William Godwin's Diary

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Rochester, çala (18  December  1835) Unable to identify specific title.
WG earlier records reading Rochester's Poems ( 1810-01-08), Burnet's biography ( 1812-12-14), and his Familiar letters, including letters to Henry Saville ( 1814-11-13)
WG's sale catalog lists:
Rochester:--Poems, by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, four editions, 1699, 1701-32, and 57—Letters to Henry Saville, and others, 3 vol.—R. Parsons, Sermon at his Funeral, two editions, 1680-1707—with Bp. Burnet's Life of the Earl, port. 1680; in all 10 vol. a vry curious collection (item 631).

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