William Godwin's Diary

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Duval (4  September  1829) Author unknownA true and impartial relation of the birth and education of Claudius du Val. Together with the manner of his apprehending, commitment to New-Gate; as also his tryall at the Sessions-House, in the Old-Baily the 14, and 15. and his condemnation on the 17. day of this presen[t] month, and likewise his deportment in the said gaol. How he had been preferr'd, and by what means at first he became debauched, by his own confession. And lastly, the manner of his execution at Tyborn, on Fryday the 21. of this present January 1669. Written by one that was an eye-witness, as to th[e] matter of his tryall; and for his actions, they were imparted unto him from his own mouth during his confinement. 1669
Butler, SamuelTo the memory of the most renouwned Du-Vall. A Pindaric ode. By the author of Hudibras. 1671
Pope, WalterThe memoires of Monseieur Du Vall. Containing the history of his life and death. Whereunto are annexed his last speech and epitaph. 1670
Conjectures based on WG's interest in banditti, while writing Cloudesley. WG reads in the British Museum on this date. The British Library currently holds editions of these works.

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