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Transit (27  May  1830) Halley, Edmund ‘Methodus singularis qua solis parallaxis sive distantia a Terra, ope Veneris intra Solem, conspiciendae, tuto determinare poterit'
in Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London, volume 29. 1716
A translation of this article appears in:
Ferguson, JamesA plain method of determining the parallax of Venus, by her transit over the sun, and from thence by analogy the parallax and distance of the sun, and of all the rest of the planets. 1761
WG cites the journal and volume number in Thoughts on Man (PPW 6: 254).
Other readings on this topic cited in Thoughts on Man include:
Bonnycastle, JohnAn introduction to astronomy. In a series of letters from a preceptor to his pupil. In which the most useful and interesting parts of the science are clearly and familiarly explained, etc. 1786
WG cites the 7th edition in Thoughts on Man (PPW 6: 254; PPW identifies his source as the 6th edition).
Ferguson, JamesAstronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's principles made easy to those who have not studied mathematics. 1757: earliest edition in British Library, which also holds many later editions up to 1811.
WG cites Ferguson's Astronomy in Thoughts on Man (PPW 6: 258-70), but not specifically on the transit of Venus across the sun.
WG reads on the transit of Venus in the British Museum on this date.

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