William Godwin's Diary

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Fairfax (29  January  1828) Buckingham, George Villiers, DukeEvans, Thomas (editor)The works of His Grace George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. Containing his plays and miscellanies in prose and verse. With explanatory notes, and memoirs of the author. In two volumes. 1775
Marvell, AndrewA collection of poems on affairs of state. 1689
Marvell, AndrewMiscellaneous poems. 1681
WG's History of the Commonwealth (8:421-6) discusses Thomas Lord Fairfax's marriage of his daughter to the Duke of Buckingham in 1657. WG cites the following materials:
Marvel's Poems; Appleton House (see above)
Whitlocke [Memorials of English Affairs] (see annotation of WG's diary 1804-07-12)
Thurloe, Vol. V [and] Vol. VI [Collection of State Papers] ( 1818-08-26)
Life of Buckingham, prefixed to Evans's edition of his Works (see above)
Douglas, Peerage of Scotland, 1813. art. Fairfax ( 1825-01-14)
WG reads in the British Museum on this date. The British Library currently holds editions of these materials.

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