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Sadler, on Population, p. 58 + 38 (30  April  1829) Sadler, Michael ThomasIreland, its evils and their remedies. Being a refutation of the errors of the Emigration Committee and others, touching that country; to which is prefixed a synopsis of an original treatise about to be published, on the law of population, developing the real principle on which it is universally regulated. 1828
Sadler, Michael ThomasThe law of population. A treatise, in six books, in disproof of the superfecundity of human beings and developing the real principle of their increase. By Michael Thomas Sadler … that to the height of this great argument, I may assert eternal providence, and justify the ways of god to men. Volume the first. 1830
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Sadler's (M.T.) Law of Population, in proof of the superfecundity of Human Beings, 2 vol. 1830 (item 638).

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