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Ireland (17  December  1827) Curry, JohnAn historical and critical review of the civil wars in Ireland, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth, to the settlement under King William. Extracted from Parliamentary records, state acts, and other authentic materials. 1775
Fitzgibbon, John, first Earl of ClareThe speech of the Right Honourable John, Earl of Clare, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, in the House of Lords of Ireland, on a motion made by him, on Monday, February 10, 1800, ‘That in order to promote and secure the essential interests of Great Britain and Ireland, and to consolidate the strength, power, and resources of the British empire, it will be advisable to concur in such measures as may best tend to unite the two kingdoms, in such manner, and on such terms and conditions, as may be established by acts of the respective parliaments of Great Britain and Ireland.' 1800
O'Conor, MatthewThe history of the Irish Catholics from the settlement in 1691, with a view of the state of Ireland from the invasion by Henry II. to the revolution. 1813
Burke, ThomasHibernia dominicana. Sive historia provinciae hiberniae ordinis praedicatorum; ex antiquis manuscriptis probatus auctoribus, literis originalibus nunquam antehac impressis, intrumentis authenticis, & archivis… 1762
Author unknownThe names of the members of parliament called to take upon them the trust of the government of this common-wealth, which began on Munday the fourth of June 1653, the day appointed by the letters of summons from His Excellency the Lord General Cromwell, for the meeting of these gentlemen. With the severall transactions since that time. 1654
WG's History of the Commonwealth (8:427-46) discusses proposals regarding Ireland and specifically the Act of Settlement 1652. In addition to the works above, WG cites the following materials:
Scobel, 1652 [and] 1653 (See annotation of WG's diary for 1827-05-16)
Journals [of the House of Commons] ( 1827-03-19)
Cox, History of Ireland, Charles II ( 1826-06-13)
Ludlow [Memoirs] ( 1804-07-06)
Clarendon, Irish rebellion ( 1821-02-09)
Clarendon, History of the Rebellion, Vol. III … ( 1804-04-06)
Hume, History of England ( 1795-06-24)
Leland, History of Ireland ( 1800-07-27)
Bates [aka Bate], Part II ( 1826-08-30)
Clarendon, Life ( 1804-07-15)
Thurloe [Collection of State Papers] ( 1818-08-26)
WG reads in the British Museum on this date. The British Library currently holds all the cited items.

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