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Menasseh (9  October  1827) Israel, Menasseh benVindiciae Judaeorum; or, A letter in answer to certain questions propounded by a noble and learned gentleman touching the reproaches cast on the nation of the Jewes; wherein all objections are candidly and yet fully cleared. 1656
Israel, Menasseh benDe termino vitae. Of the term of life. Viz. Whether it is fix'd or alterable; with the sense of the Jewish doctors, both ancient and modern, touching predestination and free-will. Also an explication of seven obscure passages and prophecies in the Old Testament; together with some remarkable customs observ'd by the Jews. Written in Labin by the famous Menasseh ben Israel the Jew and now translated into English. To which are added, the author's life, never before publish'd; and a ctalogue of his works. 1699
The Latin original was published in 1639.
Israel, Menasseh benThe hope of Israel. Written by Menasseh ben Israel. 1652
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Vindiciae Judaeorum, by Menasseh (7:246)
Menasseh, De Termino Vitae, 1699 (7:246)
Menasseh. Hope of Israel, translated into English, and published by authority in 1650,
Ded. 97:246)
WG reads ‘Menasseh' in the British Museum on this date. The British Library currently holds editions of these works.

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