William Godwin's Diary

Diary entry for 1801



1801. Jan. 1. Th.Castle-Howel, p. 200: D'Herbelot, çala. Miss Weale breakfasts & dines: Old Windsor: Southampton Long-coach: A Walker calls: call on Felln.

2. F. D'Herbelot, Olearius, &c. M dines: theatre, Shylock & Harlequin's Tour, w. M, L & Fe.

3. Sa. Sir J Oldcastle, fin: Chardin, Vol. II, p. 206-224. Malthus callsn: theatre, Leare.

Dep. e.205, fol.  18v
[fol. 18v]

Jan. 4. Su. Chardin, Vol. III, p. 28: Lettres Persanes, p. 49.

5. M. Chardin, Vol. I, p. 143-168. Sup at Fell's; talk of 1789.

6. Tu.Chardin, p. 195. Dine at M's, w. Fells, M Lamb, Cha. Willis, E Hill junr, L, F & M; adv. H Hill.

7. W. Mod. Uni. Hist., Vol. V, p. 417-489: Chardin, p. 279. S E dines.

8. Th.Write to Curran. Mod. Uni. Hist., Vol. XII, çala: Tavernier, Vol. I, p. 518-539.

9. F.Tavernier, p. 585. Call on Wolcot, Northcote (adv. Garrard) & Reynoldsn: sup at Opie's.

10. Sa.Denham's Sophi: Tavernier, p. 616: Persian Tales, p. 20. M & S E dine.

Dep. e.205, fol.  19r
[fol. 19r]

Jan. 11. Su.Write to M Smart. Tavernier, p. 634: Persian Tales, p. 60. Meet Dogherty: S E & Egerton, &Wood call: sup at Reynolds's, w. R R, C Kemble & Morton.

12. M.Write to C Smith. Gibbon, Tamerlane, pp. 46: Tavernier, p. 643: Persian Tales, p. 150.

13. Tu.Mirza, p. 1 & 2. Tito, p. 8. Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli.

14. W.Mirza, p. 3. Write to Fell on his Tour. Dine at Fell's, w. Lamb's, M, F & M.

15. Th. Mirza, p. 4. Tea Kedden's, w. Kennies, F Johnson, S E & M. Keir& Walker call n.

16. F.Translate Olearius, 5 pages. Sup at S E's, w. mrs Mills. A Walker calls n.

17. Sa. Mirza, p. 7. Ricaut's State of O. E., p. 12. A Walker calls: theatre, School for Prejudicee.

Dep. e.205, fol.  19v
[fol. 19v]

Jan. 18. Su. Mirza, p. 9.Ricaut, p. 20. White calls: (meet Tierney & Sheridan:) sup at Lamb's, w. mrs Jeffreys & miss White; adv. dr Christy. Write to Ritson & Fell.

19. M.Mirza, p.13/2. Persian Tales, p. 174. S E & m. Mills call: L J & Cha. Willis at tea: Fell sups.

20. Tu. Mirza, p. 15. Persian Tales, p. 238. Call on Northcote: M dines: theatre, 2/5 Double Gallante.

21. W. Mirza, Part II, p. 17, 18/2. Winter's Tale: Persian Tales, p. 275. Liberate Walker; adv. M, Terry, Smart, Price, mrs Walker, &c: meet Fenwks.

22. Th. Mirza, p. 19. Otway's Don Carlos. Call on Lamb: Fell & A Walker at tea: Lamb sups. meet King & Frend.

23. F.Mirza, p. 22. M & Fenwicks sup.

24. Sa. Mirza, p. 24. D'Herbelot, çala: Persian Tales, p. 294. Call on S Listern.

Dep. e.205, fol.  20r
[fol. 20r]

Jan. 25. Su.Mirza, p. 27/2: Macbeth, act 1. Maj. White calls: Lea, Jo G, H G & L J dine.

26. M. Mirza, p. 28; Part III, p. 30/2. Call on Duncan, w. Carlisle: sup at Lamb's; w. Fells, Christy, Moffat & M. Persian Tales, p. 346.

27. Tu.Mirza, p. 31. Voltaire's Mariamne. Call on Northcote: M sups.

28. W.Mirza, p. 32. Macbeth, acts 2, 3, 4. Tobin calls: A Walker at tea. Write to Curran.

29. Th.Mirza, p. 33/2. Write à ma mere. Macbth, act 5: 1/2 London Prodigal. M dines: meet E Fenwick: sup at Carlisle's.

30. F.Mirza, p. 34/2. Write to Holcroft & Arnot. Love's Labour Lost, acts 1 & 2: Persian Tales, p. 396. A Walker calls: dine at maj. White's; adv. Olivier.

31. Sa. Mirza, p. 34. Love's Labour Lost, acts 3, 4, 5: Persian Tales, p. 3434. Theatre, 4/5 Stranger, C Ge; adv. J Taylor.


Dep. e.205, fol.  20v
[fol. 20v]

Feb. 1. Su. Mirza, p. 37/2. F Queen, B. III, C. I: Pericles. M sups.

2. M. Mirza, p. 38/2. Chaucer; Doctor, Prioress & Manciple: K John, acts 1 & 2. M dines: theatre, 4/5 Pizarro; adv. Jo Parry & Rentere. Parliament openede

3. Tu.Mirza, p. 40/2. Chaucer, 1/2 Man of Laws. Write to Curran. White calls: call on Fell.

4. W.Mirza, p. 41/2. K John, acts 3, 4, 5. Meet D Ht: call at Lambsn: sup at Fell's.

5. Th. Mirza, p. 42, 43/2. Write to C Smith. Mariamne. J Cuxson calls: dine at S E's; adv. mrs Mills Ministry dissovede.

6. F.Mirza, p. 44. Josephus, B. XIV, XV. Theatre, Veteran Tare.

7. Sa.Mirza, p. 45/2. Josephus, B. XVI, XVII. Call on Wedgwood n & Lambn: meet Sharpe: theatre, 9/10 Heir at Lawe.

Dep. e.205, fol.  21r
[fol. 21r]

Feb. 8. Su. Mirza, p. 45; Part IV, p. 47. A Walker dines: Lamb sups.

9. M.Mirza, p. 46/2, 48/2. De Solis, p. 200. Call on mrs Nicholson; adv. mrs Carlisle: sup at Wedgwood's, w. Jos. & sisters . Peace of Lunevillee

10. Tu. Mirza, p. 49/2. De Solis, p. 392. Theatre, Othello, acts 2 & 3e. Write to M Smart.

11. W. Mirza, p. 49. De Solis, p. 428; Vol. II, p. 95. Davy & Tobin call: theatre, Poor Gentleman; adv. Columbine, Reynolds & Morton .—talk of matter & necessitye.

12. Th.Mirza, p. 51/2. De Solis, p. 174. Theatre, Cymbeline; adv. Mortone: sup at Lamb's, w. Fell & Christy.

13. F.Mirza, p. 55. De Solis, Vol. I, p. 429-479. Call on mrs Mills: sup at Fell's.

14. Sa.Mirza, p. 57. Herman & Dorothea, Book 1, 2, 3. Call on Robinson: sup at Nicholson's.

Dep. e.205, fol.  21v
[fol. 21v]

Feb. 15. Su.Mirza, p. 60. Herman & Dora, fin: De Solis, Vol. II, p. 175-261. Call on Lamb: sup at Fenwick's.

16. M. Mirza, Part V, p. 63/2. De Solis, p. 344. Davy, Northcote, Carlisle & Lamb dine.

17. Tu.Mirza, p. 64/2. Write to Ht. De Solis, p. 475, fin. Dine at Johnson's, w. Davy, Fuseli, Simmons, Bonnycastle, Mawman & Churchil: call on Robinson.

18. W. Mirza, p. 67/2. Dine at Robinson's, w. Crutwel: call on Lamb, & Davyn ; adv. White: sup at Reynolds's, w. Morton.

19. Th.Mirza, p. 67. A Walker calls: meet Keir: M & Lamb dine.

20. F. Mirza, p. 69. Du Cerceau, p. 66. M sups. meet E Christie24, Bishop & mrs Mills.

21. Sa. Mirza, p. 70. Du Cerceau, p. 393. A Walker calls. King's Indisposition, 18 dayse

Dep. e.205, fol.  22r
[fol. 22r]

Feb. 22. Su.Mirza, p. 72/2: Du Cerceau, Vol. II, p. 133. Jo G &Tobin call.

23. M.Mirza, p. 76/2, fin. Du Cerceau, p. 169. S E & M dine: A Walker calls.

24. Tu.Write to Kemble. C Strictures, pp. 44. Joice & Dr Reid call: theatre, Deaf & Dumb; adv. J Taylor, Lawrence & Fellse: M sups.

25. W.Reflections on the Recovery, pp. 60: Stormy Night, Operae: Du Cerceau, p. 332. Dine at S Es, w. mrs Goldsmith, Egerton & M; adv. C Johnsons, & mds Mills, Redden & Mitchel: Cuxson calls.

26. Th.Du Cerceau, p. 386, fin: Fraser's Nadir, çlà. Smart & A Walker call.

27. F.Deaf & Dumb, acts 1, 2, 3: Romeo, act 1. A W calls: Smart & M dine; adv. Cuxson. Write to Ht.

28. Sa.Deaf & Dumb, acts 4 & 5: Purley, p. 274. Dine at Egerton's, w. M, Robins & Weir.


Dep. e.205, fol.  22v
[fol. 22v]

Mar. 1. Su.Chaucer, Man of Laws, fin: Lyrical Ballads, Vol. II: Purley, p. 421: Heptameron, p. 264-295.

2. M. Chaucer, Franklin: Heptameron, p. 325. Fawcet dines; adv. M.

3. Tu. Meet Pinkerton: A Walker & Smart call: Lamb sups.

4. W.Crimes of Cabinets, p. 109. Smart callsn: sup at Lamb's; adv. White.

5. Th. Rousseau à Voltaire: Crimes of Cabinets, p. 144. A Walker calls: S E dines: Smart sups. Fawcet & Felln call.

6. F.Write to Ht. Palamon, p. 40: Crimes of Cabinets, p. 315, fin.

7. Sa.Chaucer, Palamon, fin: Hauterive, p. 34. Call on Fenwick n &Lamb: Fenwick calls, talk of Philips: sup at Fell's.

Dep. e.205, fol.  23r
[fol. 23r]

Mar. 8. Su.Proposal, pp. 4. Chaucer, Cock & Fox: Lyrical Ballads, Vol. I, çala. J J G, J Hollis and A Walker call: call on Fenwick; adv. H G, L J & Dibbin: M dines; adv. Bayles.

9. M. Write to Ritson. Chaucer, Merchant. Call on Carlisle: S E dines. Lowe dies.

10. Tu.Chaucer, Prologue, W. of B's do, Frere, & Summoner. A W calls: Keir sups.

11. W. Write to Ritson. Chaucer, Pardoner. Dine at Fell's, w. M, F & M.

12. Th.Spenser, Sonnets 38. Meet E Fenwick, Leslie, Tobin & Armety: call on Northcote, R Taylor & C Smith: sup at Lamb's, w. Rickman.

13. F.Spenser, Sonnets 88, Epithalam., M Hubberd, vs. 420. A W at tea: sup at Rickman's, w. Davy, Lamb & Beaumont.

14. Sa. Percy's Reliques, p. 144. Dine at S E's, w. F & M.

Dep. e.205, fol.  23v
[fol. 23v]

Feb. 15. Su.Percy, p. 349: F Queen, C. IV. H G & L J dine.

16. M. Percy, Vol. II: Defence of Poesy, pp. 60. M at tea (from Longman); adv. S E.

17. Tu. Percy, Vol. II: F Queen, C. V: B Jonson, apud P S, pp. 60. Write to Coleridge, Arnot & Ht. Addington, Chancellor of the Excre

18. W.F Queen, C. VI. A Walker & Smart at tea.

19. Th.Percy, Vol. III, p. 150. Tobin & Cerbre call: M dines: call on R Taylor: theatre, 1/2 Rule a Wifee. Longman's answere.

20. F.Percy, p. 349, fin: Pinkerton's Scotish Ballads, & Evergreen, çala: Shakespear, Sonnets 30. Davy calls: M dines.

21. Sa. Shakespear, Sonnets 154, fin: Pinkerton, & Evergreen, çala. S E& S Goldsmith call: A W àprès souper.

Dep. e.205, fol.  24r
[fol. 24r]

Mar. 22. Su.F Queen, C. VII. Thoughts on Nature & Romance. Meet F & R Reynolds: sup at J Hollis's. meet M Moore.

23. M. Meet Este: M dines: theatre, Deaf & Dumb, w. M & Fe.

24. Tu.Write to Ht. Evergreen, çala. Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Edgworth & Garlick.

25. W.F Queen, C. VIII, IX, X. Meet Barbauld: sup at Reynolds's. Paul I dies

26. Th. Walk to Leadenhall Street: meet J Hollis & Lewis: M dines. Mere Oye, p. 80: Clairon, p. 60.

27. F. Don Garcie de Navarre: Mere Oye, p. 227, fin: Wits, çala. Proposal for Chaucer, pp. 4.

28. Sa.F Queen, C. XI: Castle Howel, p. 201-240; Vol. II. Northmore, miss Smith & J Hollis call: meet Mackintosh.

Dep. e.205, fol.  24v
[fol. 24v]

Mar. 29. Su. Castle-Howel, Vol. III, IV, p. 182. Dine at Fell's, w. Lambs & M.

30. M. Ossian, Dissertation: Castle Howel, p. 223, fin. M dines.

31. Tu. Fingal, B. I; Songs of Selma. Call on Ritson, Longmanna & Rees (w. M), Robinson & E Fenwick: Fenwick calls: sup at Carlisle's, w. B Plumptre & Bloxam.


Apr. 1. W.Fingal, B. II & III: Mrs Haywood, p. 100. Call on Fell (92, Chancery Lane), M Lamb, Macdougal & Hunter, & Joice; adv. Dyer: Fenwick dines (from Philips.)

2. Th. Haywood, p. 176. Call on Carlisle: sup at Lamb's, w. Fells & M. (from Philips.)

3. F.Fingal, B. IV, V: Haywood, p. 279, fin. Philips calls; adv. M, mrs P., &c: call on E Fenwick; adv. Younger & W Ross.

4. Sa.Fingal, B. VI; Comala. Call on Northcote: doPhilips, w. M.

Dep. e.205, fol.  25r
[fol. 25r]

Apr. 5. Su.Carrie-thura: Haywood, Vol. II, p. 125-154. Call on Davyn, R Christie, & Northmoren: meet J Taylor. Write to Philips. meet Lewis, vdm.

6. M. Hume, çala. L J & M dine. Contract.

7. Tu. Write to T Wedgwood &Ht. Hume, Vol. I, p. 231-342. Tobin & A W call.

8. W. Hume, p. 471. Call on Robinson, Johnson & Philips: Jacob calls n: call on do; adv. Soley: sup at Nicholson's. (at Jn's, adv. Hewlet.)

9. Th. Hume, Vol. II, p. 125. Dine at Tobin's, w. Acerbi, Leslie & White; adv. Davy & Rickman.

10. F. Hume, p. 300. M dines.

11. Sa. Hume, p. 407. Jo Fell calls n.

Dep. e.205, fol.  25v
[fol. 25v]

Apr. 12. Su. Hume, p. 500. A W calls, remonstrate{:}edine at Fenwick's, w. Lambs & Barry.

13. M. Hume, Vol. III, p. 64: Robertson, p. 19. M dines: sup at J Hollis's.

14. Tu. Robertson, p. 58. Call on Malthusn & Fell n.

15. W. Robertson, p.76. Theatre, Old Debts (adv. Jerningham & Mackintosh.)e

16. Th. Hume, p. Vol. I, p.66-164. Fells call: S E dines: sup at Lamb's, w. Fell, Fenwicks, Rickman & Beaumont.

17. F. Hume, p. 230; 16-65. Duncan of Dundee breakfasts.

18. Sa.Gibbon, Chap. LVI: Boulainvilliers, çala. M dines: call on Philipsn: A Walker sups.

Dep. e.205, fol.  26r
[fol. 26r]

Apr. 19. Su.Boulainvilliers, p. 59. Dine at H Tooke's, w. Harvey: sup at Reynolds's. S E, L Goldsmith, Hollis, J G& Jo G call n.

20. M.Boulainvilliers, p. 116. Tuthil calls: M dines: theatre, Perousee.

21. Tu.Write to Ht. Boulainvilliers, p. 175: Fell's Tour. Fell calls: call on L Goldsmith: dine at Johnson's, w. Barbaulds, Fuseli, Shepherd, Johnson Cowper, Bonnycastle & Edgworth.

22. W. Henry, Vol. III, p. 299-356: Hauteeville, p. 34.Tobin calls: theatre, Blind Girl; adv. Columbinee: M sups.

23. Th.Henry, p. 438. Tuthil dines; adv. mrs Dunbar: evening Goldsmith's, w. Bragges, Bairds, Brookes's, Crottys, Clifton, Egerton & S E.

24. F.Henry, Vol. IV, p. 287-404; Vol. VI, p. 1-54: Turner, p. 52, Vol. II. Call on Turner, Ritson & Philips.

25. Sa. Henry, B. III, ch. 7; B. II, ch. 4. Hollis & mrs Taylor call: theatre, Julian & Agnes; adv. D Jones & Fenwicke: M sups.

Dep. e.205, fol.  26v
[fol. 26v]

Apr. 26. M Su.Henry, B. III, ch. 4; B. II, ch. 5. Dine at Fell's, w. Lambs, Fenwicks, Jo. Fell & M: L J, Tuthiln & J Gn call.

27. M. Henry, B. III, ch. 5. Exhibition; Este, Opie, Heath, Sharp, Shee, Batty, Webb, Boaden, J Taylor, Chalmers, Bannister, Consit, J C Banks, Shepherd & Campbele: M dines: Pidcock's, w. F & M: Tuthil n& D Edwardsn call.

28. Tu.Henry, B. II, ch. 1. D Edwards, Northcoten & Lamb n call: call on R Taylorn.

29. W. Spelman on Tenures, p. 24. Fell calls: M, Lambs & Fells dine; adv. Tuthil.

30. Th. Henry, B. II, ch. 2: Hurd, Dialogues 5 & 6. Call on Davy: meet Carlisle & Dogherty: S E dines.


May 1. F. Le Grand, Tom. I, p. 76; Tom. II, p. 89. Wolcot calls: dine at Fenwick's, w. Wolcot, M, Lambs & Fells.

2. Sa. Henry, B. II, ch. 6. Call on Philips (adv. Pinkerton) : meet Consit & Pinney.

Dep. e.205, fol.  27r
[fol. 27r]

May 3. Su.Chaucer, p. 4/2. Meet Barry: M dines; adv. Tuthil & Manning: Northmore calls n.

4. M. Stuart's View, p. 32: Hurd on Chivalry, p. 56. Meet Keir: theatre, Adelmorn (adv. Jekyl.)e

5. Tu. Chaucer, p. 8/2. Stuart, p. 55. Meet mrs Clairmont: sup at Fell's, w. Jo. Fell.

6. W. Stuart, p. 106: Life of Wickliff, p. 56. Malthus calls: meet Pinney & Stoddart: call on Barbauldn.

7. Th.Stuart, p. 132: Hurd on Chivalry, p. 148, fin: Gilpin's Lives, p. 103-263. Call on Pinneyn & Northcote n.

8. F. Stuart, p. 148, fin: do, Dissertation, pp. 290. Fell calls: M dines.

9. Sa.Millar's View, p. 102. Call on Fell: Northcote sups (Lyrical Ballads); adv. Walker; talk of Pope, Rembrandt , Rubens & Raffaele.

Dep. e.205, fol.  27v
[fol. 27v]

May 10. Su. Millar, p. 148. Moore, + + +, Blackman, Wood, Ritson & Ridge call: tea Fell's, w. F & M: Lambs sup.

11. M. Millar, p. 189: Warton, 1/2 Dissertation I. M dines: theatre, Richard, acts 1 & 2e: call on Reynoldsn & Opie n.

12. Tu.Millar, p. 272: Warton, 1/2 Diss. II: English Baron, p. 180. Call on J Hollisn.

13. W. English Baron, p. 263, fin. Call on Philips [n?]: Philips calls.

14. Th. St Palaye, Memoires, 1, 2/2. Fell, M & S E dine.

15. F. St Palaye, Memoires 2/2, 3, 4. Call on Towers. Northcote sups.

16. Sa.St Palaye, Memoire 5: Northern Antiqs, p. 123. Tobin calls: theatre, Sea Side Storye.

Dep. e.205, fol.  28r
[fol. 28r]

May 17. Su.Mallet, p. 192. J G & Jno Hollis call: M dines.

18. M. Answer to Parr, p. 14. Parr's Sermon, p. 14. Sup at Lamb White's, w. Lamb & Parkins's; adv. Norris.

19. Tu.Answer, p. 21. Call on Jervisn, Perry & Pinney n; adv. Stoddart: meet Barbauld: Marg. Jones calls n: Pinney & Stoddart: Wood sups.

20. W. Answer, p. 30/2. M dines: Chalk Farm, w. mrs Clairmont, &c: Northcote & Walker sup; read: Keir calls n: meet mrs Foulkes.

21. Th.Answer, p. 40. Call on Hollis: M sups. Anderson calls.

22. F.Answer, p. 47/2. M Jones calls: M dines: call on Fell: Walker sups.

23. Sa.Answer, p. 52/2. Call on Jervisn, Taylor, Turner, Robinson & Malthusn: Lamb sups.

Dep. e.205, fol.  28v
[fol. 28v]

May 24. Su. Answer, p. 52. Call on Philips: tea Fell's, w. F, M, Lambs & M: Lambs & Fell sup.

25. M.Answer, p. 54, fin. Call on Jervis, Ritson & Watts: Lamb calls n: sup at Reynolds's.

26. Tu.Warton, Gibbon, &c. M dines: sup at Nicholson's (Ellis, Wallis, Sullivan, Denn & Mitchel.)

27. W. Mably, p. 119-152. Tea mrs Clairmont's, w. F & M.

28. Th.Henault, &c. J G dines: Sadler's Wells, w. M, F, M & CC; Alonzo, Cobler, Richer & Alchymiste: call on Taylor.

29. F. Henault, p. 54: Esprit des Loix, Vol. IV, p. 52. Call on Rickman.

30. Sa.Chaucer, p. 3-6/2. Esprit des Loix, p. 105. Call on Fell: tea Clairmont's.

Dep. e.205, fol.  29r
[fol. 29r]

May 31. Su.Chaucer, p. 6. Esprit des Loix, p. 168: Enquirer, p. 160. Fells, Tobin & Jo G call.


June 1. M. Write to Coleridge. Voltaire, H G., çala: Enquirer,p. 309. //Sup at Lamb's, w. Norris & Burnet. Carlisles call.

2. Tu.Life of Defoe, pp. 24. Dr Alderson calls: call on Johnson; adv. Wells & Newnum: dine at Tobin's: Walker sups.

3. W. Write to C Mountcashel. Call on Northcote: M at tea: tea Clairmont's, read Antonio : H G, L J & Dibbin sup n. meet W Webb.

4. Th. Answer to Parr, 2 pages. Shepherds call: call on J Robinson: tea Fell's.

5. F.Enquirer, p. 367. Call on Taylor & J Robinson: tea Fell's, w. F & M: call at Fenwick's.

6. Sa.Esprit des Loix, p. 180. M dines: call at Fenwick's. Robinson dies

Dep. e.205, fol.  29v
[fol. 29v]

June 7. Su.Call on Wilks & J Robinson: call on Philipsn: meet Holt White: Lamb; Fell & M call. Wood calls na.

8. M.Pol. Justice, çala. Meet Philips: //sup at Clairmont's.

9. Tu.L J dines: walk to Hampstead, w. Clairts: sup.

10. W.Esprit des Loix, p. 217, fin. Call on Northcote: do calls n: meet Fell & Reynolds: Anderson at tea: sup at Keir's, w. R K & Hardy horloger.

11. Th.Voltaire, H. G., p. 220-235. Philips calls: meet Wolcot & Kemble: call on Hill: tea Clts.

12. F. Mallet, p. 251. M & Fell at tea: sup at Fell's, w. Lambs. Reply to Parr published

13. Sa.Mallet, p. 267. Call on Lansdown (adv. L. Henry, &c), Davy, J Robinsonn & Ritson: meet Philips: tea Anderson's: sup at Carlisle's, w. Bell. Plumptre & mrs Collins: M sups.

Dep. e.205, fol.  30r
[fol. 30r]

June 14. Su. Mallet, p. 346.Wood calls: J G at tea: Northcote & Walker sup.

15. M. Mallet, p. 415. Walker & M dine: tea Clairmont's.

16. Tu.Call on Perry, J Robinsonn, Jo Gn, E Christie, Northmoren & Northcote (sit): S E dines: meet Batty & Este: call on Nunnick & Reynoldsn: sup at Nicholson's; adv. Noble (Fleet & Chetwynd{)}

17. W. Edda, p. 22. Call on J Robinson: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Schweitzer, W Edwards, Gilbert & Magee; adv. Chalmers & Mawman: (meet Mackintosh.)

18. Th.Cuxson calls: call on Foulkesn: Walker at tea: tea Clairmont's.

19. F.Write to Ht, Coleridge & Montfort. Call on Cuxson & Hilln: Burnet & Lamb call n: sup at Lamb's, w. Burnet: meet (Mackintosh &) Turner.

20. Sa.Edda, p. 56. Call on Fenwick: tea Clairmont's.

Dep. e.205, fol.  30v
[fol. 30v]

June 21. Su. Mallet, Preface; pp. 56. Meet Burrel & J Tobin: H G & L J dine; adv. Northcote.

22. M.St Palaye, Vol. III{,} p. 28. Jo G calls: call on Dupuy, w. Lamb & Burnet. Lamb & Burnet sup.

23. Tu. Dine at Tobin's, w. Davy, Maton & Burrel; adv. Rickman; talk of Gowrie & poetry.

24. F.eGowrie. Write to Davy. Tea Clairmont's.

25. Th.Call at Lansdown House, & on E Christie, Davy, Hilln, Hoare n & Northcote; adv. Prado: meet Batty: dine at Johnson's, w. Christie; adv. Mawman.

26. F. Gowrie, acts 4 & 5. Keir calls: meet Joyce: C Keir dines: sup at Clairmont's.

27. Sa. Grisildis: St Palaye, çala. Clairmont calls: Anderson at tea: sup at Reynolds's, w. Litchfield.

Dep. e.205, fol.  31r
[fol. 31r]

June 28. Su.Breakfast at Nicholson's; adv. Walker: dine at H Tooke's, w. Tooke, Bosville, Gawler & 2 fils, mrs Scott & >H, Gurney & femme, James, Dyer & Frend: Wood & Northcote call n. water

29. M.Troilus, B. I/2. Call on J Robinson: tea Clairmont's: Lamb, Burnet & A W call n.

30. Tu. Sheridan's Swift, p. 76. Dine at S E's, w. F & M: Burnet sups. Ct calls.


July 1. W.Swift, p. 309. Northmore calls.

2. Th.Swift, p. 488, fin. A W & T C Rickman call: call at Barbauld'sn: meet Philips.

3. F. Call on Perry, Hoaren, Thomas L S, Northcote & Wolcot: sup at Lamb's, w. Christys, Henshaws, Burnet & mrs Reynolds.

4. Sa.Write to Ht. Religieuse de Nismes, pp. 79. Call on Fenwick: sup at Clairmont's.

Dep. e.205, fol.  31v
[fol. 31v]

July 5. Su.Write to Coleridge. Water to Wandsworth: dine at Perry's, Merton, w. Bish's, & maj. Gordon & femme. Dibbin married

6. M. Herman & Dorothea. Lansdown House, mss: M dines: Astley's, w. Clts, M, L, F & M; Darby & Joan, Abercrombie, & Puss in Bootse.

7. Tu.Answer to Parr, 2 pages. Pleasures of Hope, Pt I: Fletcher of Salton, p. 108. Call on Lambn: tea Joyce's.

8. W.Pleasures of Hope, Pt II: Task, Book I/2. Tea Clairmont's.

9. Th.Task, Book I/2, II. Clairmonts at tea.

10. F.Ja Wt breakfasts: sit to Northcote; adv. mrs Richardson &c; dine, adv. Bourgeois: Northcote sups.

11. Sa.Travels in Norway, &c. S E at tea: sup at Clairmont's.

Dep. e.205, fol.  32r
[fol. 32r]

July 12. Su.Write to Coleridge. Abbas . Wood, Northcote, Lambsn & Burnet n call: Ct sups.

13. M. Gamelyn, pp. 13. M & J Wt dine: tea Clairmont's, x.

14. Tu. Tito, p. 21: Troilus, B. I/1. Tea Clairmont's.

15. W.Tito, p. 33: Cant. Tales, H L, Vol. IV, p. 86. (Mirza, 6 lines.) Call on Thomas, L S & Lamb: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Hewlet & Lindsay.

16. Th. Tito, p 48. Call on Burnet; adv. Lamb: walk w. Lamb to Hornsey: Lamb dines; adv. Ct.

17. F.Mirza, 1 page. Lee's C T, p. 208. Write to Schuchmacher. Tea Ct's.

18. Sa. Notes of Essays. Lee's C T, p. 466. Ja Wt dines: theatre, Surrender of Calaise.

Dep. e.205, fol.  32v
[fol. 32v]

July 19. Su.Write Tim Brown, p. 2. Task, B. III, IV: Lee's C T, p. 490, fin. J J G & Wood (talk of Home & Lumsden) call: meet H Richter jaune: call on Fk n: sup at Reynolds's; adv. Morton

20. M. Confessions de Rousseau, V. III, p. 242. Tea Clairmont's: meet Philips: Joices call n.

21. Tu.Lettre sur la Religion, pp. 32: Confessions, p. 329: Parent's Assistant, p. 88. Lambs & Dyer at tea: sup at Clts.

22. W. Confessions, p. 594: Parent's Ass., p. 133. Tea Dyer's, w. Lambs: sup at Lamb, w. Dyer & Stodart: Northcote & Hoare call n.

23. Th.Confessions, V. IV, p. 244: Parent's Ass., p. 226. Jo G calls: sup at Reynolds's. call on Fk n.

24. F.Confessions, p. 450: Castle Rackrent, pp. 214. Theatre, 1/2 Point of Honour, & Gipsey Pr.; adv. Reynolds's, (Hill) & Consite. E Hill's bill.

25. Sa. Confessions, p. 483: Corancez, pp. 104. Call on Foulkesn, M Lamb, Northcote & Lawrence: T C Rickman calls n: tea Clts, mirza.

Dep. e.205, fol.  33r
[fol. 33r]

July 26. Su. Letters of J J R, çala. Foulkes calls: Cts & J G at tea: sup at Reynolds's.

27. M.Confessions, p. 542, fin. Call on J Robinsn: Ja Wt dines: call on Wood.

28. Tu.Rêveries, p. 52. M dines: sup at Cts. Write Creed, pp. 3.

29. W. Write Life, 2 pages. Rêveries, p. 74. Theatre, Corsair; adv. Hill & J Taylore.

30. Th.Life, 3 pages. Carlisle calls: call on T C Rickman.

31. F.Romolo, p. 9: Rousseau sur la Botanique, p. 88: Parent's Ass., Pt II, p. 54. Sup at Cts. Notes on taste.


Aug. 1. Sa.Botanique, p. 126, fin: Rêveries, p. 109. Gibson & Malthus call: sup at Cts, mirza.

Dep. e.205, fol.  33v
[fol. 33v]

Aug. 2. Su.Rêveries, p. 138: Parent's Ass., p. 171. Call on Hill; adv. Quin, Adams & Bellingham: sup at Cts: Ritson calls n.

3. M. Rêveries, p. 207, fin. Call on Jo G: M dines: tea Cts, w. Cs & H Hodges.

4. Tu. Confessions, Pe I, p. 26. Dine at Carlisle's, w. Bloxam, miss Cruickshank & A Plumptre.

5. W.Water, w. Cts& M, F & M; dine at Fulham: H G & miss Forsyth at supper.

6. Th. Tibullus, Eleg. 1. Call on Northcoten & Carlislen: Gibson, E Hill, M & Lambs dine.

7. F. Tibullus, Eleg. 2: Confessions, p. 55. Dibbins, mrs Harwood, Fletchers & John Anderson call: mrs Harwood dines.

8. Sa.Tibullus, Eleg. 3, 4: Confessions, p. 165. Walk to Paddington: Ct sups.

Dep. e.205, fol.  34r
[fol. 34r]

Aug. 9. Su. Write to M & Willis. Tibullus, Eleg. 5: Confessions, p. 185. Meet Johnson (duchess of Devonshire): dine at Aldersgate, w. Lea & Jo G: sup at Cts.

10. M. Confessions, p. 255. Tea Cts.

11. Tu.Tibullus, Eleg. 6: Vie de la Fontaine, pp. 46: Parent's Ass., Pt II, Vol. II: Trimmer's Knowledge of Nature, p. 91.

12. W. Call on Philipsn: Deptford coach: dine at Eltham: tea Reynolds's, North Cray; adv. Lee & Mitford: sleep at Bexley.[Not in London]

13. Th.Int. ad. Prudentiam, çala. Walk to Bowmen's Lodge: tredrille. Jas Wt callsn.[Not in London]

14. F. Walk to Chiselhurst; Scadbury Park: Nixons at tea. Joyces & Dyer call n.[Not in London]

15. Sa. Ad Urbem, w. Reynolds: dine at Eltham; palace-ruins: Deptford coach: sup at Cts. Jas Wt & Wood call n.[Not in London]

Dep. e.205, fol.  34v
[fol. 34v]

Aug. 16. Su.Garland of Truth: Sechelles sur Buffon, pp. 70: Confessions, p. 280. Philips calls: sup at Nicholson's.

17. M. Tibullus, Eleg. 7: Confessions; p. 322: Memoirs of M Rn, p. 192. H G at tea: Ct sups.

18. Tu. Write to Ht. Tibullus, Eleg. 8: Memoirs of M Rn, Vol. II. Walk to Caen Wood, w. Ct: Jas Wt dines: Wood sups.

19. W. Stow, Wolsey. Despard & Stevenson call: dine at Johnson's (illo absente), w. Bonnycastle: call on Philips & J Robinson: sup at Lamb's, w. Burnet.

20. Th.Stow, çala: Stuart's Scotland, p. 160.

21. F. Stuart, p. 308: Hume, Vol. V, p. 125.

22. Sa.Tibullus, Eleg. 9: Stuart, p. 427: Hume, p. 145: Robertson, çala. Tea Cts.

Dep. e.205, fol.  35r
[fol. 35r]

Aug. 23. Su.Tibullus, Eleg. 10: Robertson, çala. Sharpless calls: Ct at tea; adv. Lambs.

24. M.Tibullus, Eleg. II, 1, 2, 3: Robertson, p. 163-359. S E at tea.

25. Tu. Tibullus, Eleg. 4, 5: Robertson, p. 466. Tea Cts, w. Hodges's; adv. Aubert jr.

26. W. Tibullus, Eleg. 6: More's Richd III, pp. 37: Selden, Table Talk, çala.

27. Th.Tibullus, Eleg. III, 1-5: Laing on Warbeck, pp. 59: Henry's Richd III, pp. 49. C Keir dines.

28. F.Tibullus, Eleg. 5, 6: Stow, çala. Sup at Cts. Write to Ht.

29. Sa. Revise Mirza. Tibullus, Lib. IV, 2-15. Send to Harris. Tea Joyce's, w. F & M:

Dep. e.205, fol.  35v
[fol. 35v]

Aug. 30. Su. Revise. Tibullus, Paneg.: Chaucer, 1/2 Melibee. Ctsdine. Roberts calls.

31. M. Lucretius, Lib. III, 208: Stow, çala. Call on Reynoldsn & Carlislen.


Sep. 1. Tu.Stow, çala. Call on J Robinson: J G dines: sup at Ct's. Write to Ht.

2. W. Stow& Maitland, çala. Tea Fenwick's, w. F & M, & miss Youngers: R Jones sups.

3. Th. Maitland, çala. Tea Ct's.

4. F. Maitland, çala. Call on J Robinson, Lamb & Burnet n. £30 to Ht.

5. Sa.Henry, p. 30-133. Call on Harris n: su meet R Jones, Bishop & Consit: sup at Ct's; adv. M from Harris.

Dep. e.205, fol.  36r
[fol. 36r]

Sep. 6. Su. Write to Harris & Philips. Complete Angler, p. 56. Call on Otton, w. Ct: Ct & Wood at tea.

7. M. Roxana, p. 125. Call on Hilln, Northcoten & Reynoldsn: tea Cts. Call on Carlislen. Write to E Inchbald.

8. Tu.Roxana, p. 274. E Inchbald calls: M dines.

9. W.Roxana, p. 432, fin. Lamb at tea: sup chez lui, w. Fenwicks, Burnet & Jefferies; adv. Mr Christie.

10. Th. Sketch, pp. 4. Jas Wt dines: sup at Cts. Wakefield dies.

11. F. Write to Ht (via Calais). Atala, p. 248: Women Pleased, acts 1, 2, 3. H G & miss Forsyth sup.

12. Sa.Lucretius, 370: Atala, p. 205, fin: Women Pleased, acts 4 & 5. Sup at Cts.

Dep. e.205, fol.  36v
[fol. 36v]

Sep. 13. Su.Lucretius, 417. Call on Hill; adv. Fillingham & Franklin: tea Fillingham's.

14. M.Ellis's Specimens, çala. Carlisles at tea. Ctsups.

15. Tu.Write to Kemble. Ellis, p. 123. Northcote sups. meet Iliff.

16. W.Write to Robson. Pity A Whore, acts 1, 2, 3. Philips calls: dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle, Sturch, Wells & Newnum: sup at Cts. meet L Goldsmith.

17. Th. Mirror of Ms, Sackville, pp. 50. Call on Rickman T Cna & Reynoldsn.

18. F.Write to Ht & Wordsworth. Troilus, Book I/1. Mirror, 5 pts: Warton, Vol. III, p. 161-330. Call on Ritson n.

19. Sa.Sketch, p. 5, 6. Chaucer, çala. Tea Cts.

Dep. e.205, fol.  37r
[fol. 37r]

Sep. 20. Su. Meet M from Harris. Dine at H. Tooke's (W. stage), w. Bosville, rev. Cartwright, W & H Scott, Banks, Pearsons, Burdet jr; Jennings & Humphreys: sup at Ct's.

21. M. Flower & Leaf: Mirror, pt 10. Dine at Cts.

22. Tu.Court of Love. Jo G calls: call on Reynoldsn: sup at Nicholson's.

23. W.Black Knight. M dines: tea, w. him, at Ct's.

24. Th.Stow, Barnes, &c. Sup at Ct's.

25. F.Stow, Henry, &c. Letter from Powel; write to Kemble. Otton & Wood n call: theatre, Wild Oatse: H G & miss Forsyth sup.

26. Sa. Stow, Henry, Hume. Philips calls: tea Ct's.

Dep. e.205, fol.  37v
[fol. 37v]

Sep. 27. Su. Call on Harrisn, & Hill; adv. Parke & Fillingham: meet Bosville & R Taylor: M dines; adv. Cts: sup at Reynolds. Lamb calls n.

28. M. Write to Kemble. Life of Wicliff, çala. Call on Philips: theatre, 1/2 Alexandere.

29. Tu.Write to Kemble. Froissard, çala. Lady Mountcashel& miss Wilkinsmot call: tea Cts; adv. M.

30. W. Parliament of Birds, & Cuckow & Nightingle. Hill's study: J G& Lamb call: Ct sups.


Oct. 1. Th.Urry's Life of Chaucer. Fillingham's study: sup at Lamb's, w. Burnet. Write to Kemble. Peacee

2. F. Chaucer's Dream. Philips's call: theatre, w. Ct, Suspicious Husband; adv. Fenwicke: Joice's call.

3. Sa.Book of the Duchess. C Mountcashel & Scurry call: theatre, Billington, Art.; adv. Perry & Hs. Scotte.

Dep. e.205, fol.  38r
[fol. 38r]

Oct. 4. Su.Barnes's, çala. Tea Cts.

5. M.Barnes, çala. Fenwick & engraver call: call on Philipsn & Carlislen.

6. Tu. Call on C Mountcashel, & T C Rickman n: Philips calls: M dines; adv. Underwood: sup at Cts.

7. W.Ct breakfasts: chaise w. Philips's; dine at Maidenhead; tea Bensignton: sup at Mavor's, Woodstock: sleep Wheatsheaf.[Not in London]

8. Th.Blenheim, morning & evening; Titian room, &c.[Not in London]

9. F.Write to Ct: ride to Oxford, w. Mavor's, &c; (meet dr White) Christ-church Library, Bodleian, &c: dine at Mitre, w. Ms, Ps & F Rackstrow {.}Titian's mistress, duke of Alva, &c[Not in London]

10. Sa.Blenheim Park ride, w. M & Ps; Chaucer's House; China room: Coles sups.[Not in London]

Dep. e.205, fol.  38v
[fol. 38v]

Oct. 11. Su.Blenheim Pleasure Groundse walk, w. Ms, Ps & Rackstrows: F & T Rackstrow dine. Helen & Jane M dine P, S T.[Not in London]

12. M.Chaise w. Philips's: call on Munday, Oxford: visit Ewelm church, &c: dine at Henley: tea Cranford Bridge: Ct & M sup. Ja Wt calls n.[Not in London]

13. Tu.Urry, çala. Ct dines.

14. W. Collins, çala. Call on Northcote: theatre, Escapes; adv. L Goldsmithe: sup at Hoare's, w. Prado's nephew.

15. Th.Collins's Gaunt, pp. 89. M dines: tea, with him, at Ct's.

16. F.Write to Ht. Testament of Love, Book I. Sup at Nicholson's. Bone calls.

17. Sa.Prospecuts of Uni. Hist., pp. 4. Sup at Carlisle's, w. A. Plumptre.

Dep. e.205, fol.  39r
[fol. 39r]

Oct. 18. Su.Baxter of Dundee, Ritson, Lamb & J J G call: call on Fillinghamn: sup at Reynolds's

19. M. Testament of Love, Book II/1. Ct & M dine: theatre, 1/2 Richarde.

20. Tu.Warton, çala. J G dines: theatre, w. him & Ct, Artaxerxese.

21. W. Jas Smith breakfasts: call on Philips St Paul's & H Gn. Fenwicks & H G dine; adv. Tuthil: Tuthil, Wood & Jas Smith sup.

22. Th.Testament of Love, B. II/2. Call on C Mountcasheln & Northcote: Smith & M dine; adv. S Elwes. meet Jas Moore: call on Keirn.

23. F. Testament, B. III/1. Call on Carlisle: Jas Wt dines: tea Cts, w. Napier.

24. Sa. Call on D Stuart, Richardson, Northcote & Wolcot: Smith dines: theatre, w. him & M; adv. Philips'se. meet Consit & Ritson.

Dep. e.205, fol.  39v
[fol. 39v]

Oct. 25. Su. Boetius, Lib. I. Call on Perry, w. Smith; adv. Gillies's: dine at H Tooke's, w. Bosville{,} 2 Burdets, 2 Scotts, D'Espard, Bonney, Tyler & Richter. Baxter & Clementi call n.

26. M. Boetius, Lib. II/1. Jas Wt & M dine; adv. Ct: call on Ct (adv. Dr Harvey) & Reynoldsn.

27. Tu.Smith, & Smith of Philadelphia call: M dines; adv. Ct: Lamb sups.

28. W. Testament of Love, fin. Call on Carlisle.

29. Th.Boetius, Lib. II/2. Jas Wt dines: theatre, Folly as It Flies, w. Cte: Jas Smith & M sup.

30. F.Tyrrwhit & Warton, çala. Tea Joice's.

31. Sa.Romaunt of the Rose, 876. Tobin & Hollis call: dine at D Stuart's, w. Jefferies, Morthland, Mann, Sheath Amn, Peltier, McKinley{,} Fenwick & Sheet. Write to Douce.


Dep. e.205, fol.  40r
[fol. 40r]

Nov. 1. Su.Write to L Pelham. Romaunt, 1544. Ja Smith & Woodn call: sup at Philips's, w. Surrs.

2. M. Vie de Petrarque, p. 110. Smith & Jas Wt dine: theatre, w. Smith, 7/10 Tempeste.

3. Tu.Petrarque, p. 230. Write to Douce. E W Brayley calls.

4. W. Write Chaucer, p. 4. Dine at Johnson's, w. Fuseli, Bonnycastle & Newnum: Jas Wt calls n.

5. Th.Chaucer, p. 6. Ct dines, translate.

6. F. Henry, çala. Ja Smith, Fell & mrs Bailey call: Tuthil & Manning at tea: call on Fillinghamn: sup at Lamb's, w. Dyer.

7. Sa. Enfield, çala. Smith & M dine; adv. Fell: theatre, w. Fell & Smith, Folly as It Fliese.

Dep. e.205, fol.  40v
[fol. 40v]

Nov. 8. Su.Revise Answer to Parr. Enfield, çala. Lamb calls, w. hints: Wood dines; adv. J G: sup at Reynolds's.

9. M.Revise Answer to Parr. Call on Ritson: dine at Joyce's, w. Barbauld & D Jones. J & R Taylor call.

10. Tu.Enfield & Henry, çala. Sharples calls.

11. W.Chaucer, p. 9. Call on Fell, J Hollisn, Taylor n: sup at Lamb's, w. Dyer: Smith dines.

12. Th.Chaucer, p. 11. Jas Wt & M dine: tea, w. them, at Cts: Ct & Lamb sup: call on Fenwick.

13. F.Lowth's Wykeham, pp. 321. Rhumee.

14. Sa.Chaucer, p. 14/2. Smith calls: meet S Elwes & D Stuart.

Dep. e.205, fol.  41r
[fol. 41r]

Nov. 15. Su. Call on Hill; adv. Fillingham, Adolphus & another: C Mountcashel calls n: sup at Fell's.

16. M. Chaucer, 5 lines. Petrarque, p. 314. Manning& Sharples call (sit): theatre D L, Richard, act 5e.

17. Tu. Chaucer, p. 17/2. Cha. Lane calls: call on Robinsons: sup at Nicholson's.

18. W. Chaucer, p. 17. R Taylor calls: dine at S Elwes: theatre, 1/5 Pizarro & 1/2 Apprentice; adv. Bourgeois, L Mountcashel, Scurry & miss Wilmt{:}ecall on Ritson. Write to Geo. Nicholson.

19. Th.Chaucer, p. 18. Call on mrs Fenwick: theatre D L, Duenna; adv. Fillingham & Estee. H & J Moore & S Fell call.

20. F.Chaucer, p. 19. Write to Ht, per C M. Smith, Coleridge, Southey & Barbauld call: Smith dines: M & E Hill call: theatre, w. Smith, Hamlet, acts 1, 2, 3e.

21. Sa.Chaucer, p. 21. C Mountcashel, H, J, & miss Wilmot, Fenwicksn &Tuthil n call: Jas Wt dines; adv. Clairmonts.

Dep. e.205, fol.  41v
[fol. 41v]

Nov. 22. Su. Call on H Tooken: dine at Perry's, w. Manning: sup at Lamb's, w. do: Baxter & Wood call n.

23. M.Walk to Leadenhall w. Ct: call on Sout Coleridgen & Southey; adv. Coleridge.

24. Tu.Warton on Architecture, pp. 15. Tea Coleridge's.

25. W.Chaucer, p. 24. Smith breakfasts.

26. Th.Chaucer, p. 25. Call on Taylor (150 copies): sup at J Hollis's: Fell & Smith call n.

27. F.Chaucer, p. 27. Call on mrs Lester: meet Fenwick: sleep at St Agnes.[Not in London]

28. Sa.Chaucer, p. 30.Fell & M sup: Smith calls, one in the morning.

Dep. e.205, fol.  42r
[fol. 42r]

Nov. 29. Su. Call on Smith: dine at H Tooke's, w. Manning, Pearson, H White, Jennings & Humphreys's; adv. sir F Burdet: meet Bosville: Wood & Keir calln.

30. M. Write to Philips. Petrarque, çala.


Dec. 1. Tu.Fuller, çala. Tobin, Northmoren & Nicholsonsn call: meet d'Osmond: dine at H G's, w. Ct.

2. W.Dine at Johnson's, w. Bonnycastle, Edgworth & Newnum: theatre, 1/2 Anatomiste: sleep at Baldock.[Not in London]

3. Th.War-Elegies, 1, 2, 3. Sleep at Baldock.[Not in London]

4. F. Fuller, Henry, &c. Jas Barry calls: call on Coleridge; adv. Stoddart: dine at Northmore's, w. Southey, Wilford, Lang & Welby.

5. Sa. Chaucer, 1 page. Call on Northcoten, Nicholson & Carlisle: Tuthil calls n: meet Butler{,} Danvers.

Dep. e.205, fol.  42v
[fol. 42v]

Dec. 6. Su.Shortsighted Lover. Call on Reynoldsn: Wood calls: sup at Fenwick's.

7. M. Chaucer, 1 page. M dines: sup at Fell's. Call on Tuthiln.

8. Tu.Write to Ht.

9. W. Chaucer, 1/2 page. Theatre, Chains of the Heart; adv. O'Brien, Perry, Fillingham, Fenwick, Reynolds's, Cha. Moore, mrs Inchbald (mrs Martyr, Hooke & Kelly)e.

10. Th.Ct's Letters. Jo G calls: M dines: Tuthil calls n. (Tho. West.)

11. F. Talk of Charles. C Clt. Call on Broomhead & Nicholson; adv. Gummer: sleep at Baldock. £262. Ht.[Not in London]

12. Sa. Translate 20 pages (Drought). Sleep at St Agnes: Lamb at tea.[Not in London]

Dep. e.205, fol.  43r
[fol. 43r]

Dec. 13. Su.Mullet (29, St Martin's Lane), Tho. West, J J G & Harriet call: sup at Reynolds's, w. Morris & C Kemble.

14. M. Translate 21 pages. H G & 4 Fenwicks dine.

15. Tu.Translate 22 pages. M dines: Tuthil & Manning sup.

16. W.Translate 32 pages. Jo G calls.

17. Th. Translate 16 pages. Call on Northcote; adv. Bourgeois: sup at Lamb's, w. Southey, mrs Lovel, Arch's & Dyer. Ct dines.

18. F.Walk to Shoreditch, &c, w. Ct; meet Jennings. l'auteur, & J C Jennings: Ct dines.

19. Sa.Malvina, p. 100. Fell dines calls: Ct dines: meet, at Fenwicks, Kingden, &c, £.75: sleep at St Agnes.[Not in London]

Dep. e.205, fol.  43v
[fol. 43v]

Dec. 20. Su. Write to David Webster. Tobin & Fenwick call: M & Cts dine: call on Philips; (adv. Surrs) & Fenwick.

21. M.Shoreditch Church, &c, w. Ct & M: dine at Snaresbrook; sleep.[Not in London]

22. Tu.Call at the Red Cow; adv. farmers, K. of Bohemia's table: dine chez moi: Tuthil calls.[Not in London]

23. W. M dines.

24. Th. Write to Alex. Robson & C Smith.

25. F.Jo G calls.

26. Sa.Write to A G. Call on C Smith (adv. miss Barker), Jo Gn (adv. Tho. West) & Fenwickn.

Dep. e.205, fol.  44r
[fol. 44r]

Dec. 27. Su.Call onWood, Ritson & Fenwick call: dine at King's, w. Danvers's, Plowdens, Barnards & St George; adv. La. Price & Davis.

28. M. Call on Wills proctor, Philips, Hunter & mrs Fenwick: theatre, sans vuee. J J G calls.

29. Tu.Call on Philips; adv. Busby: Fenwick calls: Phantasmagoria, w. Cte.

30. W.Jewish History, p. 2. Call on Lester, &c, w. Ct. Lambs, Fell & M sup. Mannings calls, ppc.

31. Th.Jewish History, p. 4. Fenwicks call: theatre, Henry Ve.