William Godwin's Diary

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Horneck (26  April  1834) Sinclair, GeorgeSatan's invisible world discovered; or, A choice of modern relations, proving evidently against the Saducees and atheists of this present age, that there are devils, spirits, witches, and apparitions; from authentic records, attestations of famous witnesses and undoubted veracity. To all which is added, that marvellous history of Major Weir, and his sister. With two relations of apparitions at Edinburgh. 1685
Glanvill, JosephMore, HenryHorneck, Anthony (translator)Saducismus triumphatus; or, Full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions. With a letter of Dr. Henry More on the same subject. And an authentick story of certain Swedish witches. Done into English by Anth. Horneck preacher at the Savoy. 1681
WG cites Horneck ‘apud Sinclair, Satan's Invisible World' and ‘Glanville, Sadducismus Triumphatus' in Lives of the Necromancers (453). WG reads in the British Museum on this date.

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