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Laud (18  March  1834) Heylyn, Peter
Cyprianus anglicus; or, The history of the life and death, of the most reverend and renowned prelate William [Laud], by divine providence, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury primate of all England and metropolitan, chancellor of the Universities of Oxon. and Dublin, and one of the lords of the privy council to His late most sacred majesty Charles the first, second monarch of Great Britain. Containing also the ecclesiastical history of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, from his first rising till his death. By Peter Heylyn D.D. and chaplain to Charles the first and Charles the second, monarchs of Great Britain… 1668
WG cites ‘Helwyn. Life of Laud' in Lives of the Necromancers (418); he reads in the British Museum.

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