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Pitcairn (11  March  1834) Pitcairn, RobertAncient criminal trials in Scotland, compiled from the original records and MSS. with historical notes and illustrations by R. Pitcairn. (3 volumes in 7) 1833
(The earliest edition is dated 1829; 1833 is the earliest edition in the British Library.)
Pitcairn, RobertCriminal trials in Scotland from A.D. 1488 to A.D. 1624 embracing the entire reigns of James IV and V, Mary Queen of Scots, and James VI. Compiled from the original records and MSS., with historical notes and illustrations. (3 volumes) 1831-33
WG cites Pitcairn's Trials in Scotland in five Volumes, 4to. in Lives of the Necromancers (405); he reads Pitcairn in the British Museum.

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