 1 page. Ter. Eu., act 5: Clarissa, p. 273. Dawe calls.

17. Sa.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 96, 97: Clarissa, p. 312. Arnot calls.

Dep. e.207, fol.  3v
[fol. 3v]

Dec. 18. Su.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 98-115: Clarissa, Vol. II, p. 23. Dine at Ht's, w. M J & M; adv. Philipses & Surrs. Herder dies.

19. M.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 115, 116, 117: Burnet, Vol. I, fin: Clarissa, p. 52. Theatre, D L, Othello, act 3e.

20. Tu.Camilla, 3 pages. Burnet, Vol. II, p. 55. Call on Philips.

21. W.Camilla, 1 page. Burnet, p. 88. M & Lambs dine.

22. Th.Camilla, 2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 1-7: Burnet, p. 137. H & P G call na.

23. F.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 7-11: Clarissa, p. 148. Call on Joycen.

24. Sa.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 62: Burnet, p. 293: Clarissa, p. 186.

Dep. e.207, fol.  4r
[fol. 4r]

Dec. 25. Su.Camilla, 1 page. Clarissa, p. 238. Nicholson calls: Arnot, 3 Fenwicks & G M C dine; adv. Ht; invités Fells.

26. M.Camilla, 2 pages. Call on Northcote & Carlislen: meet Northmores: mrs Mellor & G M C dine: theatre, 2/5 Ranger, & Harlequin's Races; adv. J Taylore.

27. Tu.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 11, 12, 13: Clarissa, p. 346. Carlisle & Buchan call.

28. W.Camilla, 1/2 page & notes. Catullus, Ep. 14, 15, 16. Theatre, Macsycophant, act 5e.

29. Th.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages (Pt. 4). Catullus, Ep. 17, 18, 19: Hume, Vol. VIII, p. 84: Clarissa, Vol. III, p. 43. M dines.

30. F.Camilla, 1 page. Catullus, Ep. 20, 21, 22. Call on L Knapp: R Taylor calls; adv. M.

31. Sa.Camilla, 1 1/2 pages. Catullus, Ep. 23-27: Clarissa, p. 134. Theatre, 1/3 English Fleet; adv. Quine.