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Protector Unveiled (2  October  1827) Unable to identify specific title.
In History of the Commonwealth, WG ‘remove[s] the veil' from Oliver Cromwell, revealing the ‘doubts and fears' in the mind of a tyrant (8:387). WG refers specifically to Cromwell's treatment of Thomas Harrison and the adherents of the Fifth Monarchy (8:372-90, citing the following materials:
Journals [of the House of Commons] (see annotation to WG's diary 1822-01-27)
Thurloe, Vol. VI [Collection of State Papers] ( 1818-08-26)
Public Intelligencer, Apr. 13 [ 1657] ( 1826-09-07)
WG reads in the British Museum on this date. The British Library currently holds all of the cited materials.

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