William Godwin's Diary

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Venables (4  September  1827) Unable to identify specific title.
WG's History of the Commonwealth (7:189-203) discusses expedition of Robert Venables and William Penn against the Spanish in the New World. WG cites the following:
Heath, [Brief chronicle] (See annotation of WG's diary for 1826-08-15)
Davies, Civil Wars of England (unable to locate)
Thurloe [Collection of State Papers] ( 1818-08-26)
Burchet, Naval History of England ( 1828-06-23)
Long, History of Jamaica, Vol. I ( 1828-06-24)
Clarendon [History of the Rebellion] ( 1804-04-06)
Perfect Politician ( 1826-06-15)
Carte, Original Letters, Vol. II ( 1823-03-14)
WG reads in the British Museum on this date. Editions of all of the cited materials, with the exception of Davies, are currently held by the British Library.

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